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At room temperature the current in an intrinsic semiconductor is due to
holes and electrons
Answer: Option

Intrinsic material has equal number of holes and electrons.

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Bhavani srinivas said:   2 years ago
Yes, the electrons and holes are equal.

Sankar said:   3 years ago
Current is due to both electrons and holes. Initially intrinsic semiconductor acts as a insulator as temp rises conductivity increases is due both electrons and holes but current due to electrons is little bit more than holes why because electron have high mobility than holes.

Dany said:   4 years ago
Yes, it is due to Equal no of electrons and holes.

Bindukalyan said:   4 years ago
Does it conduct below room temperature?

Jay said:   6 years ago

Only if electric filed is applied.

Kikku said:   6 years ago
Do intrinsic conduct at room temperature?

M.Muthumari said:   7 years ago
Intrisic semiconductor has an equal number of electrons and holes. Intrinsic semiconductor also known as undoped semiconductor. When some impurity is added to an intrinsic semiconductor, extrinsic semiconductors can be produced. Intrinsic semiconductor example:silicon, germanium, gallium arsenide.

Venkateshh said:   7 years ago
It has an equal number of electrons and holes.

Sachin said:   7 years ago
An intrinsic semiconductor is a pure semiconductor which doesn't contain any impurity like trivalent or pentavalent, because of that the number of electron and holes are same. This is only responsible for the current.

Emam said:   10 years ago
Intrinsic semiconductor have equal no.of electrons and holes.

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