Digital India: Whom Does it Benefit?

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Libera said: (Jun 16, 2021)  
According to me, Digitalization brought a lot of changes in the lifestyle of humans which can make things easier. Today, we are using technology that didn't even exist for 10 years. Mobile phones have become so important in our life for daily communications. From computers to electric vehicles, everything has impacted our lives in so many ways. But the question is who does this digitalization benefit a lot. I think it's not humans who got the most benefit from it. It's the companies who make use of digital technologies to do business. We can see that there are a lot of companies that generated billions of revenue by going digital. Infosys, TCS, Wipro, Jio, and there are so many big companies that are well-known companies that work in this sector. Companies used digital technologies for doing marketing, hiring, and training their employees. If we compare India with other countries like the united states, then we can see the difference. We are a lot behind them. India is a country of more than 132 crore people and a large number of the Indian population don't even know properly how to use new technologies. This difference shows that digital India has not benefitted the people of India but the growing net worth of the digital companies mark that the companies have done great use of digitalization. In my opinion, digital companies should make use of technology in such a way that it impacts the life of a lot of Indian people who are living far away from urban cities in a positive way which can help improve the situation of education in rural areas and create a lot of opportunities for the young people who wants to work in the digital sector.

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Ankit Bharti said: (Jun 9, 2021)  
From my perspective, I would say India is converting itself into a digital world. And It has provided businesses to those who were financially unstable, through digital networks such as Social Media Marketing.

-Digital India also benefitted many companies to expand their business worldwide and can import and export goods and services from other countries.

-Digital India also benefitted in the educational background, now people of India can learn new skills and knowledge virtually without any difficulties, the number of websites from where they can gain skills.

- Digital India has also benefitted in banking sectors, now people can transfer money, pay the bills, online booking and purchasing can also be done. Digitalization improved the standard of work and method of study, methods of payments, purchasing reasonably items, etc.

- Digital India has increased employment opportunities, new businessmen have come up and started their own business which has increased the employment ratio, recruiter and interviewers can directly interact with each other through virtual applications.

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Gaurav Gupta said: (Jun 6, 2021)  
Hello everyone.

According to my perspective, students are much benefited from digital India because of internet complex study and study material available easily. We can learn anything from youtube and some other app in a very less fee.

At this time, all these study-related things available in a very easy manner because of digitalization.

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Navyasri Bairi said: (Jun 4, 2021)  
Hello everyone myself Navyasri.

I shall discuss on Digital India.

Digital India is launched by government of India in 2015. In order to ensure the Government's services are made available to citizens electronically by improved online infrastructure and by increasing Internet connectivity or making the country digitally empowered in the field of technology.

By using this government services are easily available citizens can also easily access the service.

Schemes of digital India is mainly used for education, retails shops to pay the money for goods, booking our tickets and we pay electricity bills etc. In pandemic situation digitalization is mostly used by citizens. But one thing people who are not educated they take little time to understand the digitalization. And some times we didnot access digitalization due bad internet connection in some areas.

Most of them can save their time and money by digitalization.

It mostly benefial to everyone rather than faults.

Thank you.

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Meghana said: (Jun 3, 2021)  
Hello everyone.

Digital India as the name itself add pride to our country. It's really good that we can see our country is really developing in each and every sector and the lifestyle has become very easy and cut short our time which were really messing up like in paying electricity bills etc. Now in the present scenario i.e, the Corona pandemic which is helping a lot to balance the economy of the country.

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Wini said: (Jun 2, 2021)  
Hello all,

Expressing my views on " Digital India: Whom Does it Benefit?".

The digital world has changed our life significantly. AI, ML, and data science playing key roles in the digital world. Digital India initiative is benefiting Farmers, fisherman's (via IMD weather reports).

The common man (paying out light bills online, setting up a business on the internet, etc).

Students - teacher (to explore vast data/knowledge, online education).

Motivators & influencers (reaching out to video range of audience).

Start-ups/big tech companies (IND a huge customer base to their services).

Government (to convey new plans, schemes its progress, to maintain its own data).

Conclusion - Benefits of Digital India are widespread. But it also needs to take care of increasing digital crimes/cyber attacks/lack of digital infra & literacy.

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Charulatha.V said: (Jun 1, 2021)  
The motive behind this digital India campaign has been achieved because in the initial stages there were not able to cover all over India but. Now this lockdown has made everyone go through this digital process it has emphasized the importance of digital and how useful it is to get the work done promptly by Saving our time for e. G schools and colleges are been done only because of digitalization and, companies, banks etc. Without digital they would have drowned and the economy will be in the recession stage but due to digitalization, our economy is in better progress.

Now currently, the internet users are 47 millions which portrays that the launch of digital India had lead to tremendous success to our country.


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Muskan Kumari said: (May 28, 2021)  
Hello, everyone.

Here is my opinion on one of the most advanced and latest topic :Digital India.

Indian has been a developing nation since ages and it's fascinating to see that India and it's people has come so far in means of technology and development. Nowadays, almost every services are going digital which according to me has benefited both the customer and the service provider. Everyone is trying to be a part of this platform and why not when it can save enormous amount of time to both the party. Let's take the example of Banks where in earlier days we had to stand in long queues for hours to get our things done and in the same way the employers had to engage with each and every person even for the smallest of the needs, whereas now people are able to make the transactions and fulfill their needs to an extent on their own.

Due to digital platforms there has been an increment in employment opportunities and youths are trying to learn more of digital world and looking forward to make a career in it. Both from the rural and urban areas people are engaging themselves in these platforms.

Digital services like social media has enabled us to socialize more and connect to different people.

I would like to conclude by saying that let's be in the race of this digital world and learn more from it to turn this into an positive opportunity.

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Rajat Chauhan said: (May 26, 2021)  
Nowadays digital India plays a very important role in the Indian economy also digitalization makes easy payment we can't stand in a long queue for payment in the bank we use several different apps like paytm, phone pay for payment. Now India becoming the first country in the world who doing the highest digital payment.

So lastly, I conclude that digital India is a good step take by the government of India.

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Rahul said: (May 23, 2021)  
Hello everyone,

This is Rahul and today's topic is - Digital India (whom does it benefit?).

Digital India is one of the most powerful way to connect anyone. Everything is digitalization in India is make happier from everyone. It is easy to use and get secure but you have to protect to the scammers. Digital India make the work very efficient and saves the lots of time If you have to pay some bills you stand on huge queues to pay bills. Online payments like phone pay, Paytm, Google pay they get very secure payments but some people has still to think these payments are not secure.

In covid19, the current situation the digital India makes really helpful every work is done by home and still it was working. Online education is really was very helpful for every student in pandemic. In lockdown there are many people are getting digital and later on it teaches to other people to get digital. At last I would to say that if you know about digital technology then you must to teach them or guide them those who are not using this technology because day by day everything is getting to be digital and they are really helpful.

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India said: (May 21, 2021)  
Hi ,

It's a great topic to discuss nowadays as we are shifting from the traditional world to the digital world. Earlier we people used to cash but now we have seen many people have shifted towards digital services. They used to do every transactions through net banking, UPI or Debit/Credit Card.

If I talk about the merits and demerits of Digital services:

1. Easy to access for the people who are literate.
2. No need of carrying cash result into mitigating cash theft.
3. Record of every transaction.
4. No need to stand in a queue for any application form in banks, post offices, or any government offices.


1. A person who is literate can only take the advantage of Digital products.
2. It will take many years to move this into rural India. This is the biggest disadvantage of Digital services. As we all know 60-65% of people lives in rural India.
3. Connectivity is also a problem in India especially in rural and Semi-urban places.

Now move to whom does it benefit:

1. Currently pandemic is going on, Digital services play an important role in the whole world in terms of online shopping which includes grocery, veggies, fruits and other essentials, Meetings on various software, taking a loan or any banking services, Online education, consultation with a doctor etc.

