Digital India: Whom Does it Benefit?

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Ayushi Awadhiya said: (Oct 8, 2019)  
In my point of view, digital India it has benefited for our country, It make our life.

And work easier we can do all important work digitally, Digital India are very beneficial for students, because from this we can study anyway in anytime from best tutorial and apps but it has many disadvantages like we can shop online anything but market are down, business man are not have more customers but it have advantage also we can shop anything or see more varieties of things and we can't go anywhere and save much more time and do any other work and save time. Time is a money. Thank you.

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Raj said: (Oct 8, 2019)  
I think it benefited us, it simplifies our daily routine like bill payments, tickets, shopping, free education, communication etc.

Using social media any talent in rural area or anywhere in India get highlighted.

Most of the things are digitally accessible, our lives are getting easier.

It will reduce corruption.

We can also get knowledge of anything anytime anywhere through internet.

Everything has its pros and cons according to me in rural areas maximum number of people are illiterate so they don't know how to use it effectively, the chances of banking thugs are more in those areas. So gov must take steps to make them aware of its uses.

I conclude 'Digital India' makes our nation a step forward to 'Developed Nation'.

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Priyanka said: (Oct 5, 2019)  
In my point of view, digital India is definitely a great initiative taken by the GOI. As we all are aware, in today's scenario, every person is running towards having convenience in his/her life whether its related to our daily needs or other aspects of life. We all are getting more and more busy either in our jobs or we are surrounded by too many things which makes us forget and procrastinate a lot of task. But as the most of the things are now digitally accessible, our lives are getting easier. Whether its related to basic household needs like groceries to electronic items, books, shoes, clothes etc, we can purchase all the things, while sitting at a place instead of searching and roaming here and there.

Even, we have the exposure to different varieties of a single item. As, already many other people have given example of Online book tickets, doing bank transactions and many more, these things have really added values and relaxed ourselves from hectic lives. Now, we can easily order any kind of food at our door in just half and hour. It acts as a boon for many students who can't access proper coaching because of financial issues and the place where they reside. Now, from small exams to top ones, anyone can prepare themselves sitting at home through various free you tube tutorials and online coaching. Even, we can get certified courses from top universities like Harvard, MIT, Stanford etc, which adds on value to our personality and career.

But like every thing has its pros and cons, this has also some which my friends have already mentioned like hackers can hack our bank details and many other fraudulent activities. But many companies are working on it and as per me, the weight of pros is quite heavier than the cons. The main thing is people should be aware regarding this and how safely they can play in this digital world and for that government is already running many initiatives which we should appreciate and even participate in making aware others.

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Sagar said: (Oct 1, 2019)  
Digital India is one of the great initiative taken by any government till now because it provides us to much benefit. It will helps to reduce the corruption in government agency and offices in which the government servant asks from us plenty of money to do our work. Because bringing up all the government task online there is clear separation from them and the citizen can directly apply for the various government documents. Using digital India mission people can now send the money from one account to another account easily and it helps in business also where customer not need to carry wallets and any hard cash to purpose products from the shop. They can directly transfer the corresponding amount in shopkeepers account.

So this will helps the government to monitor every transaction of both the parties so there is less amount of keeping black money. Citizen can now apply for the government job online, they don't need to stand long queues to fill the job application form. Now they can get notification about each scheme and jobs.

So there are lots of benefit of Digital India mission.

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Sarpudeen said: (Oct 1, 2019)  
As per my perception digital india has more benefits and disadvantages as well, in order to saving our times in terms of ticket booking, recharging, paying fee, transactions etc.. its useful for the business people as they using money transfers on a regular basis and we cant keep cash with ourselves always we can get only cards or we can use any payments transaction applications like paytm, google pay, phonepe etc.. however disadvantage side we need to give more awareness to Rural areas and remote villages where people are struggling to use digital way since lack of knowledge as they are unable to use internet services and its not secured for some applications wherein Hackers can easily steal our personal information data so we need to more conscious to use secured application.. if we use it wisely it could be more beneficial for us..
Thank you:)

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Devesh said: (Sep 28, 2019)  
I agree with people that say digital India have both pros and cons.


Digital India make India cashless so less is Case less is the chance of theif and people feel more comfort in online transaction for more amount than cashless.


In India literacy rate is not high so mainly in rural area people are not believe in online transaction they thought that in online transaction there is risk of money if payment get failed etc.

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Dhivya said: (Sep 27, 2019)  
Hello everyone.

In my point of view, digital India concept has the majority of pros because it makes our problems easier and. We do not wait a long time in queue for getting a ticker reservation, to get certificates from the government, and we won't go to shops to get things to home. This all will be done in our moblie itself. Os more amount of energy is saved. If we see the pros of digital India it makes our life easier.

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Ranu said: (Sep 26, 2019)  
I am Ranu ahir, digital India is beneficial for us from my point of view as we see all time people are keep in touch in mobile so it is easy for the people to do some work on mobile or any other system as we have no more time in today busy life to stand in line and wait for our turn so at that time this digital mode help us very much. In every work, such as paying bills in hotels, and other shops make us feel comfortable and easy with that without taking so much time.

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Anshul Ojha said: (Sep 26, 2019)  
Good morning all of you,

My name is Anshul Ojha.

I am in favour of digital India because it is a great step taken by the Modi government. In the 21st century without the internet, we can't make progress in our work. If it was education, job and business without digitalization we can't do our work properly. If we finding mistakes in digitalization than it was infinite in number but only one thing good you find in digital India than it can change your life and you become succeeded in your work.

Thank you for giving me the chance to represent the topic.

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Deepamala said: (Sep 24, 2019)  
Good evening.

As every aspect has pros And cons. Digital India to have.

Literacy rates of India are not too high so it's difficult for those people to handle and understand procedures. But at the same, it saves a lot of time for people with busy schedules.

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Charmitha said: (Sep 24, 2019)  
Hello friends, am Charmitha.

First of all, I would like to appreciate our PM Shri. Narendra Modi and team for the initiative of the project "Digital India". The main motive of this project is to transform our county into a digitally empowered society and knowledge economy. So in that way, it's obviously a benefit for our society which empowers every citizen in our country to participate in digital and e-services. There are many advantages of digital India project which includes high-speed internet connectivity in rural areas and e-governance services to participate in financial space digitally, from cradle to grave digital identity is unique, online and authenticable for every citizen. And it also paves the way for job opportunities as everything became digital using information technology. What more benefit is needed than this for our society to empower our country.

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Mrunal Mane said: (Sep 23, 2019)  
Hello everyone, it's Mrunal.

In my opinion, Digital India plays a vital role in the Indian economy. It is a very good initiative taken by our Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi. It is the step towards the digital empowerment of India.

It is beneficial to the people who have busy schedules & not having time to do the tasks physically being there. They can take benefits of online transactions. It's very useful in daily life. Considering my example, my father pays for my mess bills by using online transactions. It saves his time instead of being in a queue in the banks. There are many examples of this digital India concept. Really, it helps for human comfort as well as transparent procedures.

