Are Live-in Relationships better than Marriage?

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Minal said:   1 decade ago
Hi all.

I believe that marriages are better than live-in relationships by all ways. If anyone want a life partner then why not marriage. In Indian culture marriage is legal as well accepted. Lets forget about culture if we think about our personal life also we should go for a committed relation rather than a non-committed, in committed relation there is security for both not only for girls. But there is not a single committment in live in relationship. They are free and can ditch their partner for other without any fear. Lets suppose in a relation if one partner is in a problem and other helped him/her but at the time other one has any problem he/she can sinmply run away from the problem by leaving his/her. No doubt marriage means responsibilty but real way resposbility makes a man somehow perfect and a good person. If you are in a relationship then why not you choose marriage you should have that much faith on your partner or else you can live freely as a single.

Heri krishna` said:   1 decade ago
We are Indians the culture is important to us. I really support to Marriage. Because in Marriage The couple have Mutual understand for each other. In marriage couple don't loose their parents. The relationship but two families have understand for each other. In our culture marriage plays an important role to improve relationships between the people. After marriage if the couple have decided to live individually they can divide legally by the court. The court will give some time to reduce the egos but the couple in that time if the couple can understand to each other the proposal of divorce will be cancelled.

Sweety said:   1 decade ago
Hai friends. I think live in relationship is better than marriage because here we can have a chance to choose our soul-mate. But in marriages we have to adjust with some one whether we like them or not.

One can be independent and free and need not be under control of wife or husband and mutual respect will exist in live in relation ships. In marriage we may or may not have chances.

So I support live in relation ship than marriages.

Tanu said:   1 decade ago
I cant understand whats wrong with people.....
The only reason people can say live-in is not good is the status of women, n how life becomes difficult for them
But how can a love less marriage be better?

It always becomes a problem for the woman to lead her life post a live-in break up, as a divorcee is better accepted & respected

If anti-live-in people are saying that live-in lacks TRUST....then why are they so keen to have the trust of the legal document?
In a live-in the only thing that keeps the couple together is love & TRUST without any guarantee

Having said that,if men can cheat in marriages, it becomes all the more easier for them, cuz they can escape with the plea that they had not committed in the first place

What holds a relationship is trust, its very difficult to find a man whom u can trust,in case of live-in, & he is actually serious, why doesnt he want marriage?the possible reason being that he still wants to be sure......

This very reason why people go for live-in is questionable.But then,a love filled live-in is way better than loveless marriage.

My point is rights n security of women.What will happen if the guy leaves her?Unfortunately they are never given respect in our society, although lives of men from broken live-in never change.Women dont even get same legal protection.

But then if the guy is serious, then the couple can marry later too...which is most advisable if they have a kid.
But theres no reason to say they degrade our culture!!!
There are so many things in our culture that are disgusting.....n why do women have to take responsibilty of culture always?
we live in 2011, where we can adopt anything good from any culture, once u r an adult & capable of thinking

Nikki said:   1 decade ago
Hello Friends! I read many comments over here, some of you agree with 'live-in relationship is better than Marriage'. I really respect your thoughts. But I want to ask you - Is Living-In Relationship lives long? Is there any assurance? Is there any trust?Is there any commitment? I think we should respect our culture. Marriage increases the tolerance power of two. It not just increases the understanding between the two persons but between the two families too. If there comes any problem in marriage, atleast there are many people like their parents. Who really overcomes the problem.

So I strongly feel Marriages are more respectful. Its shame to compare between marriage and Live in relationship.

Radhika said:   1 decade ago
I would say, that what matters is your relation with your partner. Be it a love marriage, arrange marriage or a live-in relation.If there is trust, loyalty and commitment in any relation, it will last long for years! Live-in relations can lead to Marriages, may be like marriages made in heaven! So i would conclude Live-in relations aren't bad at all!

Spk said:   1 decade ago
i just want to comment on "Azeez said: (Mon, Jul 19, 2010 02:23:40 PM" . he's bike example
azeez think yourself as the bike , and someone bought u now that guy is replacing u because u have some flows or defects. that time you r not the subject n u become the object. if u r thinkin for others ,others will also think of u.
in india marriage is not always the love ,it's about understanding and accepting others with there should peep in his own mind ,before commenting on others. i think in live in relations such respect will not be there. and so my support is to "marriage"

Kirti said:   1 decade ago
In my opinion live in relationship is not better than marriage. Like science rules live in relationship applies to ideal world. But it never has been the perfect and ideal. In live in rel. If one partner betrays the other one the other will be helpless then. He/she can't do anything about it. Marriages are the most secure method. It gives you the right to speak against the partner who deceives. And it supports our culture and makes life disciplined. One learns being responsible.

So I support the marriage.

Disha agarwal said:   1 decade ago
friends according to my point of view live -in relationships are more better as compared to that of marriages because in live-in relationship we get proper time to understand a person .and after spending proper time with a person you can know that this person can adjust with you or not .He or she is capable to understand you or not and many more things like that .But in case of marriages you do not have that option whether a person supports you or not love you or not you have to be with that person because you have made a comitment and a lawful relation. And rest depends or varies on a person thinking that what type of person they actually need.

Harsh Doshi said:   1 decade ago
As Vimal has said: A relationship works out on the trust factor. Marriage or live-in-relationship both has its pros and cons. In marriage you marry a person and settle down. It depends on the partners how the relationship between them works out to. Many marriages have happy endings and many dont even last for a month. It is same in live-in-relationship as well. Both can either have happy and sad endings. According to me the need for today in a country like India is that we take the positives of both the cases. For eg: A guy and a gal should meet officially in presence of their families, and families should also try and give them comfortable time and space to understand each other. They should spend some quality time with each other to try and understand each other. Also families should see to it that they should not force their children to marry before the right age as it hampers the relationships as many individuals are not matured enough to understand their partners.

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