Engineering Students are wasting their Time in Management Studies; they have Another Way to go

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Rishu raj said:   1 decade ago
There is lot of conversation on the techie guy and MBA graduates, I would like to add a point being a technical graduate one have the good knowledge of technical things and we know that operation is involved in in every field. So after MBA it would be easy to know the whole operation of business and if we are connecting the operation with the technical stuffs then it provide an edge. Moreover it helps one to know the business world and the technical part of it.

Renjith said:   1 decade ago
Hai I m here to share my views about the topic. If one choose engineering as his/her profession, then why should he goes to MBA? its really a foolishness. After engineering the person is ready for his specialisation and no need to get any managerial skills from any institutes, it comes to him without any practice.

Neetu Rawat said:   1 decade ago
Hello all I feel it also depends on the person's interest, there are times when a student in engineering college while managing college festivals and other events realizes that his managerial skills are better than his technical interest which can make him to choose MBA as his masters degree rather than M.Tech.

Person would have chosen M.Tech if he would have found himself interested in technical things more and want to be more technically strong.

Frankly degree does not matter whether its MBA or M.Tech but our interest and hard work in that field matters the most.

Dev Khan said:   1 decade ago
Hello friends, you are having different prospect & good thinking. Here I am sharing my view.

According to my opinion both may seem different field, but both are mutually correlated as interpreted. The students doing engineering are sharpened by their skills (obviously I am talking about the laboring students who have learned their subject) , but when leaving college when you join any company, you will expect there different scenario, where lot of people are involved in doing a task. There require a managerial skill which can be polished through management studies. Also doing management you will get extra skills as well as you will add some more advantage in your organisation. So doing management is a must if you want to really see yourself up in your career ladder and to survive in the competitive environment as well.

Sagar Kedar said:   1 decade ago
First of all I want to make one point is whatever we study it never goes wasted, with this point I want to say as doing MBA degree after engineering is just sharpening the managerial skills in someone after his/her technical education. And most of the MNCs today run on engineers and to tackle this crowd person with technical background along with MBA degree is the best choice. The fact is person who completed his/her engineering is comfortable with aptitude which brings him/her on the way of MBA so easily that's why today 80% of management seats in Management institutes are occupied by engineering students. To deal with engineers and engineering work in MNCs Manager with technical background is always a preferable option for MNCs.

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