As everything has pros and cons, this digital India concept also has some drawbacks. The main thing is illiterate people in a rural area. India does not have that much literacy rate. The people who are not literate, they don't easily trust on this online transaction and all. It is a difficult task to make them aware of the same.

So, finally focusing on the positive side, we should try to take a step forward to be part of digital India & try at our level to make people aware of this.

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Priyanka Patidar said: (Sep 23, 2019)  
Hello everyone!

Digitalisation has both a positive and negative aspect.

Firstly, if we talk about positive changes through this is that it makes everything easy. There are services provided through which we can do all our from home like booking tickets, shopping, tranfering funds n so on. This really improves the growth of the economy. Nowadays everyone is learning how to use smartphones to do online transactions, do shopping, paying bills etc.

On the other hand, if we talk about the negative aspect of digitalisation the main problem in India is illiteracy because of this many people suffer they hesitate to use this kind of technology because of some trust issues and also internet connections. Mainly in rural areas, people don't know the methodology of using different apps and all.

So, I conclude now by saying that digitalisation has both a positive and negative aspect.

Thank You!

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Sravana Manogna said: (Sep 22, 2019)  
Digital India is one of the best initiative taken by our P. M. Modi. This seems that India is putting a step forward towards development. This digital India mainly helps to literate old age people who can't wait and stand hours together in lines at banks. But the main drawback is lack of literacy rate in India mainly in rural areas it will effect more.

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Mahmood Alam Ansari said: (Sep 21, 2019)  
According to me.

Every thought contains two way.

In a positive way;

Digital India is the most effective thought we can say that now this era nothing is possible without digitalization.

Many works are becoming easy with digitalization. I'm taking one example before few years whenever we are going to submit any resume, exam form extra it was taking time.

Now this time it takes hardly 2 minutes. Security is much effective with digital way, corruption is on the verge of erasing. We can see anything at home no need to go outside.

In a negative way;

India's literacy is not so good lot of people when they are going to use the digital way they are mistaken lack of knowledge. The network must be available for the digital process but some time when the weather becomes not so good network will be lost when it failed.


Finally, we can say that it has both a positive and negative perspective but with time positive part definitely will be dominant.

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Rahul Singh said: (Sep 21, 2019)  
I think in my point of view, digital India is great initiative taken by our government.

Yes, it's a true fact that everything has pros and cons. If you see in pros it reduces the frauds, an and increase the humans comfort like we can pay any bill from any where there is no need to be lines for paying electric bills, for money transfer s in bank, an all.

That means you go through the pros there are many we can describe in just a comment box.

Let's move to the cons it's the main heading of every scheme.

How it affects to the people and whom it would affect most of our population leave s in the village they are not aware of digital India online banking. That means they are directly affected they may face problem s because of demonetization an all.

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Prerna Gupta said: (Sep 15, 2019)  
According to my perspective, Digital India was a boon to the Indian economy but at the same time, it had several disadvantages also.

First, talking about the positive pursuit of digitalisation, the problem of theft has declined, corruption reduced at a somewhat lower level, education system enhanced and the most beneficiary segment was the banking system. Hassle-free banking was one of the dreams of Indians a few years ago. This came true with the advent of digitalisation. Now no long queues are seen, no dominance of employees is tolerated as everything is done from your smartphone itself.

Now talking about its disadvantages, Digital India is not meant for weaker sections of society as most of the people belonging to lower poor class still don't have smartphones, due to which they can't use this method of paying money online. The second issue is, in India the literacy rate is still not so boosted, hence many people still suffer from the problem of understanding the methodology. The last issue which made digitalisation a problem for most of the Indians was working Internet connections. Many times your mobile does not have a valid data pack due to which you suffer there. Hence to conclude, according to me digital India had both positive as well as negative sides.

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Abhinandan Subhash Talekar said: (Sep 15, 2019)  
As every coin has two sides, the Cashless transactions have many advantages with some disadvantages.

Talking about advantages, it reduces corruption as we can reach to direct seller, no third party is involved. Anyone can go anywhere without single money in his pocket so money cannot be stolen.

But we should also consider the other side of it. Nowadays, money fraud, hacking, these types of bad things are occurring. So we cannot ignore it. Also, people in a rural area, they don't have enough knowledge to do online transactions. People like farmer, milk man, they all want a hand to hand transaction because of they afraid of this. So, I think there should be much awareness of the thing 'Digital India'.

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Varsha Chaudhary said: (Sep 14, 2019)  
Hello everyone, myself Varsha Chaudhary, I am from Greater Noida.

Digital India is a great step by our government. It is started by our prime minister Mr. Narendra Modi. It makes our life easier and reduces time and stress. For example, we can pay money one state to another state and purchase online products, food order, travelling and hotel booking easily at home. Thus we don't need to carry a lot of cash anywhere. And now Every document can be saved in digital lockers safely. We can work from home, we can also get knowledge any time anywhere through internet.

So, I am in support of Digital India.

Thank you.

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Mridul said: (Sep 14, 2019)  
Digital India is an initiative taken by our current prime minister Shri Narendra Modi from 2015.

This initiative is taken for the benefit for the improvement of the technology and also to the digitalisation in the organizations in India. Whom does it benefit? The answer should be the various organisations and the overall development. The infrastructure has been improved.

The technology in every other sector, especially in the government sector has become sound.

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Nandan said: (Sep 14, 2019)  
Good morning one and all.

Digital India is very good as a concern for the future of the nation.

Before 2015 the pos are the only mode of digital transaction but it requires strong internet connection so only a few merchants use this but after the introduction of QR code-based transaction provoke the merchants to adopt this.

It also increases the bank transaction.

And by using DBT corruption also reduces in government welfare scheme.

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Arghya Chakraborty said: (Sep 14, 2019)  
According to me, digital India is a positive pursuit for the development of our nation. After making digital people have less tension for their daily transactions. After digitalization farmers and all other weaker section will get money directly to their own account. There will be no broker interference.

People don't need to always keep money for shopping. So there will be no fear of theft of money.

In education sector, the learning quality become very fantastic. Students can learn more things.

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Anas said: (Sep 14, 2019)  
Good Morning Everyone,

I'm Anas.

In my point of view, Digital India is coined by Our Current prime minister Shri Narendra Modi on 1st July, 205.

*Digital India enhances the infrastructure and improve the Technology.

*It was a good step for our future because in future the result is good.

* In urban areas maximum people use the Digital platform but in Rural area maximum people don't use the Digital platform.

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Gaurav said: (Sep 12, 2019)  
Digital India is a campaign launched by Government of India on 1st July 2015.

These campaigns improve online infrastructure and by increasing internet connectivity or by making the country digitally empowered in the field of technology.

Well, I agree digitization plays important role in today's day to day life now, we can order a meal, book cab, buy groceries send gifts and money etc.

