Advantages of Co-education

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Aakash chauhan said:   1 year ago
Hello everyone.

I am Aakash.
I am from Uttar Pradesh.
Co-education is the best way of providing knowledge to girls and boys.
Co-education reduces discrimination between boys and girls. It is helpful mainly for girls to interact with boys in future.
It decreases the level of inequality which is why it is right for both sexes.
Thank you.


Ashish Patel said:   1 year ago
Hello everyone I'm ASHISHPATEL from Uttar Pradesh.
Co-education means together both boys and girls.
Co-education develops positive thoughts in our environment.
Girls and boys study with each other in future girls can not face any problems.
Because whose girls will understand that boy and handle that situation.
Co-education becomes very powerful idea in the future life of girls.
Thank you.

Shristi said:   2 years ago
The word 'Co' means together and 'Education' is imparting knowledge, hence the term Co-education is a system of educating boys and girls together.

It is a practice to give education to both boys and girls together in the same school and class rather than having a separate school for girls and boys. This reflects gender equality where both boys and girls are taught together under the same roof and is a common practice worldwide.

The practice of Co-education was since ancient times, co-education existed in Sparta in Greece. It imparts no discrimination between boys and girls and they can study and play together. Along with academic education, physical training was also given to both sexes. Plato, the Greek philosopher believed that co-education brings the overall development of both men and women and creates a feeling of comradeship among them.

Just like west ancient Indian Vedic society (Ancient India) also give co-education at few places. But gradually education to women was ignored and the system of education imparted in those times involved students living in Gurukuls during their study life and only boys were sent to far-off places. Gurukuls involve students to stay away from home and girls were not sent to far-off places and thus they were deprived of the benefits of education.

In the medieval period, India witnessed a large number of Mohammedan invasions and education experienced a new perspective, a new system of education was introduced.
The subjects taught to boys were different than those taught to girls, girls were taught things more relevant to their roles as homemakers while boys were taught subjects related to trades, and skills as bread earners. Raja Rammohan Roy, a great social reformer and scholar, fought against this practice and succeeded in his mission. His mission was further carried on by other social reformers.

Today, co-education is prevalent in almost all countries of the world. Men and women have to survive with each other in marriage or in the workplace for that they should know how to blend with each other. It is widely seen in India as well, we have a number of co-educational schools, colleges, and universities.

There is a number of advantages attached to the co-educational system of education.
1. It is economical.
2. Helps students to intermingle.
3. Shortage of efficient teachers.
4. Healthy competition and friendship.
5. No discrimination.
6. Improves academic performance.
7. Uniformity.
8. Behavioral changes.
9. Survival for the future.
10. Overcome fear of the opposite gender.

Aarya shukla said:   2 years ago
Jai hind my dear friends,

I'm Aryan Shukla.

Co-education system is most important co-education also helps to remove gender discrimination. Both the boys and girls get equal respect which helps them in the future. Thank you.

Shubhankar sharma said:   2 years ago
Co-education means providing education to both girls and boys in the same institution without any discrimination but I personally think that this definition is incomplete and needs amendment so how most of the time people forgot "transgender" I don't no why people do so. They are also an important part of society like us. So needed to familiarise me with them in terms of priority. So now the definition is transgender in the same institution.

Arun said:   2 years ago
Hello! Friends.

My name is Arun.

In a country like India, co-education is a good initiative to develop our nation. Through this coeducation a boy or girl easily interacts with each other and understands, and respect each other. They can control their feelings & emotions through this education the way of thinking also changes by this we can control rapes. Finally by this coeducation through the equal contribution of girls and boys nation develops.

Thank you.

J.Roshni said:   2 years ago
I am Roshni from Tamilnadu.

Thanks for giving me this opportunity.

The co-education is very important in our environment.

1. First of all, it helps girls to interact with another gender.
2. They can not differentiate between love and friendship with another gender.
3. They are understanding each other.
4. They are respectful to each other.
5. Co-education is supported by girls and belief in gender equality.

Pankaj menaria said:   2 years ago
Hello everyone, This is Pankaj Menaria from Udaipur,

First of all, thanks all for providing me this wonderful opportunity.

So, I think co-education is a good thing because;

1) It helps to students to understand social- activities.

2) By this system, students practically teaches the behaviour towards to opposite gender.

3) Co-education can reduce discrimination and it increas hesitation to each other.

4) Society evils can be reduced by co-education.

Again thank you so much.

Keshav Pandit said:   2 years ago
Co education is the system of education where boys and girls study together under single roof.

Friends as we all know that a cart has two wheels and it can't work properly unless both the wheels go together well.

Likewise boys and girls are two wheels of the cart of a nation so they should be taught together.

There are many advantages of co-education as far as I am concerned that co-education removes shyness from a girl and makes her bold and smart. I think when boys and girl educated together then they learn respect for each other from an early age so the case of eveteasing and glrapes will be less.

By the help of education boys and girl will be able to remove their hesitation against one another. Dear friends as we know that after completing the studies we have to work in corporate word where there are no gender barriers so separate education affects their abilities to work together. Friends co education is also beneficial from economy point of view because we don't need separate buildings and staff for both the genders.

Prasenjit Ghosh said:   2 years ago
Hi everyone.

My name is Prasenjit Ghosh and I am from Westbengal.

Our GD topic is advantages of co-education.

First of all, co-education means when both boys and girls are getting education under the same roof.

The advantages of co-education are:

It reduces shyness between boys and girls. In the future, they will easily interact with each other in any field without any hesitation.

It increases competitiveness between both boys and girls that is good for our nation.

In this education system, both respect each other's gender and thought.

It will definitely boost women empowerment. It reduces discrimination towards women.

It brings maturity to both boys and girls.

Equality is the most important thing in this education system.


This education system will definitely help our country to progress and people as well as government should promote this system.

Thank you.

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