Do we really Need Education to be Successful?

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Divya said: (Dec 3, 2022)  
Hi everyone. I would like to share my point of view as well.

Education is the root of any success. And I believe education has played a major role since ancient times. For some people, education is just a form of getting a degree but here we all get wrong because education makes you stand in society, make a difference in what is wrong and write, and make a value judgment as well. Education has a wider scope where you learn about history, science, general knowledge, etc. It gives us to view the world from a different perspective too.

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Rinchen Dorji said: (Sep 2, 2022)  
From my side, Education is a technique to train your mind and to find the solution but every problem doesn't have the same solution, in that case, skills, method, attitude, and your experience matters education doesn't though with education many got success to be there are some who didn't.

For example in business, it doesn't require a degree it requires a technique to make the investors trust the company, to get the company no1. So, lastly, most of people say education is important to be well settled but it's not true, so do choose the correct path.

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Sammi said: (Aug 28, 2022)  
Education has its own benefits it makes us mentally strong but it doesn't mean that education need to be successful. For success one should have their goal and focused to that goal.

We can take example of ms dhoni. He is not good in studies but changes the cricket World.

So, in my point of view, education is important but do not need to be successful.

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Sudhakar Chauhan said: (Aug 11, 2022)  
According to me, there is no requirement of education to become successful, we know that by education we become mentally strong and we have more opportunities for success but we can also become successful in a stream like sport, acting, singing, dancing and all.

We take the example of NEERAJ CHOPRA who recently become a gold medalist in the Tokyo Olympic 2021 by his hardworking, not by education. Thank you.

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Mahi Baisoya said: (Nov 12, 2021)  
According to me, we can be successful without any education. If we have an aim and dream (goal) to achieve anything so we can't need education you only need your hard work and success. We have a lot of examples of being a successful person without education for ex- Sachin Tendulkar is not good in study but he is good at cricket. And he is a hard worker and achieved success in cricket and now he is a good cricketer.

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Murtaza said: (Jun 14, 2021)  
No, because the main thing is an experience if we have the skill we can make ourselves a successful person. Yes, for our life we need education but for getting successful person we need skill.

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Rounak Rai said: (Jun 8, 2021)  
To become successful in our life we need to have some skill and positive attitude. For getting successful we don't need education but for living we need education because in this era we cannot live properly without having any knowledge. So for living, we need education and for being successful we need to have skills, ideas and a positive attitude.

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Adarsh said: (May 21, 2021)  
Hello everyone,

1) Education is the basic need of every human being, education develops your thinking skills, reasoning, thoughts, decision making power, etc.

2) Educated person is the need of country because young and educated person can participate in India's better development.

3) Without education we can not see he developed India.

4) so yes we do really need the education to be successful in life and career growth. Eduction gives you an extraordinary life in comparison to others.

5) But yes in this era only education or degree is not so important, skills are more important, we should have developed lots of skills for to be a rich or successful person.

6) We have observed lots of examples like legend Sachin Tendulkar, he is 12th pass but from his childhood, he was very talented in cricket he had lots of tricks to play cricket, so he dedicated his life to cricket and right now he is the god of cricket.

7) Lots of examples are surrounding us by which we can conclude that skills are more important but these all are only exceptions.

8) Education plays a vital role in the development mindset of a child The success ratio is very low in extra fields like Singing, dancing, film industry. Etc.

9) But yes, it is also true that an educated person must open opportunities for himself by his knowledge and skills.


Jay Hind.

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Sujay P.V said: (May 4, 2021)  
Education. What is your definition of education?

Is it the knowledge given to us by the schools and colleges we go to or the kind of knowledge we get by reading books and having real-world experiences? According to me, success is attained by those who have a true dream and a true vision and are ready to work hard with complete dedication and have a will that is everlasting burning inside them telling them to not give up no matter what. These are the ingredients of the success recipe according to me. You can succeed by the path of education no doubt but education isn't a prerequisite for success.

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Hina said: (Feb 11, 2021)  
Hello everyone,

I think education plays an important role in one's success but we don't only require education. We have so many people who are not good in this field but still are successful like Sachin Tendulkar, he is not good in studies but we all know how successful he is.

For success we don't need only education, we need to find our passion and will have to follow that with full dedication.

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Sreemathy said: (Jan 6, 2021)  
Education is a need or not it just depends on your dream ex: if you want to become a dancer who should be good at dancing not in education even education won't make you a dancer.

People with a dream which is not related to studies may face insults and many drosses in their life. It may be studies or dream (eg. Dancing, singing, etc. ) everything comes under your hard word your passion your performance and your love in it.

Life is once just live like yours, not for others. Education Is not mandatory even it can be learned without degrees by reading books urself. If people disgrace you don't worry about it just leave it or make those comments as positive.

Don't forget the people who succeeded in their life without education like Sachin Tendulkar, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Gautam Adani and so one.

However, work hard for your dream and ignore trashes which hurts you or just bury the insults. All the best for your goals.

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Pranesh said: (Dec 21, 2020)  
According to me, education is not only important to achieve success. We must have great aim and good vision to succeed in our life. And we also go our goal and aim we could not be bothered about or thinking about other person life.