The government launched a scheme such as.

1) Make in India.
2) Startup India.

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Theja said: (Sep 11, 2019)  
Good evening everyone,

The word digital India is has a special soundings on it. Our India is moving towards digital from the traditional culture. It benifits for all the citizens of India by making cashless and high speed technologies.

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Lakshay Tyagi said: (Sep 11, 2019)  
Greeting to everyone,

Digital India is the good thinking of Mr. Narendra modi. Digital India is the most important for everyone for easy to lifestyle. Implementation of this process, first of all, we are educated and improve our education system or use digital technology and make our habit for using digital technology for every process. Digital India means every person use digital technology.


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Vikas Jangra said: (Sep 10, 2019)  
Hello, good evening.

Digital India! digitalisation is a good step taken by the government. It takes too much time to completely make digital country because In rural areas every person should not aware of digital. Rural area's person has not known about digital accessories means that they are not an educated, person.

But in urban country digitalisation is growing very fast.

The merit of digitalisation:- digitalisation is better to work in accuracy than manually.

Less efforts are required by the person.

Demerits of digitalisation: Digitalisation in India is reduced the work-life of the person.

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Bhupendra said: (Sep 9, 2019)  

Digital India is good or bad? Every debate start because that point constitute both, pros and cons. The positive point is as follow. Digital India campaign started by the Modi government. We can see the benefits of this in our daily routine activity. In today's generation, both husband and wife are doing work, so they haven't too much time to purchase everything from the market. They would by online. One other benefit is that online payment keeps a record of everything, which is also helpful for the tax department.

One negative point is that because of this, Multinational companies sale their product at a lower price and our domestic businessman faced many problems.

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Anil said: (Sep 9, 2019)  

Good morning all of you.

In my perspective, digital India mission is like a Ramban that is made by Mr. Narendra Modi on 1st July, 2015. It has not only reduced our daily problem, but it illuminates the name of India in the world. It also increased the security of womanhood because now a woman has not to go outside to buy something everything is available online on many app like Amazon, Flipkart and so on.

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Chaksu said: (Sep 7, 2019)  
Good evening,

Prime Minister Narendra Modi vision of Digital India will bolster usage of technology and awarness. The modern India, digital India campaign is very beneficial to all section of society. I agree digitization plays important role in today's day to day life. Now, we can order meal, book cab, buy groceries, send gifts and money to family and friends even from another country through single click on mobile phones like a magic spell.

Digitization renders easy payments of house bills, phone bills, income taxes, and save time and energy especially in overpopulated countries like India for smooth working of organization. It plays crucial role in reducing corruptions, helps in keeping transparency of income and quick allocation of gov. Funds through adhaar link policy. Burglary is also reduced to a limit, as no need to keep cash at homes for basic needs. In an emergency now medicines which is not available nearby, can be ordered and payments can be made online. Promotes education, even small cities can access all books through online portal and e-transaction renders the fee payment for competitive exams. Digitization touches every sector and make the life simplier through its different branches. But we need to be alert and take safety measures against cyber crimes.

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Vamshikrishna said: (Sep 6, 2019)  
Digital India whom does it benefit.

I'm vamshikrishna.

In my perspective, Digital India is a program initiated by the prime minister on July 1st 2015 with a vision of transforming India digitally and empowerment, economy.

Digital India Today making India make ever things easy and faster in transparent.

After digitalization transaction of money has become easy and comfortable, which made as to make our transactions without filling forms, making queues in the bank, And also made bankers and people make database digital, saved space and made eco-friendly use of paper is reduced.

Digitalization of India benefitted students, officers, different sector people to save there files certificate s digitally, in apps like a digital locker. ,

Online shopping sector I e digital marketing provided employment and made everything easy to shop from place sitting example Amazon, Flipkart gave employment to many people and made shopping available for everyone.

As everything as advantages and disadvantages digitalization affected some off rural people of Iletracy, as India is transforming and developing country digitalization benefit everyone to make us to grow faster.

It also attracted the businessman and entrepreneurs, example nowadays every businessman from a tea shop to the corporate sector has online banking where money can be made easily transferred to there account, with use of many digital '"' applications like phonepay, googlepay, I bank, yono, paytm.

It also empowering India's education, in learning using social media like FB, YouTube channels, in all sectors.

Providing sound of opportunity for innovations through online. Plantrix app for farmers to provide knowledge on crops regarding use pesticides for land.

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Noddy said: (Sep 6, 2019)  
The modern India, digital India is very beneficial to all section of society. I agree digitization plays an important role in today's life. Now, I can order meal, book cab, buy groceries, send gifts and money to family and friends even from another country through a single click on mobile phones like a magic spell.

Digitization renders easy payments of house bills, phone bills, income taxes, and save time and energy especially in overpopulated countries like India for the smooth working of organization. It plays a crucial role in reducing corruptions, helps in keeping the transparency of income and quick allocation of gov. Funds through Aadhaar link policy. Burglary is also reduced to a limit, as no need to keep cash at homes for basic needs. In an emergency now medicines which is not available nearby can be ordered and payments can be made online. Promotes education, even small cities can access all books through online portal and e-transaction renders the fee payment for competitive exams. Digitization touches every sector and makes life simpler through its different branches. But we need to be alert and take safety measures against cybercrime.

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Sudesha Patil said: (Sep 6, 2019)  
Good afternoon everyone!

Digital India is the one step which is taken by our prime minister Narendra Modiji sir. Which involves a number of schemes and people have got benefits such as ujjwala scheme gave gas cylinder and so on.

As every coin has two sides, digitalization does not give benefits to rural areas people, this is a big problem where Modi government should be more focus.

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Kajal Lahoty said: (Sep 5, 2019)  
Good morning everyone.

I would like to start this topic by saying that digital India is a great initiative taken by our prime minister Mr. Narendra Singh Modi. This initiative makes many things easier like because of this we can continue our online payment method within less time and obviously less money. It helps in e-learning as well as e-commerce. The many advantages is that there is no chance of corruption because there is no involvement of the third person. So this initiative makes our India digital.

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Adhiyagya Lakhotia said: (Sep 5, 2019)  
Digital India is a campaign launched by the Government of India in order to ensure the Government's services are made available to citizens electronically by improved online infrastructure and by increasing Internet connectivity or by making the country digitally empowered in the field of technology. The initiative includes plans to connect rural areas with high-speed internet networks. Digital India consists of three core components: the development of secure and stable digital infrastructure, delivering government services digitally, and universal digital literacy.

Launched on 1 July 2015 by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, it is both enabler and beneficiary of other key Government of India schemes, such as BharatNet, Make in India, Startup India and Standup India, industrial corridors, Bharatmala, Sagarmala, dedicated freight corridors, UDAN-RCS and E-Kranti.

