Digital India: Whom Does it Benefit?

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Narendra said:   5 months ago
Hello everyone! what you all said absolutely correct. In my point of view, digital India is growing like anything its like a bullet train. So many new technologies are implemented. Since our elders, olden days digital technology seems less. In those days suppose we had a tour then we need to book train tickets immediately we have to go railway station to book. There is so much effort of standing in line and so much of time waste and energy. But nowadays the process is very simple because of mobile applications. In our mobiles only we can book train tickets, or whatever we want to book all the applications available in mobile because of digital India implementation.

Srikar said:   6 months ago
It benefits to entire people and provides a lot of services towards people which have a Smartphone and internet. We can reduce our efforts and time to do work for a large time due to digitalization we can do payments and withdrawals money from the bank and we can transfer money from one person to another person within seconds. The usage of technology was increased and the literacy rate of the people also increased.

The merits are it will lead to growth in the economy due to an increase in GDP Percentage and implement new and advanced technology and provide services digitally.

Demerits are due to improved lack of technology like small scale sectors like rickshaw and auto driver's they can lose their employment due to advanced technology services like Ola, Uber, Rapido etc. And also small scale businesses like Supermarkets, and grocery shops can also loss their business due to online shopping platforms like amazon, BigBasket etc.

I can conclude; it is a boon as well as a curse depending on the growth of development and mindset of the intellectual person.

Aman R said:   6 months ago
I would say digital India is an initiative taken by the Government to improve and boost the economic growth of India.

Akas sorate said:   6 months ago
Digital India,

Digital India is benefits to everyone, we are totally depends on digitalization process. Digital system is time saving process. Its reduce time of everyone. Some years ago we need to withdraw our money from government department manually & physical forms but due to digitalization we can withdrawal our hard money by online system without wasting time like PF organization, online admission forms without standing in queue for wasting time. Digitalization has provided various facility to us. Most common citizen got benefited.

Manoj said:   6 months ago
Digital India is a campaign launched by the Government of India in order to ensure the Government's services are made available to citizens electronically by improved online infrastructure and by increasing Internet connectivity or by making the country digitally empowered in the field of technology. The initiative includes plans to connect rural areas with high-speed internet networks. Digital India consists of three core components: the development of secure and stable digital infrastructure, delivering government services digitally, and universal digital literacy. It was launched on 1 July 2015 by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, it is both enabler and beneficiary of other key Government of India schemes, such as BharatNet, Make in India, Startup India and Standup India, industrial corridors, Bharatmala, Sagarmala, dedicated freight corridors, UDAN-RCS and E-Kranti.

Another big advantage of digital India is that as the transactions get digitized, monitoring the sales and taxes becomes much more convenient, as the transactions are recorded, customers will now get a bill for every purchase that they make and merchants can now no longer escape from paying tax to the government.

This results in increases of revenue of the government thus resulting in growth of the overall financial status of the country.

Karthik said:   6 months ago
I would like to start with past where we used to go out for everything like food, shopping, no emergency messages, calls, we barely know e-learning, no fast approvals etc. So everything used to take time even it is emergency.

But now, everything is faster than before. We barely step out for our daily necessities. Digitalisation has helped us a lot during the pandemic in the case of education, some online service organizations, and firms. Many students who cannot attend offline classes of coaching due to academics or jobs or some who cannot go to cities and stays in rural areas will get benefited. Many are benefitting from online resources. Now, everything is shifted to online.

Everything has some disadvantages. So, digital resources, and platforms also have some. To transform to digital we need devices like mobile, should know how to operate it and should know about fake and real resources. It will also affect those who are selling goods outside or providing services offline. Hacking and leakage of personal data is the major problem if we are not aware of fake links, fake calls, and messages. But we can avoid this by aware people of it. It is also affecting students, due to the pandemic many students were addicted to mobiles and unable to focus on their studies. Even this can be avoidable if parents take a look at them.

In future we won't be using paper currency, everything will be much faster and the number of services increases.

I would like to conclude by saying that if we use these digital resources properly then everyone will get benefited for sure. As the population of India is increasing we need digital services for sure to handle everything and Most of people are trying to convert their services to digital.

Faiz khan said:   7 months ago
Because of this digitalization, the robbers are not doing heists physically. All are working From another place and they work digitally. And can you please tell me guys whom it benefits?

And many times nowadays online scams are happening. And educated people are giving their ATM pin, and OTP. To these scammers to end with, I would like to say it has its benefits and there are also lots of disadvantages.

Thak you.

Sadasib said:   7 months ago
Digital India is helpful for some people not all, l it has huge demerits because still it can not succeed all over India.

People now mostly use some applications to transact money like Paytm, Google pay, phone pay etc. But in other cases, if we see some cyber attackers can stole money by the help of some stupid techniques. We can't feel secure using that application. Need more security in that application.

If we see the next generation, youths are friendly with the internet, but our parents are not soo. They need some extra training. People need some awareness about the online transaction. Need some specific steps to use online transactions. Don't follow all applications use only valid or secured applications for transactions. Always should use safety environment when a transaction going to be held. Don't share your personal details to others.

SANDEEP YADAV said:   7 months ago
DIGITAL INDIA, means we are in a digitalization world, and it provides our advantage like we can do payment online through Phon pay Paytm and we are now the international news in one or two seconds.

And 5G has do very advanced work in the tech field because of new work like drone delivery and automobile field driving automation.

We can easily know which we are wanting to know and it's very important for our new generation because they are connected online and explore a new world and they can learn everything, which they want. They also share their knowledge with the world.

We can see in movies like ironman, robots, AI and the new technology which we are this time use, it's not new because in the technology field America Japan etc. Are very advance related to our technology so it's good that we are growing in the tech field very fast during corona time.

And we also have some advantages in the tech field because of Jio comes, and our tech field knowledge also increases internet in India very cheaper than in other counties only reason of the Jio revolution.

And it has both advantages and disadvantages so if we are talking about some disadvantages that are harmful to those teenagers who see porn and other misleading things that do mind wash of youth.

It is important that knowledge related to sex education gives with genuine and understanding them the benefits of technology not misuse of technology.

Thanks to all of you.

Vinu said:   7 months ago
Yes, digital India is very beneficial because it makes life easy. In all fields it's very helpful in covid 19 period all students learn their studies online and all office work going online it's so digital India is a good motive for our pm and it's really helpful for our life.

But technology has increased and in rural areas, network issues and many people have not used technology. Digital India is very good.

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