Borderless World: A Myth or Reality?

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Anomi said: (Aug 26, 2021)  
As we can see, the world is now ridden with wars and terrorism. The severe fights between terrorists and innocent citizens of Afghanistan are very disheartening. The wars between Israel and Palestine last year were fatal. And how can we forget the two World Wars? These all conclude that there will always remain thought of hatred amongst the world citizens. One more reason is that since birth we human beings have been taught to live in our own confined space since birth. If you recall Robert Frost's poem we did last year, 'Mending wall', even when the narrator wanted no wall to come between them, it remained because of his neighbour. Similarly, one person wanting no wall between them doesn't mean that all will want the same. Also, the border to anything marks a limit that no other person shall exceed. Therefore, I think borders are really important to ensure lawfulness and discipline.

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SR21 said: (Nov 25, 2020)  
When we talk about borderless, we mean open but secured borders. Someday flying vehicle was a myth and now we have airplanes flying across the globe. Hence the idea of borderless is a soon to be reality of the modern world. Countries these days are mostly focused on development rather than territorial expansion which means, our borders are somewhat static. Posing arguments in favour of borderless world. Let's begin with globalisation. Tarrif free borders have aided majorly in freedom of movement of goods, capital and labour. Properly regulated, this allows even distribution of labours across the world. In addition to this, the non uniform distribution of resources is pooled and distributed to necessity of different countries. Secondly, the international refugee crisis. Where only some countries are concentrated with a major inflow of refugees to take into asylum, a global crisis is a burden on some of the nations due to border restrictions. Open borders and mutual duties can reduce the burden of refugees in developing countries. Borders are the reflection of division. Common world threats of pollution, climate change, terrorism can easily be solved it nations identified themselves in a global diaspora instead of nation states and backing off with a mentality of "not in my backyard ". Fourth point is cultural, social and educational flow among countries. Ideas complementing each other and inciting creativity while making people realise being a part of globe and identifying themselves as global citizens, calling all to accept differences in culture and cherish them, tolerate, and promote the notion of universal brotherhood. Lastly, if we just imagine the amount of money diluting in investment to enhance border security, we will most certainly realise how different and noble it will be had. Those two countries pooled that sum contributing to curb mutual problems like poverty, unemployment and education. Lastly, I would conclude with. Borders are to protect and not divide. Let's not let the centuries old lost battles, conflict or colonisation decide the borders of today and take up responsibility as a global citizen to understand and not stereotype borders. Be open in ideas yet secured in our homes.

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Mir Umer said: (Oct 6, 2020)  
Yes. A borderless world is possible if the things are supposed to be done according to Islamic rule. People set their minds in accordance with the modern world and here, we think of only ourselves only. But by the Islamic point of view, we should think about this universe. Not only of this planet. Even this universe has no border then why should here. Where we didn't exist in case of space. Now, here the situation is different. We are heading towards a future where we don't know if we are going to survive tomorrow or not, yes the so-called atomic world, we can't think what is going to b done tomorrow, small disputes among the countries could lead to a big disaster. So here should b the border to every country with its distinct lines and boundaries.

Thank you.

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SOWMYA JAYARAM said: (Sep 19, 2020)  
A borderless world. If we started thinking that tha borderless world is possible is not. Basically everything should be limited and processed. So the things which could be developed will known from our near border. Many improvements and things will be accessed. So the borderless world is possible when the everyone are from same community, region, language and all. If people all is one then the borderless is possible.

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Meghna Tyagi said: (Jun 21, 2020)  
A borderless world is indeed a myth because since birth we human beings have been taught to live in our own confined space since birth. For eg we all live in our separate houses each family has a different house from the other so here each different house has been marked as an individual territory, therefore, the concept of borders has been imbibed in our conscience since birth as every sapien has been taught to mark its territory for safety. Also, the border to anything marks a limit which no other person shall exceed. Therefore, I think borders are really important to ensure lawfulness and discipline.

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Ayesha Yusuf said: (May 19, 2020)  
I believe a borderless world is a myth and will never be able to occur because as said by everyone yes there will be one ruler.

