Digital India: Whom Does it Benefit?

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Aju Bhai said: (Sep 21, 2020)  
Hello everyone.

Digital India program initiated by government has been successful in many ways. Transaction of money is more viable than ever. People are now more familiar with different online transaction apps and now we can easily send and receive our money by just one click. We don't need to stand in long line to get cash from bank. And it also help us in difficult situation when there is no money in our pocket.

It also helps in improving our education system. Now student can complete their education at home without going school or college. It also increase the number of startups in this sector and like a paytm, unacademy apps are providing online study to student. And in this pandemic time, online education system is more useful than ever. And now people are more Lean on online education system. Even now many colleges are providing online degree. And that makes our education system more flexible and strong.

Despite high growth of digital system, still we need to ensure that in rural area, people will be more aware of this and their are also problem of network in many areas. There are also high chance of withdraw of your money from your bank account by hackers due to weak security of system. So we need to improve these above mention things and we can make our life more flexible and easy by digital methods.

Thank you.

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Rusher said: (Sep 12, 2020)  
Hello everyone.

Our Indian Government really took a good initiative to make our country a digital country. So, in this case, my opinion is that.

As every situation has it two sides, that is it has it merits and demerits. But in this case, there are many merits compared to demerits.

This action taken by the govt will benefits to everyone like from old to young people, poor to rich people, businessman to even employes. But provided they have proper knowledge about the new technologies that come in to use to make digital India, Technologies the sence like for money transation PhonePay, Gpay, Paytm etc and in Education sector nowadays in the pandemic period students can study over the online platforms like Zoom app, Google Meet etc these are some merits.

When I talk about demerits it about, uneducated peopls, due to poverty some people can't afford new technology and Internet connection. These are some barriers that cames in between the process of digitalization, but we can break these barriers by education.

The peoples about it, and spreding the awareness about it, convesing them about its benifites.

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Manoj said: (Sep 11, 2020)  
Digital technology is contributing different way for example avoiding the black money and corruption will reduce significantly.

How to help digital technology for the common man?

Nowadays anyone common human daily using domestic products bought and buy that person involve country finance that person should be using digital technology country GDP automatically increase this small example for digital technology benefit of the country.

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Mohit Raj said: (Sep 11, 2020)  
Digital India is a dream for our honourable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi.

As the coin has two sides similarly everything has its merits and demerits. Digitalization has been benefiting us in many sectors in this pandemic. The sectors like Banking Transactions, Food deliveries, Online Study, Work from home and so many ways. Imagine this pandemic 10 years back, it seems that it would be uneasy and tough for us to survive without these facilities. We have the data about the viruses, its effects on the human body, and its medicines of earlier pandemic situations like Malaria, Swinflu, HIV, etc. We are using these data to find out the medicine for COVID-19. This is only possible with the help of developing technologies and the digital world. Many vaccines like Gam-COVID that is given by Russia for 1/2 phase COVID cases is one of the best example and hopefully we will be able to find out a proper vaccine very soon. Till then we can work and getting food deliveries in one call, we can talk to our family and friend this is such a boon for all of us. The demerits are only because of misuse of the data and technology and this is just because of some of the greedy people who want to get benefitted illegally in a criminal way. Piracy, Conspiracy, Hacking accounts, Cheating are such issues that need to be worked upon by developing some more strong technologies, and security should be provided to our data.

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Piyush Jha said: (Sep 10, 2020)  
Hello everyone!

Well, Digital India as the name suggests is more and more use of digital applications. This digital platform provides ease of access for the people. Like, if we have the seller and the buyer, the buyer after purchasing something pays the seller digitally which benefit both of them. Using the digital platform saves a lot of time, paperwork for maintaining record etc. There is also some sense of security in the digital platform as it is properly authenticated.

On the other side, if we see the whole nation, then we have more than 50% of people who are still uneducated. They even don't know about the technologic basic stuff. There are many villages in the country which lacks electricity, proper education, digital training etc. Many businessmen even today prefer cash over the digital platform. I hope you all know the reason for this.

Well, the main point is that people who are working with gadgets in the modern world opt for the digital platform and that is good. But, what about the people who are comfortable with their own tradition of money, cheques, paper works etc. What about the uneducated or unskilled people of our nation? What about the rich businessmen who illegally earn black money? These are some questions which I think should be sorted out then only, Digital India can benefit the nation.

At last, I would like to say that Digital India can be the major boost for people as well as economy of India if promoted in the right way.

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Neetika said: (Sep 8, 2020)  
What I feel is that; We all must be aware of "digitalization".

Digitalization is one of the best way to boost our economy in terms of the primary secondary and tertiary sector. BUT;

Those who can afford and have proper knowledge of using it for them it would be very beneficial but those who are just "afraid" of using it and can't even afford or using it with the threat of hacking. For them it is useless.

If we want our India as DIGITAL INDIA then they must be taught properly so that it becomes beneficial for all and help in boosting our economy.

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Rahul Soni said: (Sep 8, 2020)  
Hello everyone,

As we all know that in this era, India is on the list of developing countries, lots of people facing the problem of poverty, water, electricity, education, proper meal etc. Conditions in the backward area are not up to the mark, they don't have a smartphone, laptop, internet facility. More than 50% of the Indians used to this problem. So how we can imagine Digital India?

Digitalization is a fantastic concept, but what about who have no internet, electricity at their home. So according to my opinion, the government should take initiative about these poor people. Otherwise, we will never come on the list of developed countries.

Hackers and thieve find lots of ways to do stolen money from the accounts.

This is the irony of digitalization that most people don't know how to use gadgets.

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Rahul Soni said: (Sep 8, 2020)  
Hello everyone.

In this pandemic situation, every citizen of India is facing lot of problems like Jobs, unemployment, GDP rate, etc.

But this digitalization concept has lots of benefits, some are;

1) Education sector: by using different platforms like zoom, google meet students can do study at their home without issue. However numerous students are also facing eyesight problems because they have to sit in front of the laptop for several hours. But most of the students are used to do this.

2) Banking sector: if you look at 10 years back without digital India you have to go in a queue for a long time if you want to credit some amount in the bank, but right now conditions are different, by one click you can send currency anywhere in the world.

3) Information broadcasting: By the digital India concept you can get any type of information by using Google, YouTube.

4) Social media: Social media platform right now so much active because of that you can connect anywhere in the world. Etc etc.

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Jayesh Sharma said: (Sep 7, 2020)  
Pros: Easy, Saves Time, Feasible, Portable, Done from anywhere, Connects to the world, Stand in competition, Fast development, High growth rate, Get anything to your doorsteps.

Cons: Rich become Richer, Poor become poorer, Can't be opted without Smartphone, Lack of awareness causes afraid of money loss, the threat of hackers.

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Monika Moolani said: (Sep 6, 2020)  
I guess it benefits all from poor to rich, small to big, old to young but the important thing is they should know how to use it, how it can benefit them, in what ways it can help them to make their life better and easy.

So, it does benefit everyone but people should be more aware of it, they should know things like online payments, shopping, pharmacy, online educational classes and many different courses from which they can actually learn and also how they can start there own business, startup or how they can turn their passion into something which can actually be real. I seriously think that digital platforms can actually help someone take their passion one step ahead. And how digital payment can help them have extra money benefits and more. Finding a job online to filling a form online or sometimes paying school or tuition fee online does save time, and also it is way more convenient. Also, I think that everyone should have benefited from it, there are many things for farmers or less certain people on digital platforms but they should be first aware of it second can afford it, which is the main concern as they don't have tools to use these platforms on. So something for making it affordable has to be done for them. It might have disadvantages but I believe the growing technology will one day overcome it also.

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Durga said: (Sep 4, 2020)  
I hope all are doing well.

As per my thinking, all people must know the word "Digitalization" & at least one person in a family has to know the process of digitalization like online payment through different applications such as (phonepay, Google pay, Paytm). Online education (zoom, Byzus, gradeup. ) , online shopping (Amazon, Flipkart. ) & online marketing and many more. We all know about current situations at any place in our world through the news applications & some social media apps like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, WhatsApp etc. I am very thankful to Google, I think it is a very helpful app for all. Nowadays digital processing is very useful in this COVID-19 pandemic situation, due to this situation many people know the value of digitalization. These all come under merits.

