Farmers' Income: Will India be able to double it in next 5 years?

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Sanket Pawar said:   4 years ago
Hi everyone,

Our today's topic is related to farmers and I also belong to a farmer family, so I know farmers problems very well.

Friends, as our question & today's topic, will India be able to double farmers income in next 5 years, then my answer is yes definitely India will do it, but our government&also we should do some thing like,

1) In India more than 50 percent farmers totally based on rain, it means they have not any another water source or we can say that they don't have proper knowledge for storage of rainwater, so government should make the team of officers at tahasil level for campaigning also try to give loan without any interest for minimum 2 years, so by using this money farmer can dig well or any other source for storage of rainwater.

2) Agriculture is totally dependent on atmosphere, and as we know we can't predict atmosphere conditions 100 percent correct but much more than ancient time, so government should make app related to agriculture which gives total information regarding environment, fertilizers, market rate and they should also give a helpline number for any big issue related to farm.

3) Government try to take farmers vegetables and fruits directly, because most of the famers don't have any source to know market rate, so agents take the vegetables in much low rate than market rate, so farmers gain less money than his expectations, I also request to all of you we should take campaign regarding the latest technology for farmers.

4) My last point is related to fertilizers, as we know fertilizers have much more rate so maximum farmers can not buy it, and also due to more use of fertilizers land becomes weak and because of that crop becomes weak, so government as well as we should make campaign are regarding use of organic fertilizers, which are good for crop, so government & companies should make the organic fertilizers for farmers in minimum rate as possible.

Thank you.

Deepu said:   6 years ago
Farming is an age-old activity that has achieved the title of the backbone of India.

Certainly, farmers income can be doubled in the coming years. First of all, let's analyze the sources of a farmer's income:

1. Crops.
2. Vegetables.
3. Dairy.
4. Flowers.

The major part of income is from cultivation. Of course increase of MSP is a viable solution but other alternatives could be providing subsidized fertilizers and seeds, encouraging scientific farming and discouraging the participation of middlemen in producing the harvested crop to the market. Government policies should focus on maximizing their reach to the farmers. Benefits of scientific farming should be made known to farmers and optimum use of the available land for cultivation should be taught. Instead of growing one crop, mixed cultivation can be given a thought so that a farmer earns money from both primary and secondary crops (flowers or vegetables) grown in the same land at the same time. Schemes like made in India can widen their scope by encouraging local handlooms and crafts and providing incentives to farmers to take up the plantation required to meet the demands of the local craft industry. Involvement of middleman can be checked by digitalization such as launching apps that directly make farmers meet their customers and are rightly paid for their judicious efforts.

The government can plan to set up dairy centres in a group of villages thus encouraging farmers to take up dairy activities and at the same time making India self-sufficient in dairy production. Schemes to provide farmers with cow 9at cheaper rates) can be a boon.

Thus with the aforementioned strategies and digitalization, we can certainly achieve the goal of increasing farmers income.

Thank you!

Manisha said:   3 years ago
Hi everyone,

Thanks for giving me this opportunity to give my opinion about a given topic that is Farmer's income: will India be able to double it in the next 5 years.

So, my answer is yes! we can grow farmers income doubly but for this to achieve we have to take some steps as follows-.

1. Government should provide some kind of initiative by which farmers sell their products directly to customers so no involvement of agents will be there. Thus farmers will get a good amount for their efforts.

2. Government needs to promote organic farming. Thus excess use of inorganic fertilizers should be avoided which is beneficial for all of us. Organic farming products should give more income to farmers. We have to give education about organic farming to farmers.

3. Farmers totally depend on the atmosphere for farming so the government needs to provide them information about the atmosphere by the development of any app where farmers will receive all information on one platform and also education about modern farming.

4. 70% of land in our country totally depends on rainwater so the government has to provide farmers subsidies for irrigation and rainwater harvesting and other sources in a bulk way.

5. For doing modern farming farmers need some equipment like a tractor and others so it should be provided in the subsidiary by the government in more numbers.

6. Our prime minister Modiji approved Kissan Samman Nidhi Yojna by which every farmer is getting 6k per year like these other initiatives government has to take.

7. To make compulsion for Crop insurance to every farmer.

By doing all this it will be possible.

Thanks a lot.

Rahul chaudhari said:   9 months ago
Hello guys,

I am discussing farmers' income in the next 5 years.

Farmers are the building blocks of the country. He works in a farm to get food to all people. But the correct rate never gets to the farmer. Inner businessmen and many other people take benefits of small and poor farmers. As farmer's income increases, prices of all goods also increase so I don't think that there will be double income of Indian farmers in the next 5 years. To achieve this government should have to mention one rate of a particular crop at particular day, and there should be booking slots for the convenience of farmers. No internal agents or businessmen should interfere in the system. This might be beneficial for farmers.

The government has taken many actions already and should be taking many actions like;

The government starts a scheme in which farmers get 6000 rupees in every year.

The government takes action by which farmers can sell their crops to market without the help of any agent.

The government also encourages farmers to do organic farming.

The government also start a national-level program on television in which good farmers consult farmists and tell them how to improve the quality and production of crops.

Talking about us, we are the citizens of the country where the farmers are dying due to loss. We can also help them, by a small campaign in our nearby village, to help them in gaining knowledge about the new technologies and methods of farming. They are illiterate and have lack knowledge so it is our duty to provide them with this kind of knowledge.