As of 31 December 2018, India had a population of 130 crore people (1.3 billion) , 123 crore (1.23 billion) Aadhaar digital biometric identity cards, 121 crore (1.21 billion) mobile phones, 44. 6 crore (446 million) smartphones, 56 crore (560 million) internet users up from 481 million people (35% of the country's total population) in December 2017, and 51 per cent growth in e-commerce.

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Rahul said: (Sep 5, 2019)  

I think the introduction of digital India benefits the whole country by opening new avenues as the economy grows but I feel if digital India is fully realized it will benefit people living in rural areas the most. For example, the govt spends large sums for the upliftment of people in rural areas but what happens to that sum, a hefty portion of them is pilfered and falls prey to corruption prevailing. BY digitization it will make transactions transparent and its effect will be visible in the rural economy.

It can also benefit internet crooks and cyber thugs if they exploit the vulnerabilities of people in urban areas with a low level of digital literacy there. Today most people in rural areas as a source of credit use money from local moneylenders which charge high-interest rate with digitization more credit will be available for them and the economy will prosper.

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Sayali Khaire said: (Sep 4, 2019)  
The Digital India concept developed by the government of India is very much beneficial to all the common people. It also saves time. And the main thing it reduces the crowd of people at the bank for a small transaction. But some people not use this because of insecurity. We have to make it secure so anyone can use this without tension.

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Aman Singh said: (Sep 4, 2019)  
Digital India is a very good initiative by the Indian government.

In digital India, schemes government is trying to put all the information, data and services on your fingertip so that you can access them in very less time.

If we talk about the benefits of this program there are a lot of benefits for all the people both in rural and urban sectors. This program very uses full in different sectors like banking. , railways services food services and many more. In these nowadays people just pick up their phone Or laptop and they just do the thing, they order food, they book their ticket and etc in few seconds without facing any kind of little problems.

By digital everything is online what have you need, this saves a lot of time, and people and use the government service at any time not only in but also in the night whenever they are free not only in working hours of the organisation so these are the major advantage of digital India scheme.

And, if I conclude, in one we can say digital India program provides us with a lot of comforts, easy to access in every field of life.

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Sourav Mallick said: (Sep 4, 2019)  
Digital India is a campaign launch by Indian Government on 1st july, 2015. Digital India consists of three main components: the development of secure digital infrastructure, delivering government services digitally, and universal digital literacy. I think it is beneficial to all of us because:

1. If we want a small amount of money, we have to wait in a queue for a long time, but now through the digital system we purchase it quickly.

2. As we know the internet is available to all of us nowadays, it is easy to control our account with safety.

3. Digital Locker facility will help citizens to digitally store their important documents like PAN card, passport, mark sheets and degree certificates. Digital Locker will provide secure access to Government-issued documents. It uses authenticity services provided by Aadhaar. It is aimed at eliminating the use of physical documents and enables the sharing of verified electronic documents across government agencies.

4. Nowadays digital sign is a common thing, so we will not wait for the approval.

5. Not only rich people but also poor rural people get the benefits, as an example: in a tea stall a common problem is changes, but nowadays one can pay the money through an app by scanning the barcode in a tea stall.

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Avinash said: (Sep 3, 2019)  
Digital India is a campaign launched by the Government of India in order to ensure the Government's services are made available to citizens electronically by improved online infrastructure and by increasing Internet connectivity or by making the country digitally empowered in the field of technology.

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Ajay Zad said: (Sep 3, 2019)  
Digital India is one of the positive aspect which is increasing in India, to be honest it benefits almost all the urban people and up-to some percentage of rural people. Digital India is good initiative taken, as this will really help people to save their time and utilize the same time for any other important work they have to do. It actually benefits to adults and the senior citizens who can just do all their works from their office or from their home itself, like for example if they have to pay their current bill and their broadband bill on the same day, so instead of going to their service office and paying their bills, they can do the simplest job by paying their bills online through the prescribed apps, which in-turn will safe their time and also trouble of waiting in their queue. In this way their actually many things which can be done, but I just gave a small example through which we get to know that digital India is one of the plus points for the present and the up-coming generation and yes presently it is quite help-full to all age groups of people to some extent, but more help-full to adults and the senior citizens. Hence I would like to conclude by saying that Digital India is one of the India's positive approach which should continue to its high extent which will obviously help the people as and when required.

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Vaibhav Dhiman said: (Sep 2, 2019)  
Digital India : Hello everyone in today's topic we are going to talk about how digital India is changing the picture of India and who is getting the benefit from it.

So, digital India is a great initiative taken by our Indian government. Earlier people were not known to the digital technology and people used to stay in line even for the small amount of transaction. But after launching of google pay app and phone pay app people can simply transfer their funds from one account to another account.

Also, even a local tea vendor and local departmental shop vendor is utilising the benefit of digital India in nowadays they have access of paytm barcode and phonepay scan so that they can get their small amount through these apps.

Also, many people are getting employment through youtube and social media. So this is the power of digital India and both the community rich and poor are getting the benefit.

And every phenomenon has some disadvantages as well but in digital India concept, more advantages are there.

Thank you.

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Subhajit Halder said: (Sep 1, 2019)  
Digital India has been implemented with an aim to introduce the use of digital technology across the country. If you look at the major countries with some great GDP, all these countries are digitally well advanced and have their digital market reach over all of their respective countries. So, let's not beat around the bush.

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Sumit said: (Aug 30, 2019)  
Digitalisation, from my perspective, digital India is one of the great initiative taken by the government. By going digital, it saves our time.

It has several benefits like.

1. Let take an example, for withdrawing a small amount of money from our account, we had to stay in a long queue, but now we can do that in a few seconds.

2. Not only digital India is helping rich people but also poor, now a tea seller also has phone pay and paytm barcode for transactions. Even a ten-rupee can also be directly transferred into his account.

3. Digital India made the people aware of technology, a few years back there were only a few people who knew about online shopping, online delivery foods app but now every second person is taking the advantage of that.

4. It also increases the employment chances, people show their talents on Youtube and other social media and they got famous also they are earning lot of money.

So in my view, digitalisation is a big change in Indian history and it has a disadvantage but according to me it has more advantages.

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Tarun Maletia said: (Aug 29, 2019)  
In my opinion, everyone is benefited by digital India. Digital India is a great initiative taken by our prime minister. It helps in controlling corruption up to a certain extent. It also makes.

All the government process easier. Earlier there used to be huge lines for registration, bill payment, and so on, but now it can be done online with our mobile phones or laptops. This not only makes government processes easier but also save our time. Digital India also attracts Bussiness men and entrepreneurs as they can sell their products online. This helps in increasing employment opportunities in our country. In future, ration card is also replaced by smart cards which will help to buy ration goods from anywhere in India helping the people below the poverty line. But technology also has its downsides. But since this is focused on the benefits, We won't be talking about it.

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Jothi said: (Aug 27, 2019)  
Digitalisation is the process of converting data into digital format. It reduces time and space occupied for documents.

