Farmers' Income: Will India be able to double it in next 5 years?

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Dnyaneshwar said:   3 years ago
Hello guys,

I am discussing about farmers income in next 5 years.

Farmers are the building blocks of country. He works in farm to get food to all people. But the correct rate never gets to farmer. Inner business men, and many other people take benifits of small and poor farmers. As farmers income increses, prices of all goods also increses so I don't think that there will be double income of Indian farmers in next 5 years. To achieve this goverment should have to mention one rate of particular crop at particular day, and there should be booking slots as per convinience of farmers. No internal agents or businessmen should interfare in system. This might be beneficial for farmers.

Thank you!

Kamalkannaa said:   3 years ago
Farming and the farmers are the mainbackbone of Indian economy but on the bases of income scale farmers stand on the lowest position. Due to the increase in population farmers lands are day by day decreasing in size. If the land was not their then the existence of farmers are moving towards the dark zone area. If the condion remains same in upcoming years then we will definitely seen the heavy decrement in the farming work because farmers are not able to earn their minimum livelihood.

Sonali said:   6 years ago
Hi all.

My name is Sonali.

At present, farmers income is not enough to fulfil their basic needs. For Eg: their children's education, farmers are unable to give proper education to their children, due to increasing prices of school fees.

Currently, farmers are suffering from lack of facilities, farmers are suffering from a dearth in most of the villages in Maharashtra.

If this conditions would be the same, then I think it is not possible to double farmers income in next 5 years.

Sayali said:   5 years ago
Farmer's income may double in the next 5 years if, they are provided with proper machinery.

In many parts of India, farmers cultivate crops that require more water but with each year rainfall in that area reduces, then those farmers should be given proper knowledge of the crops that can be grown with less water.

Also, the seeds that are dried naturally and of local tend to be healthy and production of such crops is more than that of the crops that are grown with hybrid seeds.

The demand of such crops is more, so this will help them to earn a better livelihood.

Sakshi said:   4 years ago
Prime minister Narendra Modi had said that in 75th Independence day they will promise to double farmers income by 2022 and yes, I also think that income will doubled government and ministers are taking many initiatives for making India developed.

But because of atmosphere environment are not in the favour of agriculture then vegetables and other eatables are getting high prized.

If the farmers will use better technology and use other materials properly then their will no wastage or not even things will get luxurious.

Preethi@@@ said:   5 years ago
Definitely, it will double because farmers are most hard working people in our country. Hard workers achieve their development in future.

Divya said:   5 years ago
A farmer who raises only crops will be responsible for preparing land for planting, caring for the crops and harvesting. In India's Agriculture Problem: Lack of Access to Credit is one of the most pressing issues that hinder India's rural population from progress. It means the lack of access to credit by a farmer. Bring life into the world every day. Farmers get the opportunity to watch cows, ewes, and sows give birth on a daily basis. The farmers assist them if they need help with the birth process and love them every day after they are born!Once the crops are mature, the farmer will harvest them. Farmers need resources to grow food. They need many different types of resources. Reasons. Various reasons have been offered to explain why farmers commit suicide in India, including: floods, drought, debt, use of genetically modified seed, public health, use of lower quantity pesticides due to less investments producing a decreased yield. They don't get what they spend for cultivation.

Mahesh Shivnarayan Poojari said:   6 years ago
To the benefit of Farmers of India.

The land of the farmers should be registered in government list first. Government should provide water facility, fertilizer and electricity to the farmers for their farming purposes.

At the time of yield in return 50% of crop can be purchased by the government at their rate also rest 50% can be hand over to the farmer for their survival.

In this way the government can practice the ignorance for sucidial activities for the benefit of the farmers.

The government and the farmers will be in equal profit.

Sanju said:   6 years ago
I extremely agree with the fact that farmers are the backbone of India and the economy of our country.

Yes, India can double their income if the ministries and govt insist. Even though the farmers are bothered about their income they are too busy in doing their crops. Then who will fight for them?! Who is gonna force the government to recognize their efforts and struggles? This is the only question I ever knew that remains long lasting since so long. Imagine if all their struggles suggest them to take some poision and end their lives themselves? who else gonna farm? There is no nepotism when it comes under this particular thing called FARMING! I think it is the best solution that can be provided by THE GOVT OF INDIA to double their income (not expenses of course). Atleast it helps to manage some of their issues. And GOVT should keep this in mind to not to cease the farming acres and places in the name of ROADS, CONSTRUCTIONS AND DEVELOPMENT. And the people of urban areas should be grateful and supportive towards THE FARMERS.

Payal said:   6 years ago
To increase farmer's income, present government has increased the MSP of crops. With 'make in India' program, government has made many industries to depend on farmers for raw materials. Not only domestic companies but foreign companies like Walmart also depend upon farmers for various products. With the help of digitalisation, it has been made possible for the farmers to know the prevailing market prices of their products in the market. This helps them to sell their output at reasonable price. Also, they can know about the weather conditions as well because of digitalisation.

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