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Brass gets discoloured in air because of the presence of which of the following gases in air?
Hydrogen sulphide
Carbon dioxide
Answer: Option
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AliMaaz said:   3 weeks ago
The composition of Oxygen (O2) in the air is 21%.

Brass does not react with oxygen and thus decolourization does not occur.

Theja. said:   2 months ago
Thanks all for giving the explanation of the answers.

Akki said:   3 months ago
Thanks for explaining the answer.

Ashish deepanakar said:   4 months ago
Right, Thanks everyone for explaining.

Anomie said:   4 months ago
Brass does not react with oxygen, nitrogen and carbon dioxide. Because of the presence of Hydrogen sulphide, Brass is discolored in sunlight. Therefore, the answer is B.

Akhila said:   5 months ago
The Answer is option : A.

Rathod said:   8 months ago
Agree, option B is right.

Anshika Sharma said:   8 months ago
I think option B is right.

Anshika said:   8 months ago
B is correct because brass gets discoloured in the air because of the presence of hydrogen sulphide.

Ayushi said:   10 months ago
Why can't (D) be the answer? Explain please.

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