Do we really Need Education to be Successful?

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Mukhtar said:   7 years ago
Education is an important implement that is applied in the modern world to succeed, as it alleviates the challenges which are faced in life. It defines how willing a person is to succeed in life and have a bright future. Education separates an ignorant from a learned and a determined person from a lazy person. It is the process of providing schooling and giving systematic instructions in a school or a university. If society is uneducated people will not be able to contemplate on logical lines. In education, everything lies on each other. In primary school, your SATs are a key factor to what high school you get into and then your GCSE's decide your eventual fate in whether you get admitted into the college or not. It is all a chain of events that depend on each other. In college, your A levels regulate what university you get accepted in. After you finish university and you apply for a Job your future and your job will lie on your GCSE's.

Education plays a vital role in the contemporary world. Nowadays, there are many ways to augment the education level. It is not so costly because now anyone one with less money may study continuously. Everyone can get accepted into the big and popular universities nowadays because of their interval studying. Small training organizations are providing education to augment the skill levels in certain specific fields. Education makes us strong by reassuring us mentally, socially and intellectually through an increasing in our knowledge level by technical skills and good position in the job that we will work in the future.

Zaman said:   7 years ago
Success is a general term. What I see as success might not be your idea of success (but let's just coin the term as a financial one).

Education is great for tackling long-term developments in any community. It helps a person become open-minded and thus helps them make better decisions on their own (with the bonus of degrees and such which help you get into various fields of work). It exists for the benefit of the local/global community as a whole.

Now without education, you can't go very far unless you have luck on your side. I mean you could work your socks off for the next 10 years and be stuck with a small shack barely making it to the next paycheck because you couldn't land your dream job. Effort is not worth much unless you have luck on your side. And luck is hard to come by. Education could make this easier. Also, your views on fields of work and such will change as you gain knowledge- highlighting another point: it helps you discover yourself and your capabilities. Therefore it provides important skills for you to survive in the real world.

Being a college student myself- the stress from the work given is intense. I would without doubt take the place of a rich kid and immediately be rich and live a good life and be successful. Currently, the ill health of my parents has also hit me pretty hard. I would MUCH rather spend the time with them than do core maths. The world is a harsh place.

All I can say is that education does have its pros and cons man, but in reality its just helpful for a future which we can't see or change.

Abhishek Nair said:   7 years ago

I too agree, that without education there will be an illiteracy disaster since education is not merely responsible for making a person successful but also responsible for giving a person and number of opportunities to become winners, gives a unique identity to every individual and lot more. But I also have a belief that education is not only 'reason' for success in life! I mean I don't need to prove this theory since there so many examples in front of our eyes. Great personalities like John D. Rockfeller who didn't complete his eduaction but was a bilionare who have made a mark in the oil industry and not to forget the founder of one of the most renowned company Apple Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg the ceo of facebook etc. From India there are many more best examples like Mary Kom Indian premier female boxer, Mukesh Ambani the ninth richest man in the world, cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar, versatile actor Aamir Khan and there is a long list. But when we simply look back in each of person's life the ones mentioned above, we find that all of them dropped education but inspite of that they are very successful in their lives. So its just not the education that plays an important role which makes a person successful but other factors like passion for something, knowledge about it, determination for the field chosen by us, the hard work, patience and the nature of giving are some of the factors that really pays off!

Devanshi Dwivedi said:   5 years ago
Hii everyone! This is Devanshi Dwivedi and here is my opinion about this topic:

No, education is not required to achieve success: Education is not necessary to achieve success. Success depends on an individual's capacity to use his talent and creativity in the most effective manner.

Even if you are uneducated, or have received a very little education even then you can achieve great success in life by putting your skills in the right place and the right time.

It is true that education might get you respect from the society but in the end, it is neither the society nor the respect it might give you that will make you. It is your own will and determination and it does not require formal education to be successful.

There are so many examples of highly successful entrepreneurs who either did not go to school or received a very little education but with their skills, determination, and hard work they made successful careers.

Education might be important for some and might have been accepted as a social obligation but it does not guarantee that you will be successful with whatever you have received by spending so much time at the educational institutions. You can communicate effectively so that is enough education, i.e. you can write, read, and are not dependent on others for these needs will be sufficient.

You should follow your passions in life and education will only limit your avenues.

Sanyam said:   6 years ago
First of all, it is necessary to know what success and education mean.

Everyone has there own meaning of success and education, for some success is monetary and for some success is a happy life. We just need to find our definition of success to know the right answer. And similarly education for everyone one is different and most of the time people confuse it with knowledge just because of lack of education.

But in my opinion, any kind of success in today's time can be achieved given you at least have basic education and a secret of always learning and becoming knowledgeable because in today's time communication is the key to everything. To have a great idea is not enough but to communicate it to the target audience is important which is possible when you at least know how to do That which is possible only if you have basic education.

To know the market and to enjoy some position in the market communication is the key and for that basic education has an upper hand than not educated ones.