Our PM Narendra Modi has started this Big initiative, like storing person's details in 12 digit which is AADHAR and replacing the ration card into the smart card. From future onwards people can buy ration products from anywhere within India, It is mainly useful for rural people and below poverty people.

Digital India has attracted many businessmen and youth entrepreneur.

Our time to wait in the bank is reduced because almost everybody has internet-accessible gadgets like mobile, laptop etc.

In every initiative, it has good and bad within it. But our point of view is focused on how to utilize it wisely.

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Abhishek said: (Aug 26, 2019)  
Digital India :a initiative by our government to make our economy progressive and to simplify the complex processes.

It will benefit many sector and control corruption to allot of extent. If we talk about business sector these are the people who will get a lot of benefit. For example, they can get money transfer through their phone at one click, they can sell their products to a wide range of customers, they can maintain their account on computers which will reduce fraud problems. For government it will increase their revenue (less chance to evade taxes) increase their reach to people.

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Harika said: (Aug 25, 2019)  
Hello everyone.

Digital India is a great initiative by our government and it is contributing a lot to the development of our country.

It ensures that govt services are available to everyone digitally (electronically) with good infrastructure and internet connectivity.

It has reduced corruption to a great extent and saved our valuable time and made everything easy. It has reduced the burden of making currency, and everyone is having a mobile wallet now and every transaction is transparent to users.

On the other side, it is beneficial to urban areas mostly and there are transaction limits and must be protected from cybercrimes.

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Nisha said: (Aug 24, 2019)  
Digital India is the initiative launched by the government of India, in order to remove the corruption from the country. Because if all the transactions would get online they can be seen by anyone, which anyone can't hide. It's also providing UPI accounts to people which help them to have their money in there wallet anytime in their phones. There are many applications nowadays who are made only for this purpose like Paytm, Phonepe, Amazon pay which helps in making digital India easy. And as a friend of mine said that it will not work for the rural people because they don't get a proper internet connectivity and other things, I would like to tell that, our PM Mr. Narendra Modi has been working for it also by taking help of Mukesh Ambani to provide the Jio facilities to them for free or for low prices, so I think soon this issue will also sort out and rural people will also accept the idea of digitalization. As by using UPIs, we get attractive cash backs which everyone liked the most. So the use of it is getting more. And instead, it makes most of our work easy because we don't need to go to the banks to transfer money. Or get in a line pay electricity bills oOr book tickets for travelling or for movies. It just made things easier.

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Tarun said: (Aug 24, 2019)  
In my point of view, Digital India is one of the major steps towards making India more empowered in the era of technology.

We as an Indian taking more benefits of it like in the field of money transaction, bill, shopping and recharges on your mobile with one click.

It saves time and reduces the possibility of corruption.

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Priya said: (Aug 23, 2019)  
Hello friends.

Digital India is a program to empower the country Digitally by delivering government services online through various digital technology like e-banking, e-commerce, e-shopping etc;. All these technology are more beneficial to the citizens. It makes our country more digital and empowered in the field of technology.

Today's world is getting more advanced in the field of technology. So as we are all aware of the importance of technology in our daily life. It's making our living style more advanced.

The main motives of digital India is to provide public access to the internet and Infrastructure. It is also beneficial in the banking sector which makes people more safe and secure cyberspace in the country.

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Vinay Sudheer said: (Aug 23, 2019)  

Digital India it will make a drastic change in the economy, which makes things easier in the banking sector, and main flashing point is corruption it is a major problem by making things digital we can control corruption, paperless currency eco-friendly, easy to use, fast transfer etc. But there will be some problem with cyber crimes which is fastly spreading it roots behind the dark, in some emergency cases money transaction failures these things are to be rectified apart from that digital is one of the best initiatives in fastest developing country like India.

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Ajinkya said: (Aug 22, 2019)  
Well, Digital India campaign held by our government has main benefit that the people becomes more relevant on technology which leads decrease in time and efforts required earlier in some manner, the idea behind digital India is great but have it done properly or it has become only propaganda for political power, this is the main question that everyone should asks to themselves who are making it happen.

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Vikash Singh said: (Aug 19, 2019)  

Digital India is one of the best initiative taken by Narendra Modi Govt.

It makes cash transfer easily.

It also reduces corruption as it gives direct benefits to all the needed people like Ujjawala yojana it has also helped people to access banking services more easily than before.

It helps India toward cashless economy now most of Indian has their own mobile wallet this is one of the greater achievement of digital India initiative.

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Sushil Kumar said: (Aug 18, 2019)  
Hi every one!

Digital India is a campaign launched by the Government of India in order to ensure the Government's services are made available to citizens electronically by improved online infrastructure and by increasing Internet connectivity or by making the country digitally empowered in the field of technology.

Digital India is very best for everyone because all transaction is currently finished just a second.

When India is making cashless then corruption is less.

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Ramu said: (Aug 17, 2019)  
Hi friends,

Digital India is introduced first Mr. Narandramodi.

It is one of the economic growth.

It is mostly easily cash transaction.

I will prepare for any examination is easily and clear to doubts.

The persons is correctly paid for tax is easily indification and time savings for working people's.

The dormers is digital India one of this.

The economical growth are developing.

Block money is any transaction is immediately information is higher position persons system record.

Rural people's and urban people's is digital India is develop one of this.

It is important one of the source for digital in India.

The business is most transaction is digital system is used.

It is my point of you,

Thank you.

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Natasha Juneja said: (Aug 17, 2019)  
Hello everyone,

The initiative of Digital India started by the government is great in terms to making India a less-cash economy and disrupting the parallel economy, but we cannot close our eyes with the challenges it faces in terms of inclusivity of the scheme.

I feel Digital India is more focused on urban population and unless we shift our focus towards rural sectors of our society which contributes two-thirds of our population, complete digitization of India will be a dream.

We also need to deal with the grass root level problems such as internet connectivity in these areas which remains a question mark until now.

We need a lot of infrastructural development to have spectrum availability in order to get good connectivity. 55000 villages ate being deprived of internet connectivity.

We also need a policy level changes for data security and privacy in order to reduce the risk of cybercrime and terrorism which still remains a challenge for India. To address this we need huge investments in technology and strict regulation and then only we can move towards digitization.

Also, we have improved over the years in terms of reach and education of our people and opened up a bank account for them, but the question remains how many people are using it among the remote rural areas and how many of them understand " online transactions", etc. Digital literacy remains a big challenge for us which is only 10%, that means 90% of the people are digitally illiterate and unless this addressed the mission of Digital India won't be fulfilled.

These are some of the basic challenges faced by Digital India, it being for now benefitting only the urban population. Unless these are being addressed, I guess digitizing India would be a distant reality.

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Praveen Thakur said: (Aug 16, 2019)  
Good morning everyone the topic given to us is very interesting. So guys in my opinion digital India is a great initiative which was taken by our honourable P.M.Mr. Narendra Modi. The advantages of digital India is quite a havier than flaws:

Because after this initiative many things become easier for us like online banking where we can do the online payment within seconds without going here and there so it saves money and time as well.

