Every Cloud has a Silver Lining

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Malavika said: (Jul 11, 2021)  
"Ever Cloud has a Silver Lining", every terrible cloud of miseries and obstacles in life have rays of hope. The silver lining gives a hope that the sun, the happiness there behind will come out once the cloud rains. The problems will be solved once we are ready to find the solution to it, ready to live the situation and overcome the circumstances. Nothing is permanent, neither the miseries nor the happiness. None is felt until the other is experienced.

Always see the silver linings of the dark cloud.

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Nishtha said: (Jun 30, 2021)  
Idiom -every cloud has a silver lining" says ever in the worst scenario, we have hope possibilities potential benefits of in its own way. As some you will feel that the job/work you are doesn't pay you back it should but you know maybe your salary is less today you still experiences in your hand Right and you know how much experience matters. If we take today's example whole nation is suffering from the covid-19 pandemic things started getting worse day by day Especially in India but has any of you analyzed the sky has got its color Blueback at night we can see the star's again, the air is clean, pollution has controlled, water quality has improved. The atmosphere is healing.

Most importantly our loved ones our back to home my sister your brother's parents etc have got to sit at home and happy moments with family, siblings, pets. People who were just working day-night and had no time to sit are having Netflix and chill what else we can have.

I hope the concept of 'silver lining' in the cloud is clear to you all. Thank love and peace from NISHTHA.

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Tanish Kaur said: (May 9, 2021)  
Every cloud has a silver lining, after every dark cloud of misfortune there comes a bright sunny day that is cheerful. So, we should always try to look at the lighter site of things. For example, we are currently facing too many problems with this Covid pandemic which came as a dark cloud for us but the way the medical practitioners are working at their best possible way, the vaccines all are the example of the silver lining to the crisis. So nothing is permanent, do not lose hope and be Positive.

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Rakesh said: (Jan 8, 2021)  
Good morning to all. The today topic is that every cloud has a silver lining so here in this proverb cloud means the incompatibility inability, various types of problems that in our lives it may be big ya small that doesn't matter but sometimes we make it bigger in our mindset so in that bigger cloudiness of sorrows and difficulties we failed to found that silver lining because our negative thought that we can't overcome from this situation and one day it leads to depression and anxiety so we have to think and create a positive mindset to develop rays of hopes in that difficult situation that's called silver lining that silver lining is rarely found out by our new generation people because we always stuck in some regular difficulties but think of that we can't come out of this so I concluded that we have to experiment of problems of clouds deeply so that the rays of hope like silver lining clearly visible to us. Thank you.

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Amur said: (Jun 27, 2020)  
Life is similar to a boxing game. The defeat is not declared when your down it declares when your refuse to get up like tat, "every cloud has its silver lining" among every sorrows there will be a happiness behind that.

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Anusha said: (Jun 23, 2020)  
If thunderstorms appears so the sky is covered with dark clouds but in this situation the silver line are there means Rays of hope are there, everyone knows that life have two phases one is sorrow and happiness. So don't be glad when you are happy and don't be frustrate when you have difficulties, because nothing is permanent whenever it is happiness and sadness and time changes every thing Soo always be positive in every situation and face it. Whenever your life is full of dark clouds but the silver lining is there means Rays of hope, As we take our today's situation the world faces covid-19 pandemic situation but as I said everything is not permanent so we will get solution for that soon so at the end I want to conclude that don't be too much negative towards your sorrow keep facing it with your positivity and you get positive results.

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Krisha said: (Jun 7, 2020)  
I totally agree with this proverb because it teaches us to be optimistic we should always look to the positive side of the situation it teaches us that after every dark cloud there is bright sunlight if today we are in soreness tomorrow we are definitely going to be happy we should never lose hope and always have patience.

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Manjary said: (May 11, 2020)  
Sometimes we didn't achieve what we want, but it not mean that all ways are closed. Try your best and recognize yourself, may be the other and the better option is available. Maybe only this option is suitable for you. You can give your best and get your satisfied output.

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Priya said: (Feb 26, 2020)  
Yes! Every cloud has a silver lining. After every dark night, there is a bright day. There is always some positive hidden in something bad. So we must never lose hope and keep on striving for success and achieve our goals.

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Satakshi said: (Feb 14, 2020)  
The phase Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining concludes that every bad situation in life is followed by a positive end.

It's just like the sun and cloud here cloud work as dark side there as the sun is brighter. The silver line appears when the cloud comes between the rays of the sun which work as hope and positive energy in the bad situation. And in everyone's life there is ups and downs which can be simply explained by this phrase.

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Anushree said: (Nov 20, 2019)  
I totally agree with this proverb.

Because going through the difficulties and problems, are the little steps for what we want to achieve or aim for. So I think if we don't commit a mistake or are not faced with difficulties we won't be able to choose between right and wrong.

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Priyanka said: (Aug 28, 2019)  
According to me. It's a generalized topic which we can see it in our lives.

And many people set good examples of this.

This proverb "EVERY CLOUD HAS SILVER LINING" is given by John Milton. Which mean you can derive some benefit from every bad thing happens to you.