We all know that everything has merits and demerits. Coming to demerits, some people don't know any idea about the word digital due to lack of education and knowledge. The main problem is a poor network in some areas.

Finally, I think that digitalization having huge merits and low demerits.


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Ashi Gala said: (Sep 4, 2020)  
In my opinion, Digital India is a great initiative and has positively and negatively impacted a lot of lives. When looking at the further good side, it has given birth to employment. People are now getting more and more jobs just via a few clicks. It has helped with a vast network. I can now easily connect anyone on the other side of the world. It has kept the world running during this pandemic. Whereas, we shouldn't forget that it has also taken a lot of lives and jobs. While it has given us new ways to explore, it has also taken away the young generations creativity and will to learn. It has given rise to an unending war between humans and machines.

Finally, everyone has their own views on it, but I believe that digitization benefits those who make the correct use of it.

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Jyoti said: (Sep 3, 2020)  
One can say digital means doing more work in less time. As everyone is aware how our country is getting digitized day by day which is such an amazing thing Earlier it was all offline work, as an example standing in queue for any government related work, paper work in offices, etc. So as our country is moving towards digital, there is less burden on people i.e. one can take the benefits such as online shopping, internet banking, online business, online study, online dance classes and many more. In this covid19 pandemic, our country is moving towards digital as online class for schools and colleges has been started, exams are conducted online which shows our study is not much affected by the pandemic otherwise our country has gone 10 years back if this digital India initiative has not been taken. Though there are difficulties faced by rural people but its not permanent. By the time this will also be solved as our country moves towards digitialization.

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Anushree Mundhada said: (Sep 3, 2020)  
DIGITALIZATION a dream of our honourable P.M.Modi. This was put a long time back. Peeping into past true digitalization started under the era of Rajiv Gandhi who had pioneered and introduced computer and began this tech era.

But we are lagging so far, it has been almost 50 years still we are dragging for digital India.

A question arises will it ever become possible in a country like India. As every coin has two sides the challenge also had. In this pandemic, all of us have undergone multiple difficulties but somewhere it has been reduced. And credit goes to step towards Digital India. We have been able to recognize the deeds done by our doctors, nurses, police officers, cleanliness workers. All have done their part extraordinarily in this critical situation.

During this time also student are able to continue their studies undoubtedly they might have to face some issue but it has been lessened due to this. Our learning system has transformed completely and including both teacher and students become adaptive. If digitalization were not there education system will be at a halt for an indefinite time. Being optimistic COVID 19 has opened various opportunities to learn at home, work from home and all this is performed only because many of us are becoming techno-savvy. Still, it required some more time to reach at rural area but definitely it will be possible soon.

All our belief has been revolutionized we are not waiting for things when will will as usual.

We have started and learned from this difficulties also that stay going.

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Bhavya Jindal said: (Sep 1, 2020)  
I feel that the dream of making a country like India a digital one is much far away than our worthy Prime Minister think since everybody is not ready to accept things digitally. We all know that most of India's population is living in rural areas so they don't have access to basic amenities like internet, computers etc. So there will be a problem of implementing things. Moreover, those who reside in urban areas are also affected and inflicted. To prove this stance, I can take a recent example of colleges where most of the teachers didn't even bother to teach students online during this pandemic and students also didn't have resources. To appear for exams as well, there were some problems which students faced while uploading answer sheets and downloading question papers.

So in nutshell, India is far way behind to achieve the dream of Digital India and it will take to time to make a change.

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Sudhir Arya said: (Sep 1, 2020)  
The fact about Digitalization or digital India is still a dream for many in the country. The government has declared digitalisation but where is the proper infrastructure for that. In this period of the pandemic when each and everyone is struggling and relying on online education only, there are many who are still struggling for getting proper connectivity for attending their online classes without any interruption.

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Ayushi said: (Sep 1, 2020)  
Digital India is a dream for our honorable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi. As the coin has two sides similarly everything has its merits and demerits. Digitalization has been benefiting us in many sectors in this pandemic. The sectors like Banking Transactions, Food deliveries, Online Study, Work from home and so many ways. Imagine this pandemic 10 years back, it seems that it would be uneasy and tough for us to survive without these facilities. We have the data about the viruses, its effects on the human body, and its medicines of earlier pandemic situations like Malaria, Swinflu, HIV, etc. We are using these data to find out the medicine for COVID-19. This is only possible with the help of developing technologies and the digital world. Many vaccines like Gam-COVID that is given by Russia for 1/2 phase COVID cases is one of the best example and hopefully we will be able to find out a proper vaccine very soon. Till then we can work and getting food deliveries in one call, we can talk to our family and friend this is such a boon for all of us. The demerits are only because of misuse of the data and technology and this is just because of some of the greedy people who want to get benefitted illegally in a criminal way. Piracy, Conspiracy, Hacking accounts, Cheating are such issues that need to be worked upon by developing some more strong technologies, and security should be provided to our data.

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Mustaf said: (Sep 1, 2020)  
Everyone has their own valid points. I would like to add digital India is growing tremendously in this pandemic situation. For example, in this lockdown many people got benefited through online classes, work from home, network marketing, etc. This shows India is achieving digitalization in a very short interval of time. Though there are some cons like cheating, malpractice, online phishing has been increased I believe everything will get well soon through more security features in future.

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Preet said: (Aug 29, 2020)  
I think, all you had made give points but I'd also like to add digital India word is just like a buzzword in these days and like everyone said it had replaced manual work now people become more aware regarding technology and student also took initiative to learn more and even many companies come with such technology that student can learn and clear their textbook concept with some gaming app or by visual learning like Byju's or lido learning app and many other apps are doing.

On the other side in today scenario many startups in education field are uprising their carrier and recently the government had also made changes in its policy (National Education Policy) in which student from 6th standard will be able to learn the coding so that student is Whitehat jr like companies provide online coding courses so that student can become aware regarding technology environment concept.

So, like in this way, I think Digital India is the great concept for all the age group person.

Thank you!

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Sagar Soni said: (Aug 28, 2020)  
According to my point of view, Digitization has made a huge impact in today's condition (especially during this pandemic).

First, let me talk about its pros:

Taking the example of this pandemic conditions, Businesses have learned a lot and adapted according to their need using different platforms eg. You all can see how many businesses have come online and showcased themselves to full-fill customer needs such as groceries shops, medical services, vegetable and fruits etc.

Now let's Talk about its cons:

Adapting digitization is not possible for everyone as it requires proper education and other factors, for an example, we know that owner's of laundry shops, people who depend on their they are not educated, as a result, they get lost in the market.

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Nisha Agarwal said: (Aug 27, 2020)  
Hello everyone, according to my point of view, like a coin has both sides in the same manner everything thing has both merit and demerit. Now talking about digital India, first of all in this point of the stage we just can't imagine our lives without digitalization. In this pandemic situation, the new emerging technologies have helped a lot in many sectors. Studies are not getting hampered (has not come to complete halt) to some extent because of this, imagining ourselves 10 years back with such pandemic makes us feel so uneasy and discomfort. We could spend our time months after months seating at home just by using social media platforms with is a gift of this digitalization. This digitalization has helped a lot in banking, travelling food, grocery and just everywhere. It is hard to find any such place where you don't find them so there is no point of benefitting a few, it is a boon for all Indian citizens from a farmer to a doctor or astronauts.

But as said earlier everything is accompanied with its demerit too. Because of this digitalization piracy, conspiracy, malpractice, and cheating have extended to great heights which are a great cause of worry.

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Amol said: (Aug 26, 2020)  
Digital India has been the dream of our esteemed Prime minister and businessmen, whose reachability and importance has increased to a large extent amidst this pandemic, where people are more engrossed towards cashless payments. The idea of Digital India will benefit all the sections of society. If we talk about rural areas, the benefits will be primarily seen for education, since the availability of smartphones and good internet connection will help the children to grab opportunities which they usually loosed. The online presence of small scale businesses in these areas will also be increased which helps them to advertise and expand their businesses as well. Digital processes also benefit the urban people by reducing the time spent in various activities and increasing the efficiency of people in urban areas. Since the digital India idea is in its developing stage, it also increases the demand for tech people and creates a large number of opportunities as well. The current idea of Jio's 5G implementation has raised jobs for more than 50000 people in the country.

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Shitiz Kumar said: (Aug 25, 2020)  
Hellow guys.