For example, my friend was taking 2nd group and now today he got placed in a IT company. But I do not get any job till now. My aim is to become a government servant. If I think about my past and my friend jobs mean I will not succeed in my life.

So, in my opinion, everyone's life us different and every one vision is different. So we can work for our vision and aim to succeed in life. Required Knowledge regarding our aim is only important to succeed in our life.

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Amresh Prahjapati said: (Nov 10, 2020)  
Hello everyone. Today my topic is 'Do we really need to educational for success. '.

According to me, there is more difference between education and success.

In this word, if you have a passion to succeed. You shall success. Because success depends upon only your hard work, passion, and honesty.

Take a great example like a Sachin Tendulkar, Mukesh Ambani, great yoga guru BABA Ramdev. These are no liturate but all have great passion and burning desires for success.

A great person said that your education, and your talents just 20% on your success, 80% your passion, hard work, virtue.

And at last, According to me, a man for success, no need to education but 100% need passion and hard work with honesty.


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Hariom Tiwari said: (Nov 10, 2020)  
Hi friends.

Firstly, I want to say that Education is the mirror of our society. Only Education that makes us different from Animals. Without Education success is not possible. I think Talent is different from Education but the Result of a good education is Talent. I am not discussing School Education. I am discussing such education that leads us to the path of success. Educational society is important for us. So we should be educated.

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Suraj Poojary said: (Oct 17, 2020)  
I think no Because success depends on our talent. And coming to education school is not the right place to learn all stuff it's just a platform of happiness or the first step of your life.

This 'success' just comes when we learn from others mistakes.

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Tyagiaakash said: (Oct 7, 2020)  
To become successful education is not prerequisite, it's the choice of the individual that how he/she defines success, everyone has different meanings of success, goals of every individual differ. Education was never a compulsion and shall not be an, it's the zeal we have for our life to make successful, that every work we do, whether it's small or big, what matters is our desire toward that work, our devotion for learning something out of that and to get perfection and achieve the knowledge of that thing. If we're stubborn & strong enough to not to let our zest down from any failure and ready to learn from that then we can guarantee success.


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Ajay Yadav said: (Jun 18, 2020)  
Hello everyone, I am Ajay Kumar. Today my topic is "do we really need the education to be successful.

I think in my point of view to become successful education is not compulsory. Let's take the example to clarify this statement like Sachin Tendulkar, he is not too brilliant in their study despite he become successful cricketer and person in the world and there is fame in their names and there is many more examples in the world to explain this statement.

To become a successful person we need to hard work regularly and patiently until we get success.

Also, we need to kind to yourself and spread love in society. For getting the success we need to express ourselves in a proper way, and also we need to stub towards our aim and goals until we achieve it.

Thank you.

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Soni said: (Jun 12, 2020)  
No education ain't important to be successful.

There are so many people who ain't educated and still they have success.

Because they have a passion to be successful.

We all have seen around the world less educated became rich means they have success.

The way in which you can gain knowledge is education.

Bt it ain't important that you can be successful because it depends on your skill your passion towards the goal.

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Bharti said: (May 8, 2020)  
No education is not important, I think knowledge is important. Your passion to do work is important. Your interest towards that work is important. Education is the knowledge itself. If you already have the knowledge of that work, you don't even need any education or guidance.

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AMOL said: (May 6, 2020)  
Yes, we really need Education to be successful in my point of view.

What is Education? Only book and pen is not an education. Education is the way to bring wisdom to truth, spirit to humanity, body to labour.

"Education is the weopan which you can use to change the world".

Success is an attitude. Success is achieved something in life like our aim, job etc.

Smart education in any field give you a success.

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Tinku Paul said: (Apr 30, 2020)  
According to me, Education is different and success is different. According to me, Education means light. As I am an educated person I can remove my inner darkness. In our daily life education is very essential. In the twenty-first century without is very difficult. Education teaches us how to maintain our life, how to behave properly, how to talk to others. But we see many educated people their behavior and way of talking is bad. It depends on person to person. Success means hard work, Hard work is the key of success. If somebody works hard and gives his full efforts and concentration definitely one day he or she will get success. Many less educated people get success. We everybody is aware of the name of Bill Gates. He was not very good in his study but his friend he was very good in the study but now Bill gates he is the owner of Microsoft and his friend is working in Microsoft company. In our society we see many uneducated people got success and many educated people don't get success. Actually, that person has minimum education, on his way to success education can help him and smoothly he is able to reach his destination but the uneducated person he has stumble some of the places, he has to take help from others. But he has education easily he can overcome the problem. So minimum education is required on the way to success.

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Anusha Tripathi said: (Mar 8, 2020)  
I think education doesn't mean we have a degree in mathematics, physics, chemistry, etc, education means the knowledge of which you are doing, maybe it can be sports, politics, academics, or any other thing. All is needed to get into it, Devote your all concentration, ability, try into it. Only then you can call educated. Sachin Tendulkar is also educated, Arijit Singh is also educated in their own fields. So definitely education is essential to be successful in your matter of interest. Thank you.

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Joseph Johnson said: (Mar 1, 2020)  
No, because I have seen more uneducated successful people.