Every bad situation has some good thing in it.

This proverb is said to a person who is in difficulty and couldn't find a positive path forward. We should not lose hope in any bad situation because difficult times always lead to better days. Compare that difficulty with a dark cloud and. The silver lining with sunshine.

When. Sun Ray's are blocked by dark clouds that doesn't mean that. We can't see the sun Ray's.

As time passes clouds.

Will move off and the sun comes out. Giving a rise of hope that. Every bad situation has some good in the clever metaphor is used to denote sorrows and calamities are momentary whenever there is sorrow. There is happiness nearby.

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Debopriyo Ghosh said: (Jul 10, 2019)  
I totally agree with this;.

A person's life is made with bad and good both. Here dark clouds mean the worst or bad time in a person's life.

Every single person has a bad time in his life. But he has to know that after a bad time a good time always comes. So he has to be strong mentally and physically fight with that time.


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Anshu said: (Jun 12, 2019)  
We human beings have a habit of comparing ourselves with every other person we see. We have a habit of demoralising ourselves no matter how better we may be from the other person. We think that others are more good looking, have better knowledge or personality or even maybe better luck. But what we fail to understand is that every person has few strengths and few weaknesses. We all are perfect in one thing which we generally fail to recognise. All of us are similar to clouds, some are big some are small but all of us have a silver lining, the edge that we may fail to recognise at the start which helps us to create a niche in the market. So, I would definitely agree that "Every cloud has a silver lining".

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Teja said: (Feb 10, 2019)  
Just because you fail it doesn't mean that you are not worth of it. It just means that you must work hard to achieve your goals. Just like a sunrise in the morning there will be one point of time where you realise the purpose of you in this world and the importance of your life. The quote "Every cloud has a silver lining" is apt which means that all days are not dark a few are remarkable and happiest too.


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Saurabh Bhivgade said: (Feb 6, 2019)  
Every cloud has a silver lining is true because that line wants to propagate there is nothing infinite every start has end means if you are suffering allot don't loose your confidence, don't loose your patience because your going close towards the solution of your trouble day by day and eventually you will find you have come out from the zone of trouble. This line is suitable for our bask movement also in short I wanna say NEVER GIVE UP WITHOUT FIGHT. Don't cry for splitting milk.

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Gopivardhan said: (Jan 7, 2019)  
Definitely, all the problems have it own relevant solution. But the way we approach that solution is important every one moves in their own direction to pick up a solution it always said we can see the brightness after the active passing the dark cloud.

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Swati said: (Jan 5, 2019)  
Every cloud has a silver lining. How perfectly said!

There are times when everything seems uncertain, there is no hope, no much energy left and it seems like eternity. But every person who dared to defy the situation confidently has found his way and if he introspects more he will come to know Everything happens for good. Those time of challenges make you even more stronger, and ready to face any situation more calmly. He would be able to see the silver lining-the lesson, experiences which counts more to become indeed a better human. So don't worry, just trust the timings of life. Rest all will fall in place.

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Rmeshwar Thote said: (Nov 14, 2018)  
Every cloud has silver shining: in our life problems comes and goes but we learn something from them. Every one has its own ability to fight them. If our eye is right to see the correct solution of problem then we can solve the problem with joy. It is only depend upon our nature to tackle the trouble. Success will come definitely.

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Chinni said: (Aug 9, 2018)  
As the topic is every cloud has a silver lining. We know that life consists of both ups and down. According to me, everything depends on how we examine the situation. Whether it is a success or failure if we think in a positive way then all that we think is the failure is also a success. Also, everyone should be aware of the quote that every failure is on the way to success.

Let me tell about my friend who is always discouraged by friends and teachers in the school that she cannot do well in her academics but she tried hard with whatever knowledge she has got and at certain time she has got admission into one of the top college i.e., IIT and then now she is in one of the top students in the college. In her case, luck has acted as a silver lining which changed her life. So, we should wait for a success which comes one or the other time.

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Anomy said: (Jul 25, 2018)  
Every bad situation has some good aspect to it. This proverb is usually said as an encouragement to a person who is overcome by some difficulty and is unable to see any positive way forward. Every cloud has a silver lining means that you should never feel hopeless because difficult times always lead to better days. Difficult times are like dark clouds that pass overhead and block the sun. When we look more closely at the edges of every cloud we can see the sun shining there like a silver lining. Looking at the positive side of things even when difficult times are present. When trying to cheer someone up who is feeling down, someone might use this phrase, then follow it up by saying something positive Thick and dark clouds sometimes obstruct the sun. When it happens, the surroundings darken. It is not a pleasant sight. But if we look at the clouds carefully we can see that their edges are tinted with a silvery glow. This glow tells us that the sun is somewhere there behind the clouds.

As time passes, the clouds will move off and the sun will come out of it. This clever metaphor is used in the proverb to denote that sorrows and calamities are only momentary. Wherever there is sorrow, happiness will be somewhere nearby. Whenever there is shadow, light should be nearby. And whenever there is darkness, the bright light is near.