And what I believe is that if there is one ruler then that ruler can be authoritative, the ruler might not be approachable and for the ruler to administer well he would have to appoint some officers for which boundaries will be created again, so thee is no chance of a borderless world.

The world will not be able to function or overcome its social security problems, economic problems.

There won't be any freedom as such.

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Balwan Singh said: (Apr 17, 2020)  
In my thoughts borderless world is myth because if the world borderless then that world has to face lot of problems.


1. Poverty.
2. Education problem.
3. Water and light.
4. Army and police.
5. Proper distribution of resources.
6. Women safety.
7. Caste system.
8. Language problem.
9. Population explosion.
10. Who will control proper law and order.

Finally, everyone is selfish and many of them try to be king of the world and the normal public will suffer.

So the Borderless world is a myth.

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Kamal Barodiya said: (Mar 6, 2020)  
In my perception, a Borderless world is not really possible because there are so many problems with this.

Firstly, we know that in the world there are different types of people who have different thinking. If somehow we created the borderless world then people will not be able to communicate properly as they speak different languages and follow different traditions and have different cultures so they will mix up and make a farrago which will create an imbalance in human society.

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Arvin said: (Feb 20, 2020)  
According to me, it is not possible to have Borderless world because there are a different kind of people in different country there views and thinking on particular problem varies, also one single constitution not able to handle the various kind of person, Apart from these we make a borderless world there will be a condition of riots everywhere which leads to retardation in economy of world if constitution want to implement some new rule some people support it and some become opponent to it which leads to crux among people.

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Sumit said: (Aug 31, 2019)  
Hello everyone.

Our topic is Borderless world.

According to me, It is impractical thing because if there will be no border that means there will be one government or everyone will want to rule the world and there will be riots everywhere.

As it is not possible to fulfil the requirements of such a large population by a single ruling party.

There will be a conflict between among the people of different religion and in this borderless world, everyone will want to become superior.

The high-class people will move to better places and lower and middle-class people have to suffer a lot.

There will be daily conflicts among the people because every country has their own lifestyles, own constitution.

So it's impossible to build a world with no border because there are so many countries and they have different rules and their citizen follow that it will be poisonous for people to adapt in the new environment.

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Om Parkash said: (Jul 21, 2019)  
As per my opinion, if the borderless world is established, there will be a question of social security and population density.

As most of the people will move to well-managed cities, having proper infrastructure and so more. So there will be difficult to provide proper basic facilities to everyone. So, the borderless world is just a distant dream.

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Reetesh Pal said: (May 28, 2019)  
In my point of view, we have required borders to separate the two country also their resources that are found in that country so the country like China have their foreign policies like to increase for their population so borderless world can't possibly also if we see in our life two brothers also required separate place after marrying they don't want to share their things. This example suitable on the neighbor countries.

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Ammar said: (Feb 16, 2019)  
I think its impossible for right now, because we move ahead a lot, our ideology is that we want success at any cost, every country has fulfill with different kind of resources so to acquired those resources they fight wit each other which result into war. Also the mantra of humanity is that we have to fixed certain limit for us some are successful in that task but some need controler to control them. So that's the reason border less world are myth.

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Rmn said: (Feb 8, 2019)  
I think borderless world is a myth considering present scenario. Where ruling the world is a main motive. Border less world is only possible if the whole world share common motives.

Borderless world is a good idea. But I don't think it will come. All the nations try to expand their land area. For this they made new weapons. But it will come on true, it is good for all of us. In such situations there is no terrorism, no border dispute etc. At that time world are in calm and quiet. In that situation there is no religious fighting, no property fighting, no cultural fighting. It will come on truth if people change their mind.

The eveolution of humanity has been a bloody existence as countries have pushed their ideologies and controls on a finite amount of resources. However, now that the developed world has moved to a different existence - one that worships knowledge, freedom and sociology economic restraint and equality, we can begin to envision a world without borders, with diversity of culture and a singular body of laws and economic systems that would allow people to move freely from continent to continent.

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Gulshan said: (Jan 21, 2019)  
Today's topic is Borderless World: A Myth or Reality?