2. People are doing their businesses online which will result in GDP growth if we see from a macro perspective.

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Geetanjali said: (May 20, 2021)  
Digital India is the future of our country, online sector is in boom right now, the huge amount of online businesses, freelancing, UPI payments have raised to great heights. There are over billions of smartphone users. People are adapting to newer technologies. Cryptocurrency has been a crisp topic since these days. Instead of standing in large huge queues people can pay the amount online. Digitalization has huge number of benefits.

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Prabhu said: (May 19, 2021)  
Hello everyone, first of all,I would like to thank myself to get opportunity to share my opinion on this topic.

Becoming digital a good sign for us. A common backward person can avail all the government Benifits. Going towards digital, India is now most probable cash less country.

Most of unemployed has decreased through digital. Students, common men, workers, farmers everyone now are getting benifit through it.

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Rajender Chauhan said: (May 15, 2021)  
Digital India is a very good initiative taken by the Government and equally acceptance of our Citizens. To dream of 10 Trillion economies, it will really helpful. There is various Govt scheme which available through a digital medium. A lot of apps are there to guide farmers, Education app like Bijus, Study IQ are contributing more in the educational sector. Besides that, it makes our life easy. New entrepreneurs are also emerging in the digital world. Digital payments curb Corruption and help in Currency flow. The future of currency will be Digital currency.

So as India is the hub of It we have to be Digital side by side we have to make collaborate with Japan and Taiwan so that we can equally work on Hardware.

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Ayadi Patel said: (May 14, 2021)  
Hello everyone.

Today our topic is digital India: whom does it benefit.

Everything has two sides one positive and the other is negative. And digitalization means convert physical think into digital. Which help our country progress and it benefits to receive everyone. All Indian can benifit government schemes and progress with government. With digitalisation government can easily connect through village. And digitalisation due pandemic very helpful as you all know with digital India we can use internet everywhere so we connect everyone. In corona situation, we can study online and we made online shopping and also we connect through doctor with e-healthcare.

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Deadshot 77 said: (May 14, 2021)  
Digital India is a necessity. India should be digital to match with other countries.

Digitalization gives more transparency and it also makes work easy, for example before we had to go to the bank for money transaction now we can transfer money from our home this saves time and is easy to use. Digitalization will help India to grow.

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Mrunmayee said: (May 9, 2021)  
Digitalization has played an important role in the upliftment and progress of our society.

Introducing digital technology has helped us reach out to the people living in the remotest parts of India and improve their quality of living.

It has helped overcome the barrier of distance and has made seeking knowledge, expressing opinions, and working efficiently much easier.

The role of digitalization in amplifying citizens' voices and maintaining democracy is quite notable.

During this pandemic, digitalization has proved to be hoped by being the only way of connection during isolation. It has to be a platform through which we can support and help the needy.

Thus, digitalization has benefited each and every citizen of our country and is a strong pillar in the development of our country.

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Parth said: (May 6, 2021)  
Hello everyone.

Today our topic is Digital India: Whom does it benefit?

Well, I must say that this question carries a two-way answer to it.

First of the answers being the citizens being smart or should I say technologically advanced. Digitalization is always a must-do check for any country as it brings ease to all the paperwork and the diresome workhours of the mortal race. Like they say in the advertisements, you can literally have your own bank at your fingertips. Now, who won't love to skip queues in the bank? Also keeping track of the money online has also proved to be a significantly helpful advantage of digitalization.

Students are also benefitted from the digital India campaign, as they can have their class at their ease. They need to put up their uniform and sit in their bus to go to their respective institutions. What all they need is a tab or laptop, with a good internet connection and you are good to go.

But with all this ease and less effort, frauds are also making their way in going up in the list of beneficiaries. While we still were in our old days, a lot were being scammed by the false jackpots and lotteries. With all our activities being digitalized, they also are getting an edge to carry out such activities.

Getting digitalized is the best step for advancement but with big gifts, bug commitments are also required to keep those gifts intact.

Getting people to be aware of their options and doing is a must-do for the nation. People do need to be taught the right way to use the applications and be aware of fraudulent messages.

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Izaz Ahmed said: (May 3, 2021)  
We all know that everything has a positive and negative side. But in such case, if you want to develop your country, you have to go for the positive side. We know that digital India means mainly cashless countries. Nowadays many people of our country (mainly the young generation) are using phone pay, google pay, internet banking, etc app to control their bank account, money transfer, balance check, etc purpose. But most of people are afraid to use these types of app. Because they think that if any fraud case is happening with them. That's why the government have to secure these types of the app very strongly. And the other side in the rural area there is many people who have no knowledge about mobile, laptops as well as net banking apps. But we know that after some years a time will become when all the people of our country become digital. Then we can proudly say that now our India is fully digital India.

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Anomi said: (May 1, 2021)  
According to my point of view, digitalization has my benefit and few negative aspects there is many things which are become so easy after digitalization if we want to submit electricity bill we don't need to stand in huge line we can submit easily through mobile banking and PhonePe UPI and by google pay which makes things so easy to which is very difficult for the people before digital India it saves the time.

Digital India is beneficial for the people who are very busy in work they don't have time for stand-in huge line it time-saving for the people and also reduce the paperwork which can prevent the environment too.

During covid 19 pandemic situation digitalization help in contactless payment.

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Ravi Prakash said: (Apr 30, 2021)  
Hi, friends, My name is Ravi Prakash.

The Given topic for discussion is "digital India: whom does it benefit".

Digital means modernization in our daily life. For ex. In past we have to do more struggle for money transaction in bank even sometimes it was take a whole day. But in digital age we can do our work on our cell phone in a simple way at sitting home.

As far as the matter of benefit, general people have taken more advantage of digital. Now they have no need to go to the bank for the transaction, ticket for counter, study for institute.

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B Shivani said: (Apr 30, 2021)  
My point of view is that it benefits almost everyone but it depends on the way we use it, some of the pros of Digital India is right sitting from home we can do banking, book flight, bus and train tickets online, in this pandemic since it is not advisable to go out unnecessarily we are attending classes and meetings through online portal available for it, but there are certain disadvantages also because there are hackers who tend to hack our bank details or it could even be personal details, on the whole, it depends on the way we use it, that is the purpose for which we are using it matters the most.

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Shreya said: (Apr 30, 2021)  
Digit India has benefited the whole of India. If digitalization was not an option during this pandemic period, it would have been very tough for small businesses or big businesses to survive. The education system would have been affected a lot. Although, it has been a setback for the education system digitalization has helped to improve the same.

The problem here arises is that the network issues. The people living in rural areas where connectivity is poor are facing a lot of problems. The poor people of our society are also not benefited from this digitalization because they cannot afford it. Our main agenda should be to reach out to the poor people and the rural areas because this is the need of the era. After all, we have to keep updating ourselves with time.

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Poosaipandi said: (Apr 28, 2021)  
In my point of view, digitalization has more positive and few negative things. That based on what we take from it, if we take positive things, it will grow up ourselves otherwise we will spoil our life.

There are plenty of good things using UPI for money transactions is make all our time save and effectively. Few things negative that everyone can took our data through the digitalisation, if government make it more securely we all feel safely that data is safe.

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H S Shrilakshmi said: (Apr 28, 2021)  
Digital India is one of the most exciting and relevant subjects to work on because India wants to go cashless in the upcoming years which is a great initiative. But how safe are the system securities in our country?

We know that most of the people actually are scared about online payments and transactions because of the lack of security. We all know about the cyber crimes happening in our country and hence some people don't want to be the conquests for it. But if the government ensures a proper security system for digitalization, then definitely India is one step away from going cashless. Even the people in rural areas are still a problem because of lack of digital education, but if India wants this event to be successful then they need to take certain initiative and send some educated people to a rural town and educate people over there about digitalization, its importance, and benefits. Overall I can conclude that Digitalization in India is possible only by proper plans and efforts put up by the government.

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Nilanjan Chakraborty said: (Apr 27, 2021)  
I think digital India is a good initiative by the central government of India. Nowadays digital transformation is very much needed/ and everyone should know the digital transformation. For example, we are very much dependent on android mobile nowadays. And various apps we used for our daily work, most effective banking apps. From my point of view. I really love and like to use banking apps for transferring my money and payment for emergency cases without visiting any bank directly. It's totally related to digital Inda transformation.

