Advantages of Co-education

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Shubham Singh Chhatrapati said: (Sep 20, 2021)  
Hi everyone 🤚🤚.

My name is Shubham Singh.

Our topic is co-education.

Co-education is very important in our life because reduce shyness develop communication skills sharing new idea's & thought increasing personality finally maintain a good relationship.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to highlight the topic.

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Amit Kumar said: (Jul 25, 2021)  
Hello, this is Amit Kumar now, I m telling you co-education is the most part of the girls and boys because the girls and boys are studies with the same under roof.

Thank you all of you.

I am trying my best.

Because I m learning speaking english language.

So, that's why by the way any mistake.

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Shree said: (Jun 14, 2021)  
According to me, Co-education is very important as it helps in understanding about the character, mindset and behaviour of the opposite gender.

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Kandoju Ruchitha said: (May 21, 2021)  
Hi everyone!

This is Ruchitha! In my point of view, co-education plays a vital role in order to overcome hesitate and shyness also builds mutual understanding which is very important for our better performance in offices.

Thank you.

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Ninja said: (May 8, 2021)  
Advantages of co-education.

It cultivates a sense of mutual respect.
It creates healthy competition among the girls and boys.
I remove the sense of inequality.
It removes the fear of the opposite gender.

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Vidhya Devi said: (Apr 21, 2021)  
Hello Friends.

I'm Vidhya.

In my point of view, Co-education is very important for this era. In Co-ed, gender inequality gets vanished. Students won't feel uncomfortable talking with another gender. They learn to respect each other.

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Mounika said: (Apr 15, 2021)  
Let us see what is meant by Co-edu?

Co-education refers to where girls and boys together study under the same roof.

Advantages of coeducation:

In coed where both boys and girls will give superiority based on grade not on sex.

If both girl and boy studied in the coed system then in future they won't feel hesitate to work with other gender they fell free to work under this environment.

In coed, they give respect to other gender.

Due to this coed, they build healthy competition between girls and boys indirectly there develop the country.

In coed, they start knowing each other better and start respecting the opposite gender.

They get more moral values in coeducation than purely girls or boys education.

They won't feel uncomfortable while speaking with other gender.

In co-ed they start they share there views comfortable with opposite genders.

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Indrajit Shaw said: (Apr 8, 2021)  
It is good for our new generation students.

As co-education means equally treated both girls and boys for the education. If they are getting a chance to study together at the bottom of the same roof, their progress in the study can give a great effect on our education system.

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Adarsh said: (Apr 1, 2021)  
Hello Everyone,

First, we all know the exact meaning of Coeducation it means male and female students study under the same roof. In the previous era, girls did not have rights like a man so these types of concepts were useless at that time but in this modern era boys and girls equally treated by society. So here I am gonna share some benefits of co-education.


1) Co-education gives rights to females and male candidates equally.
2) this type of culture is very famous in western that's why they are the most developed countries in the world.
3) Coeducation vanishes the difference between gender equality.

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Varsha said: (Mar 7, 2021)  
Hi everyone.

This is Varsha.

In my point of view, Co-education reduces the discrimination between girls and boys and it makes improve in communication skills. It develops mutual understanding. It brings equality among the students. So it overcome the fears of opposite gender.

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Sohan said: (Mar 4, 2021)  
The advantages of co-education is;

It creates equality among the students.

It helps to overcome the fear of the opposite gender.

It helps us to cultivate a sense of mutual respect.

It creates healthy competition.

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Ayush Bhattacharyya said: (Feb 17, 2021)  
Hi, this is Ayush Bhattacharyya from Kolkata, West Bengal.

I am currently studying in Don Bosco School, Park Circus.

I am of 10th standard, and today I am expressing my views for the topic.

In a co-education, school boys and girls study together from a very young age and it helps both in understanding the other gender and person with a broader and wide-ranging outlook.

Co-education immensely helps to eliminate the conservative approach by removing inhibition from the minds of young girls and boys and makes them more perceptive and confident. Thus, boys and girls mingle freely and create healthy relation. When both will study together they will develop respect for each other from an early age.

Our society is heavily tilted in favour of the male child, but with the help of co-education boys will learn to start treating girls at par and there will be gender equality starting from the school itself. This will create a balance in the mindset of people at large and benefit the country. Being in the same school will mean that both will receive equal education as the curriculum would be the same.

Co-education will prepare boys and girls for the future as one day they will be stepping out in the society and interacting and working together.

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Priya said: (Jan 21, 2021)  
I believe co-education is the need of the hour. In the 21st century, the ideology of "all boys" Or "all girls" institution does not go well.

Schools are the foundation stone for children's future endeavours and by encouraging co-education, we are probably investing in more confident youth. In the later stage of life, they need to work together and there will be no filter as in boys or girls office.

From the early stage of life, they would be habituated in conversing with the opposite gender and in long run would not hesitate to talk.

Such exposure would convince them they are alike, would be in a better position to understand each other and would be able to nurture a healthy relationship.

