Engineering Students are wasting their Time in Management Studies; they have Another Way to go

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Prabir Sharma said:   7 years ago
I think opting for MBA after BE is good platform to diversify our skills from technicals to managerial. It will help in growing ecomically and mentally in an organisation. By learning mangement skills, we will have a better understanding of implementation of technical concepts in solving a problem effectively.

Kunal said:   7 years ago

MBA is not just a source of money which is attracting engineers. Its a source of knowledge, an opportunity to learn more other than what science teaches us. Its what the present world is going through. If any student has done engineering and opt of MBA its well and good. It simply means he wishes to learn more and out of the box. It's the matter of fact that no one can just succeed only on the basis of tech knowledge or non-tech knowledge, but a proper mixture of both is seriously required for success and knowledge.

Thus, I conclude that engineering students are doing great by opting MBA. Its good for them as well as for society.

Shantanu V M said:   7 years ago
The thing is today engineering students are capturing maximum jobs in the market. Market knows the value of engineers. Engineers are great problem solvers. Doing MBA, engineers can achieve many opportunities without any saturation as only B.E graduate will led to a saturation one or the other day. Plus MBA is a great option to enhance management skills.

Priyanka said:   7 years ago
I completely disagree with this. Learning can never go waste. Its a procedure of self-development. Going for further studies you upgrade your skill set to a higher level.

Talking to engineering students, in our 12th grade, we don't have much understanding or exposure to the outer job prospects or our keen interests, Most of us go with the flow answer choose engineering.

I have done my Btech in computer science from a reputed college and was placed in 3 companies (ALL MNCs) in my on campus (3rd year 6th sem). Eventually I worked In multinationals for 7 yrs, initially in technical roles and then promoted to Leadership roles, gradually I discovered my growth has reached a saturation point, beyond which I cannot achieve with just a B-Tech Degree, to be competent enough and to get your skills upgraded you need to constantly acquire knowledge, I am now pursuing MS in a US university with high scores in Toefl and GRE, I feel Change is the only constant and we have to take calculated risk in order to be successful in life, Technical field would soon be saturated with automation taking a toll on systems, we need to diverse our potentials to stand tall and firm. Master is upgrading yourself to the next level, process of betterment. There no point discussing Why would someone take engineering if he/she wants to pursue MBA, Engineering teaches us a lot of things that helps us gain insight and focus on things we lack.

Lastly, our country is lacking in Technology not because of its talent/engineers its because of infrastructure. From google's CEO to ATNT America, we Indians rule when it comes to intelligence and technology. With due to respect to everything its unfortunate that we cannot retain our resources to our country due to our poor management and 3rd world wages. NO IIT student will stay in India for more than 10 years irrespective of he/she pursuing MBA, not because of their change of mind of being a business grade but due to wage differences. India cannot value our talents in terms of remunerations and as a result is losing on resources. It has nothing to do with Masters or higher studies.

Manish said:   7 years ago
Hello friends.

If we choose MBA as a career after B-Tech it will boost our knowledge both technically and managerially. Yes many Engineers want to do MBA because it will increase their salary, but as we know every coin has two faces. Some Engineers wanted to do it because they like this field so you can't say that they should not do it. Many of us realise after getting admission that it is not perfect for me and the same scenario happens with Engineers after all they are also humans. So my point is that if you like to go for MBA then go for it, if not then try to get job in your own field of Engineering.

Akshat Chaturvedi said:   7 years ago
All of you have given some excellent points on why should an engineer should not go for MBA, but just think about the problem. When a student who has scored 90%+ comes in 11th standard, he has three options to choose from Bio, Maths and Commerce. Commerce which is not majorly popular for a student who has scored such good marks according to society. So he takes up Maths. Further, he has the option of giving or not giving JEE mains. Which he has to because according to society, the most 'safe' option after 12th is to become an engineer. After 3 years of college, he realises that I don't belong in this branch, and I can't study it. So he has no other option than to go for MBA because due to his lack of interest in his branch he has not acquired skills that will excel his career in his branch.

VIJAY SINGH RATHORE said:   7 years ago
Yeah, I'm in favour of this topic. They are really wasting their time by doing management courses. If they do not want to go in engineering field then why they choose engineering as a career? A lot of students belong to middle-class family so I want to say that before going in any field we must decide.

Ragss said:   7 years ago
As per the suggestion given by Mr. Namasya das why most of the people go for engineering is because of economic background where we can complete our degree very cheaply in less rated engineering colleges.

Moreover in India there are more than 120000 engineering colleges in is account there are only 10's or 50's are the best colleges.

Rest of the colleges are the worst colleges as such that the students didn't even know the subjects full name Nd syllabus even.

And the teaching staff of these college's are worst enough to teach an engineer.

So most of the engineering student won't get job in MNC's.

So they think like already we have wasted over 4 years of engineering. Better we can go to MBA so we can learn so management skill such that we can do some job or can do some business while sitting weastly.

I think if every engineer gets good technical skill to learn in college they won't get an idea to do MBA.

So doing MBA is best in my point of view.

But we should learn hard to get successful.

Sagar said:   7 years ago
I don't agree with the thing that engineers are wasting their time in doing MBA because engineers can do innovations through their own field by building their own company which may be later supported technology with the current trends and innovations. This can be possible through MBA which provide knowledge of job market and current technology trend and financially managerial skill.

Adarsh Gupta said:   7 years ago
Hello friends,

In my opinion, engineering students not only wasting their time but also the resources of a country. Millions of students in our country are graduating in engineering but still our country is lacking in technical field. Still, we are buying the technology for many purposes like bullet trains and defense sector from other countries. This clearly shows that engineers in our country are only wasting their time and resource. For example: One of my friend from metallurgy department of IIT Delhi got admission in IIM-A and finally get placed in Amazon company. Then isn't he wasting his knowledge of technology? Isn't it will be better for him as well as country if he works in the field of metallurgy.

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