Engineering Students are wasting their Time in Management Studies; they have Another Way to go

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Anonymous said:   4 years ago
Engineering students can do MBA but then what will commerce stream students do. They will remain jobless or doing penny jobs. Because unless and until you do MBA from good b school like IIM you will not get good job. And then comes in picture the useless cat exam that focuses on maths instead of business knowledge and ethics so here the engineering students score high because they have spent more then 5 years in calculations and cracking such exams is easy for them. So actually the problem is with the exam pattern of CAT which does not allowed the commerce students to enter their college. They must think that it will be really a lively and interactive study section if done with commerce students, they can built good entrepreneurs for the nation but they are just in the race of building servants serving abroad. Engineers must from the start itself take other stream instead of engineering if they are not interested rather then deciding later because of them the person interested in engineering didn't got a seat and after that a commerce student didn't got seat in Best B school.

Kalpan shah said:   4 years ago
Practicing and learning subjects from different fields give the student opportunities to understand the real-world better and improvise accordingly.

Whether to study them or not is subjective.

If a student is having a mere intension of developing a product according to the needs of the market, management studies give a plus point.

Engineers are people who know how to use their tools to solve the problem as well as create an innovative solution. Adding management skills to them make them great leaders, giving the control over the economy as well.

Upendra said:   4 years ago
Hello friends,

I am an engineering student I think MBA is not a bad idea for engineering students but the students who are interested in MBA then he can go and it will be better for them.

Swati kumari said:   5 years ago
If an engineer has done MBA for acquire management skills, get job in technical department of any company. That engineer can also handle management responsibility as well. This helps to increase their salary package, so national economy as well. In the competitive market scenario companies require multitasking employees.

You can opt MBA with B-Tech as a integrated course which is 5 years course or you can go for MBA after the completion of B-Tech degree but its take 6 years. Here I am the student of B-Tech + MBA integrated course from Quantum university which is situated in Roorkee, uttrakhand. Which is the best college for Technical and business studies in north India.

Rushikesh said:   5 years ago
Hii guys!

As the topic engineering graduate are wasting their time in management studies. Obviously, you are right they have many opportunities to do something different. But as we know nowadays too many Engineering colleges are there in every city. That's why no one can value of engineering students. They are good at studies but too many colleges are there not a single campus interview are in colleges. Students can do something different but lack of student has a financial problem. If they place well then they can direct join as a management team.

Salman said:   6 years ago
As an engineer in BMW I must say I am just a Btech mechanical holder and I have completed it in 5 years.

The fact is that students these days are not choosing their path of interests. I am in the business management area and it was barely a chance to get a job with such profile but anyhow I have had to do so I started applying everywhere related to my area of interest and finally I succeed. I just advice all of you please stick to your area of interests mentally.

Pradnya said:   6 years ago
I don't agree that Engineering students are wasting their time if they opt for an MBA. For that matter, whatever you learn can never be considered as waste. There are more than 10, 000 engineering colleges in India and thousands of engineers pass out every year. Out of these thousands of colleges across the country, only a few hundreds are good colleges and very few students manage to get a job in their fields.

Engineers are expected to learn the technical skills in their curriculum of 4 years. I feel MBA gives a vast opportunity to further learn and explore new things.

Uttara deb said:   7 years ago
Any kind of study BE it engineering or management cannot be called as a waste of time. It depends on individual choice and the demand of the market. In today's job portfolio it has been kind of mandatory to have multiple degrees and engineering in combination with an MBA degree is a gold coated candidate. It proves the candidate's interest in technology as well as in the management of an organization. And also his patience and perseverance towards studies. He not only can look after the technical faults in machinery but also can use prudential methods to overcome any odd arising in the organization by applying the managerial skill. So it is a well thought out plan to do an MBA course after completing the engineering degree. Thank you.

Kritika said:   7 years ago
Doing MBA after engineering is not waste of time because technical+management skills together can boost up the personality of a person, they can be effective leader, an entrepreneur but again It depends on personal interest, if they find they are technically good then they should keep on working and prove to be useful asset for the nation.

Fazal Shaikh said:   7 years ago
Bear in mind Engineering is a very vast field and what you learn in your engineering is only the way to think technically and scientifically. You are only 5% engineers when you pass the engineering course, if you work in the field of your studies you may become 50% engineers, therefore you have to learn and learn and strive to become at least 50% engineer before you retire. Hence if you have the opportunity and resources to continue your studies then pursue your studies in the field of your interest be it engineering or management in order to improve your knowledge and for self-development. Moreover please note in your young age you should look for opportunities where you can learn and gain expertise in your technical knowledge and not look for the salary and commercial aspect of the job unless there is a dire need to support your family.

As the engineering course teaches you to think technically and scientifically, the management course will teach you to think purposefully & strategically thus honing your technical skills further. However over the years of hard work to grow further in your career remember that you have to learn to manage people and finance, thus obtaining a management degree or any new skill and knowledge is any field as an engineer is never a waste.

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