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In a power supply diagram, which block indicates a smooth dc output?
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ENGr RIRI said:   1 year ago
Dc power supply with their basic parts.

Rectifier - converts sine wave input to pulsating DC output
Filter - smoothen the output of the waveform/reduce fluctuations
Regulator- provides constant/dc voltage and also maintains the output voltage at any load.
Load- recipient of the voltage

So, the answer is filter not a regulator.

Prabu r said:   3 years ago
You are right @Zeeshan Zamir.

Regulator for only regulated purposes. Filter doing the unwanted pulses from rectifier circuits.

Rishikumar sahu said:   3 years ago
The filter is used for filtering purposes. Even after filtering that the signal contains some distortion. So, regulators is used to make a DC output smooth.

Piyush Mishra said:   3 years ago
I think it is oscillator.

M.Lakshmi Reddy said:   4 years ago
Transformer generates higher voltage with out any change in frequency. Rectifier converts half of the AC into DC. Filters are used to remove unwanted material.

ARAVIND REDDY said:   5 years ago
I think Filter is the answer.

Vinay said:   5 years ago
Filter is the right answer.

Nagananda said:   5 years ago
As per my knowledge, filter is the right answer because after regulated voltage some ac component present in that remove with filter section only.

Tony said:   7 years ago
Regulator (sewer) , a control device used in a combined sewer system and The devices which converts the pulsating DC into pure DC is called filter so this is simple to us the answer is filter.

Berhe dargo said:   9 years ago
Regulator is a circuit that maintains a constant dc voltage filter eliminates the fluctuations in the rectified voltage & produced relatively smooth dc voltage.

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