Do we really Need Education to be Successful?

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Hina said:   2 years ago
Hello everyone,

I think education plays an important role in one's success but we don't only require education. We have so many people who are not good in this field but still are successful like Sachin Tendulkar, he is not good in studies but we all know how successful he is.

For success we don't need only education, we need to find our passion and will have to follow that with full dedication.

Sreemathy said:   2 years ago
Education is a need or not it just depends on your dream ex: if you want to become a dancer who should be good at dancing not in education even education won't make you a dancer.

People with a dream which is not related to studies may face insults and many drosses in their life. It may be studies or dream (eg. Dancing, singing, etc. ) everything comes under your hard word your passion your performance and your love in it.

Life is once just live like yours, not for others. Education Is not mandatory even it can be learned without degrees by reading books urself. If people disgrace you don't worry about it just leave it or make those comments as positive.

Don't forget the people who succeeded in their life without education like Sachin Tendulkar, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Gautam Adani and so one.

However, work hard for your dream and ignore trashes which hurts you or just bury the insults. All the best for your goals.

Pranesh said:   2 years ago
According to me, education is not only important to achieve success. We must have great aim and good vision to succeed in our life. And we also go our goal and aim we could not be bothered about or thinking about other person life.

For example, my friend was taking 2nd group and now today he got placed in a IT company. But I do not get any job till now. My aim is to become a government servant. If I think about my past and my friend jobs mean I will not succeed in my life.

So, in my opinion, everyone's life us different and every one vision is different. So we can work for our vision and aim to succeed in life. Required Knowledge regarding our aim is only important to succeed in our life.

Amresh prahjapati said:   2 years ago
Hello everyone. Today my topic is 'Do we really need to educational for success. '.

According to me, there is more difference between education and success.

In this word, if you have a passion to succeed. You shall success. Because success depends upon only your hard work, passion, and honesty.

Take a great example like a Sachin Tendulkar, Mukesh Ambani, great yoga guru BABA Ramdev. These are no liturate but all have great passion and burning desires for success.

A great person said that your education, and your talents just 20% on your success, 80% your passion, hard work, virtue.

And at last, According to me, a man for success, no need to education but 100% need passion and hard work with honesty.


Hariom Tiwari said:   2 years ago
Hi friends.

Firstly, I want to say that Education is the mirror of our society. Only Education that makes us different from Animals. Without Education success is not possible. I think Talent is different from Education but the Result of a good education is Talent. I am not discussing School Education. I am discussing such education that leads us to the path of success. Educational society is important for us. So we should be educated.

Suraj poojary said:   2 years ago
I think no Because success depends on our talent. And coming to education school is not the right place to learn all stuff it's just a platform of happiness or the first step of your life.

This 'success' just comes when we learn from others mistakes.

Tyagiaakash said:   2 years ago
To become successful education is not prerequisite, it's the choice of the individual that how he/she defines success, everyone has different meanings of success, goals of every individual differ. Education was never a compulsion and shall not be an, it's the zeal we have for our life to make successful, that every work we do, whether it's small or big, what matters is our desire toward that work, our devotion for learning something out of that and to get perfection and achieve the knowledge of that thing. If we're stubborn & strong enough to not to let our zest down from any failure and ready to learn from that then we can guarantee success.


Ajay yadav said:   3 years ago
Hello everyone, I am Ajay Kumar. Today my topic is "do we really need the education to be successful.

I think in my point of view to become successful education is not compulsory. Let's take the example to clarify this statement like Sachin Tendulkar, he is not too brilliant in their study despite he become successful cricketer and person in the world and there is fame in their names and there is many more examples in the world to explain this statement.

To become a successful person we need to hard work regularly and patiently until we get success.

Also, we need to kind to yourself and spread love in society. For getting the success we need to express ourselves in a proper way, and also we need to stub towards our aim and goals until we achieve it.

Thank you.

Soni said:   3 years ago
No education ain't important to be successful.

There are so many people who ain't educated and still they have success.

Because they have a passion to be successful.

We all have seen around the world less educated became rich means they have success.

The way in which you can gain knowledge is education.

Bt it ain't important that you can be successful because it depends on your skill your passion towards the goal.

Bharti said:   3 years ago
No education is not important, I think knowledge is important. Your passion to do work is important. Your interest towards that work is important. Education is the knowledge itself. If you already have the knowledge of that work, you don't even need any education or guidance.

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