Digital India: Whom Does it Benefit?

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Aman R said: (Dec 1, 2022)  
I would say digital India is an initiative taken by the Government to improve and boost the economic growth of India.

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Akas Sorate said: (Nov 28, 2022)  
Digital India,

Digital India is benefits to everyone, we are totally depends on digitalization process. Digital system is time saving process. Its reduce time of everyone. Some years ago we need to withdraw our money from government department manually & physical forms but due to digitalization we can withdrawal our hard money by online system without wasting time like PF organization, online admission forms without standing in queue for wasting time. Digitalization has provided various facility to us. Most common citizen got benefited.

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Manoj said: (Nov 26, 2022)  
Digital India is a campaign launched by the Government of India in order to ensure the Government's services are made available to citizens electronically by improved online infrastructure and by increasing Internet connectivity or by making the country digitally empowered in the field of technology. The initiative includes plans to connect rural areas with high-speed internet networks. Digital India consists of three core components: the development of secure and stable digital infrastructure, delivering government services digitally, and universal digital literacy. It was launched on 1 July 2015 by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, it is both enabler and beneficiary of other key Government of India schemes, such as BharatNet, Make in India, Startup India and Standup India, industrial corridors, Bharatmala, Sagarmala, dedicated freight corridors, UDAN-RCS and E-Kranti.

Another big advantage of digital India is that as the transactions get digitized, monitoring the sales and taxes becomes much more convenient, as the transactions are recorded, customers will now get a bill for every purchase that they make and merchants can now no longer escape from paying tax to the government.

This results in increases of revenue of the government thus resulting in growth of the overall financial status of the country.

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Karthik said: (Nov 20, 2022)  
I would like to start with past where we used to go out for everything like food, shopping, no emergency messages, calls, we barely know e-learning, no fast approvals etc. So everything used to take time even it is emergency.

But now, everything is faster than before. We barely step out for our daily necessities. Digitalisation has helped us a lot during the pandemic in the case of education, some online service organizations, and firms. Many students who cannot attend offline classes of coaching due to academics or jobs or some who cannot go to cities and stays in rural areas will get benefited. Many are benefitting from online resources. Now, everything is shifted to online.

Everything has some disadvantages. So, digital resources, and platforms also have some. To transform to digital we need devices like mobile, should know how to operate it and should know about fake and real resources. It will also affect those who are selling goods outside or providing services offline. Hacking and leakage of personal data is the major problem if we are not aware of fake links, fake calls, and messages. But we can avoid this by aware people of it. It is also affecting students, due to the pandemic many students were addicted to mobiles and unable to focus on their studies. Even this can be avoidable if parents take a look at them.

In future we won't be using paper currency, everything will be much faster and the number of services increases.

I would like to conclude by saying that if we use these digital resources properly then everyone will get benefited for sure. As the population of India is increasing we need digital services for sure to handle everything and Most of people are trying to convert their services to digital.

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Faiz Khan said: (Nov 6, 2022)  
Because of this digitalization, the robbers are not doing heists physically. All are working From another place and they work digitally. And can you please tell me guys whom it benefits?

And many times nowadays online scams are happening. And educated people are giving their ATM pin, and OTP. To these scammers to end with, I would like to say it has its benefits and there are also lots of disadvantages.

Thak you.

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Sadasib said: (Nov 4, 2022)  
Digital India is helpful for some people not all, l it has huge demerits because still it can not succeed all over India.

People now mostly use some applications to transact money like Paytm, Google pay, phone pay etc. But in other cases, if we see some cyber attackers can stole money by the help of some stupid techniques. We can't feel secure using that application. Need more security in that application.

If we see the next generation, youths are friendly with the internet, but our parents are not soo. They need some extra training. People need some awareness about the online transaction. Need some specific steps to use online transactions. Don't follow all applications use only valid or secured applications for transactions. Always should use safety environment when a transaction going to be held. Don't share your personal details to others.

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SANDEEP YADAV said: (Nov 4, 2022)  
DIGITAL INDIA, means we are in a digitalization world, and it provides our advantage like we can do payment online through Phon pay Paytm and we are now the international news in one or two seconds.

And 5G has do very advanced work in the tech field because of new work like drone delivery and automobile field driving automation.

We can easily know which we are wanting to know and it's very important for our new generation because they are connected online and explore a new world and they can learn everything, which they want. They also share their knowledge with the world.

We can see in movies like ironman, robots, AI and the new technology which we are this time use, it's not new because in the technology field America Japan etc. Are very advance related to our technology so it's good that we are growing in the tech field very fast during corona time.

And we also have some advantages in the tech field because of Jio comes, and our tech field knowledge also increases internet in India very cheaper than in other counties only reason of the Jio revolution.

And it has both advantages and disadvantages so if we are talking about some disadvantages that are harmful to those teenagers who see porn and other misleading things that do mind wash of youth.

It is important that knowledge related to sex education gives with genuine and understanding them the benefits of technology not misuse of technology.

Thanks to all of you.

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Vinu said: (Nov 1, 2022)  
Yes, digital India is very beneficial because it makes life easy. In all fields it's very helpful in covid 19 period all students learn their studies online and all office work going online it's so digital India is a good motive for our pm and it's really helpful for our life.

But technology has increased and in rural areas, network issues and many people have not used technology. Digital India is very good.

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Keerthana said: (Oct 31, 2022)  
Digital India benefits the country in many ways!

It helps in digital empowerment and most of the work are now done digitally. Like payments, and bank statements everything can be done digitally. It also helps the companies to conduct meetings online that can reduce expenses and can increase revenue and get the work done. It is now used almost everywhere in India and is easy to work.

Although, some people use it in the wrong way that's their destruction.

So, digital India is important for the future of India as it also increases economic growth.

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Ayush Singh said: (Oct 28, 2022)  
Ayush Singh.

Digital India has lot of benefits.

In today's world the technology has reached at very high level. Reliance on internet has increased a lot. It saves our time. It will boost economy of country. Nowadays most of the payment is done digitally. Big companies organises there meeting digitally through zoom, Google meet etc.

The things which have lots of benefits also has some disadvantages. Some youth uses the digital devices in wrong way. They only do things which are for their destruction.

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Shalini said: (Oct 22, 2022)  
Digital India is introduced by prime Minister "Narendra Modi Garu".

Nowadays we are mainly depending on the internet. So, the prime minister introduced Digital Technology. It has many advantages as well as so many disadvantages. We can do the work very quickly by using digital Technology it is increasing in revenue. We get digital empowerment. We can pass the information to people through mobiles. Government services can be easily accessible to all. Disadvantages are that it is work overloaded and a complex process; there is no security.