The proverb teaches us not to lose hope in the hours of darkness and sorrow. It reminds us to be optimistic and hopeful. It tells us not to lose heart because it might be just when we are about to quit that victory reveals itself. Like the silver tint on the edges of the dark cloud, happiness always lurks behind the darkest hour. At the end, I want to say if there is darkness in your life, the sunshine is all behind you.

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Deepti Pujara said: (Jul 23, 2018)  
Every cloud has a silver lining. There are ups and downs in our life but without complaining about it we should learn from it because in good times we make memories but in bad times we get to experience. In our life, we all meet two types of people good and the one who is not to be told bad but gives us the experience to identify the types of people. Good and bad times are the part of life we always want good times and we always complain about it but we should find the good things in our difficulties or I should say bad times so the perfect meaning of this proverb is that every difficulty has a solution just we have to find it. It is in front of us but we just ignore them. So we should have hope in ourselves that we can overcome our problems in life.

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Vidha said: (Jul 15, 2018)  
I think the phrase clearly states that every cloud has a silver lining which means that every human irrespective of their caste creed and gender has something special in it and we should also respect the differences in between all humans because every one is special in their own way.

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Jitendra Bhati said: (Jul 11, 2018)  
Dear friends, I think that everyone has a different way and regulations. So we should not think that "he is this or that type". Because everyone gives his best in his goal. We should not lose heart and gives up effort in adversity because these are our real mirror which did our real thinking.

Thanks to all.

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Jagannatha K said: (Jul 8, 2018)  
Definitely Yes.

As we see our fingers are different in size. In the same way. Everyone is unique in the other way. They lead a different life. We can't expect our success suddenly. So, Everyone definitely reaches their goal in one day if they work hard.

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Juveria Ilyas said: (Jun 20, 2018)  
In my dictionary, every cloud has a silver lining means that everyone has patience and hope at some point in their life. The truth of life says that not everything is served in the plate completely by the grace of God, at some point you have to struggle for which your biggest necessity is to bring hope and faith in your mind. See we should thanks to our problems also because of only these up and downs we come to know about good and bad, we come to know about the level of our strength. So, basically, the thing is that just like after every night the day begin's similarly after every problem solution is there but it is seen only to those who hope for betterment and improvement. So hope is must not only for positive thinking but also for a healthy mental status. Because in the end, what matters most is your hope, patience and happiness.

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Megha Malhotra said: (Jun 16, 2018)  
"Every Cloud has a Silver Lining" this proverb is given by John Milton. We all know that life is nothing but ups and downs. Not everyone in this world is happy all the time because if you happy all the time it means you are learning anyone, you just enjoy the happy moments. Even A.P.J Abdul Kalam sir rightly said the definition of "fail" the first attempt of learning. We should always try to learn something rather than just sit down and continuously think about the situation.

At the end, I want to say if there is darkness in your life, the sunshine is all behind you.

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Neeraj said: (Jun 7, 2018)  
Hi Guys,

Mostly happens that every good feeling comes after many bad things in our lives and the meaning of this line is no different which is that "every difficult or sad situation has a comforting or more hopeful aspect, even though this may not be immediately apparent".

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Vivek Kushwaha said: (May 31, 2018)  
"Every dark cloud has a silver lining "firstly I would like to tell you who said the proverb, this proverb is given by John Milton basically the meaning of this proverb is "every person has merits and demerits "we can also say "Every bad thing come with well attached to them" out of every problem we can gain some advantage. Suppose a student is in class 12th and he is going to face his exam after some time and this there is a Marriage in his home on day of his exam and he is working hard as a site this is bad situation because this he can't enjoy marriage but after some this situation gave his good result and finally he got good mark, so we can also say that every bad situation has some advantage.

Thank you!

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Aprajeeta said: (May 29, 2018)  
Every cloud has a silver lining! Is a proverb that I can directly relate to. Because if I talk about my life I have gone through very difficult situation in my past life. But that have learnt so much from that. And we all have faced bad situation and problems. Some darkness in life is necessary then only we know the importance of brightness. So, everything that happens, happens for good. We should learn from that and do not loose hope. And keep up the spirit and keep going on.

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Deep said: (Apr 19, 2018)  
Definitely, every cloud has a silver lining. As we say everyone is unique in their style, similarly every problem is different and teaches a lot. So, always learn from every situation as it makes us strong in a different way. And one day we will also shine.

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Aditi said: (Apr 5, 2018)  
Yeah, every Cloud has a silver lining! We should not give up in difficult situation. We should face it so we become more strong by facing that situation and ready to face more difficult situation easily and we get the more better opportunity !so we should not lose the hope and keep trying. Every situation either good or bad teaches us a lesson which helps us to do well in our life.

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Shanur Rahman said: (Feb 7, 2018)  
Even the worst situations in life have something good to give to us, a lesson maybe. It's rightly been said - what doesn't kill you will only make you stronger.

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Simar said: (Jan 16, 2018)  
Yes, we do see that silver lining and if possible we should understand that whatever dark moments or things that are going on. There is a positive result to it at the end. Which makes all our hardwork, struggle and tough times makes look beautiful.

There's a different beauty to it that cannot be copied this is what makes it look spectacular.

