Celebrity Brand Endorsement: Effective Advertising?

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Jamil Ahammad said:   7 years ago
In my point of view, brand endorsement as an actor of any product. It will be beneficial for the business. As now these a few young generation feels like what an actor is wearing in an add they want to wear same thing as well someone thinks do so. But these thing depends upon the popularity and the fame of any actor if his or her popularity good in the market, society and somebody following, like them then possitive affect will be there someone thinks do so. But nowadays every product has it owns specific features, quality. But as far as I am concerned that whenever any consumer want to buy any product. They choosing best quality, features best price and cheep. I think brand endorsement as an actor of any product. It will never be affected. Because we all need to be best quality Nd cheep products. Why you following any celebrity like actor, political. What they have done for us or our country. We should never be followed them. We should never be do, what they want and wear to us. We should have own opinion. Nd we will become that which we want Nd needs to be. We all know which product fabulous or worse. Even no one believe that on artificial product because we are natural. We are believed to be natural Nd believe in that. Thank you all of you.

Uttara said:   7 years ago
Yes, definitely it is an effective method to draw people's trust in the brand. The audience buy into the idea that these celebrities themselves use the brand and they are at the height of their success because of the brands. Quite funny but it is not only the case in India where a much sizeable amount of customers lack practicality but this method has been resorted to by developed countries like America, UK, France and much more. When we see Shahrukh Khan drinking Pepsi we think they the fit even after consuming Pepsi so the fat content in these articles may be a myth. And when we see Kareena Kapoor endorsing a fairness cream we think the secret of her beauty lies in that very cream only. Advertisers all over pay a huge amount of money to book the most celebrated celebrities because they can read people's mind. They know human behavior so they do it. So, in a nutshell, the conclusion is that yes celebrity brand endorsement is an effective advertising.

Awani said:   7 years ago
Celebrity brand endorsement is effective because in India many people have celebrity as their role model. So they would like to follow their role model and it also helps to increase the sales of the product. And after all its up to you that which brand you would like to use or which suits you!

Ayesha sharma said:   7 years ago
I think celebrate should advertise so that their fan can see them regularly in TV.

Del said:   8 years ago
Brand endorsement using celebrities must be minimized.

Farheen said:   8 years ago
Celebrity is more important in marketing. The business point of view brand endorsement increases the sales. For E.g Salman khan is the most popular in the society. He is promoting the washing powder. So, therefore, increases the sales.

But celebrity endorses in some products. Energy drink etc. Is not important like mobile phones brand because consumers may know which brand or which company is good. And they also know which mobile phone's features are good.

Akshata_patil said:   8 years ago
Celebrity brand endorsement is an effective advertising strategy but not to a greater extent because the capital raised for the marketing of these products increases the price of the product. Thus leading to inflation.

KODANDA .D said:   8 years ago
Hi all,

Now we can discuss the topic is Celebrity Brand Endorsement: Effective Advertising.

In my opinion brand endorsement as an actor of any product affects the profit of the business in a positive way as the young generation feels like what an actor is wearing in an ad he also wants to wear the same thing.

Advantages to Using Celebrities in Advertising:

1. Influence Consumer Purchases.
2. Build Awareness.
3. Position a Brand.
4. Attract New Users.
5. Breathe Life Into Failing Brand.
6. Build brand equity.

The Risks of Celebrity Endorsement:

* Celebrity Images change.
* Celebrities become overexposed.

The Most Successful Celebrity Endorsements:

* Britney Spears for Pepsi.

ANUJ SONI said:   8 years ago
In my opinion brand endorsement as an actor of any product affects the profit of the business in a positive way as the young generation feels like what an actor is wearing in an ad he also wants to wear the same thing.

But these things depend upon the popularity, the fame of an actor if his/her popularity is good in the market than the positive effect will be there but the vice-versa of these can also happen if his/her popularity is not good enough.

VIJAY said:   8 years ago
Nowadays every new product has its own specific feature. To make the availability of these products to all people every company choosing advertising an important part of global marketing.

There is a lot of difference between normal person and celebrity who has name and fame they can easily attract to the public.

Take an example like one company introducing two branded watch and television.

Tv is promoted by the normal person and branded watch promoted by Saniya mirza. Most of the people will get attracted to Saniya Mirza because she is an international badminton player.

But according to me, celebrity people can promote the brand up to the promotional stage.

But when consumers want to buy any product they will choose best features and energy saving products.

So celebrity status can help to introduce a product not for increasing sales of that product.

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