E-commerce: after digitalization shopping becomes easier we can buy anything, anytime so it also saves lots of time.

E learning: the people who can not afford money for coaching or any good institue now they can learn by e learning with very less money.

Corruption: Now there is no involvement of the third person for any transaction so corruption is also reduced.

Yes, you might have some chances of duping by hackers so you should take care of it and be smart.

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Raja said: (Aug 15, 2019)  

We all are aware with digital India, Digital India is great initiative taken by our prime minister Narendra modi in 2015. Digital India is benifical for all individuals because now a days most of the people paying online electricity bill, gas bill etc from home it's save lots of time and also travelling fee. You can go anywhere without cash and pay online. Digital India gives risk free life if we are using it in a smart way other wise anyone will hack your account, take your personal data so beaware of that thing which is drawback of digitalization. Digital India also reduces the third party and make the innocent people life simple. Corruption is the measure part which is reduced by digitalization.

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Lipi said: (Aug 14, 2019)  
Digital India, if implemented just as planned, can actually make India stand apart from the other nations in a few years' time. Needless to say, it is beneficial to each and every citizen of our country, provided they understand their privileges and rights well. Here are some of the ways it helps people:

1. E-learning - With an eclectic range of open online courses and certified instructors offering to teach via the internet, this hassle-free learning is unprecedented. The flexibility of fee structure (some courses are even offered for free), timings and no-wastage of travel time makes this an extremely good option for poorer students, stay-at-home moms and anyone else interested to learn.

2. E-commerce - Benefits the consumers as it saves time, energy and is an efficient way to select from a range of products online and having the product delivered at their doorstep. Benefits the sellers as this doesn't allow for any undue advantage of location and transportation to companies.

3. E-banking - As obvious as this is, online transactions make hassle-free handling of money. Just having a phone to the supermarket is enough! Needless to say, this makes process transparent, and just like any other digitization, it saves a lot of time and energy.

4. E-sampark (Vernacular email service) - Not widespread yet, this facet of the Digital India campaign aims to align Non-English speakers with the digital world which largely uses English like in the e-mail IDs.

5. The BharatNet program launched by the Indian Government aims to strengthen internet services in the rural areas. Village People will be educated on digitization under the Digital India initiative so that nobody is left behind when it comes to development.

Having said that, it is imperative that the government take steps very carefully to implement this as the criminal mindset isn't getting any better. Just like people don't have to travel for shopping, so do robbers. The thriving internet can be used just as well for the evils like terrorism, scams, brainwashing, cyber-bullying, hacking and fraud. With our personal information now digitized, the threat increases. So it is very important for us as citizens of the country to be aware and cautious and for the Government to be concerned yet proactive.

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Manoj Kumar said: (Aug 14, 2019)  
First of all, I will thank to P. M. Modi who created in India. Digital India make us cashless money. You can do banking on social media. You can take a ticket by using of phone easily to go to the another place. You can view bank statement without visiting the bannk. You can transfer the funds.

Although there is a chance of cybercrime and you can lose your total money from your account.

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Ankur Vivek said: (Aug 14, 2019)  
Hello Everyone.

Let me start with the meaning of digital India.

This (digital India) program aims to digitalised every possible aspect of the Indian economy, organisational work and to reach every person of India through the internet.

Now the answer - It benefits all individuals who are engaged in any sort of works and interest at any level get benefited. Any examples you take from a common to a high professional man, nowadays everybody is relying on digital medium of work. Like, If the government needs to.

Do survey in every village without any third person who might adulterate the actual results can do easily with digital mediums. This makes governance transparent and effective. Major impact can be seen on business just because of the ease of transactions. Now transactions are only one click away. Its increases the productivity of the markets which ultimately benefits the people engaged to it. In rural areas services were now properly implemented w/o any fraud. Through this it benefited everyone in different aspects.

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Rohit Kumar said: (Aug 12, 2019)  
Digital India benefits mostly the businessman in many ways such as transaction, online business. We can also say that it benefited the literate people's & rich people, because they know how to take benefits of digitalization. Nowadays people earning too much money from the use of digitalization.


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Prabhu Manikandan said: (Aug 12, 2019)  
Hello everyone!

Let me raise some questions like who will benefit from the platform digitalization. Off course it is Right initiative at right time for our organization because it runs in transparency and efficiently so it reduces corruptions& fraud transactions yes, it benefits both rural and urban peoples digital India is started in the year 2015 by our by honourable PM. It reduces time by avoiding the people rush in the bank for money transactions. Everything made simple with a click on online. Even though it has benefits it also has its disadvantage like make people lazy, psychological problems etc. So we should use it like sugar in the coffee.

Thank you so much for giving this opportunity.

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Akash Desai said: (Aug 11, 2019)  
Digital India is a very good initiative by honourable PM Modi, it's a benefit to all of us, the cashless economy is one of the examples of digital India, we can do anything at home like online banking & also there are fewer chances of corruption, Jandhan, GST is some successive steps towards digital India,

But most of the part of India is from the ruler are so they don't know how to use online banking and all Internet-related things, so we need to give proper training about it & India is going to be digitally strong.

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Kislay Kumar said: (Aug 10, 2019)  
"Digital India" It just came in picture after our New Government BJP came into the role. And "Modi ji" has done a tremendous job in various filed. And among them, one is Digitalization of India. And Jio (Reliance) place the best role in it. And in my point of view, it is a very good thing.

As it helps in many sectors like by Digitalization there is very much reduce of paperwork and in many fields and even though because of it there is Digital growth in poor people also.

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Pratik Ginnalwar said: (Aug 10, 2019)  
Hello, Everyone.

As far as I'm concerned, Digitalization is a need of the Modern era as we are living in the country like India which has tremendous records of corruption thus to minimise it, digitalization is working as a key factor and eventually, it will be beneficial for all Indians. I will give you one example:- India rose by three points to 78 in the list of 180 countries in the world according to CPI (Corruption Perception Index). There is no need to tell you why this happening so as we all know how online banking works when it comes to maintaining data and keeping keen observation on every aspect.

Soon All India will be digitalized so that it could help each & every being of India.

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Geethu said: (Aug 9, 2019)  
Hello guys in my view, through this digitalization will be benefited. There will be no thefts and easy to access without carrying the money. With this digitalization the transactions which are performing can be recorded though there will be no black money or any other faults while transactions. It will be difficult for the illiterate people it can overcome by giving them awareness and helping them to access this digitalization everywhere. It can be through social media or by anything else have to be taken then only it will be beneficial to all the people in India.