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Axxshi said: (Oct 17, 2022)  
Digital India has many merits and demerits according in its own ways, digital India will help the economy of India to grow in a progressive way including the implementation of new and advanced technology and also helps to advance the country and achieve greater power in both the economy and the intellectual advancement.

As we all know not everything that benefits us in a fruitful way there are also some disadvantages of digital India as you see the youth is using it in a malicious way which is leading the country to degrade resulting in the degeneration of the upcoming youth of our country which includes the commitment of several crimes through digital ways.

Digitalization can be concluded as a boon as well as a curse depending on the individual mindset and intellect of the person.

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Revanth Kumar said: (Oct 14, 2022)  
Digital India: Conveying the meaning that India is going to get digitalised in many aspects of the economy and environment. Any aspect will have its own merits and demerits but for whatever purpose we use it will generate the respective merits or demerits. In the same way, technology has its merits and demerits. So digitalising India will surely generate merits such as Growth in the economy due to Increased GDP, Increased literacy etc.

In the other hand, it results in demerits such as Unemployment, Environmental effects etc.
So there should be a balance of both merits (more) and demerits (less) in the process of digitalising India.

Thank you for sharing my thoughts.

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Pratiksha Sanam said: (Oct 8, 2022)  
In my point of view, a digital India is helpful all but some disadvantages because in a digital India there are many people who don't know about the technology they don't know the basics knowledge they haven't used any digital devices the problem with that people is bigger in digital India there are no benefits to the farmer the farmer are good for us and if they don't familiar with the digital technology so it will badly effect for there also in the digital technology they more harmful to birds they cannot survive easily because it's highly transfer the current sparkle,

Also, it will help the people and the growth of the country towards education and knowledge but it will also affect.

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Aryan Jatav said: (Oct 3, 2022)  
Digital India is not just a name it is an emotion of billions of people. Digital India will make our life easier and I think in digital India every small thing and the big thing will be created in India like fighter jets, missiles, fighter submarines, and all types of mobiles so that we will not have to depend on other countries, and our economic growth will be extended and it will be beneficial for all Indian and I believe that no one will be poor in digital India.

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Nirmal said: (Sep 29, 2022)  
I would like to bring a different view to this discussion. All the people around the world are getting benefitted from digitalisation in some way. But there are also cases where people are affected by digitalisation.

For Ex. Auto Rikshaw, and cabs are facing huge trouble because of online platforms like ola, Uber, etc.

There are various benefits of digitalisation which we are all aware of. But many people fail to see the negative side of the same.

Digitalisation gives control of all activities to multinational/ corporate companies. And the prices will be fixed only by them for all the services provided. We tend to become slaves again, not directly but in an indirect sense.

So these things should also give attention to before anything happens like in the case of agriculture, where farmers are not able to fix the prices for their yield.

I conclude by saying that digitalisation has a large number of benefits, but the other side should also be given attention, and necessary precautions should be taken.

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Sumadhva V N said: (Sep 26, 2022)  
Digitalized India will benefit those who are aware of new technologies, know its boundaries of usage. Having knowledge about it or not but awareness and updating your-self to become digitalized, will contribute towards making India Digitalized.

But again, if we are over-dependent on it or misuse it in any way, people will lose hope on it, benefit may turn to problem. So better, Safe and secure Digitalized India would benefit all for a longer period of time.

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Anonymous said: (Sep 24, 2022)  
Digital India benefits most of the common people, as the payments through UPI is so simple and safe.

In the covid-19 phase, when people can't think of getting out of home and taking classes, with the help of digitalization of things studies of students don't stop.

Most importantly looking into future digital India is the "Next Big Thing" which changes many of our things and of the population will rely on many e-commerce websites to start their business and its providing many job opportunities all over the IT sectors, due to which unemployment rate should be decreased.

Thank you.

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Divya said: (Sep 22, 2022)  
Digital India is beneficial to many people. We can do our online transactions in anywhere. So, it makes people's work easier. It is time-saving. Especially in COVID lockdown, it is very helpful. Students use this for online classes, they explore to know new things on the internet like youtube, Google. This makes students more capable.

In every sector like medical, agriculture, industries. Etc. , we are doing more activities through this digital platform. Now, technology is growing up so, this digital India gives competition and communicates with other countries.

At last, in my opinion, we have to use this digital platform in limit then only we can achieve. If not, it can cause health problems and reduction of man-made work. I mean if machines can do all these things then what man can do? So, we have to use it in the right way.

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Kunal Singh said: (Sep 22, 2022)  
Digital India is a vision of many great people's who lives for India and dies for India. Digital India is a initiative in which we are becoming strong day by day in technology. We are acquiring new skills to compete globally.

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Soumya Shubham said: (Sep 18, 2022)  
Hello, I'am Soumya Shubham.

I think digital India is helpful for all people. But it is more beneficial to students as it makes them more aware and responsible. And through this, they are learning and enhancing their skills.

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Vishal Rana said: (Sep 18, 2022)  
Digitation is a very important factor to reduce corruption in the country because all transactions done online. It helped students in the time of COVID-19 to continue to keep their studies from home. We can order a lot of things from home through online e-commercial applications and also pay in one click through any application like Google pay, an online bank application.

At present, everybody is interested to use computers, and mobile phones and search a lot of material through Google or other apps.

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Dinesh Nanda said: (Sep 14, 2022)  
Digitiation is very helpful especially for making payments, online classes getting the information as soon as possible there are also some anamolies like increase in cyber crimes, misleading information and there is no platform to express/complain about it and if there is all the people doesn't have access to it.

I think with digital accelerations there should also be increasing cyber police stations to inhibit cyber crimes and fast track cyber complaints.

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Avinash Kumar said: (Sep 11, 2022)  
Digital have given a lots of benefits in our life because we check everything in online after before to anything first we have to go to that places.

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PRIYANKA said: (Sep 10, 2022)  
Digital India is all are the benefit like industry, schools, college, government and private sectors. Etc.

Digital India industries all are very updated and going to investigate digital technology.

Education is the most important one in digital India. Because covid time students are not attending classes in the classroom they are attending classes in digital mode.

The government and private sectors all are changing technology in digital.

Housewives are also working from Home.

So, digital India is more benefits to all.

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Rushi Toshniwal said: (Sep 9, 2022)  
Rushi Toshniwal.