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Avinash Takale said: (Apr 13, 2021)  
From my point of view, digital India is very beneficial for all of you. Your working process going very fast. Digitally we are connect to each other and this network helpfully for all get information. In daily life we use many digital electronic devices. There are many restaurants, industries, home automation, digital marketing are making digital. So people easily get services at minimum time.

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Abhishek said: (Apr 10, 2021)  
As my point of view, digital India taking a new way to interact people with technology that's. Also catching eye sight of every person to do easily payment to anyone whom aren't present over there or not digital payment benefits to both government as well as person who is doing so why am I saying both is because of two point of view over there 1 gov can easily trash money i.e. originating point and ending point 2 suppose two one is in America and other one is in India. American person wants to collect his money from Indian person first he has to came in India and then collect it. But if it is digitally posible they only call once to him and say about his money.

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User said: (Apr 10, 2021)  
Hello Everyone,

My opinion on Digital India is that, most of us are having benefits from digitalization in today's era. Here, digitalization means we can perform specific activities through the online mode without any physical involvement. Digital India, It's a big change brought by our honourable prime minister Narendra Modi by July 2015. Nowdays, we can book railway Or air ticket within a fraction of second while sitting in our home. We can also do transaction of money in few second without wasting a lots of time as well as facing a large queue. We can do shopping without going in a crowded markets. We can do online study through it. Even, nowadays at the time of pandemic as we have to stay home, avoid public places, make social distancing, It becomes a boon for us as we can do our work from home, student can study by the online platforms.

However, there are some problems with it also as we see, there is no internet facilities in some places specially in rural areas hence they aren't more aware about it. So, government should be taken steps about it. Also, many people are misusing this facilities where internet has provided by using excessive social media and wasting lots of time. It is causing many hazardous syndrome like stress, depression etc.

Overall, In my view, Digitalization can be boon for all if we utilize it in positive ways. It's totally depends on us how we use it.

Thank you!

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Dnyaneshwar Doke said: (Apr 6, 2021)  
Digital India is needed for the trending technical era. Working as digital will beneficial to one which could avoid consumption of more energy required as compared to do offline work. The digitalisation of the country will put our nation on a higher stage that will help to many by reducing their hard efforts and a new beginning will start. By doing so our nation will be able to race with the world in better ways. Digitalisation will give a new idea to youth to do work in recent trends and thus it will help to develop an economical graph of our nation.

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Sushmita said: (Apr 6, 2021)  
Hello everyone myself Sushmita,

In my view, digitalization is totally advantageous. As we collect plenty of information about anything instead of this developing country. The contact of one person with another is only possible due to the digital world. One can improve their knowledge in a particular field by using new software, online classes, online discussion to make the project.

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Shubham said: (Apr 6, 2021)  
Digital India will boost both small and large enterprises and manufacturing units citizens can be directly linked to the government and address their concerns.

India will become an IT leader in the fields of banking, health and education.

With public cloud and internet access, the digitally empowered citizenry would benefit.

Additionally, there would be wireless internet and broadband in 2.5 lakh villages and universal phone connectivity.

The Wi-Fi-enabled universities and Wi-Fi hot spots will benefit the education and growth of the rural and urban population.

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Manish Chetiwal said: (Apr 4, 2021)  
Hello everyone, I am Manish Chetiwal.

I want to tell you that digitalization is very beneficial because transparency will take a big advantage and by digital mode, I send and receive the payment and do such task which will take times without the digital mode.

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Divya said: (Apr 2, 2021)  
Hello everyone,

"Digital Transformation is more about the human than digital". -Brian Solis.

The digital world is created, processed by humans to connect every part of the world. As the quote says it is creating innovative ideas to give people a more comfortable life. The digital world has its own advantages and disadvantages. Digitalization made things easy in this disaster pandemic time.

Digitalization helps many startups to reach their clients and build their businesses.

From a student point of view, it gave exploration about different apps and courses apart from regular academics. It also helped improve presentation skills.

Shopping and food delivery is made so easy and reliant. Banking transaction is made easy for people rather than standing long queue. Many people are comfortable working from home.

Cons: Data privacy, cybercrime.

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Muskan said: (Mar 30, 2021)  
Hello Everyone.

My point of view is that digitalization has two face one is an advantage and the second is disadvantage, so firstly we talk about advantages. With the help of digitalization, we have a large platform to grow up, for students, it's very helpful to understand many things we can use Google with just one click we know everything about the world. Due to mobile we can use shopping app, social media and we can negotiate with many peoples and we can connect to anyone worldwide through video call in just one minute. And because of covid-19, we had face any disaster, the government took strict steps and announced lockdown nevertheless people work from home with the reliance of digitalization and earn money.

In view of digitalization we can reduce crime we can just record every incident and catch the thief even we have a women helpline number if any women face trouble she can just call the police.

On the other hand, there are some disadvantage of digitalization first is network issue in rural areas and the second is misuses of the internet like cyber cafe crimes.

Overall Digitalization is very helpful for us.

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Pavan Kalyan said: (Mar 27, 2021)  
Hello everyone,

My name is pavan. In my view, digital India is not a small thing. It made changes in each and everyone lives in a big way. To full fill our needs like transmission of data between two people, secure banking, biometric rations, Aadhar etc.

I am delighted to say that our honourable prime minister took major steps in implementation. To make this successful he made a deal with Jio for providing 4g services free at free of cost for up to one year. In the present scenario, even students taking classes online.

Digital India is not a name, It is a change.

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Manisha Jadhav said: (Mar 25, 2021)  
Hello friends,

On this topic, my opinion is that, digitalization is very beneficial for us in our day to day life and nowadays in the 21st century it's being an essential need for us to compete with the world.

Due to digitalization, many things are changing in our lives. Digitalization is providing a large platform for us to learn anything from our home. With just one click we can know what's happening in the world. Also, we can learn from anyone in the world on the digital platform. For students, it becomes very easy to learn complicated things in a simple manner with the help of YouTube it provides an audiovisual mode of learning.

For knowing anything we just do Google it gives all information within a second. Nowadays we don't need to spend many expenses on books cause most of the books are available online.

Due to mobile or internet banking, it's very easy to pay our bills, transaction we don't need to face such a big queue and waste our time in that we can do all these things within minutes. Due to digitalization, there are many sources of information so we can increase our knowledge. Due to online shopping apps, we can buy anything from our home without going to rushy places and there we got a lot of options too. Now due to google pay and phone pay no need to carry cash with us.

We can connect to anyone worldwide through video calls in one minute. No waith is there as previously we do. We can buy tickets for train, flights, buses at any time and anywhere. 24hrs service is available due to digitalization. Before digitalization when we want to apply for any examination then we had to go that place and fill it from there but nowadays we can fill in any forms from our home. For getting certificates or documents from government offices we used to go there and wasting our time in such a long queue but now we can take all these things online.

There are some disadvantages of digitalization are too.

One of the most disadv. Is network issue in rural areas. And due to lack of knowledge of digitalised technologies to some persons mostly in old age group or in rural areas they are facing issues. Some teenagers misuses this internet facility and spends excessive time on social media and losing focus on their studies and that's why they are living in stress and mentally ill but it differ from person to person.

Overall digitalization is boon for us.

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Narendra said: (Mar 22, 2021)  
Hi friends.

My name is Narendra and we are going to a topic Digital India Whom it Benefits.

As we know due to the covid pandemic everything stopped but one thing that helped us to stay in a home is the internet which is considered the backbone of Digital India.

Every coin has its two sides similarly every situation has its own pros and cons.

While talking about the pros.

1) Before digitization we used to stand in a long queue for booking of train tickets but due to the availability online platform, we can do it from our bed with safe and fast.

2) Online education platform like the Diksha app boost students thinking and imagination capabilities similarly now QR codes are available for each book so no need to carry a heavy book everywhere when we have a smartphone.

