Digital India: Whom Does it Benefit?

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A.R.Prusty said: (Nov 28, 2020)  
Hello Everyone.

I am Akash.

Digital India is an initiative taken by our government to provide all government's services to its citizens digitally. It was launched on 1 July 2015. It is apparent the motive behind such an initiative was to provide services to Indian citizens in a fast and secure way, which had not been possible in the non-digital regime as India has a huge population. In the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic, Digital India rose as a saviour of Life.

Digital India brought smiles to all age groups.

Children can have effective education at their home, at their own comfort zone. It brings in a plethora of job opportunities for job aspirants. Company employees can work from home. Old age people can seek government service and health service at their doorstep.

Every sector benefiting a lot from digital India. Money transaction has become seamless. Drones helped a lot, especially in the Defense sector. E-commerce has made our daily life easier. Like these, there are numerous gains from Digital India.

Digital India has some flaws in it. The government must address these flaws soon. Rural India must be made familiar to Digital India as soon a possible. Make it immune to cybercrime, strengthen the security.

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Raushan said: (Nov 28, 2020)  
Hello friends.

We know that our country is a developing country and cashless transaction is also play a very important role in it. With a number of positive points some negative points also present, but I pinpointing on positive points by saying that it is fast, easier approachable, safe way of payment or what we want to do. It helps to reduce corruption which is one of the major problems in our country. Less burden on Bank.

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Shubham Rai said: (Nov 28, 2020)  
Hello Everyone,

I'm Shubham Rai.

Well in my opinion, digital India is not only about money transaction but also about other works in which we need a digital way to complete.

Now if we define digital India then it can be defined by lots ways such as online study as we are doing nowadays online tickets, booking, online electricity bill payments and other payments. For digitalization, the Indian government has launched many programs and apps. During covid 19, we had a lot of use of digital programs. We could order anything on the online platform, we could work from home, we could study from home. So these are some examples of digitalization.

And finally, I'll say we must pay attention to the digital nation.

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Harsha said: (Nov 28, 2020)  
Good morning all.

My name is Harsha. I am going to discuss the topic digital India.

Digital India is one of a successful campaign launched by our honourable prime minister Narendra Modi. Digital India is nothing but the people get literate about digital platforms. Payments, mailing, any other online doing comes under digital India.

Achievement of this campaign is so many get benefit from this in the pandemic situation by learning, payment in the digital platform.

The drawback is it can't benefit the people who don't know about the internet and who are not having internet facility and knowledge. In soon it will be developed in all rural areas and villages.


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Vaishnav Nayak said: (Nov 26, 2020)  
Hello everyone.

I am Vaishnav.

Digital India was Launched by Our beloved Prime Minister, Sri Narendra Modi in 2015. Digital India inclusion benefitted all the citizens of India. Yes, it was difficult for the people to understand and use it but there were many seminars conducted all over India especially in rural areas. So with that now we can see most of the citizens of India have gone to Cashless option by using various apps for the transaction of money. Also the given situation of the pandemic, digital India played a vital role in each one's life. By going cashless in this pandemic helped us to prevent the spread of the virus. So with this, I conclude that digital India inclusion has been benefited by all the Indian citizens.

Thank you.

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Deepak said: (Nov 26, 2020)  
Hello everyone.

My name is Deepak.

As we know, digital India campaign has been started in India and everyone knows about it's advantages and disadvantages in which the best thing is that it will make sure easy and save time. Also, it is possible in every part of the world that we will benefit. That's all.

Thank you.

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Rajan Siddh said: (Nov 25, 2020)  
Good morning everyone.

Today we are going to discuss the digital India campaign.

Digital India campaign was launched by honorable prime minister Narendra Modi in 2015.

The main objective of this campaign is to make the citizens digitally literal and provide various government services online.

It makes everyone's life very easy.

We all know that we are suffering from covid-19 disease therefore caseless payments are very useful for us which are not possible without this campaign.

There are many merits and demerits of this campaign but being a positive thinker we should adopt positivity from this campaign.


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Saurav Kumar said: (Nov 25, 2020)  
Hello everyone.

My name is Saurav.

Digital India campaign launched by our honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi On 1 july 2015.

The main objective of this campaign was to make citizens digitally literate and provide Various services online.

Digital India campaign has a profound impact on the people of India and it's economic.

The large scale of infrastructure requirment.

Generate a lot of job in information technology and Telecom sector.

Most of the people transactions are in digitalised.

Thank you.

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Agastya Sharma said: (Nov 25, 2020)  
Hello everyone.

Thank you for giving opportunity to discuss this topic.

As we know that digital India scheme initiated by our honourable prime minister Shri Narendra Modi in 2015.

All of you know that it is the Era of technology and we can't imagine the bird of golden without digitalization. After initiation of digital India scheme, our country Moved forward developed country fastly. Many types of corruption cases fall down due to this scheme. Lakhs people open Jan Dhan khata which many types of government funds deposit directly beneficiary person.

During lockdown come their home using Jansunwayi portal which is part of digitalization.

Digital India scheme is most useful for every student to improve their skill. The number of students learning with an online tutor.

That's all.

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Irfan Mulani said: (Nov 24, 2020)  
Hello, everyone, I am Irfan Mulani digital think is the world is a requirement for save our time and day by day life is running fast. People required to save their time by doing online payment, online sharing, online facilities. Which will easily available in online. By doing the India digital corruption rate is decrease the scheme from the government it will directly pay to people account. It will be save the time and save the cost on the paper. Digitization is today world requirement.

Thank you.

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Roopali Chaurasia said: (Nov 23, 2020)  
Digital India Is a campaign started by our honourable prime minister Narendra Modi in 2015. And this is the best campaign ever had. And now we all know the value of digital India. During this pandemic, things became very much difficult to manage for us. Just because of this, we are buying things online most of the IT companies giving work from home. Children's education is not affecting because of lockdown. And as we all know that India is a developing country so it is very necessary for us to take those steps to make our India powerful.


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Deepak Pandey said: (Nov 23, 2020)  
Hello everyone.

My name is Deepak pandey.

I am going to tell about digitalization of India.

Digital India has many advantage like cashless economy, online study and all.

Proud to be an Indian.


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Harsh Thakur said: (Nov 23, 2020)  
Hello everyone,

As we know Digital India initiated by PM Modi is a good scheme for us.

In this world full of online work this is the best policy of Indians.

Like That UPI BHIM online payment gateway we've. Which are safe and fast Digital payment gateways.

