Every Cloud has a Silver Lining

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Jazbiya said:   1 decade ago

According to my point of view. Nobody came in this world without aim. Everybody has something good in himself/herself by which he/she can do the best in his/her life. Every person have some qualities different from other, which makes the person best.

By finding those qualities a person can achieve success in life.

Kriti said:   1 decade ago
In my opinion, cloud is nothing but a situation, and every situation can be dealt with if the person dealing with it is optimistic and hopeful. What that means is definitely every cloud has a silver lining, well it depends what the vision of the person is.

Montu said:   1 decade ago
Hi friends.

I think the statement defines the definition of life.

Let just take it from the starting of every single persons life. When all of us are about to deliver from our mother it was the time when we actually came across a difficult situation but when we born it was the hilarious world around us.

Surbhi said:   1 decade ago

I believe life is a mixture of joy and sorrow. Every problem comes with the solution. The only thing that we must know is how to get answers to our problems. And once we find the answers the problem is no more a problem. It completely vanishes and a new ray of hope emerges. Let me take an example of Mahatma Gandhi, all the odds were against him. He was fighting against an empire possessing heavy weapons. But he id not give up. He fought till the end and finally came up with flying colours. Things brings to the conclusion that how people see problems.

Manu said:   1 decade ago
Hai friends.

I accepted this metaphor " Every cloud has a silver shining", because if we need to achieve the success or goal, we need to cross the failure line. It will teach you a lesson, improve the confidence level and gives happiness in our life. Without crossing the failure line and challenges we can't get kick on that success. It means that though the cloud in darkness is surrounded by silver lining of sun which is behind it, like wise failure gives the success which is behind it. So take the challenges in life.

If you win, you can lead,

If you lose, you can guide,

Thank you.

P.Lavanya said:   1 decade ago
I totally agree with this great proverb. If we want to successful in life we should also see some failures. One of the great examples we can recall here is about the invention of bulb by Thomas Alva Edisone. He failed thousand times in inventing bulb but he has got inspired by his failures to get success. Finally Edisone got success. Everybody should develop an art of learning from failures and make them stepping stones for success.

Gaurav gaur said:   1 decade ago
According to me every cloud have a silver lining because if we win we lead if we don't it teaches us so that we remove our mistakes it depend on us how we take some opportunity the thing which we have to do is to remember the positive aspect of the opportunity and moves towards the future. Always remember every failure give us an opportunity to remove our mistake.

Anup shekhar said:   1 decade ago
We are talking about the cloud and the silver lining. We all agree that when ever we face a problem we try our best to deal with it and that gives us a an experience, a vision to look into future, and makes us stronger to plan things more accurately, moreover from every mistake we did we learn how to tackle same or similar situation in a better way next time.

Winning is all about improving yourself and removing the drawbacks. Some learn from others failure and some learn from their own. More important is learning and inculcating in your behavior.

Amit Rathod said:   1 decade ago
Clouds gives silver lining only on crushing to each other that means we get success followed by failure. Life without failure us just like sun without shine. Importance of brightness realizes in dark. Life is similar to coin having two sides, failure & success. Life is journey so enjoy it by challenging one thing, "Failure is second step of Success".

Vaishali khurana said:   10 years ago
It is rightly said that every cloud has a silver lining, life is a combination of happiness and odds. As we got to know the importance of light only after witnessing darkness similarly problem do always pull us two steps forward towards our goal.

Its not bad about losing rather its a sin to consider yourself as a loser. Each and every chapter which gets added to our life whether good or gad offers us to learn more and more.

In future when we will look back to our lives the odd happenings would glow much because those were the moments when we learn what life is all about, and then we got to know how our life was already planned to make us experience eventually all good.

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