3) Online transaction helped us a lot while paying fees of colleges, exams, tuition within a fraction of a second similarly we can do shopping without going to crowded market places.

While talking about the cons.

1) Data privacy is one of the major issue today we are facing because whatever you type on google same product advertisement you will get on next day.

2) Excessive use of social media like TikTok, Instagram makes people addictive and distract students from their predefined goals.

3) People from rural part are facing many issues regarding digital Indian and the main reason I think is improper network and infrastructure.

The digital platform is like two edge sword it can help you as well harm you it depend on how you use it.

This was from my side thank you.

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Swathi Syamanath said: (Mar 20, 2021)  
Hello all,

As we all know, we are in 21st century coming a long way from stone age to place where everything has come in our finger tips. Today is an era of Digitization and Industrialization. In world, every country is competing with other countries to provide best digital service to people and somehow India was lagging behind in digital era. Thus, Digital India campaign is a very encouraging and lucrative step launched by honorable prime minister Narendra Modi by not limiting the people of India to only paper and pen taking them to present scenario and making them compatible with the world.

The journey to Digital India may be long but taking a step will always help to reach destiny. Furthermore, there are numerous pros to digitization.


1. Our day to day activities will be done with only a small span of time without stress.
2. Saving tress, by not using papers and everything being available online.
3. Especially helpful for old age people who don't need to travel anymore.
4. Creating a lot of job opportunities for young people in the digital world and making them capable to compete with the world.
5. Saving a lot of time which is very precious.

1. Will make our life inactive, however, that differs from person to person.
2. May affect health but then also, Fit India campaign has been launched.

As of now, I only remember these, but there can be more pros and cons. Time is the most precious thing which is being saved by going digital and making India more digitally independent.

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Chhavi said: (Mar 15, 2021)  

One of the significant advantages of digitization is how easy and fast our day-to-day life will become.

For example, online shopping or online banking can be done within a few minutes from a safe location such as our homes, which is a benefit not only because it is comfortable but also because it reduces people's chances of getting robbed. Digitization is also useful when there is an urgent need for something, like paying for urgent surgery in a hospital.

The only thing that is of concern is that not many people will be aware of how to use the features online or be aware of the possible online frauds. Online scamming will increase with increased digitization. That can make people not want to use these facilities or make them susceptible to online fraud, leading to losing money. It is crucial to either educate everyone or protect everyone from these scams because without doing that, it will be challenging to run the digitization smoothly.

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Ankit said: (Mar 12, 2021)  
Hello everyone.

My name is Ankit, and I am here to give my opinion on the given topic.

. Digital means doing anything in online mode without being physically present.

. It is a great initiative taken by or pm Narendra Modi in July 2015.

. Digitalization benefits everyone because it saves a lot of time, it saves our physical presence, keeps us safe where ever we are.

Here we are reading this post it is also due to digitalization.

. Before digitalization for small works in bank, we had to spend the whole day in the bank by standing in a queue waiting for our time to deposit money, withdraw money or to open a bank account and there was time limit also that we had to reach in the bank on time (around 10:00 am to 4:00 pm. But now after digitalization, we can do it in minutes and there is no time boundation also.

. There are a lot of platforms in online mode from where we can withdraw and even can deposit money without wasting the whole day. Some of them are, Google pay, Paytm, Yono SBI etc.

. We can earn money also by doing work from home without going anywhere at our home we can earn a lot of money some sources to earn money online are teacher points, YouTube, freelancer etc.

. We can study at home with great quality of education by well-qualified educators. Every type of knowledge there are available in online mode and they are free of cost also. On Youtube there a lot of professors, Itians, IAS exam qualified teachers teaching and guiding students.

. As every coin has to sides there are also some disadvantages of digitalization.

. The biggest challenge is security, if security is not good then any hacker can hack our data.

. The second disadvantage is about education, in some rural areas people are not so educated hence it is very hard for them to use all these resources.

. The third disadvantages is that digitalization is possible due to the network and in rural areas, there is a lot of networking problem so it does not work there.

In conclusion digitalization is time-saving, no need for physical presence, cashless, there are some issues the government is doing a lot to improve.

Thank you all for reading carefully, please do like my post.

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Ankush said: (Mar 5, 2021)  
Good morning friends,

The topic of our discussion is Digital India: Whom Does it Benefit.

Friends due to digitalization we are getting many benefits especially in the bank sector. A few years from now if we want to take a loan from our bank then it will take about one month and then also we got rejected due to the absence of some important documents but now due to digitalization, we get easy loans from the Banks with minutes.

Friends if we going to the bank for transactions of cash in an emergency condition and if we forgot the passbook then we didn't get the money right time. But now a day with the help of ATM, UPI, Net banking we can easily withdraw and transfer money any time without going to the bank.

At last, I want to conclude that In rural area due to network issue and the people are less educated so, keeping in mind government take some forward step to solve this situation.

Thank you.

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Nikita Targe said: (Mar 4, 2021)  
Good afternoon everyone.

Now we are discussing digital India which is a very great initiative by our honourable PM. This is going to be a very important aspect of our life because we can do anything from it.

We can learn, can do bank work, shopping, travel, even we can earn from. No need to carry money with us. No need to wait in a long queue. It is very helpful for citizens. But in a rural area, not possible to do things easily because of network issues.

Followings are some important points:.


Now you are seeing that because of covid all schools, collages are closed that's why students are not aware of syllabus but the great thing is that digital India. There is lots of apps, YouTube channels by using those students are able to learn even government also providing lots of features to the student they are providing assignment, online classes and taking the exams also so, there is no chance to lose a year of education.

Bank work :

For Bank work every time we have to go there we were carrying lots of document and if we forgot any single document then the whole day will be lost and again the next day we need to go there till our work has not been done. There is lots of bank-related works that can do from online.


For shopping we do not need to carry money with us, we can pay online or we can swap our card.


For travelling, we do not need to go in a rush or do not need to travel by standing in the vehicle. We can book our ticket online.


There is lots of people wants to start there business but they don't have money because of financial condition they can't do whatever they want and that's why they are facing pure life but for earning there are lots of online features available for those like mesho, YouTube, etc.

In short, Digital India is a time-saving technique, way of happiness, no stressful life, and no need to say every time JAGO GRAHAK JAGO!

But there is one disadvantage of digital India is that in our India, there is lots of hackers can hack database so government need to take a strong action about this.

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Amit Paikra said: (Mar 1, 2021)  
Digital means works are done through the internet without any physical availability of things. I saw its benefits to all type of people. Nowadays most of the pay online bills and it's very easy. In Rural areas, online choice centres are opened and they do not need to go far from their place towards urban areas.

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Shailja said: (Mar 1, 2021)  
I think Digital India is really a great initiative that makes our life simple and comfortable.

The thing due to which this initiative is becoming successful is none other than our one of today's basic need i.e. internet.

We all are already aware of the situation of old India where we have to wait in long queue s and waste our whole day to complete one single government-related work like updation of Aadhaar etc. And on the above of that, we cannot be sure that we can be completed on that single day because of the need of a lot of documents, one single document left your whole application rejected.

But now, in our NEW DIGITALISED INDIA, we usually do not have to face these problems as many work ranging from change of address on Aadhaar to filing return can be done online while sitting at home without much effort.

But the rural area still faces issues or problems in government-related work as they are still not aware of those who are aware do not have adequate facilities like proper internet.

It is truly said every new thing came up with danger. Likewise, this digital India initiative has also increased the risk of cybercrimes.

So to maintain the benefits of Digital India, the government should take initiative to provide digital India benefits to rural areas people through proper actions and take precautionary actions to protect against cybercrime.

Thank you.

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Usha said: (Feb 27, 2021)  
It actually benefits the people having experience regarding technology. Mainly for educated people.

People are not at all required to maintain cash in hand.

We can make the payment immediately without any issue. Earlier people used to stand in the waiting line for the withdrawal of the money from their account. But due to digital payment people no need to go anywhere and no need to waste their time for withdrawal of the amount.

