Democracy is Hampering India's Progress

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Ajay gupta said:   5 years ago
In a democratic country, the development will be slow, decision-making process will be slow but people have a right to overrule the decision, you have the right to ask questions. In dictatorship decision making process will n if the decision is good then development will also grow fastest because you don't have to ask each n every person opinion on making a decision. But people don't have the right to overule it, or questions it, they have to accept the policy with both tied on their back.

Deepak Makode said:   6 years ago
India is the fastest developing nation growing at around 7-7.5%.

China has thus far been the fastest developing nation growing at a rate greater than 10% since 1990s.

GST Bill, which is a landmark bill, has stayed in the Rajya Sabha for two complete sessions as Congress, which is the majority in Rajya Sabha, is not willing to discuss the bill in the upper house.

Lack of Education in rural India has led to the election of inefficient politicians to the government which has hampered India's progress.

Growth in China due to Communism has not been very sustainable as they have started to slow down recently.

Dhananjay sarangi said:   6 years ago
Hi. This is Dhananjay. Today, I am going to speak about democracy.

As the question is whether democracy hampering our nation s progress or not. I would say No.

India is a country where duff religion people are staying together. They all have a different view towards the world. It's really a great achievement for India as compared to others.

But It's true. In a voting system, there are no. Of persons are there who don't have to potential to choose a leader may b there illiterate. That may lead to corruption.

But. Still, democracy system gives us a chance to correction. If the elected leader Is not that much effective. , then after five years, we can eradicate him by voting.

Last but not the least, democratic leaders power is within our constitution. So. As we have both the best democratic system and Indian constitution, No doubt. Our country will progress.

Thank you.

Neel rupani said:   6 years ago
Yes, because India's people don't have enough maturity to how to select proper leader, 80% population don't know about their assembly or local leader, they are only compelled to vote, just simple thing or example is after 1 or 2 years preparation of IAS person is prepare fellow toilets in village and, illiterate minister drove trillion rupee ministry, how can we say that we are on right path, every minister or government only fooled people of India for only 1 simple seat, not 100% but 1000% government is not running on their homemade CONSTITUTION itself.

The only hype created by every party, we can show only 2 things in barking of electoral parties, "what the previous party has done and what we did", India is the best country in the world but we don't have best leaders in the world like Swami Vivekananda,

Adhikrit Gupta said:   6 years ago
Democracy is hampering India's progress. India is such a beautiful and secular country but it's image is being destroyed by its own citizens. Democracy has given the citizens a lot of freedom which we as citizens don't deserve (not all). Breaking of laws is common nowadays in India just because of so much freedom. I read the newspaper every day and the news comes like- police got beaten up by villagers when they went to arrest the accused ATM thief. This has no sense people just come on to beat one another in small things, why would police take a person without any reason. I also fear about that day when people would start beating up the PM if he/she doesn't follow the people's orders. It's like we don't even have a government and we're just ruling ourselves. We were divided that's why the British was able to rule upon us for 200 years and after 70 years of independence, we still have that casual attitude, the quality of disobedience. We just try to take shortcuts. That's why so much of Black money has gone out of India. We all don't act as responsible citizens Ex- not paying taxes, spreading corruption, etc. I'm not saying we need a leader like Hitler, I'm saying that we need a strict government which can put the country on the right path. Britain also has Monarchy, but their citizens never complain about it because it runs the country so well. It's not all our fault. It's the fault of leaders as well who drove the country downwards rather than developing it. If the leaders were strict enough in the starting itself we wouldn't have to face such a situation now. There are crimes happening always illiteracy, discrimination, caste system and many more which some of us don't even know. The point of a reservation was meaningless. I know it was very important to implement such a thing at that time but it was also government's duty to remove it after 10 years as well which they did not do. This has resulted in BONUS for failures they just make a fake card from anywhere, get a reservation and get the degree easily and the general category people don't get their degree just because of 1%.

I won't say that Democracy is hampering India's progress as it is the fastest growing economy but it is slowing it down a lot. We must need to make strict laws otherwise the attitude of the citizens will never change and it may never be a DEVELOPED country but if cooperate with the government and try our best to remove most of the bad qualities of the country, we may succeed as nothing is impossible. JaiHind!

Little said:   6 years ago
No, democracy is not hampering India's progress. Democracy is a system of government in which citizens exercise power directly to elect representative among themselves. The need to change is management, politics and workplace a democratic system in which everyone will be treated equally and be allowed to make their decision.

Pooja chandel said:   6 years ago
Hello everyone,

In my point of view, democracy is right to choose the right person for the society to dovelopment but if some time we face any kind ok problem in which we blame democracy is just because of illatrcy because we the poeple of India don't want to choose the right person of ourself because we always run before cast religionmany time I have seen that we know that person is wrong he will not do any kind of devolopment but we sitlli ssupport just because the person is of my cast my religion we know that the person is criminal he will just want to get the power to do anything we still suppport him so I don't thing that the way is wrong we are wrong we should be aware for our politician nd should choose the right one because we are seeing that the gvt officers are being currupt for thier own benefit. And the family member or the people who are connected to this kind of politician are more powerful than politician just because of them so we should choose the right person.

Puravi said:   6 years ago
Well, I think somehow democracy is ruining our system. I am not saying that it's totally wrong but nowadays the people who are connected with a party use party's name to do illegal things. Whether it is in the field of education or in the field of illegal works. And day by day these things are increasing. So as a democratic country, the government should take care of these things 1st. Then only we can support democracy.

Aditya thakur said:   6 years ago
No, I thought that democracy is not hampering India's progress because democracy means of the people for the people and by the people so it is a cause of hampering India's progress.

Shubh said:   7 years ago
No, democracy is not hampering India's process I want to say it's the reason of nowadays India development because in the parliament elected people from the different area to represent their problems so that it might be acting on it.

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