Digital India: Whom Does it Benefit?

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Min Suga said: (Jun 26, 2019)  
I agree that due to digital India initiative, it has proved beneficial in many aspects, like railways, banking, shopping, transactions, education, etc. But whom does it actually benefit?

Only ones who possess a smartphone or any gadget, has access to an Internet connection, is in touch with government officials who help them, or the ones who aren't suppressed by poverty or illiteracy are benefitted. What about those who are debarred to these facilities?

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Keval Borsadiya said: (Jun 26, 2019)  
Yeah, Digital India is beneficial. It makrs out life easy. However, every coin has two sides one is beneficial and other is harmful. But in the case of Digital India benefits are more than drawbacks.

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Ankur said: (Jun 25, 2019)  
Digital India! A process of transferring data from paper to a digital form. Well, It benefits almost everyone out here, and there are plenty of applications. Easy process, availability, convenience.

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Radhika said: (Jun 25, 2019)  
I agree that it helps a lot in money transaction, ticket booking etc but if we are talking that it eradicate black money so don't agree because in these small transaction the transaction charges add that is not record so it ultimately goes in black money but in banks transaction charges are recorded.

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Latha said: (Jun 24, 2019)  
Digital India is a campaign, launched by PM modi in order to progress our country digitally and economically. There are more benefits for citizen in all sectors like banking, railway ticket booking etc. Because it's before we had to stand in a queue for money transfer and we had to go in cyber cafe for ticket booking but because of digitization we are doing everything at home by using paytm, google pay, phone pay etc. This thing we are doing easily because of digitization.

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Rakesh said: (Jun 24, 2019)  
I think it will benefit all area of people; like students to enhance their studies toa higher level;

Farmers to know more about farming from other farmers not only from India but also from other countries. It will benefit the corporate sector also. In my point of view, it saves time. In today life, we can do transactions of the bank by our home itself and we can shop online. We can know different news through digital media. Nowadays digital media is so chief that uses by all people every time.

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Dipen said: (Jun 22, 2019)  
I would like to say in favour of digital India.

As per my opinion, Modi government was taken a massive initiative to progress our country digitally and economically. It has a lot of benefits for people of India. Before digitization people had to wait a long time in a queue for transfer money, booking railways tickets but after digitization people used to pay digitally via app like paytm, bhim upi, PayPal, Google pay, phone pay etc and also booking their railway tickets by IRCTC app, yatra.

Besides those children are also benefited in their education they can easily clear their study related doubts by watching youtube, by jus, unacademy app.

Besides the benefits of stop corruption, time savings, tax evasion there are lots of disadvantages too, till there are lots of people of rural places are not aware of digital transaction and hackers can hack the money. So I think the government should take initiative to secure the system of the digital transaction so that no one can hack.

Finally, I want to say that it is a good step and we will be benefited if people know how to make 100% of its.

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Priya said: (Jun 22, 2019)  
Digital India is a campaign launched by Narendra Modi.


To ensure that government services are made available to citizens of India electronically by improved online infrastructure and high-speed internet connectivity.

Examples: e-services.

SBM app, digital signature, digital attendance etc.



1) no need to stand in long queues to book railway tickets or to transfer money.
2) Eco-friendly as papers saved.
3) hustle free work.
4) black money eradication.


1) Private information gets leaked easily.
2) Increased cyber crimes.
3) Without the internet, one can do nothing.

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Mayank said: (Jun 21, 2019)  
So talking about the benefits:

1) before we see that people have to wait in question in order to transfer their money now with digitalization then can easily do that with upi transactions.

2) it's also going to help small children if they have certain doubts in their subjects they can easily clarify those by searching online (youtube, google).

3) before digitalization people have certain ideas but they don't know how to implement them but now with this digital boom they are implementing those ideas and becoming entrepreneurs and they are becoming aware of the marketing strategies which is happening all around the world.

4) because of this digitalization India is becoming globally strong and many foreign countries want to invest in India and they are building their plants which is creating many job opportunities.

So, I think it's benefitting the entire nation not only a particular section of the society.

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Divyansh said: (Jun 19, 2019)  
Hello! everyone.

Digitalisation means an increase in technology that we use in our day to day life. That helps in our life to do work easier.


Digitalisation has many benefits like- it does our work easier. And digital India makes new technology that growth our India compare to another country. And it also leads to a good career in IT industries.


Digitalisation may also have demerits like it increase unemployment because in past generation when technology is not good developed. Many peoples work to do a single work in much time but at present technology is much developed and 1 or 2 peoples do that work that is done by many peoples so it leads to increase unemployment. And it is also dangerous for our account and another id that is hacked by hackers.

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Anu said: (Jun 18, 2019)  
My perspective is that digital India also provides demerits to society. People who are illiterate would face difficulty to use the technologies. This creates many mistakes. They have to seek help to use these.

It will also increase hacking. Hackers can easily steal personal information.

People can't use these technologies without having internet facilities. People can provide false information. This creates a huge loss of money.

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Khushi said: (Jun 17, 2019)  
Hello good evening all of you!

Well, as per my view, every coin has two sides it depends on you how you are taking it. This startup is started in India by our prime minister Narendra Modi on 1 May 2015. Anyone can see that there is a vast difference between today's scenario and that time. We are getting many facilities. To prove this I want to put my example previously if I want to go anywhere I have to book tickets by going railway station and there I have to waste time by standing in queue and instead of doing all this there is no surety that I would definitely get ticket but nowadays this becomes very easy for me I can book my ticket by any app like paytm, irctc. This is not only about ticket one can see the benefit of it in another field like study. Again I want to keep myself as a user right now I am college student even I attend classes regularly but somewhere when my professor is not able to complete syllabus then definitely I have to go on YouTube for further knowledge.

Below is some key point of its demerits which I want to highlight it:

1. Everyone is getting its benefits. Digital India is just the backbone of the country which not only increases its economy rather it helps in developing of any country.

2. It brings transparency between government and common people.

3. Moreover, largely helpful for poor who are not able to buy books they can easily study online by watching videos.

5. It reduces our time everywhere if you are in a bank you have to waste your time there but you can save it by doing online transactions.

As, I have already said that there is always pro and cons so if you are not aware of hackers you could be hacked by them so be aware!

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Srujana said: (Jun 14, 2019)  
Digitalisation is a good approach for citizens of our country.

Digital India initiative by the PM, was well received by many top tech companies in Silicon Valley. Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook has invested in providing Internet to rural areas. Similarly, Google has created a new initiative of providing Internet access at railway stations across the country. We all must have read about the recent article on Newspaper that a railway worker had cracked a civil service exam, just by watching videos on YouTube. Many VC funds have invested in Indian startups, which encourages the Indian youth to pursue the Entrepreneurial path, which in turn creates more job opportunities for other Indians.

