Extra curricular activities should be made compulsory in school

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Sourav said:   6 years ago
The name or the topic is not correct because these activities are not extra. They are the part and partial of life.

Today's generation has become advanced in technical grounds but is not able to express out their internal abilities due to various reasons:.

1. Work pressure.
2. Less time to devote.
3. Not willing or not interested.

And various reasons.

Extra curricular activities give us the platform to prove ourselves which we shouldn't lose.

This shows us that- " we should have an endless hope, not a hopeless end".

Thank you.

Charan said:   6 years ago
Yes, extracurricular activities be a part of our daily life and mandatory.

Mostly school children may stress after attending the school, schools should provide some time to play those students but nowadays in schools should not provide even ground to the children because they construct their schools small scale places than where the students will play so every student having their own talent not only education we must need extracurricular.

Schools should provide marks to their extracurricular, then students show their interest where they will succeed their life and give some suggestions also.

Manoj Kumar Singh said:   6 years ago
Yes, I support this topic. Extracurricular activities are a force multiplier. Such activities play a catalytic role in achieving success. Extracurricular activities enhance physical stamina, boost up social behaviour and broaden the outlook. Qualities like team spirit, self-discipline and sensitivity towards duties are obtained only through extracurricular activities.

Karan Dubey said:   6 years ago
Definitely. Extracurricular activities should be made compulsory in schooling life as we know in a class only few students are toppers that don't mean that the students who are not toppers are nothing in their life. Who knows that the student who is not good in study may have some hidden potential in him. We know that there are many peoples who are even the CEO's of company at very young age. So to bring out hidden potential of such students extracurricular activities are needed.

Ankit Verma said:   6 years ago
Hello, from my point of view,

1. Extracurricular activities should be compulsory because it is a medium and powerful tool which gives an opportunity in other fields like Sports, Dance, singing, etc.

2. Through Extra curricular activities student is able to learn various skills like Managerial skills, Leadership skills, Teamwork skills.

3. Extra curricular activities provide a stage or platform in various TV. Shows.


Apart from studies, Extra curricular activities must be necessary.

Amit Kr singh said:   6 years ago
Hello dears,

I am gonna specific as much as I can.

Extra curricular activities should be Made compulsory but not during exam/Study period.

As if extra curricular activities and studies both comes together than that may create pressure on student life as we are taking about making it compulsory.

But it is Must and program should be designed in a way that student can participate with their full potential and effort.

A School class generally runs for 12 months, Extra curricular activities should be availed to student in first few months then on they should focus on studies.

So extra curricular activities should be made compulsory in school for their bright future keeping in consideration that it doesn't effect a student studies.

Thank you.

Bindhu Madhavi said:   6 years ago
Yes. Of course, I do support with this. Why because, in previous days there was more time to spend for extracurricular activities like sports, dance, etc. But, now the days are changed and the management is focusing more and more only in studies for the sake of their reputation. If only the students get the opportunities to participate in such extracurricular activities students can find relief which in turn leads to their physical and psychological growth and as Thu said, there arise chance to find the more great personalities like Sachin, Latha Mangeshkar, Rajamouli, etc.

Tahu said:   6 years ago
Definitely, extra curricular activities are necessary. When students are fed up with studies this extra curricular activity helps them to relieve their stress. Every student has one unique talent. Maybe they not be good at studies but they may be good at extra curricular activities like sports, games, dancing, singing. Education is not the only option to success. It is only one option. When we include extra curricular activities on the time of schooling may be the next Sachin, next Latha Mangeshkar will arise.


Mahesh zala said:   6 years ago
Yes, the extra curricular activities are must do in the school because the extra activities are making an extra ordinary student. If there is no do extra activities in school the student becomes only like a good frog.

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