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Vignesh said: (Feb 12, 2020)  
Now a day most of people need degree certificates not knowledge and skill but there are few people with innovative and wonderful ideas they need the education to bind and extract their idea into successful creation.

Thank you, guys.

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Maanvi said: (Feb 9, 2020)  
No, we do not need the education to be successful there are many other ways. Like:

If you are good at dancing or singing or theatre and you are not good at studies you could work very hard on these and could be a dancer or singer or work for movies. These things have no relation to education.

A few more examples are Sachin Tendulkar a great batsman who is not educated but gave his best in the game and that is why he became the most successful player of the world cricket.

As I was saying education can give us perspective but can't give us a guarantee in success.

As you all know Steve jobs had only 60 to 70 percentages in school now he is an American businessman this just proves that study is not important to be successful in life.

As Bill gates codes that he almost failed in all his subjects and his friend passed and now his the owner of Microsoft and his friend is employed in Microsoft.

Even if you are uneducated, even then you can achieve great success in life by putting your skills in the right place and the right time.

As I am a student of researching this topic I found that study is not needed in succession life.

I hope you understood this topic and give me a like if you understood the topic or dislike if you don't agree.


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Bakht Mehsud said: (Dec 4, 2019)  
As for as, I know,

In some aspects of life, education is much necessary and with the help of education we fulfill our desire goal easily, but there are some other activities in which there is no need of education and we succeed by putting our skills ability and capacity in a right time at a right place.

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Pragati said: (Jul 28, 2019)  
Hello friends,

As per my point of view, education is just a safe starting to career. No one can just depends on there education degree, it needs to be followed by great dedication, passion, hard work and lots of sacrifices then only person will become successful.

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Raja said: (Jul 26, 2019)  
Hi everyone.

Education is part of training which give us knowledge education is important but it is not granted you are educated person you can get success there are so many people they have not to get higher education but now they are successful so education is important to get success in our life if you have passion dedication hard work nobody will stop you.

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Devanshi Dwivedi said: (Jul 4, 2019)  
Hii everyone! This is Devanshi Dwivedi and here is my opinion about this topic:

No, education is not required to achieve success: Education is not necessary to achieve success. Success depends on an individual's capacity to use his talent and creativity in the most effective manner.

Even if you are uneducated, or have received a very little education even then you can achieve great success in life by putting your skills in the right place and the right time.

It is true that education might get you respect from the society but in the end, it is neither the society nor the respect it might give you that will make you. It is your own will and determination and it does not require formal education to be successful.

There are so many examples of highly successful entrepreneurs who either did not go to school or received a very little education but with their skills, determination, and hard work they made successful careers.

Education might be important for some and might have been accepted as a social obligation but it does not guarantee that you will be successful with whatever you have received by spending so much time at the educational institutions. You can communicate effectively so that is enough education, i.e. you can write, read, and are not dependent on others for these needs will be sufficient.

You should follow your passions in life and education will only limit your avenues.

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Ankit Gamer said: (Jun 29, 2019)  
No as Bill Gates codes, they said I fail in some subject and my friend pass in all subject now I am owner of Microsoft and my friend is engineer in Microsoft this is very important fact they just give you and a fucking degree now do work until you die as a gamer you can do you tubing so earn money take google to they did not believe that you need only degree they believe in your telnet how much you can do some people say that games is not important in life it make you bad in vision science say that in case of a gamer and a normal what's app user the gamer can track 10-11 moving object that normal what's app user only track 4-5 this is most important fact now Steve Jobs only have 60-70 percentage in school now he is American businessman this proof that study is not important to be a successful.

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Pallavi Rajput said: (Jun 27, 2019)  
Yes. We really need education for success. Education provides platform to grow themselves and enhance their inter and intra personal skills (soft skills+Hard skills). According to me, education means producing moral values, positive thinking, the attitude of helping, the attitude of giving to society and to learn the importance of ethical values in life. The nation needs more educate people for the development of our economy. Educate people takes the right decisions in all situations. So education plays a very vital role in our life. It is necessary for us and for our nation. In the 21st century, we have not reached yet 100% education in the Republic of India.

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Roma Sohanda said: (Jun 13, 2019)  
In my opinion, For Success we do not need Education as our prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi in there childhood they where selling Tea and they didn't study so much since they are most successful person.

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Chandradangwal said: (Jun 10, 2019)  
Good afternoon to you all.

As we all know that, we all are here for a group discussion on the topic of do we really want education for successful?

About my opinion, yes education is compulsory and most important for success.

So fast we should know what is the meaning of education.

If you think that taking admission in the institute college is joining coaching joining tuition our part of the education of the reading books so we are getting wrong.

They are not part of our education that is not education.

So as the meaning of education is the knowledge about anything getting from anywhere. Whatever you learn from someone, or maybe from the environment or with the help of others. That is the correct meaning of education.

We have knowledge if we know about education so successful we are.

And successful meaning is not earning only money salary. Successful means when you have sufficient enough happy and proud of yourself.

As I conclude. We have to be educated for successful place pattern money is not matter. Only learning is matter. And learning is education.