1. It reduces time and standing in a long queue.
2. One can book a ticket online by apps like irctc and uts.
3. Transparency and monitors black money.
4. As today nearly 65% of people have access to the internet so it becomes easy for transferring money by e-services provided by all banks instead of going to bank or atm.
5. It helps to save the environment By saving paper.
6. It is very useful for students who are unable to buy costly books.

But it has one demerit its easy for hackers if awareness among masses about cybercrime is not sufficient but conventional robbery and theft reduces.

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Rahul said: (Jun 14, 2019)  
So the topic is "digital India: whom does it benefit", the answer is people of India. The question should be in which way it is helping. So how it's helping me in daily life I will tell you, earlier for booking a railway ticket I go to a city 30 km away from my home-town, now on my phone at home I can book my ticket, now I can book any kind of ticket online and also cancellation and refund is faster than earlier. For paying any electricity bill, paying at a merchant shop, at the mall is easier. The best thing is you don't have to carry any money with you so the safety of money is also there, booking a hotel, flight. Doing mobile, DTH recharge is all in your hand. Although it has not reached to any part of the rural India it is spreading day by day. As one said technology has it's own benefit and disbenefit, going online also put you at risk of hacking and all.

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Sujit said: (Jun 14, 2019)  
Hi everyone,

Today we found a good topic for the discussion.

In my point of view, digital India gives the benefits everyone those who know how to use it?

1) All transition or transfer of money is transparent to the government. So, the chances of corruption will decrease.
2) It will also safe and save time for any transaction.

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Sruthi said: (Jun 13, 2019)  
Good morning to one and all!

In today's life, we are enjoying the development of technology. It is not increasing day to day life, for every single minute we are getting advanced features & techniques. As our prime minister, Mr. Narendra Modi has implemented "digital India" mission we all are influenced by him and considered it as one of the parts in our lives. We are believing that as our responsibility to get updated for every new thing. Digital India to whom does it benefit is simply a silly question why because it is one of the reasons for peaceful & happy life to those who are using the technology in the right way. From morning onwards till we go to bed we are almost trying to finish the work through online bases like paying bills, purchasing the things, groceries, online classes, doctor's appointments, tickets booking etc. as it is easy & a simple way to lead our lives. In olden days to lead a simple life a person, essential needs are food, water & shelter. But today an extra feature has added to it that is "INTERNET". Based on our usage there will be advantages as well as disadvantages. So, use technology based on your interest.

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Uma Tripathi said: (Jun 12, 2019)  
Yes, Digital India is very powerful initiative kicked off by Government of India. It's an amazing scheme, with this we can save our money (paise) in decimals. It a positive step towards the time-saving paperless economy. Now everything is going to be transparent in India. It will help to fight with corruption, black money /Fake currency by a great extent. By the launching of this initiative people who were unaware of digital transitions became aware and now they are preferring online transition for different services like for shopping, the transition of money instead of wearing the cash burden in his pocket.

Its impact not only on common people but also on the government servant who is working in different public sectors especially in the banking sectors. Digital India initiative is largely helpful for poor people who are previously not getting benefits of various government schemes because money was not reached out to the intended one due to leakage (corruption). Now they will directly be benefited from various government schemes.

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Kunal Rai said: (Jun 12, 2019)  
Digital India is a backbone of developing country not the only view of the Economy growth but also social structure development. It also help to the middle background people development for education, skill development, learn how to utilizes the time and how to make a Entrepreneur as well as connection between social to the global network. Digital India is a very broad level education hub to connect to the people such as cashless transaction, education, Net banking, online shopping and online ticket booking etc. So, in the last conclusion, we can say that digital India is very beneficial to us.

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Anjali said: (Jun 9, 2019)  
I think it is beneficial to them who are using it in a good way, for good work that means for them it will not cause any problems.

Second, the thing is many peoples always saying that "why these mobile and other electrical devices came? ".

From there point of view that is also right because they can only see "everywhere everyone is busy in mobile " " when someone calls them they are not even in the state of listening "basically they are addicted to that particular device.

Then Obviously, it will not that worthy.

But those who are taking full advantage of it will surely get their benefits.

So lastly yeah, It has both the sides but for me, it is one way towards the success of India.

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Shree said: (Jun 8, 2019)  
By seeing today's scenario after the introduction of digitization, we can say that it improves our life to a higher extent and also helps in the economic development of the country.


1. It helps to save the environment By saving paper.
2. It is very useful for students who are unable to buy costly books.
3. we can save our time by doing our work on online services like banking, marketing, paying bills etc.
4. It helps to maintain transparency because most of the information's are available on the internet.
5. it also reduces the flow of black money from one country to another.


1. Private information gets easily leaked.
2. Hackers can easily steal money due to lack of strong private network system.
3. Without internet, you are unable to do anything.

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Lovith said: (Jun 7, 2019)  
A digitalisation is a good approach for citizens of our country.

1. It reduces time and standing in a long queue.
2. One can book a ticket online by apps like irctc and uts.
3. Transparency and monitors black money.
4. As today nearly 65% of people have access to the internet so it becomes easy for transferring money by e-services provided by all banks instead of going to bank or atm.

But it has one demerit its easy for hackers if awareness among masses about cybercrime is not sufficient but conventional robbery and theft reduces.

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Abhishek Kumar said: (Jun 7, 2019)  
Well, For now, Digital India might not be proven that much rewarding, but it surely will in the coming years. So who all are being benefited, only rich? I don't think so, I personally have witnessed many of my friends and relatives from my village having access to social media, not only gents but also ladies. I am not saying all of them but every household at least have more than 2 smartphone users. This clearly Indicates that people there are getting connected and updated through internet which is surely a good indication.

If anyone from a family is updated with news and information, it will widen his thinking.

We must understand that Digital India is not only limited to Digital payments and all.

The rate at which the rural population adapting the Digitalisation will surely benefit the whole society weather in terms of Payments, access to Information and technology or connecting with people around.

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Abhi said: (Jun 7, 2019)  
It has primarily benefiting the urban areas than rural areas.

Because lack of awareness and use of technologies.

They are more prone to get fooled.

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Sudha said: (Jun 6, 2019)  
Digital India just benefits the rich and not the poor, even to buy a small items on a road side shop we need cash. Just because making everything digital for tax concern we are making a poor suffer.

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Soumya said: (Jun 6, 2019)  
Digital India is a great initiative by the government. World needs digitization, so people need to upgrade themselves. Digital India is with a motive to go ensure that government services are made available to people around the country and through this internet connectivity is also provided to all the places around the country.

The government works which took many days to be done are now done in minutes by online. Some departments have published their websites by which people by sitting at home can do their work.

Digital India is also ensured to build a cashless economy.

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Hitesh said: (Jun 4, 2019)  
Digital India it's proud to being called digitalize. Its totally beneficial for India because It will reduce time.

Yeah, its beneficial for pocket because its save lot of money.

We can do payment in few seconds.

But the cyber security is important.

