Engineering Students are wasting their Time in Management Studies; they have Another Way to go

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Anonymous said: (May 25, 2020)  
Engineering students can do MBA but then what will commerce stream students do. They will remain jobless or doing penny jobs. Because unless and until you do MBA from good b school like IIM you will not get good job. And then comes in picture the useless cat exam that focuses on maths instead of business knowledge and ethics so here the engineering students score high because they have spent more then 5 years in calculations and cracking such exams is easy for them. So actually the problem is with the exam pattern of CAT which does not allowed the commerce students to enter their college. They must think that it will be really a lively and interactive study section if done with commerce students, they can built good entrepreneurs for the nation but they are just in the race of building servants serving abroad. Engineers must from the start itself take other stream instead of engineering if they are not interested rather then deciding later because of them the person interested in engineering didn't got a seat and after that a commerce student didn't got seat in Best B school.

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Kalpan Shah said: (May 20, 2020)  
Practicing and learning subjects from different fields give the student opportunities to understand the real-world better and improvise accordingly.

Whether to study them or not is subjective.

If a student is having a mere intension of developing a product according to the needs of the market, management studies give a plus point.

Engineers are people who know how to use their tools to solve the problem as well as create an innovative solution. Adding management skills to them make them great leaders, giving the control over the economy as well.

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Upendra said: (Jan 2, 2020)  
Hello friends,

I am an engineering student I think MBA is not a bad idea for engineering students but the students who are interested in MBA then he can go and it will be better for them.

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Swati Kumari said: (Nov 25, 2019)  
If an engineer has done MBA for acquire management skills, get job in technical department of any company. That engineer can also handle management responsibility as well. This helps to increase their salary package, so national economy as well. In the competitive market scenario companies require multitasking employees.

You can opt MBA with B-Tech as a integrated course which is 5 years course or you can go for MBA after the completion of B-Tech degree but its take 6 years. Here I am the student of B-Tech + MBA integrated course from Quantum university which is situated in Roorkee, uttrakhand. Which is the best college for Technical and business studies in north India.

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Rushikesh said: (Aug 15, 2019)  
Hii guys!

As the topic engineering graduate are wasting their time in management studies. Obviously, you are right they have many opportunities to do something different. But as we know nowadays too many Engineering colleges are there in every city. That's why no one can value of engineering students. They are good at studies but too many colleges are there not a single campus interview are in colleges. Students can do something different but lack of student has a financial problem. If they place well then they can direct join as a management team.

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Salman said: (May 2, 2018)  
As an engineer in BMW I must say I am just a Btech mechanical holder and I have completed it in 5 years.

The fact is that students these days are not choosing their path of interests. I am in the business management area and it was barely a chance to get a job with such profile but anyhow I have had to do so I started applying everywhere related to my area of interest and finally I succeed. I just advice all of you please stick to your area of interests mentally.

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Pradnya said: (Mar 6, 2018)  
I don't agree that Engineering students are wasting their time if they opt for an MBA. For that matter, whatever you learn can never be considered as waste. There are more than 10, 000 engineering colleges in India and thousands of engineers pass out every year. Out of these thousands of colleges across the country, only a few hundreds are good colleges and very few students manage to get a job in their fields.

Engineers are expected to learn the technical skills in their curriculum of 4 years. I feel MBA gives a vast opportunity to further learn and explore new things.

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Uttara Deb said: (Aug 23, 2017)  
Any kind of study BE it engineering or management cannot be called as a waste of time. It depends on individual choice and the demand of the market. In today's job portfolio it has been kind of mandatory to have multiple degrees and engineering in combination with an MBA degree is a gold coated candidate. It proves the candidate's interest in technology as well as in the management of an organization. And also his patience and perseverance towards studies. He not only can look after the technical faults in machinery but also can use prudential methods to overcome any odd arising in the organization by applying the managerial skill. So it is a well thought out plan to do an MBA course after completing the engineering degree. Thank you.

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Kritika said: (Jun 20, 2017)  
Doing MBA after engineering is not waste of time because technical+management skills together can boost up the personality of a person, they can be effective leader, an entrepreneur but again It depends on personal interest, if they find they are technically good then they should keep on working and prove to be useful asset for the nation.

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Fazal Shaikh said: (May 25, 2017)  
Bear in mind Engineering is a very vast field and what you learn in your engineering is only the way to think technically and scientifically. You are only 5% engineers when you pass the engineering course, if you work in the field of your studies you may become 50% engineers, therefore you have to learn and learn and strive to become at least 50% engineer before you retire. Hence if you have the opportunity and resources to continue your studies then pursue your studies in the field of your interest be it engineering or management in order to improve your knowledge and for self-development. Moreover please note in your young age you should look for opportunities where you can learn and gain expertise in your technical knowledge and not look for the salary and commercial aspect of the job unless there is a dire need to support your family.

As the engineering course teaches you to think technically and scientifically, the management course will teach you to think purposefully & strategically thus honing your technical skills further. However over the years of hard work to grow further in your career remember that you have to learn to manage people and finance, thus obtaining a management degree or any new skill and knowledge is any field as an engineer is never a waste.

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Prabir Sharma said: (Apr 26, 2017)  
I think opting for MBA after BE is good platform to diversify our skills from technicals to managerial. It will help in growing ecomically and mentally in an organisation. By learning mangement skills, we will have a better understanding of implementation of technical concepts in solving a problem effectively.

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Kunal said: (Apr 22, 2017)  

MBA is not just a source of money which is attracting engineers. Its a source of knowledge, an opportunity to learn more other than what science teaches us. Its what the present world is going through. If any student has done engineering and opt of MBA its well and good. It simply means he wishes to learn more and out of the box. It's the matter of fact that no one can just succeed only on the basis of tech knowledge or non-tech knowledge, but a proper mixture of both is seriously required for success and knowledge.

Thus, I conclude that engineering students are doing great by opting MBA. Its good for them as well as for society.

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Shantanu V M said: (Mar 30, 2017)  
The thing is today engineering students are capturing maximum jobs in the market. Market knows the value of engineers. Engineers are great problem solvers. Doing MBA, engineers can achieve many opportunities without any saturation as only B.E graduate will led to a saturation one or the other day. Plus MBA is a great option to enhance management skills.

