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What is the current through the LED?

0 mA
23 mA
18 mA
13 mA
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Engr Riri said:   1 year ago
Approx. Voltage @LED (red) = 1.7V.

(6V - 1.7V)/330 ohms = 13.03mA.

M.lakshmireddy said:   4 years ago
The lead voltage drop is 1.5 v.

Jyoti prasad said:   5 years ago
In series, the current remains the same.

So I = V1/R1 = 6/330 = 18 mA.

Pavithra said:   5 years ago
Good explanation. Thanks to all.

Gokul said:   5 years ago
Good explanation, thanks all.

Pradeep said:   7 years ago
Yes, its correct there is a drop across LED.

Arun kumar R said:   7 years ago
Is every component has some drop voltage?

Rajan said:   8 years ago
@Uma, normally we will calculate resistance after we get the current and voltage. Most semicolons have the different behaviour of I\V curve which actually the resistance curve. In this case, Red Led typically has Vf of min 1.5v. So current calculated as (6-1.5)/330 = 13 mA.

i.e resistance on Diode = 1.5/0.013 = 115 ohm. From here we can anticipate max power loss and heat loss. If too much and the resistance in series can be adjusted.

Kiran said:   8 years ago
Voltage drop is varied for different colour of led lights.

Arunvijay said:   8 years ago
LED drop voltage is constant or varies according to temperature.

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