Hence, co-education is vital not only for our professional career but also for overall personality development.

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Aayush Bajpai said: (Jan 18, 2021)  
The word co-education means the institution where both girls & boys together get their education. According to me in this type of the institution healthy competition prevail among both gender so both boy n girls get the motivation to perform well. And they also don't get hesitation while talking to opposite genders, so in a nutshell, co-education makes you the proper confidente personality.

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Anuj Vishwakarma said: (Jan 18, 2021)  
In my point of view, a fully support co-education system in India so that a man can get knowledge about a woman and they can understand each other life activities and each other thoughts. And they can make a group of social and can help in one's problem and solve. As we can say that to live in a relationship is the way to know each other life movements. Western countries ahead in comparison to India in this subject And there's are 33/reservation for a woman if we talk about merits of it co-education system provides a big strength to man or woman as well as countries co-education system is the best way to equalize the gender rate in India and problem of gender rate can solve it's.

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Naru said: (Jan 14, 2021)  
Hello, everyone, this is Narender Rawat.

According to me, Co-education can support and improve the girls discrimination and it provide the equality of Wrights.

It give the competition between girls and boys in a class, college and any field of education and other thinks or improve the motivation for achieve goals.

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Hassan Zahid said: (Jan 14, 2021)  
Co-Education improves over presentation skills when we represent in front of the class where there are boys or girls.

Students improve their sense of talking with each other it helps the students to decrease their shyness.

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Mohit said: (Jan 12, 2021)  
According to me, co-education is a way to remove the hesitation and shyness between boys and girls and you can increase your communication skills by this.

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Ankit Kumar Patna said: (Jan 5, 2021)  
Good evening gentleman.

I am Ankit from Bihar, I want to add some points to gd topic Coeducation.

Coeducation is that education system in which both girls and boys read one another & also share their ideas with each other. It is beneficial for ourselves & even our society.

It is also a symbol of equality of gender. In coeducation system both boys and girls remove their hesitation & also Shyness. It will help us in future if we will go to office then it will help there it gives though competition. It give us the opportunity to work to each other it will help each other to know their opinion & thoughts.

In the village all school & college is based on co-education system but village's students fill hesitation, I watched, & also filled but in city girls & boys talk to each other openly. It is also the result of co-education system.

If I talk about of disadvantages of co-education system.

In this, I have seen eve-teasing. passing negative comments, physical abusing & another type of problems.

I heard in the news that some boys made a private video of girls. They blackmailed that girl. After some time I heard that girl committed suicide. I think the government should give aware girl& also reservation. So that girl can reach high position & anyone cannot do anything thing against girl but negative thoughts people live everywhere.

First of all, we need to change our mentality. Co-education system play a vital role in national building & development Society.

Jai hind.

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Manish Shukla said: (Jan 3, 2021)  
Hello everyone.

I suppose. Coeducation is the way of education in which girls and boys studies together, share their information and improve their skills. As we know that in future in our office we are going to work with various type of colleague. That can be a girl or boy so we should be prepared for that. By co-education, we can decrease our hesitation and increase our maturity. It will also help in the campaign of women empowerment. The ladies also can get equal rights.

Thank you.

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Ankur Gupta said: (Dec 30, 2020)  
Good Morning,

According to my point of view, First to all what is Co-education System -Co-education is;

Something where both boys and girls study together.

*Decrease our hesitation and develop our maturity.
*It helps in women empowerment.

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Manoj Kumar Jakhar said: (Dec 28, 2020)  
Co-education means where the boys and the girls are studying in the same roof and same hostel. Co-education many advantages.

1) Co-education decrease our hesitation and decrease syncing.

2) It helps our problems with study.

If we want our country or our nation are progress in this scheme (co-education) that's for improving our relationship between boys and girls. We are not discrimination between girls and boys. In co-education, both male and female are express their views and information. Mix gender system (co-education) is a very effective unit of our developed society.

So, that's all about my express on Coeducation.


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Ravi said: (Dec 22, 2020)  
Good morning all my dear friends,

I am going to start the topic coeducation.

Firstly co-education means a system in which boy and girl get education combined.

As there are many advantages of co-education that are it gives equal opportunity to both boys and girls and that's why there is no means of inequality. It also helps in women empowerment along with this it also decrease shyness between both further for future work, our govt also promote coeducation by providing schools in each and every area of the country for boys and girls.

Thanks, everyone.

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Saddam Hussain said: (Dec 21, 2020)  
According to my point of view, Our nation will progress well if the coeducation system is common in our country first of all coeducation means the same institution where boys and girls got an education. From coeducation, they have been create well interaction among them. Students remove their fear and hesitation they increase their confidence level. If they have problems in any subject then they easily solve. So if our country or nation wants to grow and develop then firstly we should remove inequality between male and female. As well as gov. Should focus on our coeducation system for the progress of the nation. So, our country will do progress within one year. Thank you so much.

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Kamlesh Arya said: (Dec 20, 2020)  
Hello everyone, my name is Kamlesh Arya.

