Borderless World: A Myth or Reality?

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SR21 said:   3 years ago
When we talk about borderless, we mean open but secured borders. Someday flying vehicle was a myth and now we have airplanes flying across the globe. Hence the idea of borderless is a soon to be reality of the modern world. Countries these days are mostly focused on development rather than territorial expansion which means, our borders are somewhat static. Posing arguments in favour of borderless world. Let's begin with globalisation. Tarrif free borders have aided majorly in freedom of movement of goods, capital and labour. Properly regulated, this allows even distribution of labours across the world. In addition to this, the non uniform distribution of resources is pooled and distributed to necessity of different countries. Secondly, the international refugee crisis. Where only some countries are concentrated with a major inflow of refugees to take into asylum, a global crisis is a burden on some of the nations due to border restrictions. Open borders and mutual duties can reduce the burden of refugees in developing countries. Borders are the reflection of division. Common world threats of pollution, climate change, terrorism can easily be solved it nations identified themselves in a global diaspora instead of nation states and backing off with a mentality of "not in my backyard ". Fourth point is cultural, social and educational flow among countries. Ideas complementing each other and inciting creativity while making people realise being a part of globe and identifying themselves as global citizens, calling all to accept differences in culture and cherish them, tolerate, and promote the notion of universal brotherhood. Lastly, if we just imagine the amount of money diluting in investment to enhance border security, we will most certainly realise how different and noble it will be had. Those two countries pooled that sum contributing to curb mutual problems like poverty, unemployment and education. Lastly, I would conclude with. Borders are to protect and not divide. Let's not let the centuries old lost battles, conflict or colonisation decide the borders of today and take up responsibility as a global citizen to understand and not stereotype borders. Be open in ideas yet secured in our homes.

Aaron said:   7 years ago
If the human race last, the world must evolve into 'border-less' (or an approximation where any one country's' self-interests are marginalized to the extent of negating any armed conflict and with global freedom of movement). The human intellect has been unable to conquer our evolutionary base programming (such as fight or flight) on any meaningful scale - prior to the internet. But there is now a global sharing of ideas and a growing realization that in this electronic age, borders are an abstract concept which gives rise to more problems than they are worth. When this happens - all armies and defenses shall no longer be needed. All interests shall be global. Defense funds shall be used to feed, educate and care for people, rather than to murder them. Politicians shall no longer be needed. Everyone will be able to vote upon major global issues themselves - online (rather than electing individuals in the hope that once in power they shall have them same view as you upon each issue).

Basically, we don't need to fence ourselves in and spend all our time gathering rocks and stones to throw at each other anymore. As a race we need to put fear aside, grow out of such petty, primitive and destructive thinking and share the world equally.

I think we'll all kill each other before that happens, though. You and I shall be long dead in any event. People are slow to change. Especially those in power, for whom the system works very well.

Ritesh said:   4 years ago
In my point of view, Borderless world can be both a myth and a reality. It can be a myth if you are a cynic who always suspect the plausibility of instances. Equally, It can be a possibility for people who believes in mutual co-operation and homogeneity. Infact, If we look closely this topic is more or less related to the classification of a family. A family can be a Joint family which can represent a Borderless world or It could be a nuclear family where the world is scattered into small pieces. If one talk about management, then its much easier to manage a small or a nuclear family as compared to a large or joint family. Similarly, managing a borderless world is an arduous task as compared to an individual country. It is also noteworthy to consider the other part of the story i.e. A joint family has its own strength - Larger support system. The greatest strength of a joint family or a united world is the support system it creates for its member. It becomes really difficult for an outsider to come and shake the foundation of a large group or a family or a country but for a small country a small jolt is enough to shake the whole structure.

So, you can see there are pros and cons for each and everything in this world and "Borderless world " has its own share of pros and cons as well.

Rmn said:   4 years ago
I think borderless world is a myth considering present scenario. Where ruling the world is a main motive. Border less world is only possible if the whole world share common motives.

Borderless world is a good idea. But I don't think it will come. All the nations try to expand their land area. For this they made new weapons. But it will come on true, it is good for all of us. In such situations there is no terrorism, no border dispute etc. At that time world are in calm and quiet. In that situation there is no religious fighting, no property fighting, no cultural fighting. It will come on truth if people change their mind.