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Priyanka said: (Mar 16, 2017)  
I completely disagree with this. Learning can never go waste. Its a procedure of self-development. Going for further studies you upgrade your skill set to a higher level.

Talking to engineering students, in our 12th grade, we don't have much understanding or exposure to the outer job prospects or our keen interests, Most of us go with the flow answer choose engineering.

I have done my Btech in computer science from a reputed college and was placed in 3 companies (ALL MNCs) in my on campus (3rd year 6th sem). Eventually I worked In multinationals for 7 yrs, initially in technical roles and then promoted to Leadership roles, gradually I discovered my growth has reached a saturation point, beyond which I cannot achieve with just a B-Tech Degree, to be competent enough and to get your skills upgraded you need to constantly acquire knowledge, I am now pursuing MS in a US university with high scores in Toefl and GRE, I feel Change is the only constant and we have to take calculated risk in order to be successful in life, Technical field would soon be saturated with automation taking a toll on systems, we need to diverse our potentials to stand tall and firm. Master is upgrading yourself to the next level, process of betterment. There no point discussing Why would someone take engineering if he/she wants to pursue MBA, Engineering teaches us a lot of things that helps us gain insight and focus on things we lack.

Lastly, our country is lacking in Technology not because of its talent/engineers its because of infrastructure. From google's CEO to ATNT America, we Indians rule when it comes to intelligence and technology. With due to respect to everything its unfortunate that we cannot retain our resources to our country due to our poor management and 3rd world wages. NO IIT student will stay in India for more than 10 years irrespective of he/she pursuing MBA, not because of their change of mind of being a business grade but due to wage differences. India cannot value our talents in terms of remunerations and as a result is losing on resources. It has nothing to do with Masters or higher studies.

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Manish said: (Mar 7, 2017)  
Hello friends.

If we choose MBA as a career after B-Tech it will boost our knowledge both technically and managerially. Yes many Engineers want to do MBA because it will increase their salary, but as we know every coin has two faces. Some Engineers wanted to do it because they like this field so you can't say that they should not do it. Many of us realise after getting admission that it is not perfect for me and the same scenario happens with Engineers after all they are also humans. So my point is that if you like to go for MBA then go for it, if not then try to get job in your own field of Engineering.

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Akshat Chaturvedi said: (Feb 12, 2017)  
All of you have given some excellent points on why should an engineer should not go for MBA, but just think about the problem. When a student who has scored 90%+ comes in 11th standard, he has three options to choose from Bio, Maths and Commerce. Commerce which is not majorly popular for a student who has scored such good marks according to society. So he takes up Maths. Further, he has the option of giving or not giving JEE mains. Which he has to because according to society, the most 'safe' option after 12th is to become an engineer. After 3 years of college, he realises that I don't belong in this branch, and I can't study it. So he has no other option than to go for MBA because due to his lack of interest in his branch he has not acquired skills that will excel his career in his branch.

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Vijay Singh Rathore said: (Feb 10, 2017)  
Yeah, I'm in favour of this topic. They are really wasting their time by doing management courses. If they do not want to go in engineering field then why they choose engineering as a career? A lot of students belong to middle-class family so I want to say that before going in any field we must decide.

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Ragss said: (Jan 27, 2017)  
As per the suggestion given by Mr. Namasya das why most of the people go for engineering is because of economic background where we can complete our degree very cheaply in less rated engineering colleges.

Moreover in India there are more than 120000 engineering colleges in is account there are only 10's or 50's are the best colleges.

Rest of the colleges are the worst colleges as such that the students didn't even know the subjects full name Nd syllabus even.

And the teaching staff of these college's are worst enough to teach an engineer.

So most of the engineering student won't get job in MNC's.

So they think like already we have wasted over 4 years of engineering. Better we can go to MBA so we can learn so management skill such that we can do some job or can do some business while sitting weastly.

I think if every engineer gets good technical skill to learn in college they won't get an idea to do MBA.

So doing MBA is best in my point of view.

But we should learn hard to get successful.

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Sagar said: (Jan 21, 2017)  
I don't agree with the thing that engineers are wasting their time in doing MBA because engineers can do innovations through their own field by building their own company which may be later supported technology with the current trends and innovations. This can be possible through MBA which provide knowledge of job market and current technology trend and financially managerial skill.

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Adarsh Gupta said: (Jan 17, 2017)  
Hello friends,

In my opinion, engineering students not only wasting their time but also the resources of a country. Millions of students in our country are graduating in engineering but still our country is lacking in technical field. Still, we are buying the technology for many purposes like bullet trains and defense sector from other countries. This clearly shows that engineers in our country are only wasting their time and resource. For example: One of my friend from metallurgy department of IIT Delhi got admission in IIM-A and finally get placed in Amazon company. Then isn't he wasting his knowledge of technology? Isn't it will be better for him as well as country if he works in the field of metallurgy.

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Hem said: (Jan 13, 2017)  
In my opinion, concentrating on management studies is not waste of time for engineers. MBA after Engineering helps a person to grow technically as well as in management. But with no interest in technical, I agree that one need not take engineering. And YES, there are many ways to go for engineers. If they are interested only in technical knowledge, then they are wasting time in management studies just for money or thinking it is something great.

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Shanil Muhammed said: (Jan 5, 2017)  
These days, the competition in the job market is so high that to survive, one must possess some \'extra\' skills other than the regular graduation Degree! Piping Engineering, Structural Engineering course is one-of-a-kind. These courses are structured to raise the level of expertise in piping design and to improve the competitiveness in the global markets, provides various piping system designs, development skills and knowledge of current trends of plant layout. Average starting salary is between 20-40 k Rupees per month. This figure may vary, depending upon the profile of the employer and other Educational Qualifications of the worker. If it is from a reputed institute that you want to pursue this course from, I suggest you opt for ASTS Global Education.

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Ram Singh Patel said: (Dec 21, 2016)  
Hello friends, my opinion is that MBA after B.Tech, make a perfect employer for any technical/managerial jobs in any fields. Because engineering learned us how smartly we can do a work and MBA learned us what is the right time to do the work successfully.

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Ashutosh said: (Dec 14, 2016)  
I am a IITian and aspiring for IIM. Because not just for great packages or a bulk of money. But just for knowledge.

