Celebrity Brand Endorsement: Effective Advertising?

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Abhay said:   1 decade ago
Good afternoon friends, yes there is nothing wrong when the celebrity doing the advertisement. As they have achieved so much for there hard work in there life they have every right to do so. It is people who have to think whether they have to accept the product or not. Celebrity has the duty to endorse the product but ultimately it is upto the people to accept it. If the product is not good then no one can spend the money into the product.

Bhuvana said:   1 decade ago
Good Morning to all.

Celebrity endorsement creates more impact on people. People they want to show their status in their life style. So they use what the celebrities brand. But people in the middle class also wants to show an image as like rich people or like celebrity. The problem is when they creates an image, apart from their level it leads to big problems.

But in advertising company point of view they show their product is the best in cost as well as quality. They know people's thoughts. People always think that the product is advertised by a celebrity or sportsman rather than common man that is the best one.

So Advertising by celebrity or sportsman should be minimized.

Jolly said:   1 decade ago
Advertisement is for the segment which a company wants to capture so to use a suitable brand ambassador or ambassadress is also very important decision. More over primary motive of business is to earn profit and every business wants to give information or create awareness among customer with advertisement about there products. People wants to see full add only if ambassador is liked by them i.e., the reason because sachin, dhoni, sehwag, and other cricketers are hired by companies. Sharukh khan is attached with Hindustan Unilever Promoting their products. Samsung is become very famous because of amir khan, idea because of abhishek and so many products which is known because of ambassador. So I feel nothing is wrong to hire a celebrities like katrina, ashwria, sachin, sharukh etc to promote a product. Company will hire only those which is liked by public and they want to see them in ads.

Soumik said:   1 decade ago
Celebrities (actors, sports persons) undergo a respectful position in our society, they are very much well known to every person in our society, and the brands (companies) apply this sky touching worldwide popularity to advertise their commercial products, to launch a new product, and from this point of view nothing is wrong with it, but the 1st priority of actors, sport persons is their own discipline, which they have become so popular for. So it's the responsibility of the celebrities to their professional discipline to make their professional discipline of 1st priority.

Shub said:   1 decade ago
Good evening,

It is a sure thing that when a product is endorsed by a celebrity it gets more popular and recognition. A product if advertised by a celebrity has more effect on consumers than when it is advertised by a common person. When a health drink is endorsed by a sportsman, people believe it more than when the same is advertised by a common man. So endorsement of products by celebrities is very effective.

Anjali said:   1 decade ago
Good evening to all of you.

According to my point of view celebrity endorsement for the world of advertising is in some way good but overall its not a good idea, especially its about those celebrities who are having a soft corner in public's heart as well as they are being known for their importance in their field of work.

As an example respected Kiran Bedi is advertising for a washing powder for just some sort of money and our Sport players are breaking the records for coming in the advertising world. As we know that they all are stars for different age group people. And in some or other way they are effecting the youths and other age group people. One more example is of beers and alcohol advertisements. So in my view its merely not a good idea.

Amit Gaur said:   1 decade ago
Good morning to you all. I want to initiate on this topic.

According to me celebrity endorsement of market products should not be given so much hype. Specially the sport persons.

Because in India people just love their sport so they follow the players. The sport persons for much money sometimes endorse products not as good as they should be, so it sometimes creates problems among people.

And secondly in order to get more glamor and money players sometimes forget whats their first priority should be as a player?.

So in my opinion the products should not be endorsed by the celebrities much.

Thanks for giving me such an opportunity.

Sajith said:   1 decade ago
According to me endorsing celebrities for advertising is not a good idea. Although they are the stars in their own disciplines, making them a part of commercials is not healthy. Celebrities in India a highly venerated and "fanified", so bringing them to ads creates a wrong perception of their acting ie. people start creating issues like they dont concentrate on acting since they are upto commercials more than acting and earn lumpsum.

Apart from television stars, sportspersons are also among the brand ambassadors for various commercial products. This deviates them from their careers sometimes leads to poor performance in their respective sports and also causes a sense of hatred among the sport lovers. But yes, thinking from an Advertising agency point of view, celebrity brand endorsement is a vital part as they use the celebrities for commercializing their product in a large scale so tat they can reach the customers rapidly.

So the brand endorsement using celebrities must be minimized.

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