Can we dream of hosting the Olympics?

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Gaurav said:   7 years ago
Yes, India can dream for hosting Olympic, we know that for hosting the Olympic we need to be a large amount of financial infrastructure support and also security support. That's why If Indian Government support to reduced the Corruption. To increase the security surveillance then it is possible to host the Olympic in India.

Harshil said:   7 years ago
No, we cannot dream of Olympics in India if Olympics in India there will be controversies in India so it is not possible to host Olympics in India because it requires a lot of money to conduct Olympics.

Shubh said:   7 years ago
As my point of view, India can't be hosting Olympics game there are many reasons. Leaders will start filling our stomach you know very well about 2g spectrum corruption sports man. Security is most imp issue because of terrorism technology is not also so advanced I remember that Olympics game was going on in China It begins rains after that cloud removed by a rocket.

Ankit Jha said:   7 years ago
Yes, it can possible with broad thoughts of great personalities of India like owners of big organisations and big industries. Their contributions can help in hosting events like Olympic. India has the capability to host Olympic as we have to give cheer all the sports equally then the value of various sports will be increased.

Ganesh shetty said:   7 years ago
Yes, we can. Olympics comes ones in every 4 years, so after every 4 years there is a possibility that India will develop. Hence by considering this fact and calculation, I think India will be capable of hosting Olympics in the future.

Tarak said:   6 years ago
Yeah, we can, with the current situation India has that potential to conduct olympics. Through this, we can expect good tourism, increase in economy. Moreover, we can expert more medals, as we can have a longtime practice here.

Fabian said:   6 years ago
Yes, we can dream of hosting Olympics one day, why I am saying this is, already we have hosted commonwealth game in our country, so if we do a work that we did for commonwealth it could happen, and also we have to give proper arrangement to the players and mainly we should give the food what they will eat in their country and one important thing is we should give protection.

Hoang said:   7 years ago
Just about economic problems. If you spend million of dollar for building up infrastructures and facilities for hosting Olympics and then don't know how to use these things effectively so it's not the big deal.

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