Cleanliness is a Fundamental Responsibility of an Indian Citizen

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Kashi said:   8 years ago
Modern life "from the pocket to the office" is an assault course of germs and viruses thanks to greasy touch screens and dirty keyboards. Do we know that a working adult touches as many as 30 objects which may be contaminated by germs or viruses causing infectious disease? Germs know no season, and while there's nothing worse than a nasty case of the influenza over vacation, a summer cold or stomach bug comes in a close second and third.

The proverb "cleanliness is next to Godliness" outlines the importance of the habit of cleanliness in our life. Cleanliness is a fundamentals virtue and next to godliness. The proverb highlights two things:

1. The most important activity of human life is worshiping God.
2. The next important thing is cleanliness, i.e., the state of being clean.

Cleanliness is also regarded as a sign of spiritual growth and purity. It is a good habit to keep our surroundings and ourselves clean and tidy. Some nations like India attach the utmost importance to cleanliness. India has started Clean India ("Swachh Bharat Abhiyan" One step towards cleanliness) mission for the same.

The 'Swachh Bharat Abhiyan' is a massive mass movement that seeks to create a Clean India. The time has come to devote ourselves towards 'Swachchhata' (cleanliness) of our motherland. It is launched as a responsibility of the each and every Indian citizen to make this country a Swachh country. This campaign has initiated people globally towards the cleanliness. The aim of the mission is to cover all the rural and urban areas of the country to present this country as an ideal country before the world. The mission has targeted aims like eliminating the open defecation, converting insanitary toilets into pour flush toilets, eradicating manual scavenging, complete disposal and reuse of solid and liquid wastes, bringing behavioural changes to people and motivate health practices, spreading cleanliness awareness among people, strengthening the cleanliness systems in the urban and rural areas as well as creating user friendly environment for all private sectors interested for investing in India for cleanliness maintenance.

Responsible employers know that office cleanliness has a direct link to workplace illnesses and go to the extra mile to ensure that their employees work spaces are clean and healthy. They know that one sick employee can infect an entire office, dramatically affecting the productivity and efficiency of their business. Providing a clean office environment is a key component of running an effective organization. Cleanliness is important for a company's brand persona and client perception, but it also has a major role to play for employee health and well-being and can directly influence productivity through the prevention of absences from work.

Germs thrive anywhere people congregate, so the office environment is a veritable breeding ground for illness-causing bacteria and viruses. Studies have found as many as 25,000 germs per square inch on an office telephone and a desk, computer keyboard and mouse aren't far behind. One of the facts finding is one person carrying a virus will infect 50% of all equipment & employees in their vicinity in just four hours. We carry germs with us, whatever we do, we are spreading them. Since our hands are responsible for the spread of 80% of common infectious diseases, effective hand hygiene continues to be universally recognized as the smartest, most cost effective means of infection control in the workplace. Office bathrooms, not surprisingly, are also high on the list of germy places. One way to guard our employees' health and minimize their chances of getting sick is to provide workstation bottles of hand sanitizer, antibacterial wipes for keyboards and phones, and antibacterial soap.

Encourage our workers to use them often. One of the best ways to get rid of bacteria on office desks is to wipe the surface clean each day with a disinfecting spray.

The conclusion one can draw here is that efficiency of a person or a society is directly proportional to his or its extent of cleanliness. Cleanliness ensures a healthy mind and body, thus leading to a Swachh society. It improves the quality of our life. A clean person appreciates his life completely and preserves sparkling humanity for coming generations.

Vivek bonde said:   9 years ago
My topic is cleaness of our surrounding.

Anything which is taught at an early age remains firmly implanted in the mind. It is essential to cultivate good habits at a young age, and cleanliness is one of the most important.

Being clean and tidy is important. Cleanliness should start with personal hygiene. It is crucial for people to learn about hygiene, and the various diseases linked to lack of it.