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Reddy said: (Jun 4, 2019)  
India launched digital india, it is very useful for citizens, while transfering money from one account to another account and for that purpose we consume less time by using digital India. Citizens also used so many electronical networks for fast generation. Digital India is very useful for so many transactions and also it is taken less time. Digital India is used for tickets booking, buying clothes, and some other payments also paid by using digital India. There are some disadvantages also there in digital India that is some other people don't know how to use this in a proper way, so it is time taken to learn about digital India for uneducated persons, finally I said it is very useful for everyone and also our time saves while using digital India.

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Madhav said: (Jun 2, 2019)  
Digital India is a campaign launched by the Indian government to provide services electronically via the internet. Upsides might include:

1) Electronic transfer of money from one account to another.
2) Control the flow of black money as we can monitor the flow of digital money.
3) Easy government related services like registering a or getting the status of a complaint.
4) Saves paper, hence saving the environment.
5) Saves time.

While some downsides are:
1) Opening ourselves to hackers.

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Muskan said: (Jun 2, 2019)  
Well, digital India is one of the most highlighted and stressed upon scheme of the Modi government for all the right reasons. It has loads and loads of benefits for common people. You need not to travel distances and stand in a queue just to deposit or withdraw even a small amont of money. We have a record of all our past transactions and balances. Being digital can help us mark our position on the global level. It is fast effective and efficient. But being a country which deals mostly in the cash it will take time for people to accept and learn it. We need to educate people about its benefits and consequences as well. The risk of hacking and getting the information leaked is large enough to make people hesitant in accepting this whole heartedly.

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Pankaj Verma said: (Jun 2, 2019)  
Digitalisation is beneficial for the country's economic development and development of a nation directly means the development of its people.

In today's scenario, life is so busy. Digitalisation doesn't only save our time but it's an easy and economical way. INDIA is going towards a digital India that will definitely help our country to be a more powerful nation.

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Tharun said: (Jun 2, 2019)  
Today we are in a digital world where we save a lot of money and time using the digitilization concept. It has a lot of advantages and these advantages as we all are optimist let us think about advantages only. It reduces human work and time to a great extent. Whereas in the digital market. We are getting a lot of offers and more models for us then an offline mart. It is also easily reached to people as everyone has their own mobiles and laptops. This decreases the shop rent and current bills also from this we conclude that it benefits both seller and buyers.

Advantages of digital India are:

1) reduces time in atms.
2) we can buy clothes online where we have more varites and offers than offline.
3) we can buy some rare medicines and consult a digital doctor using apps.
4) we can book tickets etc.
5) we can watch movies online it is a form of entertainment.
6) students can buy some rare copies of the book online.
7) heavy books are converted into digital which reduces strain for students.
8) it introduces maps to go to unknown places.

Therefore, I end this with a view that digital India is useful but this may have some drawbacks now let us join our hand together to welcome an efficient digital India.

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Manish Goswami said: (May 31, 2019)  
We Indian had seen the problem like waiting hours in a queue to withdraw money or to open a new account, we Indian previously register for the cylinder a week or much before then we get cylinder but now it doesn't happen.

We can not only withdraw money but can also exchange the money in few clicks.

We can get the cylinder the time we register. Many big problems have been shortened out.

Well if we talk about villagers then neither they were well connected with the city nor with facilities, now we see that most of them have bank accounts, most of them have cylinder connection, I had personally experienced that one woman from my village doesn't know how to withdraw money from the bank. But my uncle helped her twice now she can do it on her own.

And many more.

What I actually mean is life without problems don't exist similarly any idea withdraw drawback don't exist.

It's we who direct it in good or bad.

Thank you.

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Tiffany said: (May 30, 2019)  
As we know progress of humankind is getting updated and advanced from old ways to new this one of them, makes us ease, simple way transfer of cash from one to other and I think it will be in boom in upcoming decades but it need to improve it's security, privacy policies.

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Ajit Padwal said: (May 30, 2019)  
Yes, of course, digital India is a benificial campaign for the Indian economy. Every paisa in the country counted by this campaign and thus it can prevent black money to some extent. As we look into the facts India is one of the countries which deals mostly in cash and the cost of printing new currency is also high. So it is a very good campaign for our country. It would be benefited for every citizen of the country, policymakers. But it could have some challenges also. Awareness of people towards cashless payments is necessary. Digital or baking literacy is the main sector which we have to improve. Hacking could be another main issue, for that matter we have to build our systems more powerful. Overall it is the best campaign for the Indian economy as far as we are leading the IT sector across the world.

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Rohit Thakur said: (May 30, 2019)  
Digital India is a great step taken by the government of India. It has made life easy, there are some disadvantages but we are working to Rectify all these.

First of all, we can do a transaction, shopping easily as we have some SMS based transaction also which don't require smartphones.

This we have good control on corruption as we can chase the transaction easily, if the maximum transaction becomes cashless then we can trace this money easily.

It will help the environment as it reduces much paperwork and human time also it has increased scope in IT sector and provides lots of employment.

The only thing that harms to it is to people's money security as still, we don't have strong apps and URL and also interference of unknown cyber activity which tries to steal our information regarding the account.

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Sambit said: (May 30, 2019)  
Digital India is a very good initiative taken by our PM. This is a multiplanetary era and science is evolving rapidly. This is very much useful for everyone. As we know we are running out of Green resources, in this situation this digital India is the best alternative. But yes there are few disadvantages like this cad be a problem for illiterate persons, this can make us LAZY, also this can affect human psychology. With the help of digital access now a days we do not need to wait for anything this can lead to LACK OF PATIENTS. We have to educate everyone properly so that they can use this facility and this is not so hard to adapt. Also we have to keep this disadvantages in mind and enjoy the facility. Cashless society is very important for our future and this planet.

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Vivek said: (May 30, 2019)  
Digital is beneficial for us and our country also Changes due to digital India.

1. Stop the black money market.

2. Increase job rate of computer science.

3. We have not to carry money in our pocket we can do shopping using our phone.

4. Makes people life simple.

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Sridhar said: (May 29, 2019)  
Of course, digital India gets a big impact in humankind. Various works depend on digital technology like ATM, cashless transaction etc.

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Chandra Dangwal said: (May 27, 2019)  
I agree with this point that digital India is a very different phase of our country where it can represent us in all over the world. There is a number of things is started in behalf of digital India. It also increases the employment rate. And decrease poverty. But one thing is more important that each is may be its disadvantages for the people of India is that there is a lack of awareness. So the benefit of digital India is only for educated people. We should be more focus on awareness. By which everyone can take the benefit for digital India.

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Dheeraj said: (May 27, 2019)  
Well, I agree all your views regarding digital India, it will be very beneficial to all people who are living in urban and rural areas, only one thing they must be aware of all the transactions operations, so that money transfers to required persons in right time, everything in the world has advantages and drawback, so in the case of digital India implementation as authentication increases in case of apps, so it will be better.

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Santhosh said: (May 26, 2019)  
First of all, thanks for giving me a wonderful opportunity. Yes, Digital India is one of the most efficient thing, one day without these people can't survive because it's set up all over example: bus, ATM, etc. Some cases it is a very good thing because nowadays or future population is growing faster with this digital India helps very useful, most of the poor peoples get benefit to these expectualy people in the village, Thank you.