Digital India will benefit the entire nation in various factors.

After digitization, the Government can have better surveillance of its civilians can provide better facilities.

The Common man does not need to stand in question.

To run things smoothly and efficiently in such a huge population country of 1.40 CR Digital India is a good solution.

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Dande Venkatagopal said: (Sep 6, 2022)  
According to my point of view, digitization plays a crucial role in the upcoming years due to increasing technology and awareness.

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Jitendra Suryawanshi said: (Sep 4, 2022)  
Digitalization is all sectors benefits like education, IT, Banking & Finance, Marketing, Placement agency.

1) Digitalization is time & cost saving.
2) its rapidly growing & Improvement in our country.

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Parth Sharma said: (Sep 2, 2022)  
Because of covid, the IT sector increased rapidly Using computers and laptops for education Is increasing rapidly so it is a very great thing to happen in India.

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Dhivya said: (Aug 28, 2022)  
Digital India is beneficial for the educated people. But 20-30% of uneducated people trying to upgrade the digital India. But the balance people not even know about the awareness about it. Why because in few years all the things are completely done only through online. So, till the date it's beneficial for educated people's.

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Deepti Singh said: (Aug 24, 2022)  
Hi everyone,

According to me, Digitalization is be very beneficial for us because as we all know that due to Covid 19 situations are totally changed, most of the work and things are take place by online and it would beneficial for all the sectors like education, politics, socialisation etc and for those people also who are interested to do job in IT sector. It opens a door of great opportunity for jobs. It helps to make our country growing in technology. So, according to my opinion, I think it is be beneficial for everyone.

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Sambhav said: (Aug 20, 2022)  
I think digitalization is a very important step for the future of our generation because nowadays workspaces have become very complicated and to keep everything right on track there is a need of high-speed computers and the internet. As we all know there is a vast amount of information about anything on the internet, people are able to find career options just by sitting on their phones or laptops and they can also apply for jobs which makes our life easier and more efficient. By this digitalization plays a major role.

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Rakesh said: (Aug 20, 2022)  
Hi Guys.

This is Sandesh Suryawanshi.

In my Point of view, digital is a major part of our India because India is growing rapidly and it helps a lot us.

New technologies are coming in India so growth is increasing.

The benefits of digital are for the educational system. In the educational field, students are using some digital Platforms. It will benefit all sectors and people of society.

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Divyanaveen said: (Aug 19, 2022)  
In this generation, digital India is suitable for only educated people. Uneducated people are trying update to the digital world. But not successfully done.

Digital India is helpful to everyone to save time.

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Sanya said: (Aug 17, 2022)  
In this generation, digital India is most important things. Which makes life easier than before. Such as like we suffered recently Covid 19 and we have not choice go to outside of our house for some buy groceries, shopping etc. So, we depend on online shopping. And also beneficial for our education. Most of the students take classes online compared to offline.

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NAGARAJ said: (Aug 17, 2022)  
I would like to tell you about digital India.

As we know mainly now generation people doing everything online we can apply also ration card, voter card Aadhar card, etc.

And also major points every one doing money transactions through online each other, no need to go to the bank, online shopping etc.

Some major issues.

1. In India, a lot of people depend on agriculture, so uneducated, and rural areas are not developed technically.

2. Lack of knowledge about digitalization.

3. In India, lot of people are not interested in digitalization because of bankruptcy, misbehaving, or hacking their accounts at a time.

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Sabeer said: (Aug 11, 2022)  
Nowadays, all sectors becomes digitalization. Lots of information can't store physical method only right choice is the digitalization of all documents and data is more useful than physically stored, and it's the safest one every piece of data is in software format peoples are easily know their documents details and citizenship details easily through the internet,

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Arnav said: (Aug 4, 2022)  
Actually, the question should be "How does it benefit?", because whatever policies or systems that is implemented at the national level is for the benefit of the public only.

I will talk about the agricultural sector as it plays a major contribution in our economy and major agricultural produce comes from rural areas. So, through Digital India our rural sector was able to avail of the benefits which are, in fact, should be our first priority.

Earlier, people in the rural areas used to walk long distances to avail benefits of banking, transport services etc. Also to make various cards like Aadhar card, Health card, and Ration card for availing various benefits rolled out by the government, they had to face a lot of trouble. Now with the e-Mitra facility and net connectivity, they could easily access the services and could take benefit from those services which in turn would make their life easier and happy.

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Vinay Sharma said: (Aug 4, 2022)  
Digital India means connecting all citizens (men, women, neutrals, kids, old, young) of India (mainly the Indian government) through the digital age (connecting everything through the internet). To know the benefits of it, we have to look back where the digitisation of public documents (identity of citizens -ration card, land records, birth/death certificate, finances- bank accounts, vehicle registration, driving license, commercial registrations) was not there. In that era, every citizen had to struggle hard to get even their own document and even bribery different government departments to get it. Now after digitization, almost all such provisioning is becoming faceless and at the tip of the finger, eliminating bribery issues. This way, digitization has helped the Indian economy tremendously.

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Sandhya Rani said: (Aug 2, 2022)  
Digital India makes everyone's life easier and the objective was the same. It benefitted the lower to upper class to access things easily.

Its contribution is high in every sector, from education to any government sector, and try to make everything transparent.

It made an interactive environment, we can put our thoughts and opinions.

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Gopal Ji Sharma said: (Jul 30, 2022)  
Digital India is a great initiative Supported by our Prime Minister Shree Narendra Damodar Das Modi Ji in almost every speech delivered by him.

When we talk about its benefits then we have many points in every aspect.

Like Online Education.

* Online Complaints System (FIR and many).
* Online Banking and Payments systems.

And Social Interaction and Overall Development etc.

When we talk about Education then we all are familiar with the fact that earlier it was very difficult to become a graduate not only because of social differences but also because of fewer study materials and few teachers and educational institutions and now in every house, we have a graduate because these days Education has become easy with MOOCs and ICT. We all have a smartphone and many study materials available online also we have some educational initiatives like SWAYAM PRABHA which have made education available to all of India in different languages broadcasted on televisions. When we talk about its benefits then we can say that the rural sector has been influenced a lot.

Similarly, Online complaints systems like FIR and other types of complaints have made it easy to interact with the government Even though I have my own experience with it. As we know when we are rich there are many to help us but very few are there for the poor one. Actually, I got my Ration Card seized by my Ration provider then I did a complaint on UPGovt official site for Ration. Then just before 1 week my Ration provider got a shock and started calling me and persuading me to come and have a ration and to take my complaint back. Earlier I tried to communicate with other authorities but couldn't resolve my problem but the online complaints system made it easy for me. So we can say that these are very beneficial to save our time without vising locations and requesting those authorities to consider our complaints, we can simply make complaints online and now we have an online FIR system too in legal aspects.

