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In a power supply diagram, which block indicates a smooth dc output?
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ENGr RIRI said:   1 year ago
Dc power supply with their basic parts.

Rectifier - converts sine wave input to pulsating DC output
Filter - smoothen the output of the waveform/reduce fluctuations
Regulator- provides constant/dc voltage and also maintains the output voltage at any load.
Load- recipient of the voltage

So, the answer is filter not a regulator.

Ana rawat said:   9 years ago
Rectifier provides unidirectional o/p which can also be said pulsating DC. Now this is given to filter which gives fluctuating DC. Let us say if I am expecting 9v DC then after filtering I may be getting voltage ranging from 9v to 11v or now by using any voltage regulator IC like IC7809 I get pure and smooth dc of 9v.

Harjit singh said:   1 decade ago
A Circuit used after the filter is a regulator circuit which not only makes the dc voltage smooth and also ripple free and but it also keep the dc voltage output constant through input dc voltage vary under certain condition.

Sundar said:   1 decade ago

You are wrong. Rectifiers are used to convert AC to DC (removes thes +ve or -ve part of a given AC waveform). It will not smoothen the output waveform.

Inductors and/or Capacitors are used for filtering purpose.

Ayush sharma said:   1 decade ago
Firstly transformer step down the voltage, then through rectifier AC changes to DC. After this filter receives the output pf rectifier as input and in the last voltage regulator gives a smooth DC output.

Zeeshan zamir said:   9 years ago
Transformer : Give us AC sinusoidal wave form.

Rectifier : Convert AC into pulsating DC.

Filter : Convert Pulsating into ripples or approximate pure DC.

Regulator : Just regulate output DC voltage.

Tony said:   7 years ago
Regulator (sewer) , a control device used in a combined sewer system and The devices which converts the pulsating DC into pure DC is called filter so this is simple to us the answer is filter.

Prabhat Kumar Dip said:   9 years ago
Regulator is used to adjust the output voltage, it is the filter which smoothness the DC. Consider LM7805 it maintains a constant DC voltage according to knob adjusted it acts as a rheostat.

Er. Naveen Tewari said:   10 years ago
The regulator provides the Smooth DC voltage which is fixed.
The output of bridge rectifier is pulsating DC signal.
The capacitor is used as a filter to remove the ripple factor.

Janardhan said:   1 decade ago
The o/p of rectifier is consists of some ac components,regulator is used to convert into dc&it avoids the sudden changes in the input at o/p to protect devices.

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