Cleanliness is a Fundamental Responsibility of an Indian Citizen

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Sakshi Jha said:   6 months ago
Hello, this is Sakshi Jha here.

So, I feel that accepting the fundamental responsibility should be in our values to keep our surroundings hygienic and healthy, this will be good for us as well as for others.

Paila srimai said:   2 years ago
Hi, Here Srimai.

We all know that cleanness is more important in our life if we don't clean anymore we only get the disease us.

So, we all should clean not only our homes but also our society and our brain to clean our surroundings.

Hema bisht said:   3 years ago
Yes, cleanliness is a responsibility to all because it keeps away disease. It furthermore, improves the quality of life.

All of us should take care of cleanliness where there is cleanliness there is no sickness.

Rakesh jhum jham said:   3 years ago
Good morning all of you,

Yes, I agreed that term cleanliness it's not the only term now but also a state of living in this modern world and it should be the responsibility of Every citizen every one wants to park their vehicle under the shadow of the plant but some people like to plant a tree as like as every people like cleaning place City area and everything but some people put effort to convert that imaginary cleaning world into a real one so keep cleaning keep leaving in some marriage party people are can not think about that where they eat that food they just throw the food everywhere so in other law and rights we just demanded it that but I cleaning rights given to every citizen but no one wants to obey on it I concluded that if we care then we can create success layers thank you.

Tinku Paul said:   4 years ago
According to me, we are living in a democratic country we have the right to speak, right to freedom, right to get food but as Indian citizenship we have to take some responsibility. Cleanliness is one of our prime responsibility. We have to clean our area. Charity begins at home if we clean our own territory and everybody takes the initiative then one day we will get success our area will be cleaned. Clean everything it looks good, if you clean yourself you will look good as well you clean your area it will be very beautiful. So as a human being Indian citizenship we everybody has to take responsibility.

Rutvik said:   4 years ago
The government and citizens are responsible for cleaning our India and not it is work of government it is also the work of citizens.

Vaishnavi Wakodikar said:   4 years ago
Hello ! I'm Vaishnavi.

Yes, I agree to the topic that cleanliness is the fundamental and a must duty of every citizen not only Indian citizen but all the people living on this earth.

I don't think that anybody loves or like to keep himself or herself dirty, or, his or her surrounding dirty, does anybody ?

If we are surrounded by dirt we get negative vibes according to me, So one should keep himself or herself always clean and the surrounding clean to be always positive.

Rajendra Behera said:   5 years ago
My opinion is,

To make our surroundings clean first our dirty mind should be cleaned up. Because if we are not mentality smart& strong to take a helpful decision then we can't be fulfilled.

Hema said:   5 years ago
Yes, I agree wih Saswatha, what she said is, As an Indian we have the responsibility to keep our environment clean and green. Government should Take immediate action against the companies who are using plastic bags for their productivity. Instead of that we can use cloth or eco friendly bags.

Soumya Shaalini said:   5 years ago
My point of view is,

Everybody loves a clean environment but very few have the ability to maintain cleanliness.

Narendra Modi once said that 1000 Mahatma Gandhi cannot keep the country clean but it needs all the citizens of the country to participate in it so that our country becomes clean.

As a good human being our responsibility is to keep our surrounding clean and green.

It is a duty of every person exist in this world.

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