Digital India: Whom Does it Benefit?

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Sravanthi Patil said: (Jan 19, 2020)  
Digital India motive of Modi will make India grow and compete with the rest of the other countries. Through digitization, accessibility has increased which made easy to buy or sell anything to anyone from no place to every place. This will speedier the economic growth of the country. Effective and efficient employment will be generated. Creative human brains can be saved from the monotonous work and can be used in other areas for good of all. Digitization has also made complex compliances work easier. Digitization has made our work Easy.

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Sana said: (Jan 18, 2020)  
Digital India makes our life easy and fast. We can do everything in few minutes. We can send money to anybody from home. We don't go to bank. So it's make our life easy and possible.

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Pratibha Singh said: (Jan 18, 2020)  
Digital India.

As well we know that now we are living in modern age and also in the age of science. Digital India is an very important project and this is very smart path for us.

Cause of digital India nowadays we can do online transaction, speak to someone else from one place to another place very easily, video calling, mail's etc. Here is very important role of our Indian scientists cause of programming we can makes food in oven, we can see a traffic lights on street, we can send a message in milli of second. Digital India is very useful for every branch of science. We can say that it is a magic for us. This is makes our life easy and simple nd also save our precious time of our life.

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Piyush Rajliwal said: (Jan 17, 2020)  
Digital India: Whom Does it Benefit?

I am Agree with this initiative of the Indian govt. In which the policies of Indian govt. Helps directly to all peoples of the country. This is no intermediate organisation. For example the Free medical facility, BPL facilities etc. Digital India makes an advance to the system in which there is no corruption in any govt. Organisation because every this is Digital. Like data entry of medicines, money etc.

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Aman said: (Jan 17, 2020)  
Digital India will benefit to whosoever use it. Digitalization can save a lot of paper worldwide which in turn can save a lot of trees and it will be beneficial to our world which is going through temperature rise worldwide (global warming). Due to digitalization, we all can save our lot of time. Thank you.

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Raviranjan said: (Jan 16, 2020)  
The benefits of digital India first it makes easy to do that type of work which is done by the digital way, it makes easy all the section like transport, banking, etc it order to government program related to Digital skill that improves the knowledge and skill in all field. In all about the summary of this topic is Digital India gives the best impact on our society and our knowledge. Thanks.

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M B said: (Jan 16, 2020)  
This scheme is beneficiary for all of us. Because we live in the world where technology improving day by day.

When we need to transfer money to someone who need it urgently. In this situation if we don't have online mode of transaction of money, then we have to go for bank and have to write the deposit slip to deposit the money, so it will take long time. If we had the online mode of transaction, in a minute we can transfer the money.

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Goutam G.D said: (Jan 16, 2020)  
Yes, I agree with the term of "DIGITAL INDIA". India is a developing country and continuously developed after day by day. It means, it is totally related to Digital India.

Govt tries to do many more things for all citizens and our government launch an application i.e. BHIM app, with this app we transfer money when we're in the home. And it is reduce our effort and most important save our time. In previous we are going to the bank and transfer money from one account to another account and for all this, we had to need many more times. So it is the part of digital India. And now we are ordering foods, booking any things, we have to do it sitting in our home. And comparing to the other countries India also needs to be digital. THANK YOU.

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Bobi Kumar said: (Jan 15, 2020)  
Well, it seems that digital India concept is going to benefit to all our citizens of our country, whoever it maybe because we are all leaving in the world where technology is advancing day to day life and smart phones had become oxygen all people whether the people living in a village or in towns everyone are using the mobiles phones with internet connectivity. So, the scheme digital India is now growing and useful in various aspects like online transactions, online bookings, ordering food etc.

Thank you all.

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Manav said: (Jan 15, 2020)  
It benefits to people who are living in remote areas by providing the internet connectivity through proper internet infrastructure and as this connectivity will help them to grow their knowledge and to get a faster approach towards any help that can be provided online and also this help to boost once social skills.

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Alisha said: (Jan 11, 2020)  
Yes, it is correct that digital India has benefits but there are disadvantages too like, rural people are not at all aware about all this as most of them are uneducated, another problem is that this digital transaction has become an opportunity for hackers.

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Pintu Hadiyal said: (Jan 11, 2020)  
In My point of view the digital India a concept will have two main point.

1) socially 2) economically.

1) socially:- in our daily to daily life whenever we are free we are using mobile through internet and we are know about other project and function e can grow in our daily life.

Second example was I am comments this point then its socially shows you and you can grow your group discussion skills.

2) Economically:-if one innovative idea whose developed you or me then its market whose also improve economy of you and our country.

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Tanmay. said: (Jan 10, 2020)  
Yes, it is beneficial for all people who live in the village as well as in cities. Nowadays this is a very important topic from the economy point of view.

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Sandeep A R said: (Jan 9, 2020)  
Yes, digital India is very good concept it's very much useful in our daily life, it can be used in any emergency feed without digital people wouldn't be updated today but through this many educated and even uneducated trying to know about that concept. Even they will feel to learn this concept any can use in our daily life.


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Gouri Shelake said: (Jan 9, 2020)  

As we all know every coin has 2 sides one is good and other is bad so according to that this digital India project also has 2sides. This project is very useful for them who really knows about the simplicity of online transaction and it is not that much important to those who are not well educated or those who live in rural areas. The people who's bread butter is dependent on their daily work, not even have the mobiles or the things which are required for online transaction and all such things so how it can be beneficial for them As I think government should educate the people because this is the only way to make this project successful and then only it will beneficial for whole India.