Borderless means a country which is controlled by itself. Their rules and regulations are by own. As we see the world countries have various their rule, their culture. Many countries are there which have not good relation in many things there are also many countries which have better relations in any sense. So in my opinion, I personally feel that it is not possible to idealise all the country in a same way. So Borderless country is just a myth.

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Ritesh said: (Dec 19, 2018)  
In my point of view, Borderless world can be both a myth and a reality. It can be a myth if you are a cynic who always suspect the plausibility of instances. Equally, It can be a possibility for people who believes in mutual co-operation and homogeneity. Infact, If we look closely this topic is more or less related to the classification of a family. A family can be a Joint family which can represent a Borderless world or It could be a nuclear family where the world is scattered into small pieces. If one talk about management, then its much easier to manage a small or a nuclear family as compared to a large or joint family. Similarly, managing a borderless world is an arduous task as compared to an individual country. It is also noteworthy to consider the other part of the story i.e. A joint family has its own strength - Larger support system. The greatest strength of a joint family or a united world is the support system it creates for its member. It becomes really difficult for an outsider to come and shake the foundation of a large group or a family or a country but for a small country a small jolt is enough to shake the whole structure.

So, you can see there are pros and cons for each and everything in this world and "Borderless world " has its own share of pros and cons as well.

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Mayank said: (Aug 11, 2018)  
Hello, friends, I'm Mayank in my opinion.

Borderless worlds can be a reality, as all Human beings are equal, their basic necessities are the same as food, shelter, dignity, Etc.

Once one understands humanity one can recognise similarities in all humans.

Nowadays as we can see how small the world has become because of internet, TV and media technology and has created a virtual borderless world. So I consider we are already one of our way to the borderless world not physically but virtually and soon they will be a time where we will have borderless world's.

Humans have divided the world so that they can better manage it but as the intellectual level of human and technology is improving the bordered world is not needed for management.

As travelling has become so easy and fast due to the fast moving aeroplanes world has become small and scalable. Consider all these things and think of the future.

Borless world will become reality one day.

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Mahima Disawal said: (Jul 8, 2018)  
Borderless world is a myth because every County has their own language, follow their own culture and maintain their living of standard differently. Different country winnow human being on the basis of languages and cultures. Every people think differently, every one their own perception and point of view. If borderless world is a reality it means their peace but we are not live in peacefull atmosphere.

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Nayan said: (Jun 19, 2018)  
In my opinion, a borderless world is a myth because human beings are ideological, culturally, linguistically and economically diverse. It's this diversity which resulted in the world today being divided into countries that zealously guard their own territory from ideological, cultural and linguistic influence from the outside. A world without any borders can be a reality only if the people follow the same ideology, speak the same language and share the same culture.

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Joachim said: (Mar 2, 2018)  
As long as the world will be Norway, have our standard, our rules, our laws, our high taxes, our welfare program this can work but are the rest of the world open for that?

If not the welfare state will collapse and people, in general, will be worse off.

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Siva Krishna said: (Feb 1, 2018)  
A borderless world is a myth. Because the all the countries the world are maintaining there own security by making borders all most all the countries are spending 40% there economical to maintain the army, navy, airforce for their border protection. Some countries are maintaining for self-protection such as South Korea if the world becomes really borderless it means we achieved world peace. And also all the countries which are underdeveloped will improve the economic status and standards of living of every individual in the world will be improved.

* The inferiority between counties has to Remove.

* All the countries of the world must have Same currency.

* No country should have a military.

* The standards of living of every individual Should be same.

If we follow all the points mentioned above then we can say the borderless world is a reality.

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Sruthi said: (Jan 5, 2018)  
A borderless world is a reality because if the world doesn't contain any borders then goods and services of transferring from one country to another country will be very easy and comfortable so that people will be in a comfortable life. The world is in a peace. But this will come true if the people mindsets are changed.

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Vishal Singh said: (Dec 29, 2017)  
In my opinion "Borderless world: Is myth as well as reality" it's up to us, as to How we want to see our World.

Myths as: If we think about our need, our freedom, our religion (means we only think for our benefit). It will not possible that we should get borderless World.