According to me, digitalization is the best way to promote development, because it helps to the banking sector, education, service sector, agriculture. Etc thats all. And this most useful to control black money, while digital India is a great initiative to the world and benificial.

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Rupesh Kumar said: (Aug 23, 2020)  
Hello everyone,

As my point of view digital India programme is;

Providing help to citizens of India in different forms.

I know as a postman by this the people getting profits of government schemes directly without any irrelevant interpretation.



Business activities also can be controlled by businessman and there will be fairer between govt and business activities.

By the DIGITALIZATION of India post now people are using doorstep banking.

And online marketing & purchasing is now increasing quickly.

Online courts are getting quick access to cases.

Moreover, it is most helpful to saving time and distance of human life.

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Aerogi said: (Aug 23, 2020)  
I think it will be befitting to look at digitalization from the perspectives of the different demographic groups of the nation. Primarily these constitute the children, the youth and working class, and the senior citizens. For the children, digitalization has had a significant role in opening doors for unrestrained information. This has a revolution in terms of education, post-pandemic times. While the education system still continued to run on the traditional chalk-talk-exam pedagogy, the pandemic has forced the educators to look at it from a different perspective. Since information is now at the tip of your fingers, examinations that test one's memory either need to adopt a different approach or consider getting scraped. Hence exam pedagogies are now evolving to test children on other aspects such as comprehension, creativity, research and critical thinking which previously remained under the hood. Digitalization has also enabled learners to set their learning curves as per their needs-some require steep ones while some others require a gradual growth. Websites like Coursera and EdX have also opened courses free of cost, giving access to varied topics of learning to everyone in the world with the internet. Such globalization of learning, though in existence previously, has risen to the limelight especially during the times of the pandemic. Consider other aspects of a child's life, everything from entertainment to education is now encapsulated with the internet and a device to access it. Hence it becomes the world for him/her.

Coming to the working class, digitalization has enabled them to live a hassle-free, tailored-to-comfort flexible work-from-home life cutting costs and time of travel. It has also opened a degree of flexibility to work reducing stress to a large extent. Breaking for lunch after a morning's work is now common in households for people working from home. Clearly people can spend much more time with their families and live a more wholesome life. Digitalization has also enabled certain industries to run despite the pandemic which is an important aspect considering the declining job market.

For the senior class, digitalization has had little impact considering their difficulty to adapt to the new technology. Nonetheless, a certain portion are comfortable with smartphones and the internet. Inevitably they seem to encounter some complication or a problem that needs the assistance of the younger generations to get their experience going smoothly with tech. However, they are now able to communicate with their children long-distance and still stay connected. They are able to better monitor health once they know how to use resources online.

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Aditya Ardak said: (Aug 21, 2020)  
So, we have been given a topic 'digital India: whom does it benefit'. I would like to start with.

The benefits we the higher, middle- and lower-class people get and will be concluding the topic with.

Befitting solutions to the problems which will be discussed later.

Whom does it benefit:.

* Digitalization era has upgraded education system. Education is available on the internet.
* Every person is able to use online services like banking, mails, long distance contacts via.
Internet calling etc.
* Students are able to use various tools in education industry.
* Farmers can now avail data resources for climatic change.
* To Cashless transformation from cash exchange has reduced contacts.
* Hotels, hospitals, airports etc. Management has reduced cost of human resource for Managing.
* Security issues are reduced due to digital optimization.
* Data science field are mining digital data for building ML models and predictors.
* Railways has automized systems for customers and employees.

Whom it doesn't benefit:.

*People keen interested in modernization.
* Aged people who aren't able to use digital resources.
* Less developed areas like villages or forest areas where people are less known about Modernization.
*Disabled people.
* Corrupt people who tends to solve problems with cash give and take.

Solution to the problems:.

* Implementation of digitalization notices and its uses by the government.
*Upgradation of technology in banking sectors and money withdrawal utilities.
* User friendly technology for disables which compromises their need with digital techonologies.


So, we have discussed about how digitalization has bounded us and how it has benefitted us. Also, we have seen how few groups of people are unaware or don't know use of it and Have searched for solutions to their problems.

Thank you!

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Yukti said: (Aug 20, 2020)  
Digital India is a successful step towards the growth of our country. Digitalization has made our lives easy and comfortable. It has increased the connectivity among the people. Nowadays, we can transfer money using different mobile applications. Nowadays, many government services are done digitaly. Digital India is providing a lot of job opportunities. Applicants can apply for their desired job position through the internet on different job portals. Digitalization has not reached to the remote areas of our country and many people are still not aware of it. Therefore, government should plan a scheme where people can know about the digitalization of our country and they can use it.

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Jasmeen said: (Aug 17, 2020)  
My point of view, digital India is that it can benefit the youth for employment and provide opportunities to the people who are capable. But before that, we need to create awareness among the people especially in villages they don't have the idea of many digital gadgets. It is necessary to educate people first and then think about digitalizing India.

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Bharathi said: (Aug 14, 2020)  
Hi everyone. Hope you are all safe.

Let's get into the topic. Digitalization is very important for a growing country like India. It's absolutely necessary. Because it makes things easier. Like we can easily shop, banking transactions, educate ourself using some learning platforms. All are good. Now government moved lots of their services into digital. But at the same time, do all the people in our country know or get these services. Absolutely not. India is a country with lots of youngsters I accept that. But in villages, lots of people are still using ordinary mobile phones and don't even know what digital is? For applying simple documents or certificates.

The people who know these technologies are just looting their money a lot. I have seen so many incidents like this. Atm which is a boon for many people. But the person who doesn't know about that, how can they access that. That person has to come to the bank for taking even Rs.500 and as usual, the bank employees don't give so much concern for Rs.500. They always say that couldn't you take that in ATM. So what I want to convey is, before getting completely digitalized, the government must teach our people and create awareness about it by placing helping centres all over the country, which can be available in their own mother tongue.

If we did that, then it would create a drastic change in our country. It is just a piece of my opinion.

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Aksha Bajpai said: (Aug 12, 2020)  
Greetings to all.

Digital India is boon for the country. India becomes the second country with the maximum number of internet users. It's benefitting the entire nation. There are always exceptions but more or less it's a blessing. It facilitates with various easy applications. India is going cashless helping people to prevent the spread of COVID-19. The Internet has become necessary with the spread of the virus COVID-19. It reduces physical contact. It's helping people to work from home during this pandemic. Digitalization in India is an advantage to the following categories of people:.

I) Farmers: They learn better ways of growing crops and know the market rate of grains. They save themselves from getting fooled by tradesmen.

II) Teachers and Students: They are giving and getting education online which makes it easier and saves time of traveling. Teachers and students are getting time to spend time with their families.

III) Corporate world: Digitalization has made holding meetings easier using group video call platforms and again work-from-home feature, makes them spend time with families.

IV) Celebrities: For the first time in their life, they are getting to know and spend time with their families, celebrating festivals with a free mind and giving time to their children fully.

V) Toll tax department: NHAI introduced 'fastag' which reduces physical contact while paying the road tax and saves time.

VI) Shoppers and Sellers Online: Pandemic came with a vast increase in sales of online shopping which helped the economy in some way.

VII) Housewives: They are getting a chance to learn and do courses.

Everything has it's bad side so as digitalization. Digital India has got the following disadvantages:.

I) Reduced Face-to-Face-meet: People are not able to share their feelings and getting depressed since everything is going online.

II) Students Learning process: Students are not able to concentrate for long since it affects eyes and Online they are getting just bookish knowledge whereas going to school, they learned practical skills.

III) Health Problems: People sitting at homes in front of laptops are developing fat and becoming hefty. Children are more interested in video games and not preferring physical games.

IV) Radiation: People are getting exposed to a lot of radiation released my phones and laptops.

V) Online Education: Students are free to not pay attention since online nobody can beat them. So, some of the students are taking advantage of it by sleeping during online classes but pretending to be there.

So overall we see that it's 2020, the world is becoming better in terms of technology which will obviously have some health-related cons. We can happily ignore such disadvantages by regulating the use and appreciating the ease which the technology is creating. We must thank the scientists and engineers who develop such beautiful devices which make our lives easy.

Thank you all.

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Alpha Rajeswari said: (Aug 9, 2020)  
In COVID pandemic situations, Digital technology becomes a medium to communicate with each other. It is not only for the regional, national but also for international levels.

