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Galileo was an Italian astronomer who
developed the telescope
discovered four satellites of Jupiter
discovered that the movement of pendulum produces a regular time measurement
All of the above
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Sowmya oddapelli said:   2 months ago
Then who invented the telescope?

LAVANYA said:   3 years ago
Thanks everyone for explaining the answer.

Karthik said:   4 years ago
Thanks for explaining it.

Akhilesh said:   5 years ago
Thanks all for the given information.

Nithesh said:   5 years ago
Thanks @Ketan.

Vani sri said:   6 years ago
Thanks all for providing the information.

Gerrard said:   6 years ago
Thanks for the info.

Asmita said:   6 years ago
Galileo real name is Vincenzo Galilei.

Akhun said:   6 years ago
What is the full name of Galileo?

Sumayya shaik said:   6 years ago
Thank you, everyone, for sharing the information.

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