Do NGOs in India Really Work for Others OR Work for their Own Vested Interests?

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Guruprasad Dash said:   5 years ago
NGO is a private institute which is helpful for the pool people as well as needy persons as we all know. But some NGO present which is working for their own vested. These types of NGO are spoiling that word"NGO". It is only possible due to some curropted people who have appointed in NGO. They are spoiling the money of the people by showing the false documents. I want to give an example. Suppose a youth club wanted to do the work for the social welfare. So they donated some money to a NGO. But that NGO used the money for their own benefit and they didn't invest the money for the social welfare and they showed a false document as a prove that they are investing the money for the society. So I am requesting to the people, before donating the money to the NGO first they should investigate is really that NGO working or not. Then they should donate the money.

But we can't say that all NGOs are doing like this. Some NGOs are working really working for the needy people. Overall I say that if the mentality of the people who are working in NGO will be change then it will must help for making a better INDIA.

Nikita Kumawat said:   7 years ago
NGO's are private organisation for betterment of society. NGOs are working for poor people to provide them food, shelter, education, clothes and some NGOs are to help women from women harassment, some NGOs are to help people to fight against severe diseases like cancer, HIV, heart failure, liver transplant and many more dangerous diseases. They provide needy people money for their treatment, proper guidance for their treatment and proper match of heart, liver, bone marrow, blood for their treatment. So, NGOs are really helpful for poor people and needy people. For example, NGO named PRAYAAS at Amity University Rajasthan, that NGO's member goes on weekend to the village named Achronal to teach students in their school and provide them clothes to wear and also feed them with delicious food. So, NGOs in India really works for others but as we know every coin has two sides and there are many corrupted people who can work for their own vested interests in the name of NGOs and they are the one's who are spoiling the name of NGO and a good cause in society but if everyone at NGO is going to work for needy people it will really make a better India.

Ajay said:   1 decade ago
My wife works for a NGO known as Guru Sewa Sansthan in Gurgaon part of NCR. There are over 200 children coming to this school run by NGO daily. The NGO has been started by one gentleman who retired as chief engineer from govt services. He is 70 years old and still takes pain in ensuring that needful is done all these children. The school has been running for over many years and it could get around 150 children admitted in to some of the better private schools under 25% quota for poors.

Appreciate that there are good persons who are continuing their good work despite the good and bad comments and no or little assistance. I also wish to take up such assignment once I have done with my professional career but wish to do this in some rural area.

Amar Deep Tiwari said:   9 years ago
Hello friends, NGOs are Non-Governmental Organisations and Non Profit organisations also, funded by legal persons or party. These organisations are boon for poor people. The work of these organisations is to provide education and medicine and provide information to live life in a better way specially women of ruler areas.

NGOs fights for people's rights. NGOs give employment which is major problem. There are some areas where government agencies are unable to do work there NGOs wok well. There are more than 20 lacks of NGOs in India having 1 NGO for each 600 people, but we Indians are still poor. These results show that NGOs are made to reduce the taxes.

Behind these organisations people make only their life better instead of poor people. So finally it could be say that NGOs are need of society to make life better but some reforms can be made so the working method of NGOs could be change.

Dhana said:   6 years ago
Still, I worked in NGOs all are fraud, they completely concentrate in making of money by creating false bills and fake documentations, most of funding agencies just looks at only documents they don't want to see whether they are working or not. Ex. APSACS they are wasting public money by giving crores to NGOs, but the pros see only documentation but not work. So please don't waste public money by giving NGOs.

Manish meena said:   2 years ago
In my point of view, NGO plays a vital role in all over the world.

It is the best friend of poor and needy people.

NGO, s always work for welfare of orphan children, and poor people.

It is provide the best education to the orphan children.

NGO do the work which government should do.

But, I don't forget late some of NGO are running for the own investment, they always show the false documents, in front of public. So, we will beware of corrupt NGO.

And always should do the work for the welfare of children.

And finally, I say the NGO are the boon for the needy people.

That's my views.

Thank you.

Piyush said:   1 decade ago
I think there are some good points about ngo's in India as well as some bad points. The ngo's are providing basic amenities to the children like good primary education, removing the malnutrition among the children etc. For youth it is providing the job opportunities, it also providing awareness among people about various diseases especially among rural areas, giving support of education, shelter, food to the orphan and semi-orphan people, providing free blood to the person needing blood.

On the other hand as the ngo's are more than 5 million in India but still we are the poorest country in the word because there are people who are showing their selfish attitude towards getting more money, corruption is also another factor in the failure of large no. Of organisation.