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Chandra Prakash Verma said: (Nov 23, 2020)  
Good morning Friends.

My name is Chandra Prakash Verma. I have completed my 10 th 2016 & 12 th 2018 from govt inter college. I interested in reading a newspaper and solving puzzles. I want to join the Indian air force as a post of soldiers because after the 10+2 this is the golden opportunity.

For us. Now, today we discuss the Digital India topic.

First of all, I would like to discuss it, s advantage:- It is launch by Indian prime minister Narendra Modi I 2015. And can use it transfer money by foot pay, phonepay amozon and ext by easy manner. But it disadvantages:- Many people who illiterate and poor people can't know about digital India and about its advantages also.

And many people who have not enough money to connect to the internet they can't profit it.

Thank you.

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Abhaydeep said: (Nov 22, 2020)  
Hello everyone.

As we all know, Digital India is a campaign which is initiated by our honourable prime minister Shree Narendra Modi in 2015.

Digital India is a very nice scheme and it is very profitable for the education sector.

There is many online education platforms who provide the best content of study in a very few cost.

Online platform plays a very important role in corona time because many students shifted to online studies and continued their studies during lockdown also.

At last, I am going to say one thing that.

Digital India is one of a best scheme that ever started.

Thank you.

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Akshay Shukla said: (Nov 22, 2020)  
Our honourable prime minister has taken a step towards digital India each is going to digitise also we can save our time and energy companies also getting benefit no travel cost no paper accessing time so fast if I talk about banking sector we can several transactions just in a second also reduce corruption and crime but it and C's sector companies and literature people are getting the benefit.

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Ankit Kumar Yadav said: (Nov 21, 2020)  
Hello everyone.

As we know, Digital India is a scheme initiated by our honourable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi in 2015.

In my view, Digital India means by which we"The Indians" do near about every work on digital platforms then our goal Digital India will be succeeded. As everyone knows that nothing is perfect in anywhere so there is also some things which escaped from our eyes means the people who are illiterate and some who can not afford the electronic devices are our drow back. To improve these kind of things we can get our goal.

Thanks to all.

Jai hind.

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Anubhav Saxena said: (Nov 19, 2020)  
Hello guys.

My name is Anubhav Saxena.

We all are kown that digital India campaign has been aurgenised since 2015 by our honourable prime minister Narendra Modi ji.

In my point of view, there is being many good things after become India digital. We can stop corruption by doing online payment on Paytm, phone pay etc.

Digital India campaign is too much useful in corona period. Every person doing his work from home and students are attend their online class and continue his study.

Digital India campaign is like a boon for Indians.

Digitalization is like a boon for human.

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Prabht said: (Nov 18, 2020)  
Digital India: Cashless economy.

Good morning friends!

Digital India means India connect with digital platform. Our honourable PM Shri Narendra Modi ji launched it on 2015, he wants to become India cashless and joints with digital platforms.

It helps a lot of people now anyone having without cash he purchase anything by the help of debit, credit card or by pay at Paytm etc.

It helps to reduce corruption in India.


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Sanjana Sahu said: (Nov 18, 2020)  
Hello everyone,

I am Sanjana. First of all, I want to say that in my opinion, digital India has a lot of benefits and we all know that digital India is a campaign Which lunched by govt of India in order to ensure the govt's services are made available to citizens electronically by improved online infrastructure & by increasing internet connectivity or making India digitally empowered in the field of technology.

And we know very well that future expectations of digital India is high-speed internet connection should be available for every gram Panchayat, easy access to common services centre within their locality & safe & secure cyber space in India.

But but but some people of today are using digital India in a very wrong way that's why many people suffer a lot of problems. We should know that govt launched it to make our life simple and comfortable. And yes many people have not yet had the facility of digital India but I hope it reaches to all the people very soon and people could enjoy it well.

Thank you.

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Bikash Yadav said: (Nov 18, 2020)  

Goodafternoon of all friend, in my opinion digital India is very helpful in our country to making strong economic & moderate. We are known that it is launched by honourable pm modi. It benefits such as one line education, less time spent to know excess knowledge. It's disadvantages such as origin a new like as decrease power eye etc. I hope that digital India to developed people in our country.

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Mohammed Shafin said: (Nov 17, 2020)  
Hello everyone, my name is Mohammed Shafin and I would like to share my views on the topic we are discussing here.

We all know that the extent of digitalization shows the extent of development of a country. India is doing exceptionally well in the digital sector which in turn is making the lives of people easier. I would like to pinpoint certain benefits:

1. Banking became very easy.
2. Online education helped many students to get quality education at low price.
3. Able to buy or sell goods easily from home.
4. Interviews are now happening from home and work from home is now becoming a hobby type thing.
5. Electric vehicles are slowly coming in Indian markets helping in reducing pollution in our country.
6. Digitalization is helping various in starting their own business.

There are many more benefits of this campaign however this campaign is able to help only those who are already privileged. The purpose of this campaign was to use modern tech for every citizen of our country in a meaningful manner. With a great population of 130 crores there are some who are able to avail the benefits listed above but there are also many who are lacking the digital experience.

Directly it making our lives easier by giving us relief from the hectic stress we used to have in the pre-digital era but indirectly it is also creating problems for the poor.

Due to unequal distribution of resources in our country privileged ones are able to fetch the most of it however poorer section is unable to avail it.

Although it's a great initiative but its not much fairer according to me.

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Abhishek Singh said: (Nov 17, 2020)  
Hello everyone,

I am Abhishek and my topic on digital India and it's benefits are;

As we know digital India campaign has been started since 2015 by the honourable prime minister.

Digital India means people take advantage of anything on less effort. Some benefits of them are:
1) People can easily transfer money by the help of many apps like google pay, Amazon pay and many more.
2) People can buy anything by online shopping.
3) Government focusing on an electric vehicle to make India pollution-free.

Some demerit on digitalisation one of them rate of unemployment increases day by day.


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Saurav Pandey said: (Nov 16, 2020)  
Hello everyone!

Digital India is one of the aspiring initiatives launched by the government of India.

It can be considered to be the prime objective of our honourable prime minister Shri Narendra Damodardas Modi.



1. To make the accessibility of common people more efficient.
2. To raise the deprived section of society for digital transactions.
3. To increase transparency within the finances.
4. To connect every section of our country on a single platform.
5. To make India a digitally sound country mounting the image of the country in the digital world.