It plays a vital role to implement the social distance strategy among the people. So there is introduced a "work in-home" concept where all are doing there work through digital technology. Students are getting education through the online system. It helps the government to create and spread awareness about Covid-19 disease among the people.

But there also exist those work which is not possible through digital technology.

The manufacturing industries like:

Chemicals and plastic,
Food production,
Metal manufacturing,
Wood, leather, there is required to doing physical work. For that reason, lots of Labour, migrant workers are jobless.

So it depends on the profession, levels of work, it is benefit or obstacle for you.

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Pankaj said: (Aug 9, 2020)  

Digital means Getting the work done in terms of electronically. Digitalization plays a vital role in the development of developing countries like our country India. Involving all the work through Digitalization will impact our country in a better way if we adopt the technology in the right way.


* Money Transfer- Without Digitalization you have to carry a large amount of money in your hands in the fear of theft but when through digitalization your money would be in safe hands. And even You can transfer your money in merely 1 sec to any of your relatives.

* Education- With the impact of COVID-19, Students don't want to step out from their home to get to school colleges. But through Digitalization Handling Education becomes much easier as there will no need for any paperwork and even in bad weather.

* Meeting: Through Digitalization We Can meet our relatives at any time without thinking about the distance between them.

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Praveen said: (Aug 6, 2020)  
Digitalization looks pretty good for easy transactions. If you have an account in a bank if you are using mobile banking then you don't need to have a wallet for small transactions. Get a code from the vendor to finish the transaction with minimal seconds. This system is really useful for small business vendors hence providing the changes back.

We face a few disadvantages also. We can't see this system such as sky scrapping. It's depending Some sources instance as Mobile, internet, Bank Account, and server issues.

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Deepanshu Garg said: (Aug 5, 2020)  
Hello everyone,

I hope you all are doing better in this pandemic situation.

As, we are discussing about the digital India so, in my opinion, digitalization is one the most important thing in the current time. We require digitilization in each and every field from farming to the manufaturing of goods. Even in the present India is sharply taking steps toward digitalization.

But, There are some barriers as well i.e., the digital robbery. Digial robbery can be done easily in comparison of physical robbery by hackers if there will not proper security for our account. So, we require a proper planning to start digialization in any area. And then surely we will get a proper output whatever we require.

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Ritikpatra said: (Aug 5, 2020)  
Thanks for giving me the opportunity to share my views about digitalization.

According to my point of view, digitalization is a better decision for the development of our developing country. Many people are aware of digitalization and they also think that digitalization is only for those who work in big organization and they also think that the process to use digitalization can't be afforded but the process of digitalization is affordable for a farmer to a big organization. Digitalization helps us in many ways like our students can read through online classes and people complete their work from home.

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Sai said: (Aug 4, 2020)  
According to my opinion, digital India can help India to develop quickly, as well as it creates jobs that will help many people from jobless.

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Vikas Rajbhar said: (Aug 1, 2020)  
Hello everyone!

Digital India is one of the most important role play in eveyone life. Without digitaliztion can't possible doing developing a country. The most valuable benefit for using in digitaliztion to using a softwere industry in these genration developing a online Softwere and manitaning the banking server. One most important thing you can visit online shopping and buy anything without going anywhere. In this sistution, in lockdown period most of the teaches are using online platform to teaches a students. Only 20 precent people are not aware that digitaliztion technique. In those day they are not using 4g phone. Nowaday we are all taking more of benefit in digitalization.

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Zishan said: (Jul 31, 2020)  
Well, In my opinion, I believe Digital India is an important campaign for a developing country like India but the implementation can be done in better way as most of the population are not used to technology and it gets tough for them to cope up with others. Such people then approach local people with tech knowledge and pay them to get their work done, hence it should be implemented in a way that everyone is able to benefit from it.

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Gaurav Tiwari said: (Jul 31, 2020)  
Thank you for giving me an opportunity to say something about Digital.

It is really a major concern to think about during the current scenario that whom does it benefit.

Well, in my opinion, it is a benefit to everyone starting from farming to big organization. Also if we are considering this pandemic situation digital help us to maintain social distancing and doing our work continuously without stoppage like for student online classes are running and for jobs people, they are doing their work from home.

If we are seeing for the future, it also helps a lot, if we are looking from stat the developed countries are mostly relying on Digital platform. So it's better for our country to focus on Digital sector seriously.

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Reshma M said: (Jul 30, 2020)  
Digital India has many advantages.

For Students who are studying online and are working work from home.

In this pandemic,Digital India is playing a very important role in everyone's life, all the summits and inauguration are done virtually.

We can connect to friends and family staying far away from us through a video call.

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Surbhi Singh said: (Jul 29, 2020)  
Digital simply means conversing offline to online. It has enormous benefit to each and every sector. The initiative was taken by our PM in 2015. India is a developing country it has to change its mode of work to have global recognization. It is benefited to students as now in this pandemic they did not have to go to school and study, they can do that by online study. The professional of a different organization can work easily by work from home. It eases our daily life work that one didn't have to go anywhere they can easily do it by their smartphone in just one click, less consuming time, they don't have to wait for their chance in the queue any more. Due to this digitalization people have some more time to spend with family. It also reduces the paperwork which will helpful for the environment. But we are also aware that everything has advantage and disadvantage. It also lacks somewhere like in villages they are unaware of the internet and even they have to face speed problem because their internet connection is not that good. Also, the hacker is present there to steal our personal information if any individual by mistake clicks on the wrong website. Most of us are not capable to buy a smartphone and do recharge. So this comes as a drawback at another side. So the government must look after these so that all people should of India be benefitted by it.

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Maheba said: (Jul 29, 2020)  
It helps to develop our country and it saves time. It helps reduce the corruption.

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Priya said: (Jul 26, 2020)  
Hello Everyone.

Let's first discuss what does this word digital states for Digital which means signal every this which is everywhere but can't be touch, all the things transferred through wireless signals from one place to another.

On India being digital helps each and everyone to live their life how:

1. Aspects from marketing: digitally transactions of money help the companies to grow more and the through internet those people who are busy in their office can easily buy the things from just one click.

2. Aspects of communication: those family members those relative whom we haven't met for years can easily be connected through various applications.

3. From the economy : As this growing world digitally means you need not to invest much while doing the world the thing which you have to invest is the talent or the skills you have and you can earn handsome amount of money from this as well therefore if a member of the country can live their life easily means that country is doing well in order to improve its economy.

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Gitesh said: (Jul 25, 2020)  
First of I want to thank you for providing me this topic for discussion.

This topic is not smaller it's to much larger than we are thinking.

If we are starting from the village area that farmers get benefits.


They will get good technology. Technical support. Good seed. Perfect price, Small and big business.

Now it's easy to develop your business if you enough digitisation for students.

They will get proper knowledge from the proper side.

Government getting more benefit in this, they are able to create an easy, clean and faster record in perfect and properly.

Women can also get benefits like she will do a job from home learning something new.

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Usha said: (Jul 25, 2020)  
Hello everyone,

Today we are going to discuss topic Digital India: whom does it benefit?

First of all, digital means doing online most of the activities of our daily life.

It avoids wastage of time, any time anywhere we can pay bills of our household, we can transfer money to any country/location according to our wish within minutes.

It avoids wastage of paper, many kinds of form we can fill online even we can submit our documents online, we can read newspaper online, companies can give online advertisement, students can give online exams etc. Eventually, it will reduce deforestation which is good for us.

Especially in a pandemic situation, as per government instructions we have to stay home for avoiding infection. We can use digital platforms for billing, ordering groceries, online learning for students, many employees are doing work from home, OTG media for entertainment etc.

Digital' platforms are really helpful in this situation we can stay home safely without worrying about a daily job.

Everything has some disadvantages such as:

Uneducated people are unable to use digital platforms.
Black hat people can steal money by hacking our account digitally etc.


As per this situation, digital India is beneficial to all of us. We just have to increase our knowledge about it as well help those who are facing problem during using it.

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Mari said: (Jul 24, 2020)  
Hi everyone.

The topic which is going to discuss is digital India: whom does it benefit?

In my point of view, it is most friendly for educated people. By this, we can do all our transactions online. By this, we can avoid standing in a queue to fulfil our needs and also we can save our time. In this pandemic situation, digital India plays a vital role. Online education, ordering food online which is possible only by digitalization. In 2015 which is implemented by our honourable prime minister Narendra Modi. In the next 5 next which will play an important role in our life.