The eveolution of humanity has been a bloody existence as countries have pushed their ideologies and controls on a finite amount of resources. However, now that the developed world has moved to a different existence - one that worships knowledge, freedom and sociology economic restraint and equality, we can begin to envision a world without borders, with diversity of culture and a singular body of laws and economic systems that would allow people to move freely from continent to continent.

Mayank said:   5 years ago
Hello, friends, I'm Mayank in my opinion.

Borderless worlds can be a reality, as all Human beings are equal, their basic necessities are the same as food, shelter, dignity, Etc.

Once one understands humanity one can recognise similarities in all humans.

Nowadays as we can see how small the world has become because of internet, TV and media technology and has created a virtual borderless world. So I consider we are already one of our way to the borderless world not physically but virtually and soon they will be a time where we will have borderless world's.

Humans have divided the world so that they can better manage it but as the intellectual level of human and technology is improving the bordered world is not needed for management.

As travelling has become so easy and fast due to the fast moving aeroplanes world has become small and scalable. Consider all these things and think of the future.

Borless world will become reality one day.

Soundarya said:   7 years ago
Borderless world. A white Globe. It is really ridiculous when people debate on it. Up to this point in my life, I have never seen or heard anyone planning on it. Yes let's not forget that globalisation has anyway decreased the differences between various countries but a borderless world is a myth. People struggled an awful amount of time in the history, travelling around the world drawing borders, just to prevent people fighting over authority in the future. If we want the people of the mother earth to be united and developed, initially self-development is very necessary for which the land has to be divided. Imagine how awkward it would be if a country has no states but just a piece of land. A country prospers only when all the states in it prosper. In the same way, the globe prospers only when all the countries prosper independently which is achieved only when there is a precise difference between countries.

Sumit said:   4 years ago
Hello everyone.

Our topic is Borderless world.

According to me, It is impractical thing because if there will be no border that means there will be one government or everyone will want to rule the world and there will be riots everywhere.

As it is not possible to fulfil the requirements of such a large population by a single ruling party.

There will be a conflict between among the people of different religion and in this borderless world, everyone will want to become superior.

The high-class people will move to better places and lower and middle-class people have to suffer a lot.

There will be daily conflicts among the people because every country has their own lifestyles, own constitution.

So it's impossible to build a world with no border because there are so many countries and they have different rules and their citizen follow that it will be poisonous for people to adapt in the new environment.

Gauri said:   6 years ago
A borderless world is a myth because we human beings have so different opinions, needs, priorities that being a part of one single country, we are not able to unite properly. We humans are so selfish and greedy that nobody can fulfil are needs. Then, There exist so many differences like caste discrimination, gender inequality, racism etc which makes difficult for a person to control this whole country and makes them happy. There are so different types of cultures prevailing in our country and humans have their emotions connected with them. Then how it will possible to unite the whole population of the world if it becomes borderless. This word does not only confine to borders but the borders the division which are our hearts and minds, that is to be removed which is very difficult because "we live for ourselves" and until this mindset will not change it's not easy to unite the people of the whole world.

Sandipan said:   9 years ago
Every coin has two sides. In this pretext, we have both pros and cons. If we analyse the pros, the first thing that comes to our mind is freedom of movement. Just think, you don't have to wait for passports and visas to work in a country. The world would get equal beneficiaries and amenities. This would mean that the developing and underdeveloped countries will be elevated in terms of health and wealth. People from India can move around the world and seek jobs. Unemployment, a major drawback in economy will reduce. Terrorism will also reduce as the cause of terrorism will not be there. Coming to cons, the human culture is something that is related to ego. When there is disrespect for any culture, people become aggressive. Degradation in human values mean self centric values inculcated in oneself. This will tend to reduce the broadening of ideas and will constrict to only specific areas.

Anomi said:   2 years ago
As we can see, the world is now ridden with wars and terrorism. The severe fights between terrorists and innocent citizens of Afghanistan are very disheartening. The wars between Israel and Palestine last year were fatal. And how can we forget the two World Wars? These all conclude that there will always remain thought of hatred amongst the world citizens. One more reason is that since birth we human beings have been taught to live in our own confined space since birth. If you recall Robert Frost's poem we did last year, 'Mending wall', even when the narrator wanted no wall to come between them, it remained because of his neighbour. Similarly, one person wanting no wall between them doesn't mean that all will want the same. Also, the border to anything marks a limit that no other person shall exceed. Therefore, I think borders are really important to ensure lawfulness and discipline.

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