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The intersecting lines drawn on maps and globes are

geographic grids
None of the above
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Vijilanand said:   7 years ago
The grids are used in AutoCAD also.

Humayun said:   7 years ago
What about maps and globes?

Anju said:   7 years ago
The answer is geographical grid as it varies from a intersecting lines.

UMAR YAKUBU said:   9 years ago
The raster grip cell on the map, are in relation with the victor of the map, in globes, from north to south when drawn representation of the map intersection line and interpolation.

Jagruthi said:   9 years ago
These lines are imaginary lines.

Vedant said:   9 years ago
The intersection of latitudes and longitude pinpoint any location on the earth. These crises crossing lines make a framework which is known as geographical grid.

Rohit said:   9 years ago
I think geographical grid is correct because at this point longitude and latitude. Both intersect.

Steve said:   9 years ago
Technically - Longitudinal lines intersect at the poles. So the question should be reworded.

Kiran kumar said:   10 years ago
Thanks Varsha you cleared the doubt between longitudinal and latitude.

Dineesha said:   10 years ago
A series of vertical lines from north pole to south pole and horizontal lines parallel to equator, forming a complete network called "earth's grid. ".

With the help of grid, we can locate places and learn much about them-how hot or cold it would be there, in which direction we should go to reach it and what time it would be there any moment.

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