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Which of the following is true as regards photo emission?
Velocity of emitted electrons is dependent on light intensity
Rate of photo emission is inversely proportional to light intensity
Maximum velocity of electron increases with decreasing wave length
Both holes and electrons are produced
Answer: Option

As wavelength decreases, frequency increases and maximum velocity of electron increases.

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Simran said:   6 years ago
Here, E=hf= mv^2/2.

Nav said:   6 years ago
λ = c/f.

F=c/λ c is velocity f light so if lambda decreases then 'f' increases it results to velocity increase.

Lovi said:   8 years ago
I think Lambda is inversely proportional to frequency.

MANAV said:   8 years ago
Lambda is directly proportional to velocity.

Manav said:   8 years ago
Lambda = velocity/frequency which means lambda is directly proportional to frequency. Then how do velocity increases when wavelength decreases?

Vini said:   9 years ago

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