Do NGOs in India Really Work for Others OR Work for their Own Vested Interests?

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Nitish said:   2 months ago
In India, there are various types of NGOs. Few of them are stray animals related. The animals who got injured in various accidental cases, by these types of NGO they can be provided first aid. A large number of NGOs are working well. But the government should also set some rules and regulations for opening an NGO. By these types of actions, the other people who want to serve in an NGO or want to give donations to any type of NGO can have a clear view so that their efforts to bring revolution can be done in the right way.

Sakura said:   7 months ago
To begin with, it is crucial to recognize that dedicating oneself to welfare efforts does not imply neglecting our own interests or individual aspirations. It is, in fact, more productive when we synchronize our personal objectives with those of an NGO or any charitable organization.

For Example, if a person is interested in teaching and wants to get experience in a particular field they can initiate their respective journey by providing education to students who can't afford to go to school and the bridge that connects such aspirations are NGOs.

In other words, working for the betterment of others while also pursuing our own goals, has particularly no negative impact especially since NGOs are financially supported entities. Their primary focus is engaging in philanthropic work, which is centred around doing good.

Abhishek Deb said:   9 months ago
I think NGOs should not be ignored as it's a part of important regulations and Govt authorised work by any organisation or agency. And for the welfare of the people, animals and plants we need force to really work in depth to achieve at least what they needed. But it should work in a good manner.

Kalicharan singh said:   9 months ago
Thank for give us valuable information, Our main aim is provides jobs and work with NGOs.

Our works toward ensuring medical care, education, and development to the poor and needy people in the pan India.

Aalesh Shende said:   11 months ago
Hello everyone,

According to me, Many NGOs like Being Human in India are working really well and Providing better facilities to needy people for their welfare. As Always every system has Some good and bad. Many times listen that NGO Fraud, Scams and Money Laundering cases, therefore, most of people do not take part in NGO groups. In India, politicians use NGOs to convert Black money to white money. So most of NGOs are run by politicians so it is not a matter of interest, it is a matter of Money.

To rule NGOs properly, only interested people are allowed to be a part of NGOs. Lastly, I would say that NGOs should work like a god for the needy and poor people.

Thank you!

Amaan nisar said:   1 year ago
A warm good evening to all.

My name is Amaan Nisa. So, I want to initiate this topic, I feel as we all know NGOs are working for equality among humanity and hundreds of NGOs are currently working in countries like India. What I feel is when we see scams and huge blunders like money laundering and Human trafficking so this lead to a bad face of the NGOs on the other side some NGOs are really doing good for the society they providing shelter and food to the needy section of the society and arrange safe atmosphere to them so, in my opinion, there are both the good and bad side of today's world of NGOs.

Thanks for giving me the opportunity.

Deeksha said:   2 years ago
In my opinion, NGOs is very helpful for poor and needy person if someone doesn't have a place to live at that time they help those people who need a place to stay they also help poor children for getting good knowledge and giving some food but some person is doing wrong work under the roof of NGOs they are investing money for their own life and own expenditure they have fake documents and they take money those people who really help the poor and needy person but it happens sometimes not all NGOs are not doing this thing but some are but finally somewhere or other NGOs is the boon of poor and needy people but we should alert that time we give a donation at first we know NGO is really working for a needy person or not after knowing all information you donate your money and help the poor people.


Eshita said:   3 years ago
Good evening everyone.

I believe that NGOs are a boon for the poor and the society, they are formed by the people who want to help and give back to society. NGOs enable citizens to work together voluntarily to promote social values and civic goals, which are important to them. As we all know that in today's competitive environment not everyone gets equal opportunities and here NGOs actually come in, it helps in addressing the issues that are prevailing in the society and helps to solve these issues. I do believe that yes NGOs in India really work for others.

Thank you.

Sana said:   3 years ago
Good morning everybody.

I strongly support the statement that NGOs are working for the welfare of people, animals and environment.

NGO stand for non-governmental organization. It plays a pivotal role in bringing sustainable development.

PETA-is a NGO which is working to protect the animals which are abused at the hands of neglected humans.

SKKK-Stands for Sandur kushala kala kendra. It is an organisation established to encourage the production of indeginous crafts.

Green peace-is an organisation to protect the environment.

NGO s are playing vital role in upliftment of downtrodden society, defending women and child rights, helping the people during natural calamities and spreading awareness among the people. Snehalaya and janodaya are examples of NGO which are helping in socio-economic development of women.

Ratan all gadhwal said:   3 years ago
Hello, all of you.

My name is Ratan Lal Gadhwal from Sikar.
First of all, I would like to pay attention to the topic NGO.
NGO is a group of people who work together to protect the poor & also improve education.
NGO does not work under the govt of many country.
We can say NGO is not-for-profit. It is a book for poor people & orphan children.

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