At times it is scary with the thunder as its support and sometimes its just blissful to enjoy the nature.

Our struggle attitude to move on and achieve our goal will only have a meaning when we finally achieve it. We then stand out of the whole crowd. Which makes the whole crowd see us as their inspiration. And we have enough power of our knowledge and wisdom to realise other person. Whome they are dealing with.

We are responsible for our brightness.

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Vratika Joshi said: (Jan 16, 2018)  
"every cloud has a silver lining " means Every person has a unique quality. In every human life there is a good or bad situations has come. So do not lose hope just try to remove all the problems with a big smile. Be confident, be honest, do efforts.

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Rajat Kr. Seth said: (Dec 1, 2017)  
This proverb means that bad and good times are the wheel of our life they come and go but we had to face this adverse situation in a very easy way and not get fear.

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Mohit said: (Dec 1, 2017)  
This phase states that we should not lose our hopes even after failures because failure is the first step to the way to success. Failures is not the end but once if you lose your hopes it will be your biggest dead end from where you never reach to success.

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Mohit said: (Dec 1, 2017)  
I think the phase ''every cloud has a silver lining '' we can relate with the situation where we are working so hard to achieve our goal no matter how much problem we are facing we should not lose our hope because there is a light after darkness.

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Aradhan said: (Nov 10, 2017)  
Every cloud has a silver lining. Means that our lives are filled with ups and downs. Happiness and sadness, we cannot be happy all the time or sad all the time, but even in bad times when life is hard, it teaches us something that is to persevere, to work hard because after some time the bad days will pass, even in our moment of difficulty life teaches us to something, to never lose hope and work hard.

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Arnav said: (Oct 30, 2017)  
Every cloud has a silver lining. Means that our lives are filled with ups and downs. Happiness and sadness, we cannot be happy all the time or sad all the time, but even in bad times when life is hard, it teaches us something that is to persevere, to work hard because after some time the bad days will pass, even in our moment of difficulty life teaches us to something, to never lose hope and work hard.

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Karen said: (Oct 19, 2017)  
I know that when every cloud has a silver lining, it's not going to be raining very much. Why do people assume the rainy weather is gloomy and sad. The same goes for dark!

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Asif said: (Oct 15, 2017)  
Hello dear, in my opinion, every cloud has a silver lining, is a very good phrase. It states us that how we should survive our life and yes it also concludes that people should not lose their hopes in any situations. Because the dawn emerged out after a dark night, and if you will do hard work in your life it doesn't mean at every phase of life you will succeed sometimes you got a failure and sometimes you got success. If you get failed it doesn't mean our life has ended, we should need to have hopes and we need to be regular hard work sometimes we will must success.

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Conan said: (Oct 14, 2017)  
Hello guys,

I think this topic states about to have hopes even when we are in our bad times, as every cloud gets a silver lining we should also get something to cherish even when nothing is going with us.

We should not lose our hope, we should not stop dreaming after several failures instead we should always try to do our best which can give us success.

Maybe sometimes we are unsuccessful because of some external factors, so we should continue our hard work and success will come knocking at our door.

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Krishna Vivek said: (Oct 3, 2017)  

To my knowledge, I think everyone born with some innate talent, but we need to excavate it from our inner thoughts. If we succeed in doing it then we can be successful in our life.

If we continue our lives in the path which we are initiated, then one can enjoy their life happily. It never makes you feel discomfort even you are in a stressful state.

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Ayushi said: (Sep 2, 2017)  
"Every cloud has a silver lining" very rightly said by someone. There is no one in this world who is born without any talent. If we do not succeed in life we must not lose hope. We must not forget that there is a ray of hope in every person's life.

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Harish said: (Aug 26, 2017)  
Why every cloud has a silver lining. Means everyone is born with some talent, everyone has some personal identity. It depends on us how we are going to take this. There are no of factors that shape of our life and one of the most important factor is the society. Well, the inclusion of society plays a major role in our life. The society forces us to do the things that are good according to them, which they think will be favorable to us in to develop our future. In the long run, to achieve your goals of life, you must try to do things that interest the things which you would like to do forever. So every cloud has a silver lining but it depends on us how we gonna adopt it.

Thank you.

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Nidhi said: (Aug 18, 2017)  
Every cloud has a single lining means we should not be hopeless in some difficulty this proverb says we should keep hope in times of difficulty.

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Nidhi Singh said: (Aug 18, 2017)  
Every cloud has a single lining means if your day is today my day will also come it's important in public licence speaking.

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Amit said: (Aug 9, 2017)  
Friends, this topic tells us about that every one of us is born with some quality different from others. So, to achieve success in life, one should do that thing in which they are interested to. If they are forced by parents to become engineers or doctors which happen nowadays then they will not be a achieve anything in life.

No one should compare himself with others, that what he does well, we will also do. If one tries to follow other, then he or she will just be a failure. Thus, you should always do things in which you are interested to and make your parents proud.