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A.J said: (Jan 8, 2020)  
According to me, Digital India is too much benefit for Indian people's. Easily we can do the transaction. But only educated person are known how to use everything in digitally. But rural areas person are don't know anything.

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Madan said: (Jan 8, 2020)  
I think digital India has only advantages not disadvantages because those who don't make use of those things properly for required work for them it is an disadvantage as they can be easily identifiable what irrelevant activities they are doing.

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Yashvindra Kumar said: (Jan 8, 2020)  
1. Digital India project is big useful project for our Indians &everyone. This project change our life &give us helpful & it connects, over digital world.

2. Government should update & increase this project because this project have some problems.


* Banks link fail problem.
* Government Dialer have problems of link for Distribute, Rice, white, sugar, kerosin. Etc. In rural area. & many others.

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Anomiee said: (Jan 7, 2020)  
Warm Greetings everyone,

Our topic for today is, Digital India: Whom does it benefit?

Digital India basically refers to making India paperless and do transactions online.

While we all know that every new initiative has their own advantages and disadvantages so is the case with digital India here the advantages can be that it will save lot of time and disadvantages can be that the people are not educated enough to adapt to the changing environment.

While talking about the most beneficiary party of digital India I think the retail sector is the one which is going to be benefitted the most out of it as all the transactions will be done online so their customers will be happy and their will be more profits at the small scale sector at the beginning which will then gradually be transferred to the large scale sector at the back.

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Liya said: (Jan 7, 2020)  
According to me, digital India has many advantages and disadvantages. Firstly, if we consider advantages, it makes the running of the country easier and makes the increase in our communication with government As we can do transactions easily digitally and it saves our time but considering other side many people are unaware about the technologies and so they can be cheated by frauds. So the government should take steps for making awareness about these technologies for those people who are not well known about the technologies.

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Spandana said: (Jan 7, 2020)  
As per my opinion, digital India is an effective step taken by the present government. But it has advantages as well as disadvantages.

The advantages are we can do the online transaction and we can save our time and we can avoid corruption.

The disadvantages are in rural areas they don't know how to use so the government has to campaign about digital India.

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Priyajit Karar said: (Jan 6, 2020)  
As per my opinion, Digital India is an effective step taken by the present govt.

It is beneficial for those people who are more interested in online transaction than the offline one. Digital India provides a safe but effective service to all. Not only the financial field other fields are also getting the benefits of Digital India. Most importantly it is an unimpeded technology so everybody will be beneficial for this.

But the Govt should raise an awareness campaign regarding Digital India so that people from the urban area as well as from rural get a perfect and clear knowledge of it and to smoothen that process Govt should ensure a proper education for people.

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Sanket Jamodkar said: (Jan 5, 2020)  
Digital India is useful for those who need to do online transaction regularly or daily.

But now other people also get the benefit of it.

So, it is benefited for all.

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Sanket Patil said: (Jan 5, 2020)  
By my opinion, it is the best project the Indian government is working on. It has most of the advantages however there are several disadvantages also like- Most of the people live in villages or rural areas and they are not educated well, some of the educated ones tries to help them most of the people tries to cheat the uneducated people and also there are many of the frauds. Indian government should try to educate the people because Cashless is the best project.

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Neha said: (Jan 4, 2020)  
Truly, digital India has been a good initiative for all of us, through digital India our life became so easy as now we don't need to pay through cash but we can pay through cashless.

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Anjana Harde said: (Jan 4, 2020)  
According to my point of view, digital India has both things some beneficial and some disadvantage. By digital India disadvantage for those people who don't more educated and also belong from the village because uneducated people don't understand easily of this things and not earlier familiar with this things so I think it's a disadvantage of digital India for villagers and more uneducated and old age people against from this thing. Because in India, our literacy rate is less compared to UK and other countries. So, apologize factors is high on digital India by villagers and uneducated people.

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Ankita Ugare said: (Jan 4, 2020)  
According to me, Digital India is a very good project. Eg: for paying electricity bill & money transfer it reduces time. But also we have to provide proper education to people who don't know the concept.

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Rani Jha said: (Jan 3, 2020)  
Digital India is beneficial for the country. It is also very convenient due to this we don't have to carry money. But there is another side of this is that so many people do not know how to interact with digitally for them it is not beneficial so first of we should have been teaching them how to interact with the digital world.

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Jyoti Bharate said: (Jan 2, 2020)  
Of course, digital India is beneficial for us.

I agree every coin has two faces but in this case digital India has more advantages as compare to its other side.

Our govt uses the latest technologies to make digital India. In every sector it is beneficial like educational, banking, business etc.

It helps to save our valuable time in banking sector. By one click we can transfer our money.

For example we don't know about how to handle educational sides. Just to apply for any degree admission form we have to go in cyber cafe and wait in long queue and waste our hole day for 5-10 min work. Nowadays we can fill any form of admission from anywhere.

Like this many more example we know that save our time.

So in my view, digitalization has more advantages and makes our life easy.

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Varun Kumar Tiwary said: (Jan 2, 2020)  
Digital India will be an important initiative for education in India. Lack of good quality of education is a major problem in our country. With the help of good infrastructure, we can better the quality of education at the grassroots level.