Some people lost money immediately after withdrawal of amount From the bank in so many cases now this problem is not occurring.

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Biswanath said: (Feb 25, 2021)  
Hello everyone,

Today I'm telling you about Digital India. It's a great initiative of our PM Modi ji. It's started on July 15th 2015. Its main perspective was aware to rural people that the importance of digital India.

Lots of advantage in Digital India as follows:

1) No need to carry money to buy a product, it can cashless by using such google pay, paytm, phone pay, amazon pay apps. They can pay from them.

2) Net banking facilities boost, No need to wait in banks for long times. They can get their updation about their accounts.

3) Online education boost the knowledge of their children, who could not afford money for their better education.

4) The main advantage of digitalisation is there is complete transparency, in the system so that nobody can do black marketing or hoarding.

5) We can be paid our electric bill, house rent, school fees travelling ticket etc. Easily without wasting time & energy and also transferring the money without going to the bank.

Thank you.

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Sohan said: (Feb 23, 2021)  
Digital India is one of the best Intititive of our government. In my opnion it is boon for middle and poor class. E-commerce and online education has changed the life of people. The people who do not live in metro cities do not able to access the things which they required and they have to buy the things which they have available in the market while the people living in metro cities get access to all the things according to their needs. Due to unaware about market price price of things seller sells the things at high price.

Peole sitting at any place in the world get acess to all the information and do any do any type of payment. Due to digitilisation getting of education is easier we do not need to go anywhere and we do not to buy costly books for study. Pandemic like corona it proves blessing for us because it heps the students, workers to study and work from home. Due to mamy medical app it also help the people in health sector specially corona.

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Rajat Prajapat said: (Feb 17, 2021)  
Digital India is going to be very useful for our country people's because by the help of that much of high speed internet connection there we get a lot of things from internet like due to corona pandemic every Student is studying at home by the help of more internet facilities over knowledge over awareness for our country issues our country is facing, and of we are atucked at somewhere there is Google map which is also available for us to guide us that all type of things which we are getting nowadays just because of over prime minister Narendra modi who took this initiative to make over country digital and this will helps people a lot and by the help of internet everyone is getting fruitfull informations according to there need and there intrest people's getting information so it is making over country more broader in the way of thinking that's why it is giving benifit to all over country people.

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Nawal Kumar said: (Feb 16, 2021)  
Digital India is a campaign which was launched by Government of India on 1st July 2015. The main objectives of this campaign are To connect the rural areas with high -speed internet network so that people of rural areas can able to understand the importance of Digitalization. All the government works should be provided electronically so that people can finish their work from their home easily and they can also able to differentiate between online and offline work as well. They can also know each and everything regarding any departmental, information at staying home. It goes without saying that only Ambani get more benefitted indirectly from this campaign of India.

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Pritesh Kushwaha said: (Feb 12, 2021)  
As you can see in todays time, many people are on digitalization. It has reduce physical work, people can do from anywhere at any place no matter, because its so simple now to use the online platform. People can =pay their electricity bill, tv recharge, phone recharge, want to transfer money. For doing all this there are such applications like google pay, Paytm, Phonepe, amazon pay etc. Online is process is good for who knows how to to do it but in our rural areas there still many people who don't know how to access this, government has to take a initiatives to taught them how he can also access the all this online transaction and all. In future the online application they getting big market in India. I can see in future India is going to cashless transaction, why I am telling this the reason is in my family my father also don't know how to use it but slowly slowly the knowing everything.

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Sanjeet Kar said: (Feb 11, 2021)  
Good morning everyone.

We have to first understand what means to digital India. It means to do anything in online without doing any offline physical work.

This initiative was started by our beloved PM IN 2016 to make our country developed. It had many advantages.

#people can easily transfer their money by using apps like Google Pay, phone pe, etc by staying at home. They don't need to go to the bank '.

People can easily book train, flight bus and movie tickets without going to there.

People can text anyone to any corner of the country by staying at home.

It has great advantages to online education. Students can easily do their classes and also purchase courses which is very much cheap compare to offline institutions. During covid-19, it played an important role for students.

Due to digitalization, frauds in giving taxes is decreasing. Also one cannot store his black money in foreign countries.

And like everything, it has also some demerits.

Even 40% of people in our country from rural areas are illiterate, who even don't know the proper uses of phones. They can be haunted by cybercrime.

#Computer can do work equal to five persons. Due to this, unemployment also increasing.

So in order to make our India fully digital, many campaigns regarding the use of technology in rural areas must be organised by the government.

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Rajeshwaran said: (Feb 9, 2021)  
Hello friends,

Today, the DIGITAL INDIA scheme has been highly encrypted and these can not be used even who maintains the whole database of banking, shopping, travelling history of anyone, It can not be overwritten by someone even who can expert in this field.

Nowadays technologies are grown exponentially likewise that increasing crime history.

If we resolve one crime, another large crime will be raised.

And so many even parents couldn't know about technologies are used by their child. They are said to parents, I am studying the subject only, couldn't do any immoral activities, when parents asked to show me your phone or explain it what you doing that, They say you can not understand what I am doing. Then parents don't ask anymore to that child, they would carry on their housework or office work.

Please do watch their children, monitor 24/7 like an eagle-eye to protect them. Then using a parental app to prevent from doing immoral activities did by your children, If your ward using whatever there it will show in the brief list.

Kindly we should save the children from criminal activities and other unauthorized activities.

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Pranesh Kathavate said: (Feb 8, 2021)  
Hello active readers,

Digital India is such a topic where everyone can contribute a lot with fact-full experiences. Basically the motive to promote Digital India is to make realize the importance of ease-ness in transactions that may be related with various fields such as Banking transactions, Hotel and Shop Bill Payments, Electricity bill, mobile recharge and many more.

People who want their transactions to be cashless and riskless (mostly) at most of the instances in their life will be always benefitted with this ideology. Nowadays big MNCs are developing apps which mostly give priority to cashless transactions such as Amazon, Phonepe, Paytm etc. There might be some chances of bank net server problem but those issues occur rarely and for people who want to be aprt of this Digital India and try to understand the ideology behind this will definitely be appreciated by this step.

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Narinder said: (Feb 3, 2021)  
Hello friends.

Today, I am giving my views on topic digital India. It is the modern era so now life is going digital with digital India. Peoples are taking advantages of digital India. Like online payment, online classes online money transfer etc. It saves us time. During the time of the lockdown, it was very helpful.

But as every coin has two sides it also has some demerits. Now people are becoming lazy. Lakhs of birds and animals are becoming dead to make digital India. And also small villagers can't take advantage of this. In my opinion, it should not be limited to large cities but also improve in small villages people should be taught about technology so that everyone may take benefit of this.

Thank you.

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Suman said: (Feb 2, 2021)  
Digital India in future in our country. Not only benefit in all time it is also helped in future. As a lockdown situation students attend the class through online to stay at home and this covid 19 situation money transfer is bank to bank is a success for digital India. Our PM is published on all are digital many of people is also are useful.

So lastly I want to say that digital India is also helped in our daily life. India is growing in future.

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Situ said: (Feb 2, 2021)  
Hello friends.

Today's I want to talk about digital India. Digital India is stabilised by our prime minister Narendra Modi. It's a good initiative for all. Today's World is growing very fast everything depends upon online platform. We can see everywhere people are using a mobile phone for his own work or benefits. The most valuable thing is that an online platform is very helpful for those students they can't afford the tuition fee, but they can learn many things from digital platform. When digital India had not stabilised that time few people had use internet. When stated use it after that India became world third user of digital platform. Now with the help of digital thing we can easily do online ticket online transaction online study and lots of benefits they got.

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Bikash Sharma said: (Jan 28, 2021)  
Hello everyone, my self Bikash.

As we all know Digital India initiative launched by our prime minister Shri Narendra Modi.

To make it Susseccful there was a big hand of reliance group (Jio), who Provided us internet service first at free of cost and after one year at an affordable price.

Everything has two sides.