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Manish said: (Aug 5, 2017)  
Every cloud has a silver lining. Yeah, it's a fact, everyone has talent, it depends on the person how much time did he to recognize himself. For recognizing himself, it requires a real reason because the reason we can't recognize himself we can't get what we have in a comfort zone. So proverbs define that everyone can not be born with the same opportunity, but everyone has equal opportunity to develop himself.

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Tahseen said: (Jul 31, 2017)  
Every Cloud has a Silver Lining means every person has a unique quality. From my opinion every human life there is particularly good or bad moments come. Those people who face all these problems with hope and confidence they succeed but reverse is not. So those who lose his /her hopes try to understand he/she also a unique quality to face problems then why we lose hopes. Dr A.P.J Abdul kalam sir told fail means first attempt in learning. Those people who move on his life faces some problem, without problem can't get a solution.

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Divya said: (Jul 28, 2017)  
Yes. It's true. Every cloud has a silver lining. There are so many examples that prove this saying is true. But, the example is life. There are so many twists and turns in everyone's life that one must have to face them in his/her life because a person can never do anything until he/she doesn't make a mistake. Just like success comes after failure, the reverse is also true. Being always succeed and not achieving anything without any effort, then I think, it's purely a waste of life.

Besides life, technology is another best example. Also, the companies which are now on top, have also worked hard and gone through many failures to reach this level.

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Abhishek Nair said: (Jul 8, 2017)  
Hi Friends,

'Life always having good moments' is purely an idealism is what most of us believe. But if really change our belief into that this idealism can really happen then it can be a life-changing experience for each one of us. I think this can happen if we start believing that 'Every Cloud has a Silver Lining' i.e. even see a ray of hope when we're going trough the darkest times. All this requires merely a firm, strong belief and confidence that we have a potential to face any bad situations and that good times will come in our lives.

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Ram said: (May 25, 2017)  
It is true. In my point of view, every person should go through darkness phase. Just imagine what if you are life is going so smooth then you can't learn anything. You can learn many things When a person experienced a bad situation in his life. At a point, we become disappointed helpless hopeless but what you need to do is stay strong and learn from your bad experiences. They make a person very strong physically and mentally. So never expect life to go as you wish. Be ready to face the challenge and show how strong are you.

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Meghna Doshi said: (May 21, 2017)  
Yes, it's true. Success and failures are a part of life. We need to accept both situations. If we pamper ourselves during tough time, we can become more numb. Majority of time, our own mistakes leads to failure. So don't stay in denial mode and accept your mistakes. Evaluate what wrong is done and how I can mend it to conquer failure. If you follow your dreams with full conviction and work hard for achieving it, then no one is going to stop you from enjoying good days.

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Ritik said: (May 10, 2017)  
Every cloud has a silver lining'' means every person in this world has a unique quality, the only thing is to be done is that one should recognise his art, let you bloom it like a flower, let you twinkle it like stars; so that other people may see your this silver lining. LIKE Sachin's silver lining is his batting. Lata's silver lining is her sweet voice.

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Pooja said: (May 7, 2017)  
Hello, everyone.

Firstly, I want to explain the proverb "EVERY CLOUD HAS A SILVER LINING". It means cloud here refers to human body and silver lining refers to the particular attitude of that human. I think in my view everyone doesn't have success and failure always. At a particular time at particular stage everyone abilities, everyone's personalities have a right time to display it. So, I think no one should underestimate any human in anything. Not all the people are perfect in all things but I am sure that everyone has a perfect mind in not all things but at least one thing.

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Neha Singh said: (Mar 6, 2017)  
Yes, I agree with the proverb that every cloud has a silver lining because everyone have different ability and concept to change the world. But one major drawback of Indian citizens that they believe to become the path followers not creators. They blindly follow the path of the successful people without being aware of that that everyone has different field of interest and if they start working in their field of interest, they will surely achieve the exalted height of success in their life. Everyone in this universe have some special potential to do something different, something dynamic but the most vindictive thing in the path of Indian citizen to do something extraordinary is that they lack moral values and self-confidence and it is just because of our education system. To be honest, Our education is only marks oriented. Indian parents also give more emphasis on marks rather than kids field on interest. So, how someone can prove their skills in the field of their interest. I just want to say one thing that Indian youth should take the Initiative to change the Indian mindset towards the education and government should also change the protocol of Indian education. Foreign countries like the USA, China are one of the developed countries because of their education system. They provide platform in every field whether it is for dance, singing, photography engg, medical etc. Even they respect students belonging to different fields and they never differentiate kids according to their marks, status and of course, their education field like our INDIAN people do. So, firstly we have to change our mindset, and appreciate kids of every field and motivate them.

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Sweta said: (Mar 1, 2017)  
"EVERY CLOUD HAS A SILVER SHINING" I agree with proverb because when a present day is not permanent today we do anything is only for that day and next day is new day. So how can I say that difficult days is permanent? Let us take example take a rectangular piece of cardboard when we focus only in cardboard everything is dark and now we can make a hole somewhere light is coming. This shows that every dark side is hope of light means silver shining. Thank you.