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Vanshika Poddar said: (Nov 16, 2020)  
Digital India is the future of our country. Not only it benefits the youth but also opening doors for all sort of mankind. Once a tedious job of money transaction or shopping groceries can now be done in just a swing of the wand.

In a present scenario of the pandemic, it's The digital platform which has fulfilled the requirement of all. Work from home, online education, e-shopping etc all had become much easier with the various digital platform.

And, I believe it will advance much more in coming days and so does our pm has boosted up the digital India moment.

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Vivek Kumar said: (Nov 16, 2020)  
Good morning all of you.

As we know that.

Today, we are going to discuss digital India campaign.

This campaign is launched by PM Modi.

Merit it is very helpful for our people.

By it's we save our time, nowadays many works done by this, like money transfer, scriber work, online study, marketing etc.

But the demerits are,

Many people are unemployed.

Because of its effect, and some people dependent on smartphone and cyber system.

Thus we can say that digital India is more effective for our help, it saves our time & work greatly done.

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Divyanshu Mishra said: (Nov 15, 2020)  
First of all, good morning to everyone. As far as, the merits of digital India is a concern then one can come to know that it different spheres of society. For example, if talk about trade & commerce, it makes all the procedures faster and safer. The accuracy and precision of each and every transactional process is increased to any extent. Apart from trade and commerce the positive impact of digitisation can also be noticed in our daily life. Now if we come to today's schooling and education that we come to know that digital study is gradually replacing the prior studies. Today's students are much sharper than earlier ones. Now they don't need to wait for their teachers for the answers regarding their queries they have their solutions on the spot. At the end, I would like to say that digitisation has shown a positive impact to the spheres of the society thus it benefitted to each and every one. Thank you.

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Prabhu Dayal said: (Nov 15, 2020)  
Hello everyone,

As we know, that digital India campaign started by our PM Narendra Modi. If we talk about its positive aspect, so we say that digital India campaign affects almost urban area because in the urban area almost all the people use a smartphone. Mostly businessmen are taking its benefit because it saves their time to withdraw cash and make a payment, now they direct transfer their payment to the receiver. As far as seen rural area s people also take its benefit because now smartphone used all over India.

So we can say that it's a great step toward developing our country. If you talk about fraud, then from today people will join the Digital India campaign, then in the coming few years, they will also find ways to avoid it. And as we all know that we have no act against cybercrime. So as soon as possible India government should make an act against cybercrime.


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Krishan said: (Nov 15, 2020)  
Hello Everyone,

Now I am going to put my view on the topic "Digital India".

The campaign "Digital India" was launched by our honourable Prime Minister Sh. Narendra Modi in 2015. Digitalization is helpful in the development of our country.

As everything has two sides like- Good and Bad.

Making India digital is a good idea but some exceptions make it a bad idea. By digitalization, bill payment like booking, buying something, recharge etc became very easier.

Student makes their study online at any time and anywhere. Mostly those students who can't afford coaching classes fee.

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Abhishek said: (Nov 14, 2020)  
A very warm morning to all.

Today, I am going to put some light on the topic of DIGITAL INDIA.

Digital India is a scheme initiated by our honourable PM Shri NARENDRA MODI.

As we all know that everything has both advantages as well as disadvantages same goes here.

Some merits of digital India are as follows.

Every country wants that his economy to be best and digitalization is a key for that. If a country has good digitalization then it's economy would definitely be one another level.

The education system is very essential for any country and during this pandemic for education, it is very essential that India is digital.

As we all know that a coin also has Two sides similarly digital India also has demerits some of them are.

As we all know that online payments have increased the illiterate people don't know how to use the technology so they are coming in the word of hackers and their accounts are being hacked.

Another demerit is that we know the fake news has gone on another level we know what's app University.

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Parul Kashyap said: (Nov 14, 2020)  
May I start.

Everything has own advantages and disadvantages.

But digitalization has lots of advantages.

Digitalization has good in education sector because in the time of pendemic all school and colleges remain closed so by this method we continue our study for example Andhra pardesh starts a youtube channel for the study of purpose and many states government think about other digital activities.

Another benefit of digitalization is that we stop spreding the pendemic by using the digitalization method we pay their payment by Digital method and our honorable prime minister start a digital health mission on this Independent day.

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Saurabh Singh said: (Nov 12, 2020)  
Hello all, we are going to talk about a very important topic that is Digital India: Whom does it benefit?

It is the campaign launched by the Government of India in order to transform India into a digitally empowered society and a knowledge economy. During this Pandemic situation, we have realized the importance of digitalization in India and the need for its adaptation at the mass level.

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Vishal Pratap Singh said: (Nov 12, 2020)  
Hello everyone,

Thanks for giving me this opportunity. Now, all you know our central govt is taking many steps for making digital India. Our pm Narendra Modi also told many times about it in his speech.

After become digital India everyone can gets benefits of it as it will take less time to complete work whatever the field may be as agriculture sector, bank department, railway department, bus convience any many other sector. Especially our formers who are using their ancient technology and have very less income, after using new technology can enhance their income. Now in covid time. Although India's GDP is suffering of it's worst condition, India will soon comes out from it and would take strong steps by becoming part of AATM NIRBHAR BHARAT compaign and adopting indigenous things we can enhance India's growth.

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Mohinder said: (Nov 12, 2020)  
Hey everyone.

As we know digital India campaign was started by our honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Digitalization can be very beneficial in the education sector particularly in stationery things like pen, pencil, notebooks, and books. Because every single page of a book, pencil as well are made of trees. And if go forward to digitalization the use of plant-based products effectively reduced which helps us as well as other living beings to survive on planet earth.

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Sonu Manjhi said: (Nov 12, 2020)  
With changing in time. We have to also change ourself.

Digital India is one of the best schemes. This program was launched in 2015 by our prime minister Shree Modi. The aim of this scheme was the provide an opportunity to people who are not able to afford costly things. One of the biggest success of this scheme is online education. Now we see the online education and online platform provide us with expensive courses at the cheapest price with the best content.

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Lokesh Mali said: (Nov 12, 2020)  
Hello everyone.

Everyone knows that this campaign initiated by our respected prime minister Mr Narendra Modi in 2015. Through online payment, many frauds in transection and through this many fake news spread speedily. But it has some good things. It is very beneficial for us because we can do our online works from our home and make our work easier than back days. We can send our money through online payment and we pay bill anywhere through online payment and make our bill easy.