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Sushil Saxena said: (Dec 14, 2016)  
Maximum B.Tech student doesn't know, How MBA is useful for them if there is no scope, Ex. B.Tech Mechanical doing work on machines, but after doing B.Tech he selects MBA & do preparation for Banking sector.

Still, maximum students working like donkey walk. I request to all new generation, if required then do B.Tech otherwise select B.COM & B.Sc for other career options.

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Vignesh J said: (Dec 1, 2016)  
Hello all.

I'm Vignesh, some of the people say MBA is good or MBA is bad after B.Tech. I'm working in a firm where we will be in touch with several people who have completed their MBA. My point is MBA is a worthy course but depends upon where you do because the course material varies from one to one. In my company, I'm seeing two kinds of MBA professionals. One from IIM and good business schools who earn a minimum of 8-9lpa and the other who earn 3-4 lpa.

So this is the actual fact, peoples and recruiters don't see what have you learned but they see from where you are graduated from.

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Ani said: (Nov 30, 2016)  
Shif of domain "tech skill + management skill gives the bulk amount of money".

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Gopesh Upadhayay said: (Nov 27, 2016)  
Any decision was taken to secure our future always serves the best to survive after knowing the pros and cons of decision taken.

So if it is MBA + B.Tech, go for it where you can get a job with which you feel satisfied.

Sometimes we make superb decision and rely on it but soon we are brainwashed by mixed views of people. People can only mock on you but can't help you so forget it.

One of my friend who did B.Tech + MBA was doing managerial work in a company had gone technical training in between to fulfill some company task.

One person from WIPRO company told me that company always don't rely on degree, they gave training whenever required to use our technical front while doing managerial work. This versatility comes from B.Tech + MBA so go for it.

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Shaik.Shaila Begum said: (Nov 22, 2016)  
Hi friends,

I am Shaila Begum. Completed my B.Tech. Nowadays all are reading B.Tech. But they are not studying for there future. They only read for their parents or time pass. Then from that how many we study and do any more graduations are waste of time. Firstly we have to know why I'm reading now what is the usage of higher graduation.

Nowadays some people are buying certificates by giving money to the correspondent persons then what is the usage of studying?

But who have greater interest they should compulsory complete their graduation after B.Tech like MBA and another PG for our life settlement?

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Mna said: (Nov 18, 2016)  
@Aditya Deshmukh.

An Engineer in a product based company like CISO, NetApp get starting CTS of 7-8 lpa whereas an MBA from a non-IIM start with 3 lpa in some x/y/z organisation. Similarly if an engineer in a service based company like TCS, WIPRO has lots of opportunities to travel overseas but after doing MBA if you land up in a bank or Insurance sector then you have confined your geographical boundaries. In short, Engineers are wasting time doing MBA if they are not doing it from IIM.

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Twinkle said: (Nov 18, 2016)  
According to me, after B.Tech doing MBA is one of the best option. As it raise your management skills. After all, in any company, your promotion will be depend upon your management skills i.e. more profit using. Minimum material. Moreover it's good combination.

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Sricharan said: (Nov 9, 2016)  
I do not agree with the statement because the students will get both technical & management skills by doing MBA. Only with B.Tech, you cannot sustain in this global competition. You have to do Masters to differentiate with others. People will able to get entrepreneur skills.

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Aadesh K T said: (Oct 9, 2016)  
Hi friends,

All have different thinking and goals, so do what your hearts say but it is not the end, you should show your dedication, hard work and passion towards your work. These 3 things are important. How hard you swim so far you reach if you lose your faith you in depth. Never stop at anywhere jus go on & on. Do MBA or M.Tech, or Ph.D. Do what ever you like, but do it in such way that no one can do it again nor you. Ambani Tata Birla are not MBA or Ph.D kind. Every thing is the power to think, a power to create, a power to improve and the power to maintain. This is it all you have to do.

Thank you & have a life man.

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Aditya Deshmukh said: (Sep 20, 2016)  
I don't think that we are wasting our time. An average engineer is paid Rs. 25000/month but with management skills, one can earn a handsome wage of Rs. 2.3 Lakhs/month is USA or UK. With only BE an Engg is only a technician but with masters in management, he can be put to use in many ways as the project manager or even a senior project manager. I would rather be a manager than a technician.

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Abdul Moied Khan said: (Sep 14, 2016)  
It depends on what you were done. If you study engineering so I think its better to do more study in engineering field like you do master on it. According to me it's more better then go in business filed.

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Apaar Bhatnagar said: (Sep 12, 2016)  
Hello friends,

I am an engineer and I think engineering gives an edge to your logical thinking, widens your thought process, makes you agile, generates the need for managing your time well. All these traits are a must for any manager who has to make critical decisions for an organization. Well, I am not saying that only an engineer have the most of the qualities which are being desired of a manager but management is what we are good at along with a sound technical knowledge.

In this fast changing era where many crucial business decisions are taken in weeks, a manager who can analyze a business deal with the perspective of profit making as well as keep in view of the technical work that needs to be done, can take efficient actions and ensure timely execution of the proposed deadlines.

Plus it makes you more versatile and brings you in more demand.

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Abhishek said: (Aug 18, 2016)  
According to me, engineering + MBA is the great combination. If you work as an engineer then you have to management skills to manage all things. If you doing the job after engineering then you are hired at very low scale salary. You have to work as a technician. The real fact is that everyone wants to earn good amount of money. So management skill makes us a leader, initiator, motivator. It teaches us a business strategy. So technical + MBA combo helps in making the perfect business man. So MBA after engineering is not the waste of time. It is complete utilisation in every aspect.

Thank you.

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Rajendra Patel said: (Aug 13, 2016)  
Hello, friends.

Good evening.

In the best job, in my opinion, is complete engineering what do yo thing? And how to get the best salary and search job is not important but this point is important that which field in your interest and the interest is best through and best job.

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Divyamounika said: (Aug 9, 2016)  
How can we say that if he or she has more interest to lead a company then they have to learn something?

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Prasanthbhs said: (Aug 9, 2016)  
Network marketing or real practical knowledge for MBA students.

Because a real business person can tell better than the professor in management colleges who doesn't in that job.

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Monte said: (Aug 3, 2016)  
Then what should I do after an Engineering? This question has always been stuck in mind. If I ask for someone for best career plan then I got a very great answer. From expert people. The time does not stop for anyone that's why it's better to listen to our inner sole and take mission whichever in you Have interest.

