Are Peace and Non-Violence Outdated Concepts?

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Anshumaan said:   4 years ago
According to me, peace and non-violence are outdated topics because what happened earlier was if people or leaders cannot make higher authorities agree on any issue the leaders use peace protest for as long as possible but if we compare the situation in the present people want instant results there are many issues like mob lynching, honour killing etc in which people lose temper to such an extent which result in loss of life recently an incident happens in a place near to Ranchi. We need to help people who are suffering and being compassionate towards them will definitely bring back peace and non-violence. We cannot take law in our hands simply because opinion varies from people to people and using the internet sometimes misleading information is shared which leads to violence.

Yedhusree said:   4 years ago
We belong to a country whose history reverberates peace and non violence in its freedom fight movement. Well, it is to be admitted that the path to this liberation was not enveloped with peace alone. We had had sacrifice of many Martyrs whose names may not be carved in Golden letters. We always tend to follow the path of non violence to achieve our needs and demands. But most of the time it becomes non pragmatic. A peaceful demonstration hardly meets the target.

If we consider the case of our own country, we have had a lot of pressures and threats in our border in-spite of the peaceful alliance we keep with our neighbors. But nothing tend to change this trend. Our soldiers continue to become Martyrs.

I would say that the act violence should not trigger from our side, but when the situation demands us, we have no plans to retreat.

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