Digital India: Whom Does it Benefit?

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Pavan said: (Jun 20, 2022)  
Digitalization is the process of moving from traditional ways to digital means. Ex: Online shopping, Food orders, online transactions. It has made life so much easier.

Initially, digitalization was limited to the urban population of India, slowly it has spread to almost every corner of India. Thanks to telecom giants like Jio and Airtel, internet availability is not a major concern anymore. Smartphones and the internet became affordable which drastically increased the scope of digitalization. The introduction of new digital technologies will definitely boost economic growth overall.

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Ishita Sharma said: (Jun 16, 2022)  
Digital India can be good and bad at the same time.

Digital India is benefitting all the people except those who are not literate about these facts, especially in rural areas.

Digital India is beneficial in saving lot of time and making things easier.

But at the same time, there is a risk of uncertainity or dependency for example - theft of mobile phones or disconnectivity or battery discharge that can lead to complicating transactions and feeling helpless because of dependency on such a platform.

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Nakul said: (Jun 7, 2022)  
According to my point of view on this topic by observing the thinks happens that digital India has more advantages rather than disadvantages.

Some advantages of digitalization are.

1. Digitalization saves our time.

2. We learn plenty of things everywhere. We don't need to go specific place for that.

3. In the pandemic when the whole nation had a lockdown that time everything gets digital which helps a lot to face the covid -19. Like school, offices, banking etc.

4. Money is also digitalized.

Some disadvantages also have in digitalization are.

1. People get lazy because of it.
2. Children learn or see show many staffs which is not impacting on them.
3. Day by day digital fraud has increased.

That's all from my side. And I am done speaking.

Thank you.

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Balwant Singh said: (Jun 6, 2022)  
Let me start by throwing some light on what digitalization actually is digitalization is something due to which.

The time required to do some kind of lengthy work can be reduced, and it becomes very simple to do.

So here are some of the advantages of digitalization in India;

--> Because of digitalization now it is possible to transfer any amount of money, book any kind of ticket online and even now we can book our seat also before travelling within a second using our mobile.

--> for students in this corona period it is possible to continue their study at home just using their phone or laptop.

So every coin has two faces, it has advantages so it must have disadvantages as well.

--> Students become too lazy because of the online classes.

--> online fraud rapidly increasing due to the sudden blast of digitalization and due to unemployment in this corona period.

But thinking combine the advantage is far more than the disadvantage one so, it is good to live in digital India.

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Amisha Gouda said: (Jun 2, 2022)  
Let me start by throwing some light on what is meant by Digital India. It means using digital services for our development purpose. Through digital India, everyone is getting benefitted whether it be the poor or rich.

The following are the advantages of digital India:

1) Now people sitting at one place can transfer money to another place within seconds. They don't need to carry cash.
2) It reduces paperwork.
3) It brings a full stop to black money.
4) During the lockdown period, students got benefitted as their offline classes were taken online which helped them to continue their studies even though this pandemic.
5) Small businesses have blossomed with the help of the internet. They can provide their services online to everyone and to everywhere.
6) People got services that made their lives easy, like ordering food online, booking tickets, shopping, etc.

If there are advantages then disadvantages also exist:

1) Online fraud got rapidly increased.
2) During a lockdown when people were forced to quit working then crime rates increased due to unemployment.
3) People became lazy as everything was made online available.
4) Students had to spend more time in front of gadgets which invited eyesight problems.

As a whole, there are both advantages and disadvantages of digital India but the advantages overpower the disadvantages.

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Madhav said: (May 26, 2022)  
Before knowing the benefits of digital India, we should know what is digitalization. The first thing that strikes our mind by hearing about Digitalization is something that reduces our workload and we can consume our time for other useful work. Now if we talk about the benefits then the most important thing is it reduces paperwork and we all know paperwork is a huge sector to work on. It needs a lot of time and efficiency. The second thing is we don't have to take our personal documents with us everywhere. We don't have to personally present there to submit our documents, we can easily do it online. The third thing is we can transfer money from one place to a faraway place in seconds. Though it has a negative side also. It increases the online fraud risk. But its positive side is so dominant that it covers the negative aspect. Digital India is the best step that our government has taken to show the world that we don't say that we are developing but also we are proving through our work.

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Parth said: (May 12, 2022)  
Digitalization has both positive points and negative points.

The positive points are.

. It reduces the paper work.
. People uses online shopping which saves times.
. It reduces to carry personal documents physically.
. It helps to reach at a destination without asking anybody.
. People can transfer money from one place to another in seconds.

The negative points are.

. People do not do physical exercise.
. The online fraud risk is increased.

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Siddhesh Bajad said: (May 10, 2022)  
Digital India is a great benefit for Indian citizens of all ages. The benefits for children of using Digital resources are that they can learn various skills and do extracurricular activities such as singing, learning to play multiple instruments, etc. For youngsters or freshers in the industry, the digital movement can prove beneficial to upskill themselves. Also, many transactions can be done effortlessly and quickly without harming the environment. The elderly people also can benefit from the digital movement as they could be able to get more information about any schemes from the government for the elderly and also day to day news can be brought to their fingertips. Thus, as a whole Digital India will benefit all people of any age.

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Mohana said: (May 7, 2022)  
Before starting to tell about digital India, everyone should know what actually mean by the term DIGITAL INDIA is. The knowledge we require for efficient performance in using digital service for the development of our motherland, giving competition to developed countries and solving the problems in India using the digital world. As far as I concerned, all the people are will get an advantage. So let's make our country develop.

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Supi said: (May 4, 2022)  
Digital India defines where India stands when we talk about moving along with the World. So if we are doing good in this sector we are also trying to compete with the Western States. It will help to improve the understanding of digital world to not so far reached Indians toward technology.

It will make India paper less so environment is also safe.

Better replacement as a green sector.

Also, helps in innovation, education, skill development, reaching the unreached, unify the diversified country with huge population and many more.

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Govind said: (Apr 28, 2022)  
Of course, digital India benefited in many sectors, it makes our life so easy. It helps us in education during covid, connect people worldwide etc. Etc. But still, it has some disadvantages as well like it makes students lazy.

It impacts our health as well as our eyesight.

