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Which component is shorted?

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Null ambridge said:   9 months ago
If one leg of the parallel circuit shorts all of the current available will flow out of the power supply for a brief time and then sense an overload and shut down (blow the fuse).

Rakhul said:   12 months ago
very well said @Pankaj.

As per the logic the galvanometer is saying 2.4 A is going next, so all three galvanometers are denoting 2.4A,
So, all three branches don't take current so, 2.4 A chooses path 4 I mean R4. And the low resistance path is available in R4 only right?

Correct me If I am wrong.

Syed Shakeeb said:   2 years ago
In a short circuit, maximax current flow takes place.

Similarly, here R4 is shorted so maximum current is flowing through it.

And the current find a low resistance part to flow.

Habib said:   3 years ago
When R4 will short circuited then total circuit will be series circuit and current will be the same in the whole circuit. R1 R2, R3 will not conduct current.

Faizan said:   6 years ago
You explained well, Thanks @Pankaj.

Ravi said:   6 years ago
You explained well, thanks @Pankaj.

Vishu gupta said:   8 years ago

You solved the question simply with the IQ. Thanks brother.

Paullace said:   8 years ago
I think that is no so complex, in this case, it doesn't matter if the G is conductance or galvanometer.

If the short circuit wasn't in R4 , is so simple as the ammeter that is connected between R3 and R4 should display 0.0000A instead of 2.4A. So R4 should be shorted.

Sushama Saroj said:   8 years ago
Those of you who have optioned for R4, as the answer.

Here is my doubt for them as to why R4 was thought as shorted, and why not you guys said that any of the R1, R2 or R3 was shorted and the rest were open circuit.

Meaning, you guys could have said that R2 (or R1 or R3) was shorted, and the rest i, e R1, R3, and R4 were open.

Shivanand said:   8 years ago
Very simple just observe that all galvanometers are reading the same current there id is no current which is flowing through the r1 r2 r3 and at last to form the loop so that current can flow r4 must be short circuited.

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