Do Women make Good Managers?

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Vasundhra mahajan said:   9 years ago
Well the art of managing cannot be restricted by gender. Skills are to be learned and practiced. Men or women both, can be expert with their opinions or judgements. But when it comes to framing any policy, designing a new framework, thinking of more economical means or managing a weird situation, I think opinion of women can also matter. I don't say women are better rather women should be given proper chance of letting out her views and trying her techniques of management. She may not perform better than men but she can perform equally well if given a chance. The more good managers (men or women) we have, the better it is.

Saurabh said:   9 years ago
As many of my colleagues already pointed out the managing ability of men and women, yes we can say that its not gender but skills and ability to develop and practice these skills is sought and on this basis a manager is selected, whether it is male/female.

As the quote "leaders are born not made" is passe now a days, the paradigm that only men can be managers is out of date because in recent years, women already proved that they have all the abilities and can prove if they had given a chance.

Indra nooyi.
Arundhati Bhattacharya.
Mary Kom.
Saina Nehwal.
Jhullan Goshwami.
Katrina and priyanka.

All proved that they have ability and they can lead and perform well.


Prasad shinde said:   9 years ago
Ya I agree, women are the best managers. As there are many examples it will take plenty of time to take their name. So keeping it aside. Talking about their work doing ability, sense of humor. And many more things make them best.

Deepa said:   9 years ago
Hi Friends.

In my point of view Both have good managers dependence up on their knowledge. Both have same brains. For example if any problem is there who take the right decision at right time then only we decide who is the good manager. But comparing with men women have good patience. And she is maintain both family and office with equal importance.

And one thing olden days women's are only on home so much of problem but now the trend will be change and each and every sector compete with men and she get success.

Lakshmi said:   9 years ago
Yes, I agree with my friend's point. Women can be a good manager than the men. To become a good manager, a person require excellent skills, intelligence, fast decision making and all these things depend on his/her education, environment around him/her. Nobody whether its men or women are born managers.

K.bhargavi said:   9 years ago
Yes, women can also be a good manager because women's are also developing their communication skills, equal to men, then how can we say that women's are not fit for managers.

Umesh khadela said:   9 years ago
Hello everyone,

I am Umesh, Umesh khadela from NIPER, Mohali.

First of I am totally agree with the given topic that women can be good managers, because from the starting of their life they used to manage so many things like they have to do house work with educational life. With job they have to handle her parent family and after marriage also they have to handle two family and all work.

So managerial skills are inherently available in the women, but those who shows it to the outer world they can be good managers.

Also mentality of indians are now changing, they are giving equal importance to women in decision making process. And that's why more women managers are coming into pictures.

i.e. Kiran mazumdar.
Neeta ambani.
Ekta kapoor.
Swati Piramal.
And so many.

In the end, I will conclude that women possess the capacity to be a good manager but thing is they should get chance to show their capabilities.

Umakanta sasmal said:   9 years ago
Hi friends, I am Umakanta Sasmal (from Santoshpur, Ganjam). In my view women can also be a good manager because they are talented and capable, & they can contribute to the growth of that organization. To become a good manager is not depend on gender it depends upon their ability &adroitness.

As we know there are less women managers than men because women's role remains confined to the traditional roles of homemakers engaged in looking after the household and child rearing. If they are encouraged by their family & by govt providing some amenities. Ensure that they will be a good manager.

Afreen said:   9 years ago
Women are better than men because they have more patients than men. They work hard well.

David sam said:   9 years ago
Hello friends I know that to become a manager is not a cake walk but its also not depend upon gender. Its depend upon ability and skills. And I agree that a woman should be a good manager.

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