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Ankush Yadav said: (Apr 26, 2022)  
Hello everyone,

Let me put light on how digital India benefits India, digitalisation is a great move to build an economy and a good economy because if India comes on the digital platform so we can monitor or easy to maintain the data digitally.

It is a secure method to keep your data online which is easily accessible. Digitalisation also reduces the paperwork which indirectly saves our environment, people were using smartphones nowadays and they do not want to carry physical money so they carry money in their phone which is also help them, people were getting everything in one place this is the benefit of digitalisation like railway ticket, bus ticket, taxi, hotels, etc.

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Hrishita said: (Apr 23, 2022)  
The main objective of Digital India campaign is to increase internet connectivity, improve infrastructure, reduce paperwork and provide electronic government services to Indian citizens to make India a digitally empowered country. This campaign will not only help boost the economy of the country but Indians will connect with the whole world, their communication with their relatives, friends and family members will become instant and easy. Internet users using social media and advanced technology will find a medium to share thoughts and ideas with the world. This campaign will run under the umbrella of Internet, all the cities and rural areas of the country will be connected with high speed internet services. This will help Indians to improve their standards by gaining knowledge, skills and technical know-how from the Internet.

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Rocky said: (Apr 21, 2022)  
Digital India brings us a lot of things and also we can proudly say India is a developing country, this scheme is preliminary launched by the government of India. Nowadays 40 to 50 percent of the Indian population are using this platform. Because everyone is addicted to online shopping, online payment, and online learning.

Why we need this platform is easy to use, no need to wait hours or days to make payments, safe and secure. But one of the drawbacks is there everyone aware of these online scams, thefts, etc. Totally we want digital India to take India into the next level.

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Anagha said: (Apr 13, 2022)  
Digital India is more beneficial to youth or a student. Because they can learn anything they want at any time without going to the classroom. Not only for students but other people who can't able to learn because of their age or work, they also get a benefit.

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Ravina said: (Apr 12, 2022)  
Digital India has a significant role in our life. This means nowadays we're depending on online platforms for our day to day activities such as bill payments, educational purposes, etc. We've access to lots of information. So we can improve our knowledge, and can save time. In the meantime, it has some barriers like online theft.

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Nikita Ajabe said: (Apr 12, 2022)  
Digital India is an initiative taken by our respected PM Narendra Modi in 2015 to empower our nation. In digital India, people are doing many things like online shopping, bill payment, transaction and most important studying out of the classroom and without a teacher and in a very efficient way and sitting at home.

As every society in our nation uses these things, we can't say this only this particular society is benefited by this campaign rather it is benefited to everyone.

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Ishu Parihar said: (Mar 28, 2022)  
Digital India is a campaign launched by the government of India which aim to provide internet access to each every person of the country.

It is the great initiative which is beneficial to everyone of us as it helped all of us doing tasks like payment transactions, education, booking tickets, work from home etc. During pandemic. And now digitalization has changed the way we operate or we can say that it is making our life easy. Also, digitalization is making the opportunities available to everybody which was before limited to few only.

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Ishu Parihar said: (Mar 27, 2022)  
Digital India is a campaign launched by the government of India which aim to provide internet access to each & every person of the country.

It is the great initiative which is beneficial to everyone of us as it helped all of us doing tasks like payment transactions, education, booking tickets, work from home etc. During pandemic. And now digitalization has changed the way we operate or we can say that it is making our life easy. Also, digitalization is making the opportunities available to everybody which was before limited to few only.

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Rohit Roy said: (Mar 24, 2022)  
Digital is a word that connects the whole global world in a single moment. To make India digital, People have to take attention of providing authentic data in each and every aspect of life as we have witnessed. Digital India makes India self-reliant at the global level, especially in transactions via import or export. By digitally India can avail of many opportunities to bring some new innovative skills in startups to grow and promote the pros of the internet and digitally connected. From this, we can say that it will always be the best option to connect India via digitally.

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Vishal said: (Mar 23, 2022)  
Digital India helps every single person of Indian because it gives us a vision of things in a new way. After covid, the demand for digitalization was increased significantly.

Digitalization has many benefits.

1) time-saving.
2) cost-efficient.
3) Easy to use.
4) Safe and secure.

Digital India also gives many opportunities to youths.

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Akanksha Kumari said: (Mar 22, 2022)  
Nowadays many people use everything online like online shopping, online banking, online payment etc. So, we are in benefit because we are doing any work online at home. Especially, IT peoples are in benefit because they make apps for making our life easier.

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Devika R Singh said: (Mar 21, 2022)  
Digitalization is a much needed reform that is on-going in our country. Catching up with the 4th industrial revolution, India now gets to experience new-age technology which not only is time-saving but also very well structured. It opens up a lot of avenues which wasn't available previously to the common-man; one can now access their driving license online, find best practises of agriculture at the click of a button, make payments at the comfort of their homes and utilise most government facilities, all under the umbrella of Digital India.

This empowerment not only benefits citizens but will also give a much needed push to the Indian manufacturing sector by further pushing away the notion that we are solely an agriculture-based economy.

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Kalaiyarasan Annadurai said: (Mar 21, 2022)  
In simple words, manual processing stepped into online.

Like Aadhar, Fastag, Smartcard, online counselling, Online application for every government I'd cards.


1. Work done in Faster.
2. Low cost.
3. Save time.
4. Verification process is quicker.
5. Simple and Faster.

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Shivani Dutta said: (Mar 3, 2022)  
Digital India is a mission which was Started in 2015 by the govt in order to ramp up the use of digital technology in every aspect of Indian governance. Talking about its benefits it is immense and moreover it doesn't benefits only a single section of society but each and every person who is living in this country.

Whether it comes to adopting digital technologies in defense or securing payment online every thing has gotten smoother by the use of digital platforms. We came to know the real potential of digital platforms only in this pandemic when physical contact became a nightmare for all of us.

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Ishita said: (Feb 17, 2022)  
Digital India is an initiative taken by the Indian government to empower our nation. Digitalization of India is the need of the hour. With a vision of Digital India, the Indian government has passed the budget for this financial year.

Digital India is beneficial for everyone. It is working to the root level of India. As we all have gone through a horrendous Pandemic, it is only the digitization that made our life a bit easy.

Digitalization has made our life effortless. From E-commerce to educational institutions everyone is getting benefited. The digitalization of India is the opening door to considerable opportunity.