Reality as: If we think for humanity, peaceful life, togetherness, for our upcoming future, it will help us to get borderless world. We all know that we are not only living being in this universe. If we want to be (continue) in this universe we all need to come together and be like a family. This will save our money also because we do not need to spend our money for protection of border, don't need money to spend on armament (military equipments). We can use these money for our batter future, to get develop, to provide basic need to the people and many good things we can do.

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Shuvs said: (Nov 26, 2017)  
Every nation has their own people, culture, tradition, integrity as per their history and It's their right to protect them. Because those values differentiate a nation from the rest of the world. Every nation has their unique core value which signifies it's pride. So it should be kept separate from others using boundary or creating Line of control. Otherwise, it might hurt the emotion of a particular nation. So Borderless World is just a myth.

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Eshma said: (Oct 25, 2017)  
This world can become borderless but before that everyone in the world should be in favour of unity in diversity which can only happen if people have a broader mindset. It can be achieved by introducing meditation. This will also reduce terrorism in the society. World integrity will also increase.

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Richa said: (Jul 24, 2017)  
I am against of the topic that borderless world is a reality, because everyone here knows that the individuals have the different mind set. Where it is difficult to adjust with 10 people, just think ones how the world becomes borderless? where there a lot of crisis takes place, countries are competing to each other for their survival. Activities like terrorism take place in the whole world. "EVILS FROM DEVILS".

Secondly, dreams are boundless you can dream of a borderless world but then it remains a dream. Think of that situation where in border world we are helpless to get over terrorist and ISI attacks, how we think about the borderless world? Nothing is impossible but that possibility leads to destroying the world. Yes, that is "war time".

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Arvind Khimta said: (Jun 28, 2017)  
Friends, I will give you a simple live example of your family, of your village can they live together with the same likes or dislikes, have they same demands, are they ready to live under ones command. No, they can't because of their different thoughts. So how we can think about a borderless world. There will be a hue and all over the world situation will become tense. We are also seeing it from our past history also, how every warrior wanted to enlarge his area by increasing his border. So I think it is a Myth to be a borderless world.

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Rohit Maurya said: (Apr 6, 2017)  
It is a myth as we know in the world people has been divided on the basis of the color, language, religion, ethnicity and many more factor. Due to their different ideology, they do not feel comfortable whenever they live all together that's why they live accordingly. These things itself create a boundary between people.

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Gauri said: (Apr 3, 2017)  
A borderless world is a myth because we human beings have so different opinions, needs, priorities that being a part of one single country, we are not able to unite properly. We humans are so selfish and greedy that nobody can fulfil are needs. Then, There exist so many differences like caste discrimination, gender inequality, racism etc which makes difficult for a person to control this whole country and makes them happy. There are so different types of cultures prevailing in our country and humans have their emotions connected with them. Then how it will possible to unite the whole population of the world if it becomes borderless. This word does not only confine to borders but the borders the division which are our hearts and minds, that is to be removed which is very difficult because "we live for ourselves" and until this mindset will not change it's not easy to unite the people of the whole world.

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Shiv said: (Dec 1, 2016)  
I think borderless world is a great idea where everyone can live peacefully but considering today's world where terrorism is a major issue it is not possible for us to go borderless.

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Arjun said: (Nov 23, 2016)  
"A borderless world" as beautiful as it seems, It is just impossible because border is natural thing and is not a common thing to humans because every living being have at least one border in their life. And in some perspective border is a good thing.

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Aaron said: (Oct 25, 2016)  
If the human race last, the world must evolve into 'border-less' (or an approximation where any one country's' self-interests are marginalized to the extent of negating any armed conflict and with global freedom of movement). The human intellect has been unable to conquer our evolutionary base programming (such as fight or flight) on any meaningful scale - prior to the internet. But there is now a global sharing of ideas and a growing realization that in this electronic age, borders are an abstract concept which gives rise to more problems than they are worth. When this happens - all armies and defenses shall no longer be needed. All interests shall be global. Defense funds shall be used to feed, educate and care for people, rather than to murder them. Politicians shall no longer be needed. Everyone will be able to vote upon major global issues themselves - online (rather than electing individuals in the hope that once in power they shall have them same view as you upon each issue).

