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Transition capacitance is associated with __________ and depletion capacitance is associated with __________ diodes.
reverse bias and forward bias
forward bias and reverse bias
reverse bias and reverse bias
forward bias and forward bias
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Lokesh Kumar said:   5 years ago
Space charge capacitance, Depletion Capacitance and Depletion Capacitance all are occur in Reverse Biased PN junction.

Diffusion Capacitance is associated with Forward bias.

Renu said:   6 years ago
Don't confuse depletion & diffusion capacitance.

Diffusion capacitance is forward bias.

Rajashekar balya said:   7 years ago
Depletion or transition or potential barrier or junction capacitance all are same reverse biased.

Rommel said:   7 years ago
Depletion and transition capacitance are the same. C is the correct answer.

Kamlesh said:   7 years ago
The correct answer is A.

Kshama said:   8 years ago
I think the answer should be A. As transition capacitance is due to majority carriers and diffusion capacitance is due to minority carriers.

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