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Raja Kumar said: (Nov 12, 2020)  
Hello everyone,


The campaign is started in 2015 by our honourable pm Narendra Modi. He is very popular in the world. First of all, we discuss the advantages of digitalization. Nowadays covid 19 spared all over India so all people prefer to pay digitally. We can buy and sell all the necessary things online. We express our thoughts on any social activities but there are some drawbacks of digitalization. There is a lot of payment frauds we face. The people who have not any phones and laptops they can not use the benefits of digitalization. For digital payment, the internet is necessary which is so costly.

That's all, Thank you!

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Anil Yadav said: (Nov 12, 2020)  
Hellow everyone!

Today I'm going to discuss the topic of digital India campaign.

Digital India scheme launched by our honourable prime minister Mr. Narendra Modi in 2015 to make India digital. The aim of this campaign was connecting remote areas to the internet and breaking the supply of black money in India.

So, we can say that digital India is very useful and beneficent for everyone.

Thank you so much all.

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Ravi Yadhuvansi said: (Nov 12, 2020)  
Hello everyone.

Good afternoon.

Now. I am going to put a light on my views of digital India.

It was initiated by our respected prime minister Narendra Modi in 2015. It's aim was to bring 4g mobile phone in India and do everything online to interpreted the corruption.

I think it must be increased in India.

Because of one mobile, we can do anything.

It was the biggest helper in covid -19 situation. In covid 19 everyone was doing work form home.

The student was reading from home.

Now about farming, farmers can consult the best doctor for their crops security only sending the relative problem to relative site.

It only maybe hazards if someone hacks 4g is decreasing thinking abilities of people but it's manageable.

It's is the biggest initiative that gives a new ray at our nation.

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Harish said: (Nov 12, 2020)  
Hi friends.

Digital India is a good step for our pm Modi, because is very helpful in our social life you digitalization is very respect give us an international platform and our are develop more us.

You all know very well digitalization is very helpful on corona pandemic time it's help us to continue our study it's very helpful for all people.

It's many bad effects to our society because digitalization came after hacking and bank account hack system is grow very faster.


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Air Force said: (Nov 11, 2020)  
Hello everyone.

At first, I tell it's my personal opinion. Digital India is a great idea for our generation and next-generation but it helps us very much like we do anything at home like money transfer, recharge, food order, shopping etc but I think it makes lazy. As we know how much we try for secure but this digital time it's not possible at all way.

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Narinder said: (Nov 11, 2020)  
Hello everyone.

Today, I am going to discuss digital India.

Digital India was launched by our honourable PM Modi to make India digital. It made our life easy. Technology connects people digitally.

A big benefit of this is an online transaction. People can pay digitally as it is also easy to carry than cash. It also helps the student in their education because the student could attempt online classes using apps like zoom and g meet etcetera and could continue their study.

As every coin has two sides digital India has some demerits. Poor people cannot take electronic gadget. And it also required the knowledge of technology but all have not knowledge of technology. In digital India, there is also fear of hacking and cybercrime.

This was my opinion. Thanks

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Sanjeet Yadav said: (Nov 11, 2020)  
Hi everyone.

Digital India scheme is started by our honourable prime minister Mr Narendra Modi in 2015.

We are so benefitted by this scheme.

Today is the greatest role of a digital India scheme in our life.

Nowadays we can purchase anything at the online platform this is possible by digital India.

We are benefited by this scheme and the handicapped people more benefited by this scheme.

Digital India scheme is very useful in Corona time.

It's very useful in our daily life.


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Parmender said: (Nov 11, 2020)  
Hello Everyone.

Today our topic is Digital India Campaign and its benefits.

Digital India Campaign was started by Our honourable PM Narender Modi. All the people's took participate in this campaign from all over the country. This helps us very much the works become so easy with these techniques. In this corona period Of social Distancing digital platform appears a blessing for us. This helps us in the cashless transaction, ticket booking and many other bill payments at a time from our home easily. For office employees, it is a very useful Platform to works for its firm or company from home to avoid contact with other people.

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Saurabh said: (Nov 11, 2020)  
Hello everyone,

The topic of group discussion is Digital India and How it has benefitted us?

Digital India campaign was started by Narendra Modi in 2015 and its aim was to help reach digitalization. This is a very beneficial campaign as it has really helped many of us during the Covid-19 Situation When many of us were forced to Work from Home. The Danger of the Digitalization being Danger of getting Hacked and Various common fraud that are common in this.

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Rahul said: (Nov 11, 2020)  
Hello everyone. ।।।.

Now I am going to put forward my views on the topic digital India campaign.

This campaign was initiated by our respected prime minister Modi. It becomes very popular nowadays. There are many benefits to this program. People can make transactions sitting in their homes by one click at any time anywhere in the world. It makes everyone s life very easier. But it also has some demerits like frauds in transactions. ।। Spreading of fake news like wildfire. However, we can say that the digitalization of India has a lot of benefits if used in a better way and for the welfare of society.


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Rohit Lohar said: (Nov 11, 2020)  
Good morning everyone.

Today we are going to discuss the Digital India Campaign.

This campaign started in 2015 by our honourable prime minister Narendra Modi.

Now we can see its effects in all over India. It has made our life easier since before. Because of this campaign internet has spread to villages area. Now people are well acquainted with the use of the internet and they can easily access the internet at any place, at any time.

But as we know that every coin has two sides that's why digital India also has its demerits.

In digital India campaign, there are lots of risks of being hacked and cybercrimes.

Thank You.

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Navin Singh said: (Nov 10, 2020)  
Hello everyone. Today I'm going to discuss the topic of digital India.

It was launched by honourable prime minister Narendra Modi in 2015 to make India digital. In my opinion, the best example of digital India is a cashless economy. If I'm talking about the cashless economy in simple words it means when we pay for something through digital platforms like Paytm or through our credit card, atm etc. If I talk about the present time when we are suffering from covid 19 disease cashless payments are so useful.

Thank you.

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Ajay Kumar said: (Nov 10, 2020)  
Hello friends.

I am going to start our given topic Digital India.

Which is most successful mission of our government yet. It gives a lot of benefit to the society like online education, bill payments, and also give employment to the people. Now a days, it plays an important role to the society during lockdown period.

On the other side, it have some demerits like cyber crime, and fake news and all so if we use this digital system properly it can bring a huge change in our country.

Thank you.