I am from Madhya Pradesh.

I want to say about co-education.

In my of view, it has many advantages like the Common thing is the boys and girls remove their hesitation and fear about to talk with each other and if you did not understand any topic in any subject we can easily solve and explain with each other.

They removed shyness.

It also helps remove gender inequality.

Thanks to all.

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Ashish Kumar said: (Dec 10, 2020)  
Hello everyone.

I am Ashish Kumar. I belong to Uttar Pradesh.

Today our topic on advantage of co-education.

In my opinion, Co-education is a blessing for our country and our society. The most important thing is it gives one platform to perform both boys and girls are treated equally.

Some boys and girls are timid and cowardice to talk with each other but Co-education is the way which will create equality without any discrimination.

1. It will increase their confident remove hesitation in front of the opposite gender.


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Ayush Parihar said: (Dec 9, 2020)  
Good morning sir.

I am Ayush I really want to thanks to putting my thoughts today my topic is co-education.

Co-education is the simple way to learn something both boy's and girl's they can talk without hesitation and shyness.

It is helpful to change our society It is a good way to develop our country.

Advantage of coeducation:

It is helping to improve our thoughts about girls.
It helps to develop our maturity.
It helps to communicate with girl's without any hesitation.

so I think it is best.

Thank you.

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Himanshu Tiwari said: (Dec 9, 2020)  
Hello, everyone, my name is Himanshu Tiwari, so first of all, thanks to all of you for giving me a chance to express our views on this topic which is co-education.

Co-education system is a way to remove inequality between genders co-education system provide us with an opportunity to improve our personality and reduce shyness co-education system also helps in women empowerment because if our country wants to grow and develop then firstly we should remove inequality between male and female and one more advantage of co-education is students share our thoughts to one another and solve our problems related to study so in my point of you people and also government promote co-education.

Thank you.

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Sharad said: (Dec 8, 2020)  
Good morning friends,

Today we have to discuss the topic importance of coeducation.

In this system, girls and boys are taught in the same roof.

It creates a sense of equality and understanding to both sexes.

It is important because it reduces the shyness of girls and boys.

Co-educational schools better reflect the diversity of our society.

It helps to prepare students to succeed in post-secondary education and to eventually enter the work force.

At last, I want to say that it is economical and genera a spirit of comradeship between boys and girls.

Thank you.

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Mridul Kukreti said: (Dec 6, 2020)  
Good morning to all.

Thanks for giving me the opportunity to put my thoughts in today's wonderful topic.

The topic is co-education.

In Coeducation, both boys and girls get education under the same roof.

They study together, interact with each other and share their thoughts.

So in my opinion, Coeducation plays a vital role in building confidence and in removing shyness towards the opposite gender.

It is also beneficial in eliminating the discrimination between genders.

At last, but not least, I want to say that Coeducation is necessary for the development of our country.

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Sarwar Khan said: (Dec 5, 2020)  

In my opinion, the most important advantages of the co-education system is that it provides a good and healthy learning environment. They compete against each other. Its also helps boys and girls in improving their personality and understanding of each other. They should not hesitate while working with each other, respect for each other is a very important element of growing up.

As we know that both girls and boys are the two wheels of a nation's growth and success.


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Vikash said: (Dec 5, 2020)  
1. Co-education system prepares students for real-life students that are from co-education school may not have fear in interacting with the opposite gender. Its will helps them in their work life.

2. Co-education system reduce discrimination among the gender and its challenge sexist attitude.

3. It teaches mutual respect and co-existing while makes them good citizens.

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Amit Kumar said: (Dec 3, 2020)  
Good evening guys.

Thanks for giving me a chance to put my ideas in coeducation in modern society.

It is necessary because especially in villages there is a lot of shyness between boys and girls. They feel hesitation to talk to each other and also have a lot of discrimination.

So, my suggestion that if coeducation in India then both people can talk each other, and also it is good to understand between both for the future aspects.

Some advantages of coeducation schools--.

1. it removes the hesitation to communicate with both girls and boys.
2. it provides a feeling if equality.
3. it helps to understand apposite gender fast.
4. it helps to develop our maturity level.

Conclusion-- there is nothing in wrong with coeducation. It is a great plate form where they can show their skill and learnt so many things from each other.

Thank you.

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Firoj Khan said: (Dec 3, 2020)  
Co-education in which boys and girls get the education under the same roof. Co-education is necessary for our country and it is important for our society.

Co-education reduces shyness and hesitation and it increases students confidence understanding and thought.

By the co-education, boys and girls interact with each other. They enter to change their thoughts.

By the co-education, students understand opposite gender behaviour, thought and mutual understanding.

Co-education helps to do their job and increases our economy.

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Surendra Kumar said: (Nov 29, 2020)  
Hello everyone.

If we talk about co-education it's advantages is that it eradicate such a bad mentality.. It provides such an environment where we grow together and study together, we help one another in the learning process which improves our social behaviour. If we talk about developed countries it will seem there that how person interact with the opposite gender, they work together and give their best for their institutions. But some it's negativity is that students fall in love and they spoil their career and give disappointing massage to our society, so we should focus our aim, not in such type of activities. Except it my friends, everything is fine.