And also we have some of the disadvantages too. It is not applicable for uneducated people. It is hard to understand. In villages, there is no stable internet connection. Most of them don't have smartphones too.


Our government should take action to reach befits of digitalization to the village people. I wish at least in our next generation itself get rid of it.

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Rajat Jain said: (Jul 24, 2020)  
First, let's understand what is Digital India. Digital means conversing of many offline things to online and doing many paperwork, monetary transactions etc. over the internet or through the internet". So India was far behind in the race of Digitalization and we were lacking & backward too in various things. But now this is the dream of our honourable PM Mr Narendra Modi to make India a digital India. This campaign was started in the year 2015.

But there are some pro and cons to this project.

1. It will facilitate most of the offline paperwork.
2. It will reduce the time of the workers as well as of the public.
3. No need to stand in a long queue and wait for hours to make bill payments.
4. It helps us to make payment in an easier way. No need to carry hard money and plastic money, no need to carry chiller to buy anything.
5. Digital payment helps us to carry a big amount without any fear of theft. Our money is always safe and secured on the form of soft money.
6. We can always be in touch with our far located relatives.
7. We can send money from one place to any place within seconds by using our mobile phone.
8. It's also saving the trees as lesser the paperwork will be in education, in government offices or on other sectors, lesser will be the deforestation.
9. During Covid-19 period, digital India is playing a crucial role in many ways like online study, online shopping, online transaction, online marriages function etc. When people are not allowed to step out of the home, most of the people are working from home because of this Digitalization.
10. Uneducated people can also get their work done through others.
11. Today smartphones are also not so expensive. most of people can afford it.
12. It will help India to get the recognition on a global platform.
13. Digital India would also attract many foreign companies to invest in India.

1. Uneducated can't use the digital mode.
2. Most of the people can't afford the smartphones and net recharge too.
3. Govt. need to aware people to use the digital model and its benefits.
4. In Digital transactions, there are always High chances of fraud.
5. Many black hat Hackers are there to steal any sensitive information.
6. it will affect employment as Digitalization will reduce the workforce.
7. Sometimes people do face the net speed issues, server issues.


Digital India can be proved as a blessing for the country if adopted and executed in a proper way. It would benefit to the large population of India.

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Runa said: (Jul 24, 2020)  
Digital India is a great initiative by the Indian government. Digital India helps people in saving their precious time. Especially during this pandemic where we all are instructed to stay home and stay safe, we can make use of this digital India to the most. We can stay at home and can make online payments it may be our bills, yaa online shopping of our basic necessities like groceries. We can order an online maximum of our basic needs just by staying at home. This will help us easily in social distancing and we can make ourself safer. By digital India, we are able to go cashless which protect us from carrying a large amount of cash with us and even help us in saving our time and play anytime and anywhere we want to.


1. Saves time.
2. Go Cashless.
3. Get things by sitting anywhere in the world.


1. Phone yaa laptop is required.
2. Internet is must.
3. Wrong transactions are a loss for us.

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Vamsikrishna said: (Jul 23, 2020)  
Online payments help ppl not to worry about how much about we should take for shopping, helps ppl to count the amount they are having or the amount they have spent very easily. No need to worry about having change for buying items at local stores. We can pay money to any vendor or customers staying at home. No need to stand in a long queue at ATMs or spending a lot of time at banks for filling protracted sheets.

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Jatin said: (Jul 23, 2020)  
Digital INDIA campaign was launched by government of INDIA in 2015.

Whom does it benefits? This campaign benefits most of the people of the country itself. This concept was just followed by the launch of JIO-4G network which proved synergistic and helped the people of INDIA to access the fast internet facilities at a cheap rate. I can remember long queues in banks for transactions, in cinema halls for tickets, for water and electricity bills which have been reduced to an extent now. Though these things could be done online also i.e. before the launch of this campaign but government of INDIA motivated and inspired people of INDIA to believe in online transactions. This led to a vast change in INDIAN society, people of almost every age group were curious about doing things online. Utmost, the young generation, people engaged and employed in things that included computer and technology are benefited.

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Sai Maradala said: (Jul 22, 2020)  
Every Payment through an online, good idea from India Government.

From now onwards we will start using online payments.

Benefits are:

1) Mostly work will be reduced,
2) Transactions will be fast and.
3) Banks gives cashback offers.


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Vishal said: (Jul 20, 2020)  
Digital India means anything which we doing offline now in in a form of online we connected to the internet world and we get various of things like we can do transaction learn through internet many games are.

The benefit of digital India gets the person who use it smartly it is good for all above when we know more about this instead of is its most disadvantage day use unwanted things on internet which takes lot of time lost so the benefit is only for who use it wisely.

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Rohan said: (Jul 19, 2020)  
Digital India as an initiative lead by our honourable PM Shri Narendra Modi so that every person in our country will be able to use the internet. In digital India, peoples do every kind of work on digital platform. Everybody will get benefit from this initiative. Today's world peoples get every detail about small things on the internet. Peoples will get benefit by using digital software for ex. " If a person does not have cash for the payment then a substitute option for this will be online payments which only possible through digital platforms".

Some of the benefits under the digital India initiative are as follows:.

1. Make online payments, Get Cashbacks on every payment, Get detailed view on every transaction made in past and present.

2. Under Digital India student get the most benefit from any others they prepare for any exam by accessing soft copies present on the internet.

3. we keep ourself fit by seeing fitness videos on the internet.

4. Rural areas people get to know about benefits of how they do good farming.

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Aman Thakur said: (Jul 18, 2020)  
'Digital India' helps us in many ways, such as online payments, online education, online shopping, etc.

Today, internet becomes an important part of our lives, it saves our times in many situations, today, we don't have to wait for hours in the queue to get our works done in the banks and other organisations, we just pick our phones, and get the work done in minutes. We don't have to go to the market or restaurants to get foods and other stuff, we just have to do is pick our phones and place an order.

But for making our lives digital, it is necessary to have a computer device in our hands, which isn't affordable by the poor section of the society.

Also, there are some disadvantages of the Digital world:

-Peoples with less knowledge about the internet can be a victim of internet frauds.

-Nowadays peoples become totally depended on internet, which directly or indirectly affects the employment rate.

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Amrutha Jose said: (Jul 16, 2020)  
Digital India is an important initiative of government of India. Main benefits of digital India are following.

- Facilitates online education.
-Helps payment of bills through online.
-Convert bank transactions into the digital platform.
-Aids online shopping.
-Another big leap in digital India is Reliance Jio 5G project, which is completely made in India.
-Digital India will help India's comprehensive development.

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Pdw said: (Jul 16, 2020)  
Hi everyone.

I would like to express my thought about 'Digital India'. Digital India is making it beneficial to us. Nowadays we can not survive in this world. We can save our valued time by using the internet such as online shopping, online payment etc.

We can learn whatever do we want to learn by using the internet. Now this pandemic crises, students learn online also people can work at home because of only one internet.

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Praveen R said: (Jul 16, 2020)  
In my opinion, digital India is making beneficial to us whenever our India is digital it's saved our time like COVID 19 critical situation. A lot of employees do work from home students can learn our studies by laptop, mobile, tablet etc. It gives much more information to the farmer to make her farm better. Avoid paperwork lots of information are available on our mobile. Digital India improves our knowledge. A handicapped person can take better benefits through digital India.

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Bablu Rana said: (Jul 15, 2020)  
Hello, I am Bablu Rana.

Digital India benefits everyone either directly or indirectly. Those who are aware of computer knowledge can access internet easily and those who are not can enjoy the benefits by others. Digital India makes life easier.

It has the following benefits :.

1) It helps in online education.

Many students are able to study from home or anywhere because of digital India. Those who can't be offered offline coaching because of high price, able to study just because of digital India.

2) Digital India helps in an online transaction.

We don't have to stand in a queue in a bank for long. Ultimately it saves our time.

3) We can order anything like food and other stuff online.

4) It gets closer friends and relatives who are far away.

Despite it has so many benefits it has many consequences as well.

People are facing cyberbullying, security concern and many other problems. Lots of youths are wasting there time on video games so parents must be careful about it.

Lastly, it depends on us how we use it. It will give fruitful results if we use it in a better way and can destroy us if we used it in the wrong way.