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Damini said: (Dec 30, 2019)  
Digital India is the initiative taken by our government and PM Narendra Modi to blossom our country digitally. It empowers each and everyone of country. According to my perspective it brings transparency in governance, digital India provides online platform for the citizens this platform engages citizens with governance in which each and everyone will able to to interact, discuss and give solutions to different problems that we are facing and it will maintain the transparency between governance and citizens and come up with innovative solutions.

There are many important projects comes under digital India which makes day to day life of many of us easy and faster by providing digital platform where we can store our crucial documents online with the help of cloud technology and according to me this is the great idea because every time it is not possible to carry important documents with us and in need, we can access our documents anytime anywhere in just a click also it makes everyone aware of technology and innovation.

This is the era of technology and social media, using various social networking sides we are spreading awareness, digital India comes up with online scholarship platform wherefrom form filling to disbursal everything done online with ease. The main goal of this initiative is to reach each and every corner of India, and make all services available to rural areas which include healthcare service, transaction service, employment chances, and making each and everyone aware of technology and makes India digital.

Even though government of India is trying hard and putting all efforts to transform India there are still many regions which lack internet connectivity there is a lack of internet neutrality, lack of literacy, lack of data security, and lack of adoption rate, misuse of social media is increasing were fake messages are spreading, fake applications are finding there place on our smartphones which creates the barrier. Many of these problems needs innovative and practical solutions. We all should support this growing concept of digital India and should aware of the frauds, dangers and we should update ourselves for the upcoming challenges.

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Aditi Singh said: (Dec 29, 2019)  
As we all know digital India is necessary to remove poverty among people. Everyone has a knowledge about computer. Mostly we should focused in villages to remove it. It help in controlling corruption. We have to organize some programme related to digital India which attract more people.

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Gayathri said: (Dec 28, 2019)  
Of course, it would be beneficial from rural to urban areas. Because it makes life more easier than before. We can make easy transactions and we can easily book our tickets. And many more. Definitely it makes India become a better country.

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Shubham Lawaniya said: (Dec 27, 2019)  
Yeah, it is very transparent that both government, as well as the public, have benefited from it.

This means documentation of transactions and paying for someone is very easy for anyone by the digitalization.

Somewhere we can see that nowadays a guy who does not have much more academics but can use banking, social networking easily just because of the digital India campaign.

For the government, it makes a way very easier to share any information without going door to door. So we can say that digital India is very beneficial to the whole country either it is governmental or public.

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Chirantani Dey said: (Dec 27, 2019)  
Hi friends,

As a matter of fact, we all know how digital India is growing and right in every corner it is helping people, it's just made our lives so much easier right from attending interviews to sending texts to transferring money or any other transactions, now everything can be done just be one click, so it is really enhancing our lives and also making our lives hassle-free.

Digital things are making India smart.

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Yash S.Gorde said: (Dec 27, 2019)  
For any progressive work, there are some benefit and diseases like the coin have two edges [head and tale].

Digital India benefits in various sectors like banking, fast transport, communication, agricultural issue but there are some disadvantaged like failure in the bank server, etc.

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Mangal Singh said: (Dec 26, 2019)  
Hi friends.

Today we are talking about the topic of digital India, so we can say that digitalization is a good way to making a powerful country for IT Field according to other countries so digitalization is good for me and I think it's better for all members of India.

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Pooja said: (Dec 25, 2019)  
Digital India: According to me it is important to step towards making digital India. It is beneficial because we can do easily transaction, recharge, pay the electrical bills from the house. This process is safe because of money transfers from our account and it is time savvier and fast process. It also can stop the corruption. So my point of view it is beneficial to make digital India and we have to support it.

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Sukanya said: (Dec 23, 2019)  
Digital India is beneficiary for time consuming and to make transparency in banking and all areas of working for community its beneficiary for students to do study students are doing study in his or her home through internet, all peoples are aware about the discission is taken by government through social media in their homes, peoples participation in make in India is more through social media, etc.

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Venugopalrao said: (Dec 21, 2019)  
Of course, I will agree with the statement that making digitalization is useful as the transactions are easily done but, it will be useful for rich people only as they do more transactions but, for middle-class people, it would be difficult as there is a chance of money loss due to cyber frauds.

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Raqeeb said: (Dec 20, 2019)  
Hi Friends,

Every coin has two faces, so it also applies to digital world first of all digitization is always a good use of technology in day to day life, but it makes people lazy. The digital world can give information or make things easy but it also makes things complicated for illiterate people as India is not a 100% educated country.

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Divya said: (Dec 20, 2019)  
Hi friends.

In my perspective digitization makes life easier and it saves our precious this we can concentrate on other works.

For example, if we want to do a transaction it can be easily done by pressing a single button that much is all controlled by our hands.

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Fahad Shaikh said: (Dec 19, 2019)  
According to me, digitization is not necessary as of now because the literacy percentage for some of our state is not up to the standard. There are some drawn back in digital marketing and making India digital but there are some of the benefits as well as we cannot completely depend upon technology, the rise of technology always makes nation lame somewhere, Firstly government should prioritize more on the educational and financial sector in order for population get jelled up with digitization process. I wish India to be digital India but cannot without ignoring the one other side of it. Jay Hind.

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Srijan Anand said: (Dec 19, 2019)  
Digital India means E-governance services for the people of India in the digital platform, like e-commerce services, financial services, Database services, etc. In the Public sector and in Private sector in the field of education, Medical, Banking, Transportation, Judiciary, Marketing, etc.