Finally, we can say my friends our country needs it for development.

Thank you, everyone.

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Surendra Kumar said: (Nov 29, 2020)  
Hello everyone.

My name is Surendra Kumar.

Today our topic is co-education, so I am going to discuss it. Studying together with boys and girls under one roof. They help one another in the learning process. They participate together in different types of activities which remove their hesitation and make them bold to interact with the opposite gender. It is the best way of removing our shyness which helps us in our daily life. Co-education is very important for our society because society needs male and female both so both of them should be educated. If we want to see our country as a developed country or leader country in the world, so we must promote the co-education.

Thank you, everyone.

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Ravi Chauhan said: (Nov 18, 2020)  
Hello, friends, our topic is co-education.

Co-education is the brilliant system to express their ideas together girl and boys it improves our economic and competition without any hesitation.

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Ankit Singh said: (Nov 17, 2020)  
Hello friends, my name is Ankit Singh.

Today, the topic is co-education.

In my opinion, Co-education system peepers students for real-life. Students that are from Co-education school may not have fear in interacting with the opposite gender. This helps them in their work-life as well.

Co-education removed the shyness from the opposite gender and make them strong and bold.

Co-education helps students in learning other genders perspective.

Children learn equality with practically. This will help in future in the maturing relationship.

Thank you.

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Sachin Thakur said: (Nov 17, 2020)  
Good morning friends.

My name is Sachin Thakur. I am from Uttar Pradesh.

Today we are going to talk about the topic of co-education. In my point of view, co-education plays a vital role in decrease the discrimination between boys and girls. It also helps us to represent our views without any hesitation. It is very useful to speak oratory in public.

Thank you.

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Sanjeet said: (Nov 17, 2020)  
Hii everyone.

Good morning to all of you.

I am Sanjeet, I live at Alwar in Rajasthan I have done my 12th class and Now I am doing my graduation.

Today our topic on the advantage of Coeducation.

Let's start.

Co-education is the best way to learn something both boys and girls under the one roof.

The girls and boys are sitting together to read in the coeducation.

It ends the shyness and hesitation both girls and boys.

They discuss the topic and put on our thoughts before one another The Co-education gives us the power to speak among people.

Co-education helps in our economic conditions.

Co-education is the best way to learn.


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Arpan Roy said: (Nov 15, 2020)  
Hello friends.

Today we are going to discuss the topic advantages of co-educational schools-.

According to my point of view, it makes the boys and the girls to respect each other and remove shyness and it also built the competitive nature of both the genders.

That's all, Thank you.

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Saurav Raghav said: (Nov 11, 2020)  
Hi guys, This is Saurav before you.

Now I would like to tell you about the topic which is related to Co-education.

Co-education learns for boys and girls to study together. Co-education is the best way to remove hesitation between boys and girls. It improves our confidence to talk among the people. Co-education is conducive to our society and country also. It makes us different from other people. In my point of view, Co-education is consist of our thoughts and ideas.

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Saurav Raghav said: (Nov 10, 2020)  
Hi guys.

I am Saurav.

Today our topic is co-education.

Co-education learns for each boy and girl studying together. Co-education is the best way to remove hesitation. It improves our skills and makes us different from other people. It increases our confidence which comes from studying together. It is conducive to our society and country.

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Nitish Yadav said: (Nov 9, 2020)  
Good morning friends,

Today our topic is co-education. Co-education environment like a temple every boys and girls study together. It improve our confidence to talk among the people. Co-education remove hesitation to discuss between girls and boys. It is beneficial for our society and economy of our country. It increase competition level for this every boys and girls are participate in competition without any hesitation.

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Nitish Yadav said: (Nov 9, 2020)  
In my point of view, co-education environment like a temple every boys and girl are equal opportunity to study under the same roof. It is very beneficial for our society and country. It increases the confidence to speak among themselves. Co-education also removes the hesitation.

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Reshma said: (Oct 28, 2020)  
Education is something that lifts away all kinds of barriers and gives freedom to our thoughts and actions. At least that's how it should be like. And hence schools and homes are undeniably the cradles of creating the best social intentions in the minds of pupils. Coeducation is the basic measure that promotes to communal harmony and coexistence for all the later stages of life. Being a student at an all-girls school myself, I can certainly affirm the fact that coeducation is the way of setting things right at the very nascent stage. And one day maybe the social norms and beliefs couldn't divide them into genders, who were already treated by education as equals. Hence coeducation must be complemented with equal treatment of all individuals at schools and home for a bright and sensible future generation.

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Nithesh Raj said: (Sep 27, 2020)  
Hi guys.

according to my thoughts, I agree that Co-education I good for study. But at the same time, it will be the primary part which will get started for the anti-social activities, nowadays everywhere we can see, for better thought, the boys can go for the boy's Hr, sec, school and girls can go for the girls Hr. Sec, school. Co-education system which comes from the British🇬🇧. In ancient times our India is proudly given Vedic science and maths in Veda pada salah which the boys only can study there girls are not allowed and for girls, there will be a different place to study. Co-education is good for western culture but for our Indian culture, it is a curse.

