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Reading of a barometer going down is an indication of
intense heat
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DebashisD said:   1 year ago
Going down is rainfall,

Sudden decrease is Storm.

Bhargav said:   1 year ago
How Storm is Wrong Answer? Please explain.

Pankaj Gupta said:   2 years ago
Because humid air is less dense than dry air.

So,ATM pressure decrease that's why barometer reading fall.

Ahamed said:   4 years ago
Thanks all for the answer.

Dharavath premkumar said:   4 years ago
If reading barometer going up then what will happen? Please explain.

Rahul Khan said:   4 years ago
Suddenly downfall of barometer reading indicates rainfall conditions.

Anni said:   5 years ago
It measures atmosphere Pressures.

Ramavtar meena said:   5 years ago
Barometer reading downfall causes depression or low pressure rain and sudden fall of reading causes strom.

Sakshi said:   6 years ago

Thanks, your answer cleared the doubt.

Divyanshu gupta said:   6 years ago
Suddenly fall of barometer indicate storm and slowly fall down of barometer indicate rain.

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