Advantages of digitalization.

- We can paid our electric bill, house rent, school fess travelling ticket etc. Easily without wasting time & energy and also transferring the money without going to bank.

There are a lots of online Plateform who provides us better discount while paying bills, upi transaction etc to save our money.

Disadvantages of digitalization.

-Spreading fake news, Spreading someone private pictures, blackmailing, hacking of bank details is a biggest disadvantages of digitalization.

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Pooja Yadav said: (Jan 28, 2021)  
Digital India is one of the best program held by the government of India. It's full filling the need of common people like people with the use of this program benefitted financially, socially as well as culturally. Its future of upcoming India was using this technology people work their own and earn by only their support.

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Xylo said: (Jan 28, 2021)  
Hello everyone,

Today our Topic is Digital India. This Digital India campaign is started by Honourable PM in 2015 to make the India digital. Every coin has two sides same this campaign also have, To make everything digital is a very big step that India take over. Its helps many officers to make their record digital, this will reduce the pen paperwork. And Now Indian people are well understanding about digital thing this is very helpful for those who understand this thing. Due to some network issue, our work stops, This is the bad effect.

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Atharva V Bedarkar said: (Jan 28, 2021)  
Hello everyone,

As per the development of our country is the main concern. We all know that the new campaign "DIGITAL INDIA " was announced by our honourable prime minister Shri. Narendra Modi ji for the development of our nation. It will be really beneficial for the people in our country. By this campaign of the government, those people who are not digitally experienced they will get enough knowledge of digitalization. By this scheme many people who aren't aware of online works, money transfers, online studies will get a Decent knowledge. It's a great initiative by the government towards the development.

As modern problems require modern solutions.

Example: if a person wants to transfer his money from the account, he doesn't have to go in a bank and stand in line four hrs, now it is possible to transfer the money from one account to another from home with all the security, these are what we need today.

So its great thing for us, especially the people who are illiterate they have to take this as an opportunity.

Thank you jai hind.

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Rockz said: (Jan 27, 2021)  
Hello everyone. ,

I want to put some light on this topic,

Digital India is a well initiative by honourable PM as well as Govt of India. And in my view, it is a glorious initiative in the twenty-oneth century. Hopefully, everyone will get benefitted by it; students, employees and common people also. You all see in covid-19 pandemic the application of digital India used much. Students are familiar with online learning and small entrepreneur or business are also used about BHIM UPI and everything. People have to familiar with internet and AI and mobile phone in my view this is the future.

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Loga said: (Jan 25, 2021)  
Nowadays digitization is the main thing in the world, the world to improve the automatic things in everything. Today, I want to discuss the merits and demerits of digital India. As we all know in previous times we used to think a lot before downloading a single video but digitalisation has changed India a lot, now we can suffer through the internet without thinking of any internet issues. The people who know how to use it in a right way, to them it is not less than a boon but the kids having no knowledge of using technology don't know how easily they are wasting their time by indulging themselves in online games. As a student, we are working for a better future and has met a lot of teachers online and started studying from them. People started working online and saved a lot of their time. We stopped going to banks for regular transactions which also resulted in less traffic and pollution.

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Vaishnavi said: (Jan 25, 2021)  
Hello friends.

Today, I would talk about digitization. As we all know digitization is very initiative launch by our honourable prime minister Narendra Modi. Without it, we can't do anything things in modern life. We can see everything depends upon digital things. If we won't know about this. How will be managed? When corona pandemic was going on every student had used online education mode. Every coin has two faces so dependent upon you. How you manage it.

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Priyanka said: (Jan 23, 2021)  
Digitisation hasn't benefited a single sector but has progressive influence in all sectors whether it be educational, commercial, medical, banking etc.

Amidst corona pandemic when all avenues of income were shut digitisation has been a helping hand in otherwise declining economy.

With the curtailment of long queues in Banks, railway counter, shopping mall to online trading in stock market, imparting online education India has come a long way.

It has virtually eliminated the need of classroom studies and one can be well acquainted of any topic.

Online medical consultation has been a growing trend in recent times where in we get medical aid at minimal time.

Further, from booking tickets to booking cab has turned out to be matter of few minutes.

The advent of online retailers Amazon, flipkart has decreased the need of infrastructure where huge investment is involved.

Hence, if stringent policies against cyber crimes are implemented to enhance a safe digital environment then digitisation by all means would be a huge blessing.

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Parmar said: (Jan 22, 2021)  
This campaign was started by our prime minister Narendra Modi. Everything has two sides negative and positive. The positive aspect of digitalization is that due to this internet connectivity we can save our energy, time, money. The negative aspect is that terrorism and crime increases, concern for privacy, hiding identity or fake accounts.

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Rohit said: (Jan 20, 2021)  
First of all, we want to understand that digitalisation is actually a boon ar a bane to society. Everything which comes in the word has both positive and negative aspect. But as per present scenario Digitalisation become mostly boon to a different type of sector. Let's start from our home itself, on earlier days for every small thing we have to bank but nowadays we just click it on phone.

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Prem said: (Jan 19, 2021)  
Hello everyone.

Digital India is the initiative launched by the government of India in the year 2016. It was launched with aim to provide internet connectivity and vital technology to every citizen in nation at cheap price and easy accessibility. As of now we could proudly say that it turned out to most successful campaign. Results are very clearly visible, it provided a bundle of benefits specially to the people in rural India. Crores of children benefited via online education, no of smartphone users reached peak, social media presence improved drastically, employment ratio improved with cheap internet, banking sector become comfortable with online payments there is so much of boon digital India turned out be. And its just a start it will serve to be the greatest initiative ever.

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Meet said: (Jan 16, 2021)  
Topic -digital India.

Without digitization, we can't do anything. We start all works with this only and as all know that because of this our country is now it touching the high level. Works are done by digitization is so necessary that we calculate from our mobile or calculator. No one wants to be late in their life all want to succeed and achieve everything. If not using then it will be Wasting timing without it our level of India will be also less as compared to all in the world. So we have to be proud that in India new digital are available that make are India proud. Also faster in race of business and to stand at the level of the world.

The biggest achievement that gives the brightest light to our India.

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Mayank said: (Jan 15, 2021)  
This is Mayank and I am here to express my views on this electic topic of digital India.

Moving straight to the topic India has grown a lot in past few years and has adopted a lot of ways and ethics of countries those are the superpowers, going digital and online is one of those points which are the actual reasons for such jump up the scale.

E-commerce has become a crucial way of living in India and soon going to be cash-less.

It is surely a benefit to the urban people as well as those people in rural areas who are actually practising such activities by using the internet.

But has become a new way of thefts, fraud and total murder of time as being wasted.

Not taking much of your precious time, I am going to say in the end, digital world is for those who use it properly with ethics and limits, not for those who make it a source of evil assignments.

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Saurabh Kumar Singh said: (Jan 14, 2021)  
As we know digital India campaign was started by our honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Digitalization can be very beneficial in the education sector particularly in stationery things like pen, pencil, notebooks, and books. Because every single page of a book, pencil as well are made of trees. And if go forward to digitalization the use of plant-based products effectively reduced which helps us as well as other living beings to survive on planet earth.

Digital India is the future of our country. Not only it benefits the youth but also opening doors for all sort of mankind. Once a tedious job of money transaction or shopping groceries can now be done in just a swing of the wand.

In a present scenario of the pandemic, it's The digital platform which has fulfilled the requirement of all. Work from home, online education, e-shopping etc all had become much easier with the various digital platform.

And, I believe it will advance much more in coming days and so does our pm has boosted up the digital India moment.

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Subodh Raj said: (Jan 13, 2021)  
The biggest source of our success today.

Digitization is a plate from where we can learn anything without including any other person in our life,

It's not about any government It's only about us.

It's that platform where we enhance our knowledge and if I want to achieve my dream today. I CAN ACHIEVE. Because I have a mobile, I've my computer and there is the Internet where unlimited knowledge is stored.

This digital plate saves a lot of time of going outside for studies.

If you calculate your lifetime now.