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Pankaj Masurkar said: (Dec 19, 2019)  
In today's ERA I think being digitalized is much necessary to survive, The great initiative taken by our honerable prime mininster NARENDRA MODI is a step towards development of our country because everything is becoming easier through technology such as online payment for everything and visiting shops virtually from home can save one's time which can be utilized for another work.

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Sarpha Marndi said: (Dec 18, 2019)  
Digital India: According to my sense, Having heard this makes sure that, the mode through which everything will be done electronically and digitalization of all the networks all over the country. This campaign is very helpful for all the sectors as well as common people, it reduces the time of all the modes of transactions online and all types of payments can be done. It minimizes the cost of transportation too. It may take a long time to apply but it is possible that. One day a great India will become digital.

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Mansi said: (Dec 17, 2019)  
Digital India is the concept brought forward by our honorable prime minister Narendra Modi. The concept behind digital India was to make India digitalized. This would develop people in remote areas. Easy transaction of money, it would make business easy. And most importantly it will ultimately help India to take a step forward in different actions related to development.

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Suneeta said: (Dec 17, 2019)  
Digital India is one of the important concepts. It is beneficial to everyone if you handle or use it properly because the main advantage of this is we can do our transaction within a minute without any cash and the most important thing is we can use it anytime, anywhere. So I think it is beneficial to everyone.

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Alex Raja said: (Dec 16, 2019)  
Many of the ration cards is identified by a digital card. So a card that one card has all the detail. So we didn't cheat easily.

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Vikash Yadav said: (Dec 16, 2019)  
Digital India means people work easier like submitting the electric bills, government forms, online classes to the rural students, transfer of money and online payment and many more things. Digital India aims to benefit all people of India by making governance and government organizations transparent and accountable like starting off my government scheme through direct benefit transfer. And try to eradicate corruption from society through digitization. And try to check on black money laundry. Try to promote education through digitization. And there were many apps launched today to listen to social problems like garbage problems, damage to roads and etc.

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Srisail said: (Dec 16, 2019)  
Digital India: Today the world is digital world. All over the universe being digital. My opinion is I support digital India. Digital India comes and development is growing.

Examples of online booking and orders, Online payment.

India releases one online transaction app that is beemupi this is useful for easy money transfer. Also, so many companies invest in our country.

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Shreya said: (Dec 13, 2019)  
Digital India: it sounds like taking the digitalization of India. Through taking these digitalization steps which give the benefit in economical life for example transfer money online with security, book online hotel, cabs, etc.

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Yog said: (Dec 13, 2019)  
Nowadays digital infra is the like platform where we can express our opinion. Digital India is the best in every sector. When we consider any government and non-governmental organization which will get directly connected because of digital India. One of the important parameter is rural India which will also get modernize because of digital India. A lot of effort of people reduced and some illegal activities hot full stop. Digital India is a platform where visual gets converted into virtual. The best example of digital India is the banking sector. Just consider the example of online payment via Paytm it is also part of it.

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Riya said: (Dec 7, 2019)  
According to me, Digital India is the most beneficial plan of our country, People are understanding the importance of it and trying to learn to do online transactions. Even if you see a small chai tapri in your area, they also have that online transaction mode template with them. Digital India made our country economically empowered in the field of technology.

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Bunny said: (Dec 6, 2019)  
"Digital India" before introducing this that this 5years back everything most probably would be written record work which may or maynot be kept safely. So to reduce man work and human errors digital India had become a good intiative taken by the government. The main motto of this is to empower India and is being implemented by 3 core concepts that is,

* Secure and stable digital infrastructure development.
* Delivering government services digitally.
* universal digital literally.

With is some percent of corruption can also be reduced. The challenge that enroute here is how it would be succesfully implemented so that its serives could be reached to every individual in the society from rural to urban area. Growing technologically is also the main aspect of a country and to be considered as a foremost thing.

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Manish said: (Dec 4, 2019)  
Digital India, the first thing that comes to my mind when I hear this word is making digitalize almost every possible thing available be it a business or. , oh wait for everything nowadays is business.

Coming to benefits both government as well as people have equal benefits for people the life becomes much more easier as everything will be done in just a few clicks.

But to attain complete digitalization society needs to wait for at least 10 more years (apprx).

The only question that pop up is security, keeping in the mind the amount of cyber crimes that is getting registered one would probably think to opt out from the service.

If India wants to be completely digital then govt should be LOYAL and TRUSTWORTHY.

GOVT might INDIRECTLY make money from the acquired DATA that is being collected from the people.

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Honey said: (Dec 3, 2019)  
The digitalization of India is very much useful to all the people in India. Because it makes every work easy and also consumes very less time. Every person can handle their situations independently by using digitalization. And I think it will be more beneficial to the educated people in India because uneducated people may face many security issues due to the hackers. So proper measures must be taken in order to remove the insecurity.

Digitalization also provides many jobs to the youth of India.

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Debasis Pradhan said: (Nov 27, 2019)  
This brand was advertised in a step by step process. Jandhan, demonetization, GST is the successive steps towards it. It was really necessary to have these steps to contribute towards the digitalization which makes transparency and efficiency improved in the organization. This improved management through digitalization nit only benefits common people but the government also in order to monitor properly. It is called Digital India.

