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In a power supply diagram, which block indicates a smooth dc output?
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Zeeshan zamir said:   9 years ago
Transformer : Give us AC sinusoidal wave form.

Rectifier : Convert AC into pulsating DC.

Filter : Convert Pulsating into ripples or approximate pure DC.

Regulator : Just regulate output DC voltage.

Ana rawat said:   9 years ago
Rectifier provides unidirectional o/p which can also be said pulsating DC. Now this is given to filter which gives fluctuating DC. Let us say if I am expecting 9v DC then after filtering I may be getting voltage ranging from 9v to 11v or now by using any voltage regulator IC like IC7809 I get pure and smooth dc of 9v.

Prabhat Kumar Dip said:   9 years ago
Regulator is used to adjust the output voltage, it is the filter which smoothness the DC. Consider LM7805 it maintains a constant DC voltage according to knob adjusted it acts as a rheostat.

Stuaan said:   9 years ago
No I strongly said Regulator because after filtering it have some ac.

Waqas sherwani said:   10 years ago
According to my knowledge its B- filter because as it removes DC ripples which were already converted from ac to dc at diode.

Er. Naveen Tewari said:   10 years ago
The regulator provides the Smooth DC voltage which is fixed.
The output of bridge rectifier is pulsating DC signal.
The capacitor is used as a filter to remove the ripple factor.

Lingarao said:   10 years ago
Filter O/P is pulsated DC And Regulator O/P is pure DC.

Harsh said:   10 years ago
Filter only remove harmonic and regulator regulate the output by by stepping up or down.

Priyanka. gaya said:   1 decade ago
A/c to options voltage regulator are combination circuit of rectifier filter and transformer. So correct answer D.

Srija said:   1 decade ago
Filter is used for filtering purpose. Even after filtering that the signal contains some distortion. So regulators is used to make a DC output to smooth.

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