Digitization has made it easy to go cashless anywhere we want without any fear of physical harm and theft as well as we can make payments for electricity bills, and LIC premium payments with the help of net banking. Now, we don't need to go and make a line to withdraw money for any kind of payment. Now we can simply pay.

Anywhere and anytime in a few seconds. But there are few technical so we have cyber crimes etc but also helpful in detecting people's income and hence made it easy for income tax authorities to track people's transactions.

Social interaction and communication systems had made it easy to interact globally through various social platforms and people get to share their thoughts and opinion on different kinds of issues which helps us be more productive and thoughtful with an open mind. It plays a key role for a democratic country like India in criticising govt for its works.

When we talk about its benefits then we have a huge list of benefits to all Indians but had been the most beneficial to especially the rural part of India in crossing the continuum between rural and urban towards urbanization.

Thank you.

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Dinesh Panwar said: (Jul 27, 2022)  
Digital India is a scheme launched by the Indian government. It is very beneficial for us. It helps to develop our country's economy. With digitalization, we can easily do some essential things like transactions, online business and online study. We can fill up forms of any government jobs and government-related like ration cards, or voter cards. By the correct use of digitalization, people can learn and achieve many things and the internet gives much information for gain knowledge about anything we can do our work from home in pandemic like a corona.

Digitalization also has some disadvantages.

In online transactions, there are possibilities of cybercrime. Sometimes transactions get failed.
In online education, the teacher-student intersection is less. So digitalization has both advantages and disadvantages.

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Puja said: (Jul 26, 2022)  
We know that everything has a good side and a bad side, the thing is to what we will accept. Digitalising according to me is a very good thing that gives me my education. For a financial weaker student like me who wants to study with minimum expenses, that is possible only because of the online educational platform. But some uneducated people who won't understand the concept of digitalising face some problems but day by day they will get to know everything.

We also can buy from small pins to big vehicles from online shopping just by sitting in home and that is most important in these pandemic days.

I love another change also, people can apply for any governmental scheme or any help from the government in an online site rather than to run again and again to the office of people like politician (Sarapancha, mayor, MLA, MP etc.

Digitalising gives us almost every benefit of possibility but sometimes We also face some consequences like cyber crime, bankruptcy, fake calls and DMs with bad languages etc. Students and children now getting too addicted to online videos and all, that is quite disappointing.

But overall we have to accept the good things like a responsible citizens of India.

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Akanksha said: (Jul 23, 2022)  
In my opinion, Marketing is the sector that is affected the most by digitalization.

* Digital marketing- Social media marketing nowadays makes a great remark on the sellers as well as buyers.

* By taking feedback from the buyers online helps the sellers to understand the customers.

* Online transactions.

* Tracking of order through GPS.

* Overall digitalization decreases the gap between the seller and buyer making media to communicate better and to understand the customer's needs and requirements.

And another sector is the Education sector that affects the most by digitalization.

* By providing online degree programs.

* Online live classes.

* Online Mock tests.

Overall nowadays, it is not hard to get knowledge of anything it can be easily accessed through online platforms.

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Kusum said: (Jul 18, 2022)  
Digitalizing the essential sectors like finance, health, education and commercial sectors like food and clothes have helped in simplifying the living of many. This have not only resulted in economic growth of country but also it have been proved useful in difficult times. It have saved our time, energy, work and money. Digitalizing is feasibility of ours!

It benefies Entrepreneurs for startups with low capital; Consumers by large varieties; Government by creating employment opportunities; Schools by online education; Banks by online transactions all in all it have covered every sector what a person needs. The basic needs of a person can be satisfied on his fingertips.

Digitalizing is comforting us!

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Gopinath R said: (Jul 17, 2022)  
On positive side of DI.

To get a job in IT in 1990s, either we should have a referral or news from newspaper, but nowadays for the fresher it was so much beneficiary through the DI, With the online we can apply jobs to Various includes MNC. With platform like relevel, LinkedIn, etc.

Digital India was very much helpful to overcome these.


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Dineshkumar said: (Jul 5, 2022)  
At first, bigger Institutions only marketed their products to their end consumers but due to access to the internet in everyone's palms changed that trend. Now, even small businesses can reach out everywhere if there is enough demand. If one needs a product that can't be bought easily because of searching difficulty, that's not the case anymore. If one wants to share his knowledge, he can reach out to more people depending on the quality of that knowledge.

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Lipu said: (Jul 4, 2022)  
Digitalization has a major role in our economy it can be easily observed when we look at online shopping, direct selling from small toys to big vehicles everything we can buy online. It is minimising the gap between the consumer to the seller. Because of online shopping nowadays it is easy for the manufacturer to understand consumer behaviour. Educational content is now easily accessible to students from remote areas. It has a direct impact on the development of India. But at the same time, this higher reachability due to digitalization has some negative impact on our society like spreading of hate, negativity which disturb social harmony is one of the major concern that we need to consider.

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Swii said: (Jul 4, 2022)  
Hi guys,

I'm writing to share with you Digital India is one of the best things. A few years back, it was a huge time to take any manual work I meant to say when banking transactions, groceries, shopping, lpg, train tickets etc. At present, we save a lot of time spent that related work even medicines also get home in a single online order. It's very helpful in digital India. Moreover, we achieve good results in digital India.

Thank you.

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Jasmine said: (Jul 2, 2022)  
Looking on the positive side, digitalisation has made a great impact on our lives these days.

- E-learning.

**Through YouTube and other learning sites.

Children are able to know and learn about a variety of streams according to the trend.

* Children who study in a local school or in rural areas will get a chance to learn new things.

- E-commerce.

Many unemployed women get to realise their chances to have at least a small-scale biz & the internet helps them to connect with more people just sitting in their homes itself.

- Online bookings, online payments.

* Saves time.

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Geet Khanna said: (Jun 27, 2022)  
Digital India is one of the best decisions that has been taken by the government currently. Because when we talk about the 1990s, everything was done in the form of paperwork and had taken a lot of time to reach a final decision.

For finding the solution to traditional work, the government enacted a digital form in every place, mainly in online transactions, shopping, trading, forex market, SEBI and etc.

The powerful benefit attains by the general public because they can save their time in case of transaction, getting any kind of information and many more.