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Pavikumar T said: (Feb 17, 2022)  
Digital India, the whole world is active in their professionalism while even in this pandemic people Worked.

People communicated their difficulties to get basic needs.

Especially, E-commerce platforms saves the cities which is not currently having the market to buy vegtables to cook.

Basic needs like the medicines also we are getting from E-Commerce platform.

So, everything here is the challenge in this same situation before a 100 years of pandemics.

But, not now.

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Anjali said: (Feb 15, 2022)  
Firstly digitalisation is a boon. Because in this pandemic we all have seen many problems and all these problems are figure out by internet only whether it is In the field of study, money related, transport, and many more. This is the only platform by which we had done all our stuff.

And of course, digital India will make our country more productive more technical so that we can also represent our nation.

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Priyanka said: (Feb 14, 2022)  
Digital India benefits almost every individual of the nation, whether it is Government Sectors, Defence Sectors, Engineering Sectors, Medical Sectors, Industrialists, Factories Employees, Businesses Men, entrepreneurial, etc, . It makes life easy for every individual in respective fields. There are lots of example of Digital India- AADHAR, Bharat Broadband Network, BHIM, E-Panchayat, Smart Cities and lot more. It saves lot of time and cost effective as well. Since India is developing nation, this is very crucial initiative which helps the nation to become self-reliant.

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Deepika Singh said: (Feb 10, 2022)  
Digital India means try to making India advance and digitalised. Digitalisation is step towards growth and development as we know that India is Developing country and we need to do take many steps to convert it into developed country. Through digitalisation things become easy and helps a lot even in every sectors, whether it is related with education sector, polity sector, infrastructure sector etc. Digitalisation makes things easy through this poor people and students are able to take benefits of online classes and all. If I talk about digitalization. Digital things takes their place at averywhere. Wherever you have to go you can use metro to reach there in less time without wasting time. Means you can take many examples of digitalization because we have more than 10k examples of Digitalisation.

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Sayan Dey said: (Feb 4, 2022)  
Digital India is a great and one of the most important initiative by the India government and it is one of those projects that will help India to reach $5 trillion economy and it's a strong step towards being a developed nation.

Digitalization has completely changed the lifestyle of the people of India. Each and every sector is benefiting from this and now we're shifting from traditional to digital era. From banking to shopping, from online education to video calling, making bill payments to transfer money in seconds digital platforms are making things smooth and fast.

But we should not forget it has few disadvantages as well. If the bank accounts are being hacked then all the hard earned money will disappear within seconds. Its also very addictive especially for kids and it can seriously damage their eyes.

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Vishnu Thakur said: (Feb 1, 2022)  
Digital India will benefit us all. Digital India aims at making our country digitally strong. In administrative field we can do away with the bulks of "Dreadful pile of data" and store in cloud space. In education smart class rooms for our future and present children will increase the interaction between an average child and a teacher. Today children can access any physics related video with good animations which helps in generating interest in the minds of those children for physics, mathematics, arts, chemistry etc.

Digital India will bring high speed cable networks to villages which will connect the local Panchayats and empower our village people to connect with the world and raise their voices and demands.

It will also improve the dispensation of various government schemes for poor and bringing them benefits to their door steps.

Everything depends on how the government proceeds in terms of policy making. The policies should be stable and long term. Government should also focus on the increasing cases of cyber crimes.

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Anjali said: (Jan 26, 2022)  
Digital India is a campaign launched by our honourable Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi on 1st July 2015. The main motto of this initiative is "Power to Empower". This initiative aims to make available all the government services digitally with improved online infrastructure. The main of the Indian government is to provide high internet connectivity to rural areas.

Digital India campaign act as an enabler to many schemes such as StartUp India, Bharat Net, Make In India and many more. It aims to empower the citizens of India in the field of technology.

If we talk about whom Digital India benefits, it is proved to be beneficial for all of us in every field. Some of the initiatives of this campaign are e-governance, e-learning, e-healthcare, online transactions, digital attendances of government employees, Umang, Mygov and many more.

Yet, there are some challenges to it. Some of them are that there is a need of a large number of cybersecurity experts to monitor and check on the growing digital crime, there are some people who are illiterate, there are some people who are not in touch with technology and there could be many more challenges.

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Suya said: (Jan 24, 2022)  
Digital India, is an initiative started by the Indian government that has the main motive of making corruption-free India.

Due to digital India, we can do all banking transactions, railway ticket booking, paying fees of college and entrance exam by in 1 minute only. Because of the digital India boom of share market is started in India that one is very good point now young population of India started investment in share market learning and making money from it.

Now, let's talk about covid time, people avoiding direct contact, all bank is shut down but because of digital India, all online transaction of the bank is going on. Our friends far from us are now like one-touch far because of video calling option, college is running during a pandemic because of digital India initiative only.

Digital India's only main disadvantages are cyber security and for old age, people's smartphone usage problem is there but slowly is going fine there children and friends are helping them to use of smartphones.

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Neel said: (Jan 22, 2022)  
In the era of digitilization, we were able to see the world which was only possible in dreams. From faster payments to getting the documents in hand without going anywhere, one can easily save lot of time and efforts for getting the work done. As all payments records are kept while making digital payments it helped in reducing corruption upto some extent, Additionally, we can't imagine our lives in COVID pandemic without digitalization. On the other hand, the fact can't be ignored one needs to be educated in order to enjoy benefits of this scheme, cases of cyber crime are another blunders.

But the good thing is that this problems are on their way to extinction as various user friendly apps and awareness regarding frauds is created by various means.

At last, I would like to conclude that it was the revolutionary move by our country and only because of this step we today are able to compete in this world.

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Tital said: (Jan 19, 2022)  
In the drive of digitalization of India, there has been created many opportunities for people of India, it is or it will not only make our work or daily life easy its is also saving our time, we have seen that era where there was a long line outside the bank, the railway station, the post, & forgetting the assets we have to spend much to on doing that, but not we can make easily transaction, send msg, or book tickets for our journey or many further things like I have said. By the education value, it makes great and by that, we can apply for the job easily or do the digital-related job so digital India drive is a great initiative by govt.