Co-education at the age of 13-22 will be a crucial part the man and woman need to be careful about their activities.

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Srihari.B said: (Jul 19, 2020)  
I am Srihari. B from Chennai.

It Provides the feeling of equality among the students in the school.
Co-Operation in the students.
They learn many things from each other.
They can share their ideas and thoughts with each other.
Enhances the feeling of competition among each other.
They respect each other both boys and girls.
Except for their Hesitation and shyness.
Get to know the importance of each other.

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Ajay Yadav said: (Jun 9, 2020)  
Hello everyone, A very good evening to all of you.

This is Ajay Kumar. Today my topic is advantages of coeducation. First of all, I want to define the co-education it refers to providing education to both girls and boys together without any discrimination. It has many advantages;-.

1. It helps to express the views and opinions without any hesitation.
2. It helps to remove the shyness of the boys and girls.
3. It also helps to promote feminism.
4. It also helps to bring equality in society.
5. More or less it also helps to improve economically.

Thank you.

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Muhammad Shadab said: (Jun 4, 2020)  
Myself Muhammad Shadab
In my opinion, co-education is most important.

Because when we talk about awareness of women, until we can't understand the ground reality, situation.and without communication we can't understand any problems of women because today's girl tomorrow a women.that's why we should cultivate co-education is the better way to communicate.

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Harshitha Damerla said: (May 7, 2020)  
In my view, co-education is very important and useful because it helps us how to communicate with each other. How to respect male or female. There will be a good understanding of the studies. And there will be sharing of thoughts. It increases competitive thinking and decreases the gender discrimination.

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Mangesh said: (Mar 19, 2020)  
My self Mangesh, and it is very glad to me to be part of this discussion.

In my opinion, education is very important and helpful to grow the economy. It is one of the pillar. I think boys and girls study together, the partiality gap will be reduced and they feel that the all are at equal. The boys and girls will share the things with each other which helpful to them, know about there weaknesses and to work on it. In some of the area till know, the school & colleges are separate for boys & girl, but I think that if the college are separate, from 1st day of admission we teach them that they are different but this is not a right thing, we should told them that there is no difference between girl and boys. And apart from this, the advantage to us that we can develop better common education infrastructures day by day for them.

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Manohar said: (Jan 21, 2020)  
Hi I am Manohar.

Now I would Like to Share my Views Regarding Coeducation.

Co-education refers to providing education to both girls and boys together, without any discrimination (specifically gender discrimination). This is the actual meaning of coeducation explained in simple terms.

Gender discrimination is an outrageous atrocity that was and is still prevalent in a few countries. Though this is a common debatable topic, its time we need to change our opinions on such factors. Other few factors help us get rid of these outdated thinking.

In ancient times, Greece was the only country that allowed coeducation. But as time passed by, most of the countries in the world have adopted coeducation into their systems.

The reason why coeducation is important is that it awakens the spirit of equality and comradeship among all students without any discrimination.

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Bakht Mohammad said: (Jan 5, 2020)  
Co-education means girls and boys learn together or co-education means girls and boys are sitting under the one roof, or Co-education means girls and boys are learning in one classroom.

Advantages of co-education:

1. It provides a feeling of quality among the students.
2. Girls and boys can easily share their ideas and thoughts.
3. They can enhance the competitiveness of each others.
4. Student's prefer for more studies.
5.It will help our country economically we don't need to make separate buildings.
6. It helps us to make self discipline in the classroom.
7. Co-education can make confidence among the students.
8. Co-education improve mutual understanding among the girls and boys.

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Adila said: (Dec 27, 2019)  
Hello everyone, as the topic is coeducation, I would like to state my opinion on this.

Co education means getting an education in an integrated way for both girls and boys. Co eduaction has many merits. It creates a sense of equality among girls and boys. It allows them to share their opinion with each other and innovate new ideas and thoughts. It is an economical way for govt also as govt needs not to build too many schools for girls and boys separately. It also empowers girls and makes them independent.

As we know that a coin has two faces and so co education has. It increases in unethical activities. It distracts them especially in their teenage. It also leads to unwanted arguments.

At last, I want to say that it depends upon our mindset that Co eduaction is going to benefit us or not. We should be positive about it and should promote it in a way which is beneficial for both girls and boys.

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Rahul said: (Dec 18, 2019)  
Hello friends.

Our topic is Co-education, I think first we should know what it is and what are its advantages and disadvantages.

Coeducation means boys and girls study in the same college or same school means under the same roof. As we know it is a great idea to follow this kind of thought and we very well know that we are developing the country in some way it helps us but in reality, our culture not support or not feel to allow girls to study with boys.


1. It will make people unbiased regarding sex.

2. It will help our country economically because we don't need to make separate buildings for girls and special security for girls.