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Yuthika said: (May 16, 2019)  
I think education means not just reading the books and getting the higher degree, education involes your skills, passion, and your hard work too. When all this thing are combined Along with education a person can achieve success. Not just because of education a person can't achieve dreams. These things are the wheels of life. So, I think we should not just depend on only Education.

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Samyuktha said: (May 10, 2019)  
Hi this Samyuktha.


YES, In my point of view, education is very important to our lives. So many people didn't know many things due to the lack of awareness.

It is the key role to the success.

In olden days there is gender discrimination will be created due to lack of awareness.

But nowadays female gender is the one highest one among the activities.

Not only the education the people who are having more concentration on other activities like sports, etc.

So, I conclude that education is really important to our nowadays of human life.

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Muawiyah Khan said: (Mar 26, 2019)  
In my opinion, there is a correlation between education and success because education is the key of success but success does not depend upon education we see that there are so many people there is no education but they will succeed the example of that people is that skilful man's, welders, painters etc.

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Farhan Yamin said: (Feb 14, 2019)  
Education is important but along with it, co-curricular activities are more important. Education can give us a perspective but cannot guarantee us success.

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Mohammad Faiz Chhipa said: (Feb 9, 2019)  
Hello everyone,

According to me, education means not getting successful and being a rich person but it is like a tool to trend our mind to think. But I personally feel like everyone must have schooling level education.

Thank you.

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Shrushti said: (Feb 6, 2019)  
Helle, everyone,

Today I am going to tell that the education is not important to success in our life, but there are many activities such singing, dancing, sports, art and crafts etc. If you are interested in any field of activities you can get success in our life, but for this you have to do hard work. But their are many rich person who had get succes without education.

We should get education if you want. I am telling both it is important and also not important. I am also not good in study's that much but I am good in dancing.

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Preethi@@@ said: (Feb 2, 2019)  
Education is stepping stone to success. However, it depends on attitude and hardworking of various people.

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Swati said: (Jan 16, 2019)  
Education is most important because education is the first step of success.

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Girija said: (Dec 20, 2018)  
Yes, 100% because education gives us the real meaning of success it gives a lot of respect, dedication, culture discipline and major thing to earn money education is the basic thing. In my views, education is the power for every person. Education will fullfill our dreams which are only existed by education.

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AJ Shetty said: (Sep 22, 2018)  
Education is the key factor in everyone's life whether it is formal or informal but, to become a successful person you must know how to apply the knowledge that you have gained from the book. Eg. Application of quantum mechanics in the day to day life would probably make you savant of your field. Self-discipline, time management, embracing the failures are some of the qualities to enhance success.

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Deepika Pathak said: (Aug 30, 2018)  
Success means to achieve what you want to achieve, yes it may requires education, but I will not say education is standard parameter to measure success all of the time, lot of other things defining success such as opportunistic in dealing task of life, good humane behavior, respecting to work, hardwork, talent and many more.

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Deepanshu Chauhan said: (Aug 12, 2018)  
If it is formal education, no. But we need some sort of education to be successful. I'm talking about skills. Our success depends on our ideas, talent, and positive attitude and willing to everything to accomplish it (success).

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Ishika said: (Aug 7, 2018)  
Being a book worm is not education. Education is learning the manners, etc. Without this basic education no one can survive in this world.

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Kanishka Patel said: (Aug 5, 2018)  
Education is not at all important for success in life. A person with degrees of masters n don't have any practical knowledge about his field definitely it will be a failure for him. A person must be a master in his field. So I want to conclude with this there are many more factors which can give you success.


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Dhananjay Sarangi said: (Jul 18, 2018)  
Hi everyone. This is Dhananjay.

In my view, we can't say that "one literate person can only be successful. Strong determination, hard work, dedication and many things are the key to success. If some one has a strong willingness to do something, then no one has the ability to stop him. Even education also can't restrict him.

But, it's true that nowadays, everyone has to be literate, because through education we can see/ judge things in a different way, In a brighter way. It will help to enhance our mentality/thinking, then only the no. Of crime which is being happened, can reduce. & equal priority to both gender which has been a major problem in India for decades. & many different things can be changed.

Thank you.

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Jagadeesh said: (Jul 15, 2018)  
Hello, everyone, I would like to say a few words about the topic assigned to us named do education really needed to be successful?

First of all, what is an education? Education is the process of facilitating learning and acquiring knowledge, skills and thaughts. Education is the most important. I don't deny that. For the most part the more education you receive you will lead a good life. But education is not only the key factor which contribute in order to be successful. There are many people without education settled in a top position while the most educated people who used to secure ranks in their college are settled at lower paying jobs. I believe everyone heard about Steve Jobs who is the founder of Apple. He is the most successful person. He never pursued such a higher education. It is his thinking abilities which distinguished him from others and made him succeeded. So I would like to conclude education is not only the key factor for becoming a successful person, I am sure it is needed but to some extent. Beyond that it is ones that thinking abilities and emotional intelligence which will elevate their career to higher peaks in order to become successful.

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Namita said: (Jul 3, 2018)  
Education is important of course there is no doubt in it. But it is not necessarily make a successful person. There are different courses and specializations in education. For those who want to become an engineer, doctor, etc they need to get trained for their interested fields. But those who want to become entrepreneurs I think there is no need of education. They can just gain knowledge by experience which is more useful than the theoretical education. I think practical knowledge and experience has more benefits than education itself.