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Abhishek said: (Nov 10, 2020)  
Digital India is a national campaign launched by honourable prime minister Narendra Modi. The aim of this campaign was connecting remote areas to the internet and breaking the supply of black money in India. Now, it becomes boon for Indian citizens. We can get lots of knowledge and skills at very low costs. We can go anywhere without traffic and find any place by digitisation. We connect ourselves socially and share our experiences and knowledge with others. After covid-19 pandemic Scholls, colleges, universities and institution connect to students through digitally. It increases lots of development in every sector. It gives a huge opportunity to everyone to self depended. We can easily advertise anything and permit business in very low price. As we all know every coin have two sides and another side of the digitalisation is that it affects mental and physical health and cybercrime also increases by digitisation. There are lots of fack accounts where they misguide to people this is the dark side of digitalisation.

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Mohanish Kushwaha said: (Nov 10, 2020)  
Hello friends.

Today, I am going to discuss about the topic Digital India.

Digital India scheme was started by our honourable prime minister Mr. Narendra Modi in 2015.

There is many benefits of Digitisation which is most useful for everyone. So that I want you to tell about this uses ---.

1. We can order online anything else easily by sitting at home.

2. Digitisation is very useful for that students who can't go anywhere for further education can easily study at home online.

3. This is also very useful for those citizens who can't undergo the crowd of banking process they can easily done the transactions at home by taking fewer seconds.

So we can say that Digital India is very useful and beneficent for everyone.

Thank you so much all.

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Sagar Nath Siddh said: (Nov 10, 2020)  
Hello everyone.

I am glad to participate in this discussion.

Today our topic is digital India.

Digital India is launched by prime minister in 2015.

It helps in digitalization and produce a lot of jobs.

It helps in many sectors like online transection, and online education online banking also others.


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Akash Babu said: (Nov 10, 2020)  
Good morning / afternoon everyone,

I am glad to part of this discussion on a topic "digital India ".

In my opinion, digital India is making beneficial to us whenever our India is digital it's saved our time like COVID 19 critical situation. A lot of employees do work from home students can learn our studies by laptop, mobile, tablet etc. It gives much more information to the farmer to make her farm better. Avoid paperwork lots of information are available on our mobile. Digital India improves our knowledge. A handicapped person can take better benefits through digital India.

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Mukul Sharma said: (Nov 10, 2020)  
Good morning everyone.

Today our topic is Digital India.

This scheme was started by Narendra Modi in 2015.

After this, a big change came to every person's life.

It saves our time and money and gave a comfort life.

It is also helpful for a new generation. But everything has a good effect as well as bad effects.

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Rahulojha said: (Nov 10, 2020)  
It's a national campaign launched by the honourable Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi. It's main aim to connect the village area with high-speed internet network and improving digital literacy. It is play important role in developing country. By this, we can consume our time. In this era, every this is in online like online payment, money transfer and shopping. But there is some threat like cyberbullying is one of and access of internet available. It's only for literate people, illiterate people unaware of this so before starting this first need to create awareness.

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Rohit said: (Nov 10, 2020)  
Good morning everyone, today world economies are growing very rapidly and here digitalisation plays crucial role. It helps in every sector for better functioning and saves time and cost. India goes digitalized largely after demonitization that made a big improvement in our economy and helpful to poor peoples. Black money and corruption also combated. Thanks.

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Coti said: (Nov 9, 2020)  
Good morning to everyone.

Digital India campaign was launched by our honourable prime minister Narendra Modi in 2015.

To be digitalized is a matter of proud for any country.

The main motive to digitalize may be to reduce the cases of corruption. Digitalization can boost the economy of a country. It will create a lot of jobs.

Even a student can get benefit from digitalization. Digitalization will help the students to get accurate and to have more knowledge. It can lead the country on a golden path. Many rural areas can be developed with the help of digitalization. Time of people can be saved by digitalization. At the end, digitalization can be proved as a boon for India.

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Dipika Patro said: (Nov 9, 2020)  
Good evening everyone.

I am glad to have a part of this discussion on a topic "digital india".

Digital India is a scheme of our honourable prime minister to step forward towards developed India.

The benefited person is every Indian because everyone now doing their work with their fingerprints in a part of a second.

Not only transactions but also shopping, studies, inventions and as we are using this app to share our knowledge through a group discussion. These all things are digitalisation.

So this pandemic also helps our India to focus more on this digitalization. As all things are closed we spent time with our lovely ones and doing works from our home.

And the NEP brings a new education system to help education be a part of digitization.

Thank you.

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Hussain said: (Nov 9, 2020)  
Most of you know digital India takes a part of every citizen in this generation. Digital India was launched Narendra Modiji in 2015. Digital India makes to help work easily in less time & it increases internet access.

By this technology, humans can make life easier to move on.
Even the children also make ensure to this technology for studies.
This digital technology makes different sectors positions.
Online process sector.
Education sector.
Agricultural farming sector & etc by this different sector the human can make empower easily.
Due to this, digital India to increase the development of each sector.

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Ajay Goswami said: (Nov 9, 2020)  
Good Morning/Afternoon Evening.

Digitalization is the most important part of our daily life. Because without digitalization we can't draw money from the bank and can't be Doing Shopping, sharing WhatsApp Location. Etc.

Nowadays digitalization is a part of our daily life. In the present, we can aware of Covid 19 and safe our family and others.

We can cover long distance one place to another place With Short of time it is a part of Digitalization.

So, I think we have happily Seen this information.

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Sandeep said: (Nov 9, 2020)  
Digital India is the best technique of this Era. Every citizen of India avails of this method. In the past when we were doing any work like official and submit the payment or any banking work, then we spend lot of time taking but nowadays we are doing these work in a nanosecond, there are following main points related to digital India -.

1. In the remote villages people go hundreds of kilometre to do their work and nowadays same these type of work people do their work from their home at any time, by this technique people save their time, and work comfortably their field.

2. people who travel in the long-distance journey can online payment and avoiding from hijacker and thieves.

3. ATM card gives a crucial role in our daily life, through this we can transaction in/at every place in the country.

4. Through PAYTM app we can be recharge or increase validity in the phone, so in strange places, we can't be wondered here and there.

And there are a lot of features of Digital India Campaign. Thanks.

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Ravi said: (Nov 9, 2020)  
Hello everyone. I will elaborate digital India in a different way so let's go on.

I want to tell you the negatives and positives but the topic is related to benefits that are the reason I will tell you the merits.

Digital India means connecting to the rest of world digitally for various means.