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Mani said: (May 25, 2019)  
Digital India is the necessary one for the current situation. Because the life of the people in this generation runs based on technologies like (mobile, internet, computer). It reduces the effort of the people by simplifying their job and minimizing the complexity of that. It helps people to do their job in efficient manners and also helps to do without errors. It makes our daily life easier and reduces the human effort. I agree that all technologies in the world contain disadvantages, but disadvantages in this field are very less. I think this technology will uplift people and also help people to gain some knowledge. This technique is mostly used in the money transaction. With the help of technology, people can make the transaction easier and faster. The only major disadvantage in this field was protected our data from the hackers.

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Hari Priya said: (May 22, 2019)  
Truly, DIGITAL INDIA has been a remunerative and bold step towards the transition to become a developed country. Digital India is a campaign which is launched by govt to provide the citizens of India with online govt services and to increase the global internet connectivity and to get the country digitally empowered in the field of technology. It has made the govt services accessible for the the poeple of remote areas and has brought the whole economy of the nation together.

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Rashi said: (May 20, 2019)  
Well, digital India your respected prime minister Modi's. In my opinion, it's very much beneficial and productive for India to rank its place with other countries for being transversed from developing to a developed country. Well it has many thing to do in day to day metro life's of every citizen, it will help much to those who can't afford to learn in classy schools and all, n also it helps in saving time and money well as everything has its own faults not everyone can afford mobiles obviously an Android one, without Androids digital will be fatal.

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Priti said: (May 17, 2019)  
According to me, Digital India is very beneficial for us. Because it saves time and money also. And I have the best example of to save our money if we have a digital facility so obviously. We also have a phone pay app and google pay app. Because when we choose digital transaction so we easily get the reward. So it saves our money. And if we are talking about time. So there is no need to go any bank. So that's why I want to say digital India saves our time and money also.

And we can easily pay for all the online bills. And it is very beneficial for youth. Because they can easily search study material through digital facility. That's why digital India is a very good decision taken by the government Mr Narendra Modi Ji.

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Harsh said: (May 17, 2019)  
Digital India initiative by the PM, was well received by many top tech companies in the Silicon Valley. Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook has invested in providing Internet to rural areas. Similarly, Google has created a new initiative of providing Internet access at railway stations across the country. We all must have read about the recent article on Newspaper that a railway worker had cracked a civil service exam, just by watching videos on YouTube. Many VC funds have invested in Indian startups, which encourages the Indian youth to pursue the Entrepreneurial path, which in turn creates more job opportunities for other Indians.

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Ajay Sharma said: (May 16, 2019)  
Digital India project is a very good project for everyone because you can pay your electricity bill online, you can do your online tickets & you can buy anything online like clothes, phone, laptop or etc. Also it's a good for children or teenager because they can search study material of every subject, they can take online classes.

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Richa Garg said: (May 16, 2019)  
Digital India it is a dream project of our honourable prime mininster mr. Narendra modi. In my opinion it is beneficial for everyone from children to older person. Children can learn many activities from online program. Teenage can join many program if which they are interested without going anywhere. It is a platform to explore yourself.

If today is last day to pay the bill then you need not to worry, you can pay the bill very easily. Life become simpler.

Everything has advantage as well as disasvantage so in any case if we lost our imp cards like - ATM, PAN, forget password so it create sometimes problem for us.

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Shikha Mahour said: (May 15, 2019)  
Our prime minister gave the concept of making digital India that was the great step towards the advancement in our country. At some point of time, it makes life easiest. Digital India is one of the strongest or powerful actions towards the development of our country this concept brings India back in the competition with other countries having latest technologies. Like Indian humanoid robot ("Rashmi") this is the first humanoid.

Robot of India. This shows that our country is also having the latest technologies. As we know every concept have some advantages and disadvantages.


1. Digital India helps to improve the logical thinking of the people.
2. Ease of doing work.
3. Through digital India, each and every person will get education.
4. Exploring is the bigest advantage.
5. Through this each and every person share their point of view related to any particular topic.

6. The concepts like AI, machine learning, Data science, Big data will lead to more employment in our country.


1. Obviously hacking is the biggest limitation no doubt privacy and safety are avialable but that are not that much suffiecient to secure our information.

2. Dark web or Deep web is also the major limitation where all the illegal work is done. Google only provides us with the only 1% of information and the rest 99% are dark and deep web.

3. Various harmful viruses like trozan and many more through these viruses cybercrime is leading or increasing in our country.

No doubt digital India make India a developed country but on the other side, there are various limitations of this if we want to overcome these limitations we have to updated with the latest technologies. And every person will have to start exploring so that each and every person will have to know the positive as well as a negative effect of these technologies.

Thank you.

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Kunal Shobhit Mall said: (May 14, 2019)  
In my opinion, digital India is very important for new generation. All work like bill payment, shopping, money transaction etc are possible through digital India. Digital India reduce the time of work and money. Nowadays digital India is making a backbone of people.

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Chetan C said: (May 12, 2019)  
Digital India is a program run by the government of India to connect people and advancement in Technology.

Due to Digital India, we are growing very fast day to day.

We have connected rural areas.

Most of the work Done online now it Reduces our time and gives us safety.

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Subhaprakash said: (May 10, 2019)  
I totally agree with everyone who has commented. Digital India is a benchmark in our life. It helps a lot to the people of India. It saves time and effort both. By the help of digital India, we can do many kinds of transactions so that we don't have to go to banks, We can get admission in whichever college we want to by applying through online. Back in the old days, we have to take admission by going to the desired college itself. We can pay the gas bill, electricity bill, water bill and many more by just a click. The most important thing is we can follow our passion with the help of this facility.

I know as the rate of illiteracy is more as compared to literacy but we don't have to worry about that because it's not rocket science that anyone can't use. If a poor or illiterate boy from a rural area can use tiktok and nd can play pubg, it's an obviously thing that he/she can get the benefit from digital India scheme. I think it's a golden opportunity to learn new things for them.

So, not but the least, it's an awesome step towards becoming India a developed country.

Thank you.

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Bhanu Pratap Singh said: (May 9, 2019)  
Digital India plays very important roles in human life.

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Ram said: (May 5, 2019)  
Digital India.

India is the world most fastest growing country. So, digitalisation will improve India further to achieve more goals, so it is necessary to digitize India for better transparency in things, both merchants and citizens benefit from this.

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Kamalesh Sekhar Bharadwaj said: (Apr 29, 2019)  
Digital India is a step taken towards our advancement in technology. It has its own pros and cons but it only depends upon the user who uses it, so in my viewpoint, I think it has taken us a step forward in both technology as well as in intellectual abilities. As because due to the adoption of the digital trend nowadays we are able to perform several things from our doorstep only starting from money transfer to filling up of an online examination form all are possible due to the advancement in the digital side of India. It is beneficial for all the levels of a person starting from common users to the bureaucrat's in every aspect of life.