Even last 2020 year, everything had been done online from purchasing groceries to online education.

But now the government should focus on digital fraud. And enacted many more rules regarding this situation. Also reform norms.

So we can take one more step toward the success and growth of our country.

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Sagar Kanoujia said: (Jun 23, 2022)  
Digital India is a topic of new generation.

It both have advantage and disadvantage.

Advantages of Digital India:

First payment digitally is getting more famous among ourselves in daily lives like, UPI, PAYTM, PHONE PAY has major role in our life's.

At the time of lockdown, All major things of daily life were digital pharmacy and all the updates on COVID.

Online classes of Students were held digitally, zoom was the most famous platform.

At the side of entertainment, people will get bored if we don't have entertainment apps like TikTok, and YouTube.

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Nimay said: (Jun 23, 2022)  
Digital India is an initiative taken by our honourable Prime Minister in July 2015 to make the citizen of this nation self-dependent and increase the reach of the facilities that are provided by the Government Sector and Private Sectors like:

1. Subsidies in LPG,
2. Online Transaction of Money,
3. Acess to the global market for small businessmen,
4. Free Online Education,
5. Online Ticket booking and many more.

To every citizen regardlessly that citizen is living in any rural area or urban area.

But as we all know that each coin has two faces similarly Digital India has also some cons.

1. Due to Digitalisation many traditional businesses got vanished.
2. Rate of online fraud also increased drastically.
3. By the name of online education many children got spoiled by online games and many more things.

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Pavan said: (Jun 20, 2022)  
Digitalization is the process of moving from traditional ways to digital means. Ex: Online shopping, Food orders, online transactions. It has made life so much easier.

Initially, digitalization was limited to the urban population of India, slowly it has spread to almost every corner of India. Thanks to telecom giants like Jio and Airtel, internet availability is not a major concern anymore. Smartphones and the internet became affordable which drastically increased the scope of digitalization. The introduction of new digital technologies will definitely boost economic growth overall.

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Ishita Sharma said: (Jun 16, 2022)  
Digital India can be good and bad at the same time.

Digital India is benefitting all the people except those who are not literate about these facts, especially in rural areas.

Digital India is beneficial in saving lot of time and making things easier.

But at the same time, there is a risk of uncertainity or dependency for example - theft of mobile phones or disconnectivity or battery discharge that can lead to complicating transactions and feeling helpless because of dependency on such a platform.

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Nakul said: (Jun 7, 2022)  
According to my point of view on this topic by observing the thinks happens that digital India has more advantages rather than disadvantages.

Some advantages of digitalization are.

1. Digitalization saves our time.

2. We learn plenty of things everywhere. We don't need to go specific place for that.

3. In the pandemic when the whole nation had a lockdown that time everything gets digital which helps a lot to face the covid -19. Like school, offices, banking etc.

4. Money is also digitalized.

Some disadvantages also have in digitalization are.

1. People get lazy because of it.
2. Children learn or see show many staffs which is not impacting on them.
3. Day by day digital fraud has increased.

That's all from my side. And I am done speaking.

Thank you.

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Balwant Singh said: (Jun 6, 2022)  
Let me start by throwing some light on what digitalization actually is digitalization is something due to which.

The time required to do some kind of lengthy work can be reduced, and it becomes very simple to do.

So here are some of the advantages of digitalization in India;

--> Because of digitalization now it is possible to transfer any amount of money, book any kind of ticket online and even now we can book our seat also before travelling within a second using our mobile.

--> for students in this corona period it is possible to continue their study at home just using their phone or laptop.

So every coin has two faces, it has advantages so it must have disadvantages as well.

--> Students become too lazy because of the online classes.

--> online fraud rapidly increasing due to the sudden blast of digitalization and due to unemployment in this corona period.

But thinking combine the advantage is far more than the disadvantage one so, it is good to live in digital India.

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Amisha Gouda said: (Jun 2, 2022)  
Let me start by throwing some light on what is meant by Digital India. It means using digital services for our development purpose. Through digital India, everyone is getting benefitted whether it be the poor or rich.

The following are the advantages of digital India:

1) Now people sitting at one place can transfer money to another place within seconds. They don't need to carry cash.
2) It reduces paperwork.
3) It brings a full stop to black money.
4) During the lockdown period, students got benefitted as their offline classes were taken online which helped them to continue their studies even though this pandemic.
5) Small businesses have blossomed with the help of the internet. They can provide their services online to everyone and to everywhere.
6) People got services that made their lives easy, like ordering food online, booking tickets, shopping, etc.

If there are advantages then disadvantages also exist:

1) Online fraud got rapidly increased.
2) During a lockdown when people were forced to quit working then crime rates increased due to unemployment.
3) People became lazy as everything was made online available.
4) Students had to spend more time in front of gadgets which invited eyesight problems.

As a whole, there are both advantages and disadvantages of digital India but the advantages overpower the disadvantages.

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Madhav said: (May 26, 2022)  
Before knowing the benefits of digital India, we should know what is digitalization. The first thing that strikes our mind by hearing about Digitalization is something that reduces our workload and we can consume our time for other useful work. Now if we talk about the benefits then the most important thing is it reduces paperwork and we all know paperwork is a huge sector to work on. It needs a lot of time and efficiency. The second thing is we don't have to take our personal documents with us everywhere. We don't have to personally present there to submit our documents, we can easily do it online. The third thing is we can transfer money from one place to a faraway place in seconds. Though it has a negative side also. It increases the online fraud risk. But its positive side is so dominant that it covers the negative aspect. Digital India is the best step that our government has taken to show the world that we don't say that we are developing but also we are proving through our work.

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Parth said: (May 12, 2022)  
Digitalization has both positive points and negative points.

The positive points are.

. It reduces the paper work.
. People uses online shopping which saves times.
. It reduces to carry personal documents physically.
. It helps to reach at a destination without asking anybody.
. People can transfer money from one place to another in seconds.

The negative points are.

. People do not do physical exercise.
. The online fraud risk is increased.

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Siddhesh Bajad said: (May 10, 2022)  
Digital India is a great benefit for Indian citizens of all ages. The benefits for children of using Digital resources are that they can learn various skills and do extracurricular activities such as singing, learning to play multiple instruments, etc. For youngsters or freshers in the industry, the digital movement can prove beneficial to upskill themselves. Also, many transactions can be done effortlessly and quickly without harming the environment. The elderly people also can benefit from the digital movement as they could be able to get more information about any schemes from the government for the elderly and also day to day news can be brought to their fingertips. Thus, as a whole Digital India will benefit all people of any age.