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Megh Chhabda said: (Jun 26, 2018)  
Education may be a Fundamental of life but this is not all what is required to be successful. Success is A hard nut to crack lots of talent, skill, hard work and passion is necessary to be successful. The beauty of life is that it never guarantees any thing so there is no point in relying on single object for success after all, "All Roads Lead To Rome ".

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Manas Gupta said: (Jun 15, 2018)  
I do not agree with the fact that education is much needed to be successful. Take the example of our vibrant Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He started his journey by selling tea at stations and after a whole lot of struggle and hard work, he proves to us what success really is. Take another example of my favourite and charming actor Nawazuddin Siddqui. His patience and passion not only made him successful but also an idol for us. So, in my opinion, Success really counts on your Passion for something, your will power to achieve your goal, your hard work and lastly your patience for it.

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Morolake said: (Jun 14, 2018)  
Yes, we need the education to be successful. Without education, we are nothing, because without education we can't able to speak with an educated person.

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Vishal Kumar Lavania said: (Jun 6, 2018)  
In my opinion, education is not the only way to get sucessful in life. A person should be fully developed with extra activities such as sports, body fitness, he should be well mannered, must know ethics in the society, I know many peoples who are well educated, having lot of degrees but behaving like a rubbish person, finally concluding my points a person should be well behaved and must know other things also rather than bookish education and having lots of degrees.

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Anommi said: (Jun 3, 2018)  
Education does not guarantee success. Hard work and work ethics are more important than formal education. Many of America great greatest success stories have little education.

It is better for a person to learn how to work and learn how to learn while they are at work than for one to have formal education.

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Harsh Mukul Chaudhary said: (Jun 2, 2018)  

In my point of view, a successful person has to be expert in their field either it is study or any game. Education is not a only thing to get success. It would be gain by giving your best in that field. As we see that Sachin Tendulkar a great cricket batsman who is not educated well but he gives their best in the game and that why he becomes the most successful player of world cricket.

At last, suggest that if we wants to get success then we should have to give our best.

Thank you.

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Ranjit Padhiyar said: (Jun 1, 2018)  
Education is important when we learn in open university otherwise we ready for serve any company or anything.

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Peter said: (May 29, 2018)  
I see a lot people saying education is not important and there more focused on talent, but the question is how did you get your talent isn't it by learning. You learn talent so if you have talent you learned it so.

Really, It's not really about talent. It's what's is around you, your sou rounding and what your doing what your doing in your life something like that. So education is important and is necessary, like again so your clueless about thing's.

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Katie said: (May 29, 2018)  
Education is very important, and kinda education does make people successful. This is how we get information and knowledge, we have education for a reason so we are not out there just walking around clueless and doesn't even know who ever to do in there life. Getting a degree in stuff is kind an important so people can get better advanced or greater jobs.

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Vikrant said: (May 24, 2018)  
Education is not that much important. The important thing is experience in a particular field. If education makes individual successful than in our world our school or college teacher are supposed to be billionaire. So, struggle and experience is the most important key in our life to achieve success.

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Afrida Alisa Alisa said: (May 22, 2018)  
In my opinion, education is not the only key to success. To be successful we skill with passion. There are many people who are no educated but still they are successful take for example- Sachin Tendulkar, he was no educated but still he is successful in his life similarly Mary Kom she was a drop out from school but she is a successful fighter, after being a boxer she went to pursue her education as she wanted to prove that she is also a fighter out of the ring. Thomas Alva Edison was expelled from school as his teachers thought that he was too slow to learn, he was taught by his mother at home and because of him only it is possible for us to connect with people farther from us, he invented the telephone, the light bulb and so on. The Wright brothers who invented the went to school but they never graduated. So what made these famous personalities to be successful in life was it education? No. It is their skill and their interest in work that made them successful. There are many people who have numerous degrees but still, they are unemployed, 60% of engineering graduates in India are unemployed. So how can we say that education can only lead to success? There are many other ways in which we can be successful in life. So, I would like to conclude with this. Thank you.

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Shivali Sharma said: (May 17, 2018)  
Yes, we also need the education to make the good person. Because all people are running behind the education to get a good Job good life. But they never think to be successful they also need the talent.

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Sonia said: (May 16, 2018)  
I would say yes we need the education to be successful. Unlike what most individuals think that education is only formal whereby you need to acquire it in a class, school or university, I think education is everywhere. Some become educated in class, some in a football field, some on a sewing machine, some in a saloon, some in the sea studying marine life, some in space studying planets, some on a farm studying agriculture. The list is endless. If we broaden our thinking of education to that, we will realise that we do need education to succeed. We need insight into whatever we are doing so that we become a master of it hence success. Just find time to read about the people who were pioneers of discovering different things and you will find out that not everything was from class education, yet they were highly educated.

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Sushama Meenaga said: (May 16, 2018)  
Hello guys! My name is Sushama Meenaga.

Yes, education is very important in our lives but to be successful education is not important. For example, if a student has completed his class 10 and class 12 very hard. If he is not interested in further education, does it really means that he is worthless!