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Avi said: (Nov 23, 2019)  
Hi guys, I think the digital India campaign is benefiting every citizen of India unconditionally. Digital India is a campaign launched by the Government of India in order to ensure the Government's services are made available to citizens electronically by providing online infrastructure and by increasing Internet connectivity or by making the country digitally empowered in the field of technology. The initiative includes plans to connect rural areas with high-speed internet networks. Digital India benefits every citizen from old to young. Now A day every person can shop online can do financial transactions or can summit electricity bill, etc without standing in a long queue that was taken as granted in India before launching of digital India campaign 2015.

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Jyoti Singh said: (Nov 21, 2019)  
Digital India it's a good decision that is taken by our government from my point of view the benefits of digital India is to it will reduce the corruption because with the digital India if people use electronic mode of techniques to transfer the money to pay the money to buy the product for paying the product price if it pay by digital so this all will record so government can easily find out the form where that person gets money and another benefit is that it connects the whole world.

So we all have to be take an initiative step towards digital India.

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Rahul Yadav said: (Nov 20, 2019)  
Firstly it is a great initiative by our Prime Minister Sir Narendra Modi. This whole process of digitalization has taken India to the next step only. Now we are connected to each other globally in a fraction of second. Due to this, we are learning about different technologies. Even the uneducated people are also showing enthusiasm to learn something new. The result of this process is getting seen everywhere in our day to day life.

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Utkarsh Dwivedi said: (Nov 18, 2019)  
Digital India is a very good initiative by our PM Mr. Narendra Modi. This has made the life of people very easy as it has provided everything on the fingertips. From online Banking to buying answer selling of cars and investing in Mutual Funds knowing the news and keeping ourselves updated is only possible by digitalization. Digitalization has spread so fast that today even a vegetable vendor is accepting payment through online transactions. It has made the work spontaneous and increased the efficiency of work. Reduced the time consumption.

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Bhoomi said: (Nov 15, 2019)  
Digitalisation has made quite a difference in India. People are learning a few new things which benefits each one of them individually. There are many uneducated people that have learnt how to use digital products and have learnt the proper use of it. It becomes easier to connect to one another through digital products. This helps not only within India but also abroad. We can know about or study about a lot of what is going on, digitally. It helps with the Banking, Connecting with people, Educating, etc. Hence, We can all conclude, That Digital India is a benefit to each one of us.

Thank you!

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Yedhusree said: (Nov 13, 2019)  
We live in a world which is technologically empowered. In-fact our lifestyle itself is digitalized with internet and computer. Digital India is definitely a positive step for a developing nation like us. It is to be appreciated that our govt has taken tough and secular steps to integrate the administration and governance uniformly among our people. When states like Kerala are moving forward to facilitate free internet access to all it's villages, it is to be noted that digital India is attaining a mainstream. But the only drawback our country that our country face is the lack of up-liftment of the rural class. We need to education them to use these resources flawlessly.

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Jaya Dileep said: (Nov 12, 2019)  
Nowadays digitalization playing an very major role. Most of the countries in the world are being digitalized. By this change, we can grow our knowledge from our private place. I gladly congrats our prime minister for this fantastic has done to us. Digitalization makes the person to develop technologically.

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P Kishore said: (Nov 6, 2019)  
Nowadays most of the countries are going very fastly in digitalization, I would like to appreciate to our honorable PM for implementation digitalization successfully in India. Nowadays banking services growing very fastly by using this digitalization implementation. As well as most of the common people are using, transfer money to any account within the seconds through mobile phones I think this is the one of great achievement of our government At the same time there is a privacy issues are also there, most of the uneducated people suffer through this but any way govt and banks should create awareness to people.

Every time hackers are using different methods to steal the money from customer's accounts. Many drawbacks are there I said only a few issues. Overall it's good for our economy.

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Abhishek Gupta said: (Nov 6, 2019)  
Digital India, also called as digitalization is a great initiative taken by our prime minister.

Every single thing has pros as well as cons. I would like to mainly focus on pros, digitalization has reduced the flow of black money with in the country and helped peoples in respect of time and work.

Formerly if we want to pay money from the account we have to stand in queue for hours, but currently, we can do the same through UPI.

Digitalization helped to reduce bribes in public sectors as well as in colleges and various other sectors.

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Jay Patni said: (Nov 5, 2019)  
Digital India is a great initiative by over prime minister Narendra Modi.

Digital India movement is consistently growing and as a result, a very positive impact can be seen in government sectors as well as others.

It is benefit-full for all those who are willing to proceed in the uncorrupted way i.e. Formerly in many government Workers and kind were charging more money than usual/chargeable amount. Eg. When a person wants to get a licence for manufacturing medicine, he was supposed to pay the license fees in cash only. So if an officer charges more than usual fees, it could not be detected to that person. But now a person has an option that he can pay online also. This is how public sectors are becoming more transparent with the help of the DIGITAL INDIA movement. And corruption is reducing day by day.

And this is how people who are willing to proceed for their work in an uncorrupted way are getting benefitted.

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Harsh said: (Nov 5, 2019)  
I would like to share the benefits of digital Indian platform, as India is one of the most populated countries in the world, the hectic government tasks for the masses are made easy. This not only benefits government employees but the people too, as it has made processing time for government applications very fast.

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Bhavya said: (Nov 5, 2019)  
Digital India has really helped people. All the important or government related work like voter id application, aadhar card application, etc have become easy as a person can now apply for them from his/her home rather than going to the government organization 3-4 times until the work is done.

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Saad said: (Nov 4, 2019)  
Hi there,

We all are focusing on the pros but not on the cons.