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Aryan Nagwekar said: (Jan 8, 2022)  
I think it's a good decision taken by the government. Digitalization has many benefits such as it reduces paperwork, filling forms of government by sitting at home especially during pandemic digitalisation was used by most of the citizens. Our online education is also an example of digitalisation. Yes, there are some limitations of digitalization such as online fraud etc and digitalization is done through mobile, laptop etc so in rural areas people are not aware of this system and they also do not have knowledge about all this. But overall in my opinion digitalization is beneficial in our daily life.

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Shiva Chaliki said: (Jan 6, 2022)  
Digital India is a scheme launched by the Indian government, it's very beneficial for all of us.

Here are some certain points.

1) This scheme helps not only the urban areas people but also for rural areas people.

2) Through this scheme we can easily do some essential things like transactions, online eCommerce business, or any other business also.

3) We can connect with each other also have long distances.

4) We can easily fill up our form for any government-related like ration card, voter card, etc instead of going to the local panchayat.

5) Many more schemes are launched by the government, so the rural areas people also get information about it.

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Mahaveer Tada said: (Dec 29, 2021)  
Digital India is a scheme launched by the Indian government. It is very beneficial for us. It help to develop our country's economy. By digitalization, we can easily do some essential things like transactions, online business and online study. We can fill up forms of any government jobs and government-related like ration card, voter card. By correct use of digitalization, people can learn and achieve many things and internet gives much information for gain knowledge about anything we can do our work from home' in pandemic like a corona.

Digitalization also has some disadvantages like In online transactions there are possibilities of cybercrime. Sometimes transactions get failed. In online education, the teacher-student intersection is less. So digitalization has both advantages and disadvantages.

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Mita said: (Dec 27, 2021)  
Digital India is a scheme launched by the Indian government, it's very beneficial for all of us.

Here are some certain points are written down.

1) This scheme helps not only the urban areas people but also for rural areas people.

2) Through this scheme we can easily do some essential things like transactions, online eCommerce business, or any other business also.

3) We can connect with each other also have long distances.

4) We can easily fill up our form for any government-related like ration card, voter card, etc instead of going to the local panchayat.

5) Many more schemes are launched by the government, so the rural areas people also get information about it.

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Mansi Kumari said: (Dec 26, 2021)  
As India is developing our government took an initiative to make our country more modern and to develop more opportunities by making India digital. Here digital means to make India cashless, whether it's selling or buying anything or in-office work, in all places people should promote digital India by preferring more of online mode than of paper. Digital India is beneficial for everyone whether a person is poor or rich, everyone has a smartphone in today's time. By correct use of the internet, people can learn and achieve so many things. The Internet gives us so many opportunities that if every person has the correct knowledge of using it then nobody has to suffer from poverty or illiteracy. By adopting digital India, ease of doing business is possible. They promote small businesses as well. The only thing one has to keep in mind is that everything comes with good and bad. So one should also be careful enough while taking all the benefits as well.

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Krishan said: (Dec 25, 2021)  
Digital India was launched by the goverment of India. There are many advantages of digitalisation like;

1) Through digitalisation one person can do payment to anyone to anywhere at any time through UPI without standing in the que of bank.

2) Through digitalisation teachers can teach the student online using a online platform. Which saves time of student of teacher and student to travel. It connects the teachers students worldwide.

3) Through digitalisation people can do their work from home. It also saves time of the employer.

As we discussed about the advantages of digitalisation but there are some disadvantages like.

1) In the online transaction there are higher possibility of cyber crime.

2) Because of online education teacher student interaction is less.

3) Digitalisation also affect the health because of work long hours through laptop or mobile phone.

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Mansi Ksheersagar said: (Dec 16, 2021)  
What is Digital India - It promotes cashless payments to anyone, anywhere?

The government took the decision, why It has many reasons like for in future comes in a developed country, for health issues (eg. Corona pandemic), create awareness to our peoples because today's time everybody has a smartphone. But it is fact that some new things come so it comes to their pros and cons like fraud, misuse private details, fraud calling and so on. But I would like to say as an Indian we should support our country and The government decisions and be careful about fraud why?

Just like we open a bank account in a bank we all know the future is uncertain for our carelessness we lost everything so support " DIGITAL INDIA".

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Rhutuja Wagh said: (Dec 15, 2021)  
1) Digital India was launched by the Government Of India. It is a good initiative by the Minister Of India to make our country digital, because of digitization peoples do their personal and professional work anytime and anywhere. They access all details using digital functionality.

2) We know due to covid-19, we suffer lots of problems, banks were closed that time we have done all transaction using UPI (Unified Payment Interface), Net-banking etc. Without standing in a queue at the minimum time that makes it easier using digitalization.

3) In Pandemic all schools and colleges are closed. No physical resource is available for students but using an online platform students to connect with education is a big thing done by digitalization.

4) This is the last but not the list digitalization is very helpful for Agriculture and our farmer brothers, using Artificial intelligence they grow their Traditional farm to Urban farm And Using mobile Apps they connect directly to the customers without interrupting Third Party they sell their goods to the customer and increase their profit in less time in affordable rate.

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Shubham said: (Dec 15, 2021)  
Due to digitalisation, people go for online shopping due to this there is a very bad impact on those people business who don't know about technology or who can't afford that online service so these types of services are generally only afforded by rich people so those people who are already reaching they can earn money easily while those who open small shops their business decrease gradually!

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Shiva said: (Dec 15, 2021)  
It benefits for entire people, which have aware of the internet. Using this new technology and without any cost pay, they can do work their financial. It's not only in financial profit it's provided me make awareness of what is going on in the entire India or world.

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Poornima Ralla said: (Dec 14, 2021)  
Digital India is good for financial transparency. But India has a huge population. To store and to make any changes in data we need Data Centers to decrease the problem of the "server busy" Message box in government schemes.

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Harshad K V said: (Dec 11, 2021)  
It benefits everyone involved in such a huge transformation. Digital India will make you live in a virtual environment.

Our living and there is no any depending for third party permission. Works will be done through digital.

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Yash said: (Dec 6, 2021)  
Yes, there are lots of benefits from digitization but on the other hand, lots of rural people are not aware of that much technology so they got fooled by online hacking, money laundering.