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Mohana said: (May 7, 2022)  
Before starting to tell about digital India, everyone should know what actually mean by the term DIGITAL INDIA is. The knowledge we require for efficient performance in using digital service for the development of our motherland, giving competition to developed countries and solving the problems in India using the digital world. As far as I concerned, all the people are will get an advantage. So let's make our country develop.

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Supi said: (May 4, 2022)  
Digital India defines where India stands when we talk about moving along with the World. So if we are doing good in this sector we are also trying to compete with the Western States. It will help to improve the understanding of digital world to not so far reached Indians toward technology.

It will make India paper less so environment is also safe.

Better replacement as a green sector.

Also, helps in innovation, education, skill development, reaching the unreached, unify the diversified country with huge population and many more.

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Govind said: (Apr 28, 2022)  
Of course, digital India benefited in many sectors, it makes our life so easy. It helps us in education during covid, connect people worldwide etc. Etc. But still, it has some disadvantages as well like it makes students lazy.

It impacts our health as well as our eyesight.

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Ankush Yadav said: (Apr 26, 2022)  
Hello everyone,

Let me put light on how digital India benefits India, digitalisation is a great move to build an economy and a good economy because if India comes on the digital platform so we can monitor or easy to maintain the data digitally.

It is a secure method to keep your data online which is easily accessible. Digitalisation also reduces the paperwork which indirectly saves our environment, people were using smartphones nowadays and they do not want to carry physical money so they carry money in their phone which is also help them, people were getting everything in one place this is the benefit of digitalisation like railway ticket, bus ticket, taxi, hotels, etc.

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Hrishita said: (Apr 23, 2022)  
The main objective of Digital India campaign is to increase internet connectivity, improve infrastructure, reduce paperwork and provide electronic government services to Indian citizens to make India a digitally empowered country. This campaign will not only help boost the economy of the country but Indians will connect with the whole world, their communication with their relatives, friends and family members will become instant and easy. Internet users using social media and advanced technology will find a medium to share thoughts and ideas with the world. This campaign will run under the umbrella of Internet, all the cities and rural areas of the country will be connected with high speed internet services. This will help Indians to improve their standards by gaining knowledge, skills and technical know-how from the Internet.

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Rocky said: (Apr 21, 2022)  
Digital India brings us a lot of things and also we can proudly say India is a developing country, this scheme is preliminary launched by the government of India. Nowadays 40 to 50 percent of the Indian population are using this platform. Because everyone is addicted to online shopping, online payment, and online learning.

Why we need this platform is easy to use, no need to wait hours or days to make payments, safe and secure. But one of the drawbacks is there everyone aware of these online scams, thefts, etc. Totally we want digital India to take India into the next level.

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Anagha said: (Apr 13, 2022)  
Digital India is more beneficial to youth or a student. Because they can learn anything they want at any time without going to the classroom. Not only for students but other people who can't able to learn because of their age or work, they also get a benefit.

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Ravina said: (Apr 12, 2022)  
Digital India has a significant role in our life. This means nowadays we're depending on online platforms for our day to day activities such as bill payments, educational purposes, etc. We've access to lots of information. So we can improve our knowledge, and can save time. In the meantime, it has some barriers like online theft.

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Nikita Ajabe said: (Apr 12, 2022)  
Digital India is an initiative taken by our respected PM Narendra Modi in 2015 to empower our nation. In digital India, people are doing many things like online shopping, bill payment, transaction and most important studying out of the classroom and without a teacher and in a very efficient way and sitting at home.

As every society in our nation uses these things, we can't say this only this particular society is benefited by this campaign rather it is benefited to everyone.

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Ishu Parihar said: (Mar 28, 2022)  
Digital India is a campaign launched by the government of India which aim to provide internet access to each every person of the country.

It is the great initiative which is beneficial to everyone of us as it helped all of us doing tasks like payment transactions, education, booking tickets, work from home etc. During pandemic. And now digitalization has changed the way we operate or we can say that it is making our life easy. Also, digitalization is making the opportunities available to everybody which was before limited to few only.

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Ishu Parihar said: (Mar 27, 2022)  
Digital India is a campaign launched by the government of India which aim to provide internet access to each & every person of the country.

It is the great initiative which is beneficial to everyone of us as it helped all of us doing tasks like payment transactions, education, booking tickets, work from home etc. During pandemic. And now digitalization has changed the way we operate or we can say that it is making our life easy. Also, digitalization is making the opportunities available to everybody which was before limited to few only.

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Rohit Roy said: (Mar 24, 2022)  
Digital is a word that connects the whole global world in a single moment. To make India digital, People have to take attention of providing authentic data in each and every aspect of life as we have witnessed. Digital India makes India self-reliant at the global level, especially in transactions via import or export. By digitally India can avail of many opportunities to bring some new innovative skills in startups to grow and promote the pros of the internet and digitally connected. From this, we can say that it will always be the best option to connect India via digitally.

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Vishal said: (Mar 23, 2022)  
Digital India helps every single person of Indian because it gives us a vision of things in a new way. After covid, the demand for digitalization was increased significantly.

Digitalization has many benefits.

1) time-saving.
2) cost-efficient.
3) Easy to use.
4) Safe and secure.

Digital India also gives many opportunities to youths.

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Akanksha Kumari said: (Mar 22, 2022)  
Nowadays many people use everything online like online shopping, online banking, online payment etc. So, we are in benefit because we are doing any work online at home. Especially, IT peoples are in benefit because they make apps for making our life easier.

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Devika R Singh said: (Mar 21, 2022)  
Digitalization is a much needed reform that is on-going in our country. Catching up with the 4th industrial revolution, India now gets to experience new-age technology which not only is time-saving but also very well structured. It opens up a lot of avenues which wasn't available previously to the common-man; one can now access their driving license online, find best practises of agriculture at the click of a button, make payments at the comfort of their homes and utilise most government facilities, all under the umbrella of Digital India.

This empowerment not only benefits citizens but will also give a much needed push to the Indian manufacturing sector by further pushing away the notion that we are solely an agriculture-based economy.

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Kalaiyarasan Annadurai said: (Mar 21, 2022)  
In simple words, manual processing stepped into online.

Like Aadhar, Fastag, Smartcard, online counselling, Online application for every government I'd cards.


