Advantages of Co-education

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Prasenjit Ghosh said:   9 months ago
Hi everyone.

My name is Prasenjit Ghosh and I am from Westbengal.

Our GD topic is advantages of co-education.

First of all, co-education means when both boys and girls are getting education under the same roof.

The advantages of co-education are:

It reduces shyness between boys and girls. In the future, they will easily interact with each other in any field without any hesitation.

It increases competitiveness between both boys and girls that is good for our nation.

In this education system, both respect each other's gender and thought.

It will definitely boost women empowerment. It reduces discrimination towards women.

It brings maturity to both boys and girls.

Equality is the most important thing in this education system.


This education system will definitely help our country to progress and people as well as government should promote this system.

Thank you.

Rajdeep kumar said:   10 months ago
Hello everyone.

My name is Rajdeep Kumar.

Today the given topic is Co-education.

Co-education means boys and girls are learning together in one classroom or under one roof.

As we know that education is necessary for all citizens of country when co-education comes in India it is beneficial for our society.

There are so many merits of co-education.

1. It removes hesitation to communicate with boys and girls.
2. It develops mutual respect for each other boys and girls.
3. Inequality society vanishes.
4. We learn to respect each other.
5. It creates healthy competition between boys and girls.
6. It also helps to make self-discipline in the classroom.
7. We don't need to build separate colleges/schools for boys and girls.


In my opinion, co-education is beneficial for our country.

Thank you, everyone.

Jai hind.

Kumari Snehlata said:   12 months ago
Co-education is the education of both gender girls as well as boys together under a single roof. It plays an important role in the improvement of society.

As they study together they can the understand their feeling for each other and respect their feelings and emotions.

As girls feel shy in front of boys and boys depressed girls this problem can be overcome by co-education.

Later in future, both genders have to live together as husband and wife so it will be easy to understand other's feelings.

Both genders are confident to express each other in front of them.

Both genders got the same level of education and they bring changes in society at a high level.

Thank you.

Divya patil said:   1 year ago
Hi, this is Divya.

Nowadays, co-education plays an important role in our education system.

We can develop our maturity levels through this education.

Some persons feel nervous to talk with opposite gender this co-education will remove that nervous.

Both the knowledge of the male and female are the same.

We can know how to respect the other genders.

If the same genders are in the classroom they will have irrespective of thoughts and emotions and attraction.

Having the opposite genders in the classroom they will develop a broad-minded about the other genders.

Some parents have a panic about love and affection matters but it will depend upon the student's attitude. In interviews we have to face the opposite genders it will remove the nervousness among the students.

So, I conclude that both male and female knowledge are equal.

Dibya ranjan mohanty said:   1 year ago
Hi, my dear friends.

This is Dibya.

Today, I am so happy to get a part of this group discussion. And now the topic is co-education.

My opinion is that co-education it plays a vital role among us.

It helps to improve our communication skills and our confidence level.

In another way, as it means boys and girls get education together under a single roof, so they all get equal respect from each other, and also they understand each other's filling very easily.

Thank you, everyone.

NITIN said:   1 year ago
A blend of boys and girls in multiple areas of education, sports, cultural affairs, dramas we can define it as co-education.

As the sense of oneness will create between boys and girls they will relate with one another in problems and come out a solution together. It will bridge a gap in the larger picture understand each other in a better way. Grow together build help one another must be a motto when it comes to co- education.

S Khan said:   1 year ago
Co-Education means getting education together by both Boys and Girls under a single roof.


Foes reduce the crime against women because if both boys and girls study together then they have respect for each other.

It helps to understand the feelings of both genders.

It helps to reduce the gap between girls and boys which further help to develop society.

Both men and women are equal parts of society so have equal opportunities to do better in their life.

B Durga said:   1 year ago
Hi everyone.

According to me, Co-education improves our confidence level and it helps to relieve shyness.

ABHIJITH B said:   1 year ago
Hi everyone.

My name is ABHIJITH B.

My opinion is that Co-education is the best way to overcome our fear in front of society and also it helps us to improve our confidence and mutual understanding skills too.

Thank you all.

Kaushal kumar nishad said:   1 year ago
Hello, my dear friends.

Very good morning to all of you.

Co-education plays a vital role in our society. Co-education means where both boys and girls learn education as known as co-education.

1. It helps a lot of students to boost their confidence and remove their hesitations.

2. It saves our economical spending to provide only one classroom and school.

We need to implement all schools and Institutes definitely it will boost up our confidence.

So, really it will help a lot and our government should be helped us.

Thank you so much.

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