Obviously, it is better for society but our country is lagging behind other countries in terms of technology, literacy, prosperity & other factors.

For India to become fully digitalized, there is a need for money in order to buy electronic items etc. Which gonna make online transactions easier, but not all folks have adequate funds as well as knowledge to utilize this opportunity.

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Yash Dawani said: (Oct 31, 2019)  
I believe that Digital India which can also be called Digitalization is the need of the hour. It not only helps us to make payments anytime anywhere but also helps us to save time, money and efforts of an individual.

Broadly speaking, digital India has enabled people around the country to progress with the developing economy and in some ways taken the buying and selling of the commodities, goods, services, etc., to a different level.

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Tamilselvan said: (Oct 31, 2019)  
Digital India has its own advantages first one is the transparency in transactions of money, the illegal cycle of black money is greatly reduced. Auditing would be made easier. Handling of large databases through servers for verification purposes. Online business is promoted by it. Even the villager and senior citizens will get the direct bank transfer DBT from govt schemes. The money will be safer and can be accessed at no time.

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Deepak Rai said: (Oct 31, 2019)  
Digital India is great idea of GOI that solving problems again waiting number in line for billing,banking sector of it's they empowered to all online transaction and other method of activities without loss of their time so ,it help for every individual people in India .

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Hrusikesh Jena said: (Oct 30, 2019)  
According to the topic of Digital India, I fully agree with it and also I would like to thank s to Government and IT Technologies who were made such a Technology.

In my opinion, Digital India means Make India be Digital. Here the word Digital show that with the changing of time how our country will upgrade with recent trends and technologies?

Yes with due to Digitalization everyone got benefits with online service like banking, shopping, foods, etc. By using this people can also save time.

So, Digital India not only give benefits to us but also it is pride for our country. I support to this technologies and think it will be more bett for the future coming days.


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Helly said: (Oct 30, 2019)  
Digital India is today's need for all of us.

It benefits a small scaled shopkeeper to a huge scaled business man.

From money transfer to buying and selling of goods digital services are providing help to both sellers and buyers, now there is no need for hard cash.

All the purposes are solved with soft cash.

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Thulasi said: (Oct 29, 2019)  
Digital India will help the India economy grow faster. Digitalization will make available everything in one single touch. As digitalization grows hacking comes in the picture may also lead to problems for every individual.

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Ankit Kannojiya said: (Oct 29, 2019)  
In my opinion, the digital India scheme changed the mindset of India people. The scheme has enabled Indian people to adept themselves from the current scenario of world also it has been a blessing for traders, students, entrepreneurs, etc a way to make ease of doing.

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Rohan said: (Oct 29, 2019)  
Digital India Campaign was one of the great initiatives launched by the GOI with the main purpose to make the society and economy digitally empowered. Through digital India, the government makes sure to provide all its services electronically to the citizens of the country with the mandated accountablity and transparency. There is no need to stand for hours waiting for your turn to avail the services now you can do this simply from home through your phone whether it is a banking, railways or any government related services, etc.

Apart from this digital India has encouraged the usage of cashless transactions. Now the number of people prefer to use debit/credit card and also UPI came into force which is now one of the widely used payment mechanism preferred by the people.

Digital India is a great step but it has a long way to go. Still, it has to reach the rural and penetrated areas where illiteracy still prevails. Its overall success depends only when it is able to connect all the citizens of the country.

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Prabhat Kumar said: (Oct 26, 2019)  
I am fully agree with policy of GOI for Digital India. It reduces the Black Money up to some extent which increases widely day by day earlier because it gives an easy access to banking system as well as investigation agency to operate it. 2nd important benefit is it reduces the que in bank. Now the people easily transfer money from one account to other with the help of online banking system. 3rd benefit is it makes easy for purchasing and selling goods in market. Earlier it seems that anyone have 500 notes and if hr want to buy a goods of value only 10 rupees then shopkeeper has no interest in selling due to problem of change. So it is beneficial for all type of people present in this system.

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Sanjay Kumar Sahu said: (Oct 25, 2019)  
I agree with government great tie-up with IT developers.

Its a fact, that we grow-up with computer generation, in the future, we can't go door-to-door & shop-to-shop for our daily need product or services.

Because we change like an upgrade with version, it fall as a lezzyness in mind.

We change our daily routine depended on other's finger show out, how he will do but why I can't do that better also luxurious. Only for show-off.

These some of the points take as ROAD LINE TO ONLINE. It simplifies all our need on finger-tip in future its be on upgrade better as required.

Thank you.

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Vishal said: (Oct 19, 2019)  
Digital India, A great initiative has been taken by the government. Thanks to the IT and engineers who have made it easy for us. I think it has benefited for all of us and government too.

As living in modern age the main thing makes it modern is Digitalization. Almost all the needs of man are digital now. We can get everything at home only by touching the screen. Food, groceries, clothes, shoes, fashion everything is being ordered directly at home. Digitalization has eliminated the long long lines, queues from ticket Windows to cashier's window.

Paying moneys, ordering food, knowing information, learning, teaching, filling the forms are now available on one touch.

Every government services are being digital and making it more transparent so benefits to common man are getting easily and in transparency.

Digital India is leading us towards to the.

Global market and showing our strength to the world.

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Jitesh Shewale said: (Oct 19, 2019)  
I think digital India was a great decision by GOI. The goal of this idea is to connect all the citizen with government. We get notification of many thing like our bank transactions, any goverment scheme easily on net and we don't have to wait to apply any job offline, insted we do such things at our place online.