Basically, education helps you to evolve with the changing time and people like to talk to you more than a person who is not able to understand them.

So to conclude not formal but basic education is necessary for today's time to gain knowledge and communicate and understand thoughts of your target which is important for any kind of success you are aiming for.

Adarsh said:   3 years ago
Hello everyone,

1) Education is the basic need of every human being, education develops your thinking skills, reasoning, thoughts, decision making power, etc.

2) Educated person is the need of country because young and educated person can participate in India's better development.

3) Without education we can not see he developed India.

4) so yes we do really need the education to be successful in life and career growth. Eduction gives you an extraordinary life in comparison to others.

5) But yes in this era only education or degree is not so important, skills are more important, we should have developed lots of skills for to be a rich or successful person.

6) We have observed lots of examples like legend Sachin Tendulkar, he is 12th pass but from his childhood, he was very talented in cricket he had lots of tricks to play cricket, so he dedicated his life to cricket and right now he is the god of cricket.

7) Lots of examples are surrounding us by which we can conclude that skills are more important but these all are only exceptions.

8) Education plays a vital role in the development mindset of a child The success ratio is very low in extra fields like Singing, dancing, film industry. Etc.

9) But yes, it is also true that an educated person must open opportunities for himself by his knowledge and skills.


Jay Hind.

Tinku Paul said:   4 years ago
According to me, Education is different and success is different. According to me, Education means light. As I am an educated person I can remove my inner darkness. In our daily life education is very essential. In the twenty-first century without is very difficult. Education teaches us how to maintain our life, how to behave properly, how to talk to others. But we see many educated people their behavior and way of talking is bad. It depends on person to person. Success means hard work, Hard work is the key of success. If somebody works hard and gives his full efforts and concentration definitely one day he or she will get success. Many less educated people get success. We everybody is aware of the name of Bill Gates. He was not very good in his study but his friend he was very good in the study but now Bill gates he is the owner of Microsoft and his friend is working in Microsoft company. In our society we see many uneducated people got success and many educated people don't get success. Actually, that person has minimum education, on his way to success education can help him and smoothly he is able to reach his destination but the uneducated person he has stumble some of the places, he has to take help from others. But he has education easily he can overcome the problem. So minimum education is required on the way to success.

Afrida Alisa Alisa said:   6 years ago
In my opinion, education is not the only key to success. To be successful we skill with passion. There are many people who are no educated but still they are successful take for example- Sachin Tendulkar, he was no educated but still he is successful in his life similarly Mary Kom she was a drop out from school but she is a successful fighter, after being a boxer she went to pursue her education as she wanted to prove that she is also a fighter out of the ring. Thomas Alva Edison was expelled from school as his teachers thought that he was too slow to learn, he was taught by his mother at home and because of him only it is possible for us to connect with people farther from us, he invented the telephone, the light bulb and so on. The Wright brothers who invented the went to school but they never graduated. So what made these famous personalities to be successful in life was it education? No. It is their skill and their interest in work that made them successful. There are many people who have numerous degrees but still, they are unemployed, 60% of engineering graduates in India are unemployed. So how can we say that education can only lead to success? There are many other ways in which we can be successful in life. So, I would like to conclude with this. Thank you.

Maanvi said:   4 years ago
No, we do not need the education to be successful there are many other ways. Like:

If you are good at dancing or singing or theatre and you are not good at studies you could work very hard on these and could be a dancer or singer or work for movies. These things have no relation to education.

A few more examples are Sachin Tendulkar a great batsman who is not educated but gave his best in the game and that is why he became the most successful player of the world cricket.

As I was saying education can give us perspective but can't give us a guarantee in success.

As you all know Steve jobs had only 60 to 70 percentages in school now he is an American businessman this just proves that study is not important to be successful in life.

As Bill gates codes that he almost failed in all his subjects and his friend passed and now his the owner of Microsoft and his friend is employed in Microsoft.

Even if you are uneducated, even then you can achieve great success in life by putting your skills in the right place and the right time.

As I am a student of researching this topic I found that study is not needed in succession life.

I hope you understood this topic and give me a like if you understood the topic or dislike if you don't agree.


Annomi said:   6 years ago
Happy day.

Today we would like discuss about education to be successful in our life. It was good topic for younger. In My point of view, education essential or necessary of everywhere. An India has very good education system not everywhere only some of the place. I would like a request to governments must give education and good teacher important nowadays. Education is very important tools a mold our knowledge. If education is good younger become good and India will be developing automatically. If one person going to attend an interview, interviewer first will see they are qualified or not qualified in education point view then they will see mark so education must in our life. If a teacher is good the student becomes good. Well, educate people takes good decision in a proper manner. If one person goes to out of country education must for anything for work, education etc nowadays this their important food, dress, living in that included education also. Some of the people not studied well like Sachin, Ambani, but now there was good position how after that they did much hard work hence they came good position.


If our country to be develops education must for younger. Good teacher can be developed good students.

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