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Deepti Bhatt said: (Jul 27, 2016)  
This is something which, in my opinion, is not true. One can always choose MBA after completing their Engineering Studies. But, with a minimum 2 year work experience after the engineering will make it even much better, reason being that one can understand about the insides of how corporate works, how different departments function, organisation management, people management, the necessary requisites for becoming a good leader, initiator along with a sound technical knowledge, which will definitely be a plus point after you pursue MBA in whichever field you're inclined to.

So, prior to everything, one should set a goal for himself/herself, and no matter what, if the goal is lucid in one's mind and one is determined to achieve it - Go for it! Stay focused, Nobody can stop you then.

All the best to all Aspirants! (I am also the one) :)

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Kirti said: (Jul 22, 2016)  
Some students are not able to do management studies because most of the students complete their engineering in very poor situations so they do their job after their engineering because he/she do their management studies after some years of the job so that the family's economic condition will be fine after some years.

And management studies are also complete in later years is possible so he/she choose job after engineering.

According to my opinion engineering, students do their job in the company for some years so that it will increase your knowledge In particular domain and other skills also increased so that if you do management study and you don't get the job at the level of management then you do the job at before the management level studies.

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Devanshu Sharma said: (Jul 21, 2016)  
Hello, friends, I am also a B.Tech graduate, and last one and half month I am searching for a technical job.

But the main problem which I faced is that there are various companies which give job for voice profile, not for technical post. So as a fresher without reference, it is too difficult to get a job in your core domain. Because there is no walk-in for fresher. And I thnk this is the main cause why most of the students choose to join any coaching for govt. Job preparation.

So according to my point of view, there should be more walk-in for technical jobs, it will help a lot for freshers. And it may be the cause to switch MBA after B.Tech.

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Arunkumar said: (Jun 28, 2016)  
According to me, an engineer can only solve technical problems and also that solution may lead to the complex problem in management side. So if a person has the knowledge of both management and engineering, sure he or she can solve the problem in a company by knowing the side effect on management. And in that field, he or she will not only act as an engineer but as a person who knows about management.

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Vibjor said: (Jun 21, 2016)  
Engineering is technical things which we study theoretically in college & implemented practically in the company.

But as per my 8-year global experience, MBA is experience oriented & it does not require any classroom. It gets enrich with experience.

I don't think so it is necessary to study MBA after engineering.

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Uvs said: (Jun 19, 2016)  
It's all about your personal interest. If a person doing MBA after some experience is more beneficial. I am Chemical Technologist and now go for MBA because I don't want to part of only a single manufacturing plant, I want to put myself in global market I want to see the world outside of the plant. Nowadays human needs also increase to fulfil their needs, different people have different ideas and this can be managed by this MBA persons.

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Dipak said: (Jun 14, 2016)  
Hello, guys, I Am Dipak.

According to me, engineering + MBA is the great combination. If you work as an engineer then you have to management skills to manage all things. If you doing the job after engineering then you are hired at very low scale salary. You have to work as a technician. The real fact is that everyone want to earn good amount of money. So management skill makes us a leader, initiator, motivator. It teaches us a business strategy. So technical + MBA combo helps in making the perfect business man. So MBA after engineering is not the waste of time. It is complete utilisation in every aspect. Thank you.

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Harsh said: (Jun 7, 2016)  

According to me, if an engineer is going for an MBA, that should be when he has grabbed quite a good experience in his engineering field and is ready to take on management level positions. MBA just after completion of engineering studies is a total blunder, which I went through and still suffering. First of all, if you do an MBA after engineering studies, you will not be able to get back to engineering jobs easily and also if you get it by any chance, your management skills won't be required in initial years. Believe me, you will not be able to get back. Then comes the jobs using MBA degree, where you have to compete with graduates who chose management studies since the school times (Commerce students). Though you can overcome that if you are a very intelligent person, but still those students with management backgrounds from the beginning have an upper hand in these cases.

Conclusively I would say Engineers should get some years of work experience and then go for MBA to enter the management world.

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Ayesha said: (Apr 24, 2016)  
Firstly, learning or educating oneself in any given course can never be a waste of time. And also gone are the days of "conventional" education where people simply stick to one specified genre or area of employment. So here the question of engineering students to not opt for an MBA is very vague and undermines the very idea of education. Anyone who is interested in taking up a course should be encouraged. Also, with the new and more technical subjects of MBA courses coming up nowadays, it's always good to have a technical mind in action.

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Sandeep said: (Dec 10, 2015)  
Nowadays engineering which is a common stream which should be chosen by the students after their completion of school days. So engineering has been their even in the tip of a dogs tail.

Just make a count on about how many peoples works as a engineer or in an reputed post after the completion of the course.

Engineering knowledge help us to apply the technologies and management able roles helps to manage the technologies which is necessary.

So it is better to take MBA after engineering helps to explore both fields. Even the opportunity of one got decrease in future. And it leads more chances in both the sectors.

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P.M.Sai Sricharan said: (Dec 2, 2015)  
It depends on the mentality of the person and his/her interest towards engineering or medicine after 10th class. It's not that parents will allow you to any course but they also have got some faith in you in doing a particular course which would fetch you money clothing & other expenses in your job life.

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Achu Avaravind said: (Jul 13, 2015)  
Hi every one.

I am not a expert to explain about what you should do after your B-Tech degree, but I wish to say select your future as your mind says, once you have selected you have no turn backs, don't hallucinate in fairs of life.

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Harshvardhan Matta said: (Jul 13, 2015)  
I am doing my Masters in Engineering after completing my bachelors and I personally believe it totally depends on your talent. I have also worked in companies during my two internships and I found even the diploma holders and the people with the bachelors degree are on the managerial post.

If you are talented and dedicated and can impress your bosses than you definitely be promoted higher in a company without even a managerial degree with a very good pay scale. Its just helpful when you entered as a fresher or with 2 years of experience. Rest all your growth depends upon your efforts you show in your company. Do that what your mind says doing some research work or a small invention can lead you at a very good position in a company even without a managerial degree.