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Gunjan Rana said: (Feb 28, 2017)  
Every person has something different ability sometimes they fail to prove themselves but that doesn't mean they have lack knowledge. We should not judge any person according to their past. According to me in worst condition, we should encourage our self if no one is helping you. This world is the place where we have got a chance to do something. Something different there is a competition in every field but don't lose confidence. Every day gives you an opportunity to show who you are.

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Abdul Wadood Khan said: (Feb 27, 2017)  
Hi everyone, I quite agree on every cloud has a silver lining. Firstly we go through between the phrase. Cloud means human body and a silver lining means the inner attitude of that particular human body. By this very inner quality, he/she can drive their car on the right track of life swiftly and smoothly.

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Lalitha Suvarna said: (Feb 27, 2017)  
Yes, Every cloud has a silver lining.

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Manasa said: (Feb 24, 2017)  
Hello everyone, this is Manasa and I truly support this statement everyone cloud has a silver line. Firstly, we have to know what is the inner meaning of this statement? and the statement defines every cloud which means every person has silver line means some special quality in his/her.

Life is nothing but up's and downs which means for every person in his/her entire life had to face failures at the same time success also. But in failure times some people never move on to further step and on that time friends and family have to encourage and motivate them. In failure times also we have to show our confidence and problem-solving nature. Instead of feeling shy and sad, we have to think about it by questioning yourselves what are steps I have to take to solve that problem? and what I have to do? like.

So finally I concluded that we should never loose our confidence and hardworking nature.

Thank you all for giving me this opportunity.

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Shobhit Tripathi said: (Feb 12, 2017)  
I think every tough situation and challenges that come in our daily life so they bring the great and one shot opportunity for us so we always should see the situation in an optimistic way rather than see only the bad phase.

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Jen said: (Feb 11, 2017)  
Basically, it means the lines of the smile, widened heart, crazy talks, the happiness we share etc because they are the good and positive sides of every individual. But just because he/she smiles n laughs externally does not mean he has no problems or critics in life like other individuals, one has the option either to sink into the boat of trouble or jump out the boat and swim. This is what the silver lines of life is all about. Every problem has its multiple goodness and options.

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Armaandeep said: (Jan 8, 2017)  
We should find our way beside great difficulties.

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Mistu Mukherjee said: (Dec 5, 2016)  
It simply means that every cloud which means every single person have a silver lining which means some special quality in him or her.

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Jahanzaib From Pakistan said: (Nov 24, 2016)  
After doing a lot of hardwork, when we don't find any way of success and we lose our heart and feel a lot of disappointed and it is difficult to find.

In which purpose or what is reason of my existence on this planet and when we feel darkness all round and no light. We should never loose our heart in such type of incident or situation because this is the end point of worries, hardships and disappoint. You shall find light after it if you remain stable and did not lose heart in this situation. Because of every worse condition, there is a change. There is a highest limit of black clouds, worries and aggressiveness because when we see black cloud in the sky, at the end there is a light by sun behind so every cloud has a silver lining.

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Akhila said: (Nov 17, 2016)  
Good morning the statement Every Cloud has a Silver Lining is correct because everything happens for our own good learn a lesson from every action.

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Anish said: (Nov 16, 2016)  
To emphasize that every difficult or unpleasant situation has some advantage.

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Ameena said: (Oct 24, 2016)  
Hello, everyone!

"Every cloud has a silver lining" this statement has many hidden meanings.

1) Cloud which seems to be so clean and pleasant has some inner harshness which can be compared to silver a metal. So every human being need not be as simple as the seem to be. They may vary in their inner character. I. E Never to judge anyone by their appearance.

2) Every happiness that we enjoy is a result of our hard work. Only true hard work and perseverance will lead us to something good in life.

3) Cloud when compared to a human being and the silver lining to the goodness in him we can say that there is something good in every human being.

Thank you.

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Mustak Ahmad said: (Oct 16, 2016)  
As per my opinion, if you are going towards your objective naturally, you have to face various hindrance, so don't ooze your confidence and also don`t quit your work. Whose know, next moment comes to us. So every cloud has a silver lining as well as focus your work and has faith honestly in yourself. We can also read about that person whose life was very struggle full but he never sees behind their past moment and be successful in his life. That`s why I can to say that every success full person story has ups and down.

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Armaan said: (Oct 6, 2016)  
Every cloud has a silver lining implies that every cloud is special in its own way. As there are many types of clouds and each type is unique and it has its own way of its effect. Similarly, every human is unique in his own thoughts and everyone has their own innate abilities. :-).

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Pia Chopra said: (Oct 6, 2016)  
If we go for its meaning it actually conveys that never loose hope if you are facing bad times or harsh time then god has prepared those days as well for you in which you would forget all of the pain or sufferings you are facing. All that is required is positivity, your mental strength, your will-power to be strong enough that it can tackle the difficult times easily.

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Silpa said: (Sep 28, 2016)  
"Every cloud has a silver lining" means there is a solution for every problem. We may face many problems in our life. But, those problems are not permanent. I may take sometimes to come out of that problem. But, if you try hard, nothing is impossible. Every problem gives you an experience and confidence to lead your life happily.

