Every Cloud has a Silver Lining

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Dikshita said:   4 months ago
Well, I have been hearing this particular saying a lot from my early days of childhood.
My mom used and continues to, tell me this whenever I was saddened by life's circumstances.
But over the years I have come to the understanding that this is in fact true. Every adversity that we go through teaches us something and equips us to handle future circumstances better and more efficiently.

V.chandra shekar said:   10 months ago
People generally feel very depressed and unhappy when they take difficulty a find themselves in unpleasant situations. Every such difficulty has its own positive side.

Malavika said:   2 years ago
"Ever Cloud has a Silver Lining", every terrible cloud of miseries and obstacles in life have rays of hope. The silver lining gives a hope that the sun, the happiness there behind will come out once the cloud rains. The problems will be solved once we are ready to find the solution to it, ready to live the situation and overcome the circumstances. Nothing is permanent, neither the miseries nor the happiness. None is felt until the other is experienced.

Always see the silver linings of the dark cloud.

Nishtha said:   2 years ago
Idiom -every cloud has a silver lining" says ever in the worst scenario, we have hope possibilities potential benefits of in its own way. As some you will feel that the job/work you are doesn't pay you back it should but you know maybe your salary is less today you still experiences in your hand Right and you know how much experience matters. If we take today's example whole nation is suffering from the covid-19 pandemic things started getting worse day by day Especially in India but has any of you analyzed the sky has got its color Blueback at night we can see the star's again, the air is clean, pollution has controlled, water quality has improved. The atmosphere is healing.

Most importantly our loved ones our back to home my sister your brother's parents etc have got to sit at home and happy moments with family, siblings, pets. People who were just working day-night and had no time to sit are having Netflix and chill what else we can have.

I hope the concept of 'silver lining' in the cloud is clear to you all. Thank love and peace from NISHTHA.

Tanish Kaur said:   2 years ago
Every cloud has a silver lining, after every dark cloud of misfortune there comes a bright sunny day that is cheerful. So, we should always try to look at the lighter site of things. For example, we are currently facing too many problems with this Covid pandemic which came as a dark cloud for us but the way the medical practitioners are working at their best possible way, the vaccines all are the example of the silver lining to the crisis. So nothing is permanent, do not lose hope and be Positive.

Rakesh said:   3 years ago
Good morning to all. The today topic is that every cloud has a silver lining so here in this proverb cloud means the incompatibility inability, various types of problems that in our lives it may be big ya small that doesn't matter but sometimes we make it bigger in our mindset so in that bigger cloudiness of sorrows and difficulties we failed to found that silver lining because our negative thought that we can't overcome from this situation and one day it leads to depression and anxiety so we have to think and create a positive mindset to develop rays of hopes in that difficult situation that's called silver lining that silver lining is rarely found out by our new generation people because we always stuck in some regular difficulties but think of that we can't come out of this so I concluded that we have to experiment of problems of clouds deeply so that the rays of hope like silver lining clearly visible to us. Thank you.

Amur said:   3 years ago
Life is similar to a boxing game. The defeat is not declared when your down it declares when your refuse to get up like tat, "every cloud has its silver lining" among every sorrows there will be a happiness behind that.

Anusha said:   3 years ago
If thunderstorms appears so the sky is covered with dark clouds but in this situation the silver line are there means Rays of hope are there, everyone knows that life have two phases one is sorrow and happiness. So don't be glad when you are happy and don't be frustrate when you have difficulties, because nothing is permanent whenever it is happiness and sadness and time changes every thing Soo always be positive in every situation and face it. Whenever your life is full of dark clouds but the silver lining is there means Rays of hope, As we take our today's situation the world faces covid-19 pandemic situation but as I said everything is not permanent so we will get solution for that soon so at the end I want to conclude that don't be too much negative towards your sorrow keep facing it with your positivity and you get positive results.

Krisha said:   3 years ago
I totally agree with this proverb because it teaches us to be optimistic we should always look to the positive side of the situation it teaches us that after every dark cloud there is bright sunlight if today we are in soreness tomorrow we are definitely going to be happy we should never lose hope and always have patience.

Manjary said:   3 years ago
Sometimes we didn't achieve what we want, but it not mean that all ways are closed. Try your best and recognize yourself, may be the other and the better option is available. Maybe only this option is suitable for you. You can give your best and get your satisfied output.

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