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Abhishek said: (Jul 9, 2015)  
Okay, now I want to share my view A/c to me if a person do MBA after BE, this is the best option because if you will not get success in MBA than there is some think that can lead you to the technical field and after 2 to 3 years you will reach to the good paying scale. And your life will be secured, and if you get success in MBA then also your life is secured.

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Bala said: (Jun 28, 2015)  
According to me Engineering is total waste of money, no one were happy in their respective jobs life is to live happy, freely.

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Tirth said: (Jun 23, 2015)  

According to me, we should live our life like a bird, which can fly anywhere same way its all up to you and your way of thinking, rather I would like to say our own way of positive thinking if you feel internally that I would go with MBA after BE/B.TECH then its totally your choice.

Doing anything after any course will be preferable either you go for further studies or for a job, there's only one thing to make sure is your dedication towards it so go for things what you like not what your parents/friends, set goals within yourself for what to do after BE/B.TECH whether MBA/ME/MCA/LLB/JOB or anything else ask yourself and choose the field of your INTEREST believe me you will feel that you the only happiest person in the world if an only you will choose what your heart says.

Note:- Please do not follow the stream blindly in which your friend is going like goats and sheep's try to use your brains even after reading all this comments also and at last do what you have to be?

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Palnivelrajan said: (Jun 12, 2015)  
Engineering students are wasting their time in management studies; they have another way to go.

First, we should understand that education is gaining knowledge in the profession, we like let it be an MBA or Engineering.

Secondly, management skill is most important to all engineers, engineering teaches us the way to innovate, but management teaches us the way to make money and fame out of the invention.

Not only for marketing, but a good operation manager can make a failure manufacturing process into a successful one, but this possible only when he has some knowledge in engineering with management skills (leadership, communication, collaboration, business management etc).

If you have the skill to understand and gain knowledge, other than studying it like a course, you can be a more successful in the field you have chosen to grow for future.

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Suprity Paul said: (Jun 10, 2015)  
For engineering I will not say that it is a waste of time but still there are a huge number of students studying engineering so it has became very very much common. If suppose there are 200 house in a locality then at least 100 of them must have boys or girls studying engineering.

That's why something new something unique should be tried of course of their own stream subjects. Then it will also increase the student's interest if he/she starts liking that particular subject. Last of all always listen to what your mind says.

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Neelabh said: (Jun 6, 2015)  
I strongly disagree with the mentioned topic, as post graduation in management surely offers vast expertise and also more salary offers. More often than not the students who don't qualify for top notch schools for graduation (IITs ot NITs) don't get satisfactory job options. And not all students can qualify GATE or go for research and PhD courses.

MBA seems a fair and opportunistic option for those willing to earn better and gain experience. It also widens the knowledge base of an engineer.

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Manju said: (May 21, 2015)  
Most of the people are living with wrong perception that doing an MBA after engineer will make their career better which is no way relevant. Barring some 5% job profiles where an MBA with the B-Tech is desired for growth, in most of the cases a guy studies Computer Science engineering and then peruse MBA because his cousin/friends are doing and then finally land up in a banking job or any FMCG sector job. i.e. he just wasted his engineering degree.

As far as money is considered, a Software Engineer working with a good IT company makes more money than a so called MBA from any X/Y/Z college. An engineering degree is more powerful degree then MBA. If at all any one wants to go for MBA after engineering, he/she should do it only from a Tier-I college otherwise its just waste. I have 8 years experience in the industry and I have seen it.

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Garison said: (May 21, 2015)  
Well I think most engineering graduates in technical fields like chemical and petrochemical choose MBA just because they are fed up of their work in field. Too much exposure to chemicals and sunlight will make you hate this job in ones early years. I am a B-Tech in Instrumentation and was just googling for MBA courses when I found this discussion.

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Rajat Kumar said: (Apr 7, 2015)  
Let's think about logically and statically. Students are in trouble what can be do after B-Tech?Except good colleges students (IIT's, NIT's, DEEMED & Gov's college) many students are facing problem due to lack of exposure and chances to go further for their bright future in technical line, and at the end also money comes with a big problem.

Like a big exam GATE, chances of getting in to PSU's & GOV's company someone have to score more then 90 percentile. Here is no chances for getting through in with less percentile. After that students are become more trouble about of their career. Hell can be optimized if job related any good exam will be conducted like GATE & CAT. In future we can see the choice of balance for TECHNICAL & MANAGEMENT studies in among all student throughout India.

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Dhanusha said: (Apr 5, 2015)  
Hi every one,

First of all happy to see that many are sharing their thoughts which will be very useful for a student to shape his career. From my perspective it all depends on individual how he want to shape his career his interests curiosity to learn what and what not. Because it is you who knows well about you and none others. So follow what your mind says good to you and to the society if possible.

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Varun Rao said: (Mar 31, 2015)  
Dear guys,

According to me interest is really a foolish thing to believe in. Only ability matters not interest. Ultimately money matters. What kind of life you want? How much luxury it should be? depending on this choose your field.

While doing engineering I was more passionate about technical things later it changed entirely. Now for me family matters. I want to spend more time with my family. I am ok with the job which gives me time to spend with family. I can compromise money for that.

That's why I chooses to do M.Tech and Ph.D and teaching line.

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Sruthi said: (Mar 19, 2015)  
Very interesting topic. Management studies should be a part of every ones life. Managing doesn't deal only with business it helps lot in their personal life. Managing people, family are very important than performing job in top companies. Management studies helps in improving their personality.

Knowing concepts and being best in that is not enough. Individuals should know how to bring out their talent, mingling with people, how to get the jobs done easily. Should be a smart worker. Engineering people should go for management studies.

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Mufeed Km said: (Mar 15, 2015)  
I also agree with the topic. Most of the engineering graduates think that doing MBA after their engineering is a better way to lift their Careers. There are a lot of things to do after B-tech. One who has a better Management skills always shine.

Although, It is one's personal interest. Engineers are those who lead the society. The leadership and management skills are to be practiced and adopted in their day-to-day life. So let me conclude by saying that before taking every step in life, think twice.

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Fazal said: (Feb 17, 2015)  
A pretty amazing conversation here, its one of the hot topics in the world today!

1st of all you need to ask yourself why are you doing MBA, if its for monetary reasons, forget it. But if you feel its going to uplift your career and you are good at it, go for it!