3. It will make people open-minded in thoughts.


1. As I mentioned we are developing the country and our culture not allowed us to communicate with others gender or the opposite gender it will make galatfahmi. Especially in north India. I think first we should educate them and slowly introduce this process in education.

2. Harassment with girls will increase suddenly.

Conclusion:-Yes, coeducation is a better idea to introduce in our education system but it should not affect one's culture. We are a democratic country and follow different religions so those who accept it fine and those who don't just leave them and not enforce them to take this idea.

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Ankit Saini said: (Nov 19, 2019)  
Hello friends.

My name is Ankit saini from Tonk rajasthan.

First of all thanks to all of you give me a chance to keep me on this topic.

In my opinion, Co-Education means boys and grils are learn on the same roof. It increases communiction skills between boys and grils and also far away for shyness and hesitation.

It will be abolished discrimination in our sociaty.

But it have some disadvantages like increasc woman harrasment, relationship college ragging.

So co-education have many advantages and disadvantages but advantages in more than disadvantages.

thank you.

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Harsh Raj said: (Nov 18, 2019)  
Hello everyone, Thank you for giving me the opportunity to highlight the topic on Co-education.

Co-education means in which boys and girls are sitting in one room for education.

In developing countries like Indian and also second largest population in world it is difficult to allow separate education. Now come to the topic. Advantage of Co-education:-

1) Mutual understandind increases.
2) Abolish hesitation.
3) A better understanding of the competitive era.
4) Free to choose a shoulmate.
5) Boys and girls are equally learn how to respect each other.
6) Inequality in society vanished.
7) It give more power to nation those have Co-education in different field.
8) Boys and girls mutually discuss with different topics of society that help in prober balance in society and reduces the crime rate.
9) They also discuss on subject topic and solve their doubt.

Thank you.

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Manish Jangid said: (Nov 17, 2019)  
Hello friends, I'm Manish jangid from degana dist nagour.

Ok now going to express my views on the topic co edu. , Co-edu is the system in which boys and girls both learn together under the same roof in which they discuss their views and share their thoughts.

We all know that boys and girls know each other better but if they don't talk with eacher other how they give up their shyness and hesitation in front of opposite gender so we can say that co edu provides them the opportunity to decrease their hesitation and speak freely in front of their opposite gender.

It also helps to abolish gender inequality and many other illmentality of people towards girls.

It also helps to make self discipline in classrooms.

It also helps to choose a soulmate in college life.

It seems the sign of development in which both men and women both are playing their part in the development of their country.


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Aman Chauhan said: (Nov 15, 2019)  
Hello friends, thanks for giving me the opportunity, I would like to introduce myself my name is Aman Chauhan.

We are going to discussing about coEd. CoEd. Is the system in which girls and boys learn together in the same roof.

In my opinion coEd. Is very critical for our country. If girls and boys do not discuss each other we do not give up shyness and hesitation in speaking in front of our apposite gender So we apply coEd. System in our country because in the class girls and boys understand each other feeling well.

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Shahbaz Khan said: (Oct 30, 2019)  
According to my point of view. Co-education is the best way for knowing the girls and boys to each other and due to this, there is no shyness, hesitation or wrong information among them. They distribute their opinion on any topic to each other. Inequality among them also abolish and they create an environment of equality.

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Adarsh Gupta said: (Oct 28, 2019)  
Hello everyone.

My name is Adarsh Gupta.

And I am going to discuss the very interesting topic "CO education system in India" in my view the CO education system is the only way can eradicate hesitation, low confidence and many other communication problems in both genders male and female. CO education is a vital role play to feel equality in both genders. An education system is said to be good if only both genders feel equality. In our country, women have proved themselves in many sectors and for the development of any nation, there is a very necessary to render education in both genders.

Thanks all of you.

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Amit said: (Oct 5, 2019)  
Education for earning a good lifestyle and a proper character if given simultaneously with education for earning money then there would not be any problem with co-education. In fact separate education requires double cost for infrastructure, maintenance, faculty etc. The major advantage in co-education is also to have an equality among the genders.

The major fearsome among society regarding co-education is for the teenagers. But it is the responsibility of the education system to encourage and nourish children to live a lifestyle based on higher principles along with the academics.

Finally the co-education provides a common platform to boys and girls to show their potential and it is the need of a country like India give equal status to both genders for a proper development. This system would also reduce a communication gap between both genders which is most important for hand to hand development.

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Maurya said: (Oct 2, 2019)  
I agree with some friends and I would like to add other points feeling of equality, absence of hesitation, adopting different situations and various stages of life are the some consequences of co-education. Co-education can deteriorate discrimination between feeling between two opposite genders. This also creates jealous feeling.

In most of cases due to hesitation and shyness we people not able to communicate our thought and ideas properly to others. Co-education is most important in this era and same time co-education have some demerit also. It can bring few bad impact but it's positive side is much more beneficial. As you know to get something we have to pay something. So I believe that co-education is essential which can play vital role in the fast growing and developing of human being in turn to develop our nation in most effective way.

