All Work and No Play Makes Jack a Dull Boy

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Ayushi pankaj said:   11 months ago
Good morning all.

Because of the pressure of studying and working for a long time without any break, our mind feels so sleepy and we just divert our mind to other activities but do not feel relaxed and refreshed. That's why I prefer that play is even important as work, when we play our blood circulates faster. Helps in the growth and development of the body. It helps to inhale oxygen more easily.

Thank you.

Sudha said:   1 year ago
Yes, I totally agree with the statement because in today's world deteriorating the mounting stress in everyone's mind is a must and should. So, playing makes one physically strong and fit and mentally morale and competitive. It helps to reduce stress and cope with our problems. Or else a person becomes mentally weak and unable to manage life problems. They become distressed in case of any minute failures and indulge in unwanted actions and ill feelings. And such type of misleading actions can be soiled down with appropriate physical exercise.

Anvesha Dixit said:   2 years ago
I feel all-time study not only makes us boring, stressful but also the person starts losing friends. Being a book bug is not what a student should do instead, inspite of studying one should also actively indulge in hobbies, extra-curricular. For it not only relaxes us. Makes us extrovert, confident and overall brilliant but also provides us with the enthusiasm to concentrate our mind back to studies after a bit of refreshment. THANKS!

Rakesh rampuda said:   2 years ago
Good morning to all of you, and thanks for this opportunity to talk at this moment that here the character jack is not only but also a form in every student because due to some parental and exam pressure students are only focus within the books but they can not experience out the whole world, what happening in the outside world so a student in their resume mostly mention the fake hubbies and interest so because they can not make any good hobbies in their life they just stuck with this pressure of books notes exams so make a balanced life in which we can make our real hobbies and it can be reflects in our daily lives thank you.

Thompson said:   3 years ago
I totally agree with this topic.

Children's are made to study their lessons continuously so they get good marks but this make students bookworm with no social abilities.

Shivani said:   4 years ago
If we work for the whole time it will be very stressful. From this our mind becomes weaker. Hence there should be some play as well. This will refresh us and again we can start with our work and complete it on time without any stress.

Manna said:   4 years ago
I have tried this several times and I have become more brighter.

Manna said:   4 years ago
Hello friends, restless work will make our mind feel some stress. To overcome this situation we have to play for some time. Then only we will feel relief. Everyone should develop a hobby apart from helping your parents and reading. For our own pleasure. Please do your hobby in your leisure time. It will help in developing skills and development in your brain and body too. THANKS.

Subha said:   4 years ago
All work and no play can make anyone dull because all time in work makes a man monotonous. A man needs entertainment to remove monotony. He needs to play during his leisure time. As a student, we should not follow any rigid routine.

Ankit said:   4 years ago
No, I completely disagree with the topic statement, I have seen many successful people who never plays a game, neither indoor not outdoor. Actually, games do improve our mind power, we be focused in our daily work too. But many dull players we see in real life with lesser smartness and lesser management skill.

So, what is the definition of dullness? It depends on the situations. A single person cannot be smart in every aspect.

Still, some human finds work as a game, they play their own work, they don't any games to play, as they can find happiness in their work.

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