Nowadays, the Military and Army forces are taking the people who are good in sports and with a basic level of education. Because of these forces now our country is safe and secure. In many rural areas, they don't have schools to teach what is education?

In these cases, students try to keep their interest in sports. There was a lot of competition in sports too. For every specialised category, there will be mentioned in the form of sports category.

I conclude by saying that education is not necessary to be successful.

Thank You.

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Mugundhan said: (May 16, 2018)  
Education is a life, but education is not only a life
Talent alone makes our life beautiful
Without talent reading all kind of books is useless
Education is one kind of skill, even to do that skill u need talent
So talent decides, who are you, not education.

Some examples:
* Bill gates
* Ambani
* Steve Jobs.

Don't say they are exceptional, they are also humans. And did hard work with their talent, and now conquering the world.

So friends don't worry more about education, search and find your talent, and achieve your goal.

Thank you.

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Tith Tek said: (May 12, 2018)  
Yes, Absolutely, Education is part of our lives. Through Education, everything is possible. To my saying of Education is referring to Going to school, carrying books, pens or wearing school uniform, but learning any kinds of life skills is part of Education. In short, life without Education is nothing.

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Viswa said: (May 5, 2018)  
Yes, According to some philosophers education is really need to be successful. Education is not related to book knowledge but it is a definition of learning. Learning is not stopped it starts with your born and end with your death. We learn in every second in Life so that I say education is really needed for success.

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Mansi Malviya said: (May 4, 2018)  
Yes, without education we can't survive. Because everywhere we want education knowledge.

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Parishmita Borah said: (Apr 27, 2018)  
Yes, we really need the education to be successful because without education we are like a car without wheels. So, Education is must compulsory for anyone.

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Jameel said: (Mar 23, 2018)  
Good morning friends.

In My view, Education is for Qualification Purpose and coming to another point Education taught us Ethical, social and moral values that's the difference between Educated and uneducated people.

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Prabhu said: (Mar 17, 2018)  
Yes, it is very essential to get an education not just to get a good job but also survive in this world. And it does not mean that education is something that you got in school, college, it's mean what you learn in your day, from your parents, and person around you because to make tea or coffee you need to read the recipe or you have to get it from another person don't think that education means just to get a degree from any college. And when it comes to skill education provide you skill.

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Fasiha said: (Mar 7, 2018)  
Education is a crucial part in every one life these days to get successful.

We also know that in olden days. People would be succeeded without any education.

But they would get to know all the knowledge from there parents and guru.

Education is not one and only key to get successful but we need to have passion towards our dream. Education is just a skill to develop knowledge rate.

We need to have much more skill to be successful in our life apart from education.

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Manishika said: (Mar 5, 2018)  
Yes, actually education is the most essential thing in one's life and when it comes to getting successful a uneducated person could never succeed to achieve his goal. To the point I would like to say yes we need education to be successful. "A man without education is like a car without wheel. ".

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Saritha said: (Feb 9, 2018)  
According to my opinion, I'd like to state that Education is an essential factor in each and every individual's life. Education gives us knowledge, awareness, facts and truths. In addition to this knowledge should be given to the students in the correct manner. However, the secret of learning new things can be gained not only through education but also through our failures. And there is a saying that "failures are the stepping stone to success. Furthermore, success doesn't come not only through education but if we have a passion towards our dreams even we can succeed in our life.

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Gudaaa said: (Feb 8, 2018)  
We do not need the education to be successful. We only need the knowledge and the skills to be successful.

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Vinayak Yadav said: (Feb 7, 2018)  
All we right to need education to be successful but we no education is give all think what we nead all things.

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Manthan Jha said: (Feb 7, 2018)  
Hi guys.

Education is the most essential thing like food and water. Without it, a person is like an animal. But now we have to know that what learning exactly is. Nowadays schools and colleges provide quantity education in place of quality education. That's why most of the educated peoples are jobless. Guys who are learning a lot but can't get any jobs because they are learning quantity education in place of quality education. We have to raise voice and giving students a quality education that they will use it to make themselves successful.

Thank you.

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Naveena D said: (Feb 3, 2018)  
Good Morning Friends,

According to me, Education is important for everyone. But even uneducated peoples are being very successful. Education is nothing but gaining knowledge and using the various situations and fields.

Nowadays education system is very poor. Students memorize the subjects not understanding the subjects. But education is most important nowadays. So it should be providing education in rural areas. It leads to success.

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Joji said: (Feb 1, 2018)  
It is one of the most important and fundamental questions to answer. I certainly say that education is a must to be successful in life. There are so many people who do not have an education but leading a comfortable and luxurious life. Those who are enjoying they never worked but their parents worked and the hard work of their parents now they are relishing the fruits. Education is to Become more Human Beings. It is a must for every human person on earth. We have great personalities in the world who have given so much of importance to education. Education is to have a successful life on earth.

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Prema Reddy said: (Jan 29, 2018)  
To be a successful person in life education doesn't play a vital role because there a people without education are well known of things. And they be the best one in society.