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Tanu Singh said: (Oct 1, 2019)  
Yeah I am in favour of co-education. As it give you idea about how to adjust among people, how to talk and what to talk. From here, we can learn many things as respect each other and understanding is developed. It removes the hesitation and shyness and make you comfortable to present yourself I front of others.

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Priya Tripathi said: (Sep 22, 2019)  
In my opinion, coeducation is most power aspect by which shyness and hesitation is removed and with the help of coeducation, our communication skill developed and we discuss any topic without hesitation.

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Prachi Patil said: (Sep 19, 2019)  
Coeducation is the process of learning in which boys and girls learn together. Nowadays Coeducation is becoming an important aspect because it will help to reduce the gender discrimination and if coeducation is implemented across the globe then it will remove shyness and hesitation among both the genders (male, female). Most importantly it will help to increase the literacy rate in the world. Due to this girls and boys can serve the society by different means and coeducation will definitely make the world successful.

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Chandrashekhar said: (Aug 31, 2019)  
In my opinion,

Co-education is necessary in our society. Because to reduce gender discrimination. They know how to communicate with each other and in the future working area, they will work together.

Thank you.

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Archi Anjali said: (Aug 26, 2019)  
Co-education have many advantages. Co-education develops an understanding between both the genders. The shyness and hesitations in talking with the opposite gender is finished, they both can share their ideas with each other. In removes discrimination based on gender. It can help in changing the view of society towards boys and girls. It also devlops competitive environment for all. So, we should encourage the co-education system.

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Shreeraksha G S said: (Aug 22, 2019)  
Hi everyone,

I am Shreeraksha.

Co-education plays a very important role in students life.

Because when we interact with all I mean both genders. We will get more confidence and it will help to cope with nervous.

Co-education helps to share the knowledge between all irrespective of gender.

I feel it's really important to attain equality in gender.

Thanks for giving an opportunity to share my ideas.

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Nikhil Kumar said: (Jul 29, 2019)  
Good Evening, Thanks for giving me a chance to put my ideas in Coeducation in Modern society.

It is necessary because especially in villages there are a lot of shyness between boys and girls. They feel hesitation to talk each other. And also have a lot of discrimination.

So, my suggestions that if coeducation in India then both people can talk to each other, and also it is good to understand between both for the future aspects.

Thank you.

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Kavya said: (Jul 26, 2019)  
Co-education helps to build belief in us we have to be strong enough to handle the situations in a change in the atmosphere it builds confidence among us.

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Khushboo Jain said: (Jul 21, 2019)  
At first, co-education builds confidence among the students.

The student with co-education can survive more confidently the evens or odds of life.

In every walk of life, they have to face each and every kind of atmosphere and it's good if they are prepared at the early stages of their lives.

The social circle also increases which is very important. Gone were the days, when Co-education was not considered good, but now the world is changing and so is the thinking, it's better to prepare the child than pamper him/her.

With co-education one gets lots of exposure which is important nowadays, otherwise, student's mind become conservative and it becomes hard for him/her to adjust in the changing atmosphere.


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Sanya Kasaudhan said: (Jul 18, 2019)  
According to my opinion, there should be a co-education system in India. As it will remove shyness from both boys and girls and get mix well and help others in the harsh situation. Moreover, they may get knowledge from different kinds of people irrespective of gender and India will surely grow if both the gender are given equal rights and perform together as a team.

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Janvi said: (Jul 13, 2019)  
Co-education is important because in our country so many discriminations are there so this may be reduce discrimination among girls and boys.

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Muneer Khan said: (Jul 2, 2019)  
Hi everyone.

I am Muneer Khan.

In my point of view, co-education is very important for our new generation. Because, when we will study together (I mean boys and girls) we will understand our thought and remove shyness, help each other.


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Sudha Singh said: (Jun 28, 2019)  
Hello friends.

Co-education is the type of taking education in which boys and girls together take their education.

In my opinion, it is a good way of taking education as the boys and girls both can take our country towards a better future.

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Kacy said: (Jun 28, 2019)  
Co-education is the system where both the genders male and female in the same learning centre for an educational institution and it provides the feeling of equality among the students in the schools they can even share their ideas with each other the enhance more the feelings of competition among each other.

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Kumar Saurabh said: (Jun 27, 2019)  
Hi Guys.

As per me, it's about to improve ourselves "Learn better together now and Serve better together tomorrow".

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Khushi said: (Jun 13, 2019)  
In this era, Co-education is more important for boys and girls.

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Chandra Dangwal said: (Jun 10, 2019)  
I am Chandra.

And I agree with all your points. About the advantages of coeducation. And what is co-education?

As about my opinion, co-education is a positive way for our carrier just because everyone getting a job in any organisation and which is full of both male and female. And that time the coeducation really helps us. And it is also good for our country development where male and female both genders show their talent in front of other countries. And I conclude that we should proudly support the co-education system.