The pain of standing up in que to get money has also reduced. Because of online transaction corruption has also refuced at some level. All the records of gov data now availalable online, so we can see what happening in acutal. The gap between the gov scheme and citizen has reduced because of it. But only literate people get these advantages. What about the ileterate ? Gov should take an initative to introduce these scheme to iletrate people and should teach how to take advantage of it, because worlds 37% people are illitrate in India.

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Vaibhav M said: (Oct 17, 2019)  
As per the topic, I would like to say that both the government of India and Indian people are benefited from digitalization.

First I like to cover how IIndianpeople are benefit form digitalization. Digitalization has changed the perspective of common people now any work be done a second. And it is necessary also because today the world is changing very fast and to cope up with this we have to be updated. Changing manual work into digital form has benefited so much. If we talk about the demerits like digital fraud it only happens because some people are not aware of the use and for that should people should be literate. The government should take initiative to make awareness about the digital advantages and what things remember while doing online transactions.

Government is also benefiting from the digitalization, now all the transaction is done online then the government can easily found the tax offender and main benefit is direct benefit transfer now all the subsidies, pension, and any government scheme money will directly transfer to the beneficiary now there is no need of the middle man. All the government work is done online so there will be less corruption and bribe.

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Rohit Kumar said: (Oct 14, 2019)  
Digital India is for sure a game-changer for the GOI. In my point of view, the people of India have the most benefits from this project. Now it has become an easy part of applying for a passport, DL, or other documents online for which earlier a person has to spend a lot of time. It has changed the course of life from payment to verification and from customer to business. A lot of pros but with cons including awareness i.e. a lot of population till now unaware of its benefits and how to avail them; so government need to first introduce new methods for bringing awareness to people and secondly improving the system for its proper functioning; handling such a vast system with a large population cap as India is itself a challenge and it must be taken care of.

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Akshay Bhisikar said: (Oct 13, 2019)  
According to my point of view the concept of digital India of GOI is good one. It's many advantages have.In current era the digital the concept also the source of employment.. and if we are seen the poverty line is more in India but the govt. Also to run the govt. Scheme to aware about that and educate them. Because the go to on digital India is forward one step to development and same if we seen how much poverty line and the uses of digital transaction has to be convenient or not these people no to be good..

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Ajit Mohanty said: (Oct 13, 2019)  
Yes, digital literacy is essential and also free us from struggling with carrying of hard money to have stolen by the dacoit. But the disadvantage as we know around 35% population of our country are illiterate and also I hope they are not aware of the same to have to use the internet and the fraudulent activities. To keep our country cashless and digitization we should think about the people with illiterate.

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Ayushi Awadhiya said: (Oct 8, 2019)  
In my point of view, digital India it has benefited for our country, It make our life.

And work easier we can do all important work digitally, Digital India are very beneficial for students, because from this we can study anyway in anytime from best tutorial and apps but it has many disadvantages like we can shop online anything but market are down, business man are not have more customers but it have advantage also we can shop anything or see more varieties of things and we can't go anywhere and save much more time and do any other work and save time. Time is a money. Thank you.

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Raj said: (Oct 8, 2019)  
I think it benefited us, it simplifies our daily routine like bill payments, tickets, shopping, free education, communication etc.

Using social media any talent in rural area or anywhere in India get highlighted.

Most of the things are digitally accessible, our lives are getting easier.

It will reduce corruption.

We can also get knowledge of anything anytime anywhere through internet.

Everything has its pros and cons according to me in rural areas maximum number of people are illiterate so they don't know how to use it effectively, the chances of banking thugs are more in those areas. So gov must take steps to make them aware of its uses.

I conclude 'Digital India' makes our nation a step forward to 'Developed Nation'.

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Priyanka said: (Oct 5, 2019)  
In my point of view, digital India is definitely a great initiative taken by the GOI. As we all are aware, in today's scenario, every person is running towards having convenience in his/her life whether its related to our daily needs or other aspects of life. We all are getting more and more busy either in our jobs or we are surrounded by too many things which makes us forget and procrastinate a lot of task. But as the most of the things are now digitally accessible, our lives are getting easier. Whether its related to basic household needs like groceries to electronic items, books, shoes, clothes etc, we can purchase all the things, while sitting at a place instead of searching and roaming here and there.

Even, we have the exposure to different varieties of a single item. As, already many other people have given example of Online book tickets, doing bank transactions and many more, these things have really added values and relaxed ourselves from hectic lives. Now, we can easily order any kind of food at our door in just half and hour. It acts as a boon for many students who can't access proper coaching because of financial issues and the place where they reside. Now, from small exams to top ones, anyone can prepare themselves sitting at home through various free you tube tutorials and online coaching. Even, we can get certified courses from top universities like Harvard, MIT, Stanford etc, which adds on value to our personality and career.

But like every thing has its pros and cons, this has also some which my friends have already mentioned like hackers can hack our bank details and many other fraudulent activities. But many companies are working on it and as per me, the weight of pros is quite heavier than the cons. The main thing is people should be aware regarding this and how safely they can play in this digital world and for that government is already running many initiatives which we should appreciate and even participate in making aware others.