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Kannan said: (Dec 5, 2021)  
If we can track every transaction digitally to its origin it will be a step towards eradicating black money. People should be accountable for the money they have and the assets they own. Slowly we should phase out this physical currency to become a digital economy. Now even many small merchants have the technology to use digital transactions (Paytm etc) it is the right time to start the transition. As usual, some corrupt minds will not like this idea. I hope we move in the right direction.

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Vijendra said: (Dec 3, 2021)  
Digital India has revolutionized our world, it has ease down various obstacles that use to come before digitization. I remember after completion of my board exam for filling various competitive exams we had to fill forms in hard copy and had to go through so many hardships. Digitization has provided a platform to people for expending money, you can't deny the fact that people dealing with online payment using gate ways like upi, credit/ debit card, google pay, phone pay etc. Are expending and having much more transactions than people transactioning in cash.

Digital India has provided a path for our nation's rapid development.

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Obuliraj V said: (Nov 30, 2021)  
Digital India benifits only for people who have mobile phones and internet facilities. Even if it is still helpful for them, it makes them lazy and careless.

Digital India is not safe and reliable also. For example if we are paying in a shop through our upi id, sometimes it will get failed, sometimes it will take time and it comes processing sometimes. At this kind of situation, if we don't have a pay on cash option they will make us clean their dishes.

These days we are ordering things through online shopping, we could get damaged products. It won't be good as we buy in local shops, we won't get satisfied.

Digital India is not also helping in educational field. Classes conducted through online are not as good as offline classes. We are paying study fees, and now have to buy a mobile phone and recharge it with a data pack of 2 gb per day which has become 300 rs per month now.

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Dinesh Kumar said: (Nov 30, 2021)  
Nowadays technology is booming in day by day while taking an example of students in an online class and working from home, Students are basically suffering to understand the class some students have not attended the class because due to internet connection but this the best opportunity for the students to learn coding read a books lot of time are here all of you got interested and do it our president says 2022 will be introduced 6G it is good information when hearing the news I am very excited. But the students and expects question why we are going directly 6G? Is 5G already have you introduced? we get towers all around India ? But hope 6G will be connected to the urban and rural areas but in that Corona situation, rural areas can't be able to connect to the internet.

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U.Charan Tej said: (Nov 29, 2021)  
Digital India has more benefits. In this busy life, we are busy with our respective jobs so in such a situation the online platform is good though that can be used to buy groceries and online banking.

Rate this: +18 -2

Nishigandha Rajkumar R said: (Nov 27, 2021)  
According to me, Digital India is the way towards development.

Nowadays, India transferring from a developing country as president of the USA declared that India is not part of GSP generalized system preference which is established for the development of poor developing countries it means that India is on the way of development it considered a developed country and this is shown by digital India.

It means becoming a digitalized country by the maximum utility of digital equipment, also digital currency, digital marketing, services.

It helps work efficiency and it's time-consuming & accurate.

By digital marketing, the business developed & easy to import & export so increases in economic growth.

Through digital education, there is advancement in the education system.

It connects the world by the teacher to students, employer to employees.

It affects the banking sector also easy trade & business.

But a coin has two sides likewise if we adopted digitalization it has some demerits also like due to digitalization valuable information data stored can be leaked off also cyber security problems arises.

Not everyone utilizes digitalization, common people are not able to adapt to this digital world.

It requires specific knowledge & special skills.

If we use a digital currency like cryptocurrency, bitcoin it affects the economy.

Regulation & control disturbed and the country goes towards decentralisation.

So, digital India forward country but it has some issues if we find technology to tackle it then it's beneficial to World.

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Ayushi said: (Nov 27, 2021)  
Digital India has many benefits. It saves our time and energy. Instead of traveling from place to place and standing on a long queue, now we can easily transfer money and can do online shopping and many more things. Since in this busy day everyone is busy in their respective fields of work no one wants to travel for doing some small things. So its benefits our life and improves our standard of living.

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Venu said: (Nov 20, 2021)  
Yeah so well.

Digital India has become one of the most important things in day to day life. Where we all are using the UPI's to transfer the money from the bank and also scooping, marketing, trading and many other things right away. We can just browse on the server to know any new interesting ideas. And during this last pandemic situation, many online applications are used to grow the knowledge of the students. Which played a vital role. And finally, I wanna that is. Making more digitalization may affect the future generation. Where we can see a lot of machines instead of people. So, far ahead.

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Suriya said: (Nov 20, 2021)  
Digital India, benefits all the citizens of India. It saves our time as it minimizes the time needed to complete work and it reduces our workload. It's very easy for us to work with mobile phones rather than moving from place to place to complete work. It's also quite easy for employees to process the data online using modern technology, digitalization. The main objective of digital India is to provide the power to empower. So, it's never a bane to society. It will always remain a boon and transform India into a digitally well-developed country in the world.

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Chauhan said: (Nov 18, 2021)  
Yes, everyone are familiar to the word Digital India, I think this is the way to save our time. Many of us have no time to spend with loved ones due to over work of any organisation and some of have their own business due to that we are busy enough and forgetting or we can say we are missing those days where we spend our time with our parents, brother or sister so due to digital India we could save lots of time and at that remaining we have opportunities to do something different from others, enhancing skills whatever we like to do we can. We can do a lot of work by sitting at their home.

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Anu said: (Nov 14, 2021)  
Digital India. Yeah, it's beneficial in many cases in our day-to-day life. It consumes more time. Used in Like online shopping, money transition, massaging, studying. It's very useful in COVID-19 pandemics time for many students and the world many people.

But we lose many things like our environment and forests many lives and our lovable one. We all are running towards money and money. Nowadays a computer is more important than a person.

We lose our skills our ability in front of a microcomputer. A simple calculation we do in the computer.

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Vallik said: (Nov 12, 2021)  
The strenuous growth of digitalization is a deciding factor to explain why a country stands ahead of all the others. The need for digitalization of India is essential to keep itself in race with competing world economies. The digitalization provides a good platform in easing beyond human efforts in daily life as well as on the professional front. The mark of digitalization is a result of educational and professional reforms that benefits the people of a country to better living by reducing the human efforts and increase the productivity on a larger scale. Apart from the benefits of simplifying day to day life, it also has cons in replacement of machine with reduction of human employment which is a fiery aspect that needs to be solved as early as possible in the country along with misuse cases leading to series of crisis.

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Gaurav S said: (Nov 9, 2021)  
Yeah, digital India is good.