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Rashi said: (May 26, 2019)  
Ultimately coeducation helps in overcoming all our unethical fears. Well, it helps to behave in society by mingling with everyone. But the thing is everything becoming too much-attached and just wasting most important states by creating dramas of love and all.

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Ankush Totla said: (May 20, 2019)  
Some Advantages of co-education schools:

1) It removes the hesitation to communicate with both girls and boys.
2) It provide felling of equality.
3) It helps to understand apposite gender fastly.
4) It help to communicate with other people freely and friendly in any organisation or other places with other people.
5) it help to develop our maturity level.
6) it increase the competitive thinking which help us in future.
7) we learn to respect each other.

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Bisma Khan said: (May 13, 2019)  
Co-education develop mutual respect between both genders. It overcomes the fear of the opposite gender.

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Chetan said: (May 12, 2019)  
Hi all,

In my point, coeducation removes one's hesitation to communicate one's opinion. It also makes one confident and bold as well as give equal opportunity to understand.

But in many cases, the output of coeducation is not desirable as they come in affection and love in the early age of teenage which may ruin one's individual career.

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Samyuktha said: (May 8, 2019)  
Hi, this is Samyuktha.

Nowadays, co-education plays a prominent role in our education system.

We can develop our maturity levels through this eduacation.

Some persons feel nervous to talk with opposite gender this co-education will remove that nervous.

Both the knowledge of the male and female are the same.

We can know how to respect the other genders.

If the same genders are in the classroom they will have irrespective of thoughts and emotions and attraction.

Having the opposite genders in the classroom they will develop a broad-minded about the other genders.

Some parents having a panic about the love and affection matters but it will depend upon the student's attitude. In interviews we have to face the opposite genders it will remove the nervous among the students.

So, I conclude that both male and female knowledge are equal.

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Ajay Yadav said: (May 4, 2019)  
Thanks for giving me an opportunity for sharing my views on that topic.

First of all, let us know about co-education refers to the value giving both girl and boy together at the same place where there is no discrimination.

I strongly support co-education it provides a feeling of equality.

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Vishnu Baghel said: (Apr 25, 2019)  
I strongly support coeducation. Dear friends as we know that both the genders have some kind of hesitation and fear how to talk and behave each other. Coeducation helps to overcome the fear of opposite genders.

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Gaurav Kumar said: (Apr 24, 2019)  

Yes, co-education should be promoted in India.

Co-education is very important to our country why because it creates a band to the opposite gender.

I strongly support co-education because it girl and boys can study in the same class than they become friends and can't think any wrong for anyone.

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Rahul Bhardwaj said: (Apr 24, 2019)  
Coeducation means education for boys or girls in same institution.

I would like to support it because it provides a felling of equality.

If boys and girls study in same class they will become friends and share their problems among them.

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Aman Kumar said: (Apr 21, 2019)  
The main advantage of co-education is that to make them understand that both boys and girls are equal so there no point in the comparison between them. If boys can good in sports and academics then girls too. If boys can drive a car and bike then girls too. If boys can earn for their livelihood then girls too. Both are equal and both genders should enjoy equal status. And these thoughts will develop during their childhood when both are part of the co-education system.

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Renuka said: (Apr 21, 2019)  
Co-education provides the feeling of equality among the students.

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Prasanna M said: (Feb 28, 2019)  

Thanks for giving me an opportunity for sharing my knowledge.

According to some many advantages of co-education because nowadays both a Male and female working together in the workplace for achieving organisational goals and advancement in their careers.

Advantages of co-education is more because boy and girl interact without fear in public and share knowledge and understanding opposite gender fastly and understand how they behave in schools and it also creates competition in academics sports culture and other activities because of competition all are ready to show their talent in front of audience irrespective of boy and girls.

Finally, both can mature in understand each other it helps in their future when they are meeting other people in different places and organizations to communicate freely and effectively and friendly.

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Bejawada Nagaiah said: (Feb 28, 2019)  
Hai friends.

Co-education is very important to our society why because it creates a band to the opposite gender.
Co-education creates competitive field among them which is useful to get a job is simple.

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Suryakant Mishra said: (Feb 17, 2019)  
I strongly support Co-education because if girls and boys can study in the same class then they become friends and can't think any wrong thing for anyone.

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Ayan said: (Feb 13, 2019)  
You get to know each other's strength and weaknesses and develop the ability to accept them as they are. This makes them understand the ideology and opinions of each other. It can help in mending the gap between genders and build a bridge of friendship.

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Nikita Bhadana said: (Feb 13, 2019)  
Co-education help to overcome the fear and hesitation of the opposite gender. It also develops a mutual understanding about the behaviour or thinking of each other.

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Raja Khan said: (Feb 11, 2019)  
It decreases the fear of mockery and hesitation among other gender.

Here we make own pace.

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Sanju .P said: (Feb 5, 2019)  
Co-education is not better because some boys are irritating the girls. So they hurt.

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Sanju P said: (Feb 5, 2019)  
It will develope the maturity levels among the genders.

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Advantages of Co-education

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