From a very young age, formation of certain habits like washing hands before meals, regular brushing of teeth, and bathing are a must. These are entirely personal habits. And, since we live in a society it is essential to follow certain rules like keeping our surroundings clean, avoiding littering in public places, refraining from spitting on the road, and many more.

Any habits, good or bad, taught or even picked up at a young age, get embedded into one's personality. Unfortunately, today, many adults themselves do not set very good examples of cleanliness. In fact, habits like smoking, chewing tobacco and betel leaves, and spitting on roads and sidewalks, are a sick heritage handed down from our parents and elderly relatives. Many public places used for defecating are left messy and stinking, leading to any number of diseases. There is a dire need to educate and sensitive people about the importance of cleanliness in light of our faith.

Litter on roads, polluted water bodies and poor sanitation make excellent breeding grounds for creepy crawly pests. Medical research has discovered that rats, mice, cockroaches, flies, and mosquitoes serve as hosts for transmitting disease. Lack of hygiene is an open invitation to infectious disease.

Cleanliness, if we may say so, can make the difference between life and death. A healthy environment is necessary if we want to stay healthy. If the environment is dirty it badly affects the health of the people living around.

Wherever we live, it is important for us to keep it clean. Let's start with our individual homes. If our homes are clean we will obviously enjoy a healthy life. And in society it is the responsibility of each and every human being to maintain certain hygienic standards. A clean environment, besides being a pleasure to live in, is a healthy environment.

School and other educational institutions should spread knowledge on importance of cleanliness by adding it in curriculum and Textbooks. Demonstrating cleanliness in school premises, involving students in cleaning activities is a very good way to spread awareness about cleanliness.

Importance of cleanliness can spread to the masses via the online and offline media. Various educational programs can be showcased by the media on importance of cleanliness, which would show the advantages and disadvantages of cleanliness.

The importance of cleanliness cannot be ignored in individual as well as communal life. On one hand it is an important factor for human health and spiritual development; on the other hand it is essential for environmental development.

Our planet Earth is known as the 'GREEN PLANET. ' It is the most beautiful planet in the whole Universe. The Greenery of this planet is like the Green Belt of the Earth. The development of this green belt is in our hands. We should keep our Earth clean and green.

Pragati singh said:   7 years ago
I have specially selected this topic because of much importance of it in our daily lives. Actually, the means of cleanliness is the complete absence of dirt, dust, stains, and bad smells at home, working places or surrounding areas. The most important purpose of maintaining cleanliness is to get health, beauty, remove offensive odor as well as avoid the spread of dirt and contaminants. We clean our teeth, clothes, body, hair on daily basis in order to get freshness and achieving cleanliness.

We use variety of products and water to clean different things accordingly. What we see with our eyes is that cleaning helps us to remove dirt and bad odor. However, what we do not see with our eyes is that cleaning also removes harmful microorganisms (like bacteria, virus, fungus, algae, etc) from the things. It keeps us healthy and away from variety of diseases especially caused by the harmful microorganisms. According to the germ theory of disease, cleaning means the total absence of germs. In some industrial processes, it requires exceptional cleanliness which is achieved especially in the clean rooms. Presence of dirt and bad odor may decrease the power of our immune system.

Commonly, there are two types of cleanliness, one is physical cleanliness and another is internal cleanliness. Physical cleanliness keeps us clean from outside and gives us feeling of wellbeing with confidence. However, internal cleanliness keeps us mentally peaceful and away from anxiety. Internal cleanliness means a mind absence of dirty, bad and negative thinking. Keeping the heart, body and mind clean and peaceful is the complete cleanliness. However, we also need to keep clean our surrounding areas so that we can live in a healthy and clean environment. It will keep us away from the epidemic diseases and give us the feeling of social wellbeing.

There is a very old saying that "cleanliness is next to godliness". It is well said by the John Wesley. Cleanliness should be given a priority in all the homes from the childhood so that a little one can practice it as a habit and can be benefitted all through the life. Cleanliness is like a good habit which not only benefits a person, however; it benefits the family, society and country and thus whole planet. It can be developed at any age, however, best to practice it from the childhood. I, as a child requesting to all the parents that please help your kids to practice this habit as it is you who can give this country a good citizen.