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Shuvam Agrawal said: (Aug 9, 2019)  
Digital India was the campaign started by our prime minister Narendra Modi on 2015. The main cause was to reach all the citizens of India so that the compensation, subsidy or any fund released by the government can directly reach to them. So it strongly benefits those rural areas people and it benefits the urban area people also, we can enjoy online payments even in the street food, railway stations stalls, and other places where usually there use to be lots of issues like no change and carrying cash etc.

So, overall it benefits all the citizens of India as well as the people staying or visiting India.

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S.Dg said: (Aug 9, 2019)  
Digital India is benefical for the people of the country INDIA. Like, people can do any monetory transactions sitting at home, don't have to go to bank. Nowadays people are busy. They don't have time. So digital India is a great help.

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Shashank Khandelwal said: (Aug 9, 2019)  
Digital India a brand created by honourable PM. This brand was advertised in a step by step process. Jandhan, demonetization, GST are the successive steps towards it. It was really necessary to have this steps to contribute towards the digitalization which makes transparency and efficiency improved in the organisation. This improved management through digitalization nit only benefits common people but government also inorder to monitor properly.

It benefits the community known as INDIA.

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Prachi Singh said: (Aug 7, 2019)  
Digital India is a great initiative taken by our respected PM Modi. I think people are not so much aware about the digital platform mostly rural areas people they can be cheated easily. It will take ample amount of time to figure it out for this generation. But our future generations will not face any problem regarding digitization.

Thanks for the opportunity.

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Premalatha said: (Aug 7, 2019)  
Hi everyone!

Digital India is a very good initiative by our PM.

People get used to it very quickly and slowly all have got adopted to the system very easily. But the system has to reach each and every individual so if there are many advertisements reaching even remote areas of our country it will be very useful for them. Various advertising methods can be used to make it reachable.

Thanks for the initiative!

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Mohd Abdullah Saqib said: (Aug 7, 2019)  
Each and every person in the country has to get benefits from the digitalization either in form of cashless transaction, transparency in the working system in which we live, less corruption in the government authorities, more jobs in the IT sectors, even a common person can now submitting their online bills, can get appointment from a doctor by sitting at their home even now days a person can get the information about their related field job by sitting their home and can apply from their home, a mother can see his son which situated at abroad but there is always some pros and cons in every system. The digitalization may increase cybercrime even a social networking site like facebook can use their customers information just the case which is charge on Mark Zuckerberg for providing their customer information to the e-commerce website but the advantages of digitalization is more its disadvantages so the conclusion is the digitalization is the need of every nation as the nation is more digitalize it is making their way to the developed countries.

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Arti Kathayat said: (Aug 7, 2019)  
Digitalisation is a very crucial step taken for the benefit of every citizen. We are living in 21st century and with the advancement of technology, it has become very important to understand the benefits of digital India.

Our honourable prime minister Narendra Modi started this idea of making India digital. And it has benefitted Indians to a great extent too.

With digital India, we can now:

1. View our bank statements without visiting the bank actually.
2. Can transfer funds without visiting the bank.
3. Have almost every facility online.
4. Going cashless is another big benefit.
5. Transparency in transactions, as well as governance, is maintained.

Apart from this, digitalisation has made India stand out among all other countries of the world.

The thing which should be kept in mind is to be careful about what and how we utilise this advancement. With increasing digital things, threat related to them has also increased. But all in all, positive points have overcome the negative points of this regime.

We are lucky that we are a part of budding developing India and we should be proud.

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Ismail Shaik said: (Aug 5, 2019)  
Hello, everyone. I'm Ismail.

So we are here for discuss about digitilisation. Hounarable prime Minister of India taken good initiative process ie digitilisation. We are in 2019 so India growing day by day in all sectors due to digitilisation. One of the main notified point with this is we are all Contected to the world Without a proper a connection with other countries a well defined relation is not possible. So it also possible with this.

* cashless transactions.
* connectivity.
* Search engine like Google, Chrome is useful for gather information.
* time reducing. Easy access.

A PERSON Has both good and some times bad actions. So digitilisation also has some negative actions. If the government takes crusial measures for reduce neagitiy then digitalistaion makes India become digitalised County.

Thank you.

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Viplaw said: (Aug 4, 2019)  
Actually telling in a single statement, Digitization is a benefit for everyone at their individual level or at the community level. It also acts a crucial role in accelerating the development of a country.

Digitization not only making life easy but also accelerating the income of the person and playing a crucial role in the development of the startup.

It also helps in making Country cashless.

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Viraj said: (Aug 2, 2019)  
Digital India🇮🇳 is a great step by our respected PM. A few years back, digital platforms were considered as threats. Although there is a chance of cybercrime, it has created a huge impact. PM's "Go Cashless" was a master stroke. We don't need to carry cash anymore. The Telecom company Jio made whole India active on digital platforms. Now Every document can be saved in digital lockers safely. India is approaching the E-learning system now. If children are kept well away from this then its definitely a benefit.

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Mohit Kumawat said: (Aug 1, 2019)  
Hi everyone.

Myself Mohit Kumawat.

Digital India is one more step to take our country in the path of success. It is started by our prime minister Mr. Narendra Modi. it makes our life easier and comparable and reduced time and stress.

It has many benefits like:

- we can pay the electricity bill and water bill easily at home.
- there is no need to carry a lot of cash.
- food order, travelling, hotel booking, movie tickets etc. Can be done in a single minute without going outside.

As we know a coin has two sides so digital India also has some drawbacks.

- anyone can hack our account and withdraw money.
- anyone can get our personal details from social media
- sometimes it creates problems relating to server system like server crashed, server not responding etc.

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Himanshi said: (Jul 31, 2019)  
Hello everyone!

I'm going to talk about digital India initiative taken by our honourable prime minister.

In my opinion, it is a very great initiative which helps our country and citizens to cope with a number of problems such as with the help of digitisation there's no need to carry cash it reduces the wastage of paper time and one's effort of going here and there for various purposes. We can do various things without going out of home. It makes every transaction very easy without using cash. The only thing of fear is that alongwith the advancement of technology, the advancement of cyber crime is increasing day by day.

So, I conclude that our government should promote digitisation along with major steps to reduce cyber-crime also.


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Rahul809 said: (Jul 31, 2019)  
According to my thinking, Digital India will benefit to the entire nation of our county, in terms of information, job creation, save time and many things like cashless, travelling, education, health department, communicate etc.

In one sentence you will do anything at any place.

But at the same time, there is a chance to scam, loot by the fake user in social activities platform just like someone hacks your account, wrong information to make TRP, abusive comment etc.

Conclusions: Make your work so simple and easy that's how digital work. Make India Digital once again by giving more cybersecurity and like buttons.


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Hitesh said: (Jul 31, 2019)  

I am Hitesh, in my opinion, digitalization is among great steps towards the continued growth and development of our nation. Our honourable prime minister has taken many initiatives and digitalization is one among them to move towards development. Through the step, people are now aware of technology and about its use.

Digitalization has many benefits.

1: saves time.
2: we can now travel anywhere without the fear of being robbed.
3: we can work from home.
4: we can get knowledge any time anywhere through internet.