Many things are very easy in the digitization if we want to know about any thing we just type on google and we got numerous information from and by the help of digitization we are growing faster in technology and new startup's ideas. And also we are doing easily transactions from bank to another bank account that things are possible because of digitization in pandemic everyone faced problems but some. But many people do well in this pandemic. In short they do apadaa ko avsar mai badal dea. Many people's start making there YouTube videos some starts freelancing and many more and they makes money with the help of technology.

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S Devika Bhat said: (Nov 1, 2021)  
Digital India will be beneficial to the country's people mainly due to its high-speed internet connection, which is not easily available these days. For the last 2 years, most of the working professionals had to quit their job because of the difficulty in attaining a good internet connection platform to work which has put them to a great loss. But, for the generations to come, I assure you that those people will be living in the most digitally developed country in terms of technology in the world.

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Ajay Kumar said: (Oct 31, 2021)  
Digital India is a program of government which makes our country become a knowledge economically strong and do things easily it makes people to do information and technology easily and quickly.

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Dee said: (Oct 29, 2021)  
Digitalization in India will be benefitting the citizens of India most along with the government. It would be a faster, safer and more reliable mode of exchange of currency. There would be a tremendous decrease in the crime rate which includes paper currency like black money, looting, pickpocketing. It would make life easy and similar as people need not carry any paper money for shopping, hospital, hotels, shops etc. The government will be benefited as they could keep track of digital money more easily as it would connect to their bank account and the government will have details.

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Priya Kumari said: (Oct 26, 2021)  
Digitalization is proved helpful for all, through this we are now able to easily access to our bank accounts or do payments anywhere. In the current situation, without digitalization, there were so many problems faced by the population as due to COVID every sector was closed industries, companies, schools, colleges and all and it would have not been possible for anyone to move ahead without online classes or work from home facilities. Going ahead there has been a huge benefit to the government due to this, now they can easily get all the taxes. Further due to this anyone can apply easily for any form or scholarship.

So, digitalization is helpful and we are on the verge of digitalization.

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Swetha said: (Oct 21, 2021)  
Good morning.

Digital India is beneficial to many people. We can do our online transactions in anywhere. So, it makes people's work easier. It is time-saving. Especially in COVID lockdown, it is very helpful. Students use this for online classes, they explore to know new things in the internet like youtube, Google. This makes students more capable. In every sector like medical, agriculture, industries. Etc. , we are doing more activities through this digital platform. Now, technology is growing up so, this digital India gives competition and communicates with other countries.

At last, in my opinion, we have to use this digital platform in limit then only we can achieve. If not, it can cause health problems and reduction of man-made work. I mean if machines can do all these things then what man can do. So, we have to use it in the right way.

Rate this: +35 -7

Gautam Jangid said: (Oct 21, 2021)  
According to my thought, the Digitalization of India is so crucial and very important to running with some competitor Countries. Because of Digital India, Our Money transactions, Online classes, Competitive Exams in every sector and new things that we think impossible now that's possible. This process is so important for the growth of India. But my main message is Don't spend too much time on this. Our health is also important for us.
Jai Hind

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Levi Ackerman said: (Oct 20, 2021)  
In my view, digitisation in India is indeed a good step but it's not really happening. Though the mode of the online transaction has got a headstart, even then today all money transactions are not being made using Paytm or such modes. The reason behind it is that many of these transactions are in reality bribery. And if these are given or taken through any online transaction mode then a record will be kept and people might get caught. Digitalisation helps everyone if done in the right way.

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Kavithagopi said: (Oct 20, 2021)  
Digital India is a nation which was introduced by pm of India after the decision of Note ban, at the earlier it was a very strange and rare concept for the masses of India but later it took the unbelievable scope and now not only in Metropolitan but also in rural areas people are using it very effectively, Continuously and day by day New user of it is adding.

First and foremost, it's bliss for us and we get rid of carrying money in our pocket and we are getting relief from stealing of money which normally does in our country. Furthermore, Tax evasion is very common in India and undoubtedly this is the main concern that led India towards poverty, imbalance of development and unemployment as well but, due to digital transaction every single business even we spend 1 Rupya it tracks and all records saved in required system and government are easily getting all set taxes on the transaction. It enhanced transparency, accuracy and eradicated corruption and we are on the verge of digital business.

On another hand, every coin has two sides so this dogmas also has the Least problem with it i.e. in most of areas resources of digital transaction not available and apart from these, it requires little bit of knowledge of technology or at least the operation of a transaction, which makes fear that in some cases illiterate People will have to face the problem of cheating or deception although, since it's existence we have not found more such cases so we can say that "Digital India Success " and its totally in the welfare of common man and too much benevolent.

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Pavan Kalyaan V said: (Oct 18, 2021)  
Digital India benefited every sector either it is business or education or governance sector. But somehow few illiterate haven't benefited where there are no smart devices or internet. Many of the undergrounded talents or skills had come out by social media. It made the transaction easy which makes benefit to the economic sector. Even in the education sector also it played an imp role. Due to this programme, people learned how to access smart devices and now they are getting knowledge of what is happening in the world. Even in the agriculture sector also farmers trying new techniques that they have seen in smartphones.

So, in my opinion, everyone is benefiting from the digital India programme, except a few rural people.

Thank you.

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Anurag Anand said: (Oct 6, 2021)  
It is launched by the prime minister of India. It is good initiative by Indian government to make our country digital. Because of digitalization people can do online transaction any where at any point of time. In Covid times people use to study from you tube. This is the advantage of digital India. In this pandemic people used to do their online regular class they can study easily.

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Student said: (Oct 6, 2021)  
Around 2015 onwards, India is moving towards digitalization and with most of the Gen X and Gen Z population the transformation is multiplied. All the government related information, reports, filling and registration can be accessed online. The emergence of various startups who are connecting the target customers via internet and people are also enjoying the comfort of getting everything in just a click.

But some people are not enjoying digital India.

Who are benefitted?

1. Demographical factor - The online world is very much enjoyed and used by the teenagers and adults of around 40 years who are literate. Exceptions are there like a 80 year educated person definitely finds it easy to use.

2. Business- Being digital opens up new opportunities for business and they can reach to customers anywhere in the world. It becomes easy to serve people when most of the information are online. It also reduces redundancy.