Human beings have a very usual tendency that they look at higher accomplishments for the future before stepping in the ground. Engineers must learn to learn from any big or small companies at the start of the career for 1-2 years, on how things work!? how does an organisation work, learn the tricks and tactics, get aware of the politics being played, how matters are dealt with, what is the process of manufacture right from market search to dispatching of goods.

The grass is always greener at the other side, after 1-2 years of excelling in your field you will hold responsibilities, now what changes do you make in your work space to optimize results? How do you manage your work 1st? what suggestions can you give to your superiors about the current issues? for the next two years you modify your responsibilities and make things happen!. Now in the 5th year you report to higher management on general managing, learn from the mistakes of your managers so you don't make it.

When you go through this 5-6 years experience you have covered a part of MBA and you are now ready to pursue MBA studies.

During this 5-6 years you need to always look out for better challenging opportunities, keep your basic math skills updated, gel into your profession.

You need to understand the pros and cons of a manager and use it to make you a better one. And this process requires 5-6 years. Bear in mind during this period excel in whatever you do intellectually as well.

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Ashwin Ravi said: (Feb 10, 2015)  
Hello friends,

Its really great to get to know about different people's opinion, but according to me, whether it is engineering or management studies, all depends upon the student individual interest. They should completely study about them. They should get a clear views and ideas about their carrier. They should not go for MBA for their self respect or for an entertaining environment, why because money of parents matters a lot guys. Please realize about your passion, desire and choose your MBA guys. Good luck.

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Rakesh said: (Feb 7, 2015)  
Actually the majority of MBA students hold bachelors degrees in non-business fields. In fact, undergraduates from other fields like the natural sciences (engineering) or economics are preferred any time to a simple BBA chap.

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Archana said: (Jan 31, 2015)  
Hello everybody.

My opinion on this statement is a different one. I feel that technical knowledge with the right management skills is a perfect combination. Skills, knowledge as well as abilities are all the underlying factors behind a person's successful career. A management degree is another feather to the hat of an engineer who wishes to have a bright future. Above all it is a personal opinion of a person regarding his or her education interest. Its a matter of fact that education will only only brighten our chances of success and so does the management studies that enhance the managing skills and abilities of any person who belongs to any domain. Yes, an MBA after engineering has become one of the highest salary grossers.

Thank you everyone.

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Sankalp said: (Jan 30, 2015)  
Hello everyone!

I think its a matter of personal opinions and aims in life.

People who just want to involve themselves to the technical part can be satisfied with a bachelors or masters engineering degree. Yes, it is true that the growth will stop after a certain point and so will the salary increment rate but this option is good for the people who really enjoy the work and anything apart from that won't matter to them.

For the people who aim at limitless growth in a company need to accept the fact that they need both the technical as well as management skills. To add, an MBA degree after a bachelors or masters degree in engineering will be a great option. Following this path will actually open variety of fields and widen the scope.

Many don't consider degrees important, but the bitter fact is that it is important to the person hiring or promoting you as it is the only thing that will add value to your experience after your performance. It is just a certificate or a proof to show that you have the required skills and people use this proof to compare one with the other.

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Abhi said: (Jan 27, 2015)  
Hello guys!

I am a B.Tech mechanical from a well reputed university. What I saw in the people's mind nowadays, is to get a good job and handsome salary package so in the direction of getting these, they opt for MBA after their B.Tech courses.

What my point to tell you all is to introspect yourself first and realize your interest and potential rather than going with the people views and opting for MBA after B.Tech is not a bad option though as it must be done to get yourself promoted to the managerial positions in the company you are working in.

Thank you all.

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Aishwarya said: (Jan 18, 2015)  
Greetings to all the participants of this discussion.

This is Aishwarya.

Well, I am a B.Tech, and to give a clear opinion of what I want say, I'd just like to give two prominent examples to all of you,

1. The CEO of the most popular search engine-Google, Larry Page, is NOT an MBA degree holder.

2. The CEO of the most popular sms-Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, is NOT even a graduate, leave alone being an MBA.

Thus, this proves that MBA is not the main requirement of a B.Tech graduate, neither should it be, only talent and real skills should be considered, 'Because degrees do not do work for any firm.

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Varun said: (Jan 9, 2015)  
Hi Good evening to one and all.

This is the most ongoing topic in today's world. I think for overall personality development Technical and Management skill both are required. Your progress is decided by 75%of management and 25%of technical skills you possess. After doing BE/BTECH we have technical skills so we should strive for management skill which is need of hour.

But it always depend upon individual to choose. I more point I want to say knowledge never goes useless and whatever we have studies we can use all. We all have studied chemistry, history etc, you can't say it was waste. But there are some social factors which need to be considered. One should work hard in whatever field he choose.

All the best.

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Devender Arya said: (Dec 30, 2014)  
Hello friends. This is Devender Arya.

Yes I am agree with this. Without technology and management skill. We can not go for to start our firm. So according to me which students have done the B.Tech they can go for MBA after that those wants to start our organization. Because without going these two courses we can't build a company because a company is deal with technology and management.

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Garima said: (Dec 11, 2014)  
Gaining any kind of knowledge is never a waste of time. A good engineering degree topped with MBA degree is great success mantra, which is also opted by many CEO's. Because anyone who has knowledge of both the stream definitely has upper hand when its comes for selection for higher post.

It is always beneficial to manage what you actually know rather than to manage just random something you have no idea about. For those who are saying that any one can get basically technical knowledge and there is no need for a engineer MBA student, well knowing just basics of any thing is different and knowing its core is different one ought to know how to manipulate it when time comes.

Nevertheless what to opt and what not is always matter of interest. MBA is when you know something thoroughly and you know you can manage it well. M.Tech is when you know something by heart and you know you can make it better. Choice is yours not of Some '3 idiots'.

Thank you.

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Anonymous said: (Nov 15, 2014)  
Hello guys,

First of all, I appreciate all of you for sharing your wonderful experience with us, which will really help many of us to shape our future.

Some of you believe that (B.Tech + MBA) or (B.Tech + M.Tech) is good option and indeed, it is to cast a better future.

But, I think, to be a true leader or expert in your field, you don't need degree, you just need a burning desire, curiosity, and a solid reason.

Just go get throw yourself in that only.

And say I don't know anything else, but it is my field no one can beat me in it.

A diversified person will never be successful in his life, no matter how intelligent he is.