Mahi said:   3 years ago
Farming is the essential part of the country resources. As it is the food that each and everyone needs to sustain in life. Farming is the part where both good natural condition and manual work are needed. Environmental condition is not in our hands but we can work on things can be done by us for farming. And this is not the duty of farmers only, all of can help farmers and major hands should be from the government side to help the farmers. Government should gave the best part they can to the farming than to other sectors. Nowadays many innovations are happening and other countrys are using too but In our country there is no sign of knowledge, implementation is far away. So it is government duty to take care of all these responsibility and provide the essentials as soon as possible so that farmers can utilize and earn, and we can hope for the less farmers suicidal news.

Talking about us, we are the citizens of the country where the farmers are dyeing due to loss. We can also help them, by a small campaign in our nearby village, to help them in gaining knowledge about the new technologies and methods of farming. They are illitrate and have lack of knowledge so it is our duty to fulfill them with these kinda knowledge.

Rohan Abraham said:   4 years ago
As it is said agriculture is the backbone of our country and 70% population of our country is into agriculture, therefore some major and faster steps have to be taken to achieve the stated dream.

These steps include:

1) Farmers should be allowed to interact with the customers directly and fix a price for their yield. They can do these by starting weekly open markets or "sabji mandi" we call it as.

2) Even today farmers are dependent on rainfall for irrigation. Therefore, the Government should provide them with subsidized facilities for water storage and should introduce modern technology in the field of agriculture.

3) Productivity of land is degraded by the usage of artificial fertilizer. Thus, various agricultural techniques such as crop rotation, mixed farming, swapping to natural fertilizers and integrated farming should be adopted and educated.

4) there are various scheme such as the recent Pradhan Mantri Kisan Samman Nidhi, which provides 6000/- per year to farming families, should be reinforced strictly and should be executed to the maximum.

5) crop insurance to made mandatory and those who are are unaware should be educated.

Amit Maurya said:   3 years ago
Jay hind friends.

Today, I am here to give my opinion on this topic. The topic is farmer condition in India. In my opinion, farmer is the real warrior of any country. If any country wants to develop then firstly it should make the farmers condition better. And also you know that our country is a farming country but condition of farmer In our country is not good. Every year many farmers did suicide because they have not get proper price of their crops.

Government take many action already and should be taken many actions like as;

Goverment start a scheme in which farmer get 6000 rupees in every year.

Government take action by which farmers can sell their crops to market without help of any agent.

Government also encourage to farmers to do organic farming.

Government also start a national level program on television in which good farmist consult farmer and tell them how to improve the quality and production of crops.

In college and universities should gave good level of knowledge about farming.

Finally, I want to say that without development of farmer and farming, our country can not develop.


Abhilash B said:   4 years ago
Hello friends,

I agree with all your points. My point in doubling farmers income is by adopting integrated farming system. Annual income of a farmer is approximately 60000 rupees per annum, so how can he cope with the incresing demands of daily needs. In order to overcome and to strengthen farmers financial status Integrated farming should be adopted and govt should provide subsidies on sheep rearing, biogas plant setup and cattle, diary and poultry so farmer can get income all over the year instead of sticking to seasonal cultivation he attains constant income. Manure obtained from cattle and poultry is also used in crop field which reduces the cost of production on fertilizers.

Coming to marketing point of view. Govt should avoid interaction of middle men in buying their produce instead govt should directly setup organisations to buy the produce directly in respective areas and as all the prices of petrol diesel and daily commodities are increasing. Similarly minimum support price of the farmers produce should be increased to double farmers income.

Thank you.

Sanju said:   6 years ago
I extremely agree with the fact that farmers are the backbone of India and the economy of our country.

Yes, India can double their income if the ministries and govt insist. Even though the farmers are bothered about their income they are too busy in doing their crops. Then who will fight for them?! Who is gonna force the government to recognize their efforts and struggles? This is the only question I ever knew that remains long lasting since so long. Imagine if all their struggles suggest them to take some poision and end their lives themselves? who else gonna farm? There is no nepotism when it comes under this particular thing called FARMING! I think it is the best solution that can be provided by THE GOVT OF INDIA to double their income (not expenses of course). Atleast it helps to manage some of their issues. And GOVT should keep this in mind to not to cease the farming acres and places in the name of ROADS, CONSTRUCTIONS AND DEVELOPMENT. And the people of urban areas should be grateful and supportive towards THE FARMERS.

Divya said:   5 years ago
A farmer who raises only crops will be responsible for preparing land for planting, caring for the crops and harvesting. In India's Agriculture Problem: Lack of Access to Credit is one of the most pressing issues that hinder India's rural population from progress. It means the lack of access to credit by a farmer. Bring life into the world every day. Farmers get the opportunity to watch cows, ewes, and sows give birth on a daily basis. The farmers assist them if they need help with the birth process and love them every day after they are born!Once the crops are mature, the farmer will harvest them. Farmers need resources to grow food. They need many different types of resources. Reasons. Various reasons have been offered to explain why farmers commit suicide in India, including: floods, drought, debt, use of genetically modified seed, public health, use of lower quantity pesticides due to less investments producing a decreased yield. They don't get what they spend for cultivation.

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