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Gayathri C said:   6 years ago
Hi everyone,

You are all well known about this topic. But this is the first attempt of me. If you find any mistake just please reject it with some suggestion to improve my skill of doing this.

EQ - Basically known as Emotional Quotient.

IQ-basically was known as Intelligent Quotient.

In my point of view, both are important to our life.

They are just like the wheels of our life.

By using IQ we can know the basics of studies or (may be deeply about studies) but we can't know the basics of our life.

IQ is just when it is made a continuous process of studying or learning or being up-to-date I think so.

Where as EQ is not a continuous process of learning but it is to be faced differently which are not in academics textbooks etc. It is just related to thoughts of our mind that how mentally we are strong.

Just we can say IQ is the fuel and EQ as the vessel. By using fuel we can burn a vessel just as it, we can use IQ. When it is known how to use it properly.

Just as how we use knowledge to be wise, we need to use IQ to be EQ.

Let us take the example of our own.

IQ is important for us to attend a competitive exam (Written) whereas EQ helps us to attend the interviews (being courageous is also very important).

If there is no EQ and there is only IQ, then it is not possible to secure any job without any subject.

Just as it.

If there is no IQ and there is only EQ then there is no value for IQ because if the person is not courage enough to say what he knows when he is not mentally fit i.e. he has less EQ. Control over emotions is necessary.

So, I say that IQ and EQ are interrelated or interdependent to achieve success in our life.

I hope that I can correct my mistakes if specified.

Thank you all.

Naman Gupta said:   7 years ago
Hello, guys,

First of all, I would like to define what is EQ and IQ. Basically, EQ (Emotional Quotient) is the measure of your emotional skills i.e. how you control your emotions whereas IQ (Intelligence Quotient) is the measure of your intelligence i.e.how intellect you are.

Now talking about their importance, I think both are equally important. For getting success in life you need a great IQ whereas for holding that success, you need a strong EQ. High IQ can get you a good job but low EQ can get you fired. High EQ and low IQ is such that you can't even get a job.

But researchers have shown that IQ contributes only 20% to your overall success. High EQ will help in maintaining good social relations with friends, family, and colleagues and will surely boost your mental level. It is also found that low EQ person no matter how intelligent he is often suicides.

A person having less IQ but comparatively more EQ than a person with high intellectual level will often be more successful in life. So there is need to maintain a balance between these two to be a successful and respectful member of the society.

AKASH S N said:   7 years ago
EQ and IQ are like two faces of a coin, both have to be balanced in every individual to be successful. A person with high IQ and low EQ is just like food without salt (no taste). If you are intelligent enough but lack in collaborating with peers then you may not be a good team player, in another way around if you have good EQ but lack in intelligence then it hinders your ability to perform well.

It's impossible to clap with a single hand as its difficult to live with only either of EQ or IQ.

Mauli said:   6 years ago
Hello everyone,

Well, the topic is EQ or IQ, firstly, we should be clear about the topic, EQ stands for emotional quotient, know and control your emotions, and know others' too while IQ stands for intelligence quotient, passing a series of standard tests and all to check how intelligent you are, how vigilantly you use your skill.

So, the preference would depend upon the nature of work, if the work requires a team which wants a leader to take his team to achieve success then EQ is needed while if the work is on the individual basis then go for IQ.

And we can also say that both the factors go hand in hand, these are wheels to lead a successful and contentful life, one will control your heart and other will your brain. It is rightly said that no decision can be taken by your brain only.

So, both are equally important to live satisfactorily.

Raj Kumar Yadav said:   5 years ago
I am going to start this by putting a quote which says " IQ can get you a job but EQ will ensure that you will stay and improve there".

IQ stands for Intelligence quotient which includes the technical skills that the individual possess i.e. analytical skills, conceptual skills, reasoning skills etc.

EQ stands for Emotional quotient which includes the people skills, how you communicate, how you talk to the individuals, how's your personality, your attitude towards others, all these things comes under EQ.

For an individual to succeed in life, Balance of both EQ and IQ should be there, A person should be intelligent as well as emotionally strong in order to survive and to achieve the individual as well as organizational goals.

Mahmad Rafi said:   6 years ago
Hi everyone.

EQ & IQ are like heart & the brain in the human body, to become a good human, both parts need to be work better. Final aim of all human beings is to lead the happy life so always my first preference goes to EQ.

IQ without EQ is like baseless building. EQ without IQ is like base without a building.
To become better than all build your IQ.
To become better with all build both IQ& EQ, (my preference).
Thank you.

Akshit said:   6 years ago

I am Akshit.

Here we are discussing EQ and IQ. As from my opinion, EQ and IQ both are important in our daily life as well as in our personal relations. Firstly, let us understand the meaning of EQ and IQ. EQ means emotional quotient where IQ means intelligence quotient. Better EQ is essential for our personal and social behaviour and character and better IQ is essential for our knowledge and sharpness of mind. Both act as two wheels in our life in form of a cycle. If one would be weak then the life of a person would not successfully compete. So both EQ and IQ are important in our life.


Akash Vishwakarma said:   7 years ago
This world is a slave to leaders, we neither require managers (boss) nor the brain of Einstein. There is a little difference between the leader and a manager, the manager is a person chosen for his IQ by people above him but a leader is a person chosen for his EQ by the people below him.

A person with good IQ may lead him/her to a very reputed MNC, but they may be socially isolated if they have low EQ.

In real life always your healthy relationship with your subordinates, friends, family, and strangers will take you to a successful life.

I am not saying IQ is not important, but EQ must always predominate over IQ.

Its very well said, "give me a person with reasonable common sense and decency, I will make a leader out of him".

Shivaleela said:   7 years ago
Hi guys, first of all I would like to tell the definition of EQ& IQ. EQ means emotional quotient and IQ means intelligence quotient.

EQ mainly tells about emotions of a person and IQ tells about the intelligence of a person.

Everyone should have balanced IQ &EQ to lead.

Successful life. If one has high IQ and low EQ he will be happy up to certain time only because gradually he will be rejected by society because of his lack of emotions. If he has high EQ and low IQ he will automatically get IQ because of his emotions towards society. To be intelligent and emotion one should have to take care of both qualities. Then only we will be in others mouth.

Saraban Tahura said:   4 years ago

Both EQ (Emotional Quotient) and IQ (Intelligence Quotient) are important in our life. EQ is the ability to understand, manage your own emotions in a positive way to relieve stress and communicate efficiently and emphasize with others and overcome challenges and defuse conflict. It also can Manage relationship with other people.

And IQ (intelligence quotient) is the ability to manage your technical knowledge, ideas and thoughts.

You need to have a brilliant IQ to be a gd engineer but to be a leader of engineer your EQ is more important rather than IQ.

It's difficult to go ahead with one. I think They are complementary to each other.

So both EQ & IQ is important for our successful life.

Thank you.

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