1. Work done in Faster.
2. Low cost.
3. Save time.
4. Verification process is quicker.
5. Simple and Faster.

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Shivani Dutta said: (Mar 3, 2022)  
Digital India is a mission which was Started in 2015 by the govt in order to ramp up the use of digital technology in every aspect of Indian governance. Talking about its benefits it is immense and moreover it doesn't benefits only a single section of society but each and every person who is living in this country.

Whether it comes to adopting digital technologies in defense or securing payment online every thing has gotten smoother by the use of digital platforms. We came to know the real potential of digital platforms only in this pandemic when physical contact became a nightmare for all of us.

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Ishita said: (Feb 17, 2022)  
Digital India is an initiative taken by the Indian government to empower our nation. Digitalization of India is the need of the hour. With a vision of Digital India, the Indian government has passed the budget for this financial year.

Digital India is beneficial for everyone. It is working to the root level of India. As we all have gone through a horrendous Pandemic, it is only the digitization that made our life a bit easy.

Digitalization has made our life effortless. From E-commerce to educational institutions everyone is getting benefited. The digitalization of India is the opening door to considerable opportunity.

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Pavikumar T said: (Feb 17, 2022)  
Digital India, the whole world is active in their professionalism while even in this pandemic people Worked.

People communicated their difficulties to get basic needs.

Especially, E-commerce platforms saves the cities which is not currently having the market to buy vegtables to cook.

Basic needs like the medicines also we are getting from E-Commerce platform.

So, everything here is the challenge in this same situation before a 100 years of pandemics.

But, not now.

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Anjali said: (Feb 15, 2022)  
Firstly digitalisation is a boon. Because in this pandemic we all have seen many problems and all these problems are figure out by internet only whether it is In the field of study, money related, transport, and many more. This is the only platform by which we had done all our stuff.

And of course, digital India will make our country more productive more technical so that we can also represent our nation.

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PRIYANKA said: (Feb 14, 2022)  
Digital India benefits almost every individual of the nation, whether it is Government Sectors, Defence Sectors, Engineering Sectors, Medical Sectors, Industrialists, Factories Employees, Businesses Men, entrepreneurial, etc, . It makes life easy for every individual in respective fields. There are lots of example of Digital India- AADHAR, Bharat Broadband Network, BHIM, E-Panchayat, Smart Cities and lot more. It saves lot of time and cost effective as well. Since India is developing nation, this is very crucial initiative which helps the nation to become self-reliant.

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Deepika Singh said: (Feb 10, 2022)  
Digital India means try to making India advance and digitalised. Digitalisation is step towards growth and development as we know that India is Developing country and we need to do take many steps to convert it into developed country. Through digitalisation things become easy and helps a lot even in every sectors, whether it is related with education sector, polity sector, infrastructure sector etc. Digitalisation makes things easy through this poor people and students are able to take benefits of online classes and all. If I talk about digitalization. Digital things takes their place at averywhere. Wherever you have to go you can use metro to reach there in less time without wasting time. Means you can take many examples of digitalization because we have more than 10k examples of Digitalisation.

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Sayan Dey said: (Feb 4, 2022)  
Digital India is a great and one of the most important initiative by the India government and it is one of those projects that will help India to reach $5 trillion economy and it's a strong step towards being a developed nation.

Digitalization has completely changed the lifestyle of the people of India. Each and every sector is benefiting from this and now we're shifting from traditional to digital era. From banking to shopping, from online education to video calling, making bill payments to transfer money in seconds digital platforms are making things smooth and fast.

But we should not forget it has few disadvantages as well. If the bank accounts are being hacked then all the hard earned money will disappear within seconds. Its also very addictive especially for kids and it can seriously damage their eyes.

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Vishnu Thakur said: (Feb 1, 2022)  
Digital India will benefit us all. Digital India aims at making our country digitally strong. In administrative field we can do away with the bulks of "Dreadful pile of data" and store in cloud space. In education smart class rooms for our future and present children will increase the interaction between an average child and a teacher. Today children can access any physics related video with good animations which helps in generating interest in the minds of those children for physics, mathematics, arts, chemistry etc.

Digital India will bring high speed cable networks to villages which will connect the local Panchayats and empower our village people to connect with the world and raise their voices and demands.

It will also improve the dispensation of various government schemes for poor and bringing them benefits to their door steps.

Everything depends on how the government proceeds in terms of policy making. The policies should be stable and long term. Government should also focus on the increasing cases of cyber crimes.

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Anjali said: (Jan 26, 2022)  
Digital India is a campaign launched by our honourable Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi on 1st July 2015. The main motto of this initiative is "Power to Empower". This initiative aims to make available all the government services digitally with improved online infrastructure. The main of the Indian government is to provide high internet connectivity to rural areas.

Digital India campaign act as an enabler to many schemes such as StartUp India, Bharat Net, Make In India and many more. It aims to empower the citizens of India in the field of technology.

If we talk about whom Digital India benefits, it is proved to be beneficial for all of us in every field. Some of the initiatives of this campaign are e-governance, e-learning, e-healthcare, online transactions, digital attendances of government employees, Umang, Mygov and many more.

Yet, there are some challenges to it. Some of them are that there is a need of a large number of cybersecurity experts to monitor and check on the growing digital crime, there are some people who are illiterate, there are some people who are not in touch with technology and there could be many more challenges.

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Suya said: (Jan 24, 2022)  
Digital India, is an initiative started by the Indian government that has the main motive of making corruption-free India.

Due to digital India, we can do all banking transactions, railway ticket booking, paying fees of college and entrance exam by in 1 minute only. Because of the digital India boom of share market is started in India that one is very good point now young population of India started investment in share market learning and making money from it.

Now, let's talk about covid time, people avoiding direct contact, all bank is shut down but because of digital India, all online transaction of the bank is going on. Our friends far from us are now like one-touch far because of video calling option, college is running during a pandemic because of digital India initiative only.

Digital India's only main disadvantages are cyber security and for old age, people's smartphone usage problem is there but slowly is going fine there children and friends are helping them to use of smartphones.

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Neel said: (Jan 22, 2022)  
In the era of digitilization, we were able to see the world which was only possible in dreams. From faster payments to getting the documents in hand without going anywhere, one can easily save lot of time and efforts for getting the work done. As all payments records are kept while making digital payments it helped in reducing corruption upto some extent, Additionally, we can't imagine our lives in COVID pandemic without digitalization. On the other hand, the fact can't be ignored one needs to be educated in order to enjoy benefits of this scheme, cases of cyber crime are another blunders.

But the good thing is that this problems are on their way to extinction as various user friendly apps and awareness regarding frauds is created by various means.