Basically, we don't need to fence ourselves in and spend all our time gathering rocks and stones to throw at each other anymore. As a race we need to put fear aside, grow out of such petty, primitive and destructive thinking and share the world equally.

I think we'll all kill each other before that happens, though. You and I shall be long dead in any event. People are slow to change. Especially those in power, for whom the system works very well.

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Karim said: (Oct 19, 2016)  
Desire make human crucial. If you really analysis the purpose of living is just for being happy. We are selfish, Nowadays every action is lead to disaster. I think what we got by the science which really threads to the world. I don't like this life. Imagine the life were the horse is used as the vehicle, No chemical food, No pollution, No war, No border, Humanism has existed, All are equal, we were enjoying nature which is ultimate in every way of life.

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Prawin Kumar said: (Oct 4, 2016)  
The borderless world it's useful to business because our country products sell to other countries we will get more money let me take one example Onions now no demand in India so onions we will sell to other countries you get more profit. Compare to our country rates so use full to export. Not only Onion's we export any product.

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Soundarya said: (Sep 22, 2016)  
Borderless world. A white Globe. It is really ridiculous when people debate on it. Up to this point in my life, I have never seen or heard anyone planning on it. Yes let's not forget that globalisation has anyway decreased the differences between various countries but a borderless world is a myth. People struggled an awful amount of time in the history, travelling around the world drawing borders, just to prevent people fighting over authority in the future. If we want the people of the mother earth to be united and developed, initially self-development is very necessary for which the land has to be divided. Imagine how awkward it would be if a country has no states but just a piece of land. A country prospers only when all the states in it prosper. In the same way, the globe prospers only when all the countries prosper independently which is achieved only when there is a precise difference between countries.

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Pavneet said: (Jul 17, 2016)  
Seeing today's world it seems it is only a myth but it can be a reality because nothing is impossible. It can be a beautiful reality but needs people to come forward not just to share their feelings with each other but to do something for what they feel.

Everyone is so busy in their life that they don't have time for thinking about this. Why world wars? Why killing of thousands of lakhs of soldiers, innocent people every year around the world? Why when politician excites us against one another why instead of saying and proving them wrong we start doing caste discrimination the same old rule they follow 'Divide and Rule' and they win as always come forward live freely live in a borderless world.

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Mangangsana said: (Jun 8, 2016)  
We should not be confined to the dirty systems made by selfish humans whose are always seeking for power to rule over entire natural beings. We must follow our intuitive behaviour but not the instinctive. Need to erase the border within me to make a wonderful borderless World.

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Layla said: (Apr 12, 2016)  
I believe that if we had a borderless work everyone would be at peace.

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Dimitra P. said: (Mar 5, 2016)  
We live in the time of globalization and the world we live in seems smaller due to the development of technology. Also many problems such as climate change and ozone layer depletion are of common concern but have not brought all people together yet because sadly not many care. The governments don't work as a team but fight for reasons that are in advantage for them. Racism hasn't wiped out and people fight for power, money, religion. Theoretically, I think that a borderless world could be a reality but this will only happen if we try to change ourselves, change the way we think and be more tolerant and responsible for what we do.

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Dhananjay said: (Jan 24, 2016)  
At the beginning of the human evolution, there were no boundary or limitations, this enabled the species to utilize the resources around.

It was like building a pack and then scattering in search of better living.

But, if we see the present reality, it's a matter of the amount of area owned, the concept of rich and poor comes into the picture. This leads to the words of a poet who says "Humans and dropping their tokens which are precious for the development".

This gives us that no boundaries, no fight, boundaries create passion and fights.

Still, we need a non-physical border to analyse and measure the development process.

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Shweta said: (Jul 30, 2015)  
The problems like climate change, global warming, ozone layer depletion are of common concern and have already brought the people of this planet together. These issues have already paved way for border less world. It would be a world similar to the idea unity in diversity.

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Rahul said: (Jul 29, 2015)  
No I am not agree with the topic because everything has its strength. If in class student is huge then it would be out of control of corresponding faculty. That's why it is divided into section. So the world should be divided into countries and area limited by border. So that the country will operate properly by the government.