3. Customers - Digital India saves time, effort and energy of every one and makes the process smooth.

A complete digital India can also be curse to some.

Literacy and rural areas becomes a major challenge in digital India. Non educated people attracts the risk of revealing the personal details like bank account and rural areas still face network issue. This situations depart them from availing the services.

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Mihir Maurya said: (Oct 6, 2021)  
Thsi Digital India initiative giving more options to us. Earlier if someone want to prepare for any exam they need to go to a city for preparation. But due to digitalization we can prepare at home. It makes life easy. Digital India initiative providing jobs to many people. Earlier you rarely find any Indian Youtuber but nowadays there are many who are totally depend of YouTube for there livelihood.

But it takes time to reach each and every people of India.

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Manu said: (Oct 4, 2021)  
Good morning everyone,

As our prime minister announced that India is going to be next step towards digital, in this time, digitalization is necessary for growth of our country and it will be make human life very simple like we can make transaction at anywhere, anytime with our mobile phones by this we don't want to go to banks, ATMs and digital India provokes many people to make themselves in the field of innovation and technology.

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Dhruv said: (Sep 28, 2021)  
India is a developing country. Major population of the country have no access to either reliable internet or smart devices. As per the digital India initiative, the target of govt is to bring a cashless economy. But making payment via smartphones using internet banking requires knowledge and skills to use a computer or smartphone. Which major population of our country lacks. So, only the educated and contented population of our country will be benefitted from this initiative.

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Divya said: (Sep 27, 2021)  
As India is moving towards digitization very rapidly it is growing in the digital world and also making an impact in the world.

In situations like covid being digital gives various benefits not particularly for a certain sector or people but also useful for common as well as rich.

During corona lot of things get easy because of digitization in India. Ex; we don't have to go outside to buy anything we can order anything within a day or hour and it also because useful in corona situation people are not unnecessary want to get out of the house and also the spread of virus get in control because of less crowd.

In the coming 20year definitely, our India is going to be a developed, as well as digital country and every person can get benefits of the digital world.

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Rishab said: (Sep 25, 2021)  
Hello Everyone,

I am very much fortunate that our Prime Minister has taken the initiative of Digital India. It is a national movement which is encouraging every sector to use Digital Platform which will not only reduce the work load but will save a lot of time of the people.

Finally, I would like to say that Digital India will be a revolution and it will benefit all the sectors.

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S.Pal said: (Sep 23, 2021)  
Hello everyone.

I would like to talk about digitalization. Digital has played an important role defined in your life. Everyone already seems them. COVID time people have no work that time then digital can provide the more opportunities like a mask, ppkit, oximeter and different categories item a man can be made by the help of digital. So, today everyone, connect by digits. Digital is part of life. Without digital life man never can do that digital should provide more technology. So digital is part of life people are connected all the world it possible for digital.

That for my opinion.

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Neeraj Ode said: (Sep 23, 2021)  
It was a good initiative by the Indian govt and the prime minister of India to digitalized all the sector and make India digital.

I think it would benefit not for us individually having do work on digital platforms and feel relax but also to the country economically. It'll benefit all the sectors and people of society. Due to this all class of people and their work are interconnecting and they are performing themselves in easy way.

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Vishal said: (Sep 21, 2021)  
With the help of digital India, we can save a lot of time example as you all are seeing it from a long time that toll system take a lot of time for a single car for the transaction process but now these days Fast Tag is introduced which save a lot of time as well as efforts for a human being.

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Deven said: (Sep 19, 2021)  
Digitalization in this covid scenario is the most wanted thing we are having. We can say that with the help of digitalization, we have bent the curve to a great extent. It has helped everyone in the country.

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Manojkumar M said: (Sep 17, 2021)  
Good morning guys,

Today we have discussed the topic is digital India. In digital India mean so many facilities are there. It's like a metro train and automatically street lamp's are on and off. Similarly, a lot of things are there. New Delhi is one of the smart cities in India. And cashless transaction online transfer. Thank you for this opportunity.

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Meghna said: (Sep 16, 2021)  
Hello everyone. This is Meghna.

Digitalisation refers to shifting from the offline world to the digital world. Innovation and continuous improvement play a major role in digitalisation.

Digitalisation is helping everyone in these times i.e. The time of corona. From saving the jobs of teachers, saving the careers of students, to saving the lives of patient, digitalisation helps each and everybody.

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Krishna said: (Sep 9, 2021)  
It will benefit all the sections of society, right from poor people to rich because poor will come across the newly launched government.

Schemes for them and then they can easily take the benefits of them without giving any money to the middle man.

And the rich will get more opportunities to grow their business online.

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Shivya said: (Sep 8, 2021)  
Hello everyone,

Digital India as the topics indicate that we Indians handling benefit in our day to day life from waking up to sleeping nights digitalisation is essential for us.

Whether we are talking about e-commerce, for medication podcast and each & everything is in our tips for upbring this kind of facility thanks to our Indian companies like jio airtel without their service digital word doesn't clarify its role.

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Ravi Gupta said: (Sep 2, 2021)  
I think that digital India has benefited all people of the society but youth section has been most benefited. Let's see how the different sections of the society has benefited.

First, the older group who are not so much aware of the technologies and digitalization of everything. They are benefited as most of the services for them have also turned digital like there pensions or salary are being directly being deposited to their respective bank accounts.

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Akash said: (Aug 31, 2021)  
Hello Everyone.

According to me today's youth benefited the most from Digital India. Being a student, I can see all the privileges that I got after India has embraced digitalization. I am pretty sure other students and young people must have benefited too.

1) Good Quality education is no more limited to good colleges. Students can avail of top-rated courses of their own choice and that too from the comfort of their home. Due to this students from tier-2, tier-3 colleges are able to compete with students from top colleges.

2) Many youths started online start-ups, especially during the pandemic. The lives of many of them changed overnight. Internet is flooded with such success stories.

3) Digital world gave today's youths a platform where they can showcase their talent, raise voices, make connections, stay updated.

But It is sad to see that youths are getting so much indulged in this lucrative digital world. They started neglecting their friends and family. Screen time has overshadowed personal time.

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Shweta Singh said: (Aug 31, 2021)  
Hello everyone.