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Divya said: (Apr 28, 2019)  
Digital India idea taken by the prime minister Narendra Modi is a very good step. As we are living in the 21st century and techno- savy generation we need to be equipped with digital knowledge. This generation people use the internet, phone, do net banking and due to the internet, they can do online shopping everything can be done online and verified. Due to the concept of digital India, we can get rid of the black money, there will be total transparency in the transaction and so on. Bt rural people are not benefitted with this idea due to the fact that they don't have any knowledge regarding the internet and online transaction. They need to be taught all such things.

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Raghav Prajapti said: (Apr 27, 2019)  
Digital India is one of the biggest revolutions in our country certain of time we connect the out of country people. Its also developing marketing and an easy way to know people about market fluctuation. Only single tap button we are doing banking work payment on sitting on the home.

Digitalization also reduces corruption because of all information connect unique no. Addhar card in every field.

In the teaching field also very helpful because this time almost every people use a smartphone and learning something new and every time.

But sometimes it's very risky because our all information connect step by step and its take chances to hack. Hacker uses our information and misuses our information.

So, in my opinion, need to more work for making the strong digital world.

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Naveena D said: (Apr 23, 2019)  
Good Morning Friends,

According to me, Digital life helps under the common peoples. Because there are so many peoples are using internet nowadays. There are young generation peoples and adults and Children's also using technology. So, technology development will be increasing day to day life. So peoples are using that type of digital life. That is also need to using nowadays. So children's, young peoples and adults are using digital life. So, we are making digital India.

Thanking You.

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Neeraj said: (Apr 22, 2019)  
The step taken by the indian government is very good because in some government office like RTO so much corruption at a basic level on the behalf of the digital programme the corruption get reduced and awareness related to government fee is prevailed among common people.

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Satyamsaini said: (Apr 22, 2019)  
Digital India is a campaign launched by the government of India on 1 July 2015 to ensure basically two things:

1. Government services are made available to citizens electronically through the online system.
2. To connect rural areas through a high-speed internet connection.

Positive effects:
1. Saves time.
2. Reduce risk of being got stolen.
3. It is a cheaper means.
4. It provides information easily.
5. fewer queues in bank and government offices.
6. less corruption.
7. It is accurate.
8. It makes India people more advanced in the technological field.
9. less workload

Negative effects:

1. Risk of being caught in a fake or fraud website and lose money.
2. Illiterate people face the problem.
3. Poor people can't afford to have electronic gadgets.
4. It tends to increase unemployment becoz work of people get done by online system.

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Ketul said: (Apr 17, 2019)  
As in my opinion, I think digitalization helps poor people mostly because of paying tax on every income. India is a country where only 5% people pay tax and 100% people who want benefits from those tax amount, simple maths says it's impossible to fulfil this requirement. So Digitalization in every sector boost income tax collection very much. Digital India also helps in ease of purchasing, clear pricing etc. Also, due to digitalization corruption gonna be go down very much because the main source of corruption is cash.

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Lakshmiii said: (Apr 13, 2019)  
In my opinion. Digitalization is the best process to develop our country and to increase more things by using devices like a smartphone; laptops and computers etc. Nowadays. So many members are suffering to go and transfer money in rural areas. But due to this digital India. It may decrease our work by using online transactions. It may have and haven't Due to this, India will become developed. Further that. People will become strong and they will reduce their works. And it is the correct way to start digital India. Coming to urban areas and rural areas. Rural area people don't know how to use this transaction. It is the first disadvantage. But in urban area people. They know all how to use. It is the advantage. So, It will be very useful for every person for their personal issues like money transactions, mobile recharge. Shopping. Etc. If we follow this INDIA will be the DEVELOPED country. Thank you.

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Sharmila said: (Apr 11, 2019)  
In my point of you, Digital India is benefits to improve our technology. I think it's very useful in educational level and benefits in several sectors. But due to the digital improvement, the hacking system ie) collection of one's personal details by an unknown person is illegal activity.

The job work becomes minimise for village people when compared to an urban area. "THE WAY IS DECIDED BY WHAT WE CAN SEE", Hence in a positive way it will develop soo many projects. I think we cannot give more essential to negative part like hack, jobless etc.

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Noel said: (Apr 9, 2019)  
Digital India would change India's growth in its various sectors drastically due to its many advantages.

A Digital India would affect both rural and urban life. In rural area bringing in the idea of digitalisation would mean better and lesser requirement of work. If we think about the past demonetisation, though it was a huge burden for those who worked in villages, so much so that it would increase suicides, if we think about it we could have possibly avoided it if we implemented the idea of a cashless economy much earlier. In urban areas there is an increase amount of transactions via e-commerce which is highly beneficial to a country's financial growth. Digital India has taken its role in education as well, introducing various topics to students in a lively and a more innovative manner. A digital India IS and DOES play an integral role in the progress of India.

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Komal said: (Apr 9, 2019)  
Digital India.

It benefits all class and level of the people like the service sector, agriculture sector etc. It benefits increases day by day indulging all the essential elements it started with the government policies reachable to the rural and urban people they can utilise the benefits of the scheme. Its wide-spreading to the education sector playing a vital role for them to study smartly at lower investment by different learning portals.

Apart from the benefits somehow they are creating a loophole in the human being mind because the uploaders of the data on the internet are also a human being. There is a quotation that "NO KNOWLEDGE IS BETTER THAN HALF KNOWLEDGE" half knowledge is very dangerous for the people who are unknown to the matters.

Now, privacy plays an important role which is not able to be maintained with digitization Secrecy is lacking behind.

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Dinesh Dakh said: (Apr 7, 2019)  
Everyone listens about the digital India name but very few people know about that. The basic motto behind digital India is that the boost the infrastructure, develop a new idea and become new weapons in India.

Because of that or it help to boost the Indian economy.

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Vikas Shah said: (Apr 7, 2019)  
Digital India.

India is a developing nation.

The contribution of digital on development is very vast and remarkable, so if we think according to development of view for India.

The term digital has changed the common people living and thinking.

So, progress in India is due digital development.

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Khushboo said: (Apr 6, 2019)  
Good afternoon friends.

The Digital India programme has been launched with the aim of transforming the country into a digitally empowered society and knowledge economy. Digital India is a modified and expanded version of the national e-governance plan. It seeks to deliver all government services electronically.

It also will address the issues of public accountability and transparency through a unique ID and e-Pramaan based on authentic and standard government applications. Fully online delivery will help a lot in this venture. It will reduce corruption. It will connect entire India and bring to the forefront all the hidden talent and entrepreneurs that constitute the country's future.

It will help in achieving universal digital literacy.