That's my point of view, Thank you.

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Naman said: (Jul 30, 2019)  
According to me, the people more aware of the technology are benefitted more by digital India than those less aware about it.

Cashless economy benefits in reducing corruption, less paper usage for currency notes, better tracking of one's salary and taxes if paid or not.

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Adarsh Kumar Pandey said: (Jul 29, 2019)  
Digital India makes our life easier, through it, we can do our own work from home. It saves our time. If the government controls the cybercrime, then we get more protection in it. It connects us to the whole world.

Rate this: +6 -3

Ajit Prasad said: (Jul 29, 2019)  
According to my point of view, digital India is one of the good initiatives taken by our honourable Prime Minister. In today's scenario, we know that we are living in the era of Technology where major work is done through Technology. Distillation of our country can help to solve many problems for example no.

One need to carry cash, no need to go bank for a deposit or to withdraw the money. Our government have to invest more money for the printing of cash money so it will save the expenditure of our government and second thing we have noticed that in some cases many Accidents happened where thief tries to steal the money so if the person does not have the cash in their pocket so it will decrease the these incident. In our society there are still some people who do not much aware of the technology so, this digitalization can help to increase awareness among them.

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Nikk said: (Jul 29, 2019)  
In my opinion, digital India is one of the best initiative taken by our honourable prime minister. It has a lot of benefits Starting with.

1. The problem of cash will get solved.

We don't need to carry cash every time with us. One can roam anywhere without any tension or fear of being robbed.

2. It will save time.

One does not stand in the long queues to pay the bills, to deposit money. You can do such things by just one touch. It will save a lot of time and after all "time is money".

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Ajay Pratap Singh said: (Jul 29, 2019)  
Hello everyone,

I am here to share my views on the topic digitalisation.

As we know our India is a digital country. So how does it brings change. let's see.

Our PM Narendra Modi introduce digital India.

By digitalisation, we have lots of features to do anything.

Why we only talk about money.

We have many such facilities like a conference, transfer information, good economy, better education, a good way of thinking, net banking, etc.

We all bounded by technology.

It helps to every sector of the living.

The tremendous growth of technology also give relief to the people like before the jio every network company uses the tower to satellite and provide the connection but jJo reliance company uses optical fibre to transfer connection to every field which provides a high-speed internet in comparison to any other companies.

At last but not least digital India is the way to connect all the people across India and to provide better facilities.

All the people have the right to take any information according to his or her own thoughts.

So use technology in a proper way and in a positive way without compromise to any other community.


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Saksham Sharma said: (Jul 28, 2019)  
Hey guys!

According to me, digital India is a great move.

Now, we can pay our phone, electrical, digital TV and all the other bills online. Now this saves time money and energy along with relaxation that comes from a security point of view. We are digitally connected with the whole world and progress is stepping day by day.

Rate this: +7 -1

Gajanan S said: (Jul 28, 2019)  
I support digital India to make our country truly strong and because of it, we will be in a strong position throughout the world in technology.

Rate this: +8 -1

Raj Kumar said: (Jul 28, 2019)  
Digital India scheme is one of the best steps for the current scenario about India.

It continuously enhances digitally behaviour to all of us. To make easy living in this very fast era. Surviving of life has very easy through this new initiative of digital India.

Thanks to all.

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Pushpanjali said: (Jul 27, 2019)  
Digitalisation is one of an initiative which promotes globalization it increases the transfer of information from one place to another but apart from this. It also escalates the hacking of information.

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Suraj Kamble said: (Jul 27, 2019)  
Digital India is the best step for Progress of India. It will make India a faster growth of India. Digital data provide you easy and fast more trans of data and money only one click. So it is a great future of India.

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Hunny said: (Jul 27, 2019)  
Hi, I am supporting digital India because it is the best step by our PM Modi. It provides a lot of benefits and thorough the digitalization we don't need to lot of cash in your pocket every time. Through this, we can roam anywhere without any tension and insecurity. And when we need money to pay the bills anywhere digitalization helps us.

Digitalization supports the cashless. By the digitalization, we can pay the bills. Through this, we can transfer the money from one state to another state. It is safer to transfer money one to another easily. By the digitalization, we can pay online electricity bills, order online food.

Rate this: +25 -4

Shreya said: (Jul 27, 2019)  
Hi everyone,

As per my opinion, Nowadays we see that India is recognized as one of the largest emerging countries in the world for digitalization.

As smartphones are available at reasonable price, that's why everyone is using it. However, online transactions are taking place, people are moving towards cashless India.

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Shreya said: (Jul 27, 2019)  
Hi everyone,

As per my opinion, Nowadays we see that India is recognized as one of the largest emerging countries in the world for digitalization. As smartphones are available at a reasonable price, that's why everyone is using it. However, online transactions are taking place, people are moving towards cashless India.

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Nisha said: (Jul 27, 2019)  
According to me,

Digital India is the best step taken by our prime minister Mr.Narendra Modi.

Because of digital India, we can save our time. We can book our tickets as we don't have to stand in a queue.

We can do online shopping by siiting at home.

We can order food, Medicines, and We can pay the bills etc.

By digital India, India is also becoming a developing country.

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Ekta said: (Jul 27, 2019)  
In my opinion,

Digital India is going to benefit our country. Now everything is done through phones and laptops. Internet becomes a major source of it. We can do an online money transfer, video calling, we can do online shopping, if we don't about anything we can know about it after searching on google. In today's generation, no one can survive without internet or phone.


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Raja said: (Jul 26, 2019)  
Hi everyone.

My name is raja I am from Bihar.

Everything is an advantage and a disadvantage.

Digital India is a good steps for our country because its give us security because in the past it was so difficult to carry money in travelling but now we use our wallet and also digital media creat job like as nowadays much international company come in India its provide job it is very transparent to do any business crime and corruption rate is decreasing day by day nowadays every people are using smartphone so it is good for our country nowadays many villagers are using case.

That's is my point of view.


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Afroza said: (Jul 25, 2019)  
Earlier days there were no mobile phones, tv, laptop, tablets and no internet. And it gives India a bad output as undeveloped country. Now as digital India has come India is also known as a developed country in the world the day the child is born he starts learning from phones.

Who does not use the internet nowadays? Everything is done by one touch. Banking, learning, playing etc each and everything.

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Athulya said: (Jul 25, 2019)  
Digital India seems to be a great idea. It help us in solving many problems. Now days we doesnt need to carry hot cash with us so that we can also avoid troubles that can cause by carrying hot cash. Also by doing online transaction we also being benefited by crediting some amount for our each transaction. And it also avoid the circulation of black money. Taking about positive every thinga that also have some negative sides such as cybercrime, hacking etc. Our information are circulating every where so that it can be easily hacked. Digital India is kind of good thing but also every idea came with negatives too.

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Digital India: Whom Does it Benefit?

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