Piyush jha said:   7 years ago
There is not a single soul on earth who wants to live in dirty, messy, disgusting conditions all around the world. Have you ever wondered about this? The basic reason is that these places are a host to various diseases, breeding grounds to mosquitoes etc. And this results in worsening of their health.

While everyone desires to live in clean society the major question which arises here is that who is going to make a society dirt free and make it a healthy residence for people.

The very simple solution to the problem is that the people themselves are going to keep their society clean and turn a messy and dirty one to a clean and green area.

The consequences of not performing our duty regularly can be severe and we will have to pay a huge price. If proper steps are not taken, millions of lives are at stake and ultimately we all will be the sufferers of the crisis of the environment.

The Indian govt has very important role to play in this scenario by raising awareness among the people. The govt must offer stringent punishment for those who are offending the rules of nature and are polluting it directly or indirectly.

It has been rightly said by someone humans write their destiny themselves and it seems to be true in this case where people will ultimately be affected by their own mode of action towards nature. Therefore we must think and act towards environment and take efficient steps to clean it. Another section of population is the adolscents which has to take which have an active part in this mass campaign they must be channelised and guided properly to conserve our nature and mother earth and make it a safe place for our fellow countrymen to live in thank you ladies and gentlemen therefore we all responsible citizens of our nation must take an active part cleanliness of our nation for the sustainable development our economy.

Martha pfeifer said:   9 years ago
Hello people of India.

Some very insightful ideas have already been written and it sounds like you have a big task ahead of you. I admire the pride you want to have in your communities.

Try not to blame older citizens who may not conform right away. They have lived in these conditions their whole life, and the older people get, the harder it is to change, but they will conform.

It may take them a little longer to adjust to these changes. Gently encourage and praise their efforts.

Lead by example. This is very important because others will learn from you simply by observation. Especially those who are not able to read or write.

It is my opinion that it would be unfair to make unemployed citizens clean up liter, unless they were paid and doing it voluntarily. This would be very degrading. Prisoners could be made to do this as away of paying back their debt to society. If you wanted to implement such a program it would need to include all physically capable citizens including the wealthy. If I was running this program I would not allow wealthy people to buy their way out of their civic duties. I feel it would be good for moral and it would motivate your cause. If it was decided they are able to buy themselves out citizens most vote and majority would need to agree. The fee could not be nominal It would need to be at least 30% or more of their annual income and go up with the increase of wealth they hold.

I am from America. Most people will not liter. This was not the case 30 years ago. A recycling program started only 20 years ago, and it was slow to start. People wasted water, but we try to conserve it now.

Davina said:   9 years ago
Cleanliness is to Godliness: Cleanliness is very important to keep yourself very well organized, methodical and energetic. If the place you live is cleaned and organized you feel a kind of peace in your mind! The place you pray has to be clean or your mind will not concentrate. It is important to concentrate in ones life because then you can develop discipline. For eg: Yoga! you meditate. You need to have clear mind to meditate. And the environment you practice cleanliness will help you pray, meditate, live peacefully.

In the rapid rat race for development we have forgotten that it is our duty to give back to the nature twice as much as we take. A single tree suffices so many of our needs but how many of us realize that one fine day when this resource of trees finish their self less service to us, we will be left empty handed staring into a blank future.

Especially in a city like Mumbai where development is the middle name of infrastructure, it is very important for people to realize the alarming rate at which the green cover is disappearing.

Keep plants around the house. Plants are amazing at cleaning their environment. Having them in your house can reduce indoor air pollutants by more than half. Never flush your old medications. In almost everyone's medicine cabinet there is expired medications. But whatever you do, do not flush them! That puts them into the water, which can be dangerous. Instead inquire at your pharmacy about whether they will take them and dispose of them properly.

