Are Peace and Non-Violence Outdated Concepts?

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Shilpi said:   1 decade ago
Formerly there were leaders who preached us peace n non voilence, but with advancement and awareness everyone is fighting for their own rights. today we have platform where we can fight for our rights. Young minds are more aggressive and excited. They fight and struggle for watever they deserve to recieve.So its not wrong to say that peace and non violence are outdated concepts.

Jayanthi said:   1 decade ago
Yes, I agree with what Shilpi said. Because in today's competitive world, we cannot retain our own rights with peace and nonviolence.

Nitin said:   1 decade ago
i agree with u friends but if we consider other side then these concepts are very necessary for retaining human existence on earth if everyone fights then in future there will be earth without life.

Rohit said:   1 decade ago
yes,i do agree with u friends as the concept deals with both ends that is positive and negative its our responsibility to judge things according to the situation present i.e,at times violence gives us many unanswered questions,but to ease the pain of the situation we should go by peace and as citizen of country its our responsibility to spread peace and harmony in the country that's what i feel.

Bharat said:   1 decade ago
Peace and Non Voilence is the tools for all man kind,and this is very important for survive.Science and Tech has imvproved and gone to such a stage that if peace keeping stategy is not followed then entire world can be destroyed with in know time.Our country India is one of the best example who always support and encourage peace.We have best example from History our Ftaher of Nation MK Gandhi who offered us freedom it was late bit fruitful.We have known proofs that shows Voilence is not at all a solution to any problem.

J Akhtar said:   1 decade ago
Peace and non violence can never become outdated, they are the tools through which one can put forward his righteous demands, violence increase the misery of lives. If violence is taken course in each sphere of life, the political stability of the world is bound to detoriorate.

Prateek said:   1 decade ago
The greed to be ahead of the surrounding people has completely overtaken peace an non-violence. In today's competitive n fast running life everyone wants to grab the things so quickly that they take either of the ways to get it whether is in peacefully or else if they wot get it they go for it violently.

Desh Bhakth said:   1 decade ago
War has taken a different form nowadays, they don't involve weapons anymore. They involve cyber warfare. So war itself is non voilent . So there is no topic to discuss as such. But let me tell you people one thing , War has created civilisations, (destroyed them too), created leaders, destroyed evil in the past. In the present we have become so ignoratn , we are not able to distinguish between good and bad. So i think it is better to involve in such wars than remail sidaljf

Saurabh said:   1 decade ago
I vehemently believe that peace and non-violence uphold the spirit of mankind in the truest sense. Man was never meant to be violent. It is unfortunate that the scenario has changed drastically. We are all stuck in the rat race and have tendencies to outplay others by employing shallow means. One must understand that there is a thin line between violence and aggression. It is high time that non-violent men and women raise their voice against violence through peaceful demonstrations and buttress and propagate the concept of peace. Fighting for your rights is not violence provided you don't hurt anyone in the process intentionally. Wars has never done good to mankind if one views the world as one entity. It is true that wars have eliminated or destroyed certain evils in the world. But at what cost? At the cost of lives of innocent and ingenuous men and women being devastated?Is that justified?There are always more peaceful ways to combat terrorism and violence I. E through dialogues and better intelligence etc. Therefore, to conclude I believe that peace and non-violence will never ever be out-dated concepts-rather they are essential for the survival of mankind as a whole.

Psolanki31 said:   1 decade ago
In this discussion one participant has rightly said that today's world is rate race and one always try to outplay others, its clear indication of nonviolence and peace. Because instead of fighting, they employ unethical tools, so nonvilence and peace are not outdated, what has outdated is ethics, moral and affection towards each other.

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