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Chandan said: (Apr 6, 2019)  
Yes, digital India is a flagship program of the Indian government. No doubt both the Producers and retailer most importantly Consumer directly benefited by this scheme. For example, we save our lot of time through digital use like cashless economy which makes our life easy and secure. National digital libraries where we find a million books and a thousand journals in different field like science, Art, Social economic, technology innovation. A scheme like SWAYM, DIKSHA, SKILL INDIA, M-government, e-governance, m-polish, telemedicine and much more.

So we can say that Digital India is an umbrella program which nurturing hundreds of subprogram.

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Aryan Rabha said: (Apr 5, 2019)  
Digital India seems like a good concept seeking to make the life of citizens more convenient. But one need to realize that no data in the internet is safe no matter how contrary the claims may be. For example, digital countries like Estonia, Finland and Singapore all had been hacked multiple times compromising millions of personal information of its citizens. In one instance, the government had to renew the identification id of its citizens to prevent identity theft. Even in India, RBI reported thousands of cases of frauds involving ATM/Debit cards, internet banking from 2015-2018. So the facts do not favour digitization. One might ask "what is the use of my information?" One study said the compromised data is sold in dark web at cheap prices where data diggers further manipulate your data. It is not wise to compromise with one's personal data in exchange for momentary comfort. There are still many countries that are not digital, like China, Russia, Germany, Italy, France etc. India should instead invest in other problems.

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Anuahka said: (Apr 5, 2019)  
Yes, digital India scheme is beneficial for us for example in universities, companies and other organizations use mail I'd for sending any information to the employees or students this can save our time.

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Raza said: (Apr 5, 2019)  
Digital India is a very good initiative taken by our government. But I think our government should think about education. In our country, the education level is very low. But now day`s you can see that mostly urban area people use internet banking, e-ticketing, e-shopping etc. But when we talk about rural areas people when rural areas people go into any bank. They did not fill any form and they help us to other people. Because mostly rural areas people are not educated. So, I think our government should first work on education.

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Sarika said: (Apr 5, 2019)  
Digital India scheme is very helpful to us, throw online payment we can save our time. Online payment make our life easy even vendors on road have scan code bar of online payment app most famous is "paytm" no problem of change not only paytm app there are lots of apps in the market like Amazon, Flipkart make our life easy it saves our time and money both, throw google play we can easily transfer money and so on.

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Kajal Mali said: (Apr 4, 2019)  
Digital India scheme which is started in our country gives a huge benefit to every people in the country. If there are a shopkeeper, student, businessmen, in every sector it is beneficial for them. They can make an online order. Online payment, some years back if see if a person want to make some transaction and he has to go the bank and wait in long queue if he is not on time he has to come next day so in this way a lot of time is wasted.

This scheme gives the chance to the people to come online and save there time.

Yes, it is only beneficial for the people who are educated but id a person who is illiterate, cannot use this technology so this the big advantage of the digitalization.

But if a educated person help them to teach that how to use this digital system then off course we can overcome with this problem.

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Rajjat said: (Apr 2, 2019)  
Digital India is one of the best implemented government scheme that's what I felt. This is implemented by our PM Mr. Narendra Modi.

I highlighted him because his gestures in politics have proven the point that India is tending to become a developed nation. And it really does with his efforts. And one of the effort is making India a digital country.

Now. Let me give you a brief about it.

Digital India is a scheme where all the individuals have been given the opportunity to go online (using the Internet) in any kind rather than to go for offline. Now, the question is why?

Let me clear it to you.

And yes, you will see all your basic necessity can be fulfilled by both modes: offline and online.

But here the caption is TIME. Online mode helps you to save a lot of time with efficiency.

Just take an example of bank transactions.

Some years back, we need to go to the bank to deposit the money standing in long queues, waiting for our turn, and.

To regularly check the bank timings as well. If we are late, then the next day!

But, now the process became so smooth like icecream, just by pressing a button we can deposit our money.

Don't you think that's the biggest change in Digital India scheme?

Then, the booking of trains. And especially the tatkal but now, even we can book our main course meal in the train from the desired station. HOW IT IS POSSIBLE ! its not magic but the effects of DIGITAL INDIA SCHEME.

I don't think, there are any demerits, but some people are saying about the illiteracy which I saw and would tell them just by replying that "yes, illiterate people may not be able to use it properly. But this is the moment for them to learn about technology, and that's not rocket science!

Illiteracy is not a stamp which you can't remove. It's just about the mental ability to learn a thing at our own pace. ".

It comes under the Education sector, so we need to sharpen that. Rather than to add this point on your demerit list.

Thank you.

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Shikha said: (Apr 2, 2019)  
Hello everyone.

I think digital India is very beneficial for each and every person whether they belong to the rural or urban area. Even we can communicate here and express our opinion very easily with the help of digitalization. In India development in any sector increases at a rapid rate due to digital India, people do not suffer in solving their problems. Also, it consumes less time to do the task due to the development and evolution of new techniques. Also in some field digital India has disadvantages too but it is the fact that nothing in this world is perfect, imperfection is everywhere but it can be removed to a great extent if everyone does hardware to understand it.

Thank you.

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Pooja.A. said: (Apr 1, 2019)  
Hello Friends,

I think its a very good thing to improve our knowledge in other fields also. Due to Digitalization, the urban peoples are also trying to go with this, that's why most of the corruption reduced.

Digitalization reduces time. It will help at a busy time also.

But as a like coin has 2 sides. Likewise, every point has 2 ways.

As we discuss the advantages of digitalization, There are some disadvantages also,

Every people is not educated, for them it is difficult.

But it's All educated and well-skilled person responsibility to aware of this easy skill. How it works, what are the steps, etc.

Thanks for giving me the chance to take my point.

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Dinesh said: (Mar 25, 2019)  
Hello everyone.

Digital India which was launched by our prime minister Narendra Modi for benefit of our country. At present, It plays an important role in all the sectors. Through this, We know all the things which were happened in the world by staying in the home itself. We can do all online transactions without any hard work, instead of standing in a queue, and it is a time saving one. It is very easy for literate people and a little bit difficult for illiterates. By giving guidance to those It is very useful in a better way and going to Boom in Future.

There are some disadvantages like hacking, it can minimise by some safety rule. I think Digital India will play an important role in the development of our country.

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Mayank Rawat said: (Mar 25, 2019)  
According to my point of view, Digital India is a great concept which is launched by our Prime Minister Narendra Modi to develop the country. Digital India is providing benefits to rural as well as an urban area but for those people who are literate as well as illiterate but they have ICT (Information and communication technology) like mobile phone, laptops, computers etc so that they can access the internet and get benefited by the government schemes. Because our government created different websites for the development of our Indian citizens.

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P. Sai Prathyusha said: (Mar 24, 2019)  
Hi everyone,

The given Topic is digital India.

This was a programme initiated by or prime minister of India. It is one of the steps that the government of India has taken to move ahead from being called as a developing nation to a being called as a developed nation.

Every coin had two sides and similar is the case with digital India.

I would like to put my view of digital India.


* It helps the student community because nowadays there are many online courses that are available and students can also put their queries and they can get their answers.

