Farmers' Income: Will India be able to double it in next 5 years?

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Nagaraju said:   6 months ago
My name is Nagaraju.

Today, I am discussing with you one of the main important topics. The topic is Farmer's conditions in our country. I think, My opinion Farmers are the backbone or worriers in our country. The population is day by day increasing in our country but Farmer's land day by day decreasing. I think you know that our country is a farming country so please cooperate with Farming. As a Farmer, I am saying that Farmers have very hard workers it can't work any type of person. Finally, I appreciate Farmer's hard work. Central Government has provided some schemes like PMKSNY This Scheme will be provided as 6000/- rupees for every farmer every year and all state Governments have provided some schemes so use it each and every farmer. As of now, I think Farmers counting the next five years increasing and Central and State Governments have more helpful for the next further years.

Amit Maurya said:   2 years ago
Jay hind friends.

Today, I am here to give my opinion on this topic. The topic is farmer condition in India. In my opinion, farmer is the real warrior of any country. If any country wants to develop then firstly it should make the farmers condition better. And also you know that our country is a farming country but condition of farmer In our country is not good. Every year many farmers did suicide because they have not get proper price of their crops.

Government take many action already and should be taken many actions like as;

Goverment start a scheme in which farmer get 6000 rupees in every year.

Government take action by which farmers can sell their crops to market without help of any agent.

Government also encourage to farmers to do organic farming.

Government also start a national level program on television in which good farmist consult farmer and tell them how to improve the quality and production of crops.

In college and universities should gave good level of knowledge about farming.

Finally, I want to say that without development of farmer and farming, our country can not develop.


Kamalkannaa said:   2 years ago
Farming and the farmers are the mainbackbone of Indian economy but on the bases of income scale farmers stand on the lowest position. Due to the increase in population farmers lands are day by day decreasing in size. If the land was not their then the existence of farmers are moving towards the dark zone area. If the condion remains same in upcoming years then we will definitely seen the heavy decrement in the farming work because farmers are not able to earn their minimum livelihood.

Dnyaneshwar said:   2 years ago
Hello guys,

I am discussing about farmers income in next 5 years.

Farmers are the building blocks of country. He works in farm to get food to all people. But the correct rate never gets to farmer. Inner business men, and many other people take benifits of small and poor farmers. As farmers income increses, prices of all goods also increses so I don't think that there will be double income of Indian farmers in next 5 years. To achieve this goverment should have to mention one rate of particular crop at particular day, and there should be booking slots as per convinience of farmers. No internal agents or businessmen should interfare in system. This might be beneficial for farmers.

Thank you!

Manisha said:   2 years ago
Hi everyone,

Thanks for giving me this opportunity to give my opinion about a given topic that is Farmer's income: will India be able to double it in the next 5 years.

So, my answer is yes! we can grow farmers income doubly but for this to achieve we have to take some steps as follows-.

1. Government should provide some kind of initiative by which farmers sell their products directly to customers so no involvement of agents will be there. Thus farmers will get a good amount for their efforts.

2. Government needs to promote organic farming. Thus excess use of inorganic fertilizers should be avoided which is beneficial for all of us. Organic farming products should give more income to farmers. We have to give education about organic farming to farmers.

3. Farmers totally depend on the atmosphere for farming so the government needs to provide them information about the atmosphere by the development of any app where farmers will receive all information on one platform and also education about modern farming.

4. 70% of land in our country totally depends on rainwater so the government has to provide farmers subsidies for irrigation and rainwater harvesting and other sources in a bulk way.

5. For doing modern farming farmers need some equipment like a tractor and others so it should be provided in the subsidiary by the government in more numbers.

6. Our prime minister Modiji approved Kissan Samman Nidhi Yojna by which every farmer is getting 6k per year like these other initiatives government has to take.

7. To make compulsion for Crop insurance to every farmer.

By doing all this it will be possible.

Thanks a lot.

Susanta Swain said:   2 years ago
Hello everyone I'm Susanta swain.

Thanks for giving me an opportunity for providing my opinion.

Farming is one of the most important things in our daily life without farming we didn't get food for eating. Now we are life in a society where our generation people were didn't like farming by the way of it's our lands are failed with the field so that our farming decrease day by day. There is less effort giving our farming and our products are decrease day to day so in next 5 year, India Will double it.

Mahi said:   2 years ago
Farming is the essential part of the country resources. As it is the food that each and everyone needs to sustain in life. Farming is the part where both good natural condition and manual work are needed. Environmental condition is not in our hands but we can work on things can be done by us for farming. And this is not the duty of farmers only, all of can help farmers and major hands should be from the government side to help the farmers. Government should gave the best part they can to the farming than to other sectors. Nowadays many innovations are happening and other countrys are using too but In our country there is no sign of knowledge, implementation is far away. So it is government duty to take care of all these responsibility and provide the essentials as soon as possible so that farmers can utilize and earn, and we can hope for the less farmers suicidal news.

Talking about us, we are the citizens of the country where the farmers are dyeing due to loss. We can also help them, by a small campaign in our nearby village, to help them in gaining knowledge about the new technologies and methods of farming. They are illitrate and have lack of knowledge so it is our duty to fulfill them with these kinda knowledge.

Prasanth Kumar said:   2 years ago
We want to stop the production of inorganic products like fertilizer and artificial manure. Then the farmers prefer to use organic manure and fertilizer.

This increase the use of organic products among the farmers. Government want to take class about the organic farming and benefits of organic farming.

There is no inorganic manure and fertilizer the farmers will automatically change to organic products. It is very useful for our environment and our eco system. Our soil fertility rate will automatically increase.

Fruits and vegetables from organic farming are very healthy. It gives the healthful life to us.

Government want to give a suitable price for the organic products to the farmers.

Nishant said:   2 years ago
As we know that farmer is the backbone of our country. Due to increasing population, their lands are decreased. If we want to double the income of farmer then the farmer should do organic farming because organic farming there crops price is high. It's demand also high. Govt should to give subsidy for farmers to motivate them. Govt launched many schemes like PM Kissan Nidhi yojana. In this scheme, govt give 6000 per annum for farmers. Our govt should start a campaign to give knowledge to farmers about technology because nowadays many farmers are illiterate. By taking these steps farmer income increased.

Saurabh said:   3 years ago

I am Saurabh.

I am very glad for that, I have a great opportunity to share my opinion in this thought.

I am satisfied that the farmer's income should be double in the coming few years. Farmer's are the backbone of India. The government also helped them to encourage farming. Government starts many champaigns in rural areas. A large amount of income in India comes from cultivation & agricultural programmes, and a big part of GDP is balanced by it. But we see that some previous year ago, farmers commit suicide due to lack of machines, and many other domestic reasons. But I hope that the government should understand their problems in agriculture areas. Soo, I should say the farmer's income should double in a few years if the government take some strong steps for farming.

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