Advantages of Co-education

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Neha Kashyap said:   5 years ago
I want to say only some lines about co-education.

1. Co-education play an important role for both genders it creates a good environment for knowing each other.

2. It may help for decreasing crime activities but not completely finish.

3. It does not give chance to the difference between both genders.

4. Co-education is a good way for a developing country.

5. It's also helpful to change society thinking.

6. If our society thinking will change than we can say that our Country.

Bakht Mohammad said:   3 years ago
Co-education means girls and boys learn together or co-education means girls and boys are sitting under the one roof, or Co-education means girls and boys are learning in one classroom.

Advantages of co-education:

1. It provides a feeling of quality among the students.
2. Girls and boys can easily share their ideas and thoughts.
3. They can enhance the competitiveness of each others.
4. Student's prefer for more studies.
5.It will help our country economically we don't need to make separate buildings.
6. It helps us to make self discipline in the classroom.
7. Co-education can make confidence among the students.
8. Co-education improve mutual understanding among the girls and boys.

Rajlaxmi Rathore said:   5 years ago
Hello everyone. I'm Rajlaxmi Rathore so first of all what is co-education. It refers to an integrated education system which is arranged for both boys and girls and it's one of the most common trends of the present time all over the World.

The most important thing is it gives one platform to perform both boys and girls and are treated equally.

Organisations give equal respect and believe that both have the same capability of doing work that develops a competitive environment between them. Also, they get an idea of how the opposite gender thinks, behave and they'll surely have a better maturity level to understand another gender. It also develops the good understanding between them because when we're educated in separate schools then finally at the workplace it becomes difficult to interact with the opposite gender.

This type of system should be located especially in a rural area because whenever they saw a boy & girl talk there is a misconception regarding them.

Obviously, a good way for a developing country as it's helpful in changing the society thinking. And we know that it's extremely successful academically, socially and personally So, I wish to keep on encouraging it.

Ankush Totla said:   4 years ago
Some Advantages of co-education schools:

1) It removes the hesitation to communicate with both girls and boys.
2) It provide felling of equality.
3) It helps to understand apposite gender fastly.
4) It help to communicate with other people freely and friendly in any organisation or other places with other people.
5) it help to develop our maturity level.
6) it increase the competitive thinking which help us in future.
7) we learn to respect each other.

Moni said:   5 years ago
Hi friends, myself Moni. I am going to discuss the co-education. Co-education is a system where both the gender (male and female) get the education under same educational institution. It is essential for everyone and plays a vital role in the developing of the nation. Co-education removes the shyness from girls and make her strong and bold. Girls feel comfortable in talking with opposite gender and It provides mutual understanding between each other. There will be no place for shyness, hesitation, and fear. It is very important that both genders should be treated and respected equally. There would be no partiality between boys and girls.

Thank you.

Adila said:   3 years ago
Hello everyone, as the topic is coeducation, I would like to state my opinion on this.

Co education means getting an education in an integrated way for both girls and boys. Co eduaction has many merits. It creates a sense of equality among girls and boys. It allows them to share their opinion with each other and innovate new ideas and thoughts. It is an economical way for govt also as govt needs not to build too many schools for girls and boys separately. It also empowers girls and makes them independent.

As we know that a coin has two faces and so co education has. It increases in unethical activities. It distracts them especially in their teenage. It also leads to unwanted arguments.

At last, I want to say that it depends upon our mindset that Co eduaction is going to benefit us or not. We should be positive about it and should promote it in a way which is beneficial for both girls and boys.

Ritika Agarwal said:   4 years ago
Hello everyone!

Today I would like to share my views on the topic Advantages of Co-education.

First of all, let us know about what is co-education? Co-education refers to education or values given to both boys and girls together at the same place, where there is no dicrimination.

Advantages of co-education are:

1. It improves the understanding between boys and girls that they both are equal.

2. Both boys and girls get to know their own rights.

3. Girls also get a chance to prove themselves and their communication skills gets improved.

4. It imparts the same education to both the sexes without any distinction.

5. Its a good way for developing country.

This type of system should be located especially in a rural area because whenever they saw a boy and a girl talk there is a misconception regarding them. Also, it helps to discard the shyness of girls to speak in front of anybody. It improves our thinking level and surely co-education has a vital role in the improvement and development of our country.

Naman Gupta said:   6 years ago
Hello, guys.

First of all, I would like to define what is coeducation.

Coeducation is an education in which an integrated education is arranged for both girls and boys. Lakhs of girls studying with boys and many getting ahead of them.

In India, there are many advantages of coeducation.

Firstly, it generates a sense of equality among boys and girls.

It broadens our thinking aspect and removes the psychological difference between the male and female.

Also, when the girls and boys will perform all activities side by side then surely their mental thinking will broaden and it will remove discrimination between them, so I definitely encourage coeducation in India.

Devender said:   6 years ago
I think co-education is good.

Because the male and female are two major parts of our society. And a society can only run if there is an understanding between both. So how can you imagine a place where we are feeling shy to talk to someone besides us just because he is of opposite gender. Gender is not a character statement like if she is a girl, she is good, n if he is a boy he is bad. That is the difference which comes if we are not co-educated because in that state we always have a fear in our mind to talk and behave with opposite one and that fear create a gender difference.

In India, the people says the girl is equal to boys, n yet said co-education is not secured because the girls are not safe with boys. Atleast give them a chance to know each other, India is a great country with unlimited resources, n it can touch the sky and youth have power to do this, but first let the boys and girls work together for it.

And this understanding can only come from co-education.

Harsh mukul chaudhary said:   5 years ago

According to my opinion co-education is a system in which boys and girls study together. It will help to increase competitiveness which helps boys and girls to improve their success.

Advantages of co-education.

1) It will increase their confidence and remove hesitation in front of opposite gender.
2) It also make boys to respect girls.
3) it increase mutual understanding between them.

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