Varija said:   8 years ago
Every NGO's has their own goals to reach. For example, some NGO's aim at reducing unemployment while some others aim at providing education or shelter for needy. Their work should be appreciated as they are non profit and service oriented organizations. It is equally true that in very few NGO's the funds are being misused.

In order to overcome such issues, one must know how the money which we offer as funds is used by the NGO. Besides offering funds we must also accompany the NGO's (as a volunteer) in their working when we get time. Then we can know how the money is being used and we can also get to know their steps to reach their goals.

Samresh Patel said:   8 years ago
This in response of comment of Amar Deep Tiwari,

Let us look at NGOs as a complimentary and support system of the government We must appreciate that fact that government Alone will not be able to do every thing on its own, every welfare scheme and plans does have have an 'NGO element' in them.

We cannot rule out NGOs existence. Coming to your statement "Behind these organisations people make only their life better instead of poor people" Please note that today's NGos are much more or rather very professional. The staff invests years of professional education and mind you a professional social work degree from a premier institute in India is expensive. However, even the senior most staff members in the organisations do not get paid closer to 15-20% of salary if he/she works in a corporate entity. So it is generalization that that 'they make their life better'.

Social work today is not about living a life of renunciation like a Sadhu or a Nun, it is a profession and like in any other profession, only if staff is paid decently will they be in a better condition to serve others. At the end each one of us has a family to take care of. How does one save for his/her old age? Health costs are rising, children's education in a decent school is getting difficult to pay for. I have seen my colleagues in NGO working for paltry salaries, and getting huge salaries when they moved to a company or abroad (huge by even western standards).

Going by the logic, so many people choose govt services, which are today very highly paid, and mind you each govt staff is paid out taxes. Who pays these taxes? You and me. Govt's work is also not a business but a 'service', and going by this logic why should the govt. Servants have very high salaries, govt benefits, housing, vehicles and what not depending on their job profiles. They are doing 'service' and should not have air conditioned cars, offices, cabins, leave travel concession (LTC) , or concessional travel for govt. Airline of railways. "Why" should they? Railways is not a profit making venture but a public service company. However, even they are human beings, they deserve to be getting what is due to them, they are entitled to all these, because only when your needs are satisfied, will you be in the capacity to do for others, they have their families to take care of.

So, let us not get into this. Yes, there will always be exceptions where some of the NGOs who may have done malpractice or broken the law at some level, but most NGOs are formed with a positive intention to 'serve a particular need/cause'.

Tax deductions are provided for donations to encourage people to do charity. No one can create an NGO to save taxes, mind you there are so many compliance and rules today that it is difficult to create an NGO to 'save taxes. '.

By the way how many of us simply donate when visiting a holy shrine or a place of worship, without questioning the utility of these anonymous donation boxes? We trust that it has gone to safe hands, and will be used for betterment of the shrine, facilities of that place etc. And other service activities.

Let us not generalize our singular experiences. If you want to contribute to an NGO, internet is at your disposal. Check the website, speak to the staff, representatives, speak to the beneficiaries, look at all the valid registrations, documents importantly, ask for their 'Annual Report'. Please Google for leads to their history of any untoward event/happening. But do not go to a non-profit organisation with an 'attitude of doubt or skepticism'.

Most NGOs are so very professional today, as such they have ways to look at their own efficiency, may be by way of being conscious of cost per beneficiary, maintaining a healthy ratio of administrative and programme related expenditures, measuring 'Social Return on Investment' (SROI) , maintaining staff-beneficiary ratio, maintaining a reasonable 'Cost of Fund raising', conducting impact studies, practices such as having well defined Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and Key Result Areas (KRA) KRAs, drawing up operation plans, internal and external reporting systems. Hence, to ensure that a maximum no. Of people benefit with the limited resources available, you need a 'Professional and qualified Social Worker' who does not come for free, s/he has brains, ideas, innovations, ability to manage, lead and motivate teams, show results and efficiency. Professionals have to be paid.

An NGO's work is "People to People' and a mental and emotional draining (in addition to personal life) is inevitable. They need to be paid their due. An ambulance on call for common man, a child helpline, a suicide helpline, a distress tollfree line, these were all innovations of a 'social worker' which might have over time adopted into our admisistrative systems over time. The caller to these numbers may have been a rich child, or a well heeled woman calling for help in suicidal circumstances/distress. NGOs are for all of Us.

Volunteer with them as some one suggested, to have a better understanding of their work look at them as partners in social well being.

Shiva said:   7 years ago
NGO are the non-government organization that works for the betterment of the people. As every coin has two sides, similarly there are some people who work sincerely while there are some who don't.

But there are many NGO who are working for the betterment of poor people, for orphan children, for physically handicapped people. So we can say that NGO is important for society.

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