Digitization is saving our approx 30% time which we waste outside in Banking, study, bill submissions, market and many other.

And guys now, We are using our that 30% for acquiring knowledge for our bright future with help of digitalisation.

Thank you.

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Zoey said: (Jan 12, 2021)  
Hi everyone,

Digital India is a campaign known to us. It started in 2015 by our Prime Minister N.Modi. Now India is one of the many countries where digital platforms play an important role in providing varied opportunities where one can express one's thought and that being said it allows people to have a voice. It benefits everyone. It brings about a change in the relative thinking of every individual. Digitalization has been benefited whereby transactions and payments are being made easier. Education on online platforms has become a common thread that binds the whole lot together. Businessmen and entrepreneurs are benefitted whereby everything is done with a push of a button. We see that the mass unemployment digitalizing the whole can have a great impact and the economy can grow. Shortly, we're hoping that the pros will outweigh the cons and in every aspect be of utmost benefit and importance.

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Abhishek Yadav said: (Jan 8, 2021)  
Hello everyone,

I am Abhishek and my topic on digital India and its benefits are:

As we know digital India campaign has been started since 2015 by the honourable prime minister.

Digital India means people take advantage of anything on less effort. Some benefits of them are:

1) People can easily transfer money by the help of many apps like google pay, Amazon pay and many more.
2) People can buy anything by online shopping.
3) Government focusing on an electric vehicle to make India pollution-free.

Some demerit on digitalisation one of them rate of unemployment increases day by day.


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Aishwarya Laxmi said: (Jan 7, 2021)  
Hello everyone,

As we all know that every century had their own characteristics for which that century was especially know for likewise this century's special thing or you can say the main moto of this one is promoting the use of more and more digital items such as e-payments, e-learning, e-commerce, & many more. This digital itself is telling it's meaning i.e. it is a series of digits 0 & 1 with the help of which a digital programme is prepared and then it is used in various ways depending on its different types of purposes for which it is made. This has merits as well as demerits, so first I would tell about merits.

The main reason because of which this digitalization is spreading is because there is need of more accuracy in our tasks in less time, now a days in market there are much alternatives present if one can't fullfil requirements on time there are others who will definitely snatch that opportunity from your hands so this will be achieved only when we will improve our technologies with time, and the best example for it is this corona pandemic because of which there was a lockdown and that was a phase in which we all were locked in our houses and all the income sources of the people were slowly reducing and it was a scenario that was too close to economic crisis but all thanks to this "digitalization" Due to which other ways to earn money through different methods rised people came into frequent use of digital devices and many other methods different from the authentic one for small startups also, a new source of learning and getting certificate from all aver the globe emerged not only these but there are more points why this digitalization is getting more and more important day by day.

The demerits of digitalization are, that it is much applicable in the countries which are developed countries rather than in developing countries because there is a no. Of people who are not aware of these digital things, who are not even aware of how to use it or how can they make profits with low budgets, on the other hand, there are some people who are misusing it like frauds, because of which person's trust is not being built up which also plays vary important role in less usage of digitalization.


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Manish Shukla said: (Jan 7, 2021)  
Hello everyone.

I am glad to talk about this topic digitalization. Its campaign was started by our pm Narendra Modi in July 2015. As you know that unemployment is a big problem for any nation. The digital world gives us the opportunity to make money online. We make money from youtube, Facebook, Instagram etc. A person who is living in the village he has no sources of good studies he also can be equal of them who are studying in the city by online education. We need not have much money in our purse we can transfer money in few seconds by one click this is the digital world. I know there are some demerits also of it. But if we know how to utilize it. It will be boon for us.

Thank you.

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Payal Kumari said: (Jan 6, 2021)  
Hello everyone.

The present era is the Era of digitalisation, which means most of the things are switching from offline to online mode, either it is banking sector, marketing sector, finance sector or advertisement sector, gone were the days when we have to stand in the queues and wait for our turn to deposit electricity bill, or paying lic premiums but now it is just one tap away. In Corona time digital media has helped a lot from education to ordering online foods.

It has benefited each and every sector, and every individual who knows how to utilise technology in a better manner.

The main advantage of digitalisation is there is complete transparency, in the system so that nobody can do black marketing or hoarding.

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Akshay Kumar said: (Jan 4, 2021)  
Hello everyone.

My name is Akshay Kumar.

Today, I feel so good to talk to everyone on the particular topic of digital India.

According to my opinion, Digitalization means physical things convert into Digital thing. Digital India is a scheme launched in 2015 by our honourable prime minister Narendra Modi. Through digital India, online bank payment is very easy and travel time save and cost. Online education way is 3 D visualisation of concept and this way concept understands easily. And through digital India program, people share their feeling views ideas and suggestions.

Thank you.

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Poonam said: (Jan 2, 2021)  
Hello everyone,

As we know, the 21st century is the digital era. Digitalisation means the transfer of services, money, education in online way. Digitalisation made day to day work simpler than earlier. Digital India is a scheme launched in 2015 by the hon. Prime minister Narendra Modi.

Digitalisation include.

1. E-learning, it provides 3D visualisation of the concept which easy way of understanding concept.

2. Online bank services, online bank payment which saves the travel time, cost.

3. Digital health card which facilitates recording patients previous health history in a digital manner.

Thus it is beneficial to most of the people of the country. It will help people to grow in digital marketing.

There is the challenge of data security and privacy in front of the country but the government have made a solution for this by launching ' Data localisation' theme.

The government also have to take a step to make network connectivity stronger in every corner of the country.

In my opinion, it beneficial for people to be globally connected, being familiar with new technology.

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Sourabh Sharma said: (Jan 1, 2021)  
Hello everyone,

Today, I want to discuss the merits and demerits of digital India. As we all know in previous times we used to think a lot before downloading a single video but digitalisation has changed India a lot, now we can suffer through the internet without thinking of any internet issues. The people who know how to use it in a right way, to them it is not less than a boon but the kids having no knowledge of using technology don't know how easily they are wasting their time by indulging themselves in online games. As a student, we are working for a better future and has met a lot of teachers online and started studying from them. People started working online and saved a lot of their time. We stopped going to banks for regular transactions which also resulted in less traffic and pollution.

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Himanshu Bharadwaj said: (Dec 31, 2020)  

Hi everyone.

Today we have gathered here to discuss the topic of digital India, in my opinion, everything has their merits and demerits by digitalization our time has saved we need not have too much money in purse we can easily transfer money by using any digital platform. In the past time during manual works, we were facing a lot of time wastage and sometimes became a victim of corruption. Digital India provides us with entertainment as well as a working source for many ones. The study has become easy by 3D visualization means there are many things which we can learn. But it has some demerits like there are many people who don't know the use of electrical equipment I have seen some people who have even fear of using digital things. People study digitally at their home but they have problems like lack of network during the study.

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Ziyaul said: (Dec 31, 2020)  
Good morning one and all.

Digital India is very necessary in this generation for increasing business or source day to day life. You have seen many places in India is going to digital such digital card, fastag, paytm, phonepy, google pay etc for quick payment to buy or sell anything in less time. In the world had been suffered in pandemic COVID 19, due to this many of them.

Has lost their job, they came to home and their have nothing money to eat food, But by the help of digital India many of them earn money by the online job.

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Vikas Naik said: (Dec 27, 2020)  
This is Vikas Naik, Digital India is campaign launch by the Government of India in order to ensure the government services are made available to citizen electronically by improving online infrastructure and by increasing internet connectivity and making the country digitally empowered in the field of technology. Digital India is the most important things that initiative is taken by our honourable Prime minister Narendra Modi in 2015. Most of the People, institution, banks etc are getting the benefit through Digital India. Now with the help of Digital India, we can do most of the work at our Home place. There is no need to visit that particular office. We can transfer money through online also we can open the Bank a/c online, we can pay any types of bill online, we can Book FD/RD a/c online. Finally, in a brief, Each and Every Person is getting Benefit By Digital India. Thank you.