We can't move high without internet. In this digital world we have to go with it.

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Aastha Pandey said: (Jul 14, 2020)  
Digital India is only benefited to Educated people. For uneducated people, it is a useless thing. Because Digital India means creating everything in an online way. And uneducated people don't have a knowledge of digitization.

And also it is useless for poor people who can't buy expensive mobile phones or any laptop to make their lives digital.

Because digital includes online transactions, online bookings, online ordering food, online recharge, and etc. Which also reducing employment. To make them digital government should spread awareness of how to access everything to uneducated or poor people, they should give free education for digitization to poor children, the government should give enough employment to the needy so they can make their lives digital If our prime minister really wants to make India digital.

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Saradha G said: (Jul 12, 2020)  
Hello, I am Saradha.

Digital India is a campaign which was organised with the motive of making digital technologies be easily available to every part of the country. In this era, each day we have at-least stepped inch higher in digitizing things, so, it's important we make people aware of this. It has a huge impact on almost every sector, to name a few, agriculture, health, finance, education. In my opinion, it's an absolute time-saver and maintains transparency by avoiding third person involvement. That makes it more secure, reliable and hassle-free. It's also a great venture to connect with the world and keep bettering things holistically.

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Saloni Sinha said: (Jul 9, 2020)  
Digital India is nothing new.

It's a way to switch the professional process (i.e banking, education, public interest or need, social welfare and many more) from pen & paper to online way. In terms of which the process became more reliable, faster, transparent and in travelling easier to carry all these stuff. As an initiative, it is started by our honourable prime minister Narendra Modi ji in 2015. Yet still, it is treated as an irrelevant process by most of the public.

But the digital process also increases the scopes of cyber crimes and unemployment.

So it's all about as that we want to turn this initiative, By adoption of this process, a great global positive change is waiting for India.

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Nikhil Lekhra said: (Jul 9, 2020)  

Digital India is the adoption of various technologies like computers and ICT in public interest activities like Banking, Offices, education, etc. , intented to make the system more efficient and transparent.


As opposed to the traditional pen and paper work, digital working is more efficient, faster, transparent and user oriented. Also the scope of its impact is wider than the traditional methods as the travelling costs, setup costs, etc. , are cut in the first place, and in the state of art technologies no human intervention is needed as technologies are becoming smarter day by day.


This digital transformation is a great change and as people are always reluctant with change, so this will also take some time to gain trust of people. More importantly, it is basically aimed at the people living in remote areas and places which have very less accessibility because most of the people who are living in towns and cities were still fine with the traditional methods as they had access to the facilities.


Education Sector - Students are the one's who are getting benefited the most. Gone are the times when you needed to go to USA/UK to study cutting edge technologies. Everything can be accessed just from anywhere.

Banking sector : No need to go to bank for money transfer or EMI payment or even taking Loans.

Agricultural sector: Farmers can directly connect with e-commerce companies and their stocks can be sold at a much higher price than earlier.

Social Media: Connect anywhere in the world, learn something from them and make friends.

There are many other impacts of DIGITALISATION:

Challenges and some solutions:

1. Internet Facility is not available everywhere, only around 40 per cent of people in India use the Internet.

Solution: before DIGITALISATION, there should be a discussion on how can we make internet available throughout India at an affordable price plus how less costly mobile phones or dedicated devices can be made, because, without it, the process is just a fake concept.

2. Trust: Indians still don't trust online sources for many reasons such as Fraud, etc.

Solution: The main problem is Digital Intelligence, people don't know which sites to open so that their data is safe and secure. This is prevalent mostly in Teenagers and the old generation. Timely online or offline digital Intelligence programmes which make people aware of the internet, its potential threats and security issues should be there. Otherwise, a digital attack (cyber attack) is just as easy as it could be on a digitally illiterate population.

Thank you.

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Sridevi said: (Jul 8, 2020)  

Digital India.

Launched by the Government of India on July 1, 2015, the initiative aims to connect citizens through electronic means and improve online infrastructure, internet connectivity and empower people digitally in the field of technology.

According to country digital adoption index, India is the second-fastest digital adopter among 17 major digital economies.

Sectors benefited are:

First are core digital sectors, such as IT-BPM, digital communications, and electronics manufacturing. Second are newly digitizing sectors such as financial services, agriculture, healthcare, logistics, and manufacturing, which are not traditionally considered part of India\'s digital economy but have the potential to rapidly adopt new technologies. Third are government services and labour markets, which can use digital technologies in new ways to make their work easier and accountable.

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Swarali Jagtap said: (Jul 8, 2020)  
Hello. I'm Swarali.

Considering all of the thoughts related to digital India. It really plays a crucial role to provide Indians a satisfactory as well as a desire lifestyle. All the citizens can have the benefits of it. By making life easier and smooth with AI, ML & DL. We humans must have to use technology efficiently and take care of not to surrender or succumb technology.

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K Nandini said: (Jul 6, 2020)  
Hai everyone.

Myself Nandini

Digital India benefits: Nowadays we are totally giving more importance that is digital. Digital India is helped us growth the India economically and technically etc. Digital India program was launched by Narendra Modi on July 1 2015. There is a great opportunity for us. We are facing lot of problems before digitalization like banking, corruption, internet services, agriculture, online services, National and international news, like that.

Main features:

* Most of the services are available.
* To provide all government services digitally.
* These fill the gap between rural and urban by creating opportunities.
* Easily transactions the money.
* We easily remove the corruption.
* Digital India makes people more intelligent.
* In these pandemic time we gain that lot of knowledge because of digital India.
* The government easily expel the black money.

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Ankitkumar Kar said: (Jul 2, 2020)  
I am happy to share my thought on Digital India.

First of all, in this modern India digital India is the key to the development of our country and will made India as a superpower in the world.

Due to digital INDIA, we can save our time, the human error should be minimized.

For example.

1. In the banking sector, we should not stay for an hour in the queue for cash withdrawal. We can transfer money from home.
2. In health care due to digitalization testing can be done easily.
3. We can order grocery, food online from a different partner.
4. Most important people got a different kind of jobs and more.

As a coin has 2 different sides digital India has some cons like the threat of data privacy, crime, social disconnect.

So we are dealing with digital India good side to make India a global power.


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Abhiprem said: (Jun 30, 2020)  
Digital India is not a new concept we are on a path of it naturally after adopting LPG era. Just transcending in a structured way with proper raw materials, and the platform is required. Digital India is something that is benefiting every aspect of today's modern society without any biases (of course there is an exception and no hypothetical situation can be presumed).

Things become very complicated with huge geography and demography like India with different ranging per-capita capacity and ultimately somewhere posing some hindrances in terms of new project installation for better connectivity, digital literacy, affordable reach to every single unit of the remotest area etc. It majorly benefits geography and demography with a secondary level of existence and development (cities and two-tier cities). India has great potential to outrun any statistics or data. So, planning, execution and intent for greater cause ought to be the vision for deep digital penetration.

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Deepika Singh said: (Jun 30, 2020)  
According to me, digital India is a good sign to grow our country among the world with exploring and using these applications and technologies get its benefits and use while sitting at home. We can order at home whatever we want, we can get it at home by using mobile or can make digital payment. So there is more transparency between payee and receiver. While paying tax there is more clarity on using or spending and earning money. So it's really very good thing to use it in our day to day life.


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Heman Pk said: (Jun 27, 2020)  
In my point of view, it is a good improvement in the implementation of technology. As we know that technology is rapidly increasing in the coming days. But in this digital India, there are some requirements and questions to start up our country in a digital manner. So that the Uneducated citizens should get to know from the younger generations as they were well known about the technology. And also there is an issue such as electricity, Network, Displays, Localities etc. , And I conclude this is a great forward step to make our country updated.

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K Hemanth Raju said: (Jun 26, 2020)  
In my point of view,Digital India is one of the most familiar word in these days.


1) The people who are financially poor can learn new things using digitalisation like learning from IIT lectures, learning from online platforms, learning through youtube etc.

2) We can connecting each other everyday.

3) We are getting to know about the current situations happening around us.

4) It makes the people to be more intelligent.

5) If some pandemic situations like corona we can gain knowledge from home using digitalisation.

6) It makes bank related operations easy.