Every one has its personal use like I am a student so I learn education. My father is a shopkeeper so he needs payment system digitally for comfort. My mother is housewife so she uses it in a different aspect. My elder brother likes it for his job-related issues. Govt tries to connect the rural or backward area digitally for its further use.

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Vimlesh Kumar said: (Nov 8, 2020)  
Hello everyone.

Digital India is the best way for the education sector. Digtiligation is the simplest and fastest way to the payment process

Nowadays many works has depended on the digitalisation as the banking sector, education sector and agriculture.

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Ram said: (Nov 8, 2020)  
Hello All,

According to my point of view, digital India is a nice platform to promote or launch our own brand. If we talk about whom it benefits then it benefits to so many individuals who are involved IT, finance & other sectors who can do the business or reach out to the people digitally & give their best to serve the people.

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Gujjaruda said: (Nov 8, 2020)  
Nowadays a lot of time saved with the help of Digitalization. One who has no time for going to the bank and not able to go for any other issues solved at home properly because of our digital life. One can save one's money by using an online application and takes daily online classes. Almost everyone is depending on digital gadgets like mobile, daily use electrical apparatus. I think all of us known already what is the advantage of digitalization in our life because it can be changed our daily life and also a benefitted thing which you want?

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Amresh Prajapati said: (Nov 8, 2020)  
According to my opinion, digitalization is the best way to progress of any country. We know that today, America, japan, and like many countries are develop in the world because he uses digital in any region. In this time, every countries are inproblem. Many people can't do his job and students can't study in ofline. But in the drastic condition possible job or study and many work by digitalazation.

At least digitalization is very important for any country.

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Dipti said: (Nov 5, 2020)  
I think Digitalization has been a great boon for a number of people. Like a pandemic we are encountering now, it is so risky to go out of homes for work or anything else. Due to digitalization, many people did not lose their jobs, many people could work at the comfort of their rooms. Many companies adopted the digital platform working culture which not only help the employees save their jobs, but also the work and output of the company were not disturbed.

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Soni Kumari said: (Oct 29, 2020)  
As per the review, concern digital India is very crucial role play in the development of the country. Behalf of digital India doing work sitting at home. Do not possible for anything without digital technology. Digital technology is playing a big role in the education sector. In this pandemic situation, all school are connected to digitally. Without digital can not possible attending school. Nowadays technology does anything.

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Harsha Reddy said: (Oct 28, 2020)  
Whenever we heard the word Digital, we are like wow that sound's good. Because Digital word itself makes us feel ease as well as lazy also. As far as my limited knowledge, I think that getting into the digital zone rather than following conventional methods is an effective thing. And I can proudly say that digital technology would be boon for our country. Otherwise, we cannot get into space from earth. If talk about the people who acquired the benefits of Digital India is undoubtedly the educated people in larger. People in villages and the people who are not literate are not much known and use of digital technology.

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Ajay said: (Oct 27, 2020)  
Everybody in the country will be benefitted with digital India. People who don't like regular work will choose alternative smart work because of new jobs evolved due to digital India. People start learning technology-related works to a particular time and get experienced in that. Due to this, the country will be definitely developed and everybody starts earning money. So there might be reducing poverty. When all the people start working and earning money, there are no such differences between poor and rich. In fact, everybody will be treated as same. Making digital India is really a great thing that needs to be done.

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Mridul Sharma said: (Oct 26, 2020)  
Digital India: Yes, it has endless benefits.

Do you think it's boon to your environment and wellbeing of humans I think no and as all are telling it created jobs in various sectors but I think it is minimising the labour as much of the work is done with less labour and much machines. The health of people is also being affected.

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Divya said: (Oct 25, 2020)  
Digitalization is beneficial, all over India thinking about advantages of digital India, no one thinking about disadvantage, everything going on digital way fraud chances increases, our India has lots poor people they work hard get one-day food. They don't have enough money to give digital education to their kids, government help can't reach to them, due to digital system we can from any place, but the environment problem remains same, in a home we don't get the proper official environment, in online education, some are really doing but some are not taking seriously, the interaction between student and teacher it is must but it is not happening in online education, personally, I think some part of digital technology is effective but some not we have to balance it.

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Shreyas said: (Oct 23, 2020)  
From my point of view, digitalization of the country provides an opportunity for the youngster to be a self-dependent and allow them to explore the possibility in terms of technology.

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Mahesh said: (Oct 21, 2020)  
According to the current situation that arises due to pandemic, it is a booming time for electronic media which creates many job opportunities in various fields such as Graphic design, Digital marketing, etc. This Digitalization has changed our traditional education classroom teaching to the new virtual classroom teaching where you can learn at your pace. From my point, Digital India is a great initiative started by our Government.

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Abhinav said: (Oct 20, 2020)  
According to me, Digital India is a wonderful initiative started by the government. Since now we are all in crisis and tough times, digitalization has paved way for the success of online classes and work from home. People who do not want to travel long distances to college and study are benefitted. We can even perform various banking transactions from any place through digitalization using UPI apps. Online shopping has become part and parcel of our life. From flight tickets booking till ordering manchuria, everything has become digital. I wouldn't say that digitalization will benefit all people. Certainly not! Only for those people who know it will know!!

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Peuse Khanda said: (Oct 20, 2020)  
Digitization in India is no doubt a boon to citizens of India. This is a flagship programme of Government of India to transform India into a digitally empowered society and knowledge economy.

1) e-governance to avoid red-tapism: Bridging the gap between government and citizens. It may be in the banking sector, land recording, police n law, transportation etc.

2) Less paperwork which has a huge impact on the environment.

3) If you have adequate knowledge to teach, you can do it by sitting any corner of the world. The same thing is applicable if you a knowledge hunter. So, Online Learning is very necessary for this pandemic situation.

4) It has also affected the investing sector. Now, we can open mutual funds online by just filling up a form and digital verification in mutual funds are also done online. KYC just takes a few minutes which you can do it by sitting in any corner of the world.

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Abinash Panda said: (Oct 20, 2020)  
Digital India means everything will be digital but we have to unchanged some system and remains them 80%percent digital and 20%undigital like education farming. In my point of view,
In India, farming and farmer are a vital part of our country till today not all farmers are literate to use the digital method I think in future our farmers get a good education to use digital application.

- Education plays a vital role in the progress of our country in this epidemic we get to know how digital education is important for developing INDIA. But here we get to know another thing that real education we get in school college universities with teacher friends classmates we need that environment for real education in the digital world we will become theoretical, not practical and that's the major problem becoming digital.

