Borderless World: A Myth or Reality?

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Susan Wasike said:   1 decade ago
Could this debate be taking us to one world order? This idea lingered for sometime and now I see it being resuffed in this debate of borderless world. Due to poor world equity, the borderlss world will only make things worse. Those who are able will be enabled even further while those who are unable, will be disabled further. For example, how many people in our country Kenya can opt to go and settle in the United States and How many Americans can opt to come and settle in Kenya? Food for thought. Borderless world is the climax of selfishness of man.

Hima said:   1 decade ago
From ancient times these borders are being made which can't be broken so easily since we have accepted it. To make world border-less first we should become broadminded to break the social economic borders among us. If we can do this then it may be possible to make our world border-less otherwise it would remain as a myth.

Akshay said:   1 decade ago
I think border less world is a myth considering present scenario. Where ruling the world is a main motive. Border less world is only possible if the whole world share common motives.

Abhinav said:   1 decade ago
God has bestowed us with lovely gift of is the human made bars which has turned this world into parts.The feel of superiority , hatred; and in order to move ahead of others we overpass the feel of brotherhood and communal integrity.thus we should reset our mindsets and rethink on strengthening the human relationships ...

Priyanka said:   1 decade ago
Considering ourselves as the part of this universe is really a feeling of humanity and it is the reason because of which the topic like BORDERLESS WORLD is a matter of discussion among us. Indeed it is not possible without the change in human mentality towards possesive of money and power. But being a social creature of god we cannot isolate ourself from world so I think that borderless world is reality not myth.

Sharky said:   1 decade ago
The eveolution of humanity has been a bloody existence as countries have pushed their ideologies and controls on a finite amount of resources. However, now that the developed world has moved to a different existence - one that worships knowledge, freedom and socio economic restraint and equality, we can begin to envision a world without borders, with diversity of culture and a singular body of laws and ecomomic systems that would allow people to move freely from continent to contient.

Debamalya Dey said:   1 decade ago
We, human, the social animal has been living in a group from ancient times. We have been living amongst our clan. Those clan have been united to become a country when they stand up for a common cause. Though we have many difference between us but we are still standing together. So the border will only be removed when there will be common cause (threat?) which is strong enough to unite all of us.

Priyesh said:   1 decade ago
We cant expect that we would ever have a boarder less world in the future. History proves that we are creating boarders every times in the form of new countries or new states.

Every country wants to be at top by showing the power, by suppressing and acquiring lands from neighboring countries. This mindset has created many disputes in past & still existing. All are strengthening their arms & weapons to be always ready for any adverse condition in future.

So with this type of mindsets we would never find boarder less world. This would always remain myth for us.

Sneha said:   1 decade ago
According to me border less world can come into reality if the people stop being selfish and this can never happen. At some point of time people start thinking about themselves rather than thinking about others. Yes tension occur in each and every state and weather it be border less world or with border the world will be the same.

Abhishek said:   1 decade ago
Idea is really good one! but may take long time to put in.

Just take an example of nuclear family and joint family.

There is no one to help/guide the person/resident of nuclear family residing in there border they will try & try and then they will/may succeed but you know how much time they will invest?

In a joint family/borderless world we will get ideas/support and guidance for growth of weaker section and selecting the better idea for improvement.

I totally agree in a border less world living like a family & enjoying the life in peace. And achieving the new height.

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