I) Before Digital india, We have seen the situation in banks like when we want to draw money we have to stand in the line for so many hours to collect the money and each time we have to go to ATM or bank which sometimes so far and sometimes we have seen situations like some ATMs don't have money. If someone wants money urgently they struggled so much to reach the ATMs having money.

Ii) Before Digital India, We are not able to know where are the nearby hospitals. If some person is being illhealth they have to go so far to the hospitals as they don't know exactly where are the hospitals. After Digital india, we are seeing the nearby hospitals in our smartphones. We can even get the medicines through online which is so better than going to medical shops.

Iii) Before digital india, if one of the family person go to some different country or state. We are not able to connect them, to talk with them. But After Digitalisation, we can able to see, speak with the person who are in different state or country using Video chat like Skype, Whatsapp Video Call, Google Duo.

Iv) We can even arrange group meetings through online like ZOOM, Google MEET.

V) We can book a bus or train or plane or bike using online apps like Abhibus, Uber.

Vi) we can order food online using Digitalisation apps like zomato, swiggy, dunzo.

7) Entertainment plays a mojor role in todays world. If some person has good talent. They can showcase their talent through online.

8) Many people became famous through online.

9) Nowadays we can get everything online.

Digital India is one of the biggest boost for growing country like India. It is always a boon. I can say that " A person with electronic device like phone or laptop with good internet can rule the world from one place".

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Ashutosh Srivastava said: (Jun 26, 2020)  
As we all know that the world is truly becoming a global village. Given the closely connected world that we are living in where a person is just a call away, it is necessary to make sure that digital India reaches every Indian. Following are the benefits of Digital India:

1) Even if you are living in the remotest area of the country if internet services are operational then you can learn from the experts teaching in prestigious institutes like IIT.

2) If you are running short of cash, then the digital wallet becomes handy. Also during the pandemic time where minimal contact is needed bills can be paid without exchanging notes by means of a digital wallet.

3) It doesn't matter if a person is illiterate, all that is needed is a will to learn. It's not rocket science!

4) It ensures transparency in governance because everything becomes available in the public domain if it's online and citizens get greater access to information as to where the taxpayer's money is utilized etc.

5) During the pandemic, work from home became a new norm so digitalization is a must to cope with the changing times.

So given the list of pros it can be safely said that digital India is must.

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Karishma Harchandani said: (Jun 24, 2020)  
Hello friends!

My name is Karishma, So the digital India is the most important topic nowadays and every topis has it's pros and cons. My point of view is different that everyone is saying that illeteracy is more in India. But how to resolve this illerteracy. If we cannot have the online applications or online transaction application how we grow ourselves or how we grow India. If we can't use then how our new generation will using all these things soo, every application or every thing have its pros and cons but we can't stop to use it. And yes, if we (educated people) thinks to cons of digital India how we expect to use unejucated people such things. And offcourse it is beneficial to all of them especially in this pandemic situation.

Thank you.

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Aaqs said: (Jun 20, 2020)  
Hi, friends;

You know there are pros and cons to any subject.

Pros :
1) It takes less time.
(Eg. We can transact anytime and anywhere, etc. )
2) Will help prevent corruption.
3) Transparency will be created in all sectors.
4) Anyone can learn anytime and anywhere.
5) CASHLESS ( You can save paper.).
6) Connectivity.
7) Expand your business.
8) Handle your bank account easily.
9) Fill up any of your forms.
10) In this COVID-19 situation worker working from home.
11) Etc.

Cons :
1) Network Issues.
2) How uneducated people will use it.
3) Security of public data.
4) Rate of Mobile phones and data packs.
5) Etc.

Youth should play an important role in the development of this concept.
Thank you.

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Khushi said: (Jun 20, 2020)  
In my point of view, Digital India is a great platform for all the people. People can go cashless anywhere and during this pandemic, it's the best possible way to transfer cash or do any transaction. Not only payment transfer but also educationally and informally we could learn so much from our home.

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Saraban Tahura said: (Jun 20, 2020)  
Hello friends,

My name is Saraban Tahura and today is the topic is Digital India🇮🇳.

As we all know, digital India is very beneficial to us. Nowadays we can easily transfer money from anywhere to anyone, also we can pay electric bill & recharge phone and recharge this TV & pay another bill also with the help of mobile phone in less time. So that it saves our time. But everything has positive side as well as negative side also. Many times we can face network issue when doing all these things. And other things is there are lot of people who don't know how to use digital platforms even mobile phone in proper way and make a payment. So we have to teach them how to use. Then we all can use digital application easily. So that digital India is very beneficial for us'.

Thank you.

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Shobhit Saxena said: (Jun 19, 2020)  
It's a very good concept to make our country best out of others. As normally fewer people carry money in pockets rather it's good to only use a mobile phone to pay money and doing all other things in a very easy way. As this is less time consuming and anyone can transfer money from anywhere to anyone account he/she wants to. We all know that everything has it's a positive point as well as negative points. To make India Digital, It's very important for everyone to know how to use this and for this everyone has any mobile phone to use all these applications. It gives benefit for all. Most important it's less time consuming, easy to transfer money from anywhere and many more.

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Divya said: (Jun 17, 2020)  
Digital India is a good idea because so many youngsters can use this concept wherever we go it works but we have to carry money also. But so many uneducated persons don't know how to use a mobile. If there any transactions placed and that time we have some network issues. So don't always depend on digital India concept.

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Harsh Pandey said: (Jun 17, 2020)  
The Idea behind launching Digital India is successful most probably, As it is a very good initiative launched by India. It is almost helpful to all people who know digitalization and some of them are also learning to make cashless transactions.

Seriously, it was launched to curb the corruption and really it is going good!

People can go anywhere without cash but just with their single phone, they can do transactions digitally. They can do shopping just sitting at their homes. And They can order food online. Etc etc.

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Rakshit Sah said: (Jun 17, 2020)  
From my point of view, digitalization of the country provides an opportunity for the youngster to be a self-dependent and allow them to explore the possibility in terms of technology.

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Shashi Prabha said: (Jun 16, 2020)  
Digital India is beneficial to our country in many ways like it helps in transferring money online which took less time as well as less complications and has security factor also. We can easily observe that in this pandemic time how helpful it is. But it has limitation as well that uneducated people are not aware of it, even if they are aware they don't know how to use it. So, in that case we cannot use this idea in effective way.

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Bawa said: (Jun 15, 2020)  
In my opinion, digital India benefits only the small area of the society mostly young ones. As we all know many people in India are illiterate and don't know how to use these digital platforms which leads to the online scams in our country.

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Sushant Kumar said: (Jun 15, 2020)  
As we all know, everything that evolves around has its own pros and cons. In my opinion, digitalization has helped a lot in curbing the corruption and solicit to ease off the burden of carrying paper cash when we go outside. It saves time and convenient too. Let me give an example, in our canteen once the canteen manager asked us not to do any online payments citing some fraudulent activities by some students. Later it was posted that he was doing it so that he could flank the tax. So, I think corruption can be uprooted in the ground level too. But the rural people, have to be exposed to such facilities through some awareness camps.

Necessary steps must be taken to eradicate the online scams happening throughout. In my opinion, it's a stepping stone and a head starts towards a new and developed motherland with some corrective measures.

Thank you.

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Deeksha Sharma said: (Jun 14, 2020)  
Digital India is a great initiative taken up by government. As it helps in each and every sector of society.

- Digitalization helps people to interact easily.
- As we can see during this pandemic situation, Digitalization is helping the government and society equally through different apps launched during this period.
- Digital payment also helps people to have a proper record of the money.
- easy payment.
- transparency in all govt work.
- easy learning helps students to learn anything anywhere anytime.

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Abhijit Bhatu said: (Jun 14, 2020)  
Hello Everyone.

My opinion on Digital India might be different from the others. As Everything has its own pros and cons. We are the new generation and We know how to use the technology we use it without any hustle and fluently than anyone else, For financial sector online payment and transactions are the benefits. For Students there are online learning platforms, For Industry employee there is work from the home thing in this COVID - 19 pandemics. So Every sector has its own benefits. But no one talks about the cons.

1) Data Breaching: Our data is the most valuable thing, but there is no up to the mark data security many of the digital industrial companies

2) Digital illiteracy: It is hard for a particular person who has not the knowledge of the digital world and it's benefits. He/she might know the benefits but doesn't know how to use it. So there may be government can take a step to literate the Fellow citizens.