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Akanchha Tiwari said: (Jan 26, 2018)  
Education is not much necessary to get successful in life. Yes, its true educated people do get success by having a good education in their respective field but the more interesting thing is even uneducated people can be more successful the only thing is if they have talent or passion which they follow and want to create it in the way to be unique. For the one to be successful a good mindset, a practical knowledge, interest, passion and a good trick are required to achieve success. If we visit other countries, in some countries they don't see the marks card at all to give jobs to employees. They only see the passion and the dedication of person towards the respective job. If a person has lots of degree in the field in which they are not interested but because to get the education they get those degrees then it's of no use to get success until or unless his/her desire or passion comes from his/her heart to do that work. So education definitely just mould people but can't lead us to achieve success unless we have interest in that particular field. One marks sheet can't make men successful without their interest in that particular field.

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Aditi Mac said: (Jan 26, 2018)  
Education is the most important thing in everyone's life but to say education is needed to become successful is totally fallacy. But in my opinion, any kind of success in today's time can be achieved given, you at least have basic knowledge and have the urge to know more.

Success comes to those who use their knowledge in their passion. We must work hard and dedicate our self towards our work. If we are satisfied for what we are doing then we are successful.


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Sanyam said: (Jan 12, 2018)  
First of all, it is necessary to know what success and education mean.

Everyone has there own meaning of success and education, for some success is monetary and for some success is a happy life. We just need to find our definition of success to know the right answer. And similarly education for everyone one is different and most of the time people confuse it with knowledge just because of lack of education.

But in my opinion, any kind of success in today's time can be achieved given you at least have basic education and a secret of always learning and becoming knowledgeable because in today's time communication is the key to everything. To have a great idea is not enough but to communicate it to the target audience is important which is possible when you at least know how to do That which is possible only if you have basic education.

To know the market and to enjoy some position in the market communication is the key and for that basic education has an upper hand than not educated ones.

Basically, education helps you to evolve with the changing time and people like to talk to you more than a person who is not able to understand them.

So to conclude not formal but basic education is necessary for today's time to gain knowledge and communicate and understand thoughts of your target which is important for any kind of success you are aiming for.

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Manoj Rai said: (Jan 12, 2018)  
Hi all.

In my point of view, Education is not that necessarily important to be a successful person in this amazing planet, we have seen a number of people living a very successful and luxuries life without any qualified, all it takes is mindsets, we can learn the ideas through practicals living and we can implement it into our own life living, though it takes a very hard work and dedication, So finally we are gonna get successful life.

But also a basic education is fundamentally and necessarily very very important for all of us and especially for our kids and young people, As we can read the coming generation.

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Prince Gond said: (Jan 10, 2018)  
In my point of view, education is not the only key to be successful. Meaning of success is different for different people for example Sachin Tendulkar had not given the exam of class 10 but he is successful person take another successful actor like Salman Khan he didn't go to college but follow his passion. Education does not mean that one getting good marks or grades. Success comes to those who use their knowledge in their passion.

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Annomi said: (Jan 7, 2018)  
Happy day.

Today we would like discuss about education to be successful in our life. It was good topic for younger. In My point of view, education essential or necessary of everywhere. An India has very good education system not everywhere only some of the place. I would like a request to governments must give education and good teacher important nowadays. Education is very important tools a mold our knowledge. If education is good younger become good and India will be developing automatically. If one person going to attend an interview, interviewer first will see they are qualified or not qualified in education point view then they will see mark so education must in our life. If a teacher is good the student becomes good. Well, educate people takes good decision in a proper manner. If one person goes to out of country education must for anything for work, education etc nowadays this their important food, dress, living in that included education also. Some of the people not studied well like Sachin, Ambani, but now there was good position how after that they did much hard work hence they came good position.


If our country to be develops education must for younger. Good teacher can be developed good students.

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Grishma said: (Jan 5, 2018)  
Hell guys,

Education is not an only thing to be a successful person. A person who is not educated can beat anyone if he has a passion for their dreams. Education only makes their task easier. And can get best out of the best. So, yes, at some point education is needed if you want to reach the top.

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Aryan Singh said: (Dec 27, 2017)  
Hello guys, my Name Is Aryan Singh.

In my opinion, Education does not mean by getting good degrees, good grades, and good universities. But education is about having knowledge of something. For example, Trishnit Arora is not more graduated but he has perfect knowledge of computer that's why in this time He controls Many reputed companies.

Like Amul and many other companies. Because he can understand problems easily. I can give many examples which is not more educated but he has perfect knowledge in their field important example of Sachin which education is not the key but the passion towards the field makes successful. Thatswhy he is very famous at this time. I can only say that education is important in this competitive time. But knowledge is more important to get success in life. Thanks.

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Rishitha Kaugna said: (Dec 17, 2017)  
Good day. According to me, We can be successful without any education. Education is just a guide or tool to improve our skills and educate us. Many people reach heights with out education. For eg, Ambani, and many political leaders has become a successful person without education. If luck favours we also become a successful person. It depends on our time and situation. Many actors are not educated even though they are popular. Education is not the only mean to become success. There also many path other than education. Each one interest differs. If everyone goes on their own path, they will definitely achieve success.

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Amit said: (Dec 16, 2017)  
In my opinion, Education is essential or necessary for everyone. Acc to elders education is necessary if you want to make your country great. And if we are talking about success then its not essential that you have to get educated for that. If you want examples then there are so many of them. And one more thing getting an education is also a big success or achievement for some people. So its clear that success is not related with education.