Cleanliness is not only the responsibility of the "Safaai kaamgar", it is the responsibility of 125 core Indians.

Uttara said:   7 years ago
Hello, everyone. My view on this topic is that meaintaining cleaniness is not only fundamental responsibility for indians but everyone all over the world. How we keep us how we maintain ourselves and the surroundings define us. But in a country, like India where cleanliness was not a predominant agenda of its citizens, it is more vital for Indians to now act seriously to clean our nation and receive accolades and praises from foreigners who visit our country for a short span. This little things make huge differences. They leave good expression about our country our united effort to keep our nation clean. Mahatma gandhi was a fond of cleanliness but it was unfortunate that he himself couldnot witness a garbage free India. But our beloved pm mr narendra modi has given us a task as swachh bharat. Open defication is a bane to india's progress. While we boast of our satellite missions rural population dun even have a proper toilet in their homes. So we all should aware people about the good effects of hygiene and we ourselves should not make dart on roads by spitting on walls or throwing garbages here and there. With initiative NEW INDIA BY 2022 let us all vow together for a clean society a clean India. Thank you.

K.K.Sen said:   9 years ago
Hello guys, and whoever will be reading this. You guys all are just take a long step towards cleanliness a long step. Cleaning the country, a house contains 4 members or more or less. If this members keep their house clean that is going have a great success. That was the first step. Second step as we cleaning our house take all the rubbish and dump it in a place from where the municipality truck can take them for cleaning and not to litter them in your surrounding.

By this you got 2 things cleaned, whenever we go out we eat a lot things having plastic wrapped. Take this wrappers and dump them in near by dustbin. If anybody throws a wrapper in front of you but not in the dustbin pick it up and throw it in dustbin in front of him. So that that man will be ashamed of his behavior and from next time he won't do that we get so busy in life that we forget to clean ourselves only.

But guys one thing you should note staying in too much clean dress and in clean places can cause a diseases name crones. It has no medicine till now. I am not saying that we should stay clean but cleanliness also have its side effect. So just clean which will not harm the environment, the animals, the trees and lastly the humans.

Uzef said:   8 years ago
Completely agree that its the fundamental responsibility of citizen to maintain cleanliness but its not about only Indian citizen, yeah off course Indian citizens need to be more cautious about this but it should be responsibility of every human kind because most of the diseases spread due to unhygienic atmosphere we live in and and to be safe from this disease we should take some initiatives and must take responsibility.

Like nowadays swine flu has destroyed lives of many families, peoples died due to this so, its the responsibility of every human kind. Thank you. Many slogans are given by the people but do they do it. Many thoughts are given, but do they do it. Our father of nation, Mahatma Gandhiji's and our PM Narendra modi was and is to have a clean India, so let them promise neat India, clean India. We cannot say that govt is not cooperative to the people as they provide us many dustbins, and also organised some organisations, it depends upon our use of it.

According to me I think "Cleanliness is Next to Godliness" Actually what does this proverb mean? We know how much importance is given to godliness in our day to day life, so just after godliness, cleanliness should be given the priority.

Hritish Kumar Rath said:   9 years ago
Hello guys, I just want to share an experience.

Once after eating a chips packet my friend threw the wrapper on the road infront of me. I got shocked because his mentality had not changed by the "SWACHH BHARAT MOVEMENT" which was started just some days earlier by our respected PM and was spreading like fire on fuel. I scolded him and was accompanied by an old uncle nearby.

My friend could not tell anything to me at the moment but his expressions told clearly that he was on fire because of the insult many days past and a group of my friends including me gathered at a place and were enjoying the time. The same incident took place once again. One of my other friend threw a wrapper and it gave a chance to the friend whom I had scolded.

He took the opportunity and busted on the boy who had thrown the wrapper and the fire which burning inside him since that day at last cooled. In this way the fire of Swachh Bharat started, spreading among us. From this incident I understood that now a days the youth is not so much careful about the future of the country. I just pray god that such incidents keep taking place until INDIA becomes totally garbage free.

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