Every Cloud has a Silver Lining

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Priya said:   4 years ago
Yes! Every cloud has a silver lining. After every dark night, there is a bright day. There is always some positive hidden in something bad. So we must never lose hope and keep on striving for success and achieve our goals.

Satakshi said:   4 years ago
The phase Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining concludes that every bad situation in life is followed by a positive end.

It's just like the sun and cloud here cloud work as dark side there as the sun is brighter. The silver line appears when the cloud comes between the rays of the sun which work as hope and positive energy in the bad situation. And in everyone's life there is ups and downs which can be simply explained by this phrase.

Anushree said:   4 years ago
I totally agree with this proverb.

Because going through the difficulties and problems, are the little steps for what we want to achieve or aim for. So I think if we don't commit a mistake or are not faced with difficulties we won't be able to choose between right and wrong.

Priyanka said:   4 years ago
According to me. It's a generalized topic which we can see it in our lives.

And many people set good examples of this.

This proverb "EVERY CLOUD HAS SILVER LINING" is given by John Milton. Which mean you can derive some benefit from every bad thing happens to you.

Every bad situation has some good thing in it.

This proverb is said to a person who is in difficulty and couldn't find a positive path forward. We should not lose hope in any bad situation because difficult times always lead to better days. Compare that difficulty with a dark cloud and. The silver lining with sunshine.

When. Sun Ray's are blocked by dark clouds that doesn't mean that. We can't see the sun Ray's.

As time passes clouds.

Will move off and the sun comes out. Giving a rise of hope that. Every bad situation has some good in the clever metaphor is used to denote sorrows and calamities are momentary whenever there is sorrow. There is happiness nearby.

Debopriyo Ghosh said:   4 years ago
I totally agree with this;.

A person's life is made with bad and good both. Here dark clouds mean the worst or bad time in a person's life.

Every single person has a bad time in his life. But he has to know that after a bad time a good time always comes. So he has to be strong mentally and physically fight with that time.


Anshu said:   4 years ago
We human beings have a habit of comparing ourselves with every other person we see. We have a habit of demoralising ourselves no matter how better we may be from the other person. We think that others are more good looking, have better knowledge or personality or even maybe better luck. But what we fail to understand is that every person has few strengths and few weaknesses. We all are perfect in one thing which we generally fail to recognise. All of us are similar to clouds, some are big some are small but all of us have a silver lining, the edge that we may fail to recognise at the start which helps us to create a niche in the market. So, I would definitely agree that "Every cloud has a silver lining".

Teja said:   5 years ago
Just because you fail it doesn't mean that you are not worth of it. It just means that you must work hard to achieve your goals. Just like a sunrise in the morning there will be one point of time where you realise the purpose of you in this world and the importance of your life. The quote "Every cloud has a silver lining" is apt which means that all days are not dark a few are remarkable and happiest too.


Saurabh bhivgade said:   5 years ago
Every cloud has a silver lining is true because that line wants to propagate there is nothing infinite every start has end means if you are suffering allot don't loose your confidence, don't loose your patience because your going close towards the solution of your trouble day by day and eventually you will find you have come out from the zone of trouble. This line is suitable for our bask movement also in short I wanna say NEVER GIVE UP WITHOUT FIGHT. Don't cry for splitting milk.

GOPIVARDHAN said:   5 years ago
Definitely, all the problems have it own relevant solution. But the way we approach that solution is important every one moves in their own direction to pick up a solution it always said we can see the brightness after the active passing the dark cloud.

Swati said:   5 years ago
Every cloud has a silver lining. How perfectly said!

There are times when everything seems uncertain, there is no hope, no much energy left and it seems like eternity. But every person who dared to defy the situation confidently has found his way and if he introspects more he will come to know Everything happens for good. Those time of challenges make you even more stronger, and ready to face any situation more calmly. He would be able to see the silver lining-the lesson, experiences which counts more to become indeed a better human. So don't worry, just trust the timings of life. Rest all will fall in place.

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