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Skateman said: (Apr 12, 2015)  
The world we live in feels smaller as technology connects us more and more. Our perceptions of what it takes to start a movement has become digital. Which is easier and more seamless than how we used to raise awareness about a cause. Giving time, an equal and non-redeemable, will now and forever be the best act of service.

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SANKAR SARKAR said: (Mar 18, 2015)  
Globalization of social production making ground for border less world. Economically we are global but politically we are still national. This is the main disparity we are facing today. Yesterday we had only postal address (national citizenship) but today we have e-mail address (global citizenship).

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Yaswanth Reddy said: (Nov 10, 2014)  
Yes, Borderless world can be a reality not a myth. Imagine the entire world under a single power without any wars, no need to worry about political disputes, peace can flows everywhere, even some evil minded people dislikes, its not going to be a problem because majority human beings need a world with peace, love, kindness without wars, disputes, poverty, evilness, terrorism etc.

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Pradip said: (Nov 10, 2014)  
I want to take Rev Click's hypothesis a little forward. An extra-terrestrial mega disaster may originate and SLOWLY start affecting life on EARTH. It must be slow enough for human race to evolve science & technology to find a way out of disaster. Only united human civilization can do that. Borderless world will be be automatic outcome. BORDERLESS UNITED WORLD WILL BE THE FITTEST TO SURVIVE.

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Revclick said: (Oct 29, 2014)  
Personally I think that border less world isn't impossible to become reality but with the condition of unity. Unity amongst we human is almost impossible to reach because of the thinking 'I am better than others' was implanted in our minds since the great evolution of living things started.

Frankly speaking, I don't believe that laws, policy or constitution can provide absolute unity for human kind. To be extreme, mega disaster is the obvious and fastest way to unite our kind. It's just my opinion.

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Nipun said: (Oct 27, 2014)  
God made the humans equal and did not divide them in political boundaries. It does appear through history that political boundaries are maintained to serve the interest of few and masses suffer.

Benefit of globalization of businesses and knowledge are already apparent. Now, it should be the time to abolish political boundaries and let the Code of Humanity (driven by nature's law) prevail on the entire human population i.e. 6 billion people. But the path is not easy.

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Utkarsh Kumbhar said: (Sep 11, 2014)  
If there is a border-less world then their is no casteism. And also there is no war for reservation of caste. All people are included in only one caste. And due to this it will give rise to unity in human being and in the world.

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Sandipan said: (Sep 8, 2014)  
Every coin has two sides. In this pretext, we have both pros and cons. If we analyse the pros, the first thing that comes to our mind is freedom of movement. Just think, you don't have to wait for passports and visas to work in a country. The world would get equal beneficiaries and amenities. This would mean that the developing and underdeveloped countries will be elevated in terms of health and wealth. People from India can move around the world and seek jobs. Unemployment, a major drawback in economy will reduce. Terrorism will also reduce as the cause of terrorism will not be there. Coming to cons, the human culture is something that is related to ego. When there is disrespect for any culture, people become aggressive. Degradation in human values mean self centric values inculcated in oneself. This will tend to reduce the broadening of ideas and will constrict to only specific areas.

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S. R. Beasley said: (Jun 16, 2014)  
I believe a borderless world is a Utopian world. The shame is that it is also a fantasy, because animalistic greed rules the vast majority of humanity and as long as this greed exists, this Utopian borderless world cannot exist. We would need all humans to be of one mind when it comes to fairness, doing for others, etc. The world will become fair and borderless only after the Middle East turmoil dies a painful death.

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Debasish said: (Jun 4, 2014)  
Borderless world is nothing but a hypothetical thing only. It is not guaranteed to b all people have same thought always. I may agree with that people will get freedom but what about the country! first thing is that it will not treated as a single because it will lose it limit zone. I can say that all people also would be ready to accept a single culture. If so, then misunderstanding will b more and more in all over the world. So I think it is wrong at all to.