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Aryakrishna.U said: (Oct 19, 2020)  
Digital India helps us to improve our knowledge in the digital world.

The digital method of studies it helps the students to learn whatever they want to learn from anywhere and from any place and any time.

It helps the remote areas to improve their skills and other activities.

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Shafiya said: (Oct 18, 2020)  
Digital India is the concept.

There are a lot of benefits.

1: Illiterate people also can do the transaction through digitally.

2: Nowadays people not carrying money with them, they are securely save their money and doing transactions through apps like google pay, Phone pay, Pay TM.

3:No need to go banks to withdraw money, and waiting at queue.

4: Due to corona pandemic also it is very helpful, People are using digital goods like tabs mobiles and join the classes through digitally.

5: They children also aware of the digital classes it is helpful in corona pandemic.

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Madhuri said: (Oct 18, 2020)  
In my point of view, Digital India is not good because all members will not focus on what the teacher are teaching.

And for lab works, we need to go offline.

In offline class, it's difficult to pay attention to classes if online no-one is going to care about classes.

Through online interaction will be less b/w students and teacher if it is an offline teacher can find student mistakes and they can put students in the right path.

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Vedang said: (Oct 14, 2020)  
In early days where digital facilities were more prevalent in urban population, Digital India has given a boost to internet literacy in rural population as well. Major services like banking, education, market, and all other facilities which were concentrated at a particular place and demanded travel to avail all these services, now can be brought at our doorsteps, all thanks to digital reforms.

Distance education has been made possible with internet connectivity reaching to common people's fingertips. Digital India campaign if well executed will prove to be a milestone for rural economy, farmers and entrepreneurs who want to enter in bigger market with their products. With Digital India, a lot of important fields like health, banking, food supply etc. Can be more effectively worked upon and be monitored in such big country like India.

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Anu Mohanan said: (Oct 12, 2020)  
Digital India was launched by the Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi on 1 July 2015, with an objective of connecting rural areas with high-speed Internet networks and improving digital literacy. [The vision of Digital India programme is inclusive growth in areas of electronic services, products, manufacturing and job opportunities. It is centred on three key areas " digital infrastructure as a utility to every citizen, governance and services on demand, and digital empowerment of citizens.

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Rahul Kumar said: (Oct 10, 2020)  
Digital India is indeed a great initiative taken by the government of India to empower the people with new technologies.

As we know the importance of the internet, smartphones and other new technologies in human life So, providing internet connection and smart devices would enhance their capabilities in many fields like agriculture etc.

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Vinay Kumar said: (Oct 10, 2020)  
Digital India, one of the great initiative by the government is playing a vital role in today's life. This initiative have connected the people with the technology and the adequate use of it. Digitalization now has become the part and parcel of our daily life, as we can make any transactions through sitting at home rather than going outside to draw money from ATM. Many of the people are taking the advantage of this because of the knowledge and the proper information they have gone through. While some who are not aware of this or having lack of information about this are facing issues.

Hence this initiative is beneficial to the one who has the complete information about it and uses his skills and helps in the development of the country in the sector of digitalization.

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Sarika Mishra said: (Oct 9, 2020)  
The digital world is a fantastic concept but only for the small section of people because large of illiterate people live in our country they live in remotest area where even lights are not properly available so what is meaning of digital world for them if any country wants development of its people then its make assess to a large section of society we Indians come in the category of lower middle class where people are highly uneducated so its govt responsibility to start large no of Campaign to each and every corner of India so that no one can be left with benefits of digitisation we see how life become so simple through this digitization we get quality study material in an easier way we connect with a knowledgeable teacher from across country digitally but it must be biased for all people of India.

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Priya Kashyap. S said: (Oct 9, 2020)  
Considering the current pandemic situation, where hygiene and social distancing have become an important part of everyone's life. Digital India will benefit businesses of all sizes. For example, take the HoReCa segment to understand this. There are many restaurants which have already discarded the use of traditional menu cards keeping the chance of spreading the infection to the customers and the staff. They have adopted a complete digital model of functioning. A customer is provided with a QR code on the table, through which he can browse through the digital menu, order, pay without any physical cash exchange. So according to me, digital India will be benefitted by businesses as well as the general public. But every good thing comes with cons too, so there might be a connectivity issue or online frauds etc. But overall, it's a great step towards the development of India.

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Sweta Puri said: (Oct 7, 2020)  
Digital India make us more adventurous and more knowledgeable, through this we were getting knowledge about various digital useable things, not only the teen, adult but also aged persons were getting knowledge about new things and these small things is profitable among all the age group, we get in touch with digitalization and this makes our self confident much stronger. When we start with some small things then only we advanced our knowledge and give some knowledge about these things to others.

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Shalini Sharma said: (Oct 7, 2020)  
Digital India is for sure a very big step towards the growth of the country. In a current pandemic situation, digitization is indeed important as without it the growth of the country would have stopped. Schools /colleges are continuing the classes via online classes. IT industries are growing as this is the actual time when they can showcase their real power. Make in India with make for India is Gaining popularity.

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Piku said: (Oct 5, 2020)  
Digital India is program launched by government of India to give access of government's services to citizens of India. It is beneficial for all citizens of India whether they are from urban area or rural area as internet is available in all parts of India nowdays and people from all age group use mobile phones and other electronic gadgets so they can access services elctronically. They can transfer money online as wellas they can use other digital services like online shoping online railway tiket booking etc. Which is reallly useful in this corona pandemic. It not only save time but also very convenient for old people. Although there are disadvantages as some people might not know how use this services but I thing other than that it is beneficial for all.

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Sonu Keshri said: (Oct 4, 2020)  
Before going with the point, to whom it is benefited. I would like to spot some light on what India become when it attached with the word digital, it basically means connectivity, communicability, opportunities economically stability.

Now the question is how?

As we have seen this was the initiation taken by our honourable PM Narendra Modi sir. According to him, New India should take steps toward digitalization where we do transactions with our electronic device ie initiation towards cashless India which create new jobs, if I am talking about communication, now a day if anyone wants to contact the people around the world they can do easily in second, if I am talking about economically stability of the nation, I must mention here that cashless India reduces the chances of corruption and also terrorism. Due to digitalization in every sector creates a lot of jobs opportunities which added value towards economical stability.

Last but not the least, I must mention in such pandemic during lockdown when everybody is in their home, the initiation of work from home and online classes for students has been taken successfully, this is nothing but due to initiation towards digitalization. So here we see every aged people of every sector are benefited with the tag called digital India.

