Digital India: Whom Does it Benefit?

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Akshat singh said:   4 weeks ago
The first and foremost thing is that everything has pros and cons, the same stuff as 'DIGITALISATION'.

Firstly, the public can withdraw and deposit at any time at their fingertips, with no need to listen from banks that the current link fails or the system is not working because generally most of the bank's branch treats this type of excuse.

Secondly, Students can submit their exam fees in night also, I mean that they don't need to face the problem of Sunday closing, half Saturday, second Saturday and national holidays whatever.

Ultimately, UPI[Unified payments interface ] everyone knows about this government facility. According to NPCI, UPI transaction is still increasing day by day in our pragmatic life because it's so easy techniques to transfer from one A/c to another one without any transaction fee. It means the government is also promoting ONLINE transactions that's why they are not charging any types of fees.

Thus, Digitalisation will be increasing in the forthcoming days with a huge number of people.

Anu said:   1 month ago
Good evening everyone.

According to my opinion, digitalization is an initiative move taken by the Indian government.
It will help all people to make online payments within a second.
And there is no need to go to banks and stand in a long queue we can just pay within a Second.
Digitalization is also helpful for employees in a pandemic situation like COVID 19 which everyone stays in home.
It is ery helpfull for everyone.

MD SUMAIR KHAN said:   2 months ago
The wave of digitising all the sectors of our nation has been a boon to many by providing a better livelihood and various other benefits to the various groups of people, the major impactful sects were in the form of digitising the currency for the finance sector and the e-learning platforms that have people grow and understand the technology better.

But on the other hand, it had brought home the world competition to the locals, it had made the existing services even more undervalued before the new start-ups that caused many businesses to shut down.

Naaz said:   2 months ago
Good evening everyone.

In my opinion, digital India has only one motive which is to make our India digital and progressive. It helps people for developing.

Divya said:   2 months ago
The Digital India campaign was launched by Prime minister Narendra Modi on 15 July 2015. The aim to make government services available to citizens electronically by online infrastructure improvement and also by enhancing internet connectivity. And the motto of the Digital India Mission is 'Power to Empower'.

With the help of this campaign, our GDP increased. Gain knowledge through online platforms, e-hospital etc.

Conclusion: every coin has two faces similarly digital word has two meanings but it depends on us how to use them in an effective way.

Harshit katiyar said:   3 months ago
According to me, the digital India platform gives many options or opportunities to everyone like creating a cashless payment anyone who is not able to go outside it will transfer money or receive money through a digital platform. In the pandemic era all institutions, schools, and colleges are closed but due to digital platforms are all able to study via google meets, zoom, etc.

Subhayan said:   3 months ago
The initiative of Digital India has brought a great success for the Indian citizens. This was evident in the pandemic period where all the corporates, schools were closed down.

With the help of digitization the employee can work from their home there was no requirement to go to their offices for work. There was no requirement for the people to stand in long queue at chemist shops as they can order their medicines in online platforms. The educational system was saved from getting hampered by the introduction of online education platforms where the students can fruitfully continue their studies.

Digitization helped all the sectors in the economy specially in the pandemic period.

Nagraj Jatoth said:   3 months ago
Digital money Digital India what is this mean?

A person can share even a rupee with digital money and the main important feature is it is a contactless and less time taking process because in this busy life, I think everyone is now using smartphones at least once in any house. We can make use of this feature nowadays everything becoming online even it comes to household shopping or daily needs (like food, clothes and etc).

As you people have seen covid the pandemic after the contactless process became very successful. By this digital money digital rupee can have a chance to become an international common fund transfer currency in the international market.

But we have a problem of facing financial frauds like cyber-attacks for the government need to provide better security for digital currency platform I think this would help a lot of poor people to be part of digitalisation and make India a better country.

Akshat Sharma said:   3 months ago
Digital India was an excellent initiative launched by the government of India, it has impacted each and every sector and class of people, making life easier.

Churning out smart cities one after the another, supporting infrastructure and operations through technology has resulted in efficient functioning. Formation of new infrastructure that supports different platforms going digital.

People can go out without a wallet and still make payments with ease. Employees can work from their own home during emergencies and situations like COVID. Students can carry on with their studies through digital platforms like teams, zoom, etc. One can order medicines to their house when they're sick and so much more.

Going digital has improved the standard of living for the people of India, helping them get better services as well as opportunities.

Krishna sharma said:   3 months ago
It benefits to entire people and provides a lot of services towards people which have a Smartphone and internet. We can reduce our efforts and time to do work for a large time due to digitalization we can do payments and withdrawals money from the bank and we can transfer money from one person to another person within seconds. The usage of technology was increased and the literacy rate of the people also increased.

The merits are it will lead to growth in the economy due to an increase in GDP Percentage and implement new and advanced technology and provide services digitally.

Demerits are due to improved lack of technology like small scale sectors like rickshaw and auto driver's they can lose their employment due to advanced technology services like Ola, Uber, Rapido etc. And also small scale businesses like Supermarkets, and grocery shops can also loss their business due to online shopping platforms like amazon, BigBasket etc.

I can conclude; it is a boon as well as a curse depending on the growth of development and mindset of the intellectual person.

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