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English Rose said: (May 22, 2014)  
People may be all equal but people do NOT feel equally about everyone. That is natural and right. This theory that we should all have the same flies in the face of the fact that some of us put far more in and contribute far more than others.

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Romano said: (Feb 5, 2014)  
I think that a borderless world does not have to be physically removing borders of the different countries or nations. In fact, right now in this very debate we are experiencing what it means to be border-less. All of us, from different countries and religions have come together to talk about this topic. L We already have a "media borderless world". So therefore, achieving a borderless world with the means of the Internet and other social media is already a reality.

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Ashvini Katkar said: (Aug 9, 2013)  
If the country is borderless then web all would united and we would have no disputes with each other. I think if the world is borderless then we would have no human race. This topic even reminds me of the Frost's poem MENDING WALLS where he had expressed that this whole world belongs to all. These borders cannot be recognized neither by GOD nor by nature. If this borderless than it would be an ideal world! I totally agree with this topic.

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PANKAJ KUMAR PANJLA said: (Apr 3, 2013)  
I don't think that the country should remove boundaries in order to give freedom. In my opinion the country should have boundaries so that the privacy of the country can't be leaked, its a human tendency that the human is positive only to a particular time after that his thinking changes. The country his known because of its boundaries and if there are no boundaries how come the country will known. So the world without boundary is just a fantasy.

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Ritesh said: (Nov 10, 2012)  
A border less world would be a totally different world. It would change economics, politics and society as we know it. We as humans have, for centuries, lived within boundaries. To have that thing wiped out would mean massive destabilization of a lot of things. Its always going to remain a pipe dream. Changing world order is not something a group of people can work out. And it would be a governance nightmare, if it ever were to become a reality.

Relaxing borders is definitely possible but that would take a serious amount of goodwill and honesty from world leaders, which is easier said than done. Every country has its agenda and self-centered policies and every country would safeguard its interests first before even thinking about anyone else. A border less world is never going to happen, although the idealists in us will keep dreaming of it.

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Helrok said: (Nov 1, 2012)  
You guys keep mentioning the European Union as an example of a good "borderless" society. Well, it's absolutely not. The European Union is collapsing before our eyes because the people of the various nations don't want to lose their country's national identity. I think a borderless world, myth or reality, is an awful idea to begin with because people don't want to give up their culture. This is why many European leaders have recently condemned multiculturalism as a failure. A borderless world will never work, and we shouldn't work to make it happen. We should stick to making our own countries better and keep the borders.

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Hetram Yadav said: (Oct 11, 2012)  
No, I do not think it is possible because humans nature is to acquire the things which he see around him and he want possession on them. If we make a border-less world it will create a lot of problems that can not be stopped because if we are still having disputes between different nations then how it is possible to control the whole world by a single power.

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Susan Wasike said: (May 30, 2012)  
Could this debate be taking us to one world order? This idea lingered for sometime and now I see it being resuffed in this debate of borderless world. Due to poor world equity, the borderlss world will only make things worse. Those who are able will be enabled even further while those who are unable, will be disabled further. For example, how many people in our country Kenya can opt to go and settle in the United States and How many Americans can opt to come and settle in Kenya? Food for thought. Borderless world is the climax of selfishness of man.

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Hima said: (Apr 4, 2012)  
From ancient times these borders are being made which can't be broken so easily since we have accepted it. To make world border-less first we should become broadminded to break the social economic borders among us. If we can do this then it may be possible to make our world border-less otherwise it would remain as a myth.

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Akshay said: (Apr 2, 2012)  
I think border less world is a myth considering present scenario. Where ruling the world is a main motive. Border less world is only possible if the whole world share common motives.

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Abhinav said: (Mar 23, 2012)  
God has bestowed us with lovely gift of is the human made bars which has turned this world into parts.The feel of superiority , hatred; and in order to move ahead of others we overpass the feel of brotherhood and communal integrity.thus we should reset our mindsets and rethink on strengthening the human relationships ...

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Priyanka said: (Jan 13, 2012)  
Considering ourselves as the part of this universe is really a feeling of humanity and it is the reason because of which the topic like BORDERLESS WORLD is a matter of discussion among us. Indeed it is not possible without the change in human mentality towards possesive of money and power. But being a social creature of god we cannot isolate ourself from world so I think that borderless world is reality not myth.