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Komal Ajaykumar Chavan said: (Oct 1, 2020)  
Digital India is very effective for the world because using this idea. We really complete our transactions. It is very effective in school, colleges, bank and all other sectors. So many peoples are updated to using digital India.

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Bhagyashree Behera said: (Oct 1, 2020)  
In my point of view,

Digitalization is the good and effective process for our country which is an initiative by the Government of India. But Digital India is like coin's two side. It has both merits and demerits. People are no recognized the merit part they are always see the demerits. So first we have to educate people that how can they get merits? how they got benefits of digital India. This is very much needed for our country and I am proud to be an Indian.

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Aarti Mehta said: (Sep 27, 2020)  
In my point of view, digital India is good for us and it has various benefits for us. With the digital system, everything has done at home. Nobody needs to go anywhere. But govt should take steps to secure these things more efficient manner then nobody can hack our system. With the help of Cloud computing data is more securing. People learn from these things. People getting more active in education. Digital India also takes effect on education. People are thinking that they need to read more and more. Parents want their children to read more and more despite work. We are lucky our India is digital now and we proud of it.

Thank you.

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Mohit said: (Sep 25, 2020)  
Hi, everyone.

Digital India is a developed by Indian Prime Minister Modi. Digital India is the most important thing to develop our country. Modi said must be important in our countries digitalization. We have used in online money transfer a few minutes and sent to the few second. Most of the people say us digital not secure method because many fraud cases look a daily life and newspaper.

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Aju Bhai said: (Sep 21, 2020)  
Hello everyone.

Digital India program initiated by government has been successful in many ways. Transaction of money is more viable than ever. People are now more familiar with different online transaction apps and now we can easily send and receive our money by just one click. We don't need to stand in long line to get cash from bank. And it also help us in difficult situation when there is no money in our pocket.

It also helps in improving our education system. Now student can complete their education at home without going school or college. It also increase the number of startups in this sector and like a paytm, unacademy apps are providing online study to student. And in this pandemic time, online education system is more useful than ever. And now people are more Lean on online education system. Even now many colleges are providing online degree. And that makes our education system more flexible and strong.

Despite high growth of digital system, still we need to ensure that in rural area, people will be more aware of this and their are also problem of network in many areas. There are also high chance of withdraw of your money from your bank account by hackers due to weak security of system. So we need to improve these above mention things and we can make our life more flexible and easy by digital methods.

Thank you.

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Rusher said: (Sep 12, 2020)  
Hello everyone.

Our Indian Government really took a good initiative to make our country a digital country. So, in this case, my opinion is that.

As every situation has it two sides, that is it has it merits and demerits. But in this case, there are many merits compared to demerits.

This action taken by the govt will benefits to everyone like from old to young people, poor to rich people, businessman to even employes. But provided they have proper knowledge about the new technologies that come in to use to make digital India, Technologies the sence like for money transation PhonePay, Gpay, Paytm etc and in Education sector nowadays in the pandemic period students can study over the online platforms like Zoom app, Google Meet etc these are some merits.

When I talk about demerits it about, uneducated peopls, due to poverty some people can't afford new technology and Internet connection. These are some barriers that cames in between the process of digitalization, but we can break these barriers by education.

The peoples about it, and spreding the awareness about it, convesing them about its benifites.

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Manoj said: (Sep 11, 2020)  
Digital technology is contributing different way for example avoiding the black money and corruption will reduce significantly.

How to help digital technology for the common man?

Nowadays anyone common human daily using domestic products bought and buy that person involve country finance that person should be using digital technology country GDP automatically increase this small example for digital technology benefit of the country.

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Mohit Raj said: (Sep 11, 2020)  
Digital India is a dream for our honourable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi.

As the coin has two sides similarly everything has its merits and demerits. Digitalization has been benefiting us in many sectors in this pandemic. The sectors like Banking Transactions, Food deliveries, Online Study, Work from home and so many ways. Imagine this pandemic 10 years back, it seems that it would be uneasy and tough for us to survive without these facilities. We have the data about the viruses, its effects on the human body, and its medicines of earlier pandemic situations like Malaria, Swinflu, HIV, etc. We are using these data to find out the medicine for COVID-19. This is only possible with the help of developing technologies and the digital world. Many vaccines like Gam-COVID that is given by Russia for 1/2 phase COVID cases is one of the best example and hopefully we will be able to find out a proper vaccine very soon. Till then we can work and getting food deliveries in one call, we can talk to our family and friend this is such a boon for all of us. The demerits are only because of misuse of the data and technology and this is just because of some of the greedy people who want to get benefitted illegally in a criminal way. Piracy, Conspiracy, Hacking accounts, Cheating are such issues that need to be worked upon by developing some more strong technologies, and security should be provided to our data.

Rate this: +38 -8

Piyush Jha said: (Sep 10, 2020)  
Hello everyone!

Well, Digital India as the name suggests is more and more use of digital applications. This digital platform provides ease of access for the people. Like, if we have the seller and the buyer, the buyer after purchasing something pays the seller digitally which benefit both of them. Using the digital platform saves a lot of time, paperwork for maintaining record etc. There is also some sense of security in the digital platform as it is properly authenticated.

On the other side, if we see the whole nation, then we have more than 50% of people who are still uneducated. They even don't know about the technologic basic stuff. There are many villages in the country which lacks electricity, proper education, digital training etc. Many businessmen even today prefer cash over the digital platform. I hope you all know the reason for this.

Well, the main point is that people who are working with gadgets in the modern world opt for the digital platform and that is good. But, what about the people who are comfortable with their own tradition of money, cheques, paper works etc. What about the uneducated or unskilled people of our nation? What about the rich businessmen who illegally earn black money? These are some questions which I think should be sorted out then only, Digital India can benefit the nation.

At last, I would like to say that Digital India can be the major boost for people as well as economy of India if promoted in the right way.

Rate this: +13 -2

Neetika said: (Sep 8, 2020)  
What I feel is that; We all must be aware of "digitalization".

Digitalization is one of the best way to boost our economy in terms of the primary secondary and tertiary sector. BUT;

Those who can afford and have proper knowledge of using it for them it would be very beneficial but those who are just "afraid" of using it and can't even afford or using it with the threat of hacking. For them it is useless.

If we want our India as DIGITAL INDIA then they must be taught properly so that it becomes beneficial for all and help in boosting our economy.

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Digital India: Whom Does it Benefit?

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