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Kunju said: (Dec 15, 2017)  
Success can be different for everyone eg:- for someone self-satisfaction can be being successful or for someone having money can define success.

Today basic Education is needed everywhere but we cannot say that if the person is educated he is successful. It completely depends on him how he uses knowledge to be successful. Even if he is not educated and has the passion then he can be successful even without being educated.

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Prince said: (Dec 9, 2017)  
For the most part education is a step to gaining more knowledge. If the knowledge is obtained it has to be applied to your "career", whatever that path is for you. We all have God given talents and should put them into practice and good use with a passion gained through more knowledge. Not all success is obtained through a formal education but it is obtained through knowledge, passion, and goals. Without those factors it is very doubtful that success will be reached. Didn't say impossible but doubtful. As we say in the West reading is fundamental, reading allows you to obtain knowledge on a particular subject hence you have become more educated on a particular subject. The more knowledgeable education the more keys to doors of opportunities are opened. You have a chance to make better decisions, not that you will. Just have an educated judgment which is generally vastly more respected than the uneducated opinion. There are facts, then there are theories. Which is more believable at first? Its is the facts. Theories may be proven to be facts down the line. But that is down the line and quite a different path. I'd rather hold the keys to success than search for the buried treasure to achieve it.

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Sheryl P said: (Dec 9, 2017)  
Education helps you to gain knowledge and potting it to action gives you understanding of that knowledge. First you should have a goal or target that you are aiming for. When you reach that goal it is the beginning of your success. But you must continue to set new goals until you reach your ultimate idea of success for yourself. It is self preservation. Everyone's opinion of success may differ but no doubt it is based on some level of financial gain and accomplishment. And without an education, regardless of how you obtain it you can rarely attain that success.

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Abigail said: (Nov 26, 2017)  
One not to be literate to be a success in life. But one should be talented to lead such a life. Education is necessary- it is a true fact. The one we call ' genius', the one behind many scientific papers Albert Einstein is not much literate. Abraham Lincoln the 16th US President is not even educated.

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Joshua said: (Oct 23, 2017)  
For most jobs, I believe you need extensive education to first live your personal life, second do whatever that obis. But if you are living a lifestyle like farming out in the countryside where not a lot of people live, and all you have to do is cultivate the land, eat, drink, sleep, do basic things, and interact with your parents, friends, etc then you might only need a less advanced education, which only teaches you language, how to live a basic life, etc.

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Kennedy Amunya said: (Oct 10, 2017)  
In my humble opinion, I believe that education must contain useful knowledge that can enable one to attain whatever they want. If for example you get knowledge that does not bring any positive change in your life it then becomes unnecessary. To succeed you need good knowledge and not just any knowledge. Therefore meaningful education leads you to success. Enlightenment is what leads to success. Get good education and be enlightened and you will be successful.

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Ankita Arora said: (Aug 22, 2017)  
Obviously, education is a must for success. Education is the thing which no one can steal from us. A person who gets a good education will become a good citizen. By education, we can think freely every factor of our lives and understand every field of life. If we are educated than we can easily understand every situation and can solve every problem. Education does not mean by getting good degrees, good grades and good universities. But education is about having knowledge of something. For eg, Smriti Irani is not more educated but she is a member of our parliament. Because she has a knowledge of politics. And also she can understand our problems easily. That's why she is very famous. In the end. I can only say that education is important in this competitive time. But knowledge is more important to get success in life. Thanks.

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Rahul Kumawat said: (Aug 21, 2017)  
In my opinion,

1. Education is required to make the society civilized.
2. Technical Advancement of Science and technology is one good example why education is required.
3. More awareness about Healthy lifestyle.
4. Good education means a good job in future.
5. Better quality of life.
6. Education unemployment force labor force marriage dowry practice reduce major issue.
7. Educated people to the wise thing.
8. An Uneducated person can handle any situation positively.

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Nithyuksha Derenti said: (Aug 13, 2017)  
Yes, education must be successful. Education plays a vital role in everyone life. Education is the only one key where nobody can steal from us. It makes our very proud. The Education system must be changed. Education is not learning books, it is also based on practical knowledge. Learning new things. Teaching it to illiterate people. So education must be successful. Thank you.

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Alok Kumar said: (Aug 11, 2017)  
Yes, we need education to become successful. As we know that education gives us rational, logical and abroad mind. Education plays an important role in our life without education we can't get success in our life. It gives how to mingle with others, how to behave with others "a person who gets a good education will become a good citizen". Education makes a man a right thinker and good decision maker. According to nelson mandela education is that powerful weapon by which we can change the world. It is also said that without education a man is just like an animal. Education is not about only getting good marks, good grades and getting degrees from university. Education is about having knowledge of something. For eg:A farmer can be educated if he has knowledge of seeds, farm, crops etc. He will be successful if he has good knowledge about farming.

In today's competitive world education is necessary for human after food, clothing and shelter.

In our country, around 40% people are uneducated resulting they are poor and didn't get the employment so education is necessary to become successful.

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Do we really Need Education to be Successful?

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