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Sharky said: (Sep 10, 2011)  
The eveolution of humanity has been a bloody existence as countries have pushed their ideologies and controls on a finite amount of resources. However, now that the developed world has moved to a different existence - one that worships knowledge, freedom and socio economic restraint and equality, we can begin to envision a world without borders, with diversity of culture and a singular body of laws and ecomomic systems that would allow people to move freely from continent to contient.

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Debamalya Dey said: (Apr 15, 2011)  
We, human, the social animal has been living in a group from ancient times. We have been living amongst our clan. Those clan have been united to become a country when they stand up for a common cause. Though we have many difference between us but we are still standing together. So the border will only be removed when there will be common cause (threat?) which is strong enough to unite all of us.

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Priyesh said: (Feb 19, 2011)  
We cant expect that we would ever have a boarder less world in the future. History proves that we are creating boarders every times in the form of new countries or new states.

Every country wants to be at top by showing the power, by suppressing and acquiring lands from neighboring countries. This mindset has created many disputes in past & still existing. All are strengthening their arms & weapons to be always ready for any adverse condition in future.

So with this type of mindsets we would never find boarder less world. This would always remain myth for us.

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Sneha said: (Feb 13, 2011)  
According to me border less world can come into reality if the people stop being selfish and this can never happen. At some point of time people start thinking about themselves rather than thinking about others. Yes tension occur in each and every state and weather it be border less world or with border the world will be the same.

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Abhishek said: (Feb 13, 2011)  
Idea is really good one! but may take long time to put in.

Just take an example of nuclear family and joint family.

There is no one to help/guide the person/resident of nuclear family residing in there border they will try & try and then they will/may succeed but you know how much time they will invest?

In a joint family/borderless world we will get ideas/support and guidance for growth of weaker section and selecting the better idea for improvement.

I totally agree in a border less world living like a family & enjoying the life in peace. And achieving the new height.

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Prakash said: (Feb 12, 2011)  
Borderless world is myth but is closer to reality if we look at current developments in the world.

Multilateral organisations like UN World Bank has taken many initiative towards social development in world as whole.

Countries are talking together about problems like climate change.

Countries came together to form a single country (European Union).

Nations are talking about eliminating trade barrier.

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Achu said: (Feb 10, 2011)  
Border less world is a good idea. But I don't think it will come. All the nations try to expand their land area. For this they made new weapons. But it will come on true, it is good for all of us. In such situations there is no terrorism, no border dispute etc. At that time world are in calm and quiet. In that situation there is no religious fighting, no property fighting, no cultural fighting. It will come on truth if people change their mind.

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Rahul said: (Jan 18, 2011)  
well, borderless world is a can't be possible...if a borderless world exist, it will lead to a great war...inside and inside I mean the pshycology of humans and b'coz of it, outside war will be there.....

let me explain this, assume we have a borderless world, means anyone can go everywhere, interaction is there....some will be positive some will be negative....according to pshcology, we humans beings like our space, we want our own sky,and if it is overrriden by another one, we become disturbed,we become tensed....we start if we have borderless world, results more intercation,,,,more aura over-riden more war...not peace...we know man is a social animal...even An animal urinates in its area to mark it, if its is over ridden by any alien thing , it gets angry...and starts a wars

so borderless world is a myth !!!!!!!!!11

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Rohini said: (Dec 19, 2010)  
yes it can only be a reality if people change their mindset and start considering everyone as one among themselves instead of fighting for power,money and religion..
it will surely take a long time but is possible.

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Conju4 said: (Jul 18, 2010)  
Yes it can be a reality if only all nations stop spending money on their armaments and concentrate towards the betterment of humanity. One of the greatest challenges will be to narrow the social,ethnic,religious and financial barrier. With the emergence of European Union and other such organization their is hope that future might hold the possibility of a "border less world". Again this can be possible only when we start to think of the general interest of the population. But the question is, what will it be like? will there be freedom or will it be an oligarchy?

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Borderless World: A Myth or Reality?

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