So do hard work which will pave your career toward a best tomorrow.

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Anonymous said: (Oct 10, 2014)  
I want to ask that is doing MBA after B-Tech in EE a good option? What are the placement opportunities and is their going to be any link between what I am the stuffs taught in B-Tech and MBA. If yes, from when shall I start preparing for it? I am a 2nd year student.

Rate this: +24 -8

Ankush Mundhada said: (Jul 18, 2014)  
Hi this is Ankush I am an Engineer by Qualification (E and TC) , I want to share my view.

MBA is a universal masters degree and any graduate can go for MBA in order to improve his/her Managerial skills.

Its like taking a step ahead in your career. Today there is no business in this world run without technology, so isn't it nice to upgrade your learning and knowledge in terms of management as well so that we can represent ourselves as the complete package of what the businesses around the world require in today's date.

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Sachin said: (Jun 16, 2014)  
Everyone want to know what is good after engineering but doing MBA should be of Symbiosis not of any afflicted university then there is much useful and can be placed in good post otherwise there is no use of doing only waste of money. Instead of this masters is really good especially in US or M-Tech in India. By this we can get good post and salary.

Rate this: +11 -33

Dhanesh Rathinasamy said: (Jun 15, 2014)  
Good day guys. I think its all matter of your interest. What I have learnt in my life is the education system here is not complete and degrees are worthless but at the same time you are considered worthless by the most if you don't have a degree! All I would advice from a middle class guy's view is choose wise, live wise, save some money. Invest in education/future business that is worth for spending and do it only when you're able to carry it out successfully.

MBA along with BE/B-Tech is one of the choice. No bad about it! But in my view - any UG is better than BE for pursuing MBA. It is not difficult for an MBA holder to learn basics of engineering to understand technical functions taking place. Only invest in higher studies if you are clear on your plans and you are strong that you won't step back. Spend only for things that are worth for and only if your affordable!

Rate this: +15 -21

Amit said: (Jun 12, 2014)  
Hey guys, I am a working professional around 4 years of experience in embedded domain. To me and MBA is definitely not going to harm you. It will add value. For example an engineer never does a development job for whole his life. Those who do stagnates there career. After a certain level definitely organization starts looking for your managerial skills as well. So don't fall prey to the three idiot thought that an MBA after B-Tech is a waste of your talent. Anything that adds value to your life and lifestyle is precious.

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Pari said: (May 15, 2014)  
Knowledge never goes waste. Learning a new thing won't dampen your ability or skills. I am an engineer myself and I want to pursue management studies. I realised during engineering that my managerial skills are better than my technical ones. I believe that once done with my MBA I will be wiser and deal with things in a broader way. Technical and management skills hand in hand will make my profile look better and invoke confidence in me.

Rate this: +48 -7

Vivek said: (May 2, 2014)  
Hi, here some reason to opt for MBA after BE/B-Tech:.

1. "BE has enhanced my logical and analytic abilities. MBA gives me the whole picture of how an organization works. MBA is a practitioners degree and BE gives me a sound base to adapt, adopt and understand domain knowledge quickly to apply the same for Corporate Growth".

2. With MBA along with BE you can reach the top level management in a shorter period of time.

3. What I wanted to do was cultivate more of the functional side of a business; I wanted to know, Why are we implementing a system?If you present the same problem to an engineer and an MBA, both of them look at two different things. An engineer only looks at the data and the MBA looks at it in a higher perspective; he catches different things. No approach is wrong, the technical or the functional approach.

4. This ability to utilize both technical and business skills to provide solutions is a valuable asset: engineering undergraduates with an MBA are quickly snatched up in the workforce, an Intel talent recruiter told BusinessBecause.

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Amit Bhat said: (May 2, 2014)  
I strongly feel that doing MBA after Engineering is a good choice, provided we get admission to one of the top MBA schools else we should consider some other professional courses that add skills and value to our engineering degree. I came across one such course in field of Patent Law.

This is what I read on the website.

"Patent Law is a fascinating, profitable career field for many engineers and scientists looking for something other than the traditional career pathway. Being a part of this field will secure you a front row position on the cutting edge of science and technology.

From genetic engineering to computer software to light bulbs and even new engine components, people will always invent new things. Even more so, these inventions will always be labelled and traded as Intellectual Property (IP).

The field of patent law is wide open to biologists, chemists, engineers, computer scientists and many other science and technology professionals. You don't need a law degree to be successful in this legal area".

In India, I think if we wish to put our technical skills to good use, patents can be a good field for us.

Thank you.

Rate this: +9 -3

Pratik said: (Apr 26, 2014)  
Hello to all.

I respect all the person who have spoken their mind here.

Some say opting for MBA after BE/B-Tech is waste while some say it fruitful.

My point is it worthy enough to go for MBA after BE/B-Tech.

Let me prove my point with an example.

Suppose there are two factories which produce an automobile engine. The manager of one factory is a BE/B-Tech + MBA while that of other is any graduate+mba. Now manager of 1st factory, being BE/B-Tech, can understand the problems of technical department they face while manufacturing the goods. Moreover he can also be cost efficient as he knows what all materials can be used alternative to costly materials which will provide same quality to engine produced. And being a MBA he can decide the marketing strategy, pay scale of workers and profitable deals.

On the other hand manager who has done MBA only cannot understand the technical section of production. He can only understand marketing, sales and profits.

Conclusion of my example us that for handling the technical companies BE/B-Tech + MBA professional are preferably more suitable because only MBA professional cannot understand the whole working. Therefore opting for MBA after BE/B-Tech is not at all a waste.

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Deepthi said: (Mar 7, 2014)  
Engineers joining management give multitasking ability for engineers. For example if an engineer has done MBA for acquire management skills, get job in technical department of any company. That engineer can also handle management responsibility as well. This helps to increase their salary package, so national economy as well. In the competitive market scenario companies require multitasking employees.

This is one of the reasons for engineers joining management. After joining management, engineer's technical skills leaved behind, it is a myth. Engineers joining management are not a national waste. It is an advantage for our nation. Management is very important part of professional life of engineer. Most of the engineers joint management courses for getting jobs in bank. Joining management after doing engineering shows disliking or less interest toward engineering. So living engineering is better option than doing it with less interest.