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Harsh Aditya said: (Sep 28, 2016)  
Hi, this proverb is all about motivation. Silver line is the sign of light that you can't see now but it doesn't mean that light is not there. Just work with full faith. You are about to get success. It is just after the time that you are facing now.

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Suprabhat Singh said: (Sep 20, 2016)  
Nothing is permanent because" impossible itself says I am possible", so do I believe every cloud has a silver lining, all we have to do is trust in yourself and go ahead, and work which is done with pure faith always give success.

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Onu said: (Sep 19, 2016)  
Besides been cloudy the Sun still manages to shine by piercing the clouds (creating a silver lining), just like that we must try to overcome our sorrows and must shine no matter what the situation is!

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Abhishek said: (Sep 18, 2016)  
Hello, Everyone.

Every cloud has a silver lining means bad time do not sustain for a long time. Noting is permanent here. Changing is fixed by nature. One should not be hopeless in bad times. Bad times comes to check your patience to overcome the difficulty. Many great mad underwent too many difficulties but the faced it with full enthusiasm and finally, they overcame with good result.

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Dharun Kumar said: (Sep 15, 2016)  
Yes, in my opinion, many famous persons became popular only by facing their difficult situations some eminent persons are jack ma CEO of Alibaba, steve jobs apple former CEO.

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Sara said: (Sep 9, 2016)  
Everybody has to go through bad situations and face harsh realities of life. I would suggest, whenever you deal with such situations just keep one thing in mind "Nothing is permanent". Neither was the happy days nor will be the bad days. According to me, every phase of life has its importance and they teach us a lot. Like bad days teach us to treasure our happy days, they help us to realize what we are, what we want to and how to fill the gap between them. So we must never lose hope and see how this darkness leads our path towards the sunshine.

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Krishna said: (Sep 1, 2016)  
Hello everyone,

Every cloud has a silver lining means that you should never feel hopeless because difficult times always lead to better days. Difficult times are like dark clouds that pass overhead and block the sun.

Every bad situation has some good aspect to it. This proverb is usually said as an encouragement to a person who is overcome by some difficulty and is unable to see any positive way forward.

The posy every cloud has a silver lining means there is something good in every unpleasant or difficult situation: there is always a reason to hope, even in the worst situations. People often use this expression to try and cheer up someone who is having a difficult time.

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Priyadarshini said: (Aug 20, 2016)  
In every hard and tough situations, we lose our hope easily. And of course, it's natural. But we always should remember that every problem which we are facing at the end it gives us some lessons. And these lessons teach us how to lead your life. If there is a problem then there will be definitely some solution for that problem. We all need to change our perspective towards that problem. So I truly believe that every cloud has a silver lining. After all by every problem we gain a lot of experience in our life.

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Pooja M B said: (Aug 18, 2016)  
As the proverb says "every cloud has a silver lining" is really true because everyone in their lives, no person, even a billionaire is no worries hence the only determined can lead his/ her life to the at most fulfillment, so this proverb gives everyone a determination and a shine of hope to not loose heart on the work they are doing and go through all the heard sees so that at least once they will truly find success and become really successful in life. This proverb puts a blessing sign on us from almighty that even when there is nothing, there is something to help you and lead you to success. Every cloud has a silver lining so every person has an inbuilt person which should shine out like stars.

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Deepika said: (Aug 11, 2016)  
"Every Cloud has a Silver Lining " I support this totally. As nature it self-show that every night comes for the next morning, every darkness comes for the next shine & every problem comes for the solution only. There may be many hard things in life but on or the other day things be very easy. That is how life goes on with ups and downs.

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Rohini Deo said: (Jul 30, 2016)  
Every cloud has a silver lining means that you should never feel hopeless because difficult times always lead to better days. Difficult times are like a dark cloud that pass overhead and block the sun. When we look more closely at edges of every cloud we can see the sun shining there like a silver lining. It gives us an example of a time when something good came from something bad for you.

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Nakul Desai said: (Jul 27, 2016)  
The phrase "silver lining in black cloud" stands for a small hope which is left in a bad fate. It is like a blessing in disguise. A small fortune is hidden in a big misfortune. Life is like a sinusoidal wave. It has got crests and troughs, ups and downs. All we need to do is just stick around there because the best thing about the bad time is it shall to pass and pave a way for the good one!

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Ranjan Mishra said: (Jul 11, 2016)  
We are geeting from this proverb is just we to hang on and don't be hopeless patents we have to work on our patience.

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Bidisha Mukherjee said: (Jul 8, 2016)  
It's true that every lining has a silver lining because for every problem there is a solution at the end, for every darkness there is a way to brightness and for every struggle, there is a happy and sweet results at the end.

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Priya said: (Jun 25, 2016)  
The statement is cent percent true. Each one of us must have had at least one experience in our life which supports the statement. How amusing it is that we are getting late for an interview and our scooter or car has a puncture and a public bus arrives. Or how unrealistic it seems that during an exam we write till the last minute and at tyms get the right answer through the mind at the last moment. Why do we do tha. Because we have hope or ather that SILVER LINING.

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Hari said: (Apr 28, 2016)  
Hello! everybody.

