Are Live-in Relationships better than Marriage?

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Nands said:   1 decade ago
No,Live-in relationship are not at all better than marriages because in live in relationship there is no commitment.One person can leave his/her partner any time.There is no life time assurance that ur partner will always support u at any moment of life.It may happen that ur partner is living wid u only because of some kind of infatuation and after some time when that infatuation is over then he/she can leave u.Bt in marriages there is a commitment and also law of our country supports Marriages.they dont support live in relationships.So if a person who is married to u leaves u or tries to marry someone else then u can challenge him/her in court also.But in live in relations u cant do so.So I beleive that live in relations dont offer any guarranty but marrriages are like a bond or commitment between 2 people and their families

Siva said:   1 decade ago
I think marriages are not good. Because both people left their parents and relatives alone. especially, ladies have to suffer a lot today due to boy's cruelness.

Priya said:   1 decade ago
In my point of view, Marriages are always better than any relationship because your spouse is always for you.. He/she loves you, liking to be with you, or do any things only because of u... No one in the world can do for you except your partner.. And also dont avoid your family or relation ..

AZEEZ said:   1 decade ago
Hai friends.. I think marriages are not good. because here i want to say one good example.. suppose we want to buy one bike means.. fist we analyse that bike characteristic and get details , which one is better for us after that using . Suppose any one problem is arriving,, we can change or claim for that. bt after marriage , no chance for that. whatever happen,we will simply sacrifice our life. In my point of view marriage life is like a jail life... life is one so live it happily.... not slavely..

Naga said:   1 decade ago
My god.. I think this question is wrong unto our culture.. Really i am sorry for this question.Our culture is only expressed by marriage system!!

Aman said:   1 decade ago
No, the live in relation specially for india is not good.. as it will destroy the culture or say the remaining culture we are left with. It will empty us..

Aman said:   1 decade ago
@Azeez : well Azeez u wrote very well... but this can only be applied to things.... because things are perfect to our work...... but human beings are never perfect....u will always find pros and cons in any person..... u will never get any person who will be having only positive points. so when you involved in marriage then you come to know what responsibility is??? am agree with your point that if somehow we got the person which we don't like at all.... for that we have so many options like we can be strict to change the behavior of your partner or we can have deep talks and one the important thing we must always share what we like and what we don't like... this is also applicable to open relations.

At last i want to say one thing... if you want satisfaction throughout your life......then go for marriage not for open relationship.. because these are nor persistent...and one more thing ,here for marriage we also have to do hard work for finding our best can also go in the marriage market...(matrimonial) you go for bikes or cars...and i hope you will one day get good one...all the best

Ambrish said:   1 decade ago
According to my point of view open relationship not good because.. this all things are adopt by the western culture...and the vale of INDIA in all over the world only for the INDIAN TRADITION and CULTURE ...... so we need to save our value and shine the world.....

Vimal said:   1 decade ago
As per me... i think the most important thing in any relationship is the trust... and its not easy to form that thing ...secondly... the compatability factor...means what better than it is if both the partner can live together. If both the families have no prob. I agree that such thing is not that much favorable in our country but look at the other side also.

What if u marry someone...and later find out that u cant live under one roof... it may lead to divorce or any such bad consequences... So its better to check your compatability and i think the best way is live in relationship...

Kali said:   1 decade ago
Well, if we want to figure out the problems then the problems are in both. But i support the marriage system of our culture. Whether you are accept or not. Marriage makes a person responsible towards his family. He knows what he will have to do for their family.

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