I am Shweta Singh. According to me, Digital means doing anything in online mode without being physically present.

It is a great initiative taken by our PM Modi in July 2015.

As we know due to the covid pandemic everything stopped but one thing that helped us to stay in a home is the internet which is considered the backbone of digital India.

To make it successful there was a big hand of Reliance group (jio), who provided is internet service first at free of cost and after one year at an affordable price.

Everything has two sides.

1. Removal of the black economy.
2. Creation of new jobs.
3. A mobile for worldwide access to all services.
4. A bank account for immediate benefit transfers of subsidies and payments.
5. Easy and complex study and study materials are easily available because of digitalization.
6. The program also aims to eliminate all electronics imports from foreign countries by 2020 and make India an electronics manufacturing superpower.


1. Data security.
2. Crime and Terrorism.
3. Social disconnect.
4. Work overload.
5. Digital media manipulation.
6. Job insecurity.
7. Addiction.
8. Social Alienation.

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Aashish Kumar said: (Aug 30, 2021)  
Hello Everyone.

My name is Aashish Kumar.

I belong to Himachal Pradesh. I am preparing for Indian Air Force. Now, I am going to tell you about Digital India.

Digital India is a campaign that is launched by the Indian Government in order to ensure government Services to made available to citizens electronically by improving online infrastructure, increasing internet connectivity or making the country digital empower in the field of technology. Its initiative includes plans to connect rural areas with high-speed internet networks. Its three core components are developing of secure and stable online infrastructure, delivering government Service online, and universally online literacy.

Thank you.

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Biswanath said: (Aug 29, 2021)  
Hi everyone, my name is Biswanath Kumar.

The Digital India program is initiated by our prime minister Narendra modi. In this universe, everything has advantages on one side and disadvantages on the other side. Similarly, digital India has some advantages. Like in this pandemic time digital things help us a lot. Without this, we would not be able to do our things done. Like for students, it helped to continue the education, it also helped to reduce the efforts which were made by most of us in prepandemic time by standing in a long queue ahead of the bank, for gas, to pay the electricity bill, etc. But this pandemic applied break on these things even then we were able to continue our work from home, and all things get done with the help of digital India programe.

Now there are some disadvantages too. Like the people who don't know how to use this digital thing, they become the victims of fraud and the number of fraudulent cases has increased.

But this digital India helped a lot to overcome this pandemic by continuing our work.

Thank you.

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Ravi Ranjan said: (Aug 27, 2021)  
One of the best benefits of digital India is that it's save our and time. We can do our work when ever we want to do. It gives transparency among the people. There is no need of lots of paper work we can do our work within minute.

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Vikas said: (Aug 24, 2021)  
In this populated country, the Digital India campaign which is launched by the Indian gov. On 1st July 2015 has been used in every sector till now. The rural areas are also taking its benefits. Their all work is going through digitalization. Almost every guy in rural areas uses online transactions which is safe and secure. In this pandemic, people are doing online shopping, payments, education, and business work from home securely.

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Anbu said: (Aug 24, 2021)  
Hi Friends,

I would like to share here my thoughts about digital India,

In line with digital India, this initiative has really helped us to get things done very quickly. In this current government has taken the big BOLD MOVE for digital. No need to carry cash everywhere if you have a smartphone it's enough. All the road shop vendors also kept the board. It's a very useful one. In this pandemic period, digital technology has helped students and employees.

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Swapna said: (Aug 24, 2021)  
Hello Everyone.

I am going to share my opinion on, who are getting benefits from digital India.

Firstly, Digital India means doing things in online modes, such as our banking transactions, reserving seats for traveling, marketing, etc. The main advantage of using this is we can save time and doing our needs fast. Olden days, before.

Digitalization we need to go for our needs and the whole process was done physically. But, Nowadays everyone had a smartphone even adults, illiterates and also they are good at operating this device. They also using digital payments and switching their lifestyle from offline to online.

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Suraj said: (Aug 23, 2021)  
The Digital India concept starts by our government in 2015. Before 2015 many people who want to withdraw their money from the bank, transfer money from one account to other accounts, booking an LPG cylinder, and many more like shopping, booking tickets, etc. Are only done by visiting the related places. It's a very time-consuming process and it's an everyday process for some people. After 2015 when government focuses on to make in India, Digital India then India moving towards paperless work, cashless work and the life of normal people become easy.

Obviously, every citizen in India is having the benefit of digital India.

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Rishabh said: (Aug 16, 2021)  
Digital India as started by the government of India in 2015 with the aim to reduce paperwork and also several governments, as well as private sector services, can be accessed by any citizen of India at the comfort of his home. So, Digital India solely benefits citizens of India regardless of he is living in a rural or urban area like booking of LPG cylinders, doing online transactions, online marketing, etc.

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Gaurav Patil said: (Aug 15, 2021)  
Digital India is the great kick start for Indian lower class, lower middle and middle class society. I think Digital growth of India is tends to improve knowledge and make this class of society come in flow of growth. People started thinking widely, It helps them to grow more and make them confident about there future, Their approach towards looking at life has been completely changed. Other thing is it also help farmers, small business, hidden artist, and everyone whom don't have platform to present themselves in front of world got great opportunity, New generation get advantage get wider range of knowledge, Professional training. River of knowledge come to everyone doorstep and it will create great impact on future of India.

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Shubham Prajapat said: (Aug 10, 2021)  
Digital India is benefitting both rural as well as urban population of India but the urban population is being benefitted more than the rural one. As we go 6-7 years back the amount of electricity that was being supplied to rural areas was not as much as now it is being supplied, so we can say that rural popuation is also being benefitted from it. I think the thing which revolutionised digital India campaign was JIO's entry in the Indian telecom market. After that India is actually become digital than being so called digital.

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Shri Ram said: (Aug 10, 2021)  
Digital India is a campaign that was launched by the Government of India on 1st July 2015. The main objectives of this campaign are To connect the rural areas with high-speed internet networks so that people of rural areas can able to understand the importance of Digitalization. All the government works should be provided electronically so that people can finish their work from their home easily and they can also able to differentiate between online and offline work as well. They can also know each and everything regarding any departmental, information at staying home. It goes without saying that only Ambani get more benefitted indirectly from this campaign of India.

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Digital India: Whom Does it Benefit?

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