Do we really need Smart Cities?

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Varshini said:   7 years ago
A smart city is the one which can host and produce professionals on high quality, thus we should see smart city as a building platform, when there is intelligent growth in technology it indirectly helps the people in the society; this move to building smart city must be incorporated to all the states, as it would be a wise decision on a long run.

Kaushlendra Shubham said:   7 years ago
Hello friends,

In my opinion, we really need smart cities. Because to fulfill the dream of "make in India", "digital India" firstly we need to make our cities smart and clean. The term smart means; increment in technology, 24 hours electricity and most importantly our education. If all these happen then we can say that our city is smart.

So, moving to the topic, to enhance our technology, to increase our economy and for the development of our country we really need smart cities.

And also I want all of your attention to our education. We need to improve our education system, The skilled teachers should be there to teach students, smart classes should have to be there through projectors and the classes should be more practical. Then we can make our city smart. "if our students will smart then our cities will be smart".

In conclusion, I want to say that we all should have to support the government to fulfill the dream of smart cities in India. We should have to clean our society and make others aware about this. And then the "swatch Bharat Abhiyan" can be completed.

Vijayalakshmi said:   7 years ago
Yes off course, smart cities should be want because smart cities does make a good India and poor people has been understanding easily that's why I say smart India best and then we can't see difference between poor and rich so all the candidates that's life has equally educated wise they are so brilliant if we have smart cities.

Jaya Gupta said:   7 years ago
Yes, we need a smarts city and everyone want the smart city. But it is only possible when people think about it that "how to clean the city" if every person does the effort to do it then it is a big initiative to made the smart city. And smart city doesn't mean the particular thing like as cleanness, security, safety, thinking etc. We made the smart city if we take the whole thing. And we make the smart city if we do the effort in technologies, eager to learned everything, and showed the contribution for every right thing.

Anjuca said:   7 years ago
Yes, from my point of view, smart cities are really needed but smartness must not be limited to certain cities and towns for that we should have smart government, smart officials and an entirely smart system in our country which can mould smart citizens to transform our whole country into a clean and smart one.

We must concentrate on and spent money on improving infrastructure mainly in remote villages of our country which is inevitable to make our India a smarter one.

Priya said:   7 years ago
Yes, we need Smart Cities to improve the status of our country.

Smart technologies generally have enormous benefits including citizens, businesses, the government and the environment.

The concept of the smart city is influenced by the idea of developing the urban hubs which would be running on technology to provide better electricity and water supply, improve sanitation and recycling, proper traffic and transport management systems.

It have significant economic benefits which increase the labor productivity.

Ankit verma said:   7 years ago
Yeah, From my point of view, we really need smart cities but we first need a smart people who can help in making the cities smart and clean. If we want smart cities people should aware about cleanliness and people should be very well educated which definitely help in making cities smarter.

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