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Guddu said: (Jun 14, 2020)  
Everything has its pros and cons. Yes, our country is getting digitalized and now we are more connected with all. It is extremely good but we can't ignore this fact that nowadays children are really stuck to the phone. That's not really good.

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Sandeep said: (Jun 9, 2020)  
The initiative of digitalization of our nation is a major step towards becoming a leading country in the present scenario. Transparency is increasing, gradual reduction of corruption and people are aware of technologies and so on but here one thing should be noted that is it going to be same? Because when we talk about this then a major part of people left behind as. Illiterate, many farmers, and no of person who are not capable to do so they don't know the use of digital economy, marketing etc. Concept of digital India should be launched years ago, it will help our overall nation to grow in the world.

It will help in controlling black money, the corruption that will surely improve our economic conditions.

It will also help the government to provide basic amenities to poor people directly which will again lead to a nation's growth.

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Arun Rai said: (Jun 8, 2020)  
In my opinion, everything has its own pros and cons, it is up to us how we embrace it. I think, concept of digital India is good because it will help every layer of society and to some extent it will help in curbing corruptions. Government has to just make people aware of benefit of digitization.

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Neeraj said: (Jun 3, 2020)  
In today's scenario digital plays a very important role in our daily life routine. As from digital everyone gets the benefit in some way. If we take today's condition such as Arogya setu app which is approved by the government to check the spread of pandemic. Hence it benefits both citizens and government to fight this situation. Everything is easily done through digital mode from medicine to tour. Even online classes for students is done through digital.

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Ezra said: (Jun 2, 2020)  
Well, I would advise you to have a tour of CG. Here, the 'Raman Sarkar' just when the Elections were due in 2019, distributed Micromax phones across the state in the name of Digital India and Sanchar Kranti Yojna. You may argue that it was done for digitalising lives, but even after all this, their efforts went in vain because all the rural families had no 'real' use of phones, the hands which were once busy in helping in chores were now playing PUBG in phones provided. It does sound funny and is hard to accept but you, me and the Country will get digitalised in the correct sense if we are ready and prepared enough to understand the good and bad facets of it. The Thing is: you would profit if you know how to make a profit. You would progress if you have a heartfelt desire of progressing.

Thank You.

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Abi said: (Jun 1, 2020)  
Actually, India is a developing country. Nowadays people are addicted to a digitalized lifestyle. In olden days people use letters and everything for connecting each other. But now through smartphones and internet people can connect each other from one country to another. And even from each and everything, people are depended on the technology. Now the benefits of digital India are. Actually time is a valuable thing for each and every person. So by this digitalised technology human efforts are reduced.

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Shubham said: (May 30, 2020)  
Digital India is a very good step taken by our country. There are lots of benefit from digital India. Like for example, we are connecting anywhere from our country to another country. When we are talking about digital India, first of all, a thing comes in our mind which is cashless and I think, this is very good for everyone. How? The answer is, we are saving the paper at a very large scale. This will very good for our future generation. In the last but not the least I want to say digital India is adorable step and I think, this should follow by every individual.

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Rohit said: (May 28, 2020)  
Digital India is a great initiative taken by our government. Nowadays in this COVID -19 pandemic situation, digitalization takes place a vital role, the government using digital media platforms such as YouTube or Facebook for telling the current situation of this pandemic.

And also many organization uses digitalize tool for their employee to work from home. And also digitalization makes people happy as they don't need too much of cash with them because everywhere is the option of sending money online. So it is one great idea for growing our economy too.

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Kalu said: (May 28, 2020)  
Digital India is a very effect things just like grow is the part of our body thus digital India is the part of our country. Some time many people I cannot understand actually mean of degital India but social media, advertisment etc learned it. Digital India is a very usefull of all people because they start business and shopping.

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Shriti Rani said: (May 27, 2020)  
Digital India is a great step towards the growth of the country. It helps a lot of people to expand their business on a very large scale. It been so easy to settle our business through this. All the sectors has the benefit of digital India to do their business or works as the wanted to. It also helped consumers to shop easily and freely.

-It gives the producer a great opportunity to expand their business.

-Provides consumer with the best platform for shopping.

- Transactions are easily calculated.

-No more cash is needed.

-No need to walk to the bank for the cash and the transactions issues.

In simply words, work get easier and people were freelance.

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Ramita Ruhil said: (May 27, 2020)  
Digital India is a very stupendous step taken by our country and it is also a kind of initiative for the people. As we all know that digitalisation has spread in every field, so it has to be even more useful so that it can help fulfil people's needs. Digital India is beneficial for everyone to be it students, teachers, job seekers, government employees, etc. During this pandemic situation where we all are bound to fight a virus and digitalisation has been a great benefactor. Digital India has emerged as a well-wisher for the countrymen. However, digital devices being not so cheap are not available to everyone. Government has started supplying free tablets and laptops to poor children and it is another great step in the journey of development in India. We all have to join hands for helping the government in this initiative. Although the benefits of Digital India are endless some of them are:

* Rapid growth in economy.
* New employment opportunities for youth.
* Applications providing new ways of learning for students.
* It is an indirect way of saving paper also.
* It has connected different people all over the world and has made the world a smaller place to live in.
* Transactions can be easily made without physically accessing the bank.
* Online shopping has become a huge platform for sellers and buyers.

'Social platforms like- Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc are very useful, etc.

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Ayushi said: (May 27, 2020)  
Digital India is beneficial for all peoples in our country, digital India makes life is easy. In all sectors, we can use technology and do work faster and maintain time. So, if we make.

Digital India, we save trees and concentrate on.

Education and if we have talent then it in our own country. Then you are talented and you have capabilities to do work, then you must work on our country then make it digital. It make more benefits like you pay the bill, recharges your phone and transfers money one place to another and order food online and it comes on your home, digital India is made our work easy.

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Sunil said: (May 26, 2020)  
First of all, the idea of digital India is commendable. It will change the many things around us. The importance of digitalisation has been experienced by each and everyone in this pandemic. It made all money transactions very easy. Literally, at our fingertips, we can access most of the information in the world. This digitalisation has a great impact on the economy even in this pandemic.

Digitalisation made our efforts easy and saved our precious time. It almost made paperlessly. Most of the IT industries, universities, schools helping their people to gain knowledge and also contributing to the nation's economy.

But there many things that need to be focused. Since many villagers don't have proper internet services, lack of knowledge about technology. So they are chances that some frauds may occur. However, the initiative of digitalising India will definitely thrive in the coming years since the literacy rate is increasing and almost everyone is using smartphone. Even broadcasting servicers are also providing internet in some areas nowadays.

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Dharshini P said: (May 25, 2020)  
In my perspective, In today's world, we are trying to move forward in this hustle and bustle life, so, Digital India is very much needed for our society. Digital India is an initiative by the Government of India to ensure that Government services are made available to all citizens electronically by improving online infrastructure and increasing internet connectivity. It was launched on July 1 2015.

It has three core components like the creation of digital infrastructure. Delivering digital services and the digital literacy.

It has major advantage like It reduces the corruption as IT officials can track records easily, moreover it is very convenient and easier, Digital empowerment of native Indian people, It also eliminates all electronic imports from other foreign countries by 2020 and make India as the electronics manufacturing super power. It decreases the crime as a whole.

I would like to conclude that Digital India is very much needed for us and We as a Indian we need to support the plan of our Government.

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Mounika said: (May 21, 2020)  
Digital India sounds good but implementation is not out of boundary of course there are many advantages like online shopping, transactions are made easy and also time saving, we can order any groceries, and also a lot of amenities, during this pandemic situation online class are helping a lot, corruption also reduce by digitalization, we can access any kind of information from applications it will help a lot. But the mention above are useful for educated people a lot. People who are not educated don't how to use all this things if they want money from bank they go to banks stands in a lines even digitalization is available they don't know how to use. This the responsibility of government to take care they should give awareness to even uneducated people also. Then will be in out of boundary in making digital India.

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Punit Garg said: (May 20, 2020)  
As we know that our Prime Minister Mr. Nrendre Modi Jii said we make a Digital India. And we see on the other side Digital India makes a Benefit in every field. The Benefit of Digital India is for Labour class Family to High-Class Family and also for Middle-class Family. The main benefit of Digital India is to make everything Digital. Digital India makes a people educated.

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Digital India: Whom Does it Benefit?

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