This is a great inspiring saying. As we know, after every night we experience day, similarly after every hard time, the great time has to come. We can't feel a great time if we have never had a hard time. So every dark cloud has a silver lining.

Conclusion:- Every challenge has great hidden opportunities. So, we must accept challenges to grab opportunities.

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Harshita said: (Feb 3, 2016)  

Ya it is very true that every black cloud has silver lining because we should never forget that every problem has a solution bec. From problem only we are going to learn how to face music by evading them we just find solutions.

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Abhishek said: (Jan 25, 2016)  

According to me this proverb signifies that as every cloud has a silver lining so is true that everyone has a talent. Sooner or later the talent is visible to everyone.

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Balu said: (Dec 16, 2015)  
Hi friend.

Do every cloud should be dark? Sometimes it is bright means white in color also, I think we have to say that every dark cloud has got a silver lining. Because if it is in white color silver lining will not appear.

As we think it means behind darkness there is brightness is right but addition, it also reveals that brightness comes through the darkness. Means to see those silver lines we have to darken the cloud if it is white we can't see that lines. But we like only brightness (silver lines) in our life we don't want dark cloud.

Overall I mean to say that to achieve the success sometimes we have done that thing that we don't want. Then we get success.

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Kunwar Singh Chawla said: (Nov 15, 2015)  
Hi Everyone,

I want to tell all of you that Thick and dark clouds sometimes obstruct the sun. When it happens, the surroundings darken. It is not a pleasant sight. But if we look at the clouds carefully we can see that their edges are tinted with a silvery glow. This glow tells us that the sun is somewhere there behind the clouds.

As time passes, the clouds will move off and the sun will come out of it. This clever metaphor is used in the proverb to denote that sorrows and calamities are only momentary. Wherever there is sorrow, happiness will be somewhere nearby. Whenever there is shadow, light should be nearby. And whenever there is darkness, the bright light is near.

The proverb teaches us not to lose hope in the hours of darkness and sorrow. It reminds us to be optimistic and hopeful. It tells us not to lose heart because it might be just when we are about to quit that victory reveals itself. Like the silver tint on the edges of the dark cloud, happiness always lurks behind the darkest hour.

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Afifa Ismail said: (Nov 13, 2015)  
This is really a very true statement, that every cloud has a silver lining. This means, every difficult situation has some advantage.

Life is a circle of happiness, sadness, hard times, and good times. If you are going through hard times have faith that good times are on the way.

The difficult situations are like the dark clouds but they will be surely swept away by the rays of hope which appear as the silver lining. Never give up if life gives you 100 problems show life that you have 1000 solutions. Just keep on working hard, learn from your obstacles don't be afraid of them. One day you will reach the height of success. After crossing so many hurdles when you will reach your goal you will enjoy it better.

We can take the example of our great superstar 'khan'. Now he has all the luxuries. As he had the perseverance to reach towards his goal. So always be optimistic. Appreciate the brighter days and learn from the darker days. Keep smiling.

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Animish said: (Sep 24, 2015)  
I completely agree with this proverb. A great proverb with a deep mining. If a thunder storm appears then the sky will get covered by dark clouds, there will be heavy shower. But it is temporary, not permanent. The sky will be cleaned and the sun will rise.

Clouds means difficult phases in our life and silver lining are rays of hopes. If we face problems then there will be solution as well. It's on us to remain calm and gain physical and mental power to handle the situation. If you don't have failure in your life and you will never be able to understand how it feels when you achieve success.

There are many such examples - like APJ Abdul Kalam, Dhirubhai Ambani, even when you see in past you will find many such personality like Thomas Edison who failed 1000 times before actually inventing an electric bulb, Walt Disney who had once fired because they think he had lack of imagination.

If you are difficult situation face it but never back down, work hard, learn from your mistake, never make them again, and find your goal. So it is true that every cloud has a silver lining.

Conclusion : Life is not about getting only success it's actually about learning from your failure. Everything happens for a good reason we just need to work hard and stay positive.

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Sagar Madavi said: (Sep 16, 2015)  
Yes, every cloud a silver lining. When we look at the cloud we will see cloud stops sun rays. &there creates a silver lining around the cloud. But its temporary because after rain cloud will destroy. Like that in our life cloud means problem and lining means solution. IF THERE IS PROBLEM, THERE WILL BE SOLUTION. So friend never give up.

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Anmol Narula said: (Sep 15, 2015)  
Hello everyone.

We are here to discuss about the topic every cloud has a silver lining behind it.

Well first of all what this phrase means? Well this phrase in general has a no particular meaning. Different people have interpreted it differently. Well in my viewpoint what this phrase means is everything that happens in life happens for a reason and and for our own good. We sometimes may not understand the reason when something happens to us. All we can do is to work hard and be positive and then only one would realize the good things behind anything happening in life.

Conclusion : Everything happens for a good reason we just need to work hard and stay positive.

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Anderson said: (Aug 24, 2015)  
Every people need freedom of our life. But many people have a big problem in our life. Those people who can challenge their fightback of the problem after he can make and can have a freedom in his life.

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Every Cloud has a Silver Lining

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