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Sagar said: (Oct 1, 2019)  
Digital India is one of the great initiative taken by any government till now because it provides us to much benefit. It will helps to reduce the corruption in government agency and offices in which the government servant asks from us plenty of money to do our work. Because bringing up all the government task online there is clear separation from them and the citizen can directly apply for the various government documents. Using digital India mission people can now send the money from one account to another account easily and it helps in business also where customer not need to carry wallets and any hard cash to purpose products from the shop. They can directly transfer the corresponding amount in shopkeepers account.

So this will helps the government to monitor every transaction of both the parties so there is less amount of keeping black money. Citizen can now apply for the government job online, they don't need to stand long queues to fill the job application form. Now they can get notification about each scheme and jobs.

So there are lots of benefit of Digital India mission.

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Sarpudeen said: (Oct 1, 2019)  
As per my perception digital india has more benefits and disadvantages as well, in order to saving our times in terms of ticket booking, recharging, paying fee, transactions etc.. its useful for the business people as they using money transfers on a regular basis and we cant keep cash with ourselves always we can get only cards or we can use any payments transaction applications like paytm, google pay, phonepe etc.. however disadvantage side we need to give more awareness to Rural areas and remote villages where people are struggling to use digital way since lack of knowledge as they are unable to use internet services and its not secured for some applications wherein Hackers can easily steal our personal information data so we need to more conscious to use secured application.. if we use it wisely it could be more beneficial for us..
Thank you:)

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Devesh said: (Sep 28, 2019)  
I agree with people that say digital India have both pros and cons.


Digital India make India cashless so less is Case less is the chance of theif and people feel more comfort in online transaction for more amount than cashless.


In India literacy rate is not high so mainly in rural area people are not believe in online transaction they thought that in online transaction there is risk of money if payment get failed etc.

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Dhivya said: (Sep 27, 2019)  
Hello everyone.

In my point of view, digital India concept has the majority of pros because it makes our problems easier and. We do not wait a long time in queue for getting a ticker reservation, to get certificates from the government, and we won't go to shops to get things to home. This all will be done in our moblie itself. Os more amount of energy is saved. If we see the pros of digital India it makes our life easier.

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Ranu said: (Sep 26, 2019)  
I am Ranu ahir, digital India is beneficial for us from my point of view as we see all time people are keep in touch in mobile so it is easy for the people to do some work on mobile or any other system as we have no more time in today busy life to stand in line and wait for our turn so at that time this digital mode help us very much. In every work, such as paying bills in hotels, and other shops make us feel comfortable and easy with that without taking so much time.

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Anshul Ojha said: (Sep 26, 2019)  
Good morning all of you,

My name is Anshul Ojha.

I am in favour of digital India because it is a great step taken by the Modi government. In the 21st century without the internet, we can't make progress in our work. If it was education, job and business without digitalization we can't do our work properly. If we finding mistakes in digitalization than it was infinite in number but only one thing good you find in digital India than it can change your life and you become succeeded in your work.

Thank you for giving me the chance to represent the topic.

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Deepamala said: (Sep 24, 2019)  
Good evening.

As every aspect has pros And cons. Digital India to have.

Literacy rates of India are not too high so it's difficult for those people to handle and understand procedures. But at the same, it saves a lot of time for people with busy schedules.

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Charmitha said: (Sep 24, 2019)  
Hello friends, am Charmitha.

First of all, I would like to appreciate our PM Shri. Narendra Modi and team for the initiative of the project "Digital India". The main motive of this project is to transform our county into a digitally empowered society and knowledge economy. So in that way, it's obviously a benefit for our society which empowers every citizen in our country to participate in digital and e-services. There are many advantages of digital India project which includes high-speed internet connectivity in rural areas and e-governance services to participate in financial space digitally, from cradle to grave digital identity is unique, online and authenticable for every citizen. And it also paves the way for job opportunities as everything became digital using information technology. What more benefit is needed than this for our society to empower our country.

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Mrunal Mane said: (Sep 23, 2019)  
Hello everyone, it's Mrunal.

In my opinion, Digital India plays a vital role in the Indian economy. It is a very good initiative taken by our Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi. It is the step towards the digital empowerment of India.

It is beneficial to the people who have busy schedules & not having time to do the tasks physically being there. They can take benefits of online transactions. It's very useful in daily life. Considering my example, my father pays for my mess bills by using online transactions. It saves his time instead of being in a queue in the banks. There are many examples of this digital India concept. Really, it helps for human comfort as well as transparent procedures.

As everything has pros and cons, this digital India concept also has some drawbacks. The main thing is illiterate people in a rural area. India does not have that much literacy rate. The people who are not literate, they don't easily trust on this online transaction and all. It is a difficult task to make them aware of the same.

So, finally focusing on the positive side, we should try to take a step forward to be part of digital India & try at our level to make people aware of this.

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Priyanka Patidar said: (Sep 23, 2019)  
Hello everyone!

Digitalisation has both a positive and negative aspect.

Firstly, if we talk about positive changes through this is that it makes everything easy. There are services provided through which we can do all our from home like booking tickets, shopping, tranfering funds n so on. This really improves the growth of the economy. Nowadays everyone is learning how to use smartphones to do online transactions, do shopping, paying bills etc.

On the other hand, if we talk about the negative aspect of digitalisation the main problem in India is illiteracy because of this many people suffer they hesitate to use this kind of technology because of some trust issues and also internet connections. Mainly in rural areas, people don't know the methodology of using different apps and all.

So, I conclude now by saying that digitalisation has both a positive and negative aspect.

Thank You!

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Digital India: Whom Does it Benefit?

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