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Gaurav Rana said: (Feb 2, 2014)  
Well first of all there is a huge differences and shortcomings lies in the education system. There is a hype of some professions and institutes against child's interest. Students are not counselled according to their wishes means they are unwillingly made to join competition and be a part of race usually in engineering colleges (many of them) for graduation and engineering seeks core knowledge of the subject. By the time a student could be of acquiring different tastes not mainly in finance and marketing but in any other desired field he/she wishes to be because money is not always the thing.

Rate this: +13 -2

Showri said: (Jan 29, 2014)  
I think management degree helps you a lot in the future not at the entry level. Everyone is thinking that doing MBA will develop managerial skills. As a graduate you are not given a role to manage people in a company. It is the passion which drive us. So my concern is do MBA from a premiere Bschool will land you in a good place in this field.

Coming to MTech- it is designed for the people who are intelligent's unlike MBA. The people who are more interested in technology and for the people who want to do research it will be helpful. Think twice before taking a decision. It will decide your future.

Rate this: +19 -16

Komal Gupta said: (Jan 21, 2014)  
Hi to all,

Now this is really a very genuine thing happening around. According to me btech is done mainly by the student who are interested in engineering but for increment of salary they simply wanted to go for management.

And this well known that btech after MBA does not yield the same kind of job as after btech. So its not at all advantage for doing and then MBA. Engineer students should contribute their technical skill which is required. For ex a mechanical engineer should contribute in mechanic world rather in the business world. And if is this so then its totally a bullshits. Thats my thought thank you everyone.

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Prasanna said: (Jan 12, 2014)  
Hi friends. In my point of view, what does the engineering people do after education ?, they don't apply what they have learn anyway they are going to learn new tech in training and many study core engineering and move to IT. It is not the degree we choice it is the carrier to keep in mind.

Rate this: +8 -13

Mritunjay Singh said: (Dec 11, 2013)  
Yes it is right that today most of the students after doing M-Tech, are doing MBA. It is too good because Management studies improves our skill, leadership as well as Engineering improves our thinking skills and invent new gadgets and many other daily useful things. So I think that doing MBA after M-Tech. Is a good option.

Rate this: +24 -11

Neha said: (Nov 5, 2013)  
I think it depends on the person whether he wants to go for MBA or m. Tech or whatever, so I won't say that the engineers are wasting their time. But I would like to add that the students from IITs or other government colleges are wasting governments resources by doing MBA after B-Tech. Government spends more than 1000 billion on each IIT every year so that the students those who have strong technical knowledge can contribute to the technical growth of the country but the students go and work in the banks. So they are wasting government's resources.

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Hiren said: (Oct 28, 2013)  
Hello dear friends! This is very good topic for discussion and it will help many confusing guys. I want to say that from ENGINEERING course we can get good technical knowledge and from MBA course we can get proper managerial skills. For starting the good industry in market its must to know both of these, technical knowledge as well as managerial skill. So as per my view its not time wasting to do MBA after doing B-Tech.

Rate this: +75 -4

Hardik Soni said: (Oct 24, 2013)  
Good morning, afternoon, evening what is it.

Now just frankly speaking in engineering students are not getting enough salary as they desire. So then after spoiling 4 years of life they decide to do MBA. I agree that they have great knowledge but what is use of that knowledge in MBA. In in INDIA approx. 80% of MBA seats is occupied by engineering student and according to survey 70% placement are in banking, consulting companies so now you tell what is use of technical mind in engineering. So I give my opinion that select only one field and do concentrate your mind on only that thing and do hard work as much as possible. I am sure you will definitely get success in your life.

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Abhilash Dixit said: (Oct 9, 2013)  
I want to express my point of view, I think management is what comes naturally and technical thinking comes with deep learning. So by selecting MBA studies as a engineering student is to ignore the basic definition of engineering.

Specially for earning good money students get attracted towards management studies but reality is that technical thinking of engineers are wasted by management studies.

Rate this: +26 -10

Rajesh said: (Oct 7, 2013)  
Hello! Myself Rajesh.

After your 10th class one has no idea of engineering or any other studies. But start to prepare for the entrance exams iit, aieee. But after completion of the intermediate one should have some idea of his future studies. First if he is interested in technical side he can go for engineering. Second if he is interested in management side he can simply do BA/BBA/BCOM etc. Saving 1 year of time and much money. And also they can concentrate on the MBA entrance exams and get seat in great MBA institutes.

Now we shall talk about the one who joins the engineering feeling interest in engineering first. And then he changes his min to MBA due to some reasons that some one says that much more money could be earned by doing MBA etc. To those people I would like to say that you have two options to continue to your higher studies.

One is M TECH/M. S the other is MBA. Going to MBA completely changes your atmosphere of study and analyzing view. But m tech provides you to improve your b tech knowledge with same atmosphere. Also you should face some pressure preparing for MBA entrance exams and engineering things simultaneously. Also you may face troubles coping after going to MBA college.

So it is better to decide first to go to which side technical or management. And then to continue. I would say that doing MBA after doing engineering is not at all bad unless and until you decide to waste 1 year and money you spend for engineering, and finally all the skills you learn from 4 years of your engineering.

Rate this: +18 -9

Nikhil Agarwal said: (Sep 4, 2013)  
Greetings ! I am a Engineering student (BE Electrical) from one of the best colleges in India and in my opinion pursuing MBA is not a bad idea. For those who think that this is a wastage of your 4 years of college then think of some brilliant personalities like Bill Gates, Steve jobs, Mark Zuckerberg who didn't complete their Engineering degrees either, So don't kid yourself by saying that we are great technicians. As a matter of fact Engineering in India is taught in it's theoretical aspect and student lacks innovative ideas. Ironically, we wasted 4 years in engineering as the same knowledge could be achieved by pursuing diploma.

Rate this: +136 -15

Santhosh said: (Jul 22, 2013)  
Hello Buddies.

The opinions which is shared above is correct for someone and its not correct for some other. What I would like to tell you is one can opt for any higher degree its only based on their interest and skills. Because they are the one who has to work in their position and get excelled. If one does not posses any kind of skills in Management and still if he does MBA. Where does he will lead finally. Finally one has to asses their own skills and ideas and need to take proper step after their graduate degree.

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Engineering Students are wasting their Time in Management Studies; they have Another Way to go

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