* There are some other apps that help the students as well as the job seekers in finding the right answers for the questions that could be possibly asked in their question papers or their interviews and therefore helps them to achieve their goals and targets.

* Time can be saved because of the online transactions that are taking place.

* The risk of carrying amount reduces.

* It made our lives easier by allowing us to now see the train or bus schedules online and also allowing us to book online.

* less infrastructure is needed like we need only a bank account and have a good internet facility.

* Since everything is linked like the Aadhaar is linked with the bank account, there is less possibility of black money.

* When there are online payments made the ATMs used for withdrawal of money is less and therefore the fraud of copying the pin code of the debit card and making a similar debit card reduces.

* Information is available to all at any time and any place.


* The illiterate are unable to use this digital platform but the government is making an effort to educate all by implementing new schemes to educate all and make them skilled.

* There is a risk of hackers.

* Good internet facility is yet to be established for all which is in the process by the government of India to provide internet facility to all by 2020. And I hope this will take our country forward.

* some people feel insecure to use this platform.

* Well, so hoping for a better economy, these points are from my point of view.

* You can add many more points to the discussion.

Thanks for reading.

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Rohan said: (Mar 23, 2019)  
Hello everyone, This is a good or common topic nowadays that is digital India. It's a good platform in India to develop in the world. It is launched by our Prime minister Narender Modi to develop the nation as well as literate the people in rural areas. It is too easy nowadays whatever we do like online shopping, B2C, B2B, online payment ie. Net banking, Apps are available in every bank. If we booked a movie ticket and order food we use digitally ie online transactions with the help of debit card, credit card, paytm, mobiwiki, phonepe etc. And one more advantage is to if we pay through some app, online we gave a cash back of some amount and we do not carry huge cash on our pocket. We no need to go outside and hire a taxi. It is easy to book an ola, uber by online and pay the online.

In a rural area, digital India helps with Jio Telecom it give to poor people internet in low price or person literate and uses online transactions or use the internet. It is a boom period of India to develop a good GDP growth.

But India has a disadvantage digital India the hacker's problem, server down. But this problem also shorted coming soon.


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Abhishek Kumar said: (Mar 22, 2019)  
Digital India is very crucial step by our Indian government because the time has come to compete with other country. INDIA is counting as a developing country from a huge time. But the question is whom does it benefit?, I think our young generation make it successful but our farmer community and our older generation can't get it benefited because they never want to involve themselves in these due to security reason. I think it is more successful when the citizen of India is get more education in new technology. So, they can teach others and make it popular in India.

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M.Sarangi said: (Mar 22, 2019)  
Digital India benefits are availed by all classes of people in India because nowadays most of the people know how to use the internet easily.

It is one of India's smartest step I would say. Digital India especially helps in making online payment n money transfer which take very less time in comparison to paperwork. It is also environment-friendly.

Though it has a lot of advantages, digital India also has some disadvantages like India is a country of villages, where people don't even know how to use internet. So, they will find it difficult to use. Digital India is nothing without the internet.

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Prashant C said: (Mar 21, 2019)  
Digital India is a campaign launched by the Government of India to ensure the Government's services are made available to citizens electronically by improved online infrastructure and by increasing Internet connectivity. Through this campaign, the Government has also taken a step to Modernize the culture of we Indians by using our own technology for Faster and Smarter working. Digital India is benefiting all the peoples around the Nation by creating a chain of resources that can be easily accessible to the people.

There are many branches of resources that are connected to people.

For an example, the Government has created a website called Digilocker. As some documents are so consequential and cannot be carried because of insecurity and misuse of the information in documents in case of loss. This initiative of Digilocker is benefiting people to freely upload all their important documents on this website as it is heavily guarded with online security and can only access by the owner of the locker. So doing this a person can easily access his documents from anywhere and anytime he/she is need of documents.

Similarly, Agri Market, The mobile application has been developed with an aim to keep farmers abreast with the crop prices and discourage them to carry-out distress sale. This application automatically captures the location of the farmers using mobile GPS and fetches the market prices of crops which fall within the range of 50km. The prices of agricultural commodities are sourced from the Agri market portal that helps farmers get to their required crops with ease. There are many such initiatives in this Campaign benefiting all the people around the Nation in many ways.

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Prashansa Koul said: (Mar 21, 2019)  
Digital play an important role in each and every field of your life.

With the help of digital, we can access information or we can get more knowledge about technology.

Technology is also part of the digital. With help digital, we can share the information from one part to another part through probing ict tools like internet access.

Digitalisation help also in the education system. Students take more interesting in listings study online videos.

Many apps have been developed for students education. Digital also help in student admission cells. Storing their database.

Nowadays biometric systems develop in each and every sector. Which is good it is helpful for notice or detecting the absenteeism of employees in a quick manner.

It having disadvantages if there is some technical issues in the internet for sharing views in the remote area also. It also helps for online transaction ie nothing but a money transfer.

It is easy to use and also time-consuming and we can access it anywhere.

It also helps for those household peoples for eg person what to cook recipe something but they don't have so much knowledge about that recipe. How to start this recipe. What are in ingredients so directly google it get more information related that recipe.

So digital change the life of people who unaware about everything what going on life.

So l conclude that digital important part for both the rural as well as urban people. Its benefits for all the person.

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Jaimal said: (Mar 21, 2019)  
In my view, digital India has more advantage than disadvantage if we use it in a secure way. There is a tendency that data can be hacked, but if we can secure it in a good way than it has more advantage. Digital India takes India a step ahead from other countries. Every Indian citizen who has some basic tools like PC, laptops, smartphones and internet access takes benefits from it.

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Parveen said: (Mar 21, 2019)  
Digital India is a successful campaign by current government. From registering for admission to booking a hotel or train tickets everything has improved a lot. Now with the cheaper internet;it is penetrating in rural India also.

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Anjali Mathe said: (Mar 19, 2019)  
With the concept of digital India, India has put a step forward for the growth of its citizen in different sectors.

Digital India includes proving ICT tools like desktop laptops mobile phones printers, internet access as well as understandable platforms, to every Indian citizen.

E-Services like E-police, E-court, E post office save us from standing in long queues. Online platforms for different government schemes help us to get connected with the government. Online courses under MOOC help students in distance learning, Biometric attendance system in offices helps to detect absenteeism of an employee.

Digitization help us to know our money transfer within seconds this also creates a backup date for future reference and also it avoids middlemen involvement thus reduces fraud and corruption.

All the above-stated benefits are helping Indian citizen and the Indian government.

Apart from this most of the urban population are making good use of digital platform not only in their businesses but also to ease their life like booking train, bus, movie tickets, online food ordering, and many more but still its not the100% population because still many of the urban population do not have a good knowledge of different online services.

Also at present, 90% of the rural population does not have internet access, 70% of them are digitally illiterate, 70% does not have ICT tools like smartphone or desktop.

The Indian government has started programs like NDLM for digital literacy and had set up a target to provide internet access to all 6.5 lakh villages of India by 2022.