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Rajkumar Pal said: (Dec 26, 2020)  
Digital India is a programme which was launched in the month of July 2015 by our honourable Prime minister Shri Narendra Modi.

This was launched with the aim to drive all the people of India on the digital platform. Through digital India programme nowadays people share their views, ideas and suggestions directly to the government through Narendra Modi App. And all central ministers are available on social media and are utilising social media to receive the complainants and feedback to people.

'Indian government started many schemes through digital India programme like DBT i.e Direct Benefit Transfer, e-governance etc.

This initiation is proving to be a milestone in the path of corruption because of this government will hold most government works online this increase more transparency.

Digital India encourages cashless economy which is beneficial for our economy.

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Shivendra said: (Dec 26, 2020)  
Hello everyone.

This is Shivendra.

In my opinion, the program Digital India has succeded to a great extent in terms of mitigating corruption and the segment of people which has been benefited most by this program is obviously middle and lower class. It has brought changes mainly by replacing the traditional way of our transactions and document handling in many government offices.

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Geeta said: (Dec 24, 2020)  
In my opinion, digital India is a very appreciative and welcoming step initiated by the government of India. As it is clear by its term "Digital India" everything that was being processed manually is now been digitalized. Now almost every transaction is done by electronic means. A very large section is benefitted by this initiative like people of corporate/banking sectors, students and all the other section of workers who are indulged in technical business. It's resulted in reduced cost, reduced time in completing the tasks, reduced manual errors and increased inefficiency along with more reliable results due to decreased manual interventions. As well as the Government has now more control over the activities like tracing the unethical activities and keeping an eye over the actions to prevent scams in a country like information related to money laundering. Overall a large section is benefited with this step.

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Tejas T Devakate said: (Dec 24, 2020)  

I am Tejas T Devakate.
The group discussion topic is Digital India:Whom Does it Benefit?
The India Government launched the programme Digital India in the year 2017.
The Digital India Benefit to Market.

Digital Means the electronic devices as well as circuits.

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Nithya said: (Dec 24, 2020)  
Digital India is an innovative step taken by the government of India. It was initiated by Narendra modi on 1st july 2015. Making the country digitalized it uas been a boon to the citizens. Digitalized econony has made easy and secure transaction. Easy to use and time saving. Internet quality improvement and students are very beneficial. Though few people in rural areas are not much aware of it still it is usefull in other ways. Digital India is a benificial step to every citizen.

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Rashmi said: (Dec 23, 2020)  

I am Rashmi.

Digital India is a very innovative step taken for the transformation of India into a digitally empowered society and knowledge economy to remove the gap between urban and rural or poor and rich. This scheme has helped a lot in upgrading the weaker section of society by providing facilities to all by connecting them all digitally also it proved to be the best way to run the society and the overall system at the time of covid.

Still, there are many who are unaware of these facilities and innovation.

So, we need to think in that direction also that who does it benefitting and who not and need to work together to make them all aware of the technology and direction in which the world is moving by taking proper precaution from cyber crimes also.

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Rahul said: (Dec 23, 2020)  
Hello, everyone.

I am Manish.

Here we are discussing Digital India good or not and whom does it benefit.

I think in the 21st century is the digital era, we can not go ahead without digital India, whereas it is either digital transactions or online services.

Digital India making life easy and simple in the field of

1) education like online study content, video content and 3D animated content making study simple and reaching it to everyone, where as they are lived in a village or urban area.

2) online services like e-ticketing, net banking digital, marketing and so on.

3) entertainment like watching a movie, playing the game,

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Ram Lakhan said: (Dec 22, 2020)  
Hello, everyone.

I am Lakhan I'm discus in the topic digital India, according to me our honourable pm Narendra Modi launched in the program in 2015. He was the main aim of India is a digital India the people were working online program in this house and safe the time and students can study online program and safe the time he was a mission very beneficial as well as very harmful because the small child was very effected on this eyes and not study in an online program. Thank you.

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Bipan Kumar said: (Dec 21, 2020)  

I am Bipan Kumar.

We know that our country facing the number of problems like illiteracy, corruption etc. In view of the problems, our the programme has launched by our respective prime minister Shri Modi ji, From digitalization, we grab and compair the rate of items and save our money also from a no. Of apps like google pay, Amazon pay etc also we save our time. Although we away from the corruption. With the help of it we take our country in progressive.

Thank you.

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Virendra said: (Dec 21, 2020)  
Hello friends.

I am Virendra choudhary.

According to me, it is a better step which has taken our honourable prime minister Narendra Modi ji in July 2015.

It is totally dependent on technology. We can see that it is very helpful in corona time. There are no required to going to Bank for the transaction. Rbi claimed that after demonetisation 300pr transection happening in a digital way.

It is a better step which has taken by our prime minister.

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Vipul Shahi said: (Dec 21, 2020)  

Hello friends.

Digital India a much-appreciated program was launched by our honourable PM Narendra Modi.

Let's talk about its benefits, that I'm still counting.

It has made our job more simple, today anyone having a smartphone can pay his electric bills, can do shopping, can order foods what one wants and many more things without stepping out of the door.

Which saves our time and energy which adds on to benefit us by doing more in less time.

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Sandeep Verma said: (Dec 19, 2020)  
Hello everyone,

I am Sandeep Verma,

In my opinion, it was a great initiative taken by our honourable prime minister Modi it helped people during covid19 pandemic. I would like to say that by digitalization we have saved our precious time and decreased workload. If we have to pay someone then we have a lot of options to pay like Paytm, Google pay, phone pay, Amazon pay etc. It proved beneficial in education also now we can complete our degrees at home and learn new skills it will help our country to grow more. It has decreased corruption at a stage. In my opinion, it was a great move for the benefit of our country.

Thank you.

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Soumik Ghosh said: (Dec 19, 2020)  
Hello friends.

I am Soumik Ghosh,

Digital India is the dream mission of our prime minister Narendra Modi.
Digital India launched by prime minister Narendra Modi ai 2015.
We are getting many services online in all the fields likes food, education, online money transfer etc.

That's all, thank you, everyone.

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Raj Kumar said: (Dec 18, 2020)  
Hello, everyone.

I am Raj Kumar.

Now let talk about the topic of digital India. This programme was launched by our honourable Prime Minister Sri Narendra Modi in the year 2015. The main aim of this programme is to curb corruption by making everything digital.

By this step now we pay and anything from home. Digital attendance in government offices makes employees work properly. By this programme, a student can study anything from any teacher without leaving home. This also helps in promoting government schemes easily through social media. So this programme is very much needed for today.

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Gourav Taranagariaa said: (Dec 17, 2020)  
Hello, I am Gourav Sharma. I'm happy for this opportunity according to me, digitalization of any part or sector is very important to make a country digital. It is a good scheme that is launched by our honourable prime minister Narendra Modi in July 2015. It takes a little time to pay bills, booking the tickets. Time is very precious and we can save our time by digitalization as well as extra money also. At Corona time, this is the only thing that helps us to do our study and do our works. So we realise that digitalization is the main part of us. Thank you, everyone.

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Priya G S said: (Dec 17, 2020)  
Hello friends,

I'm Priya. I'm vey happy for this opportunity.

As we all know it was launched by our respectable Prime Minister Narendra Modi Sir. Every country should be digitized for its success.

At the starting people were thinking about why this digitization and all. But now for this corona situation everyone using this system and encouraging too. We are getting many services online in all the fields like Education, Medical, Online money transactions, food facilities etc. Time is very precious and we are saving our time and travelling expenses also.

We should thankful to our PM Modi sir and all the very best to you sir for your upcoming programs.

That's all. Thank you, everyone.

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Aryan Vinay said: (Dec 17, 2020)  
According to my opinion,

Digital India is a good scheme launched by honourable Indian prime minister Narendra Modi in July 2015. It makes it easy to work, in this covid-19 work from home it helps too much. We can not only save our time but also money.

It is also harmful as well as helpful. Because some people will use it badly, small children use excess then effect of it on their eyes.

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Digital India: Whom Does it Benefit?

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