At last, I would like to conclude that it was the revolutionary move by our country and only because of this step we today are able to compete in this world.

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Tital said: (Jan 19, 2022)  
In the drive of digitalization of India, there has been created many opportunities for people of India, it is or it will not only make our work or daily life easy its is also saving our time, we have seen that era where there was a long line outside the bank, the railway station, the post, & forgetting the assets we have to spend much to on doing that, but not we can make easily transaction, send msg, or book tickets for our journey or many further things like I have said. By the education value, it makes great and by that, we can apply for the job easily or do the digital-related job so digital India drive is a great initiative by govt.

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Aryan Nagwekar said: (Jan 8, 2022)  
I think it's a good decision taken by the government. Digitalization has many benefits such as it reduces paperwork, filling forms of government by sitting at home especially during pandemic digitalisation was used by most of the citizens. Our online education is also an example of digitalisation. Yes, there are some limitations of digitalization such as online fraud etc and digitalization is done through mobile, laptop etc so in rural areas people are not aware of this system and they also do not have knowledge about all this. But overall in my opinion digitalization is beneficial in our daily life.

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Shiva Chaliki said: (Jan 6, 2022)  
Digital India is a scheme launched by the Indian government, it's very beneficial for all of us.

Here are some certain points.

1) This scheme helps not only the urban areas people but also for rural areas people.

2) Through this scheme we can easily do some essential things like transactions, online eCommerce business, or any other business also.

3) We can connect with each other also have long distances.

4) We can easily fill up our form for any government-related like ration card, voter card, etc instead of going to the local panchayat.

5) Many more schemes are launched by the government, so the rural areas people also get information about it.

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Mahaveer Tada said: (Dec 29, 2021)  
Digital India is a scheme launched by the Indian government. It is very beneficial for us. It help to develop our country's economy. By digitalization, we can easily do some essential things like transactions, online business and online study. We can fill up forms of any government jobs and government-related like ration card, voter card. By correct use of digitalization, people can learn and achieve many things and internet gives much information for gain knowledge about anything we can do our work from home' in pandemic like a corona.

Digitalization also has some disadvantages like In online transactions there are possibilities of cybercrime. Sometimes transactions get failed. In online education, the teacher-student intersection is less. So digitalization has both advantages and disadvantages.

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Mita said: (Dec 27, 2021)  
Digital India is a scheme launched by the Indian government, it's very beneficial for all of us.

Here are some certain points are written down.

1) This scheme helps not only the urban areas people but also for rural areas people.

2) Through this scheme we can easily do some essential things like transactions, online eCommerce business, or any other business also.

3) We can connect with each other also have long distances.

4) We can easily fill up our form for any government-related like ration card, voter card, etc instead of going to the local panchayat.

5) Many more schemes are launched by the government, so the rural areas people also get information about it.

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Mansi Kumari said: (Dec 26, 2021)  
As India is developing our government took an initiative to make our country more modern and to develop more opportunities by making India digital. Here digital means to make India cashless, whether it's selling or buying anything or in-office work, in all places people should promote digital India by preferring more of online mode than of paper. Digital India is beneficial for everyone whether a person is poor or rich, everyone has a smartphone in today's time. By correct use of the internet, people can learn and achieve so many things. The Internet gives us so many opportunities that if every person has the correct knowledge of using it then nobody has to suffer from poverty or illiteracy. By adopting digital India, ease of doing business is possible. They promote small businesses as well. The only thing one has to keep in mind is that everything comes with good and bad. So one should also be careful enough while taking all the benefits as well.

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Krishan said: (Dec 25, 2021)  
Digital India was launched by the goverment of India. There are many advantages of digitalisation like;

1) Through digitalisation one person can do payment to anyone to anywhere at any time through UPI without standing in the que of bank.

2) Through digitalisation teachers can teach the student online using a online platform. Which saves time of student of teacher and student to travel. It connects the teachers students worldwide.

3) Through digitalisation people can do their work from home. It also saves time of the employer.

As we discussed about the advantages of digitalisation but there are some disadvantages like.

1) In the online transaction there are higher possibility of cyber crime.

2) Because of online education teacher student interaction is less.

3) Digitalisation also affect the health because of work long hours through laptop or mobile phone.

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Mansi Ksheersagar said: (Dec 16, 2021)  
What is Digital India - It promotes cashless payments to anyone, anywhere?

The government took the decision, why It has many reasons like for in future comes in a developed country, for health issues (eg. Corona pandemic), create awareness to our peoples because today's time everybody has a smartphone. But it is fact that some new things come so it comes to their pros and cons like fraud, misuse private details, fraud calling and so on. But I would like to say as an Indian we should support our country and The government decisions and be careful about fraud why?

Just like we open a bank account in a bank we all know the future is uncertain for our carelessness we lost everything so support " DIGITAL INDIA".

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Rhutuja Wagh said: (Dec 15, 2021)  
1) Digital India was launched by the Government Of India. It is a good initiative by the Minister Of India to make our country digital, because of digitization peoples do their personal and professional work anytime and anywhere. They access all details using digital functionality.

2) We know due to covid-19, we suffer lots of problems, banks were closed that time we have done all transaction using UPI (Unified Payment Interface), Net-banking etc. Without standing in a queue at the minimum time that makes it easier using digitalization.

3) In Pandemic all schools and colleges are closed. No physical resource is available for students but using an online platform students to connect with education is a big thing done by digitalization.

4) This is the last but not the list digitalization is very helpful for Agriculture and our farmer brothers, using Artificial intelligence they grow their Traditional farm to Urban farm And Using mobile Apps they connect directly to the customers without interrupting Third Party they sell their goods to the customer and increase their profit in less time in affordable rate.

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Shubham said: (Dec 15, 2021)  
Due to digitalisation, people go for online shopping due to this there is a very bad impact on those people business who don't know about technology or who can't afford that online service so these types of services are generally only afforded by rich people so those people who are already reaching they can earn money easily while those who open small shops their business decrease gradually!

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Shiva said: (Dec 15, 2021)  
It benefits for entire people, which have aware of the internet. Using this new technology and without any cost pay, they can do work their financial. It's not only in financial profit it's provided me make awareness of what is going on in the entire India or world.

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Poornima Ralla said: (Dec 14, 2021)  
Digital India is good for financial transparency. But India has a huge population. To store and to make any changes in data we need Data Centers to decrease the problem of the "server busy" Message box in government schemes.

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Digital India: Whom Does it Benefit?

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