So, an Indian citizen whether in rural or in Urban India who has availability of ICT tool at an affordable price, easy access of internet and understanding of service platform is benefited by DIGITAL INDIA.

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Imr said: (Mar 18, 2019)  
according to my thoughts, digital India is the best motive for the educate as well as uneducated persons, because uneducated persons will try to adopt the knowledge and will get some basic education.

It's easy.
It's time-saving.
It has various benefits that we can get cashback offers, easy to buy from online stores for those who can't go to stores and malls.

But it has various disadvantages that

There is less connectivity with the network in a remote area.
It also requires to connect to a high-speed network which is not a possible wall.
Increased chances of frauds.
Increased chances of hacking bank accounts.

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Sweety said: (Mar 18, 2019)  
Hello friends.

Our topic is digital India. According to my point of view, every coin has two sides same as digital India have more advantage and some disadvantages but according to too me digital India is best because this time new technology will come and if we don't know about this our country never win in the race of development. Some advantages of digital India.

1) Easy to use for educated people.
3) Give the correct answer.
4) Less working hours.
5) No need cash.

But some disadvantages of it which is given below.

1) Total networking base if the network will be failing our some information may be lost and may be late.

2) it is not good for uneducated people because they don't know about this.

3) If the internet is not available then we not able to do any transaction.

Thank you.

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Alagappan said: (Mar 17, 2019)  
Hi, I am Alagappan.

No doubt Digital India is a great.

A benefit to every Indian citizen, it's an art of Making things Easier, After digitisation, Many Systems are automated, much popular one is Payment system. Apps like Paytm Phonepe, Googlepay play a great role. Also, an app like m-parivahan helps citizen to show licence and RC book in digitised form. So, I conclude that Digital India is a great benefit to Everyone mainly for Youngsters.

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Kritika said: (Mar 14, 2019)  
People of India who are in developing phase i.e. middle-class people and who are developed one people will get most benefits out of digital India. As people in developing phase will be able to save their time by taking advantage of online banking, shopping, and students will be able to study at their home by making use of online coachings and will be able to make a step towards success easily and fastly that with fair exams held online. And it will help India to increase the economy, growth to reduce black money, corruption.

Now those who are poor and peoples of villages no doubt digital India is very helpful for them also but gov. Have to take a step to make them aware of this digital India so that they are able to take best out of it and that is only possible through proper environment education, guidance etc So that they get not affected in a negative way through this process of digital India.

And in the last, this is not only advantageous for personal development, societal development but will help in the growth and development of the entire country.

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Satyam Gupta said: (Mar 14, 2019)  
India has come a long way in digitalization and has a long way to go to achieve the vision of Digital India. We can clearly see the difference in the number of internet users and improved e-governance. But there is still digital illiteracy in many parts of India. 'Digital India' will be a success when its benefits are available to each and every citizen of India.

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Sherlock Holmes said: (Mar 12, 2019)  
I think it's a good idea but this alone won't do anything against corruption in India. Individual participation is most important everybody should take responsibility and should cooperative with the system so that only we can achieve digital India.

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Sonal said: (Mar 11, 2019)  
I think digital India is very beneficial for us because it not only connects people with each other but also helps in reducing corruption and hoarding of money and when the problem of corruption is eroded it ultimately paves the way for a growth of an economy.

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Abhishek said: (Mar 10, 2019)  
In my opinion, it benefits everyone. If everything becomes digital. Because people who are living in cities can save their time. And corruption can be completly removed. Since everyone has smartphones nowadays, it's easy to transact.

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Subhashree Panda said: (Mar 10, 2019)  
DIGITAL INDIA, it's not a world it's a dream, I have a question can India be a digital India, my opinion yes of course, why not but, Is this now important for us and for our country?, "No " first India government focus upon our basic needs, is our basic needs are fulfilled? If no! Then what is d use of digitalization. Rural areas peoples are now also free from basic needs, India is not only for metropolitians area it is d combination of both rural and city, then what is d use of only focus on city not in village, village people even don't know the meaning of digital then how can they will be contribute? First, basic needs, Education, Health, Hospital etc. After that it can be a better decision thinking about digitalization, anyway, something is better than nothing, we should appreciate this but the first priority should be this.

Thanks, everyone this is my first attempt for GD.

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Mayur Morvekar said: (Mar 9, 2019)  
Hello everyone.

I concern with all of you guys. My point of view about this topic is it the 1st step towards digitization. Because of digital India, we can do any transaction with security in one touch only. We don't wait for hours in a queue in banks. We save our time. If we transfer money to another person through apps like gpay, phone pay then sometimes we will get rewards or cash back which is beneficial for us. But always there is some pros n cons of everything. So if we talk about illiterate people or rural area people then they don't know how to use it or get benefits from it then they blame on the government. That's why first of all government should give proper knowledge or they should conduct a campaign for rural area people. So, the conclusion is if we go for digital India it's 100% sure it's most beneficial for each and every member of society.

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Saurabhbhivgade said: (Mar 9, 2019)  
Digital India, it means what ever the legislation is going on up to the India only so off course Indians are going to be beneficiary.

Digital India means every things are going to be digitalized it could be your transection, booking, purchasing process and so many things. The way of digitalization is very much safe just some precautions we need take care. Those who are illiterate or those people who don't how to use so to avoid this kind of issues government should take care of all consequences means positive as well as negative according to the consequence government has to plan solution of all consequences like I mentioned above one issue regarding unaware people so for them they can do proper advertisement regarding any legislation through that advertisement they can spread awareness regarding precautions like one example nowadays, banking system has been digitalized which is very secure but into that process we have to take care OTP which is should not share with any one else. In short I just wanna say digitalization is very good approach for our India that process is putting our country more closer to the success. But at the same time we have to take care if the government is not able to reach out across the country being an Indian its our job to make aware our society this is very saintly job like social work. My major opinion regarding this topic is that change is the rule of nature so try to adapt yourself thank you.

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Gudla Hemanth Kumar said: (Mar 7, 2019)  
Hello everyone, we are here to discuss the topic digital India.

If I talk about this, It is very useful to every individual across the nation even for illiterate also. I know some of you would think that how could it become useful to everyone? The main aim to implement this system in our country is to put the first step towards digitalisation, to avoid black money and to get proper tax from citizens and to relax citizens. People don't need to step out from their home, suppose banking system we have internet banking to do transactions, UPI's are very easy to use. I know every one of you aware of a money order from Indian Post. Usually who gets money order is retired persons, they use to get a monthly pension. In order to money order, nowadays they are getting their pensions directly into their bank accounts. I hope digitalization is going on across the nation and it is very useful to each and every individual even they are illiterate. The final conclusion of our topic is if anyone who doesn't know about digital payments, they should learn and get the information from their family I mean to say son/daughter. I know in every house there would be one educated person. The govt of India should revise its laws and make it very strict in order to avoid online scams.

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Digital India: Whom Does it Benefit?

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