Are Peace and Non-Violence Outdated Concepts?

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Sneha said:   1 decade ago
Peace and non violence can and will occur from time to time. As a coin have two side in the same way we have two types of situation dealing people. One who will actually take a path of violence to make his/her work done or the one who will take a path of peace.

Some situation can be dealt in a peaceful way and some needs to be dealt with harsh step.

Keerthi said:   1 decade ago
A peaceful mind can think and overcome any problem in the world without,i with saurab that n sneha's views that peace and non-violence are essential tools for mankind to survive.The great freedom fighter Mahatma Gandhi had succeeded in getting independent India through,peace and non-violence are not outdated concepts and these should be the essential concepts at any generation.

Sugu said:   1 decade ago
I would like to make a point here. All problems can not be solved by these two concepts. We can not stop a terrorist entering our country by just sitting in a room and discussing the problem over tea. Though these concepts are necessary from humanity point of view but still we can not practice them everywhere.

So these concepts are outdated nowadays.

Today's youth is much more aware of his rights and he know his limits.

Minty said:   1 decade ago
Poor minds or half literate men can go for non-violence..One who is literate and matured enough would opt for ethical fight(win-win).Only this can improve you and help others improve.Real joy and peace can be found only with non-violence undoubtedly...otherwise why wouldn't people be just happy and contented with what the world is now(rat race).I'm sure people who strive in rat race would definitely go for a peaceful meditation in their daily life and some how manage like being contented..Cause we cant be totally out of race..No other go we must race but in our way we search for a morning walk peace,going for pleasant outing..

Ashwin Kumar said:   1 decade ago
Peace and non-violence are definitely not outdated concepts. Like some people here have mentioned, you just need to look at the example of Mahatma Gandhi who won us independence from a mighty Empire through truth and non-violence. Also see how the peaceful Jasmine Revolution in the Arab World has relieved the people of Egypt and Tunisia (and probably more to follow) of corrupt and autocratic leaders.

It depends on the situation also. Like Sugu mentioned, we cannot deal with terrorists entering our country in a peaceful way. They must be dealt with ruthlessly. And in a democratic country like India, problems can be solved peacefully. If you are disillusioned with the government and the standard of life, you need not take to arms like the Naxalites. Instead, you can help some of the people suffering like how Dr. Binayak Sen the great human rights activist helped the tribals.

Leye Adesina said:   1 decade ago
Peace and Non-violence can and would never be outdated so long conflict violence and persist in our society. Both concepts may sound some how staid to unenlightened minds due to the prevalent general chaos and wars all over the globe, it still does not mean that peace and non-violence are no useful tools in combating these various ills and evils in our society. What we need is a revolutionary reorientation towards the violent and war attitude prevalent in our present society.

Meraj khan said:   1 decade ago

No not at all. Peace is evergreen and non violence too. But today's politicians have made non violence a child's play by undergoing fasts for silly matters and who know whether they were really fasting or feasting behind the screens. I dont blame all, i blame only a few corrupt guys. Only non violence can solve most problems. Take for example the India and Pakistan peace talk, it is producing more results than the Kargil war.

Zeeshan said:   1 decade ago
Peace is now replaced by calm, and the non-violence has been replaced by inability. When you understand meaning of peace, its the ability to control our emotions and non-violence it is the fact restrains us being impulsive, Yeah they will never be outdated, as Peace does exist in self, and non-violence is directly proportional to the peace,

Sunidhi said:   1 decade ago
I personally think that in todays generation a man who have patience can certainly maintain this non violence activity through peaceful means. It depends completely how is the nature of man is. Otherwise fighting this rotten world with non violence is quite impossible.

Harsh Gupta said:   1 decade ago
Peace and Non-violence can never be outdated concepts. In the past, Mahatama Gandhi ended the rule of Britishers over India by strictly non-violent means. And even in the current scenario, recently, Anna Hazare had set such a great example in front of the world by fighting the corruption disease in a non-violent and peaceful way, in which he succeeded. Hence, no doubt Peace and non-violence are Result-oriented tools. A Simple Boycott to a guilty person or organization can make him/it feel its guilt, there would be a change in its soul, which any war can never bring.

Although in some situations, we can raise our hands along with our voice. But that should be in a self-defence. There is a clean difference between Self-Defence and Violence. People must understand that if someone is trying to hit us with anything, we can reply him on the spot by giving him the taste of his own medicine, but the first hand must not be raised by us. Our Constitution also states that we can be violent in case of a self-defence action, it is in our human rights.

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